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can we just take a minute to discuss 'See Ya'. Just rewatched the episode for the 100th time and it still gets me everytime. nick x jess in that episode are dynamic. they're glances and chemistry and body language and unspoken words are amazinnnnng. a classic NG episode

Yes we can omg. I remember seeing that for the first time thinking they were gonna kiss before that cayote came in and cockblocked the hell outta it. Nahh just kidding he was with Caroline at the time but their chemistry was sooooo good. Or when they’re dancing, it’s soooo cute omgmgmgmgm. I’m not rewatching the eps right now and saving them untill S6 is over so I have something to do with my life while we wait for S7!


First Aid Kit - Tiger Mountain Peasant Song (Cover) 2008

I can’t believe it’s been close to 7 years since I first saw this video, and it’s still just as beautiful. I knew First Aid Kit would have a successful career after seeing this, and they released the excellent Drunken Trees EP a year later in 2009. I love Tangerine on that EP. This is what they wrote on Youtube, when they posted this video in 2008; We went out in the forest this morning and recorded this cover of the wonderful song “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” by Fleet Foxes, our favourite band right now. We saw them live this weekend in Sweden and it was absolutely amazing. If you get a chance to see them live don’t hesitate for a second!

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I just watched the first two eps of the new season of Galavant and I AM HAVING SO MANY EMOTIONS ABOUT GARETH/RICHARD RIGHT NOW HOLY SHIT

I mean, in the first season there was already lots of subtext (and sorta straight up text) pointing towards Richard being asexual and homoromantic, and some tiny things about his love towards Gareth maybe not being solely fraternal/platonic, but this season they’re going overboard with it, I can’t believe how delightfully queer these first two eps were¿? 

I mean, there’s obviously the gay bar where Richard didn’t see anything weird going on, and uncle Keith saying that he maybe did belong there after all (that assessment was based on stereotypical gay mannerisms other than anything else, but it’s still there), and the thing with the unicorn, in which the owner specifically said “someone who has never laid with a woman”, and then throughout the whole of the two episodes Richard’s feelings for Gareth were consistently paralleled to Galavant’s relationships both with Isabella and Madalena, textually equated, with huge neon signs all over pointing towards it and saying ”Look at these things!! They are the exact same thing!!!” AND I AM SO THRILLED ABOUT THIS I CAN’T BELIEVE¿? Like, during the first season it felt like that subtext was there mostly for shits and giggles, but this season it actually feels like the kind of arc that will receive an actual resolution¿? One that is actually being taken seriously and developped and recognised as a legit and important part of the story they’re telling¿?

On one hand I’ve been burned too many times and I’m wary of expecting something like this, but on the other hand I want to have hope¿? It feels so solid and so well treated and obvious this season¿? Are we getting Richard being in love with Gareth *romantically* as actual undeniable canon¿??¿¿??¿?¿


I sure have seen my fair share of romantic false leads in the style of “he’s pining for someone and it looks like it’s person A - even though in reality it’s person B”. And honestly – I’m well aware I might be completely wrong but – it looks like this is exactly what SPN is doing right now. “Follow your heart?” “Pining”?! Sure, Dean has a connection with Amara but do those words really describe it? Not really. At first glance it may seem like they do and that this is what it’s about. But later on… it’s revealed that it’s not. I actually just finished a novel like that, and watching this ep… I can’t believe what I’m seeing.

At very least it was very ambiguous who Dean is pining for – and there’s about zero reasons to make it ambiguous if there’s only one candidate.

So, yeah, I admit I might have read too many romantic 19th century novels and that I’m utterly Destiel trash… but I for one, am super excited!!

“Firebird” Spec

In the ever futile attempt to guess just what this show will do I will weigh in. Obviously this is full of spoilers. 

My first inclination is to say that Rumple and Pan are impersonating Zelena and Hades. Getting Zelena back that quickly seems really odd since she just got kidnapped. Also in the next ep Regina and Robin are going to take someone down. Who but Rumple/Pan because they have Zelena? Oh right it could be Cruella… It’s also not unlike this show to do things at breakneck speed and if they are being played by the Stilskin Family we likely won’t know about it until the end of the episode. 

The trip down to the “most dangerous place in Hell” is 100% in order for Hook to return to the land of living and possibly to free the souls from the River of Lost Souls (though I think that will be a by product not the purpose of the mission). So far the only two ways we know for a dead person to come back is if they change places with a living soul (the Dark Ones plan and Pan’s plan) or Henry writes them alive. There is likely a third option and that’s the one Hook and Emma are going for. IF that’s not really Hades/Zelena then this could be the Stilskins tricking Captain Swan into doing their dirty work and hoping to use the solution they come back with for Pan (see S1 Emma getting shafted in the elevator by Gold). 

I see this quest as testing multiple things and taking place in multiple places. From spoilers/promo we know that they will be in the broken tree area (maybe the firebirds tree?idk), the temple of True Loves scales, and the CGI dock of River of Lost Souls. The purpose of the tests is probably to prove that Hook is worth saving though I don’t know if that will be explicitly stated or if it will be a hunt for a macguffin that happens to prove them. 

The big True Love moment isn’t going to be a kiss. I think it’s going to be Emma letting Hook go in some fashion. That the first attempt through the doors won’t work but the second attempt will. The flashback will show us Emma connecting with Cleo only to have her die. Emma will realize that she can’t let people into her life because she doesn’t know how to say goodbye or let them go and it’s too painful. 

I think that whatever magical maguffin they retrieve and plan to use on Hook instead gets used on the River of Lost Souls. In that way Emma will save everyone at the expense of Killian. A sacrifice I think he would make willingly but one that Emma will agonize over. 

Emma saved Killian in a selfish act. She didn’t do it for him she did it for herself. Arguably she is down in the Underworld for the same reason. But the thing is that bit of selfishness probably disqualifies her for “true love” with Killian. Because “true love” puts the needs of your partner before your needs. It’s only when Emma does what is best for Killian and not for herself that the true love gate will open up. 

This episode is a Captain Swan adventure but like most of their adventures it’s primarily about Emma learning something. In Tallahassee she discovered and rejected the potential that Hook presented. In the CS Movie she learned that she did belong in fairytales and that her family and Storybrooke were her home. In this one she will learn to let go and accept that pain is a part of love and you can’t have one and avoid the other. 

Then when they emerge victorious from the quagmire something shocking will happen (because it’s the end of the season). And my money is still on the Stilskins but it could also be Hades finally showing his true colors.