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The8 pulling Jun back to make way for Seungkwan.

Harry: *fangirling internally, surprised and silently pleased with the fact that his arms can enclose Louis’s waist entirely* (bless the size difference) *need to calm himself and try to look cool and flick his hair when they eneded the too long hug* love you boo, congrats.

Louis: *blushing* *silently afraid of what the management will do to them now, but love is tough and hard, who is he to go against the rule of nature* *enjoying the fact that he and hazza fits like a puzzle* love you too, haz, congrats.

Zayn: *slightly hesitant, dunno if Liam really like Peazer or not* (shall I go hug him or not, he is so cute with that excited grin and blush on his face…) *internal/ eternal struggle*

Liam: *hesitant and shy* (dunno if Zayn will want me to hug him, he is moving so slow, does it mean he doesn’t want to hug me???) *slowly open arms invitingly* *puppy look all the way*

Niall: *frustrated at how hesitant ziam is* (they are freaking blocking his view of a perfectly nice larry, and if they really want to do the blocking part, they may as well as do it when hugging each other) Hmph! you two! JUST HUG EACH OTHER ALREADY! *push zayn real hard*

Zayn: *stumbles, like a first born deer, though this normally applies to harry*

Liam: *his life flashes in front of his eyes * *gasp* Zayn! You aren’t going to fall are you?

Zayn: *stumbles into Liam’s embrace* I have already fallen, you idiot, I have fallen for you for so long.


Audience: *clapping for Larry and Ziam, and for the great job Captain Niall is doing*

Niall: *enjoys the view for a sec, moves on to hug Larry* Congrats, good job boys, the display of affection was impressive.

All the boys: *hug*

Ziam and Larry: *happy cheesy lovely couples*


(i guess this is one of the rare occasions that Niall doesn’t mind being left out) 

Happy Hal-L-Ween! =^_^=

I found that you don’t gain any weight as long as you burn calories by using your brain.

-L Lawliet

It may be too late to post this for inktober, but it’s NEVER too late for this precious boy<3 Enjoy him and all of his sweetness!

p.s., I just watched Death Note for the first time ever!! Can you guess who my favorite character is?;P

Imagine Chris and your daughter surprising you at work.

A/N: I’m on a roll, two in one day. :D Sooooo muuuuuch fluuuufff. You need to just have a kid already, Chris, so you can be the cutest, bestest dad around. X

Your four year old daughter held her dad’s large hand as they walked through the hallways of Paramount Studio looking for you. They were running errands when they drove past the studio and decided to surprise you with a drop-in, mainly because your daughter couldn’t wait till tonight to give you the rose she- well, Chris bought you.

“Do you think Mama is going like this?” Harper looked up at her dad with your pretty Y/E/C eyes, holding up the single red rose; Chris nodded, smiling. “But wouldn’t she want more than one rose?”

“It’s the thought that counts, bug.” Chris scooped her up into his arms and poked her sides, making her giggle. “And it doesn’t matter how many roses you get Mama, she’s going to love it anyway ‘cause she’s a sucker for roses.”

You were right behind them when Chris said that, as one of your interns had informed you that your husband and daughter were wandering the hallways looking for you. You chuckled softly at the language your husband had chosen to use around your impressionable four year old. It wasn’t bad per se, but it wasn’t a word you wanted your four year old to be spouting.

“She’s also a sucker for chocolates,” Harper said and Chris nodded; another chuckle escaped your throat and you shook your head in disapproval. “We should’ve got her some. I think she likes the golden ones, the ones with the wrappers that she makes into tiny roses.”

“You mean Ferrero Rochers?” Chris quizzed and Harper nodded. “Well done, bug. That is one of your mom’s favorite chocolates and I picked up some at the supermarket. Look at you,” he chuckled, “you’ve got the memory of an elephant.” He made elephant noises, making her laugh and you smile; his choice of words weren’t always the best, but he was still an amazing husband and father.

“Well well well, look who we have here.” You began and Chris turned around with Harper in his arms; both their eyes lit up upon seeing you. “What are you two trouble makers up to?” You asked as you walked over.

“Mama!” Harper barreled towards you as soon as Chris put her down. You bent over, catching and lifting her into your arms when she jumped. “Mama, I’ve missed you so much.” She whispered into your ear, wrapping her small arms around your neck.

“Hey you,” you smiled at Chris as he placed a hand on your arm, leaning forward to peck you on the lips. “What’s that?” You gasped excitedly when Chris pulled away and Harper leaned back to give you the rose she bought you. “Wow, thank you sweetheart. This just made my day,” you smacked a loud kiss on her cheek and she giggled.

“We just thought we’d drop by and see you, give you a few hugs and kisses because you’ve got a long day ahead of you.” Chris told you and Harper nodded in agreement; you smiled. “How’s everything sailing?” He asked and you hugged Harper, holding her close so you could roll your eyes over her shoulder. “That bad, huh?” He chuckled softly.

“You of all people should know how bad directing can get, especially with cocky actors who don’t show up on time. I mean- you worked with Chris Evans, right?” You teased him and he laughed, nodding. “Honestly-” you chuckled wearily then sighed, giving him a small smile, “there’s no one I’d rather work with.”

“Aw, baby,” Chris pouted sympathetically, giving your arm a gentle squeeze. “You know there’s no one I’d rather work with too, but we’re parents now.” He reminded you, rubbing Harper’s back. “It’s time we learn to work with other people,” he said and you nodding, pouting. “Just do me a favor and don’t fall in-love with your next handsome lead,” he winked then smiled when you chuckled.

“Only if you promise not to fall in-love with your next pretty director.”

“The Russo brothers are my next directors,” Chris chuckled and you laughed, “I think I’ll be fine.”

“Mrs. Evans?” One of your interns called and you turned around. Chris smiled because this was the first time he heard someone call you Mrs. Evans at work as you were always referred to by your maiden name; it was probably because he was there. “You’re needed on set.” As soon as Harper heard that, she tightened her hold on you.

“Tell them I’ll be right there,” you nodded and the intern disappeared around the corner.

“No, Mama,” Harper’s voice quivered slightly, making your heart ache as you hugged her as tightly as she was hugging you. “Please don’t go,” she mumbled into the crook of your neck. “I don’t want you to go.”

You felt your eyes start to well with tears and you looked to Chris, pressing your lips together to suppress your urge to cry. “Don’t start,” he mouthed and shook his head, giving you the smile that would always make you smile; it worked. “C'mon, sweetheart.” Chris gently rubbed Harper’s back, trying to take her from you. “Let’s go home, we’ll see Mama later.”

“No,” Harper shrugged off her dad’s touch, making him sigh. “I don’t want to go,” she huffed, clutching onto you. “I want to stay here with you, Mama.” You beckoned your head for Chris to follow you as you started to make your way to where you were needed while still carrying your stubborn four year old.

“But what are you going to do here with me, baby?” You asked gently and she leaned back in your arms so she could meet your gaze. “I’m going to be busy directing and you don’t know anyone I’m working with. It’s not like Daddy’s set, you won’t have Uncle Seba or Auntie Scar or Uncle Rob to play with you.”

“I can just sit quietly and watch you work,” Harper responded with a grin.

“You could, but I promise you you’d have more fun with Daddy at home.” You told her and she wiggled her tiny mouth from side to side, pondering. “Like I said, it’s not like Daddy’s set. You’re going to be all by yourself, sitting quietly. That sounds so boring, don’t you think?”

“Bug, c'mon. You promised you wouldn’t do this.” Chris reminded her and she sighed. He knew you were on a tight schedule and you needed to stay focus which was why he made Harper promise she wouldn’t do any of what she was currently doing before he took her here. “Your mom’s on a tight schedule, do you remember what that means?”

“Yeah,” Harper nodded, pouting.

“So let’s go home so she can finish work quickly and come home in time for dinner,” Chris told her and she looked between the both of you, still pondering who she wanted to go with and what she’d get to do. “Do you remember what we’re having for dinner? Pi…” He trailed off.

“Zza!” She finished, holding out her arms for her dad to take her. “Okay, let’s go home.” Chris smiled at you, a little too smug for your liking. He’d always been good with kids, you knew that before you married him; it was actually one of the reasons you married him. “Bye Mama,” she leaned over and pecked you on the cheek.

“Bye, sweetheart.” You booped her nose and she giggled. “I’ll see you two at home,” you said and pecked Chris on the lips. “Hopefully in time for dinner,” you pursed your lips, knowing there was a small chance you weren’t going to be.

“Just tell your cast and crew Captain America will come in here armed and ready to whoop their asses if they don’t cut their shit out.” Chris told you, smiling; you chuckled because both of you had completely forgotten that you were in your four year old daughter’s presence until…

“Yeah,” Harper nodded with furrowed brows, “tell them Captain America will come in here armed and ready to whoop their-” Chris covered her mouth, both of you laughing, before she could finish.

Ok can I just say how much I love and appreciate phil Michael Lester! Hes such kind, sweet and and creative guy wth! Like I just love to hear his voice and laughter, it always brings a smile to my face! And when ever I’m feeling really lonely I can always watch one of his videos and just lay down and listen to what ever wacky thing that has happened to him. It’s like listening to an old friend that you haven’t seen in a while telling you all about the crazy adventures they’ve been on. I’m not really good with words but heck I just really appreciate Phil so much I just need to express this!! <333

Title: The Chess Game
Character: Danny Rand
A/n: Beginning is based off the song of the same name from “Falsettos”.

Side note though, I know jackshit about chess so I borderline made up my own vague rules for plot purposes, sorry in advanced.

“Danny, if you don’t want to play this anymore we don’t have to.” You encouraged, knowing he wasn’t the most advanced chess player. When the two of you were little he tried to play with you, but always lost.

“No, no,” Danny said, staring at the board with an intense amount of focus. “I can do this, just…give me some time.”

You watched his hand hover a couple peices, mentally trying to remember which one did what. His fingers lightly traced over the top of the King and you saw his brows knit together and you smiled.

“That’s the King,” You reminded him with a cheeky wink. “Treat him nice, use some brains, now protect him.”

Danny looked up at you and tightly smiled. “Yes, now I remember,” He instead went to reach for one of the other peices and saw you waiting for his move. “Could you not watch me? It’s throwing me off.”

You smiled and leaned back in your seat, focusing instead on the grey clouds that were settling outside of your shop window.

“I messed up again, didn’t I?”

You looked back at the board and saw Danny made another mistake. Bashfully, he looked up and you and cleared his throat. “Maybe you could show me? I don’t remember how this works.”

“Does Danny want my help?” You said in a higher pitched voice, not missing up the opportunity to tease him.

“No, I don’t,” Danny said with a defiant huff. “I can do this myself.”

You handed him back the peices you had already taken and reset the board to start a new. “Let’s try again, we’ve already seen the worst.”

“I’ll go first.” Danny confidently went to move a pawn but hesitation flashed all over his face as he started to bite on the lower part of his lip.

“Move the pawn, you’re right.”


“Here.” You pointed to a black square on the board with your finger.

Danny slowly dragged the peice to the designated spot. “There?”

“Danny, that’s the Queen.”


You broke into a fit of laughter, not being able to help yourself as you placed his peice back and gave him the pawn. “That one.”

Danny nodded and moved the correct peice this time.

“Nice first move.” You complimented, noticing the way Danny’s eyes lit up when you praised him for doing well.

“Your turn.”

“Oh yes, thank you kindly.” You gave him a wry smile and moved one of your own pawns, snatching up his in the process.

Danny sighed, rubbing his eyes at how complicated the game was for him. “I just don’t think I’m any good at this.”

He hesitated again on his next move, grabbing the correct piece but not knowing where to put it.

“Here, let me help.” You gently placed your hand on top of his, moving his hand to the correct spot as the peice dragged along with him.

Danny looked up at you and smiled, heat crawling up his neck and ears. “Thank you.”

The two of continued you to play on the occasional question of “Where should I move now?” and the short, but helpful answer of “Try there.”

It played on until you let Danny take your King, weither or not it was completely accurate to the rules…you’ll never tell him.

“Hey, look at that, you won!” You told him.

Danny stared down at the board, dumbfounded. His eyes widened and his lips were slightly parted as he realized he had beaten you.

The smile on his face was totally worth it.

Danny watched you reset the board and he couldn’t help but look on fondly, he knew 100% that you had let him win. But, he didn’t want to make you feel bad by letting you know.

“Think you can handle me now, (Y/n)?” Danny said, picking up one of the knight peices with a smug smile. “I think I might be the new chess master.”

You laughed, snatching the knight from his hands placing it back on the board. “Take a turn.”

Danny leaned over the board to move his pawn, and quickly left a short kiss on the corner of your mouth while he smile. “Thank you kindly.”

Seriously, I just love this whole bit of animation. It’s the most beautifully captured moment of “I have no fucking clue what’s going on”.

One Shot: You and Y/F/N go to a club for your birthday and run into Lucky where things get VERY heated…


As if on cue, the bouncer checked off our names on the list and stepped aside, opening the doors to this millionaire’s club.  The bass was shaking my body now and I avoided eye contact with the bouncer as I shuffled inside behind Y/F/N.
Holy shit.
And I mean holy shit.
The mass of people was actually ridiculous, and I held back a choke as multiple men grazed my butt in their attempts to pass us.  I could barely even see the floor.  In the flashing strobe lights I made out brick walls with various pieces of modern art, probably worth more than my tuition, casually flung on at vicarious angles.  The staircase that led to the roof was metal, and I think I could make out the bar in the back.  Yup, definitely a bar.  The whole back wall was a glass display case of every type of liquor known to man.  It was like industrial meets modern.
And I was like a deer in the headlights.  Y/F/N nudged me.  I turned to her clueless.  She shouted something, but I couldn’t hear over the deafening techno music.  “WHAT?!” I shouted.  Y/F/N came closer and put her mouth up to my ear.  “HOW DOES OUR LIL LEGAL Y/N LIKE IT?!” She screamed.
“NOT A CLUB STUPID,” Y/F/N yelled, raising her eyebrows and swaying her hips to the music.
“WHAT DO YOU MEAN?  WHAT…” I looked at Y/F/N who had the guiltiest and giddiest grin on her face.  
“I MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE KNOWN THIS TO BE THE FAVORITE CLUB OF A CERTAIN” – a man pushed her and she hobbled on you for support – “LUCKY CELEBRITY.”
“SHUT UP!” If this was who I thought it was…
“LUCKY BLUE SMITH IS IN THE BUILDING, I REPEAT-” I cut off Y/F/N’s rant by enveloping her in a giant hug.  
“HOLY CRAP GUYS.” Y/F/N laughed at my once again shocked expression.
I quickly grabbed Y/F/N’s hand and we started making our way towards the center of the club, aiming for the huge crystal chandelier that was dangerously swinging in the middle of the ceiling.  On the way there, a sweaty body knocked into us, forcing our hands apart, but when I looked back she was still there.  Y/F/N smiled a reassuring smile, nodding her head forward to keep me moving.  Good.  
I praised the Lord for giving me hips.  Not only because they are ‘sexy af’ (Y/F/N’s words, not mine), but turns out they’re great in forcefully knocking people out of the way through crowds that keep getting denser.  I started to feel sweat from other bodies slick itself onto my skin and I tried not to gag, but we were so close.  Eh, close enough.  
I stopped suddenly.  This seemed like a good spot.  And it would have to be.  Because a semi-circle of tall, buff men all had their backs towards me, and they did not look like they were going to be swayed aside with the force of curves alone.  As a plus, their blockade created a little more space.  
“HOW’S THIS?” I shouted and turned to find –
Strangers.  No Y/F/N.  Shit where did she go?!  I used my height to scan over some of the people, but from the top they all looked the same.  This honestly would happen.  Great.  Maybe she’d find me? It felt like I’d been waiting for 10 minutes when in reality it was probably just 1, when I saw her.  With a guy.  Oh woah, literally with a guy, he looked like he was viciously attacking her neck and by the way she leaned into him with her head back I could tell she was enjoying it.   At least, hopefully.  Should I go over there?  Eh, she can handle herself.  I’ll just keep watch over here.  
A little self-conscious without the girls next to me, I started just swaying my hips a little and nodding to the music.  But then the jam came on.  And it wasn’t as if anybody was watching anyways.
I ain’t got no type
Bad bitches is the only thing that I like

“YOU AIN’T GOT NO LIFE, CUPS WITH ICE AND WE DO THIS EVERY NIGHT” I started screaming the words as I felt myself let go, running my hands over my body and letting my hair fall into my face.  And I didn’t even drink a sip of alcohol.  
“Mm, and what’s your name gorgeous?” hot breath suddenly fanned against my neck as hands from behind grasped my hips and pulled me into the stranger’s toned front.  Hard.  I looked down and noticed several rings on this creepers’ fingers.  What the fuck?  I attempted to get out of his grasp, but he was strong.  Really strong.  I turned around and cringed as my backside rubbed against his front, hearing him let out a low grunt at the action.
“Get off me! I have a-” I stopped mid-sentence when I came face to face with the man I’d never thought I’d actually see.  The man I’d spent hours fantasizing about with my crazy roommate.  “You’re- What?” I managed to breathe out.  This couldn’t be right.  But the crystal blue eyes, pouty lips, and bleached hair were right in front of me.  Too close actually where I could spot several light freckles along his cheeks.  Fuck.  He was real.  And taller in person.  I became hyper aware of his hands sliding lower down my back and the fact that my front was now touching his, erm, front.
“You were saying.” He smirked, a smirk tainting his cheek as he clearly knew that I knew of him.  How do I respond in a situation like this?? How does anyone respond in a situation with Lucky Blue Smith?? I gulped and hoped it wasn’t visible.  
“I’m here with friends.”  I choked out.  Why would he need to know that?  Fucking smooth one.
He looked behind my shoulders quickly before his blue eyes bore back into mine, amusement clearly written on his face.  “It didn’t look like it to me,” he said.  His husky voice sent shivers down my spine, but I tried to stifle my reaction.  HOW THE FUCK DO I STIFLE MY REACTION TO LUCKY BLUE SMITH.
I coughed slightly.  “She’s, uh, she’s here.  It’s my birthday.”  This was mortifying.  I squealed a little as his large hands squeezed my ass.  “What are you-?”
“You never answered my question.” His lips twitched as he observed my complete floundering.  If his face wasn’t this perfect than we wouldn’t be having this problem.  My eyes roamed down his face, to the strong veins in his neck, and to the dip of golden skin the white button down revealed.  It looked delicious, so kissable.  I wonder what he tastes like….  He interrupted my staring by lifting my jaw up with one hand.  I felt myself blush in his gentle grip.  What had he asked?  Name?
“Y/N.”  Something flashed in his eyes, his features darkening slightly.  Or maybe that was the lighting.
“You have the most beautiful green eyes, Y/N.” He spoke lowly, like a tiger to its prey.  
And I was the fucking bunny.  
My heart rate accelerated as he brought his plump lips to the corners of my mouth, dragging them teasingly to the bottom of my ear, where he lightly bit.
“Fucking perfect body,” he was barely speaking, the low tone making me weak.  He dipped his head lower beneath my jaw and placed a hot kiss there.  I inhaled sharply as he started to painfully suck on the tender skin, and my hands instinctually tangled themselves in his thick hair.  His teeth grazed me and I groaned when he licked a cool stripe over the probably already developed marking.  Just when I was about to tug him closer, he pulled away.  I didn’t even try to hide the disappointment on my face.  Why had he-
“How old are you baby?” He licked his lower lip and I felt heat pool uncomfortably beneath my dress.  Was it bad I was this turned on??  He became impatient with my silence and started to roughly knead my cheeks.  I swore he chuckled as I desperately fought to stifle a moan.  No, no it wasn’t.
“Good, I like them older.”  He smirked as my jaw fell open and he roughly took my hand, leading me through the crowd.  The intimidating men from earlier had made a path for him and spoke something into a Bluetooth.  I was beyond confused.  Where was he taking me?  I looked at his firm masculine hands enveloping my smaller ones in their strong grip.  Did I honestly care?  
Spend it how I like, sinnin’ every night.  
Push-start the whip, brought it strait to life.

The club was rushing past me, and it was bigger than I thought.  We received multiple jealous stares as he quickly dragged me through the VIP section and down several hallways before coming to a stop before a door.  I had no idea where I was.  
“Where are we going?”  I asked, slightly out of breath.  I hoped he didn’t notice.
“To my car,” he didn’t hesitate as he smoothly opened the door, releasing my hand, but quickly placing it on the small of my back.  
Well shit.
The infamous black range rover was parked right outside, hidden in one of the back alleyways.  
“Handy,” I said.  Handy?!  Honestly?!  I felt my cheeks heat up again and I cursed whatever idiot was taking over my body the one time I needed to be collected.
“You have no idea.”  He ran a hand through his hair with a cocky crooked smile as if it was the most casual thing in the world to look that beautiful, and his t-shirt lifted a little as he raised his arm, revealing his toned abs and, oh god, a little bit of his happy trail.  My stomach tied itself in knots.  I really wanted to fucking touch him.  
His keys were already in one hand and he unlocked the car.  I stayed frozen in place.  He looked at me curiously and then with amusement, slowly walked closer to me, slowly, ever so slowly.  God I was aching for him.  And he could tell.
He stopped just mere inches from my face, nose almost resting on mine.  “Do have any idea how much I want you right now Y/N?”  He pressed himself into me and it was the first time I felt the hard outline of his cock.  He groaned and tossed his head back as he lightly ground himself into me.  “How hard you got me by shaking that perky ass of yours?  You were such a fucking tease,” he hissed the last word as he did a particularly hard thrust.  I felt his hardness twitch against my throbbing center and the rough fabric of his black jeans was only adding to the hot friction.  Holy shit.  
I finally released the moan I’d been forcing down and at that he growled.  Roughly shoving me against the car, I wrapped my legs around his lean torso as he grabbed the ends of the dress and forced the material up to my waist. “I bet you taste so sweet, don’t you baby-girl, just like your fucking mouth.”    He crashed his lips onto mine, battling for dominance until I submitted, his tongue asking for entrance that I more than willingly gave.  My hands met his hair again.  His oxygen was mine and mine was his.  My breath hitched as my underwear was suddenly thrown to the side, the cool air from outside reaching the place I needed him most.  He swiped two course fingers along my wet folds, and I whimpered as he brushed past my clit.
“Fuck me you’re drenched,” his voice was raspy as he continued to teasingly swipe up and down, squeezing my clit before circling the bundle of nerves.  He didn’t even try to hide his smug smirk as my eyes rolled back.  The familiar tingle of warmth was already starting to grow in my stomach.  He was good.  “And who made you this wet Y/N?  Who did this to you?” he demanded.  His actions sped up to unbearable pace when I didn’t reply, my legs beginning to shake at the intensity of feeling.  “You-you d-did, oh my God,” I moaned, throwing my head back.  I gasped as he slipped a long finger into my center, the cool metal from the ring heightening my sensitivity as he slowly started pumping it in and out.  “You’re so fucking tight baby.”  He moaned and muffled my scream with his lips as he added another finger, hitting a spot I didn’t even knew existed and increasing the pace to the point where all I saw and felt was white-heat.  The only sound was the smacking of our lips and the sound of my wet sex.  I was close.  I broke from our kiss and somehow formed words.  “I’m g-gonna cu-um Lucky.”  
He froze and pulled his fingers out.  
“What the hell?” I seethed.   Sure this may be Lucky Blue Smith, living breathing sex god, but you don’t leave a girl hanging.  He rose his eyebrows in amusement at my wild hair and flushed appearance.  He chuckled.  “You’re cute when you’re angry.”  
“Well I’m a firm believer in ‘finish what you started.’”
I tried to shove him, but his grip around my waist only tightened, a smirk on his face as he tauntingly rose his fingers in between us.  Fuck.  The light reflected off the liquid that was dripping down his fingers.  
“Oh I intend to.”  He put his fingers in his mouth, sucking, and I was mesmerized as I watch him taste my juices.  He pulled them out with a moan, eyes fixed upon mine.  “God, I can’t wait to properly taste you.”  My center was painfully throbbing again and I swallowed as he effortlessly picked me up, opened the car door, and threw me down on the back seats.
His head lowered in between my thighs, leaving wet kisses first below my knee, then teasingly dragging his jawline up and down my inner thighs.  “Prettiest pussy,” he muttered.  I tried closing my thighs to gain some sort of friction, but his hands kept them in place and locked them down.
“Lucky,” I whined.  He shot his head up to look at me, ocean-cool eyes piecing my thoughts, knowing what I wanted, what I needed.  
“Tell me what you want baby,” he said softly, his breath hitting my center.  I blushed furiously at his words.  This was the most vulnerable I’d felt in a long time.
“You know what I want,” I muttered.  His eyes darkened and his grip on my thighs tightened.  “Y/N,” he said lowly, “tell me what you fucking want and I’ll be more than happy to give it to you.”  I opened my mouth to speak, but looked away in embarrassment instead.  Why was he doing this?
“Hey,” his voice softened and his long arm reached over to turn my head, “Look at me beautiful.  I need you to look at me.” He dropped his hand from my jaw and entwined it with my hand that was clutching the leather seat with white knuckles.  He ran soothing circles on it, as he kissed up my thighs for the second time, leaving open-mouthed kisses as his blue eyes held mine.  “So beautiful,” he muttered in between kisses.  He hovered over my sex, breath hitting it, and I took a deep breath before squeezing his hand.  He didn’t need much more encouragement.  
He licked a long stripe down my sex before nibbling down on my most sensitive nub.  
“Fuck,” I moaned.  He paused, looked at me for a moment, then took a deep breathe.
Burying himself inside of me, his tongue delved in and out almost faster than his fingers.  The plush feeling of his lips lightly sucking around me gave me shivers and his nose repetitively hit my clit.
“Mm Lucky,” I whined, I was close, again.
He raised his other hand from my thigh to grab my breast, squeezing and kneading it, making my nipples harden with pleasure.
“Oh my God,” I moaned, “L-lucky I’m c-close.”
He turned his attention to my clit, swirling his tongue around over my oversensitive bundle of nerves, sucking gently before biting down and then I lost it, shouting his name.  My toes curled from the insane pleasure that shot from my center throughout my whole body, and I continued to jerk as Lucky licked me clean.    
“Like a cupcake.”  He licked his lips as I lay there completely spent, and I heard him hum before he leaned over the seat.  He hovered over my body for a moment, observing my face before leaning down to give me a long kiss.  I taste myself on his tongue and I couldn’t help the moan I released into his mouth.  Leaning lower to deepen the kiss, I felt his hard length straining against the fabric and when I glanced down it looked painful.  
“Oops,” I let out a light laugh as I reached my hands down to try and undo the button, but his hands stopped me.  I looked up at him in confusion, but he just smiled, lightly shaking his head.  
“Tonight isn’t about me remember?”  He ducked his head and peppered small kisses along my chest.
“What do you mean?” I whispered, my voice lowering at the feeling of his affection.
He looked at me with a disbelieving face and broke into a genuine smile.
“Happy Birthday Y/N.”
“Oh my gosh there you are!  We were about to call the cops where the hell have you been?!” Y/F/N shouted, anger and relief both present on her face.  She was waiting outside the club, cell phone in hand, and practically tackled me for the third time that day when I stepped outside.  
“Honestly, I searched everywhere, I’m sorry we got separated…” Y/N’s voice trailed off as she gave me a sheepish look.  If only she knew.
“Okay, I have to tell you something.  You’re probably not going to believe me.”
And for some reason the only thing I could think of in that moment was
Damn.  I never saw him naked.

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You watched as Sam’s eyes filled with tears. He couldn’t accept that you were going to die. You were his best friend. You had known each other for over twenty years. You watched as he stared off into space before turning his glistening eyes on you.

It was enough to make you cry.

“What do I do?” He begged, tears spilling over the edges of his eyes as he watched you desperately. “This isn’t like the monsters I know, but Y/N there has to be something I can do. There is always something I can do,” he pushed.

You just cried and just shook your head, watching the desperation in Sam’s eyes. He couldn’t fix you. This wasn’t a monster he could chase. This wasn’t a demon he could exorcise. This wasn’t an angel he could trap. Cancer was something that no one knew how to beat and living the life that you guys did, you had caught this way too late and now it was all but over.

“I’m a Winchester, dammit!” He bellowed, turning away from you, running his hands through his hair. “I’m supposed to take care of you. I’m supposed to save you,” he pleaded. “I promised,” he choked out.

You remembered the promise. You’d both been drunk, Sam had been 24 and you 21. He’d just barely started hunting with Dean again when their paths had crossed yours on a hunt. Sam saved you, and three of you ended up celebrating the end of the hunt at a bar. Dean picked up a girl, and you and Sam made a promise to take care of each other, always be there for each other, and to always save each other. No matter what.

And you had. You had always found a way. Until now.

“Sammy,” you reached out for him from your hospital bed, your voice not as strong as you had hoped for it to be. You grabbed his jacket and pulled him to you. “You can hold me. You can stop yelling and screaming and be my best friend. You can be the man that I love. You can finally tell me you love me because now you don’t have to be afraid of the consequences,” you breathed out.

You and Sam had always pushed a relationship off to the side, thinking it would give the monsters the edge, the leverage and advantage they didn’t need.

Sam’s eyes met yours knowingly, his lip snarling in anger as he fought back tears. “Not like this,” he shook his head.

“Please,” you squeezed his hand. You could feel yourself slipping away. “Please,” you repeated, tears rolling down your cheek.

Sam’s resolve broke, and he crawled into the bed with you. Immediately is large arms engulfed you and brought you close to him. You breathed him in and if anything could heal you, it would be simply being near Sam Winchester. You looked up at him, tears still in your eyes, and he kissed you. Hard. All the repressed feelings of the past nine years pouring into the kiss.

If a kiss had healing powers, you knew you could get up and walk out of the bed right now. The kiss was everything you’d ever wanted. You hated that he had waited until the end.

“I love you,” Sam managed through tears.

“I’m sorry,” you sobbed. “I’m so sorry.” All you could do was repeat that over and over again.

“Shhhhh. Don’t be. I’ve always loved you. I should have just let myself,” Sam confessed as he held you. “Now it’s too late, but I’ll love you until your last breath.”

“And I’ll love you forever,” you responded, sinking into his embrace.

He held you for hours, even after your last breath slipped away. He cried and shook as he held you and repeated the same phrase over and over, hoping that somewhere you would hear him.

“I’ll never stop loving you, Y/N. Not until the day I die. Never,” he mumbled into your hair, holding your lifeless body.

“I know,” you whispered from the corner. “I’m here. I didn’t go Sam. I couldn’t leave. Forever, remember,” you said as you reached out to let Sam know you couldn’t leave him.


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Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 5 470
summary : based on the song ‘The Heart Wants What It Wants’ by Selena Gomez.
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*gif by christophwood

The day Kai had met Y/N had been the best day in his life. They had fallen in love almost instantly. When they first became a couple all her friends said he would break her heart , ruin her or maybe even kill her. Y/N ignored them every single time and defended him always. Every moment they spent together felt like magic , like a dream come true. In all his life Kai had never thought he’d have someone like her in his life - someone who loves him and accepts him the way he is without insisting he changes. There had never been judgement in her eyes even thought she knew every single horrible thing he had done. He loved her more than he thought possible. Nothing Kai had felt until he had met her could ever compare to the feelings he had for her. What they had was special , it was that kind of unique sweet love that has to be lived to be fully understood. His love for her had consumed him and he couldn’t imagine his life without her anymore. They loved and understood each other like no one else , always sharing everything with the other. Y/N had pulled himin like a magnet and the past year they had spent together had been the best year in his life. Y/N had been the one who in death had made him feel most alive.
Lately however something had changed between them and he had no idea what it was or how it had happened. They rarely spent time together and he felt broken and alone every time Y/N wasn’t around him. Kai missed all those lazy afternoons when they’d just cuddle on the couch or in bed , maybe watch a movie or he’d watch her read one of her favourite books. There was always something else for her to do these days and most days he’d spend hours waiting for her to call him just to hear her voice. Knowingly or not his girl had thrown him into a world of hurt. Sometimes he wondered if Y/N still loved him because he just couldn’t feel it anymore. How can she still be in love with him and ignore and blow him off all the time right ? A part of him felt like what they had was slipping through his fingers and he was losing her , the other hoped that this is just a ‘rough patch’ and the days when they were happy , doing everything together would return. But the longer this went on , the worse he felt. Without her around he just didn’t feel alive. He didn’t know how he’d get over her and all this pain if things between them ended. He was pretty sure losing her would kill him. Kai had allowed allowed himself to be the good person she saw when looking at him instead of the monster everyone else saw but lately with his vampirism heightening his emotions - all his pain , frustration and confusion blurred into hunger and he found himself falling back into his old ways.

Kai woke up around 2.43AM , almost at the same moment Y/N returned home. He didn’t open his eyes and pretended to be asleep. His girl climbed onto the bed with him , brushing her fingers through his hair before leaning in to kiss him gently and wrap her arms around him. Kai didn’t have to see her face to know she was smiling. Hearing her whisper ‘I love you’ was enough to make him feel whole again and make him forget how every second spent without her felt like torture. Kai spent the rest of the night watching her sleep , trailing every inch of her face and down her arm with his fingertips as gently as possible without waking her up. Y/N’s heart rate always changed when he did that , regardless if she was asleep or not. He wondered how when she was in his arms time seemed to fly by and when he is alone , every second would just drag itself so painfully slow it would drive him insane.

“Morning beautiful.” smiled Kai , hearing the change in her heart beat knowing she is awake before she had even opened her eyes. Y/N smiled back at him , brushing her fingers against his cheek. His fingers wrapped around her wrist and he kissed her hand lovingly. Her heart fluttered at the sight of his smile and she pulled herself closer to him. Kai loved waking up with her , however rare those moments where the past few weeks. With her in his arms he felt complete.
“Morning.” said Y/N , kissing him softly.
“Where were you last night ?” he wondered. “You got home so late , I wasn’t even awake this time. I was worried.”
His girl rolled on top of him , placing her hand on his chest right over his heart. Kai placed his hands on her waist looking up at the beautiful girl before him and a sigh left his lips. Every time he thought he couldn’t get more sucked in into loving her , that’s exactly what happened. The way Y/N was looking at him with loving eyes just like always pulled him back in every time and in those moments his worries seemed to vanish into thin air.
“Out. Sorry , I should’ve called.” she said , leaning in to kiss him. “You don’t have to worry about me , I’m an adult –or at least thats what my ID says.”
Kai laughed as she tapped his nose.
“I know that but – every second without you feels like torture.” he said. “I don’t like being without you. It feels like the air is being pulled out of my lungs –”
Y/N’s smile faded a little and Kai felt a crack showing up on his heart. She rolled off him and got off the bed , heading towards the walk in closet without saying a word. Kai got up after her a second later. He didn’t like how she was ignoring his words and somehow avoided the subject. It bothered and confused him more than ever.
“Y/N ?” he asked , leaning against the closet door. “Why are you being like this?”
“Like what ?”
“Cold and distant.”
“What ?”
“Yes.” said Kai taking a step inside , snaking his hands around her while she was looking at her reflection in the mirror. “You are almost never home and I feel like you are always trying to find a way to get away from me or something. I miss our days together when we’d stay at home all day , watch a movie or do something. ”
Y/N tossed the clothes she was holding on the floor and turned towards him. He looked so sad and broken ,it broke her heart. Last thing she wanted was to cause him pain in any way and somehow thats exactly what had happened. Kai was the best boyfriend - so kind , caring and loving towards her , always finding ways to make her smile even in the darkest of days. Her friends had told her he’d hurt her but lately things seemed to be the other way around. It wasn’t intentional , she just wanted a little space. Sometimes the way he was acting around her - wanting to be with her constantly , every second of every day was a bit much for her. Y/N understood why he wanted to be with her 24/7 - her boyfriend had spent most of his life in isolation and she had been the first person he truly loved but still.
“I’m not trying to get away from you. How can you even think that ?” she wondered. Y/N cupped his face , lightly brushing her fingers through his hair. “You are the best thing in my life. I know sometimes I can be – distant , it’s just the way I am sometimes. Doesn’t mean I don’t love you or anything. Feel this ?”
She took his hand and placed it right over her heart. Kai ’s mouth twitched into a small smile feeling her heart beat - racing just like every time they are together.
“I love you.” said Y/N , her heart skipping a beat and starting to beat faster than ever. “I LOVE YOU. I love you more than words.”
“I love you too baby girl.” smiled Kai scooping her up.
Y/N hooked her hands around his neck , pressing her lips against his. Kai’s fingers tangled in her hair , pulling her lips closer to hers and in a blink of an eye they were back in the bed. Being with her , moments like this were everything , somehow the world felt in place again and he could almost forget how painful the moments without her were. Almost.
“Do you want to come with me tonight?” she asked suddenly.
“Go where?” he wondered.
“There will be a party at Skull bar. It’s for students only but you can come with me. If you want.”
Kai smiled widely at her. A night out with his girl sounded more than heaven to him. He would’ve preffered it for them to be alone , but even if there would be a dozen other people around them he was sure they’d find a way to spend time alone together. He didn’t want to spend another night alone , worrying and in pain because she wasn’t there with him.
“I’d love to.” he brushed his nose against hers. “But – I want us to spend the day together too. We can watch a movie or just cuddle.”
“Okay – I just have to run quickly to the Salvatore’s and I’m all yours for the rest of the day.” she smiled at him rolling on top of him. “Pick a movie or decide what you want us to do – I’ll do anything you want me to.”
“Anything?” he winked at her.
“Anything – everything.” said Y/N , moving her hair to the left and leaned in to kiss him again. Kai didn’t want to let go off her , moving his hands up and down her back pulling her towards him closer and closer while her fingers tangled in his hair. Too soon to his liking she pulled away and ran to get dressed before going out.


Y/N’s ‘quick stop’ by the Salvatore’s turned into hours. A few times he called her but the call went straight to voicemail and he didn’t really feel like leaving a message. There it was again - the feeling of being left alone , existing all by himself in their relationship , like they were just strangers and not lovers. The thought that something had happened to her crept inside his mind and he got in his car heading towards the Salvatores. Maybe he’d be able to catch up with her there.
“Ugh , what are you doing here twirp?” wondered Damon just as Kai walked into the house. Kai looked around as if looking for someone.
“Is Y/N here ?” asked Kai.
“No. Haven’t seen her today. Isn’t she your girlfriend ? Why are you asking me ?”
“I - I don’t know.” sighed Kai , pouring himself a drink.
Damon stared at him and shrugged his shoulders. Kai took his glass and sat on the sofa , starring at the liquid inside the glass when Elena walked in and kissed Damon 'hello’. The young heretic glanced at them and sighed deeply. Elena glanced between him and her boyfriend in confusion.
“Why is he so quiet?”
“I don’t know.” whispered Damon. “It’s making me nervous - ”
“You do realise I can hear you , right ?” said Kai gulping the entire glass. “I - I don’t even know why I came here. Y/N said she’d stop by and I thought maybe I’d catch up with her. Somehow lately we always end up missing each other - ”
“Ohh is the honeymoon over ?” said Damon mockingly and Elena slapped him on the forearm shooting him a warning look. She didn’t want to risk getting Kai upset. Who knew what he’d do. “Fine — fine. I’ll shut up.”
Elena sat on the sofa next to Kai trying to figure out what was up. He looked like a sad abandoned puppy , so sad and broken for a moment she forgot everything he had done and felt the urge to hug him or at least help him in anyway.
“Is Y/N seeing someone else ?” he asked suddenly. “Because – lately its like she is avoiding me and is acting so cold and distant. Every night she comes home so late and some nights she never gets home at all.”
“I’m sure she is not doing anything intentional to hurt you. And she’s not a cheater , that I know. ” said Elena , “Y/N loves you. If she didn’t , she wouldn’t have tried to kill Damon for almost killing you at the wedding.”
“The why do I feel so – broken and dead on the inside every time she blows me off?” he wondered. “Why does it hurt so much ?”
Elena tilted her head to the side with a small smile on her face.
“Because you love her.” she said simply. “And sometimes when the people we love are distant it hurts. Talk to her , be honest. I know you are still new at emotions , but you and Y/N have a special connection. You love and understand each other. Whatever is happening between you two , you can work it out.”


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