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Sweater Weather

For @i-wantarevelation and @msculper who wanted something fluffy and autumnal. I hope this is okay. I kind of deviated from my original idea by a lot. 

Jack spots Bittle weaving through the crowd at the Farmer’s Market holding two large pumpkins.

Jack can hear his polite pardon me’s more clearly as he gets closer and when he’s finally close enough he tips forward and drops one into Jack’s waiting arms.

“There you are, honey. Thought I lost you for a moment there. I was looking for a place to put one of these boys down so I could grab my phone and text you. Last I knew you were right behind me. Something catch your eye?”

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You Heard Me (Jack Gilinsky)

omg ok so I’ve been like stalking your blog for the last two days and I love everything I’ve seen. I was wondering if I could get an imagine where you’re touching yourself and your bff jack comes over and hears you moaning his name but then gets upset cuz this whole time he thought you liked the other jack so when he hears you he gets really turned on and then you moan his last name and then you can take it from there maybe 😚 please pleaseee and I’m sorry for the long request 😅🙏🏻


Request By: @ayyashslay

Preface: I’m bad at writing graphic stuff, I get a lil’ shy. Sry. 

It was a rare occurrence for you to feel the need to touch yourself. It was a rather taboo subject for you to even think about. However, you were home alone, and like always your thoughts traveled to your best friend Jack Johnson.

You instantly felt your blood pressure spike as images of Jack touching you flooded your mind. Oh god, you wanted that. You wanted to feel his dark hair brushing against your neck as he grinded on top of you, leaving open mouth kisses along your collarbone. 

You shut your door and immediately dive into your crisp clean sheets. You almost felt bad for ruining them, like you soon would, almost. 

The thoughts of Jack entered your mind once more as you slip your lace panties off. You fingers travel down your stomach, over your hips and to the place you need them the most, “Jack,” you mutter in a tone louder than you anticipated, “Ah, yes, Jack.” 

Jack Gilinsky 

I contemplated whether I should at least knock on the door but that thought quickly left my mind when I heard a distant moan within the house. I opened the front door as quietly as I could and proceeded to shut it behind me clicking the lock. Was I really walking into this? 

“Baby,” the voice was all too familiar. Her. I walk towards her room being as quiet as can be to investigate further, “Mm Jack, yeah, oh, yeah.” I stop in my footsteps when I hear the word ‘Jack’ leave her lips. It couldn’t be. I’m hearing things. 

“Jaaack.” No, I’m definitely hearing it. Clear as a bell. I press my ear against the door, feeling betrayed. How dare she moan my friend’s name, how dare she touch herself whilst thinking about him. Of course her and I were just best friends, but my feelings went so much deeper than that and this week of vacation kind of made me feel like she could have felt the same. Obviously not. 

“Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack oh god baby, I’m so close-” I feel my cheeks turn red with anger, “oh Jack-” I feel for the handle and just as I turn it she moans again, “GILINSKY.” 


Here you are. Yourself sweaty and embarrassed, the sheets drenched. Him red and surprised, jittery from the incident that just happened. You wish your life could just end right now. 

“I’m sorry,” you whisper breathlessly, “I-” 

Jack stops you, “it’s okay…I was actually worried it wasn’t me.” 

“Excuse me?” Your tone was more surprised that you anticipated. 

He steps forward, closer to the bed where your naked body lie underneath a single sheet, “you heard me.” 

Does anyone want a pt 2 with the sexy sex? Let me know ! - Bri 

  • Ball And Biscuit
  • Bob Dylan & Jack White

The White Stripes cover, Detroit, 2004. As Jack White recalls:

“That was just by accident. I went and saw him play in Detroit and he said to me, “We’ve been playing one of your songs lately at sound checks.” I thought, Wow. I was afraid to ask which one. I didn’t even ask. It was just such an honor to hear that. Later on, I remember I went home and I called back. I said, “Can I talk to the bass player?” I called the theater. I was like, “Did Bob mean that he wanted me to play tonight? ‘Cause he said some things that I thought maybe – maybe I misconstrued. Was he meaning that he wanted me to play with him tonight? I don’t want to be rude and pretend that I didn’t hear or something like that.” So turned out yeah, we played together that night. He said yeah, come on, let’s play something, and we played “Ball and Biscuit,” one of my songs. It’s not lost on me that he played one of my songs, not the other way around.”

you know what I think about a lot?

Jack’s face when he hears that Bitty got unsolicited dibs.

Like, at this point it is spring of freshmen year; Jack likes Bitty by this point, he can’t be that angry about the fact that it’s Bitty so…

What did you have to do to get your room, Jack Zimmermann? Like, I thought that because he was Jack Zimmermann who would go on to be the captain, he just got a room semi-automatically but that… that is not the face of a man who was just given a free pass to Haushood. That is the face of a man who has been forced to work his way up, the face of a man who has seen things and maybe done things and–

What did you do for your dibs, Captain Jack? WHAT?

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I need YOU guys!


So I sat on my couch and had this great idea for a small project I wanted to make by myself, but I thought: Hey, why don’t do this with all of you great guys out there?
The idea is: You can message me and tell me what you love above those two guys.
Like every little thing.

For example:

  • When Jack says ‘Jeezus!’
  • Mark brushing his hair with his hand

Things and habits that makes you happy/giggle to see/hear.

I will gather your messages and make a little collage with doodles in two posts.
(One for Jack and one for Mark)
Those are things we love them for, besides watching them play games, and we admire a lot. It can be anything! (please keep it SFW)

♡。゚Put your suggestions in my ask-box until 21th of August 。゚ ♡
I’ll draw more or less tiny doodles based on those and post them here on tumblr. (maybe in more than one part)

Questions? Don’t hesistate to talk to me! (๑>ᴗ<๑) (I am a lot at work, so my replys might take a few hours)

I hope we can gather a lot of interesting ideas and make them into something really awesome!

Let’s go! ♡ Reblog and spread! You guys are so awesome and I am thankful for every single follower that watches my blog!


In case you missed the original post, here’s what’s going on.  

Right, Day Eleven features Hiccup and Jack Frost from Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons!  “What on Earth is that?” I hear some of you ask.  Well, it’s the combination of Rise of the Guardians, Brave, Tangled and How To Train Your Dragon.  

I honestly can’t remember how I stumbled upon this fandom, but I know how I became completely obsessed with it.  It was this incredibly awesome fan made ‘trailer’ followed by these two utterly beautiful compilation videos.  I have probably watched these things about a thousand times, I just love them!

ROTBTD is actually why I joined Tumblr, as I thought there would be more of a community on here for it.  There doesn’t seem to be that much sadly, but I found the Drarry Squad instead, so all is well with life :-)

As stated on my master post, a lot of the Shipmas stories draw inspiration from this Christmas AU post.  This fic in particular takes inspiration from THREE of these prompts :-D

Pic set by me, but I don’t own the images.  2.5K words, no smut.  Tagging @ourloveislegendrarry, @oh-my-drarry and @madoneworld


Eleven Pipers Piping

   Hiccup darted behind the tree, a giggling Rapunzel by his side as they dodged the hail of snowballs pelting against the foliage.  “You’ll have to do better than that, Berk!” Jack crowed down to them triumphantly from his vantage point riding the wind above their heads.

  Hiccup smirked at his partner and she gave him the thumbs up.  “We’re not defeated yet!” he called out as they bolted back into the clearing, hastily scooping up snow as they went.  Jack was already zooming down to greet them, hopping back on the ground and ducking as they hurled one snowball after the other. “How’d you like that, huh!” Hiccup gloated, but it was short lived as a mass of red hair came barrelling down upon him.

  “Not so fast, laddie!” Merida laughed, shoving clumps of snow down his shirt and making him squeal.  Rapunzel tried coming to his rescue, but Jack was too quick for them, using his magic staff to sweep up a whole swathe of snow, dousing them all.  “I’m supposed to be on your side!” Merida protested, shaking the snow from her hair back towards the other boy.

  Jack just grinned though.  “In a snowball war, there are no sides,” he informed them, nipping back and forth between the volleys flying through the air from the girls.

  “Oh, really?” Hiccup said, a look of devilment in his eye as he scanned the clear blue sky.  “Well, in that case-”

  He whistled and the sound of bounding feet met their ears as Toothless came charging over from the tree line where he’d been resting.  “No fair!” cried Rapunzel, jumping out of the way as Hiccup’s loyal dragon companion used his impressive wings to fan another bank of snow over his opponents.

  “That’s cheating!” Jack accused, though he didn’t really mean it as he advanced on Hiccup, the two boys smashing handfuls of snow against each other, breathless with laughter.  

  “Says the snow-god who can control the weather,” Hiccup teased, rather pleased with himself for holding his own against Jack – he’d been the one to actually bring them the snow after all.  

  But then Jack growled, a glint in his eye that made Hiccup pause for just a second, something funny fluttering in his belly.  It was all Jack needed to lunge for him, knocking them both into the snow.

  “Ah!” Hiccup yelped as they rolled over and over.  “Cold!  It’s cold!”

  Jack grabbed his shoulders and pinned him down, straddling his hips and leaning above him.  “That’s generally how snow works,” he grinned, his breath misty between them.

  There wasn’t a lot of room between them though, Hiccup realised, and he blinked up at his friend, that strange sensation curling in his stomach again.  Why wasn’t he shoving him off, getting some snow down that blue hoodie he always wore?  Why were they just looking at each other?

  His eyes were the same colour as his sweater, Hiccup realised.  Icy blue, and they crinkled as a soft smile pulled at Jack’s mouth.  

  “I-” Hiccup murmured.

  And then they were pummelled with snowballs from a certain Scottish princess and her long-haired accomplice.  “Get them, get them!” Rapunzel cried, Pascal the chameleon raising his little green fist encouragingly from the safety of her pocket.

  The moment broken, the boys rolled apart and joined forces against the girls, but Toothless made sure that everyone (including Hiccup, the traitor) got a regular flick of snow to keep them on their toes.  

  The battle raged on as the light dimmed in the sky.  Hiccup found he couldn’t help but keep glancing at Jack, the way he laughed, the way he hopped about like he was dancing on snowflakes.  

  What was wrong with him?

  It had been like this a lot lately, he always found himself watching Jack without really knowing why.  He also couldn’t work out if his chest tightened or loosened when he did – just what was going on?

  He shook his head, trying to clear it, and soon got carried away in the game again. After a time, his thoughts slowly focused more and more on getting the better of his friends, and stopped swirling around Jack.  

  Several more assaults and a series of snow angels and snowmen later, night was well and truly drawing in, and the damp and tired group came to a general consensus that it was time to head home.  They were staying in a little log cabin a short walk away, and Rapunzel had promised to make them all a hot chocolate.  Hiccup was just in an enthusiastic debate with Merida about the right way to drink it (“You don’t like marshmallows!” he’d shrieked.  “Why do you hate love!”) when he’d felt a tug on his sleeve.

  “Um,” Jack said, looking more subdued than he normally did.  “Can you girls give us a minute?”

  Merida frowned.  “Why?” she demanded.  “What are you plotting?”

  She was pulled away though by Rapunzel, who whispered something in her ear, causing a look of understanding to spread over her face.  

  “Oh,” she said, nodding.  “Right, sure, we’ll – uh – see you later.”

  Hiccup looked between them as they skipped off, and Jack.  “What was that about?” he asked, but Jack just shrugged.

  “I was wondering,” he said, holding onto his staff with both hands, almost hanging on the thing.  “If we could go flying?”

  Hiccup raised his eyebrows.  “Um, sure I guess?”  Jack flew all the time, why was he asking permission?  He soon found out.

  “No, I-” Jack said hesitantly.  “I meant would you take me flying.  On Toothless?”

  “Oh,” said Hiccup in surprise.  “Well, yeah, okay sure – if that’s okay with you buddy?” he asked his scaly friend who had plonked himself down to sit beside the talking boys.  Toothless looked between them shrewdly, his eyes narrowing, and Hiccup felt awkward.  “Uh, it’s okay, right?” he tried again.  He wasn’t sure why he was so nervous, but he figured maybe the prospect of sharing something so important with Jack when he’d spent all afternoon with that funny feeling in is gut was a bit daunting.  The girls weren’t there to divide his attention anymore.

  Toothless eventually tilted his chin and gave Hiccup a nod, before lowering his body down to the ground so they could climb on his back.  Hiccup blew out a sigh of relief.  “So, you get bored flying your way?” he asked conversationally as he flung his good leg over his dragon’s shoulders.  

  “Nah,” said Jack with a shrug, jamming his staff into the snow to let it stand alone. “Just fancied trying it your way,” he said, but he seemed off somehow, with his hands shoved his the pockets of his sweater, chewing on his lip.  

  Hiccup wasn’t sure what he could do about it though, so he just figured he’d be nice to him until he cheered up again.  “Well,” he said grandly.  “Climb aboard!  He won’t bite – he’s toothless.”  He patted his best friend’s head.  “Mostly.”

  Jack looked over at the dragon, then steeled himself, hopping on the saddle in one swift motion.  The harness was only really meant to take one person, so Jack pressed himself up to Hiccup, chest to his back, arms around his waist, and the strange feeling in Hiccup’s belly shot straight up his spine and made him lightheaded.  

  “Er, great,” he said, trying not to let his voice shake – why was his voice shaking anyway! Why was he being so weird!

  “Right, well, let’s go buddy!”  He locked his metal foot into the stirrup and kicked off with his good one, even though it had been a very long time since Toothless had really needed any direction. They were in sync when they flew, anticipating each other’s moves naturally.  

  “Whoa!” Jack cried as they soared up into the night’s sky, leaving the trees behind them in a flash as they chased the clouds.  It was much colder up here, and Hiccup was pleased to have the warmth of Jack’s body wrapped around him.

  He laughed as Jack exclaimed again in excitement.  “You fly all the time?” he chuckled, looking back over his shoulder to see his friend’s face alive with wonder.  

  But Jack shook his head, dragging his eyes away from the stars and the moon to stare right at Hiccup.  “This is different,” he beamed.  “I’m not the one who’s flying – you guys are.  It’s…special.”

  Hiccup felt his cheeks get a little flushed despite the freezing winds.  Toothless was gliding slowly above the clouds, drifting along against the horizon.  “Yeah,” he said bashfully.  “I guess it is pretty great.”

  Jack nodded at the moon, just a sliver of curved light hanging in the sky.  “I used to feel pretty hopeless,” he said, gazing up at it, and Hiccup followed suit.  “I didn’t know who I was, why I was here.  It was so lonely with no one believing in me, or even able to see me.”  

  Jack didn’t talk much about his life before he’d met Hiccup and the others, so he didn’t interrupt, even though he wanted to ask a tonne of questions.  He did squeeze Jack’s hand though, still resting on his stomach as they looked up at the sky together.  

  “But then I finally understood, that the Man in the Moon chose me for a reason, that my life had purpose.  I had the other Guardians, and then-”  He paused, and Hiccup glanced back.  Jack smiled at him.  “Then I met you guys.  My life is so full now, it’s a long time since I felt that sadness.  And sometimes, it’s nice to look up at the moon and say thank you.”

  Neither of them were looking at the moon though.  They were looking at each other.  Hiccup felt that maybe this was the time to say something, but he had no idea what.  That he was glad Jack wasn’t sad anymore, or lonely?  That he was glad they were friends – great friends?  He felt like voicing any of that out loud would somehow spoil it though, so he just continued to hold his gaze.  It should have felt uncomfortable, but it didn’t, and the flurries were back in his belly with a renewed sense of spirit.  

  They were so close, and Jack was so warm.  Hiccup had always thought he would be cold, running around with his bare feet, leaving trails of ice and snow in his wake.  But even through his clothes Hiccup could feel he was radiating heat, and he found himself leaning in, pressing closer as their misty breath mingled in the air between them.  

  Toothless, however, was evidently feeling ignored, as he suddenly dropped to one side, and took them into a nosedive back through the clouds, the ground rushing up to meet them.

  “Toothless!” Hiccup yelled, slamming his feet against the stirrups and yanking on the reins.  “No!  Bad dragon!” Jack was laughing behind him, even though he was gripping onto him for dear life.  “This isn’t funny!” Hiccup yelled, but as Toothless finally pulled up just before they reached the ground he knew he didn’t mean it.

  “It’s hilarious,” Jack insisted, jumping off the dragon and landing in the snow, grinning from ear to ear.  “He certainly knows how to liven things up!”

  Toothless looked rather pleased with himself, and Hiccup swatted the back of his head playfully as he carefully got down, minding he didn’t slip on his metal foot. Jack was there though, offering his hand to help him down, and Hiccup took it.  He didn’t need it, not really, he’d dismounted from Toothless a thousand times at least.  But he told himself it wasn’t normally this slippery on the ground, and that his artificial foot had probably got a little icy up in the cold night air.

  “Thanks,” he said, standing on his own and letting Jack’s hand slide from his. 

  They were in the same spot they had embarked from, the log cabin in sight down the narrow path in front of them, light glowing from all the windows making it look cosy and inviting.  Toothless bound over to it, scrambling up the side and dislodging most of the snow, settling on the roof like a cat by the fireplace.  Hiccup could just make out the figures of Merida and Rapunzel through the frosted glass as they looked up from whatever they were doing at the commotion overhead.  He laughed again.  “I can’t take him anywhere,” he mused out loud.

  “Thank you,” said Jack, turning to face him, his hands in his pockets again.  “For the ride.”

  “Ahh, no problem,” Hiccup assured him, rubbing the back of his neck.  “I always enjoy it when my dragon almost kills my friends out of spite.”

  Jack moved a little closer, and Hiccup almost instinctively stepped back.  But he didn’t.  “I don’t think he liked sharing you,” Jack said, a flicker of mischief crossing his face.  Hiccup laughed again, but this time nervously.  His stomach was doing summersaults, and even though Jack was right up in front of him, he couldn’t seem to move away.  

  “He’ll just have to get used to it,” he said lamely.  “I guess.”

  “Does that mean we can do it again?” Jack asked hopefully, and Hiccup nodded, hugging himself unsurely but a smile tugging at his lips all the same.

  “I’d like that,” he said honestly.  

  Jack glanced back at the cabin, then at Hiccup again.  “I guess we should go in,” he said, and Hiccup couldn’t help feel a stab of disappointment.  But then Jack looked back at him, eyes wide with a cautious excitement, and he stepped closer still, so their toes were almost touching.  “I don’t know when I’ll get you to myself again though. Toothless isn’t the only one who doesn’t like sharing sometimes.”

  Hiccup gulped, lost for words yet again, unable to do much more but stare back into Jack’s blue eyes.  Jack wasn’t looking for words though it seemed, as suddenly he leaned forwards, and pressed his lips quickly to Hiccup’s.  He barely had a chance to register what was happening, before Jack pulled back and they blinked at each other.  Jack seemed to be holding his breath, waiting for Hiccup’s reaction.  

  Yeah, he was pretty surprised, but he felt like the fluttering in his belly had burst into flames, roaring inside him like a hearth on a cold winter’s night.  He’d liked it, it was nice.  

  In fact, he was pretty sure he wanted to do it again.

  Jack though had taken those few seconds to jump to the wrong conclusion, and his face fell in horror.  “Sorry,” he stuttered.  “I didn’t mean, sorry, forget it, I-”

  Hiccup interrupted him though by grabbing him into a hug, and kissing him firmly again. This time though, they didn’t break apart straight away, and Jack’s shock melted into acceptance as he pulled his hands from his hoodie and slid them around Hiccup’s back.  When they did separate, Hiccup could feel himself grinning stupidly, and Jack was looking back at him with awe in his eyes.  “I think I quite like it when you have me to yourself,” he said, breathless.

  “Me too,” Jack replied, dipping down for another kiss.  


Jesus Christ, okay, here’s a quick rant:


I just spent my time going through Jack’s video editing it because some kid thought it would be nice to add silly little side comments alongside the captions. Sure, it sounds nice and sweet, but you’re literally forgetting the purpose of captions - so deaf/Deaf/HoH people can actually fucking watch a video.

Don’t abuse captions. They’re not there for your funny comments - it’s so my friends (and, sometimes, myself) can watch videos properly.

kirkaut replied to your post: “daily reminder that jack knew first”:

i would like to hear your thoughts on how jack knew first pls come tell me everything i am so thirsty

oh man. oh man. okay

i can’t remember the day that i had, like, this massive epiphany about jack laurent zimmermann, but i remember the feeling. i think maybe it was in february, but i think i could also be making that up. but i remember, that once i realized that this Had To Be True (that jack has been aware of his feelings for bitty for longer than bitty has), real tears sprung to my eyes.

(i have literally no chill when it comes to this webcomic. my whole life has turned into thinking about this comic.)

so: jack knew first

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