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I see prompts are open yay! Please tell me all about Ford finding out about Bitty and Jack.

Ooh, this is interesting, because I don’t feel like it’d be an announcement, but just something Ford finds out when Jack visits or the like. I mean, it could go the other way, like Lardo could be, “heads up, Bitty’s dating our ex-captain” and Ford would be like, “okay? why are you telling me?” (She’s a theatre background, what is a Bad Bob to her?) I think she’d be pretty chill with it, and coming from theatre, like being gay is not an issue, esp in college (and even at the professional level) and esp if we go with the oft reblogged “Ford is gay” headcanon.

But here is a small fic that is only half based on the above…

Ford double checks the dozens of pages Lardo has given her for the upcoming roadie. She thought dealing with dressing room allocation was hard (and it is, one hundred percent) but figuring out room allocations is somehow worse, particularly when she’s new, and hockey players are more superstitious than the girl who played Johanna in Sweeney.

“So, who was it I’m meant to pair Oliver with?” Ford asks, grabbing for the red pen she’d stuck into her bun earlier. She comes out with a green one. It’ll do.

“Wicks. But really, he’d be fine with any of the guys in his year.”

Ford makes a note on one of the pages. “Okay, then I think I’m–Oh, shit.”

“What is it?” Lardo looks up from her sketchbook.

Ford double checks through all her sheets before she says anything. She’s not worrying, because there’s no time for that, she’s just already hating the amount of extra work she’ll need to do to fix things.

“I’ve left Eric, um, Bitty,” Ford corrects herself, still getting used to hockey nicknames, “off the rooming list.”

“Oh, that. Nah, you’re good.” Lardo goes back to her drawing. “He stays with his boyfriend when we’re playing up there.”

“Boyfriend?” Ford double-checks.

“Yeah. He’s in Providence. And he’ll drive Bitty to the games and practices and stuff. Should’ve emailed you that. My bad.”

“That’s fine.” Ford grabs another pen from her hair, forgetting she already has one in front of her. It’s red this time. “Just thought I was going to have to redo an entire afternoon’s worth of work.”

“Right,” Lardo says. “I can see why the minor freak out.”

“Excuse you, I did not freak out.” It’s half a lie. Ford has so many notes on these sheets, but she’s not freaking out, she’s managing. It’s all part of it.

Lardo looks up and smiles at her. “Knew you’d be fine at this.”

Ford takes the compliment with a gracious nod, and goes back to ticking off the rooming list against the team names. All accept Eric.

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Hi there! My name is Kelly and I’m a Film Major finishing up my second year at college. With this semester coming to an end, so does this final project.

Parallel is a film that spawned from several ideas I’ve had for as long as I can remember, as well as several films and videos that I’ve seen over the years. It’s entirely writen and directed by yours truly, and countless hours went into filming and editing it.

The reason I’m telling you this is because one of the many inspirations for this film is Antisepticeye. And given how much Jack is consitantly talking about movies and film in general, it would mean the world to me if I could hear his thoughts about this project that I’ve been killing myself over for months.

So hey, @therealjacksepticeye, if you see this, let me know your thoughts. I could honestly talk about this film forever, and feedback is always appreciated. I can only go up from here.

You Two Are Adorable

“There you are,” Jack smiles as Joe shuffles in, “How was your nap?”

“Shit.” The older man mumbles, his hands buried deep into the pocket of the hoodie he has on. “When did you all get here?”

“About an hour ago,” Conor replies, glancing up from his phone as Joe walks over to Jack, “Surprised you didn’t hear with how noisy those two were,” He gestures towards Caspar and Oli, who were currently fighting over the controller.

“I didn’t hear anything,” Joe shakes his head, allowing Jack to pull him down onto his lap, quickly tucking his head against the younger man’s chest, “Maybe I actually did get some sleep.”

“Still not feeling good?” Josh asks him, stretched out on part of the couch.

“No, and I’m really over it,” Joe sighs, relaxing against his boyfriends body as Jack runs his fingers up and down his spine absentmindedly, his focus mostly on the computer placed beside him, a video half edited.

“This is why you need to take better care of yourself!” Caspar scolds, suddenly joining the conversation.

Jack snorts lightly, his eyes still on the computer screen, “I tell him that almost daily. You’d think he would listen by now…”

“Shut up, I’m sick.” Joe groans, tugging the hood over his head as he closes his eyes.

“Wait…” Conor trails off, a knowing smile on his lips, “Isn’t that Jack’s?”

“Is what?” Oli looks over at their ill friend, grinning as Joe’s cheeks tinge red.

“That is!” Josh laughs, “That’s Jack’s jumper!”

Glancing down at the man on his lap, Jack smiles softly when he realizes that Joe is indeed wearing one of his hoodies.

“Piss off.” Joe mumbles, his eyes still closed as he turns his face further into Jack’s chest.

“You two are adorable,” Caspar coos, “Wearing each other’s clothes.”

“I buy comfy clothes,” Jack shrugs, closing his laptop, having given up on trying to work, not with the warm body resting against him.

“Does he just wear your stuff when he’s not feeling well?” Conor asks, a teasing glint in his eyes, “Or does he mix up your guys clothes all the time and accidentally leave in one of your shirts?”

He is right here, you know.” Joe snaps weakly, his eyes reopening, “And can hear you.”

“You have to answer, Jack, we need to know.” Josh ignores Joe, staring over at the younger Maynard.

“I never thought they’d be one of those couples,” Oli comments to Caspar, who nods in agreement.

“I hate you all.” Joe states simply, his cheeks deepening in their shade of red, but he makes no move from Jack’s lap.

“They really are quite cute, aren’t they?” Conor sighs dramatically, “Taking care of each other when they’re ill, wearing each other’s clothes…”

“You guys are really mature,” Jack rolls his eyes.

“I wonder if they realize they’re doing all this adorable shit too,” Caspar wonders to the others, also ignoring Jack, “Or do they just do it without thinking?”

“Can we get new friends?” Joe asks his boyfriend, tilting his head back to look up at him.

“As soon as you’re better.” Jack nods.

“What do we do in the mean time?”

“We could kick them out…”


“Or we could just ignore them.” Jack finishes, lifting his other hand to brush Joe’s hair under the hood, adjusting it slightly.

“Come on!” Conor bursts out, “How can we not tease you two about shit like that!?”

“I don’t think we can ignore them,” Joe sighs, resting his head back against Jack, “They like to make themselves known.”

“I know, babe,” Jack drops a kiss on the top of Joe’s head as he wraps his arms around the smaller body, “But do your best.”

“Seriously?” Josh deadpans as Jack looks over at him, “You expect us to just brush that stuff off?”

“Can you at least stop teasing while I’m sick?” Joe tries, his eyes falling close once more, the warmth from Jack lulling him to sleep.

“But you two are exceptionally adorable when one of you is sick…” Caspar points out.

“Some friends you all are,” Jack laughs lightly, glancing down at Joe, smiling when he notices his boyfriend has already drifted off, “And can you be quiet? He’s sleeping.”

“Can we tease him when he wakes up?” Conor asks, causing Jack to roll his eyes at his brother’s behaviour.

“We’re taking that as a yes.” Josh tells him, but still, the boys do quiet down a bit, even turning the volume down for their game.

They weren’t horrible friends after all.

Say Yes to Distress (Rafael Barba x Reader)

@xemopeachx I finally got it up!
SHOUT OUT TO @mrsrafaelbarba FOR PROOFREADING THIS!! *insert gospel hands*

“C’mon, c’mon, c’mon! We’re gonna be late if you don’t speed up!”

How interesting it was for you to make such a statement, given that Rafael could only go as fast as your tugging from ahead allowed him. At least, it would have been interesting, had you not roused the man from his sleep in such an abrupt manner. Rafael Barba was a very busy man and one who had learned long ago to appreciate what downtime he had to the best of his ability. So if there ever was an opportunity to sleep in, he would sleep like a rock after capping a night out on the town with some hard liquor. And he was quite grateful to share such a trait with you. Curled up, your back to his chest, being the big spoon to your little spoon underneath the comforting shield of the duvet with the familiar sounds of the bustling city below your apartment playing in the background – that was how he liked his Saturday mornings.

Not being woken up to your cold hands smooshing his cheek after he failed to respond to your whispers or even shaking him. And certainly not getting marched out of bed, into the shower for only five minutes, a quick breakfast of Eggo waffles (weekends were usually the only time he could even get breakfast!), and out the door to the rowdy streets of New York. He much preferred this sound to be on the other side of the window, rather than up in his ears. However, the honking of car horns and rattle of construction and shouting of commuters was almost drowned out, if not for you taking up the most of his attention with your incessant command: “C’mon, c’mon, c’mon.” You’d been saying it since he’d lumbered out of bed. And he’d been asking why since the Eggo waffles.

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‘‘Sam?’‘ You breathed into the phone, your voice barley a whisper as you leaned against the door with your ear, terrified of every little noise you heard. If he knew you were in here, if he knew who you were calling…you were convinced you could start digging your own grave.

‘‘(Y/n)?’‘ The youngest Winchester asked, his voice filled with surprise. He hadn’t exoected to hear your voice when he had picked up the phone, and the scared tone you were talking in made his brows furrow in confusion. ‘‘Is everything okay?’‘

‘‘No, nothing is okay, Sam,’‘ You hushed, flinching as you heard a door shut close from somewhere else in the apartment. He was coming…

‘‘(Y/n), talk to me,’‘ Sam urged, his voice serious and concerned. ‘‘Tell me what’s going on, are you in danger?’‘

‘‘It’s Sean,’‘ You mumbled, gripping the knife that you’d snatched from the kitchen even more firmly than before. ‘‘He’s been acting strange this whole week, but now…Sam, I think something is really wrong with him.’‘

‘‘Sean? Your boyfriend?’‘ Sam asked, feeling a bit confused. He had never met the Irish man before, but you’d shown some of his video’s the the Winchesters before and from what he’d seen, Sean seemed like a nice person. But the fear in your voice proved him wrong, and he feared the worst.

‘‘(Y/n), do you think he is possesed?’‘ Sam asked, his voice filled with worry. ‘‘Tell me where you are, Dean and I are coming to get you.’‘

‘‘It’s too late for that, Sammy,’‘ You gulped, as you heard footsteps slowly coming closer to the door, you hands trembling. ‘‘He’s already here…’‘

‘‘(Y/n), do not hang up the phone!’‘ Sam firmly told you. ‘‘Do you have anything to protect you with? Holy water, a knife, anything?’‘

‘‘I-I’ve got a knife,’‘ You whispered slowly, before nearly jumping in shock when a new voice spoke up from the other side of the door. It was a skincrawling voice, sounding both cold and happy in a twisted way. It was the voice of the man you’d grown to love, only now you were sure that whatever was outside the door, it wasn’t Sean. Not anymore.

‘‘Oh (Y/n)!’‘ It chuckled darkly. ‘‘Now is not the time to hide, darling. How about you come out so that we can start the real fun? I thought you loved my games…’‘

Suddenly, static broke down the line and Sam wasn’t able to hear your voice anymore. When the line finally got back up, the youngest Winchester was greeted with a deadly silence, and he knew you were in big trouble….

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Bacon, Forts and Cuddles - Jack Maynard Imagine

This is my first imagine so lets see how it goes… thoughts on it are welcome, I’d love to know what you think and ways to improve :)

summary: just a lazy day with jack building a fort, eating bacon and cuddling. enjoy :)


It was nearing 11 am when you woke and rolled over to find Jack’s side of the bed empty and cold. Rolling out of bed you made your way to the kitchen, not missing the distinct smell of bacon wafting through the flat.

“Jack? Are you cook-“ you started only to realise it wasn’t Jack in the kitchen. “Morning y/n” Josh said brightly with a grin on his face. “Hey Josh, have you seen Jack?” you replied, laughing to yourself at the thought of Jack waking up before you to cook breakfast. “Nah, thought the lazy shit was still in bed, did you want some bacon? I cooked too much and I gotta head out in 20 minutes” Josh replied turning around and tending to the bacon. “Can’t say no to bacon,” you grinned sitting down on the couch.

“Is that bacon?” Jack’s voice sounded from the hallway. “Yeah, my bacon,” Josh called out. “Aw babe, I thought you decided to make me breakfast this morning” Jack pouted sitting down on the couch next to you, slinging his arm across your shoulders and placing a quick kiss to your cheek. “And I thought the same when I didn’t find you in bed this morning, where were you?” you replied. “Needed to take a shit” he replied eying Josh making up two plates. “Should’ve known,” you mumbled to yourself shaking your head.

After eating half of your breakfast, giving up to Jack’s constant bickering for some of it, you found yourself back in Jack’s bed. “Babe, i’m bored,” you whined to Jack, who was finishing editing his vlog he was uploading later that night. “Y/n, I’ll be done in a couple of minutes. Shut up and stop your whinging,” he laughed playfully while running his fingers through your hair. “I wanna cuddle without your laptop being in the way,” you pouted placing a kiss to his cheek, followed by his jaw and then neck. “Y/n. Stop. Not now.” He clenched his jaw and shuffled away from you on the bed. You sighed and pulled out your phone deciding to scroll through Instagram until Jack had finished.

Half an hour later you felt the bed move and a hand was placed on your waist. You looked up to Jack, his face was just above yours to the side of your phone that was still in your hand. “I’m done with editing babe, we can cuddle now,” He grinned that smile you loved and flashed his perfect teeth, moving his face closer to yours slowly in hopes for a kiss. Deciding to play around you shifted your head to the side so Jack’s lips met your jaw instead of your lips, and you continued to turn onto your side away from him to continue playing on your phone. “Baby, what’re you doing, I thought you wanted to cuddle?” You could practically hear the pout in his voice, ignoring him, you smiled to yourself and kept your attention on your phone. You felt Jack reach over the top of you and your phone was pulled from your grasp, you turned around almost immediately and you found yourself underneath Jack, him holding his weight above you with his arms near your head. “Hi,” he grinned at you, staring into your eyes. “Hi. Bye.” You replied putting your hands against his chest to push him off of you, but he caught your hands in his pulling them away and laying all his weight on you, with his head now on your chest. “Jack! Get off me, you fatty!” you cried with laughter as you tried to wiggle away from him, “You’re crushing me!”. “Stop being so dramatic,” Jack rolled his eyes keeping your hands pinned above your head while peppering kisses all around your face and neck. All of a sudden he stopped and sat up, looking at you with the biggest grin. “What? Why are you looking at me like a psycho?” you asked while sitting up. “I have an idea,” he replied grabbing your hand in his and pulling you from the bed. “Oh no, thats hardly ever good,” you giggled.

Jack sat you down on the couch and told you to stay put while he ran around like a lunatic collecting things. “Jack, babe, what on earth are you doing?” you laughed watching him struggle to get around the table with a large blanket covering most of his body and face. “We’re making a fort!” he exclaimed excitedly while dumping the blanket on you.

Creating the fort took longer than expected with Jack continually getting distracted by you, claiming ‘you look too good in my shirt babe, but it’d look better on the floor’ followed by a cheeky grin and a wink and you throwing a pillow at his head laughing. “Done!” Jack screamed as he placed the last blanket down inside your relatively decent looking fort. “Jack, shut up!” you laughed covering his mouth with your hand, he grabbed it and placed a kiss to it and lead you down to the floor that was now covered in pillows.
“This is nice,” you tiredly looked up to Jack from your position on his chest. He grinned down at you and you placed a kiss on his lips. “Let’s just stay here forever, ok?” Jack replied, looking down at you lovingly. “I’m okay with that,” you replied with a yawn and resumed your previous position with your head on his chest and his arms around you securely, slowly falling into a peaceful slumber. “I love you, y/n” Jack mumbled before closing his eyes.


“Jack! Y/n! We brought back dinner!” Conor yelled as he entered the flat, placing the bags in the kitchen followed by Josh. Noticing the fort made in the living room the boys made their way over to the opening to see you and Jack cuddled up asleep. “How the fuck is Jack in a relationship and I’m not?” Conor mumbled jokingly, glad his brother found someone as amazing as you.

Apple Pie Order

or Jack and Bitty see each other naked outside of the locker room

Bitty is in a mood. Most would call it restlessness, because that’s what it is. It’s because Bitty should be working on an essay for class, but he gets panicky every time he starts thinking about just how many words he has to write, so he’s on the hunt for a distraction.

Baking is too easy for a mood like this. He could do that with his eyes closed and half asleep. So, he falls back to his other fall-back. House-cleaning.

He’s already cleaned his room and the kitchen, and he’s tidied the main room, going so far as to give the green couch a very cautious wipe-down. He’s currently in the upstairs bathroom he shares with Ransom and Holster, earbuds in and blasting Beyoncé. The toilet has never looked so clean, and the grout he thought was a permanent fixture in the corner of the shower just needed a hospital strength cleaning liquid and five minutes of scrubbing.

He’s got all the bits and bobs for bathroom cleaning in a bucket, and he figures he’ll just do Jack and Shitty’s bathroom while he’s in the zone.

There is less to take care of in this bathroom, which is good but also bad because this is really the last place Bitty feels comfortable cleaning (he’s not going to mess around with anyone’s bedroom). After this he’ll actually need to do his school work.

He’s scrubbing at flecks of toothpaste on the mirror when Jack walks in to the bathroom.

Bitty didn’t hear him over the Beyoncé, but he for sure can see him.

One minute, Bitty’s focusing on a stubborn glob of toothpaste that won’t shift, and the next second there’s a penis in the mirror. Jack’s penis, specifically.

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Joe never questioned you on it, and you never explained it, deciding it was just easier.

It wasn’t that big of a deal, they were just little spots across your arms and legs, but you had been teased enough as a small child that your insecurity over the years had grown.

Part of you knew that Joe wouldn’t tease you about it, he cared enough about you, you were sure about that, but yet you still kept your arms and legs covered.

And things were fine.

Until one of the boys pointed it out while you were all hanging out.

“Don’t you get too warm, though?” Caspar asked, completely innocently. He had no idea. He just was curious, you knew that.

“No, I’m fine.” You shook your head, sinking further into the couch.

“You don’t need to be shy around us, Y/N.” Oli smiled kindly, “And if you’re worried about Jack staring—”


“Don’t be. He wouldn’t do anything. Not if you’re with Joe.” Oli finished.

“Well, that’s true.” Jack nodded, “No need to worry there.”

“It’s not that,” You shook your head again, “I just like to be comfortable.”

“Can you all stop pestering my girlfriend now?” Joe rolled his eyes, pulling you against his side, smiling fondly down at you.

You couldn’t help but smile back, it was always nice hearing Joe call you his girlfriend, even if it was just to the boys.

“Sorry, Y/N,” Caspar shot you an apologetic look, “I wasn’t trying to bother you.”

“It’s fine, Caspar.” You assured him, “No harm done.”

And you thought you were right in saying that, until later that night when you and Joe made your back to his place.

It was while you were both getting ready for bed, and you came out of the bathroom in a long sleeved shirt and long pyjama pants. When you lifted your eyes to his, you noticed the studying look in his eyes.

“Can I ask you a question?” He asked as you climbed into bed.

“You just did,” You couldn’t help but tease. “But go ahead.”

“Why do you always cover your arms and legs?” Your entire body tensed up at the question, and you couldn’t help but silently curse Caspar for planting this seed in Joe’s mind.


“You don’t have to tell me,” Joe continued quickly, “If you really want me to drop it, I will.”

“No, its fine.” You shook your head, fidgeting with the edge of your sleeve. “I just…it’s easier to just show you.” You mumble, pushing your sleeves up, displaying your arms.

You watch as he frowns down at your arms, “I don’t see anything.”

“Huh?” You look down at your arms as well, the spots staring back at you.

“I don’t see anything wrong with them, so why do you hide them?” His tone was sincere, and you felt a surge of love for the man sat beside you.

“I have all these spots. They’re on my legs too.”

That’s why you cover up?”


“Oh, Y/N.” Joe laughed softly, pulling you into a hug. “I don’t care about little spots on your arms. Or legs. I mean,” He pulled back to look down at you, tilting your head back with his finger, “I didn’t even notice them just now.”

“You promise?”

“Yes, love. You are beautiful, spots and all. Besides, if you can handle my giraffe neck, I think I can handle some spots.”

“You don’t have a giraffe neck,” You tell him, leaning forward to kiss him. “But thank you.”

“So are you going to stop hiding?”

“I’ll try.”

“Good. Let the world see how gorgeous my girlfriend is.” You blushed at his words, leaning into him as you both settle back in to the bed.

“I love you, Joe.”

“I love you too, Y/N. And I love your spots.”

“And I love your giraffe neck.”

Who are you? Part two || Joe Sugg Imagine

Read part one HERE 

It had been two weeks since the accident, and I was starting to remember things, small things and big things, I remember what happened the night of my twentieth birthday, I remember everything. I hadn’t told any of the boys yet. Tears falling from my eyes, the fear of being hurt leaves me paralyzed.

“Y/N? You home?” Jack calls out closing the front door, I shrink back away from the sound.

“Yeah I’m in the bedroom,” I call out wincing at the crack in my voice, “I’ll be out in a minute.”

I hear Jack come running into the room, I quickly wipe my eyes in hopes that he won’t see my tears, but I know he does.

“Y/N what’s wrong?” He asks moving towards me wrapping his arms tightly around me. I shake my head, trying to push him away from me suddenly feeling claustrophobic. My breathing quickens. I can feel myself spiraling.

A voice breaks through my thoughts, “Y/N you need to open your eyes and look at me. Come on love pull yourself out of the panic attack for me.”

I open my eyes slowly, attempting to even out my breathing, “Good now, tell me what’s happening in your head,”

I feel the tears prick my eyes again, “I remember,” I whisper stepping away from jack wrapping my arms around my body.

“That’s amazing,” He begins, “Why aren’t you happy about it?”

“I’m scared, what if he doesn’t love me anymore? what if Joe wants someone else?” I  say, but it nearly comes out as a whisper.

“Do you really think I wouldn’t love you anymore?” I hear the voice I am in love with ask.

I spin on my heel, eyes widening, “Uh, please tell me that this isn’t real?”

“Y/N, I’m so desperately in love with you and I can’t see myself with anyone else,” Joe says, stepping towards me, taking my hands in his.

“I remember everything, every single thing,” I sob stepping towards hugging him hiding my face in his chest. But he doesn’t hug me back. I step away from him.

“What? What’s happened?” I ask tears falling from my eyes silently.

“Do you still love me?” He asks, looking into my eyes, I start nodding my head yes.

“Oh my god yes, yes I do. It’s as if I never forgot, everything was so perfect, please tell me that you want to go back to that?” I beg, stepping towards him again holding his face in my hands.

“I’ve always wanted to be with you,” He says pulling my face to his. Joes lips capture mine in a sweet innocent kiss, My fingers trail to his hair, I feel him grin into the kiss.

“I’ve missed you so much, I love you Y/N,” He places kisses all over my face.


“Love?” I call into the quiet house.

“Y/N? Babe? Come look at this!” Joe calls back in a hushed tone.

I make my way to our bedroom, the direction of his voice. The sight that sits before me brings tears to my eyes. Joe is laid on our bed with a tiny baby laid on his chest.

“How cute is this?” Joe asks grinning up at me, I smile widely at him.

“So cute,” I chuckle, taking off my shoes and jacket, laying down on the bed next to Joe and our baby.

“I love you,” I whisper kissing each of their head.

“We love you,” Joe says kissing my lips softly.

Imagine Chris taking you to Rome for a romantic getaway. (Part E)

A/N: Part 5E! We’re so close, just one epilogue and we’re done! Thank you so much for reading, I love y'all. ❤️ You can read the previous parts here: (Little Ones - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A/5B/5C/5D) and (Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts; Baby Fever; and Memory Lane - Masterlist)

Chris rose with the sun while you remained peacefully asleep in his arms. A lazy, satisfied smile spread across his face when he looked down at your pretty face, memories of the night before entering his mind. Dinner had been lovely, but what transpired after had been lovelier; there was no doubt the two of you were going to sleep incredibly well on the plane after the late night you had. Chris carefully pulled his arm around from under you, detangling his legs from yours. He sucked in his breath when you stirred, rolling over and pulling the mess of sheets with you. He quietly breathed out then gently kissed your hair before disappearing into the bathroom to have a much needed shower.

You were aroused from your sleep when you heard the shower, you rolled over and realized Chris had gotten up. You smiled and stretched, sighing when you realized today was the day your romantic getaway with Chris ended. It was a bit of a bittersweet moment; on one hand- neither or you wanted to leave Rome, on the other- both were very excited to get back to your son. As magical as the past week had been, it was time to head back to where your real life awaited- where your son awaited with photos and stories from his first proper Halloween. Checkout was at 1:30PM and the flight to take you back to Boston, Massachusetts was at 4:30PM; it was only 6:50AM so you still had plenty of time.

You could hear Chris singing in the shower; it was hard to make out what song it was, but his voice made you smile nonetheless. You stretched once more before you got out of bed, you scooped Chris’ shirt off the floor and slipped it on so you weren’t just wandering around in your underwear. As much as that would’ve delighted your husband, you wanted breakfast and you couldn’t receive room service without some form of clothing. You grabbed the room service menu then returned to sit on the edge of the bed to peruse the breakfast menu at your leisure. It was your last breakfast in Rome for- God only knew how long so you wanted to order something memorable.

The shower stopped running while you were on the phone, you looked up as Chris came out of the shower with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. “Good morning,” he smiled then leaned over to kiss you on the cheek. “I thought you would’ve joined me in the shower, but clearly I wore you out last night.” He teased you and you tried not to laugh as you pointed at the phone.

“That’d be great,” you nodded as you spoke to the receptionist, “thank you so much. Yes, we’re in the penthouse suite. Mm hm, room number four-two-seven.” With that, you hung up and rolled onto your stomach. “One final room service breakfast before we go home and have to cook what we want to eat.”

“Drats,” Chris clicked his fingers, smiling when you laughed. “If I’m being honest though,” he said as he pulled a pair of Calvin Klein boxers on. “I kind of miss our pancake mornings, the way Jack would clap and giggle when I flip the pancakes.” You smiled; it was pretty cute. “But hey, this time tomorrow-” he pulled a pair of Under Armor shorts on. “We’ll be doing just that.”

“Yup,” you smiled, shuffling so Chris could have his spot on the bed. “I miss our little bug.” You told him, pouting as you sat up and leaned into his open arm. “As nice as the past childless week has been, I miss being a mom.” He chuckled softly, kissing your hair. “Who would’ve thought I’d ever say that, huh?” You looked back at him, giggling. “Remember me when you first met me?”

“Yeah, but I saw past that tough exterior,” he smiled. “If you really disliked kids as much as you said you did, then I would have never made you have Jack.” You rolled your eyes because like that child lover would give up having children for you. “Don’t roll your eyes at me,” he tickled you and you squirmed, laughing. “I’ve told you a million times, you’re all I’ll ever need.”

“But you’re really glad I don’t dislike kids as much as I said I did, right?” You quizzed and laughed when he nodded. “For the record, so am I.” You smiled and pecked him on the lips. “I don’t think I can imagine a life without Jack anymore, he’s so precious and God- I love that boy.”

“Me too,” he nodded, smiling. “And I can’t wait to see and hear what he got up to on Halloween.”

Your face fell a little when you thought about having to face your son after lying to him about how you had to go because it was for his dad’s work; you may not have known going in, but you did now and you felt horrible. You could’ve been there, but instead you were off having the time of your life with Chris; talk about mother of the year.

“What’s wrong?” Chris quizzed with narrowed eyes when he saw your face.

“I don’t know, I guess I feel bad about lying about this trip being a work thing,” you admitted, pressing your lips together when you met his gaze. “The moment I see Jack’s face, I’m going to feel like a complete monster.” He sighed; he knew your guilt would surface, if he was being honest- his was too. “We’re going to need to make up for this somehow, you know that right?”

“Yeah, I know,” he nodded. “We’ve got those annual passes for Disney World, right?” You nodded, smiling when you remembered; it was your saving grace. “I’m sure we can slot something in over the holidays, I think Carly wanted to take the kids before Christmas. We can all go together as one big, happy family, I’m sure he’d love that.”

“Somehow I feel like you’re going to love it more.”

“Sounds like a win win situation to me,” he said then laughed when you did. 

• • • • • • • • 

Your flight landed at Logan International Airport in Boston at 8:41PM; a little bit behind schedule, but got you home nonetheless. The airport was a lot busier than you’d both expected, so hats and sunglasses were used to get you through without attracting a mess of fans. You were both tired and ready to get home to see your son, the last thing you wanted was to be stopped and asked to take photos.

Chris hailed a cab and helped the cab driver load the luggage into the trunk while you got into the vehicle, clutching the renaissance painter teddy bear you got Jack from a flea market in Rome. You yawned as your husband and the cab driver got back into the car; it pulled away from the curb and you were on your way home.

“Homeward bound,” Chris whispered into your hair when you leaned into his open arm. “Sleep,” he instructed, knowing how tired you were after your restless flight; you were a frequent flyer, yes, but not all your experiences were smooth. “I’ll wake you when we get home.”

The drive was a few hours and you fell asleep within the first fifteen minutes, Chris had slept on the flight so he wasn’t as tired as you were. When the cab got close, Chris texted Scott to let him know that they were in the area and that he should open the door. It was 11:39PM when Chris woke you up, informing you that you’d reached your beautiful home. You got out of the cab and smiled at the three men that had helped with your son while you were away with your husband.

“Both your boys are asleep in his room,” Scott told you, referring to Jack and Dodger. “Here,” he took your bags from you and you smiled gratefully. “Let us handle the bags,” he offered, beckoning his head at Sebastian and Anthony; they both nodded, smiling. “The two of you go see him. Just try not to wake him? It took a lot of effort to put him down, really don’t know how you two do it on a daily basis,” he chuckled.

“Got it,” Chris chuckled, slapping the guys on the back as he walked past to join your side. “Thanks, guys. We definitely owe you big time,” he said and you nodded in agreement. “If you ever have kids of your own, we are at your disposal.”

The two of you made your way upstairs to your baby boy’s room, you quietly opened the door and peeped in. His Mickey Mouse night light illuminated his room, which was empty; neither Jack nor Dodger were present. “Oh my God,” the teddy bear dropped with your hearts. “Where is Jack?” You asked Chris and he shook his head, his lips parted in shock. You were both so tired that it didn’t occur to either of you that he was somewhere else in the house, the first thought was as you said out loud, “our son is missing.”

“Scott, where is my son?!” Chris cried out, scrambling down the stairs.

“We shouldn’t have gone away,” you mumbled to yourself, feeling your eyes well with tears.

“Mama?” A child’s voice laced with sleep turned your head and you let out a huge sigh filled with absolute relief. “Why are you crying?” He quizzed when you scooped him into your arms, hugging him tightly. “What’s wrong, Mama?” He asked, wrapping his arms around you.

You heard footsteps hurrying up the stairs; Chris led the troop. They caught sight of you with Jack in your arms and all let out a sigh of relief in unison. Chris walked over, wrapping his arms around the both of you and kissing the back of Jack’s head. Dodger padded out of the room, nudging his nose against your leg and you looked down at him with a smile.

“Is that for me?” Jack caught sight of his teddy bear which was still lying on the floor. Chris pulled away and picked it up, passing it to him when you loosened your hug. “Oh wow,” he grinned, hugging it to his chest. “Thanks Mama, thanks Daddy.”

“Where were you?” You asked Jack, running a hand through his sleep disheveled hair. “Uncle Scott said you were asleep in your room, where’d you go?” You asked then answered your own question when you saw him smile. “Were you watching interviews in our room again?”

“No,” he giggled. “I knew you and Daddy were coming home tonight. I wanted to wait up, but Uncle Scott wouldn’t let me so I pretended to be asleep then hid in your room when Uncle Scott went downstairs.” He looked over at Scott, giggling when his uncle scoffed. “I wasn’t actually asleep, Uncle Scott. I was pretending so you’d go downstairs.”

“Yeah,” Scott chuckled in disbelief, “I don’t know how you two do that on a daily basis.” You and Chris chuckled at that. “He is a bigger handful than we’d expected.” Jack giggled when you tickled him. “We were discussing earlier and we wouldn’t be surprised if you told us you lied about the trip being a work thing to get some alone time. Right, guys?” He looked back at Sebastian and Anthony, who both nodded.

“Um…” Chris pressed his lips together.

“Yeah, about that…” You bit back your smile.

“Oh my God, seriously?” Sebastian chuckled.

“We’re going to make it up to all of you,” you quickly told them then turned your attention on your son, “especially you, buddy. I’m so sorry we missed your first proper Halloween, we really wanted to be here.” Jack just smiled, completely indifferent to the truth his uncles had just discovered. He had a lot of fun with the guys and couldn’t care less that you’d missed Halloween.

“I guess we’ll be expecting another Evans baby in nine months then,” Anthony teased and you blushed even though that wasn’t at all true or the reason you went away to Rome. You’d both decided to wait to have another so you were extremely careful when it came to sex and contraception, or so you thought. “Are we hoping for a girl this time, Mr. and Mrs. Evans?”

“I’m going to have a sister?” Jack gasped.

“No, you’re not,” you and Chris both shook your heads.

“You might,” Sebastian told him and his faltered smile regain momentum.

“As careful as you might’ve been,” Scott smirked, “you would’ve slipped up somewhere.”

“Okay, no,” Chris chuckled. “Stop it, guys. We’re not having another baby, not for awhile anyway.”

“Yeah,” you agreed, “our hands are already tied up with Jack, we don’t need another just yet.”

Scott, Sebastian, and Anthony shared cheeky grins then turned back to the two of you and said in unison. “Guess we’ll know in a couple months, won’t we?”

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Yes, finally! The next part is the epilogue. X


People wanted to see some points on my own Antisepticeye character!

* he’s already dead guys
* Got his scars in a fistfight with Dark
* Has screws in his fingers from torturing Jack
* Looks kinda like he’s falling apart
* Wears the gauges
* Has subtle fangs
* He just hates everyone tbh
* Always looks kinda gross, like bruised and clammy
* Eyes vary between pitch black and glowing green.
* Although they reflect red if you shine a light at him
* Sometimes refers to himself as “we”
* Probably eats exclusively raw eggs and uncooked meat

He’s scary. He’s charismatic, he knows how to make people do things. He’ll manipulate people into doing whatever he wants them to.

When he talks, you can hear Jack’s voice echoing. They don’t quite speak in unison. Similar in rhythm, yes. Like two sides of the same story, simultaneously.

“His body was weak”
“When I was dictating what we speak”
“You all said my name”
“He thought it was a shame”
“Kept me”
“Awake at night”
“I am here now”
“I am here still”
“It’s all your fault”
“It’s not your fault”
“Too long”
“You listen to me now”
“He lies, you all know”
“You all made this happen”
“You couldn’t have seen through his tricks”
“You could have stopped me”
“You couldn’t have stopped him”
“But you just watched”
“Guilting you to watch”
“As this happened.”
“Now he’s gone forever”
“Is this the end? Never.”

“Say goodbye”

When Anti laughs, you can hear Jack screaming.


It was impossible to not look down, this was your childhood fear…planes, helicopters, anything that required to be driven through the air. You had got the short end of the stick, no-one knew about your fear of flying and you were fine with anyone not knowing. However it became extremely avoidable when the mission called for a helicopter.

Squeezing your eyes shut, Mac looked over and all of a sudden his hand gripped yours. “Why didn’t you say something before we got on?”, he leaned over to ask so you could hear. “Because I thought I could handle it”.

“Hey, Mac what’s going on up there?”. Jack yelled in his ear com. Instead of dealing with Jack he turned off the ear com and his full focus became you. “Y/N, I know it’s hard but try and not look out the window, instead look at me”. You couldn’t do it, your eyes might as well been glued to the window. “I can’t, I feel like were falling”. Your breath became quick and the grip on Mac’s hand tightened.

“I can promise you that we aren’t falling, I’ve got you Y/N”. Tearing your gaze away, you looked towards Mac and the gentleness in his eyes eased some panic. “Just keep looking at me, and focus on my voice”. You did as he instructed and in a few moments your hand loosened, and your breathing returned to normal.

Thanking Mac, the two of you stared at one another for a little too long. Not sure what the next move was going to be, he slowly leaned in and left you breathless in the best way possible.



Bitty didn’t speak. He was a siren, a creature whose voice is the downfall of others, who can drive men and women into madness with a single word. As a child, his request for candy resulted in every person in earshot rushing to the nearest store, loading their arms with sweets to satisfy him. The novelty waned quickly into a curse, for he never knew who truly cared for him and who was responding only to his voice.

By the time he started at Samwell, he had gone three years without saying a word, and he was happy to let his classmates believe he was incapable of speech. His teammates took signing classes to understand him, and rallied around him when a professor told him he had no medical reason to skip his oral exam.

He had friends. For the first time in his life he knew the people that surrounded him liked him for him, that made him stifle his laughter into his fist, that cheered as he attempted spins in his bulky hockey skates.

He believed that someone could love him of their own accord. Every time he locked eyes with Jack and shared a secretive smile, or crashed into him after a goal, Bitty let himself think that, just maybe, Jack could feel an attraction that had nothing to do with Bitty’s voice. Bitty’s stomach leaped every time it crossed his mind.

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Singer Jack

Jack can surprisingly sing.

A/N:: I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to respond or write an imagine. So I wrote an imagine and will respond.

You and Jack were best friends. More than that. You guys were lovers, boyfriend/girlfriend. Jack had recently moved in with you because he needed a place to stay due to the lease being up on his apartment he shared with Conor and Josh.

You had just gotten back from work. Walking into your apartment, you hear a beautiful voice singing. Not knowing it was Jack, you thought that someone had broken into your house. But then it hit you, who in the hell would break into your place just to sing? Is it Jack? Did Conor come over to bum off some food? You walk towards the singing. It was in the office. The door was open a little. You look in to see your boyfriend singing. He was also playing guitar. Jack was really good. You couldn’t believe your ears, or eyes for that matter. You open the door more and lean against the door frame. He had finished, so you clapped.

“And everyone thinks that Conor was the Maynard with the voice.” You said, as he jumped from not knowing you were there.

“I uh how long have you been standing there?” He asks, surprised to see you.

“Not long babe. But long enough to know that you have an incredible voice.” You walked to him and sat against the desk.

“I guess so. I don’t know though. I want to put it out there that I know how to sing. But what if everybody thinks I am trying to be like Conor?” His insecurity comes out.

You push his hair off his forehead and kiss it. “Jack, I am pretty sure your fans will support you in whatever you do. You can sing, but you are not like Conor. I know everyone will love you and your voice.” This causes him to smile.

“Thank you Y/N, you know how to calm me down.”

“That’s because we’ve known each other for millions of years.” You joke.

“I love you, Y/N.” He says, meaning it.

“And I love you.”

Percy Jackson and the Titanic

This is my first attempt at a Percy Jackson Fanfic, so here you go!

@theinsidiousbookworm @alexfierrno

Tonight was the night. Percy Jackson and his friends were finally going to watch The Titanic after him recommending it at least ten times. Each time they all gave each other weird glances but finally, finally they caved.

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A harmless lie (Newt)

A/N: Frankly I don’t know why I’m posting this. Ugh well forgive my fifth grade writing skills.

Summary: Gladers annoy the reader, reader decides to screw with them. Gladers take it a little too seriously :P

Main characters: Newt,Gally, Minho mentions of the other guys too!

Spoilers:…You’ve see Maze Runner right?

 You had this vague memory of a person saying guys don’t grow up till they’re sixty. After spending two months in the glade you could say you 100% agreed with whoever said that.Sure the glade was full of teenagers, and they were quite mature given the circumstances y’all were put in, but when it came to you that maturity just crumbled down and they all acted like they were Chuck’s age. Except Chuck was an angel compared to them.

 Being the only girl in Glade had first caused a lot of awkwardness and suspicion among your fellow gladers , but with the help of Newt. Minho and Thomas they all eventually warmed up to you within two weeks and now you kinda missed the days where they were a little cautious around you.

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You Heard Me (Jack Gilinsky)

omg ok so I’ve been like stalking your blog for the last two days and I love everything I’ve seen. I was wondering if I could get an imagine where you’re touching yourself and your bff jack comes over and hears you moaning his name but then gets upset cuz this whole time he thought you liked the other jack so when he hears you he gets really turned on and then you moan his last name and then you can take it from there maybe 😚 please pleaseee and I’m sorry for the long request 😅🙏🏻


Request By: @ayyashslay

Preface: I’m bad at writing graphic stuff, I get a lil’ shy. Sry. 

It was a rare occurrence for you to feel the need to touch yourself. It was a rather taboo subject for you to even think about. However, you were home alone, and like always your thoughts traveled to your best friend Jack Johnson.

You instantly felt your blood pressure spike as images of Jack touching you flooded your mind. Oh god, you wanted that. You wanted to feel his dark hair brushing against your neck as he grinded on top of you, leaving open mouth kisses along your collarbone. 

You shut your door and immediately dive into your crisp clean sheets. You almost felt bad for ruining them, like you soon would, almost. 

The thoughts of Jack entered your mind once more as you slip your lace panties off. You fingers travel down your stomach, over your hips and to the place you need them the most, “Jack,” you mutter in a tone louder than you anticipated, “Ah, yes, Jack.” 

Jack Gilinsky 

I contemplated whether I should at least knock on the door but that thought quickly left my mind when I heard a distant moan within the house. I opened the front door as quietly as I could and proceeded to shut it behind me clicking the lock. Was I really walking into this? 

“Baby,” the voice was all too familiar. Her. I walk towards her room being as quiet as can be to investigate further, “Mm Jack, yeah, oh, yeah.” I stop in my footsteps when I hear the word ‘Jack’ leave her lips. It couldn’t be. I’m hearing things. 

“Jaaack.” No, I’m definitely hearing it. Clear as a bell. I press my ear against the door, feeling betrayed. How dare she moan my friend’s name, how dare she touch herself whilst thinking about him. Of course her and I were just best friends, but my feelings went so much deeper than that and this week of vacation kind of made me feel like she could have felt the same. Obviously not. 

“Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack oh god baby, I’m so close-” I feel my cheeks turn red with anger, “oh Jack-” I feel for the handle and just as I turn it she moans again, “GILINSKY.” 


Here you are. Yourself sweaty and embarrassed, the sheets drenched. Him red and surprised, jittery from the incident that just happened. You wish your life could just end right now. 

“I’m sorry,” you whisper breathlessly, “I-” 

Jack stops you, “it’s okay…I was actually worried it wasn’t me.” 

“Excuse me?” Your tone was more surprised that you anticipated. 

He steps forward, closer to the bed where your naked body lie underneath a single sheet, “you heard me.” 

Does anyone want a pt 2 with the sexy sex? Let me know ! - Bri 

Sweater Weather

For @i-wantarevelation and @msculper who wanted something fluffy and autumnal. I hope this is okay. I kind of deviated from my original idea by a lot. 

Jack spots Bittle weaving through the crowd at the Farmer’s Market holding two large pumpkins.

Jack can hear his polite pardon me’s more clearly as he gets closer and when he’s finally close enough he tips forward and drops one into Jack’s waiting arms.

“There you are, honey. Thought I lost you for a moment there. I was looking for a place to put one of these boys down so I could grab my phone and text you. Last I knew you were right behind me. Something catch your eye?”

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My dream plan

I have this deep feeling of wanting to create a horror, five nights at Freddy’s type game, with Antisepticeye (Jack’s Anti). But I’m not really a game maker (like programming and other stuff) and I can’t make 3D models.
I see it more of it being a point and click game in my eyes.

I’m more of the concept art person :). I would absolutely love this to be a dream come true some day, plus working on this type of thing with other people on this type of project.

Thought I would get it out of my head of my future plans :) Would love to hear your thoughts about this ^^.

P.s. Nothing negative please.