i can laugh at this because i'm jewish

Carter: So I would have given you Karmy but I ran out of time because Liam had to be Jewish then stop being Jewish and then bang some women, okay? 

Carter: I would have made Karmy kiss and stuff, then break them up cause there’s no way you can maintain both a close friendship and a romantic relationship because conflict. DOES. NOT. COMPUTE. (It’s not like we had a million best friends turned lovers in television who made it or anything)

Everytime Carter Trollington tells us more bullshit in his interviews, I lose 5 years of my life. Dude, at least shut up, let us be miserable and bitter in peace. Sincerely, the most trolled fandom I’ve ever been part of.

anyway i’m half jewish in case you guys didn’t know and every day this kid at my lunch table says that it’s good that i’m only half jewish because that means only half of my family is dead and i’m tired of him making jokes like that and i want to cry