i can imagine him using his thor voice on her


“I like her” God of mischief smiled seductively and Thor looked at him puzzled. Loki made his way to you, took your hand gently, and kissed “Lady Y/N, it is pleasant surprise to see such beautiful goddess among us” You smiled in answer “Showing perfect manners surely make many beautiful girls spin their heads, don’t it, my prince?” 

Loki curtsy and his husky voice made you shiver “What can I say, I can be irresistible” You had a thing for him long time ago but you didn’t want to be one-night stand so you squeezed your hand into fist and politely but coldly answer “So you can go and be irresistible with other guests” you made meaningful pause and mockingly added “my prince” He was confused and his eyebrows went up. 

At this time Balder came to you and offered a drink “Having fun, milady?” You thanked him and saw how Loki’s face dropped. He never really loves Balder and now he was completely annoyed by this fact. But you decided to play your own game and said sweetly “Oh, yes, my prince. There many guests from other realms, I believe”

“Allfather likes magnificent reception“laughed he in response and corrected loose strand of your hair. It made you blush and Loki excused himself and left you two.

“What is wrong with him?” naive Balder looked how fast Loki lose in crowd. You winked him and gave a knowing smirk “Just before you arrived we chatted a little and I am afraid he didn’t like my responses, my prince. Now I am have to excuse myself, I feel like I have to apologize him” you curtsy fast and went to the balcony, where you believed you would find him.

There was no one at the balcony and you regretted to go out without your fur cape as you felt hot hands around your waist. “For frost giant you have really hot hands, my prince” Every muscle in your body tensed when he instead of answer trailed his hands down to your inner thigh and made you gasp. 

Then you heard his whisper “ So you tried to give a little show, my pet. You thought about  consequences, didn’t you?” with this words he bit your ear delicately and earned a moan from you. “I didn’t hear answer, petal “ You managed to say “Yes, my prince”

“It is good because long night waits us” and he used his seidr to teleport you in his chamber