i can just see the wheels spinning in his head

Captorch Humerica (Rogers/Evans x reader)

Characterized from the I Love You, Man series

“Steve, if you’re gonna cry, maybe tone it down, alright?  People are staring.”

“Let them stare,” he whispered, his voice choked in his throat, “this movie is just…you’re killing me, man.  You’re so good.”

“Thanks,” Chris smiled, giving him a little friendly nudge with his shoulder, “means a lot.”

“Hey, could you keep it down-“ a random man who was unfortunate enough to sit behind the duo began, but when both Steve-oh-my-god-it’s-Cap-Rogers and Chris-are-you-fucking-kidding-me-Evans turned around to stare back in reply, he immediately silenced and returned his eyes to the screen.

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Title: Honeybee 

Pairing: Aubrey x reader, Booth x daughter!reader

Based on this request from @chocolatebearshark:

Hey I know that requests are closed but I thought I could just ask and you can write it whenever you have the time 😊 Aubrey × reader, where reader is Booth’s daughter and they have to tell him but Aubrey is scared? ❤

A/N: This is so cute. I love Aubrey so much. Enjoy! XOXOXO

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Save Me - Chapter 87

I know I started to watch with him but I don’t think I got very far into the movie before my eyes were closing. Jared must have been dozing off too because I felt him move and then noticed the volume was turned off. Rolling over to face him, I tucked my forehead between his soft, furry chin and his chest as his arms wrapped around me, pulling me close.

As the weather got more fierce outside, we savored the sound of the storms, quietly huddling together under the blankets. “Sleep baby.”, was the last thing I remember hearing.

Never one for taking a mid-morning nap, I was shocked to see that when I finally woke up, it was so dark out. I very carefully as I tried to roll over to check the time, I didn’t want to wake Jared up.

“How was your nap?” I heard Jared ask.

Lifting my head up, I smiled down at him, “How long have you been awake?” I asked, noticing while he held me in one arm, the other had a solid grip on his phone.

“Not long, it felt good to get some rest,” he said, “but as much as I would love to stay right here, my back can’t take it.”

I jumped up, “Why? What’s wrong?” I asked as he kinda laughed at me. “See, I knew you shouldn’t have been carrying me around!”

“What are you talking about?” he said, “My back doesn’t hurt because I was carrying you, I hurt it years ago..still bothers me. If anything, it’s laying on the couch too long that’s making it sore.”

“Ohh..” I laughed, a little embarrassed.

“I just need to get up and stretch.” Jared said, standing and stretching his arms above his head, “Old man problems.” he joked.

“Oh yeah, right. Old man my ass!” I joked back.

As I walked past, Jared slapped my ass so hard I jumped, “No, this ass is MINE.” he stated, roughly grabbing a handful of my ass. I couldn’t help but giggle.

“My mistake, Sir. YOUR ass…” I purred, wrapping my arms around his shoulders.

Bending to kiss me, as soon as our lips touched, his phone rang. “I’ve had my phone off for hours, I need to take that.” he said.

“Of course. Are you hungry?”

“Not yet…let me take this.” I nodded my head as he walked towards the dining room table. He had basically turned it into his office.

I felt bad as I watched him trying to stretch his back out while he was talking on the phone. I’m sure I made it worse. He was up before me and stayed on the couch not wanting to disturb me. I suddenly had an idea. We were staying in for the day, maybe it would be nice to get massages. While he was distracted, I went to call the hotel spa from our bedroom to see if it could be arranged.

Within fifteen minutes, I had Jared and I booked for an in suite, couples massage. I couldn’t believe they made it work. Well, I should say, it wasn’t until I told them what suite number we were, that they were so cooperative. I didn’t give them a name which made me wonder if celebrity’s rooms aren’t noted in some way because after they had that number they were willing to basically move mountains for me.

Our massages were scheduled for 2 o'clock so we had a little over an hour. Pleased with the surprise I had planned, I walked back into the living room to see Jared had pulled a few things out of the refrigerator for us to snack on.

“I thought you weren’t hungry?” I asked.

“Well, I wasn’t until you mentioned it.” he said smiling, “I just figured if we had a bite now, we could eat dinner a little earlier.”

I saw the twinkle in his eyes, he had something planned. That made me think. I was excited to surprise Jared but for some reason, a part of me was nervous this could backfire on me. Would he see me organizing this for us as a gift or would he see it as me trying to take control. I began to feel that maybe I should say something. I didn’t want anything to go wrong today. Taking another bite of watermelon, I continued to mull it over in my head.

“I can hear those wheels spinning, baby girl,” Jared commented, taking my hand in his, “what’s on your mind?”

Putting my fork down, I turned towards him. This was my opportunity to mention what I arranged and hopefully he wouldn’t be upset. I just wished I had more time to decide if that was what I wanted to do.

Taking a deep breath, “I did something, arranged something, and now I’m worried you might be upset.”

He watched me so intently as I spoke, I actually felt a shiver down my back. “What did you arrange?” he asked, putting his fork down too.

Here goes nothing….

“I thought maybe since your back was bothering you and I just love them…” I was nervously rambling, I’m not even quite sure what I was saying. I just felt myself shrinking under his intense eyes. “Well, I called down to the spa to see if we could get a massage and they were very accommodating. In fact, I was able to arrange our massages in our room. They’re going to be here at 2 o'clock.”

Spinning slowly around in his chair, Jared held out his hand for me. Taking it, he pulled me to sit on his lap.

“Baby girl, that was very thoughtful..”

“I just wanted to do something for you…” I tried to explain, slipping my arm across his shoulder.

“I see. Thank you, baby. That was a very sweet thing to do. I can understand why you might think I’d be upset but I’m not. It’s been a long time since someone did something like this for me. I’m touched.” Jared sighed, cupping my cheek in his palm, “I’m sorry you felt you had to ruin the surprise and it wasn’t as you initially planned but I appreciate what you did very much.”

I felt so relieved. I rubbed my nose against his, “I want to take care of you too..” I said kissing him.

A short time later, the doorbell rang. Just as arranged, two massage therapists came in hauling their tables, which folded in half, and their supplies. I went to our bathroom to undress and put my robe on while they got everything ready. Jared was a minute behind me and walked in as I was unbuttoning my shirt.

“Looks like I have perfect timing.” he said, standing in front of me and taking over unbuttoning the last few buttons. Slipping the shirt off my shoulders, I stood there naked as I waited for him to help me into my robe. To my surprise, he didn’t go for my robe, he began to undress himself.

After tossing his sleep clothes in a pile on the floor, along with his shirt that I was wearing, he stepped up to me, so close my nipples grazed his chest and his cock rested against my tummy. Bringing his hand to the back of my neck and pulling me into him, he roughly kissed me, nipping at my bottom lip as he backed away.

“I’m very much looking forward to this, baby..” he said, his voice full of dominance.

I was breathless. And instantly horny. Damn him.


by E. M. Hamilton

Flash fiction, or a prose poem, or a dream vision, or what you will. I’m not sure what to call it, actually.

The day is bright and clear, and we walk past the stalls set up by the dirt road and he calls to us — a man with a green swallowtail coat and white hair. He sells all sorts of miraculous things, including bolts of the most wonderful fabric. We are about to leave when a woman comes along, “I’ve looked everywhere for you,” she says. “I need some of that fabric. It’s exactly what I need. It will solve everything.”

But he gets into a carriage instead and I ride beside him and the woman runs alongside, hiking up her skirts. “I need some. Please, I have to have it, please.” And he smiles and waves back at them as they run beside us, because now there are half a dozen people at least, running alongside the carriage saying, “please, please.”

And suddenly we’re at a high cliff and the wind pulls at our clothes and the rock cuts into my knees as I sink down, mesmerized, as the followers plead for his magical goods. And he opens his mouth and out come perfect rainbows of bubbles, and we watch as they fall out into the blueblue air and down into the green waves below. I can see great drops of water spin off each bubble as it wheels in the breeze on its way down, and I see the despair in their eyes as they watch them go.

Next he pulls a breadth of blindingly white eyelet lace from his pocket and waves it out over the sea like a banner and I can’t hear what he says, because my ears are full of the sea and the wind and the music that swells louder and louder in my head, and I know just as sure as I can feel the rock slice into my knees what’s going to happen, and I plead, “please don’t,” and he keeps waving it out in the air and the lady reaches out for it with all the desperation with which she had run by the side of the carriage, “please don’t,” I cry, because I know what he will do. “Please don’t.” And no one listens and his feet move and I lunge to grab his legs but he’s gone over the edge, the scrap of white whipping away like a tern soaring on the trade winds.

Then, before I can even fill my lungs with another breath, a young man smiling bright as day — tails and top hat fresh cleaned and pressed — steps toward me over the rock, comes toward me from the very air, from the ocean, from forever, and he sinks down next to me and wraps me in warm arms and he says, “no one has ever done that before. No one has ever done that. No one.”


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5SOS Imagine (We Never Go Out of Style)

Inspired by TSwift’s Style:

“Midnight, you come and pick me up
No headlights
Long drive, could end in burning flames or paradise”

It was nearly midnight on the dot. I would know because I’d been watching my bedside clock tick away the minutes since he called and told me he was on his way. He was trouble. I knew it. And loved it. He was the closest I had to a high school romance. He was passion and danger bottled in this teenage delinquent body. I saw the headlights flash outside through my window and I knew it was him. They turned off instantly and threw the garage into total darkness as I slipped out my window onto the roof and down the drainpipe. He was waiting for me, leaned up against his classic roadster, leather jacket-clad arms crossed and his signature enchanting smirk. “Took long enough love. Hope Daddy didn’t catch you.” His words are slow as molasses and take their sweet time leaving his perfect lips. “You wish,” I replied as I slid into the passenger seat. “Where to?” I asked once he was behind the wheel, but he had other plans in mind. His mouth immediately sought out the vulnerable bit of my neck, his tongue tracing the skin. His hands started on my shoulders, but quickly made their way into my hair, getting tangled and pulling like a Chinese finger trap. “Can we just go? I wanna get out of here,” I breathed. The engine starts up and we’re racing from my house. I took comfort from the classic rock station turned low and his hand resting on my knee. “How far we going this time, baby girl?” He asked. “Drive until the sun comes up,” I commanded, watching his eyes narrow and stare down the dark road, lit only by the headlight beacons, as if leading the way to where the sun will shine. “What’s on your mind?” He asked, and I can’t say. Instead, I reclined my seat and stared at the ceiling of his car, masking the brilliant stars beyond. I reached behind me to support my head, but my fingers skimmed soft fabric. I felt around the back seat of his car, finally finding the thing I had touched. I hold it up to where I can see it in the light, and the red lace looked like fire illuminated by the starlight. I looked to him and when he looked back, it was the first time I’ve seen fear in his eyes. I don’t know what dropped faster, his smile or my heart. “Let me explain,” were the first words from his mouth, but nothing he could would save the night. “Pull over,” I stated. “It was one time,” he said in attempt to better the situation. “Pull over!” I said louder this time. “People make mistakes sometimes!” He said. “Yeah, and apparently meeting you was my biggest one,” I said, tears collecting at the corners of my eyes. “She was before I was serious about you!” The more he protested, the more I just wanted to be away from him, out of his disgusting car. I unbuckled my seat belt. “Stop the car!!” It was then that the road was ablaze, my eyes stunned at the blinding light, no longer just from our headlights, but also the ones of the oncoming truck. It smashed into us, spinning the car out of control and into the ditch. The airbags went off, meeting our faces with hot force before the car hit a tree head-on and threw me from it. With what strength was left in my eyes, I looked around. I was seeing light and darkness all at once, but could make out his roadster, crushed up like an empty soda can–and him still behind the wheel, wedged between his seat and airbag. As I laid there, all I could think of was how I didn’t get to see my sunrise and all this late-night drive left me with was broken bones and a broken heart.


Part 1 of 4

PSA: this is meant to be michael, but i used all he’s so you can imagine who you prefer. Also, if you liked this and would want to see 3 more imagines based on Style by TSwift, please like/reblog. 

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Part 3

here is the link for the first 2 parts. http://geekynerdythingsiadore.tumblr.com/post/113903265817/i-had-to-finish-it-if-you-enjoy-it-please-let-me 


This was familiar for Adam. Two days ago he sat in the hospital cafeteria with another parent talking about his son. He knew ahead of time that this conversation was going to be much more intense than the last one. Adam and Lena had already butted heads once before in a very heated argument. And this was almost guaranteed to be another argument. But he went into it with as open a mind as someone like Adam could get.

“So, why don’t you go first” Adam said after taking a sip of his coffee.

Lena was quiet for a moment, just stirring her coffee. “Jude isn’t a bad kid.” It seemed like a good place to start. “He told me what really happened. The girls wanted Connor and Jude to sneak out and TP that house, then Taylor wanted to break in and steal some alcohol. Jude went along with the crowd, so didn’t Connor. I am so happy that this wasn’t more serious. But, Adam, never seeing each other again…Is that reasonable?” Lena took a sip of her coffee after she finished speaking, it reminded her of the awful stuff they keep in the teachers lounge at the school. Had this been an entirely different conversation she would have smiled.

“Like I said earlier.” Adam said thru his clenched jaw “ I will decide what is best for me son.”

“Not to make light of a potential death, this could have ended terribly. Is this really about him sneaking out? Or did you hear what Jude said in the hallway? We aren’t going to have the Bully conversation like last time, I am really asking you.” Lena tried to steer the conversation towards something resembling the truth.

“Yeah, I head what your son said. They kissed. Connor told me the night he got shot. He said he snuck out to see Jude.” Adam couldn’t believe he was telling her the truth, but the words were leaving his mouth before he could think about lying. “My son told me he is gay.” He exhaled and took a big gulp of his coffee. “I was so angry, I blamed Jude for putting those thoughts in my sons head. I thought if I could keep them apart Connor would go back to normal. So I lied to you, I figured you would understand a father keeping away the person who could have killed his son. But understanding a father angry with his son being gay would be too much.”

Lena wanted to yell at him, wanted to shout “ being angry? Do you know what that boy is going thru right now? How dare you?!” but she didn’t. She sipped her coffee and listened to Adam talk.

“I figure this is just a phase, if he doesn’t see Jude for a while, maybe it will all just go away. He is too young to know this about himself.” Adam exhaled, the weight finally off his shoulders. Saying all of that out loud, even to Lena helped.

“Adam, when did you have your first crush?” Lena asked

“Thirteen I guess” He responded.

“Same age as Connor and Jude. Now, I am not saying both of them are gay, but I won’t say that they aren’t. I knew I was gay at their age. They have a crush on each other, that’s all it might be. They are at an age where they will start making choices for themselves, they are trying to figure out who they are, and what they like. We need to be there to help them along. We can have our own opinions, we can try and convince them to see it our way. But if we try and force them, they will just stop telling us things, and someone else might get shot. If we support them, let them be who they are trying to be, then maybe they will ask us for help, or our advice. And as a mother of 5 teenagers I can tell you that they will still do their own thing, and you might not find out about it until it has blown up in their faces. But sometimes they sit down and say ‘I need help’ and that moment is where you help them along to become the adult you have been trying to raise. If my son told me what Connor told you, I would have hugged him. I know you love Connor. I know you want what you think is best for him, but what does he want? I am not saying let the boys get married, I’m just saying let them figure themselves out. After their punishments that is.”

Adam laughed when she said that. “you are punishing Jude?” he asked her.

“Of course! He snuck out of the house, broke into someones house and drank alcohol! Stef and I are still deciding, but we are thinking grounded for 2 months. School, then home.” Lena sipped her coffee again, she had been talking quite a lot, so her mouth had dried.

“I didn’t think I would agree with you on anything when it comes to parenting. That’s exactly what Connor is going to get.” Adam was in genuine disbelief. “Maybe you are right. I hated my father by the time I graduated, hated his guts. I don’t want Connor to feel the same way about me when he graduates.” Adam looked off in the distance, Lena could almost see the wheels in his head spinning. “How about this?” Adam asks “Once they are both off their punishments, they can still be friends. And I, will keep an open mind about the other stuff. No sleepovers. But they can hang out.”  Adam sighed again.

Lena knew that this was the best possible outcome. “Adam, just give it time. We can all try and figure out whats going on together. I’m sure your wife will agree.” She says.

Adam didn’t respond to her, but knew she was right.