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the space between.

First Chasing the C/h/atwalk extra! (Technically Chapter 10.5)

This little short happens right after chapter 10 #ThirstyMarinette and  before the finale (TBA).

You should definitely read the rest of the story before this. AO3 link

Thanks to everyone who helped me with this, especially oz (who heard me whine repeatedly about this), and kate <3 

Warning: Fluff alert.

the space between

 His feet made a soft thud against the tiled stone of the balcony rooftop. The trapdoor is open, as it usually is whenever he drops by, and he can hear the soft sounds of music drifting into the night. Chat Noir waits for a second, trying to see if she heard him arrive, but judging by the distracted singing … he’s still in the clear.

Today was the last time he’d be able to visit her. Marinette would go to the hotel the next morning to start the final stretch of filming before Fashion week. Just seven more days to go until they were all done with the show.

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