i can hear the song in my head right now

Chorus- Luke Hemmings Imagine

Luke POV

I couldn’t do it. I was giving the task to write a whole song for the new album on my own, nothing was coming through. I was staring at the paper with a title and that was it. After Castaway showed up in my head the record label is expecting me to write another “hit.” Right now I’m supposed to be spending time with my girlfriend, Y/N on break. Unfortunately, I have a due date for this song and I can’t be distracted with her. I know that she probably thinks I’m being an asshole and don’t care about her but there couldn’t be anything that is more wrong. I promised myself after two hours of looking at this paper I would eventually take her out all day. Nothing, zip nada.

“Babe?” I hear a whisper from the door.

I look around to see Y/N in the doorway with a worried look on her face. She always has wide eyes and a straight face when she is worried about something.

“Hey, what’s wrong? What happened? You look worried,” I start to scramble out.

“Nothing is wrong Lukey. You have been locking yourself in, let me help you,” Y/N starts to state while walking closer to me.

She grabs my notebook and pen. She looks up at me and places a soft kiss on my lips. God, how could I not be paying attention to her this whole time. She instantly starting to write something down in my notebook. She was angling it however so I couldn’t see what she was writing down. When she was done after a couple of minutes she handed the paper back to me.

The notebook simply read:

I’ll take what you got, got, got
I know it’s not a lot, lot, lot
Cause I just need another hit
You’re the thing that I can’t quit

I want to breathe you in like your vapor
I want to be the one you remember
I want to feel your love like the weather
All over me, all over me

There is a lot missing but it’s a start. I have asked Y/N to ask on some previous songs when I couldn’t think of a word but never a beginning and possibly a chorus. At the top of the paper it justs states that the title is Vapor. I look at her to the paper, back and forth. I love this girl so much but I have been too obsessed with this album to let her know this.

“Y/N, I love you so much! How did you even come up with this?” I ask her astounded.

“I love you too. I don’t know I just thought of you and how you make me feel and I came up with this.” She replied shrugging.

At that moment in time I knew that I wasn’t letting this one go. That night we stayed up finishing the song about how we make each other feel.

tag thing

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Nickname: Q (that’s my initial)

Zodiac sign: Libra

Height: 5′3

Last thing you googled: Dutch elections 

Favorite music artist: Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Adele (I don’t really have a fave?)

Song stuck in my head: Born This Way ;)

Last movie you watched:  Dangal (recommend - the first half was great, I had issues with the second half but overall was worth a watch)

What are you wearing right now: T shirt and shorts 

What do you post: 99% Yuri On Ice, 1% politics.

Why did you choose your URL: It’s from this bit in “You Only Live Once”: 

waiting for the light
何も聴こえない -  nanimo kikoenai - I can’t hear a thing
きらめく Butterfly -  kirameku Butterfly - There’s a shining butterfly
光の中で -  hikari no naka de - Amid the light

Because I’m not creative and can’t think of usernames.

Do you have any other blogs: Nope, it already takes too much time to maintain one ;-;

What did your past relationship teach you: To be more mature? 

Religious or spiritual: Spiritual

Favorite color: Black and all shades of blue

Average hours of sleep: 5-8h on weekdays, 10-12h on weekends

Lucky number: None!

Favorite character: Yuuri Katsuki

How many blankets do you sleep with: 1

Dream job: Curling up on a couch reading in beachfront property (it said dream job right.)

I can’t think of enough blogs to tag so maybe do it if you want to?

Shitty Headcanons (music)
  • likes to listen to classic Rock ‘n Roll /’80 RnR
  • he’ll belt out the chorus which annoys everyone
    • except on occasion Lardo and Hostler join in
  • Bitty can’t stand it, but is use to it
  • when the songs are stuck in his head he’ll sing along in his head until he ends up humming them, then down right singing out loud the same verse(s) that’s stuck in his head
  • Queen, Journey, Pink Floyd are his favorite (there are a lot more)
  • one late night high Shitty started belting Bohemian Rhapsody 
    • “Mama just killed a man
    • Put a gun against his head
    • Pulled my trigger now he’s dead
    • MAMA, Life had just begun
    • But now I’ve gone and thrown it ALL AWAY 
  • And the whole Haus would hear Holster yell the next verse
  • They go back and fourth until the song ends 
  • Jack does not enjoy the late night duets, but he knows there’s no stopping Shitty
  • Jack knows the words to a lot of Queen songs

I’m not even going to try to hide it. I am industrial/goth girl trash. I predominantly listen to aggrotech and 80′s synthy darkwave shit. Depeche Mode is my favorite. I can hear synth from 10 miles away. My wardrobe is pretty much all black and plaids. I do the shitty goth dancing that’s head bobbing, some hip movement and wrist twirls. I drunkenly got the DJ drunk at a party so he’d play more God Module. When he did, I literally cried in the bar. His name was Bones. I am listening to Nachtmahr right now. I used to smoke Cloves. I will look you dead in the eyes and mouth the creepiest parts of songs at you. I am dolled up, synth listening trash.