i can just imagine him thinking of jean and jamming out to this song while he's alone

Interviews together


“So today i have prepared a game for you two” the interviewer says in a mysterious voice. “It’s been great chatting with you for these past minutes, i think it’s time to spice it up a little” 

“Uh” Luke says with a small smile “That sounds interesting” 

“Bring it on” i say with excitement. 

“Alright!” the girl behind the microphone says with an excited voice “So this is what the game is about: I’m gonna give both of you one of this” she says passing to us a sign with our names written on the front and back. “I’m going to read a question here and you will tell me, who is most likely to do anything” 

“Sounds good” Luke says 

“Okay so, for starters” the interviewer says with a smile “Who is Most likely to start an argument?” she asks. 

we both turn our signs and reveal the answer. “No” he says looking at mine “That is not true” 

“Luke” i laugh “you always whine for everything, we live together, don’t tell me you don’t do it” 

“No i don’t” he denies one more time. 

“I think this is a really interesting question to ask” the interviwer says with a smile”Do you guys argue often?” 

i sigh and think about it, we actually did but it wasn’t that big of a deal “I think every couple does” i say 

“Yeah” he agrees “We argue over normal stuff, but it’s usually like we are arguing but at the next second we are watching movies and eating an entire bowl of ice cream” 

“We literally do that all the time” i laugh and move my sit a bit closer to Luke, reaching for his hand, suddenly feeling the need of just touching  him “a message for all the fans who have a partner, it’s okay to argue” i say shrugging “after the argument comes the understanding” 

“And After all, we are still the cutest couple on earth” he brags squeezing my hand. 

“Yeah we deserve an award” i joke 

“Indeed. where is it?” he says continuing with our lame joke. 

We really needed an award for that. 


“there’s something funny about Me and Michael” i speak in the microphone and staring at my boyfriend with a smile. “You know how every couple always shares like, hoodies or sweaters…” 

the interviewer laughs, interrupting me “Is Mikey wearing girl clothes now?” he scoffs and Michael laughs 

“No man” he says quickly and i proceed with my story.

“Not exactly” i say “he doesn’t wear my clothes but what it’s funny is that not only his hoodies and sweaters, Michael’s clothes fit me exactly” i laugh, and hear the interviewer laugh with me. 

“No way!” the deep voice of the leader of the interview spoke. 

“It’s true” i smile “i remember after we found out about this, i went to his house one day and i don’t know how i found these really cute jeans he bought like the day before and when i asked for them he was like ‘(Y/n) fuck off’“ i laugh and see how Michael’s ready to fight me 

“Just to clarify, is not that i don’t want to share, i do” he says “but every time i lend something to her i stop seeing it for like a month”

“It’s not my fault!” i fight back stretching my leg under the table and touching his, starting a little footsie game under the table “you got some cute clothes in there Mikey” i giggle

“Sharing is caring man” the interviewer says and he immediately starts laughing and Michael reaches for my hand and laces our fingers together.

“Of course” he says still chuckling and squeezing my hand “Sharing is caring”

i nod, totally agreeing with that “That’s not the best part though” i say into the mic “This happened not long ago actually, and i was like so in love with those jeans that on Christmas Michael got them for me” i say and the interviewer laughs so hard “i was so happy” 

Michael laughs along with the interviewer and gets close to the mic “What can i say?” he brags “i know how to please my woman”


“Alright alright” The girl behind the microphone says in the microphone “Hope everyone liked that last Jam we just played, here on Nova we’ve been jamming nonstop since it came out! And along with that we actually have here in the studio to the man who helped wrote that song” she introduces “Ladies and Gentleman here we have one-quarter of the rock band 5 Seconds of summer but he’s not alone his girlfriend is here today!” She cheers “Calum and (Y/n) everyone!”

The sound of inside my gigantic headphones is filled with fake a clapping sound.

“Hello” calum says in his microphone

“It’s an honor to be here” I say smiling to the camera and feeling my cheeks burn in a dash of embarrassment. it was my first interview, i didn’t want to mess up. 

“It is great to have you guys here in the studio” the interviewer says “Now sadly we don’t have much time, so that’s why i decided to spend this time asking you guys some question from the fans on twitter” she says “And the first question is. (Y/n), how is your relationship with the fans?” she asks “if you don’t want to answer, is fine” she points out 

“No, it’s okay” i say smiling “i actually have a great relationship with them, i like to interact with them often” i smile 

“She was a fan” Calum mentions

“I still am” i laugh “and that is actually interesting because on like every venue we go i always go out and hang out with the fans while they do the show and stuff” 

“That’s so sweet” the girl says 

“Thanks” i smile “he didn’t like it at first”

“Yeah” he admits “i didn’t want anyone to get aggressive or something like that” he says “Sometimes fans can be crazy”

“I am a crazy fan” i say totally joking “What do you mean?” 

“you are not “ he laughs “if you were, would you be my number one fan?” 

“Oh” i say raising my eyebrows “Am i?” i chuckle “I feel blessed for that” i joke 

“Of course you are my lady” he says reaching for my hand and kissing the back of it. 

“Guys i swear” she says with a big smile “you are so sweet” 

“thanks” i say blushing “We do a good Job at that” i chuckle

“Hell yeah we do” he says doing a weird face “Next question”


“So, the other day we had here in the studio to (I believe is a friend of yours) Alex Gaskarth” the behind the microphone says and we both nod In agreement, in fact, Alex is our friend. “I asked him about the tour that they’re giving right now, and he told me he actually brought his wife along on tour”

“Oh really?” Ashton speaks.

“Yeah and well- we didn’t had the time to talk a little more about this, but now that you two are here , and you are dating so I can ask, how is it to interact on tour? Is it difficult.. or you have to take separate ways while being on the venue..?”

“Well” I start “it’s definitely difficult”

“Yeah, we definitely don’t really get much time to be together while being on the Road” Ashton continues “but it’s okay, we always find some spots”

“We do” I smile and feel how Ashton takes my hand under the table “sometimes when he’s not that tired from the show, we get to hangout a little, also some days we get to stay in the hotel for like a day and we could explore the place we are in, it’s nice, I actually like it”

He nods playing with my fingers “it’s nice, not the same as when we aren’t on road, but it’s actually nice”

“I guess that you always get like some kind of breaks in between shows” the guy says

“Yeah most of the times” I say “I think it’s pretty funny when he knows there is no way we could have at least a minute to hang out so he actually comes up to his manager and tries to negotiate” I laugh “there’s nothing to negotiate there”   

“Yes there is, what are you talking about?” he argues “i always get us 10 minutes to hang out!” 

“10 minutes” i argue back   “we can barely keep a decent conversation in 10 minutes”

“Oh shush, at least is something” he says nudging me “I always buy us some time because of that" 

"We see each other at night anyways” I laugh “but it’s okay babe, I like when you do it”  

“Oh wow” he says like he felt truly offended “just 5 seconds ago you were saying this is funny and now you like it, clear your thoughts woman" 

I push him and laugh "I am clear” I argue and roll my eyes “he’s moody today, I’m sorry” I say to the guys in the room “tour stress" 

"Dammit” Ashton laughs “now you’re making me sound like I’m the woman of this relationship" 

"Don’t be dramatic” I laugh and lean on my seat to rest my forehead on his shoulder “I love youuu” I say and kiss his shoulder 

“Everyone, I introduce you the kind of girlfriend that I have” he says scoffing “I love you too” he repeats in the microphone 

Everyone around us look at us with loving eyes. I know. We are the sweetest couple

hold me 'til i scream (for air to breathe) → hanbin/junhwe

hold me ‘til i scream (for air to breathe)
ikon ; hanbin/junhwe → nc-17 → 1.7k
pwp ; Somewhere between the closed doors and the mussed hair and the fingernails dragging lines down onto backs, Junhwe finds his fingers on Hanbin’s neck again.
warnings! breathplay, bruises

the first out of three fics for jinglebin. written for ikonet secret santa~ i still can’t believe you made me write this.

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TITLE: Healers Song


AUTHOR: Nikorette137

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you are one of the medical staff at Stark tower. Its been a long night patching up the team. Before bed, you are chilling in the staff kitchen and listening to music. You are dancing and humming along with the tune when you are startled by Loki tapping your shoulder. “I need your help, healer”


NOTES/WARNINGS: Took a while, but here it is. Special shout-out to Love4chaos for her gleeful proofreading.

Cass woke up late. Her policy after a late night was to sleep in as long as she wished if no one called her to work. Today, another Doc was on call, and as far as her research was concerned, she was basically her own boss. When she opened her door to the main hallway, she found a bottle on the doorstep with a note. In perfect handwriting, it said ‘I thought you might like this. You’re not the only one with a secret stash. –Your reluctant patient’ She caught herself grinning like an idiot. “Get ahold of yourself woman. It’s just a nice gesture, not a bloody marriage proposal” she muttered to herself under her breath.

As she carried on about her day, she kept thinking of that damned god.  They were rather distracting thoughts. Sitting in her office, she couldn’t concentrate anymore. It was 14:15, she figured she might as well take a snack break. She caught a glimpse of her reflection in the glass of one of the doors along the hall. Practical work shoes, scrub pants and shirt, dark brown wavy hair up in a messy bun, dark rimmed glasses, and a white lab coat. Nothing about her to scream ‘bombshell’. Just an average looking woman with a slightly larger than average waistline, going about her business. She made a mental note to lay off Natasha’s baking and eat a few more of those kale salads that littered the one staff fridge.

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Bet? What bet?

‘Y/N?’ Dean called as he made his way through the bunker, checking in each and every room.

She peeked through the crack in the door and waited until he turned down another corridor before silently slipping out of the storage room and tip toeing towards the garage.

‘Freeze!’ Dean’s amused order came from behind her suddenly.

‘Dean,’ she laughed awkwardly. ‘Fancy seeing you here, in this part of the bunker,’ she smiled seductively. ‘This nice quiet, private, part of the bunker,’ she offered suggestively, as she played with her pendant, that rested against her breasts, letting her lips rest seductively on one another as she looked him up and down.

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