i can hear when they're drunk

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Alternatively, what are the band members like when they're drunk? (I love reading all these btw, they're so cute)

(hehe thank you)

2D: 2D is loud and kind of runs his mouth; he’ll talk shit about Murdoc for the most part, even if he’s nearby, and just doesn’t care about who hears him. He’s a bit clumsier than normal but can still handle himself; he tries not to get too far gone but there’s been days where he’s completely blacked out and suddenly woken up sleeping in a dog house. 

Murdoc Niccals: Murdoc doesn’t change because he’s almost always drunk, it’s part of his personality at this point. He gets a little friskier, would wrap his arm around anyway nearby and start telling his life story, and a plethora of other annoying activities, Once he’s drunk enough is normally when he disappears into the crowd and tries to find a person to bring home with him. 

Noodle: She gets a little more giggly and much less reserved, chatting up fellow pub patrons and even convincing some of them to dance with her. She becomes the real life of the party; she starts to wear down easily after a few hours of using up all her energy, and one of her band mates has to carry her sleepy self home. 

Russel Hobbs: Never lets himself get too far gone as he’s uncomfortable if he feels he isn’t control of himself and his actions. He’s also not a fan of having to blame alcohol for any negative actions that occur while he’s hammered, so he tends to take it easy. It’s near impossible to get him drunk due to his size, anyway.