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Last Updated: April 24, 2017

HEARTBEAT (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: could u please do one w Bellamy (start of s3) where 2 recon teams go out and the other one finds u and ur station and when Bellamy gets back he doesn’t know but walks in to inform Abby who’s in medical and sees u being examined but and he overheard u saying ur fine and to help the kids or smth and he like falls in love w u all over again and it’s a happy reunion thank u💖

The feeling of being rescued was an odd sense of freedom you hadn’t felt before. You sit on the bed in medical, watching Abby Griffin rushing around the room to the stethoscope. Smiling to yourself, you admire how hard she’s working to keep the survivors alive. You were pulled from the wreckage with minimum wounds by a recon team that was sent to find the location of the stations that landed. You can’t remember much about it, but you remember the feeling. 

 Bellamy Blake marches into the medial wing, brown eyes scanning for a particular doctor. You sit with your back facing the door and Abby places the cold end of the stethoscope to your lower back, “Breathe in and out as you normally would. I’ll be with you in a second Bellamy.“ 

 Bell watches on, waiting for Dr Griffin to have a spare minute in her busy schedule. Turning to face the boy at the doorway, you sigh. "Please tell her I’m fine.” A smile makes its way to the man’s lips, making your cheeks heat up. 

Abby looks to him, rolling her eyes playfully as she rests the stethoscope around her neck. “Tell her I’m doing my job. And that cut won’t stitch itself, you know?” She points to your arm, blood starting to soak through your shirt.

 "I’m happy to help.“ Bellamy speaks up, stepping forward. Connecting your eyes with his for a few seconds, you feel slightly intimidated by his stare. The older woman’s eyes shift between the two of you, sensing something in the air. 

"Abby, I’m alright.” You croak, giving her a smile, “Go look after the children, they need it more than me.” With only a look of amused defeat, she exits the room and rushes away to her next patient. “Hi.” You speak. It’s quiet as Bellamy shifts through the drawers, finding what he needs to stitch the cut on your shoulder. 

 "Hi.“ Bellamy holds back a smile as he sits down beside you, "Can I?” His fingers hover over the collar of your shirt next to your shoulder. 

 "Go ahead.“ There’s a smile of your own etched onto your features as you talk to him. Bellamy steadies his uneven breath, confused as to why he felt so nervous sitting next to you. Pulling your shirt down your arm, he exposes your collar bone. "Thanks. For everything. I know you were running the other recon team.” You begin talking as he uncaps the bottle of rubbing alcohol, “Abby told me you did great." 

 He nods, looking down at the cotton swab doused in liquid, "Thanks.” He lifts it up, one hand resting on your lower arm. “This is going to hurt but I promise it’ll be over soon, okay?" 

 You nod. "Okay.” He places the sterile swab over your wound, causing you to instantly whimper and tilt your head back. He watches your reaction, a stern look on his face as he removes it. You let out a small grunt, looking back at the wound, it’s red and irritated but compared to how everyone else is doing you’re extremely lucky. Bellamy’s fingers fiddle with the thread and metal, preparing the needle by dipping it into the alcohol. 

“Y/N, right? Tell me about yourself.” Not only is he interested in hearing about your story but he knows you’ll need something to get your mind off the discomfort and pain you’re about to endure. 

 "I’m 20. My favourite colour is green because it reminds me of trees.“ You begin, smiling to yourself, "I’ve never seen a tree." 

 Bell chuckles as the sharp tip of the needle pierces your skin, you wince quietly. "I guess we’ll have to change that." 

 Your slight frown turns into a small smile, "I guess we will.”

 For the next minute or two, you talk to Bellamy as you keep your eyes on his concentrated expression. Apparently he learnt his elite stitching skills from none other than Clarke Griffin herself, Abby’s legacy. Bellamy stands beside Abby, outside of the room where you tie your shoes. He’s promised to take you outside - to show you Earth. 

Abby stands with her hand placed on her hip and when Bells done updating her on everyone that’s in medical, she speaks up. “She likes you." 

 He’s taken aback, firstly wondering what she’s talking about but secondly wondering if it’s true. "How do you know?" 

 "I heard her heart start beating faster when she looked at you.”

I'm Ready/ Hoseok Smut (Requested)

You and Hobi have been dating for the past 6 months. You decided tonight would be the night you would lose your viginity. Even being a little scared, Hobi coaches you through it.

Hoseok kissed the soft skin behind your ear, hands rubbing up and down your sides through your shirt. A whimper pushed past your lips and your hands slid over his chest. This hasn’t been the first time you two had pushed the boundaries. Making out had became a common since you’d grown more comfortable with Hoseok. 

 He growled in your mouth when your sharp nails scratched over his pert nipples. You jumped at that sound, pulling back to pant against his mouth. Hoseok never made you feel uncomfortable. Even when you weren’t sure about something and wanted to take it slower, Hoseok was right there holding your hand.

 “Are you alright princess?” He cupped your chin in his fingers and climbed off to the side of the couch. You nodded quickly and clutched at his shirt collar. Your lips suddenly felt dry and your cute pink tongue came out to lap at them. Hoseok ran his thumb over your bottom lip. “What is it?” 

 “I-I think I’m ready.” You bit your lip, watching his eyes sparkle at your words. Hobi chuckled and brushed back your hair.

 “Are you sure Y/n? This is a big step.” He knew how worried you were about how much it would hurt. You could never handle pain very well, especially when you were expecting it. Al the horrid things you had heard about your first time put you on edge. Hoseok wanted to make sure you were in the right headspace before he continued. 

 “I’m sure. I want it to be with you.” Hobi smirked, drawing you into his lap. A blush exploded across your cheeks at how close you too were. Hoseok kissed the corner of your mouth and gingerly took your wrist in his hand. He pulled back to look into your eyes, laying your palm across the bulge in his jeans.

 “This is what you do to me.” He moved your hand back and forth, beginning to pant from the pleasure. You clenched your thighs together as the wetness was becoming uncomfortable. This little action didn’t go unnoticed by Hoseok. He forced a hand between your legs and patted them open. 

“Don’t try to hide from me. Can I?” His fingers hovered over the wet spot forming through your shorts. You nodded shyly but Hoseok wasn’t taking that. “No, no princess. I want to hear you ask for it.” 

 “Please touch me.” Hobi smiled and teased your mouth with his tongue until you opened up. His hands slipped under the band of your shorts and grabbed your ass in his rough palms. You bucked against him, sucking on the tip of his tongue. He slid the shorts and panties down your thighs pushing them off of your legs completely. You felt more bare then ever before.

 “You are so beautiful. Look how wet you are.” His fingers danced across your outer lips before slipping in between them to tease your clit. Your hips pushed forward and you had no choice but to wrap your arms around his shoulders. “Easy baby, let me take care of you.“  He whispered in your ear with a comforting tone. His fingers circled around your soaked entrance, making it his personal goal to make you as wet as possible. Without warning his index finger slid inside your warmth. You tense upon the entrance and bite Hoseok’s shoulder. Your boyfriend grunted and began moving his finger at a slow pace. 

“Let’s go to the bedroom.” He removed his digit much to your dismay. He took your small hand and lead you half banked towards your bedroom. He closed the door behind you all for safe measure and lifted you easily into his arms. You giggled cutely and squealed when he dropped you on the bed. Hobi reached down and pulled your shirt off completely. He raised an eyebrow at the fact you hadn’t wore a bra at all. 

 “It’s not fair. I’m naked and your still fully dressed.” You pouted with your arms across  your chest. Hobi shook his head and peeled the shirt over his head. You nearly dropped over the hard muscles in his stomach. You moved to your knees and reached out to touch him. Hoseok slapped away your hands playfully and pinned you to the mattress. 

 “I told you princess. This is all about you. Now open those pretty legs.” You chewed on your thumb nail and opened your legs. His fingers were back between your legs and massaging your opening. You mewled in delight. With two fingers this time, he breached the  opening. “Such a good girl. Does it feel good?” 

 “Y-yes….please move.” You arched your hips with a whine. Hoseok wasn’t one to disappoint. His fingers began to stroke deep within in you, working you towards orgasm. 

“Hoseok!” You clenched around his fingers when he rubbed that special spot within you. Your mouth fell open, and a wave of pleasure ripped through you. 

“Already Y/n?” Hobi wiped his fingers on the bed and pulled away to unbuckle his pants and push them, along with his boxers, down and over his hips. You went wide-eyes at the sight of his bare erection. “Are you sure Y/n?” “I’m just a little scared.” You admitted honestly. Hoseok leaned over you with his elbows on either side of your head, nuzzling noses with you. “I’m not pressuring you Y/n. We can wait as long as you want. I don’t want to hurt you.”

 That’s when it hit you. Hoseok was your entire world, sunshine and all. It wasn’t just the hormones talking, these were genuine feelings. Without one word, you wrapped your legs around his waist and pulled him towards you. “I’m ready.” Hoseok laid kisses across your chest and nipples, lapping at them with the broad side of his tongue. You threw your head back and whimpered. Hoseok leaned over and plucked he condom out of his wallet. He slid the lubricated rubber over his dick with a hiss at how sensitive he’d become in so little time. 

Hobi took that moment to grab the base of his cock and lined it up to your entrance. “Deep breath Princess.” Hoseok bucked his hips in one smooth motion, wincing when you cried in discomfort. Your nails dig into his forearm and he leaned down to decorate your face with kisses. He halted his movement but your wet heat around his dick had him fighting every urge. 

“Shhh, don’t cry baby.” He wiped away your tears with his thumb, coping sweet nothings in your ear. They didn’t lie when they said it felt like hot pinchers tearing you apart. Your thighs quivered around Hobi’s waist. 

“I’m o-okay.” You stuttered out. Hobi kissed around your throat and up to your lips. The pain slowly moved aside. “You can move.” Hoseok never thought he’d heard sweeter words than that. With strong hands on your hips, he pulled back an inch or so and delved in deeper. You keened on contact, arms stiffening as you weren’t sure where to place your hands. Hobi took your hands and gently placed around his shoulders. Hoseok started out with slow and firm thrusts that had your toes curling. You chocked back a small sob of pleasure. Hobi took that as a challenge. 

 “Your all wet for me Y/n. Do you hear it? How soaked you are?” You gasped as his hips began rapidly pouncing against your thighs. The wet noises between yours legs was the most embarrassing and arousing noises to ever reach your ears. Hoseok lifted your legs over his broad shoulders kissing each ankle before going back at it again. The pain was completely non-existent by now. You gripped the sheets now with strong cries at every thrust. Hobi wasn’t fairing much better.

 From the start, he had been on edge. You looked beautiful fanned out beneath him. His thrusts started to become erratic and your legs began to slide from his shoulders. He grabbed your hands and pinned them above your head. 

 “Are you going to cum Princess? Are you going to cum on my cock?” You panted into his ear and tried to meet his thrust, chasing the release. 

 “Yes! Please make me cum! I wanna cum!” Hobi smiled at how whiny you became. His head fell to the crook of the neck and left dark bruises on the skin. The pit of your stomach started to do that familiar dance. With a final cry of ecstasy, you came. Hobi moaned as you clamped down on him. 

 “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” He chanted. With three more thrusts he was emptying himself into the condom. You shuddered at the overstimulation when he pulled out, Hobi reaching over and tossing the condom in the bin. Hoseok looked down at you completely fucked out. He cupped your cheeks in his hands and planted a long kiss on your swollen lips.

 “Is this the part where we cuddle?”

  • Genji: I can double jump and wall climb because mobility is important for offense heroes
  • Soldier 76: I can sprint because mobility is important for offense heroes
  • Pharah: I can rocket jump and hover because mobility is important for offense heroes
  • Tracer: I can blink across the battlefield because mobility is important for offense heroes
  • Sombra: I can double my running speed and translocate because mobility is important for offense heroes
  • Reaper: I can teleport and turn into a wraith because mobility is important for offense heroes
  • Mcree: *rolling around on the ground* I do what I want
No Time Like Now -- Dean x Reader

Prompt: “I wasn’t planning on asking you, but it occurred to me that life is short. So will you marry me?” & “This is probably a bad time, but marry me?

Taken from this post

A/N: My very first Dean fic! Kinda excited to know what you guys think of it. Notes and reblogs are much appreciated, but more on the notes. Love hearing feedback and encouragement!

Warnings: A touch of angst, but mostly fluff

Originally posted by deangifsdaily

Dean did another once-over of the hotel room. “Babe, have you seen my gun?”

“We talking rifle, shotgun or handgun?” you asked as you loaded your own guns with fresh clips.


“Semi or pump-action?”


“Salt bullets or regular?”


“Yeah, I put it in the trunk already.” You snapped the clip into the last gun and pumped it once, satisfied at the sound of the bullet loading into the chamber. “It’s there next to the grenade launcher.”

Dean frowned. “You brought the grenade launcher?”

You shrugged, glancing at him over your shoulder. “Well, we are taking out a vamp nest. I’d rather be prepared.”

You slipped your gun into your thigh holster and bent down to zip your duffel closed. As you straightened up, you felt a pair of arms snake around your waist and smirked. “Careful there, cowboy. I’m armed,” you said.

“Have I ever told you how sexy you look when you gear up for a hunt and talk weapons with me?” Dean murmured against your neck, trailing light kisses up and down.

You allowed yourself a moment to savor the sensation of his lips on your skin, a familiar warmth pooling in the pit of your stomach. “Easy there, tiger. Sam’s waiting for us in the car. He’ll be pissed if we keep him hanging.”

“Let him wait,” Dean growled, not letting up in his ministrations.

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Wicked Fate: 4

One Two Three Five Six Seven Eight Nine Epilogue

A lot of you wanted to know what happened at that party…well, here you go! Enjoy the chaos please. 🎉


The problem was, the heart-skipping feeling wasn’t going away. You wondered if you should just give him the cold shoulder or enjoy the feeling while you could. 

You got your answer on Friday. 

On Thursday, you cleverly planned to pace out your homework during any free time between classes in order to avoid everyone altogether. It worked, no one bothered you as your earbuds filled your ears with music and you finished your homework. 

On Friday, your decision was made for you that morning. 

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after 2 years, i still have no idea half the site’s items called thanks to image only layout. what was that, fat sea cow? oh that one, pink shiny stone. that one is red eye white cat of the mire. thank the deities the FBI watchlist sprites are easy to remember.

yeah yeah i know i can hover on them, but it would be fucking easier if the name is listed underneath so i can copy paste it. instead i had to type like a caveman when i want to buy from AH.

shit i can’t even bother to at least try to fill the bestiary. do i already have this? well lets see…. maybe it hidden somewhere in my 20 pages of familiars. nope. in 50 pages of vault? oh i know, lets check bestiary if i already own it. ok let me click all this to find the letter S. this take too long. now let me randomly change the number on the browser to get there faster. ok, now i found it. yay i guess? now lets repeat for the next 100 familiars!

connortheheckingimaginer-deacti  asked:

What did that Dubious Disc, or what was it SUPPOSED to do?

“I didn’t know what they were doing at the time. But I found out later on that those programmer guys working on me were trying to find a way to get me to travel between dimensions…”

“But nope. Instead I turned out in this twitchy, glitchy form. They were disappointed. I’m a little disappointed, too. Imagine the freedom I would have had. That would have been pretty sweet…“

“At least I can hover, though! And travelling through the internet still gives me a lot of freedom!”