i can hug them and love them forever

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She is something splendid and something kind. I am so lucky i was able to find, a person like them to comfort me, in my sadness and times of need. They give me strength and give me smiles. They give me laughs and close the miles, that curse us from hugs and cuddles and touch, but with their words it doesn't take much, to feel the love and compassion in me, and i dearly hope that they can see, they mean the world to me and i wish them the best, from now and forever and have a good rest <3

I’m gonna cry.

I’m gonna cry and hug my baby Toasty and wish for hugs and cuddles and affection because I want to hold you so much. You mean the world to me too. You make me feel better when I’m sad. You make me laugh so much that I can barely breathe sometimes. You’re my amazing angst buddy! I love you :) so very much! I hope that your life has so many happy moments and one day you can be content and warm and loved, even if maybe I’m not there. Because I want you to be happy ^-^ I know the sad parts have to happen, but I hope that maybe they aren’t that bad or for that long so that you can smile again and laugh again and be happy! You are such an amazing person and you mean so much to me. And maybe these are tears in my eyes, but it’s okay. Because soon I’ll go to sleep and a few tears might fall on my pillow but I’ll be so happy knowing that I know someone like you that cares about be so much. Thank you for being here jiminy. I love you :)

How Other Groups View NCT

Exo: Omg our children; so precious; can you direct me to the NCT Protection squad?; wait no contract termination

Super Juinor: wow we’re grandparents; i just wanna squish them and hug them forever; LEAVE BEFORE ITS TOO LATE

Red Velvet: GO DREAM TEAM; leaders of NCT protection squad; oh yeah i trained with them

SNSD: so that kid is finally out of the basement?; congrats; who are they again

F(x): my little bros; sweg; JHONNY; oh yeah Ten was on that show with Amber

Shinee: I remember Taeil aka that kid who likes us; why am I so confused

Seventeen: IM NOT JOHNNY; I love Jaehyun so much, hes so handsome

BTS: who?

Blackpink: Thai squad; same year debut squad

Twice: Japan squad; aw Doyoung and Jihyo; i like them


SM: Mark is fully capable. How the fuck did Johnny get out of the dungeon? Aw look at the minis. Give Taeyong all the lines. Where’s whoop whoop? Ten you will be the next Henry, so much talent, into variety shows you go. Beef up security in the dungeon so Hansolo and Kung Fu Panda don’t get out. Who released the Switch MV? We should reunite DoJae. Wait who’s babysitting them? Fuck. No, don’t touch them

JYP to YG: how long until they break?

YG: idk but I want that Mark kid

hance headcanons
  • whenever one of them says i love you the next ten minutes is just “i love you more” “no i love you more” “no i love you more” until someone tells them to stop
  • hunk’s phone is full of pictures of lance dabbing. so is his snapchat. every time they see each other now they have to take a picture of lance dabbing so hunk can post it to snapchat with the caption “ur daily lance dab” 
  • they always greet and say goodbye to each other with a hug and hunk is always the first one to pull away bc lance will just c l i n g forever 
  • hearing hunk’s voice is really comforting to lance and it helps calm him down
  • sometimes lance buys clothes that are too big for him so he can share them with hunk
  • ^^ lance always steal hunk’s clothes  (hunk loves it when lance steals his clothes)
  • they always take photos that look really coupley and post them everywhere with super sappy captions
  • they have each other’s names in their instagram bios with a heart next to it
  • they send each other goodnight and good morning texts
  • lance likes to brag about hunk. he’ll go around like “look at my best friend hunk he’s really smart and really cute”
  • whenever lance is feeling insecure hunk will start listing off all the things he likes about lance/things he’s good at. he can go on for a really long time
  • 10 hour skype calls are a normal thing for them
  • ^^ sometimes they go quiet for long periods of time while on skype and once hunk was just like “the sound of you breathing is comforting”

feel free to add on i love hance  (⌒▽⌒)☆

There’s a misunderstanding when it comes to friends and love. Just because you develop feelings for your friend doesn’t mean you’re in love with them. There is such a love called friendship. It makes you want to stay with them forever. Because you love your friends. I feel that people don’t see the difference.

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Regina and Emma have Twins but neither has light magic only dark. They're never bad but one day they get pushed around and use their magic to deal with the bully.

Thanks for the prompt :) 

“I can’t believe it. Two weeks suspension?” 

“They did blast the kid across the playground Regina,” Emma points out. 

“Only because he’d been picking on them relentlessly for three whole weeks! The teachers didn’t do anything even when they asked for help Emma and none of the other kids would help…they were left helpless and they lashed out…and…”

“Whoa,” Emma says placing her hands on both of Regina’s shoulders and meeting Regina’s worried brown gaze with her own, “I feel like this is about more than just our twins standing up for themselves.” 

Regina sighs as she worries her lip with her teeth, “They have dark magic Emma…and I know this was only the first time but what if it’s just a slippery slope? What if we can’t save them Emma?” 

It’s a fear they both have. Whilst they both trust and love their girls, they also understand how easy it is to succumb to darkness. 

Emma hugs Regina closely as she promises, “We can. They won’t suffer like we did Regina.”

“How can you be so sure?” 

Emma smiles at her, “Because no matter what else happens they’ll always have us, and my parents and Henry…they’re never going to be alone Regina. They’re loved and happy. They’re safe just like we are now.” 

Regina nods slowly as she whispers, “I just want them to stay safe forever Emma.” 

Have you ever been so in love that just the thought of them can make you feel all gushy on the inside? Have you ever just knew that this person, this person was your person? Have you ever just wanted to hug them forever and ever?

That’s how I am with him. He’s everything I’ve always wanted and everything I need.

—  (all I need)
You belong with me.

Could you do a quicksilver one where the reader had a really bad date and she goes the Peter to complain about it (he’s secretly in love with her) and he says that he wasn’t worth it and then he confess his feelings and fluff and stuff.

Pairing: Peter Maximoff / Quicksilver x Reader.

Warnings: Swearing (Just in case) | EXTREME FLUFFYNESS.

Word count: 1.5 k.

Jean introduced you to Peter when you arrived at Xavier’s, she walked you to the cafeteria and asked you to sit on her table, you were really comfortable around her because you had similar mutations, both were able to read other people’s minds; the table was already occupied by her friends, Scott, Kurt, Ororo, Jubilee and Peter, and you were a bit shy at first, but they were really kind and supportive and they became your friends a shortly after, but you shared a special bond with Peter.

You began to grow closer when he told Magneto he was his son, Erik didn’t take the news very well, he was still shocked by the death of his family back in Poland, when they started spending more time with each other, they realized they truly cared about each other, but Peter was hurt when his dad left Xavier’s, you were there for him the whole time, and he was there for you as well.

He was your best friend, the only person who could make you feel safe, his smile brightened you day like a rainbow in the middle of a storm  and you were willing to do anything to make him smile.

You knew you loved him, you loved every single detail about him, the way his eyes lit up everytime he spoke about his little sister Wanda, his sense of humor, his hugs, you loved skiping classes with him to go to the arcade, you didn’t care that he always won, but as far as you knew, he didn’t loved you back.

Of course you could sneak into his mind anytime, Jean and professor Xavier had taught you how to control your powers, but you respected Peter’s privacy, and you didn’t want to find out if he liked someone else.

That’s why you decided to go on a date, the other kids from Xavier’s were out of boundaries for you, Scott was with Jean and Kurt had a crush with another girl, Amanda, so you turned to someone you never liked.

Sam had been your neighbor back home for as long as you could remember, you weren’t close friends, when you went home for your brother’s birthday party, you met again, he was still living next door and was a senior in the local High School, he flirted with you the whole party and when he asked you out, you accepted, you had decided that was the only way to control your feelings for Peter before you screwed things up.

When you told Pete about the date, he didn’t care, in fact, he kind of ignored you for a couple days, but he sneaked you off campus anyway.

You realized things weren’t going as you had imagined them when Sam picked you and took you to a hamburger place in Manhattan, he started to brag about how much money his family had and how his father had moved influences so he could attend an Ivy League college.

Sam started to talk about his ex-girlfriends in a very disrespectful way and you started to feel uncomfortable.

When Scott broke up with Jean for a month, all he did was talk about how amazing she was, and how he hoped she’d find someone who could make her really happy, you sneaked into his mind and  learnt that he really felt that way, you wanted a guy who was respectful, not only with women, but with people in general, Sam had been extremely mean with the waiter.

You sneaked into Sam’s mind while bragged about how many football games he had won as a quarterback, and you began to feel sick as soon as you read his mind,  he saw women as objects, and he was a bully too, you had access to his memories and you were able to see scenes of him bullying kids at school, specially kids who lived more humble lives.

That’s when you decided you had to go back to School, to Peter, you didn’t care anymore about the friendzone, you just needed someone to hug, a shoulder to cry on.

Sam went to the bathroom and you walked outside the Dinner as fast as you could, you took the first cab you saw and cried in the backseat, you felt hurt, not because you had feelings for Sam, you were afraid you were never going to find someone who deserved your love, someone worth it.

As you approached the School gates after steping out of the cab, Peter appeared in front of you.

“Peter, were you spying on me?” You asked surprised, wiping away the tears.

“I wanted to make sure you arrived to your room safe.” His words cheered you up a little bit.

“Thank you Speedy, you’re the best.” You said softly, he smiled and wrapped his arms around you, making sure your neck was safe as he speed into the Manor, heading to his room.

He softly placed you on the couch as you struggled to catch your breath, it happened everytime but you’d get used to it eventually, or at least you hoped so.

“And, how was the date?” He asked as he sat next to you, you felt the color leave your skin, he noticed that and took your hand.

“It was awful Pete, he’s such a horrible person.” You shivered, tears were running down your cheeks as you told him about the horrible things you had seen in Sam’s mind.

“Y/N” He whispered, pulling you closer wrapping his arms around you in a tight embrace “Don’t cry Y/NN, please, it breaks my heart seeing you like this, don’t worry, I’ll tell Scott, he’ll help me, I’m not going to let anyone hurt you.”

“No Pete, it’s not that…” You sobbed “I’m afraid, what if no one ever loves me? What if every single guy in the world is like him?”

“Y/N, first of all, you are the most beautiful human being that has ever walked this earth and you have the purest heart in the whole Universe, that jerk isn’t worth it, one day you’ll find someone who loves you as much as you do.”

“What if I love someone who doesn’t love me back?” You buried your face in Peter’s neck, still sobbing, you wanted to believe his words but you were sure you were never going to love someone as much as you loved him, but he seemed to be friendzoning you once again.

“Y/N,” he sighed, “I-I loved you”ou felt him placing a kiss on the top of your head, “I’ve always loved you, and I understand if you don’t love me back, you don’t have to, but I needed to tell you this, you are the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me, you brighten my days like rainbows in the middle of a storm, you make me happier than Eurythmics or Pink Floyd.”

He laughed softly, you had stopped sobbing, your heart was beating so fast you were sure that if it could run, he’d outrun Peter in a race.

“You don’t have to love me back Y/N, just allow me to be a part of your life, I promise I’ll never let you down, I’ll be there whenever you need me, I’ll even be the best man at your wedding if you ever find the right guy, your kids can call me Uncle Pete and I’ll read to them before bed, I’ll help them with their homework, I’ll teach them how to play Pac Man, I’ll buy them pizza when you ground them and I’ll protect them with my life, we will go to the park, to the comic book store, we’ll have horrible family nights playing board games with Chinese takeout, I’ll cook breakfast for them everyday and if you want me to I’ll take them to school.” Peter was describing all you had imagined for your future, kids, horrible family nights, chinese takeout… “I’ll be the best uncle your kids could ever ask for Y/NN, just give me a chance, your kids will love me.”

“Our kids Peter.” You whispered to his ear, you could feel his heart beating against your chest. “Our kids, we’ll read them before bed, we’ll take them to the park, to the movies, I can teach them how to play guitar and you can teach them how to play bass, we’ll have horrible family nights with Chinese takeout and board games, but everything is going to be perfect because it’s going to be our fami…” You couldn’t finish the sentence because Peter had pressed his lips against yours, kissing you in the sweetest way possible.

“I love you Peter, and I will love you forever.” You smiled, kissing him back, wrapping your arms around him and hugging him tightly, you kissed his lips, his cheeks, his nose and his forehead, playing with his hair, while he whispered he loved you over and over again, but you were sure you were never going to get tired of those three words coming out of his mouth.

18 things i learned during my first year of college:

1. it’s okay to cry your eyes out on move in day when you leave your family. cherish every minute you have while they’re with you, and when it’s time to go hug your mom, dad, sister, brother, cat, dog as hard as you can and tell them you love them. of course you won’t be gone forever but you’ll be gone more than usual and it’s good to leave full of love.
2. for the first week or weeks, it’s okay to feel homesick. it’s okay to want to go home every weekend or actually do go home every weekend, it’s all apart of adjusting to dorm life. eventually you’ll get used to being away from home and you’ll be okay. what’s comforting is that you won’t be the only one feeling home sick, talking to your roommate and other people you meet can make you feel better.
3. call your mom or dad everyday. it’s going to be just as weird for them to not see you everyday so phone calls, texts, Skype are a must. call them and let them know you’re okay, how your classes are, how your roommate is, how you’re still trying to make friends, how the fire drill went off during inconvenient times. call them and let them know.
4. it’s okay to feel nervous, scared, not knowing what to do, feeling to shy to make friends, or anything else for the first few days, weeks or so because everyone is feeling that way too.
5. go to the club fair and join a club. you’ll be a part of something and you’ll definitely make friends.
6. go to campus events because you’ll more than likely get free food and shirts which are awesome. you’ll also get a chance to bond more with people and make friends, and have a good time. of course shows and game nights are fun, but when there’s events like job fairs, information sessions, and stress reliever events, it’s very beneficial.
7. it is absolutely okay if you don’t have any friends in your classes, it’s easier in some classes than others. when it comes to lectures with a big amount of students, you’ll mostly just go to take notes and then leave. so for an hour, it’s not a big deal if you don’t have a friend.
8. there’s nothing wrong with sitting alone in the dining hall. people do it all the time, and not because they “don’t have friends” but maybe to do homework, because they want to go alone, or they just didn’t have anyone to go with at the time. even if you do go alone and it makes you feel anxious, sitting in the corner, at a singles table or going when the hall opens or will be closing soon makes it easier.
9. absolutely do not be afraid to talk to professors and ask for help. you’re paying for your classes so your grades are important. they care and they’re there to help. go to their office hours and email is a college student’s best friend.
10. forming study groups or having a study buddy is also helpful, or if you need more help you can go to the campus student center where there’s tutoring services.
11. college is very stressful and we all have our moments that sometimes we feel like we’re losing it. there is absolutely no shame in going to the counseling center on campus and talking to a counselor for help.
12. if you’re lucky, you’ll become really good friends with your roommate. but you won’t always become best friends and it’s perfectly okay if you have your own group of friends and they have their’s. as long as you still get along, it’s okay. if you and your roommate don’t get along, the RA is available to help resolve the problem and possibly get a new roommate.
13. while college life is exciting and meeting more people is fun, don’t forget about your friends back at home. reach out to them every once in a while, send that “how are you” text, try to skype, snapchat them like crazy, because you don’t want to lose a good friendship you had while being away and they’re the ones that’ll be there when you go home.
14. freshman 15 is real. even if you think it isn’t or it won’t happen to you, it is. take advantage of the campus gym.
15. don’t feel too pressured to get a job while attending classes unless you absolutely need to. if you do get one, make sure to manage your schedule accordingly so that you don’t fall behind in classes and you don’t get stressed out, and make sure you put education first.
16. time management. time management. time management. learn it.
17. it’s okay if you need to take a mental health day and skip a class or two. and sometimes we skip a class to catch up on work from another class, it happens. but don’t get into the habit of constantly skipping a class because it’s a waste of money and your grade will suffer; professors do notice.
18. and most importantly, do whatever makes you happy. if you don’t like the club you’re in, leave. if you don’t like the friend group you’re in, leave. if you don’t like your dorm room or roommate, you can make new arrangements. if you aren’t ready to stay away from home yet and you live a good distance away, try to commute. if you don’t like your major, change it. if you realize the school doesn’t fit your needs, it’s okay to transfer. it’s your life, do what works for you and makes you happy, not anyone else.

What happened to you? | Part 2

Please go read PART ONE of you haven’t already.

“Well, then just stay out of my life.” You say before turning around to walk out his door.

You heard him call your name but you didn’t care, you were tired of running back to him like everything was okay, you were done with him and his attitude. You couldn’t do it anymore.

Few weeks later….
Justin has been calling and texting you non-stop but you never answered, you were thinking of changing your number but you didn’t want to exaggerate the problem. He went to your house a couple of times but he never made it past security, plus you would never go out until he left.
You also heard that after a couple days later, Sofia and Justin broke up. You wanted to march down to his house and rub it in his face that you were right and that you told him so but you didn’t want to be mean.

You look in the mirror as you were finishing the last minute touches to your makeup. You were getting ready for Kylie’s birthday party.

At the party….
“Kylie, where are we going?” You say annoyed trying to catch up as Kylie dragged you right behind her. She didn’t answer, as she lead you to her balcony. “W-what is going o-” you say before coming to face with….Justin.

You felt your throat dry up, you felt you anger and sadness rise up to your chest. You didn’t say anything as you chose to walk away. Kylie and Justin yell your name but you kept walking. Kylie finally catches up and tries to stop you from leaving.
“Kylie you know I don’t want to talk to him…” You say as you try to escape from your best friends grip. When did Kylie get so strong? You thought to yourself. “Can you please let go?” You plead, hoping she would let go but she didn’t.

“No” she says as she looks at Justin then at you. She sighs before continuing, “Y/N you know I love you but this has to stop, and you know that?” You turn to see Justin staring down at his shoes and you knew that he wasn’t going to leave until you spoke to him.

You silently groan before glaring at Kylie. “I swear I’m going to kill you later….” You whisper causing her to laugh. “I’ll save you some cake!” She says smiling before running away. You roll your eyes smiling, suddenly your expression changes once you realized Justin was still here.

“Y/N…” Justin says as he walks up to you slowly.
“Look, you said some things and I said some things…lets just leave it at that.” You say a bit harshly but you didn’t care he had it coming.
“I’m sorry, but you were just pissing me off and it came off like that but I didn’t mean it in that way…” He says, you finally look at him and the expression on his face was hurt and guilt.

“Justin that’s not what I’m upset about…” You say, as your felt your tears peak at the corners of you eyes. He looks at you confused as he waits for you to continue. “It’s the fact that I don’t know even know who you are anymore.” You say as you felt your tears hit your cheeks. Just looking at him made you miss him, you wanted to walk right up to him and hug him but you knew that wouldn’t change anything.

“What are you talking about?” He asks confused.
“You haven’t been yourself lately and you know as hell that I’m right. What happened to the guy that I met years ago…what happened to my best friend?” You say desperately, you couldn’t fight your emotions anymore.

Justin looks at you hurt and says, “I’m still here, I’ve never changed.”
You look at him not convinced. “Are you sure about that? Well, I’m here trying to help you, give you advice but you’re pushing me away just like the rest. You’re beliebers they love you so much that it pushes them to be overprotective but that’s only because the love you…they really do.” You say whispering the last part.
“I know they do and I love them just as much but there are limits in a relationship that not all of us can agree on…” He says, and he did have a point.

“Justin, I’m not saying everything’s your fault….you have a point and I’m always going to be on your side but cancelling meet an greets, no hugs, no pictures now no social media…what more can you take from them?” You say and you felt like what you were arguing was useless.

“It’s not forever…I just need some space. Is that not allowed?!” He yells causing you to go silent.
After a few seconds, you look up at him. “Did you even love her? Sofia?” You ask, curious on what he was going to say.

He looks away hesitant, “Y-yeah…I guess.” He says but it didn’t sound convincing.
“Can I tell you my opinion?” You ask as he looks at you and slowly nods. “You didn’t love her. You just couldn’t stand the fact of being alone. Justin these girls aren’t going to make you happy, they’re aren’t going to erase the heartbreak or the bad times…and you know that.” You say, he looked away, clearly avoiding eye contact.

“Then what the hell am I suppose to do? Sit there like a puppy and wait for the right girl, and next thing you know we break up…look I don’t want to go through the that again.” He yells as he whispers the last sentence. As you observed him more you could tell his eyes were glossy…he was hurt.

“I know you don’t…but Jay this isn’t you.” You say truthfully, remembering all the years you’ve been with him.
“Well it is now, and if they can’t accept that then it’s their loss!” He says angrily as he places his hands on the railing of the balcony, looking towards the ocean view.

You walk up to him, as you touch his arm. “Look at me..” You whisper but he doesn’t because he was tearing and you knew he hated people see him cry. “I know you’re hurting, but you need to understand that things get better. I don’t know when but they will. Just like your beliebers I’ve always been here, through your proudest moments to your worst but through all that I still see the Justin that I’ve fallen in love with…” You say truthfully.

“Wait…You’re inlove with me?” Justin says turning towards you, shocked. You mentally slap yourself as you didn’t realize you’ve said too much.

“Uh uhm-” you say choked up from embarrassment as you tried to find the words to say.
“You’re in love with me…” Justin says smiling wide as he slowly puts his arms around your waist. He raises one hand towards your cheek, before leaning in.
“Justin…stop” you say quickly before pulling away from his embrace.

“What’s wrong?” He asks confused, as he looks at you.
“If you’re just going to use me until the next girl, just stop.” You whisper, trying not your best to keep your tears in. Justin looks at you shocked, as he walks up to you gently grabbing me your hands.
“I’m not going to use you Y/N, I could never hurt you. You’re one of the people that I would never ever think of hurting.” He says and you could tell he was telling the truth.
“Look you’re right…about everything. I haven’t been myself ever since Selena and I split but lately I realized it wasn’t heartbreak that changed my attitude but anger. I was so bitter that I used that against everyone, my beliebers and…you. I felt overwhelmed by the pressure, by the media not realizing that I was pushing those who believed in me and who really do love and care for me…and I’m sorry.” He says sniffling, he wasn’t crying but you could tell he was sincere. “No girl has cared for me as much as you do, never once did you leave my side or turn your back on me when the rest of the world was, I should have known that it was you all along…” He says as he places his arms on your waist again, as his thin caresses your lower back.

You look at him before cracking a smile. “Damn it I should have betted on this…”
“Fuck you!” Justin says jokingly as he laughs. Right there, you saw the real Justin, when he laughed it’s as if you went back in time. He was back.

“Just kidding!” You say laughing aswell before looking at him seriously. “I love you…but promise me just to be yourself and to slowly let your beliebers back in…I know it’s not going to be easy but it would really make them happy.” You say, you knew how much the beliebers cared for Justin and you could relate to them because you saw yourself in them.

“Promise.” He nods before continuing. “I do owe them…for everything they’ve done for me. Damn…I feel like a shitty role model.” He says causing you to laugh. “At the moment…you kind of are.”
“Ouch” Justin says pretending to be hurt, this is what you missed and you hope it stays like that. Justin looks at you before grabbing your cheek, as he leans in.

Kylie opens the balcony door holding a plate of cake before smiling. “Looks like she got her cake already.” She says as she chuckles before closing the door.

He hasn’t changed, he’s just acting differently give him some time and he’ll come back. I know we all miss him but let’s give him the one thing he’s been wanting.


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*falls from the roof and lands on the ground next to them* can I join the protection group!! *hugs the foot of them* gotta protect the feet too ya know!! *looks up* but what if static-cloud just wants a hug too!? ^u^

Guys, what did I say? I need a break from this, please… Meaning no more of this, please. You can all be in DPS, but please it’s done for now. I love you all, really. But I’m not a machine, we all have feelings, I can’t do this forever. (I feel stressed by doing this, it’s like hard work. I feel like crying…) So like I said I’ll be doing ship requests now, because I want to be myself and not feel this stress. I love you all so much, I love making you happy and I want to be happy with you… 

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Okay now I need an ending to operation cygnet!

I could go on in this verse for a hundred years lol here’s another baby bit for you! :)

part one, part two

Emma wakes slowly.

She licks her lips as she stretches out in bed and she arches her back when she tosses herself onto her back. Her eyes peel open and she stares up at the ceiling of her bedroom.

She’d fallen asleep on the sofa, so immediately, she turns to check the bed beside her, only to find that Killian’s not there, though his side of the bed is slept in.

The only explanation for her being in their bed is that he’d carried her up here and her heart swells at the mere thought. He cares so truly and deeply for her that sometimes she wonders how she got this lucky.

Emma curls her toes as she looks over at her alarm clock. It’s almost nine in the morning.

“Mom?” Henry’s voice comes from the doorway and she jerks her attention to her son, a small smile filling her lips at the sight of him.

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ahem, hello yes. i was wondering how u think Zen would propose. asking because i want 2 marry him so bad

Hi! I wanna marry him too don’t worry anon…
I’ve been thinking about this all day (when I should have been doing oh no) because there are so many things I think he’d want to include!
This is what I settled on his plan being, although it would vary slightly depending on the interests of MC! <3

The Morning
He would be so nervous! But he’d wake up early, maybe a little earlier than usual but not much. He wouldn’t wake you on purpose (he wants this to be a good day for you!) but if you did wake up he would make you breakfast and ask if you wanted to eat it with him on the roof to watch the sunrise.
Then he’d suggest you go back to bed and get some more sleep while he goes for a run because it will be a late night, because it’s the last day of his latest show and he’d really like you to come along, and maybe celebrate afterwards…. ahem.
The Day
During most of the day he’ll just be really extra affectionate and do whatever your favourite activity is with you. If you wanna watch movies, go for a walk, whatever you got it! He needs to go do a last rehearsal towards the end of the afternoon/early evening so he drops you off to hang out with whichever member you like to hang out with, or if you prefer alone time, will leave you at home to relax at your leisure!
During this time he will be at the theater with the rest of the RFA that you are not spending time with, setting up. There will be a table and chairs in the middle of the stage, a piano to the side, plenty of flowers, white curtains, decorations. It would be cheesy and fairy-tale like!
The Evening

He’ll tell you when to be at the theater, and you would either leave with whoever you were spending the afternoon with or be met at your place by everyone anyway. You’d be amazed that they all wanted to come see the play with you, especially Jumin and Saeran who were there too, but didn’t think too much of it.
They’d take their seats with you in the front, and just as you thought it was weird that nobody else was coming the lights would shine onto Zen sat at a piano. He’d sing a love song, probably one he wrote himself. V would be taking photographs (7 would be working the lights, Jumin said they could hire a professional but Zen wanted it to be just between him, MC, and the RFA so it wasn’t too awkward or pressure-y). Zen would declare his love, drop to one knee and propose. Probably something along the lines of
My darling y/n…. I love you more than anything in the world. You support me and help me be the very best version of myself, make me feel like I can touch the stars. You make me happy and fulfilled in a way I didn’t know was possible. Would you do me the honour of being mine forever? More pictures from V as MC says yes, Zen bounds down off the stage to hug them, and then helps them onto the stage to kiss them, so many hugs and kisses and little squeals. Probably tears. Zen would spin around delightedly while MC was clung to him and V would capture the joy as much as possible!
Then the RFA would leave, offering their congratulations and MC and Zen would sit down to eat at the table, some beautiful music playing in the background, and they would be talking about how much they loved each other and Zen would be so over the moon! Still more tears I think.

The Night~
Thought it was over? Not on this hopeless romantics watch!
He’d take you on the back of his bike to his ~secret place~ which during his “rehearsal” time he (and Jumin and/or V, if you weren’t with them during the day!) had decorated with fairy lights and cute lanterns and candles etc. A hamper with champagne, strawberries and chocolates (and blankets for if you get cold!) were set out and ready.

He wanted to look out at the stars with you like you did when you first met, but from somewhere that was important to him (although not as important as you babe~)
This would be because he wanted to be able to share his proposal with his friends and family in the RFA, but also wanted to have part of it be just for you two.
There would be a lot of kissing and snuggling and compliments…
Lots of “Gah! The first time I got to call my fiance divine!” “The first time I get to squeeze my fiance’s hand!”
He would joke about you teasing him saying that he might end up releasing the beast right there and then, but instead he would actually take you back home on the bike first, wanting to break in your bed for your first time as his fiance.
(Although he would, if you wanted, be perfectly fine to go back to the place another time……..)

Part II of my ‘Top 5′ Hyde/Jackie kisses. Part I here.



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“So what are we doing tomorrow?” Steve asked relaxing on Bucky’s chest, passing with his hand through Tony’s hair. They do the usual morning cuddling.

“We have meeting in SHIELD hq in the morning and then I’m going out with Clint. Why?” Bucky asked casually.

“It’s our first anniversary tomorrow, silly.” Tony said turning head to them both.

“Fuck, it’s tomorrow?” Bucky said surprised.

“Who would say Tony will remember and you won’t?” Steve said.

“It has been a year already… One great year with greatest loves of my life.” Bucky said.

“I was thinking something simple such as romantic dinner and night together.” Steve said still passing with fingers through Tony’s hair. It relaxed them both.

“And what about one week trip to Paris?” Tony suggested.

“I’d love Paris.” Bucky said.

“Then we better start packing.” Steve said.


“One apartment in penthouse, please.” Tony said on reception.

“How much people?”




“Two rooms or three?”

“One is enough.” when Tony say that the men froze looking at him. “Still today if possible.” Tony had to comment and then men give him key of their hotel room.

“I wish I could punch everyone who react like that.” Steve said annoyed at how people react of their relationship.

“Calm. We were aware what it’ll be like when we start this.” Bucky said.


They finally get to room and unpacked. The view was amazing. Eiffel tower was lighting in city of light and love. Steve hugged Tony from behind and Bucky hugged Steve. Soon it comes to midnight.

“Happy anniversary.” Tony said turning around to face them.

“Happy anniversary.” Steve said quietly like happiness took over him.

“Happy anniversary. I love you.” Bucky said and kissed them and they kissed each other. “Mhm, I have something for you.” Bucky say and go to take three dog tags he buy for three of them. On every was written “Steve + Tony + Bucky = FOREVER” with golden letters.

“It’s beautiful.” Tony said. “Can you…?” Bucky took it and put it around Tony’s neck and then kiss him.

“Thank you.” Steve said and hugged him.

“Okay now, my turn.” Tony make silence and took something. Painting. It was in paper and as soon as Steve and Bucky touched that they remove paper to see…

“This is so awesome! Who did it?” Bucky asked.

“It will go perfect on wall behind bed, don’t you think?” Steve asked and Bucky nodded. It was big painting of them on couch. Bucky lay acroos the couch with head in Tony’s lap and Tony in Steve’s hug. It looked perfect and they were visibly happy.

Steve never felt more happy than with his two lovers in last year. It was time for his present but he didn’t rush. He went slowly. Now he knew it can’t go wrong.

“This year, spent with you two, was the best of my life. I was never happier and I never felt safer than when I’m around you. Like the whole world is mine.” he kneeled down and took blue velvet box from his pocket. As he opens it he said: “Will you marry me?” There were two beautiful golden rings.

“Yes.” Bucky said. Tony couldn’t talk from excitement, he’s face covered with palms, he managed to nod and hug Steve so tight. Steve put rings on their fingers.

They move things to bed and it last all night so they sleep all morning and later went to adventures in city, romantic dinners in most expensive restaurants and climbing Eiffel tower.

kittytesh  asked:

I love your headcanons a ton and read them all the time. I was wondering if you could do the RFA+Saeran+V reacting to an MC who went through a lot of physical and sexual abuse so they're really jumpy and nervous (brownie points for you doing this).

this gets a lil spicy lololol

~headcanon requests closed for now~


  • MC pulls up a chair too Yoosung’s desk, sitting beside him
  • “whatchya doooin?”
  • clearly, he was playing LOLOL
  • but MC never passed up a chance to tease Yoosung
  • “big boss fight. shits gettin real. cant talk”
  • MC points their fingers in the air, offering little cheers
  • “Yoosung, fighting!”
  • he leans forward, his strength revived by MC’s cheers
  • “babe, i need you! we’re losing!”
  • MC waves their fists in the air frantically
  • “c’mon, Yoosung! you can do it! kick that monsters sorry ass!”
  • Yoosung giggles a little, eyes still on the game
  • a minute later he pumps a fist in the air triumphantly
  • “we did it!”
  • he raises his hand at MC for a high five
  • they flinch, and pause before enthusiastically completing the high five
  • “sorry, i guess i got a little too excited there”
  • Yoosung smiles nervously, feeling a little guilty that he made MC flinch
  • “oh…it’s not really your fault. i just grew up in a…”
  • they pause for a moment
  • “…bad home”
  • Yoosung immediately feels like an idiot
  • did MC really think he was going to hurt them?
  • “baby, i promise ill never hurt you. never”
  • he kisses MC gently on the forehead and thanks them for cheering for him
  • please never stop cheering for me, MC. and i’ll always cheer for you, too”


  • Zen came home from rehearsal feeling exhausted
  • thankfully when he went into his bedroom MC was sleeping soundly
  • he loves coming home to them more than anything
  • he climbs in bed with them
  • Zen hovers over MC, who was still sleeping, and leans down to kiss them awake
  • when their lips meet, MC’s eyes shoot open and they push Zen away without thinking
  • “get off me!”
  • he backs away quickly
  • “sweetheart, it’s just me. it’s me”
  • MC was breathing heavily and clutching the blanket to their chest
  • “oh my god, Zen! im so sorry”
  • they’ve never acted like this before when Zen kissed them…
  • “MC, did you think i was someone else?”
  • “it’s just a reflex i guess…”
  • a reflex?
  • “i’m sorry for startling you, baby”
  • Zen puts his hand out to MC
  • “i promise i’ll always be gentle with you”
  • MC’s face turns bright red
  • they grab his hand and cuddle up in Zen’s lap
  • they felt safe there


  • Jaehee was sitting right across the table from MC
  • both of them were surfing the web on their laptops
  • both had a mug of warm coffee they were occasionally taking sips from
  • a few stray hairs fell in front of Jaehee’s face
  • she tries to blow them away but its not really working
  • Jaehee lifts her hand to her face to push the hair away
  • out of the corner of her eye, she sees MC flinch
  • “MC…? everything okay?”
  • “yea, i’m just a spaz i guess”
  • they smile at Jaehee
  • she doesnt think much of it, until she has to move some hair out of her face again
  • and MC flinches again
  • “hey, are you sure everything is okay?”
  • “i’m just really jumpy, i guess…i had a rough childhood, to put it lightly”
  • Jaehee closes her laptop and leans across the table, giving MC a peck on the forehead
  • “i’m not going to hurt you. i’m never going to hurt you”
  • MC’s cheeks heat up
  • “i know, Jaehee.”
  • everyone has their own story, Jaehee thought
  • she was going to help rewrite MC’s


  • “how was work, Jumin?”
  • MC looked up from their laptop to see that Jumin had just come home for the day
  • “annoying”
  • Jumin flops down in bed next to them
  • MC giggles a little; he was acting more dramatic than usual
  • “would a kiss make you feel better?”
  • he sits up and scoots close to MC
  • “more than you know, darling”
  • MC kissing Jumin lightly on the cheek, but when the try to pull away from him, Jumin catches their lips with another kiss
  • he continues to kiss MC, soaking up every little detail
  • the warmth and wetness of their lips
  • the way every muscle in his body seems to relax at MC’s touch
  • unconsciously, Jumin’s hand starts to make its way up MC’s leg
  • they push him away suddenly
  • “Jumin, stop”
  • “i’m so sorry, my darling. i guess i just started to get carried away…”
  • MC sighs
  • “it’s not your fault, Jumin. i’m just a little, well, jumpy when it comes to…this stuff”
  • Jumin wants to apologize a million times for the selfish way he acted
  • “MC, we can go as slowly as you need. i’m never going to leave you, so we have all the time in the world”
  • “thank you, Jumin”
  • how did MC manage to find the sweetest human being on earth?


  • Seven was looking for some chips in the kitchen
  • he looked in every single cabinet
  • in the sink?
  • he even checked the fridge
  • “MC, did you eat the last bag of chips?”
  • he yelled to MC, who was in the other room
  • “um….no….?”
  • “LIAR!”
  • he runs into the other room, and MC gets up to run away
  • Seven finally catches them and grabs their wrist
  • MC tries to pull their wrist away, but fails
  • “Seven, let go of me!”
  • “no way, i caught you fair and square-”
  • “i’m serious, let go of me right now!”
  • shit, they sounded really serious
  • “sweetheart, im sorry. i didnt mean to freak you out i was just playing around”
  • “i know, i know. i just have this thing about people grabbing my wrists. i’m sorry i snapped at you”
  • their wrists? how would a fear like that develop?
  • “why your wrists?”
  • “i just…i was controlled a lot as a kid”
  • controlled…?
  • Seven hugs MC tightly
  • “i’m so so sorry. i’m such an idiot”
  • “you’re not an idiot, Seven”
  • but he felt like an idiot
  • he has to be nothing but gentle, sweet, and caring toward MC
  • because that’s what they deserve


  • “good morning, V!”
  • V had just woken up and walked into the kitchen to find MC reading a book at the table
  • he never got tired of waking up to this
  • MC was smiling brightly at him
  • he walked over to MC and leaned down, kissing them on the nose
  • “it sure is”
  • feeling particularly playful, V takes his hand and ruffles up MC’s hair with it
  • they flinch and smack his hand away
  • “oh, sorry. you just surprised me”
  • usually when people are surprised they gasp, not react physically
  • “whats got you on edge this morning, MC?
  • they let out a heavy sigh
  • “i’m just really sensitive to things like that. growing up, my parents…”
  • a lump starts to form in their throat and tears welled up in their eyes
  • V grabs a chair and sits next to MC, putting an arm around them
  • “its alright, you dont have to talk about it. i promise i’ll be more careful from now on”
  • MC leans into V
  • he feels like he could stay like this with them forever
  • “thank you so much”
  • “you i know i love you, right?”
  • “i know”


  • MC was looking for something to eat in the fridge
  • when Saeran came into the kitchen and saw them he thought it was the perfect opportunity for an ambush
  • an adorable back hug ambush, of course
  • he runs up to MC and wraps his arms around them
  • before he can say anything, MC elbows him in the gut as hard as they can
  • shit
  • Saeran releases them and staggers back a few steps
  • “babe…what the hell…”
  • “oh my god, Saeran!”
  • MC rushes over to him
  • they didnt mean to hurt him, it was just a reflex
  • “i’m so sorry”
  • Saeran gives MC a strained smile
  • “if you dont like back hugs, you could have just told me”
  • they smile back at him
  • “its not that, Saeran. i just get nervous when people surprise me like that. especially when they grab me…”
  • Saeran looks at them, confused
  • “i was just grabbed a lot when i was young so i’m sensitive about that stuff and i-”
  • Saeran interrupts MC by putting a finger on their lips
  • “you dont have to explain yourself to me, MC. i understand”
  • he takes his finger away and kisses them
  • “i’ll make sure to warn you next time i do something like this”
  • “thank you for understanding, Saeran”
  • he knew better than anyone what it was like to be afraid to be touched
  • as a kid, touching for him seemed to always bring pain
  • but with MC, touch meant something else
  • Saeran wanted MC to associate his touch with safety


Haikyuu!! Characters as Gods and why

Tanaka Ryunosuke || God of War

Tanaka has a somewhat obsession with the concept of war and fighting, even though he doesn’t fight. But as of why he’s chosen for this particular category, it’s because War isn’t always a bad thing, like many of what is not always what it seems. Yes, War is violent and hurtful, but at the end of every war, there must be peace. Like after a storm. There is no storm that lasts forever, such as war.

Bokuto Koutarou || God of Love

I have said this once or twice. Bokuto has never been seen angry, nor even any type of annoyed. He turns anger into hurt for others and for his own behalf. He is a peaceful and nice person that is willing to make friends with the worst of people, sparing them free compliments and pats on the back just because he can. He loves you, and there is always love he can spare. He probably even hugs trees when he bumps into them.

Kuroo Tetsurou || God of Peace

Like Bokuto, he will spare a compliment to the worst of people because he wants to help. He just wants to help. Now, I know he dislikes Daishou, but Kuroo knows that rules must not be broken. If he were a slightly different person, you would see him and Daishou in some sort of fight. But no, Kuroo is a peaceful person and probably hasn’t fought anyone, or even hurt anyone on purpose.

Iwaizumi Hajime || God of Temptation

Now, You may ask “But Bk, why Temptation for Iwa?” And I can tell you exactly why. I know that Iwaizumi would be a better fit for Peace or Tolerance or Honor or such, but Temptation spoke his name. Temptation, like a lot of other things, isn’t all bad. Temptation is the father of Determination besides Addiction and Greed. Iwaizumi has ways of getting people on his side, as he even has Kyoutani as his side Dog and Oikawa as his side Chihuahua. He tempts his teammates to win by offering them pride and victory. He is the perfect fit for Temptation. Plus those arms.

Tsukishima Kei || God of Light

Why light when he’s such a rude asshat? Well, Tsukishima may be one of the worst of people, but don’t forget that this is temporary. As a child he was somewhat nice, to people he was close to, and still is. Such as light is close to his way of life. It burns those the closest, and warms those a degree away, and does nothing to help those far away. Tsukishima has no close family members or friends, knowing that he isn’t the best person, knowing he might hurt them. Those who are his friends, he can be fairly nice to. And people he dislikes or has no feelings for, he couldn’t give a shit.

Kyoutani Kentarou || God of Life

Another strange one, I know, but there will be more. Kyoutani can be rude, pushy, and can even hurt. But is life any different? Life is both the best and the worst thing, such as Kyoutani. He is grumpy, but not hateful, causing himself to be thanked and even rewarded by others, but not always liked or accepted.

Yamaguchi Tadashi || God of Darkness

Now, I’m not saying Yamaguchi is Darkness because Darkness is sad, because that’s the exact opposite of what I’m saying. Darkness coincides with both fear and tranquility as some are afraid of the dark, and some find it calming. When you wear a dark sweater, you don’t feel colder, you feel warmer, as Darkness absorbs warmth and light. Such as Yamaguchi does. Tsukishima compliments him in strange ways, but Yamaguchi always sees the warmth in his words, finding his confidence through them.

Sugawara Koushi || God of Spirits, Souls, and Death

Sugawara is also a peaceful person, but he himself wouldn’t be found ruling peace itself, but working alongside it as one of the Main Five. I’m not saying death is always peaceful, but Sugawara also works with Spirits and the Soul. Sugawara has a supernatural ability to tap into someone’s spirit and soul, almost like Oikawa does, to bring out the best in his team. But he’s not just bringing this out, he’s guiding them not just to victory, but to pride, to happiness, to peace. He is the guardian of Spirits and Souls, therefore, he is Death.

Ennoshita Chikara || God of the Elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire)

Ennoshita controls these as they unlock Spirit. Ennoshita is one step under Sugawara and Daichi as The Four Elements are one step under the last Element of Spirit and it’s companion, Justice. Ennoshita is true to these four elements, as he is a true Neutral like most of whom I’ve already and will list.

Oikawa Tooru || God of Technique, Strategy, and Strength

Oikawa represents and controls Strength, as it too, is a father of Determination, Greed, and others, but still a few steps down from Spirit. Oikawa is by far the strongest character when it comes to not giving up and giving it his all, even if he himself is sometimes weak. He brings out all the strong points in his teammates flawlessly and with ease with his Techniques and Strategies, he truly a master of this category.

Ushijima Wakatoshi || God of Guilt, Fear, and Weakness

Ushijima is not a bad person, but what reflects off of him is. Many are afraid of him, find guilt in themselves for not beating him, or find themselves to be weak for the same reason. Of course, all of these have a brighter side to them. Guilt is a factor or someone’s being that tells them they did something bad, therefore, they confess to themselves that what they have done or what they will do is a bad thing, giving them the option to be a better person. Fears are tricky, but fear is a temporary thing, something that can be overcome with hard work. Weakness is what blossoms into Strength, or the other way around.

Akaashi Keiji || God of Time

Akaashi is Time. He finds ways to spare his time wisely to spend it with friends or himself. He can stop it if he’d like, but would be one to want to know what happens next, or to wait. He controls time almost like he controls Bokuto. He almost doesn’t, he just slightly manipulates. He works alongside Life, Death, Space, Justice, and Peace in a large circle around all the others.

Yahaba Shigeru || God of Space

Yahaba is another one in which works in the Main Five. He as Space is all of which everything resides in besides Time. Such as Yahaba, as he isn’t a main character, but somehow manages to be a very important part of the plot. He is always there, not just standing around, but he is always helping without most realizing he even is. He is holding them together such as Space holds up all the galaxies and planets and stars.

Asahi Azumane || God of Artistry

Asahi is a gentle soul, but still cannot be Peace, so he is a few steps away as to what helps create peace. He is all things creative, such as Art and Music. He is not only Peace, but all emotions. Artistry can motivate an emotion, or help calm it down. It can go both ways.

Kunimi || God of Greed

Kunimi is not exactly greedy, but he can promote it and represent is fairly well. Kunimi promotes it somehow in a good way, by tempting Kindaichi by victory, therefore, creating greed in his friend. He himself, like Tsukishima, doesn’t seem to play Volleyball for just fun. He has something to gain in it, as there is a grain of greed implanted inside him, for motivation.

Nishinoya Yuu || God of Giving, Receiving, and Defence

Nishinoya is a giver of many things. He is his team’s Guardian Deity, He is Protecting his team while receiving their love and support. Sometimes he may seem unimportant, but without him, things wouldn’t be the same. They wouldn’t be right.

Kenma Kozume || God of Addiction

Kenma is an addicting player. Many take him for granted, but when they see what he possesses, they can’t help but want to see more. It not only works with people, but Addiction can manipulate other things. He can manipulate himself into doing what normal people cannot do, like a special type of drug manipulates living beings into seeing things, or acting a different way, such as what Kenma can to to a ball with a simple hand flick, or to a person with a glance.

Hinata Shouyou || God of Happiness and Determination

Hinata has to be one of the most optimistic and determined person in Haikyuu, that making him incapable of letting go of his goals, such as what Determination does to a person. Need I say more?

Kageyama Tobio || God of Hopelessness and Depression

Once again, I’m not implying that Kageyama is depressed, but I am saying that I think he was at some point, probably as a moody teen. Kageyama may or may not have been, but he also has ways of taking those things out of a person. When Hinata was being jittery, he just threatened Hinata with these things and he was fine. Kageyama, by what we know, had a hard Middle School life, being hated by his peers because he was grumpy. Now, Kageyama has a lot to reflect on, now that he has moved on from a tough time into an age for himself where he has a whole team of friends. Hopelessness and Depression are temporary, and can be used for motivation if you know how.

Sawamura Daichi || god of  Honor, Order, and Justice

Order and Justice is an important thing, not just to humans as a way to describe crimes, but to the fabrication of the universe. Order is important, as without it, the whole fabric of the universe could be jumbled, and could fall apart any second. Such as without daichi, Karasuno would not be the same at all. The freak duo could possibly not be able to work together without his help in the justice of their greeting quarrel.

That’s all I have so far. If you have suggestions, go ahead and message/ask. Enjoy! ~BK

anonymous asked:

Hi! I've never asked for a request but I love them so much (your writing is so so so good!) that I thought I'd ask for one, if that's okay! Can you do a headcanon with the main 3 about their s/o greeting them at one of their performances- mainly a surprise? Thank you so much! Also; don't listen to the rude anons! You are so precious and amazing and they have no idea what they're talking about. You are great, kind, and make my days better. Thank you once again ! -A

Viktor will be very, very happy. When he sees them, he’ll skate off the ice (if he’s finished with his performance) to hug them. Will love them forever if they bring him flowers and Makkachin.

Yuuri will be close to crying from happiness. He never expected that to happen, but he skates his best to try and make coming worthwhile. Will definitely shyly ask them to come to all his performances from then on.

Yuri will blush a beautiful shade of red! I mean, why didn’t you tell him you were coming?? He’ll be secretly glad, though. And he’ll show off, just a tiny bit (and by tiny I mean he’ll skate a personal best)

Africans Hate Black Americans? Stop it. Literally the other way around, and can’t be reversed.

I see a lot of people saying African people don’t like Black Americans, and things like this. Let’s forget about even my experience, I went to different schools and got accounts from way too many people. Do ya’ll realize how Africans are treated? Like, the kids/teenagers/adults which outnumbered the african kids of course, bullied them, called them names, African Booty Scratchers (most famous one idk how many times I got called this), monkey/apes making ape noises cause that’s “africa”, “Ya’ll stink”, just all around picked and shitted on africans through their lives, made fun of their accents, again, don’t know how many times accents were shitted on, making up random african sounding names to make fun of them, all this to the point they tel ltheir parents and their parents are always aware and sometimes intervene, then they try and get their kids away from that. In line at post office the other day, this African lady was being nice to this Black american woman politely told her the line was moving, and it was, as she was holding everyone on line, she started yelling things out like “Stupid African, go back to africans I see the fucking line, can’t even speak right telling me this”, walking somewhere another day, Black american walks by another girl who sits down in front of hair hair braiding salon and starts shouting these “fckin africans stink, always sitting out here, what do they think this is, africa? nah im really ready to fight them they always out here”, another day african lady is in fish market, i dead see her make a mistake turning around and bumping just a LITTLE bit into a Black american, the black american wasn’t evne gonna say nothing, the black american woman got bumped into, turned around to look, faced forward again, then did a double take realizing it was an african woman then she went OFFFFF. A woman that wasn’t evne going to do something in the first place, she went crazy like “FOH DONT TOUCH ME, YALL DIRTY ASSES” african woman kept apologizing HARD “I’m so sorry”, she mimicked her accent and kept insulting. Ya think Africans just out here just Not liking you? You don’t know how your Black Americans treat them? Till this very instance, i can name every single insult an Black american who has never had a problem nor heard rumors about African people, who never even interacted with one comes up with insults and bullying methods straight fro just KNOWING or SEEING the person is african. Never see an African do that in reverse, never seen an African instance of bullying Black Americans, never seen them look at Black Americans and come up with insults if the insults weren’t based from a place of them being hurt by yall before. What, yall think Africans just got up one day and started hating Black Americans? Sick of seeing the “Why yall hate us so much”, Interestingly, I went to school in Africa and we have American children sometimes, and they were always, literally treated like ROYALTY. Like they’re kings/queens or something coming straight from a giant castle. Go there and they just praise the shit out of you and want to know everything about you. “Africans hate us”, stop it. Those africans that “don’t like you” are those who were affected by happened to them when they came here. The African people back home don’t care at all if you want to reconnect with them. Black americans do too much to them FIRST. They were looked down at as animals forever by YALL, in all situations I can imagine, so when ya’ll bring the words “theyre mean and look down on us : (” I just wanna OOOOooo. Ya’ll really think after every single that be happening to them out here they’re gonna come out and hug yall, and thats the ones who are HERE who aren’t that happy. The ones back home where I come from are just AMAZED and just LOVE you to the point where it’s annoying (in a good/bothering about how amazing you guys are and your accomplishments always asking me about the black people here and why theyre so cool) out there. An african friend of mine in LOVE with yall came here, got shitted on by yall, then changed his mind because he was insulted, looked at as an animal, then  Random number of you wanna be like “Wow they hate us”, yall make me SICK with that. The words “Go back to africa, fckin africans” were uttered by yall before “I want to know my roots :D:D” were uttered by a few of you who get hurt because “The mean africans who reside in america who always get shitted on by us (even if not by me personally :-( ) now are hostile and make little jokes about where where our place in africa is while we dont know they love us and make movies about us and praise us and always want to hear news about us back home from their families who live here because they think we’re so cool :(” . Even I had, coming to america, everything talked about. I come to school see someone who looks like me, I’m so happy, I try to make friends, “Eeew, african booty scratcherr”, Parents out here getting their kids to drop their accents so they sound american enough to not get shitted on. “Africans hate us”. Lmao. Cry me a fucking river.

Valentine's Day friendly reminder

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that if you have no one to share your February 14th with, it doesn’t mean you are alone.
Don’t forget that love is more than romantic relationships
Love is about enjoying and passion
If you love the stars, make cards for them
if you like watching your favorite show then you have found love
If you enjoy scrolling through tumblr,
congratulations! You are not wasting today.
If you spend today listening to music or reading books, then you are not alone.
If you don’t feel like getting out of bed today,don’t feel bad. For one day don’t feel bad about the things you want to do.
Don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is more than presents and teddy bears
Its about loving no matter what
If you haven’t felt loved today.
Give your own love to other people.
Tell your friends how much you love them.
Hug your parents and siblings.
If you haven’t felt loved today
You can give it to yourself.
Buy yourself chocolate.
Make a list about the things you love about yourself.
Listen to songs that boost your confidence.
And if you haven’t felt loved today,
Here I am telling you that i love you
and you deserve to be loved today and forever.
Celebrate today with love.
If you know anyone who is single right now please tell them that it’s okay to be alone but you don’t have to feel lonely .
Please reblog this,maybe someone needs it.