i can hear the children singing


Glenn Beck criticizes My Chemical Romance’s “Sing” for spreading propaganda

And was then dragged by Gerard Way: “I think the word Glenn Beck was looking for was ‘subversion’ not 'propaganda,’ because I don’t know what [the lyrics] would be considered propaganda for? Truth? Sentiment?” Way wrote. “And I can’t tell what he’s angrier about, the fact that it’s how I feel about the persistent sterilization of our culture, or the fact that it’s on network television for everyone to hear.” Way then poked fun at Beck for featuring incorrect “Sing” lyrics on his show — “Children that can talk about it/ Living on the railways/ People moving sideways” (the actual lyric is “living on the Webways”) — by pointing out the fact that, well, kids don’t exactly live on the rails these days.And railways? Is it 1863? Seen any children living on these lately instead of the Internet?he wrote. “I’m actually shocked that no actual fact-checking was done on the lyrics. I mean, Fox is a major news channel, covering factual topics in an unbiased and intelligent … oh wait.”

References to serial killers in Marilyn Manson songs
  • “Sam, Son of Man”, early Spooky Kids song references David Berkowitz.
  • Band slogan and lyric from “Cake and Sodomy”, “I am the God of Fuck”, is a direct quote from Charles Manson.
  • Lyrics of the song “Little Horn” are adapted from Revelation 9 of the Bible, the section Charles Manson was obsessed with that eventually led to his murders.
  • “This is beyond your experience” from song “The Reflecting God” is a paraphrase of Richard Ramirez’s last words before his sentencing.
  • Sample of Richard Ramirez, “Killing is killing, whether done for duty, profit or fun”, used at the start of “Snake Eyes And Sissies”.
  • Lyrics from “My Monkey”, are either taken from or adapted from the Charles Manson song of the same name.
  • Covered a Charles Manson song, “Sick City”.
  • Past and current band members have taken their names from Charles Manson, Richard Ramirez, David Berkowitz, Ed Gein, Henry Lee Lucas, Albert Fish, John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy and Richard Speck.
  • Spooky Kids songs “Dune Buggy” and “Let Your Ego Die” is a reference to Charles Manson.
  • “Portrait Of An American Family” was originally going to be called “The Manson Family Album”.
  • “Portrait Of An American Family” is a reference to “Portrait Of An American Serial Killer”, a documentary about Henry Lee Lucas.
  • “No, don’t, this is gonna hurt someone” sample taken from the public suicide of Budd Dwyer and used in song “Get Your Gunn”.
  • “Why are the children doing what they’re doing? Why does a child reach up and kill his mom and dad and murder his two little sisters and then cut his throat?“ sample from Charles Manson used in “My Monkey”. Several other Charles Manson samples were used in this song, along with a sample from The Beatles’ song “Helter Skelter”.
  • Sample of Charles “Tex” Watson, Manson Family member, saying “We would swoop down on the town, and kill everyone that wasn’t beautiful.” backmasked and used in the song “The Beautiful People”.
  • “A loved one laid his head in her lap, red roses fell to the floor, and the world stood still” in song “Coma Black”, is a reference to the assassination of JFK by Lee Harvey Oswald.
  • “Last night… I think he should have suffered… longer,” sample from “The Love Song” is Lee Harvey Oswald’s mother talking about his death.
  • Song “Revelation 9″ (b-side of “Get Your Gunn”) is a reference to the Bible section Charles Manson was obsessed with. If you play this song backwards you can hear many more disturbing references to Charles Manson, and twisted interpretations of the Bible.The Beatles had a song called “Revolution 9″ also, which was one of Charles Manson’s favourites.
  • Sample of Charles Manson singing “I’m gonna kill you, I’m gonna kill you” used in the song “Dope Hat”.
  • Unreleased song “Smells Like Children” uses sample of Albert Fish saying “I like children, they are tasty”.
  • Many references to the Columbine school shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, throughout the album “Holy Wood”, most notably on “Disposable Teens” and “The Nobodies” .
  • The album “Holy Wood” is named after a message painted on the side of a school bus used by the Manson Family in their early years.
  • The song “Evidence” from album “Eat Me, Drink Me” is partly about German cannibal Armen Meiwes, who devoured a man who answered an internet request he sent on the now closed site, cannibalsanonymous.com.
  • The songs “President Dead” and “King Kill 33″ reference the Kennedy assassinations and a document attempting to expose Freemasonry in the US government.
  • “Today I am dirty, but tomorrow I’ll be just dirt”, lyric from the song “The Nobodies”, is a direct quote from Carl Panzram, who confessed to raping over 1,000 boys.

If I missed anything tell me, and I’ll edit it.

A playlist of showtunes about being done with putting up with shit and deciding to do something about it

i. rent - rent // ii. do you hear the people sing? - les misérables // iii. revolting children - matilda the musical // iv. epiphany - sweeney todd: the demon barber of fleet street // v. run and tell that! - hairspray // vi. enough - in the heights // vii. dead girl walking - heathers the musical // viii. cell block tango - chicago // ix. gotta get out - ordinary days // x. the world will know - newsies // xi. get out and stay out - 9 to 5 // xii. what you own - rent // xiii. touch-a-touch-a-touch me - rocky horror show // xiv. letterbomb - american idiot // xv. goodbye - catch me if you can // xvi. genetic emancipation - repo! the genetic opera // listen

The Song Stuck in My Head

❤ Soulmate Drabble (12/13) ❤

Originally posted by mc-gyu

Member: Wonwoo
Genre: So fluffy I may have cried writing it
Word Count: 489

You can hear your soulmate’s voice in your head, but only when they sing.

You had met your soulmate a long time ago. You and Wonwoo had been together since you were barely more than children. You’d heard him singing along to a song on his ipod and immediately fell in love with him. The thing was, you had been all the way in the front of the bus, and he had been all the way in the back. You hadn’t heard him singing with your ears. You had heard him with both your mind and your heart that day. That’s when you knew you were meant to be.

Since then you’d dated, gone on adventures with, even married each other. You’d been with him through all of his busy career, and him being in an idol group meant that he was singing pretty often, which meant that your head was never quiet. That could have been annoying, but it was a blessing. Even when you were continents apart, he was always with you. You were a little glad that he was a rapper, though, since rap didn’t really come through in your mind as loud. You couldn’t imagine what Seokmin or Seungkwan’s soulmates had to go through on a daily basis. You hoped they had some advil for the headaches.

Of course, Wonwoo could hear you when you sang as well. You didn’t do it nearly as much as he did, but sometimes when you were far apart you’d sing the song you danced to at your wedding softly as you cleaned up to let him know that you were thinking about him. Sometimes he’d sing it back and you’d have a little private duet thousands of miles away. You always joked that it was like a musical film where the two protagonists burst into song simultaneously no matter where they were.

You remembered the time when Wonwoo had broken his phone while on tour, and had resorted to singing you how he was doing. You sang back well wishes for him, and musically chastised him for dropping his phone into the toilet. He got a kick out of that one.

It wasn’t often that you were the one who had to leave, but at one point you had to go to a friend’s weekend getaway for her bachelorette party. You had had a great time, but you couldn’t help but miss your husband and the newest addition to your family. You were getting ready for bed on the last night of your trip when you heard something that made your heart melt. You heard Wonwoo singing the sweetest of lullabies to your infant daughter. It carried the tune of several familiar lullabies, but it was wordless and more of a vocal hum. Your heart filled with love for him (for about the millionth time). You couldn’t wait to get back to him and your baby. You sent him a quick text to say goodnight, and fell asleep dreaming of his embrace.  

- Marcy

Rain Drops-(Stiles Stilinski)

Originally posted by winterdaddario

Characters: Malia Tate, Stiles Stilinski and (Y/N)

Word Count: 894

Warnings: sad stuff

Pairing: none/hint at Stiles x Reader

Summary: Stiles and (Y/N) no longer keep in touch. But memories change that. 

(A/N) I was listening to James Blunt whilst writing this, I’m sorry how depressing this is honestly, I just needed to write something sad.

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I'm the ayato trash who keeps sending in request, I have decided to reveal my identity, can I request a scenario of the S brothers reaction when their first child was born, I wanna see some fluf😉

A: I love to see the boys gawking over their kids 😍

Shuu: When the doctor handed him his child. It was all over. He at first resented his child, but having them in his arms was…different. He looked at them in awe, realizing that this is what he lives for. “I will spend the rest of my life making you happy. That’s a promise.”

Reiji: The moment he saw his baby girl, he was actually crying. He held her close to his body and refused to let go. He had high hopes for his child, and would never let her forget it. “I’m so glad you’re finally here…. now I have someone to help me around the house.”

Ayato: Silence. Pure silence was all he heard the moment he saw his son. His focus was mainly on him. He held out his arms to cradle the baby and you gladly gave Ayato his son. Ayato sat quiet for hours, just staring at his son. In awe of the pure masterpiece you two made. Suddenly, your son let out a loud burp. “THATS MY BOY!”

Laito: ugh bless his heart. The doctor brought up his baby girl from her cleaning and you saw just pure tears. “I’ll always protect you,” he sniffled looking down at the bundle, “you’ll never be alone. Nothing on this earth will ever make me stop loving you. You’re mine and your mothers world.” You got choked up a bit watching the exchange. Until you had to try and pry your baby away before Laito successfully put his hat on her….

Kanato: Oh honey, this whole time you thought you were just having one baby. Surprise motherfucker, twins. You laid there exhausted, holding both of your children while Kanato looks over curiously. “Why do they look like raisins?” He asked curiously. You explained that since they were just born they would of course look this way. He nodded and there was a silence. “Can I hold them?” He asked sweetly. You nodded and handed them over. It went great till they started crying… Kanato included.

Subaru: You heard soft singing coming from the corner of your room. You peaked out of your shut eyelids to see Subaru, walking around the room with his baby in his arms, singing her to sleep. You smiled and he noticed. “YOU DIDNT HEAR ANYTHing!” He screamed, blushing a bit.



Georgina: What is it, Océane? Are the children alright?
She listens to what the au pair has to tell her with mounting anger, but also a depressing sense of inevitability. She thanks Océane for letting her know then calls Patrick, her fingers shaking. From the kitchen she can hear Bunty singing and banging pots and pans about, an obvious and belated attempt to be a paragon of domesticity. Patrick answers his phone immediately.
Georgina: I just got a call from Océane. Patrick, I don’t know what you’re playing at. You can’t do this. It’s unforgivable-
Patrick: I can’t do what? I’m not doing anything wrong. I’m merely taking the children to our home in Champ Les Sims. Our home. There’s nothing stopping you from joining us.
Georgina: You know I can’t go anywhere until I sort things out with Mother. Patrick, you’re being very unfair. And you’re behaving like a child. Your behaviour at lunch was ridiculous. And deep down you know I was right about your mother. You wouldn’t have stormed out otherwise.
Patrick: I stormed out because of the complete lack of respect I’m shown by you and everyone else in your dysfunctional excuse for a family. I’m sick of being treated like dirt, Georgina. At least your brother gave me some insight this morning about why you’ve been so aloof since our so-called reconciliation. Certain things make so much more sense now.
Georgina: Oh, for heaven’s sake. If this is anything to do with Roy’s ridiculous notion about me and Joël, then I refuse to even discuss it. There’s nothing to discuss, anyway. It’s just Roy trying to cause trouble. As usual.
Patrick: Maybe. But there’s no smoke without fire, as they say. Now you must excuse me, I have to finish packing. Goodbye, Georgina. I suppose the children and I will see you when we see you.

The Violinist

* Lin-Manuel x Reader
* Modern rpf
* Orchestra Reader

    A/N: Here it is! my idea made a real thing! So, the beginning is kinda slow…but it’s important for the rest of the story so yeah. But enjoy!

    Word Count: 3,747


    You had first met Lin when you played in the orchestra for In The Heights. At the time you were playing saxophone. Saxophone wasn’t your main or original instrument, it was actually violin, however you had learned saxophone a long while ago. It came in handy. In the beginning of In The Heights, Lin was in the room while orchestra was rehearsing. You had caught him looking at you with a strange look on his face. Still, you didn’t get much of a chance to meet him until a cast party. You knew many of the cast members so they insisted that you come along.

    However, it got late and you got slightly tipsy. You sat down during the party, you buried your face in your hands. It wasn’t crazy or anything, it was a relatively calm bar, but you were tired and a little drunk. “Y/N?” A voice asked. You glanced up and saw Lin looking at you in concern. He still had a Usnavi type hat on over his hair. “Are you alright?”

    “Uh, yeah sure.” You shrugged.

    “Uh huh.” Lin said, unconvinced. “You just look completely miserable.”

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    [fic] but i could stay for longer if you wanted me to

    SEUNGCHUCHU WEEK Day 3/8 → communication

    the first letter came with a promise to make seunggil fall for its writer.

    (on ao3)

    I like you. Don’t be too shocked (even though I was too at first).

    The letters sit steadily on the pale blue lines of the paper, slanted, like middle-school children sitting back-to-back with each other on a bench. Seunggil can practically hear the high-pitched singing in the excited sweeps of their l’s and f’s.

    “What’s that?”

    He shoves the letter into his pocket as Seungmin hooks her chin over his shoulder. “Nothing,” he mutters.

    “I came all the way to pick you up,” she says, “I’m going to cry if it’s an eviction notice.”

    “It’s illegal to evict someone without prior notice,” he says as he gathers his things.

    “It should be illegal to have a personality as bad as yours,” she says over her shoulder.

    He sprawls out on the backseat of her tiny Honda the moment the door slams shut behind him. The letter seems to burn in his pocket. Non-skaters aren’t easily allowed into the rink locker room, and in general his fans respect his privacy (though that’s more out of fear than anything).

    What’s with that kind of opening anyway? “Don’t be too shocked”? Are they implying Seunggil thinks that lowly of himself? It’s that fact, more than anything, that gnaws at him for a full ten minutes, until he gives in and yanks the letter out.

    Right now, I bet you’re thinking, what a wimp this person is, not having the courage to straight-up confess to my face, if they’re not even that confident in themself, they can’t be a worthwhile person to consider.

    What. Is he that easy to read?

    But I’ll have you know, it’s not at all because I’m not confident!! The opposite actually. I’m pretty confident that even without revealing my name or my face, I can make you fall for me through my words alone (lol).

    Prepare yourself, Lee Seunggil!

    “What are you smiling at?” Seungmin says, with a glance at the mirror.

    “I’m not smiling,” he says. He folds the letter up along the writer’s pre-creased lines and puts it back into the envelope.

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    anonymous asked:

    So, hi. First I wanted to say I love your art and I really love when I see your posts. Second, someone just pointed out to me that in Pitiful Children, you can hear Jeremy singing with the Squip about halfway through the song when the Squip starts the "Lets save the Pitiful children!" Thing again and I think it's pretty spiffy and wanted to share it with you okaythanksbye

    yeah bc the squip persuades him to agree with it’s general mindset of squipping the student body and how it’s a good idea & jeremy tries to help it before he speaks with christine before the play & realizes that its a fucked up thing to do :0c

    3rdgymbros  asked:

    Ooh! Just discovered your blog, and all of your posts are definitely interesting and fun to read! :) If it's not too much trouble, could you please do a post about what kind of powers a child of Apollo might have? Thank you so much!

    OOOOOOOHHH YESSS!!!!! I have so many. These powers are arranged from most common to most uncommon. This turned out VERY long, so I’m putting blank bullet points between each new power. ~here we go~

    • Archery, Art, & Music: As children of the God of Archery, most Apollo kids are innately gifted at one of these three things; Art, Archery, or Music. Art encompasses both art itself and writing, and music encompasses both instrumental and vocal music. It is easier for them to grasp, they pick it up quickly, etc. 

    • Curses: Children of Apollo can cast curses on their opponents, provided they relate to Apollo. Although not stated, I would imagine to cast a curse you must have to sacrifice something/say a prayer to Apollo. These curses can range from Writers/Musicians/Artists block, to rhyming curses, curses of bad aim, etc. With a child of Apollo who specialized in curses, I’m sure there are some very creative ways to pull this off!

    • Vitakinesis: The power of healing. This is one of the more common ~actual~ powers. This manifests itself in several ways. 
      • Vocally gifted children of Apollo tend to sing hymns in prayer to their father, and he will often heal whoever his child is praying over after hearing his call. 
        • Those less gifted in singing may find other forms of this in some sort of vocal prayer to Apollo, such as a prayer, chant, or recited poem about how awesome Apollo is.
      • More mentally balanced children of Apollo (both mentally and spiritually sound,) can heal through a deep thought process and visualization. For example, imagining a bruise turning golden and fading away would make it heal. This is generally more for things such as minor cuts and bruises, as most hormonally imbalanced demigod teens do not have an incredibly calm and even mind. Healing more major things however, can be achieved. A warm golden glow will surround a demigod attempting this. This form of Vitakinesis takes quite a bit of effort and practice, so even if most demigods with Vitakinesis CAN achieve this form of it, they may not attempt to.
      • Another form of healing is a mixture of the two above, visualizing golden balls of healing, usually in the palms of one’s hand, along with a prayer, chant, hymn, or haiku to Apollo (about Apollo and how amazing he is). This is a more focused version of just a chant, but requires more energy and taxes a child of Apollo more.

    • Audiokinesis is a very broad term, and I’m sure by the name you can guess what it is. I believe Audiokinetic children of Apollo would be able to manipulate sound waves, do things such as blast their opponents eardrums out or make them go temporarily deaf, and devoid of all hearing. Musical persuasion is also something that falls under Audiokinesis, where much like charmspeak, you can convince someone to do what you want … you just have to sing it. (*cough Ed Sheeran cough*) (*cough Ed is definitely a Child of Apollo and I am definitely a fangirl cough*) (*cough I’m a hugeass sheerio ignore me cough*)

    • Biokinesis: Biokinesis is the umbrella term that Vitakinesis falls under, in short. Biokinesis is the ability to alter physiology. This power is often gifted in specific ways, such as children of Aphrodite being able to change their appearance, etc etc. Children of Apollo who have this power can, most likely do only one specific thing under the umbrella of Biokinesis, such as being able to control bones or blood. Another form, almost opposite of Vitakinesis, is the ability to create diseases.

    • Photokinesis: Photokinesis is the rarest of these powers, and so I have divvied it up into a separate paragraph for each type. If you use these powers to make a character I would be very careful in using Photokinesis. It is only used by the most powerful children of Apollo, and it is quite easy to lose control of it. Something to also note: Photokinesis users can only perform their powers during the day time, when the sun is out.
      • Light shields is often an impenetrable barrier made fully of light. This barrier can be quickly cast up, and is usually characterized by a blinding light. More powerful light-shielders can minimize this effect, making the barrier invisible.

      • Particle shifting is the ability to bend/shift particles. Users of this power can turn themselves invisible, create optical illusions, and holographically project themselves. (Think of Loki in the Thor movie)

      • Absolution of light has two sides, much like the flip of a coin. A user of this can create blinding flashes of light so bright that it can semi-permanently, or even permanently, blind a person. This is often used on the offensive. On the defensive, a user of this power can create absolute darkness. They can temporarily take all of the light out of an area. While this has to be performed during the day, this power means you literally cannot be seen, as there is no light to see you with.

      • Light Traveling: Polar opposite of shadow-traveling.This power can be used anywhere where there is light, which means it works side-by-side with shadow traveling, as light creates shadow.

      • Light Attacks: The ability to use light as a weapon. Blinding and burning opponents

      • Light Solidification: Light solidification gives one the ability to harden light into a tangible object, This, with the right amount of skill, could be used to craft arrows or even weapons. These weapons would burn due to the absolute heat and energy of light, causing extreme pain. This would however, cause the wound to cauterize. While helpful during an investigation or torture session, this could be rather detrimental when in battle if you wanted your opponent to bleed out. It could help in situations with monsters with poisonous blood though.
    Breakfast Talks

    a/n: hope you guys like this! feedback is appreciated and requests are open :-)

    word count: 1.2k+

    summary: you and josh cook breakfast and talk about your future together.

    “Starting without me, hm?”

    You start when you hear your boyfriend’s voice, not having expected him to wake up for another hour or so, and reply, “I was planning on bringing you breakfast in bed. Are you sure you got enough sleep? You didn’t even come home until a few hours ago.”

    “I’m alright, hon,” Josh assures you, coming up behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist. “What’re we making this morning?” He nuzzles your neck with his nose, planting a small kiss on the top of your shoulder.

    “Caramel apple french toast,” you supply with a smile. “Mind getting the vanilla out?” Josh detaches himself from you with a playful pout and you bend down to retrieve a mixing bowl from a cupboard beneath you.

    “The recipe is right here. Can you start on the apples?” you ask once he’s given you the needed ingredient, handing him the piece of paper.

    “Sure thing, babe,” Josh agrees, and inspects the recipe for a moment before pulling out a cutting board and a frying pan. He gets to work cutting up an apple while you mix together the batter for your meal. You and Josh’ve been doing this - cooking breakfast together every Sunday morning - since the beginning of your relationship, and even when you’ve been so angry you can’t look at each other or so exhausted that you can barely keep your eyes open you’ve spent the morning in the kitchen together, making memories over a new recipe and a carton of eggs. Many an argument’s been resolved in this kitchen, along with inside jokes made, hugs and kisses shared, even tears shed (it’d been a long week and you’d had little to no sleep for days - you’d dozed off while watching the pancakes cook and had jerked awake to the smell of burnt batter, causing you to spiral into a meltdown Josh had had to put a stop to). You’ve come to cherish this time with your boyfriend - with your busy schedules, you being a full-time student and Josh working hard on growing his YouTube channel, it’s nice to have an hour or two set aside for you to be together. You glance at Josh, noticing the angle of his shoulder blades and the smooth surface of his bare chest, the reddish-brown scruff he’s sporting, his black plaid pajama pants cuffed at the ankles. He looks so handsome, so safe and warm and homey and you’re reminded of how lucky you are to have him.

    “Hey, am I doing this right?” his voice slices like butter through the comfortable silence you two have assumed, and you jump a bit before joining him at the cooktop. The apples he cut earlier are now caramelizing in the pan, butter sizzling alongside them. “Are they supposed to turn brown or something?”

    “Just a bit,” you answer him, grabbing a fork and poking at one of the apple slices. “They’re soft - I think they’re fine.” You pass him the ingredients he’ll need and go back to whisking up your batter, once it’s finished pulling out a few slices of brioche.

    “So how was class this week?” Josh wonders, leaning against the island behind him. “Get that group project done?” “It was a mess, but yeah,” you reply. “I’ve got another twenty thousand papers to write this week, though. I was hoping to start on a few after we eat.” You grab a new pan and turn on the burner underneath it, waiting for it to heat up as you ask, “Do you have your video for this week edited?”

    “I’m almost done with it,” Josh affirms, turning to look at the recipe before taking his pan off the heat. “I think it’ll go over well. Are we still planning for you to be in next week’s video?”

    “Yep, I think so,” you agree, pushing a loose strand of hair behind your ear. “Have you got a plan for it yet?” You look over at your boyfriend when you don’t receive an answer and find him staring at you, a soft smile on his lips. “What?” you blush.

    “Nothing,” Josh smiles. “I just feel like I don’t see you enough during the week, and I’m really glad we have this time to spend together. And you look really cute in that shirt.” Your cheeks are warm and you’re sure you’re red as a tomato, but you pad over to your boyfriend to give him an appreciative hug.

    “I feel the same,” you giggle, “on all counts. I have great taste in clothing, don’t I?” Josh chuckles at you and runs a hand through your hair, following up with a peck to your hairline.

    “I don’t know about that,” he smirks, and you move to playfully smack his arm but he slips out of your reach and reminds you, “We have to finish breakfast.” You give him a look, but return to your place in front of the stove, dunking the bread slices in batter and plopping them down in the pan. For a minute or so, the kitchen is filled with the sound of sizzling; Josh stands behind you, his arms looped loosely around your waist, his cheek resting against the top of your head.

    “Will we keep doing this when we have kids?” Josh wonders as you lean forward to flip the bread in its pan. You cough once, twice, then a third time in shock; kids? You and Josh have talked about a future together, but haven’t discussed anything involving children.

    “Um,” you start carefully. “Well, I’m not sure. We haven’t really talked about children yet.” At a murmur of agreement from your boyfriend, you stumble on, “Um, well, if we were to have kids, then, uh, I would hope so.”

    “Good! Me, too,” Josh says, and elaborates, “I can see us with, like, five kids in our kitchen with finger paintings hung on the fridge and a complete mess on the countertops, and there would be music playing and everybody would be singing along and decorating pancakes or whatever we’d be making, and then we’d eat together and hear about the kids’ schoolwork and which of their friends are pissing them off and what sports or activities they want to be in…” he trails off, lost in thought, but picks up a moment later, “And we’d tell them stories about us when we were younger and probably gross them out, but they’d get over it because we’d be the cutest parents.” He kisses your temple and waits for your response.

    “Five kids? Josh, no,” you frown. “Two, maybe. Three is where I draw the line.” You can feel him pouting against the top of your head and laugh. “But that sounds really nice,” you add. And it does; you can imagine the exact scenario Josh just rambled on about, and the idea of it warms your heart.

    So as the two of you finish cooking, you run the scene over in your head, adding details: at least one of the kids will have Josh’s fiery red hair, and most likely his freckles. Another will have your eyes, maybe your nose, maybe your smile. You don’t know - Josh doesn’t either. But the possibility of a future similar to the life you’re living at present is a future you look forward to with him at your side.

    anonymous asked:

    I'm very new to Hellenismos and I understand that the main aspect of the religion revolves around worshiping the main twelve, but are there rule for how to include lesser god/desses in your worship? Because I feel a very strong connection to Eileithyia as a midwife/doula but I can't seem to find much about her or how to worship her and I was wondering if you could give me some advice.

    I describe the pantheon of Hellenic Gods like a tapestry. The major displays woven into it are undoubtedly of Zeus and Hera, of Their brothers and sisters, of Their parents and well-known children like Apollon and Artemis. But the fringes of the tapestry are just as colorful as the main display. They hold the “minor” Gods and Goddesses who rule over our emotions, the weather, the stars, rivers and other bodies of water, and literally everything else in your environment.

    Without these minor Gods and Goddess, the tapestry would not only be plain, it would be threadbare. It’s my firm belief that it’s impossible to practice Hellenismos and only worship one or a handful of Gods. One must invest in at least the pursuit of knowledge about every single God or Goddess in our pantheon to fully grasp the parts you thought you already understood. Without the details of the tapestry, its full beauty can’t be appreciated, after all.

    That having been said, it’s impossible to honor all of these divinities. There are probably thousands, after all. There aren’t rules on how to honor the divinities with little mythology to Their name but thankfully, in Hellenismos, that isn’t an issue. All worship was conducted in the exact same way: we start with a procession (no matter how short) toward the altar, where we purify ourselves and the space around us with khernips (lustral water made by dropping something smoldering in water). We also sow barley groats. This is not only a form of purification, it was the start of the process of kharis (ritual reciprocity) where the strewing of barley groats on and around the altar of the Theoi is like a spiritual sowing to reap the benefits of later (asked for through prayer later on in the rite). As such, the barley that we use is whole form, just like it is for actual sowing of the crop.

    Once purification is performed, a hymn is sung or proclaimed. Hymns are sung to please, to bring forth. It is a way to celebrate the deity in question, but also to make Him or Her more inclined to grant the request to follow. Hymns were accompanied with music and dancing; they were true celebrations in that regard. They are performed to proclaim existing kharis and built upon it by showing respect and knowledge of the lives of the Gods. Today, they are mostly proclaimed, but the words are heartfelt and proclaimed clearly and (if at all possible) loudly.

    Prayers are next on the agenda. Prayers are attempts by men and women to communicate with Gods by means of the voice. A prayer is carefully formulated to convey a message as persuasively as possible to the God, and was thus often spoken. The idea is not to please, but to request. They make use of the established and just now strengthened kharis to petition the Gods for aid. Where the hymn is an offering to go along with material sacrifice, the prayer is not an offering at all. To soften the request, prayers are often accompanied by the sacrifice–the main event of the rite.

    A sacrifice to the Gods is a way of bonding, of kharis. It’s a way of showing our devotion to the Gods and bringing Them, actively, into our homes and lives. It’s a way of acknowledging Their greatness and recognizing our loyalty to Them. Practically, this means that whatever the sacrifice, it should be given with love, dedication and with respect to the bond between immortal and mortal. This outlay is the same for all Gods, be They major or minor. You can worship Gods with very little to none mythology to Their name exactly the same as those with extensive stories to be told and proclaimed. If you don’t have a hymn for Them, then make your own by way of what you know and why you are called to Them. There are no specific hymns for  Eileithyia, for example, but we can make them from bits and pieces of ancient material and our own inspiration. For example:

    “Khaire Eiliethyia of women’s child-pains. She Who Comes To Aid, hear the praise I sing of you! You who brought forth the birth of bright Artemis and Apollon, twin champions of arrows and protectors of children, you whom Galanthis tricked to allow the birth of the great hero Herakles, drawn near to my humble altar and lean down to lend me Your ear and accept the sacrifice I make in Your honor, for without you Goddess of childbirth, Eileithyia, maid to the throne of the deep-thinking Moirai, child of all-powerful Hera, hear my song. For without you should we see neither the light of day, nor know the kindly dark, nor win the gift of Hebe, thy sister, the glorious limbs of youth.”

    From my journal, April 2016. 

    Kathmandu comes alive

    It’s early morning in Kathmandu, still dark out but I’m lying here, in our hotel room, wide awake. In a few hours, we leave for the Khumbu, almost one year to the day later. 

    It’s remarkably quiet and yet there is this deep sense of connectivity… In the quiet, you can hear the steady rise and fall of people deep in sleep in neighboring homes. As if we are all in this room together. I’m thinking about how profound this contrast is given how rowdy it will become. I listen patiently for the first sounds, curious to understand all its layers. 

    And then it begins… Slowly, just before dawn, the birds squawk and sing, then the street dogs begin to bark and howl… which triggers babies to cry from various windows. Next are the motorbikes and cars zipping down tiny dusty streets with horns beeping… children laugh and talk to their mothers, loud voices in Nepali, spoons clank against breakfast bowls… All of these sounds can be heard precisely at first, eventually blurring together, becoming one sound. This is how Kathmandu comes back to life.

    Made with Instagram

    alright, so i worked as a guide for one of the choirs at this competition for choirs from different parts of the world. three other people and i were assigned to the turkish group, which amounted to somewhere around 140 people, because along with the choir kids came their parents and a family run travel agency of 3 people

    the choir by itself would have been perfectly fine, but the parents and the agency were set on treating the event as a personal holiday rather than an organized competition, and that’s where majority of the conflict arose


    • one other guide and i are going to prague (300+ km) by bus to pick up our half of the group. the dispatcher wrote down the wrong times, so we were running an hour late. the other bus is on its way from germany and hits traffic
    • my bus driver tells me that he doesn’t like tattoos on women and asks me if it’s true that tattooed women are hornier, slaps my ass, keeps asking tmi questions
    • we’re an hour late, the other bus is two hours late. we inform Aysen, the lady from the travel agency that’s coming along with our half, together with her son. Ali, the husband, is in the other half of our group that arrived in the morning and went on to have a prague tour
    • both Aysen and Ali keep calling the respective guides every 10 minutes, asking when we’re gonna be there (Z - the other guide - and me in Aysen’s case, K and D in Ali’s). K and D’s buses weren’t even late or anything
    • “how much longer” “we’ll be there in half an hour soonest, 45 minutes is more likely” ….. 10 minutes later ….. “where are you” “half an hour away”
    • finally we arrive and while Z stays to wait for the other bus, i go back with the first bus and the first batch of people. it’s 15:30. the second bus wont be coming for another hour. the opening ceremony of the competition is at 18:00, more than 300 km away (a 4 hours long drive by bus at best)
    • Aysen demands we stop at the first gas station and wait the hour until their bus catches up. i refuse - the choir is on my bus, we’re gonna try to get to the ceremony
    • the second bus (with Z and Aysen on it) leaves the airport at 16:30. the ceremony is starting in an hour and half. traffic is bad that day. Aysen announces, that they are gonna make it. “I don’t want to hear any ‘buts’!”
    • my bus passes by a recent accident on the road, about halfway through. we’re lucky, the road isn’t closed yet, but the police are about to stop traffic. my bus driver calls the other one to inform him of the situation, so they can take a different route instead of getting stuck in a traffic jam for who knows how long
    • Aysen shoves her phone screen in front of the 2nd bus driver’s face. “why are we going this way? google maps shows that going this route is faster”
    • this route being the blocked one, of course. this happens three more times
    • “one child needs to pee” says Aysen. Z explains that there’s no gas station on the way and won’t be for a while and asks if stopping by a tree or bushes is okay. “one child. one child” repeats Aysen
    • they stop by a cluster of bushes. the bus door opens, five children and four adults get off the bus. “where are they supposed to go here?” Aysen asks
    • the ceremony ends at 19:30. their bus arrives to the hotel after 21:30

    Keep reading

    candybarrnerd  asked:

    Hi Em, so I know you love mermaids, and mermaid are beautiful and amazing and well deserving of your love. but what are your thoughts on sirens? I freaking love sirens and can go on about them forever

    I have mixed feelings because my first experience of Sirens was from reading The Odyssey: “First you will come to the Sirens who enchant all who come near them. If any one unwarily draws in too close and hears the singing of the Sirens, his wife and children will never welcome him home again, for they sit in a green field and warble him to death with the sweetness of their song. There is a great heap of dead men’s bones lying all around, with the flesh still rotting off them.”

    And Homer made me fall so hard. 

    Still though, even though Ovid and Roman mythology began linking Sirens to the sea where they drowned the sailors (and now Sirens are more just, like, really evil mermaids today), original Greek mythology wrote them as half woman - half bird, and I am….not exactly down with that. I have a huge phobia of birds and the image terrifies me. Even the thought of that makes me shudder and I just…

    Originally posted by lamakaur1996

    (I’m Stiles, totally smug and confident reading about Sirens until they - Derek - give me the jolt of fear.

    The concept of Sirens is beyond cool and in their post-Greek form sign me the fuck up because they are the ones more likely to go round drowning people, as opposed to mermaids (not that mermaids are all good-natured). Sirens with their wings and claws, though? 

    Originally posted by carthaginiansandelephants

    Very cool but keep them the fuck away….

    fleecal  asked:

    FFFelix seems like a character from a children's show, who's not quite right. Like Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared. I bet he sings songs about brushing your teeth and eating healthy and cleaning up after you murder. :D

    If you listen over the horizon, you can hear his theme song.  

    but yes he also totally sings about how to get those pesky bloodstains out of your wonderful pewdiepie merch

    1. how could you
    2. did you fall in love with me the exact time I fell in love with you 
    3. when you told me you hated me the first night we met – hands on my breasts, mouth inching ever closer – did you know it would be the last thing you ever asked me not to do
    4. how did that chicken burrito taste
    5. what about when it was cold the morning after right before we left for the airport
    6. could you feel my eyes on your body 
    7. why didn’t you marry me that night 
    8. did you ever finish building that time machine so you could go back to 2013 and never meet her or not
    9. do you miss my voice (because I’ve thought about doing a podcast just so then you could hear it again without having to abandon your cowardice)
    10. if you saw me again would you pretend we’d never met 
    11. did you know that after sunday march 29th 2015 you never quite managed to keep the love out of your eyes every time you looked at me
    12. was your car cold those five hour phone calls 
    13. were you glad when you started to bring food out with you
    14. and a charger
    15. do you remember doing slow laps around your neighbourhood to avoid going back to your bed 
    16. did you ever complain to t mobile about your service dropping out on the road 
    17. did you sleep well that random night in tennessee (you looked too comfortable to wake)
    18. every time you go to the store with her do you park in the same spot under the light or does it make you cry now that you don’t see my face illuminated on a tiny screen underneath it every wednesday night
    19. do you think about me often
    20. is blue still your favourite colour
    21. did you ever watch that last travel show episode where they came to glasgow or are you still saving it for a time when watching it means you’re on your way
    22. did you cry in the bathroom that monday afternoon after i told you about the scar on my neck
    23. can you listen to rancid yet
    24. does it feel like a movie when you do 
    25. did you really never mean to hurt me 
    26. in the times you’ve driven to chicago and back since you broke my heart have you heard my voice in the back of your head 
    27. do you still look at my instagram it’s in black and white because the colour left my life with you how fucking pathetic is that I make myself sick
    28. do you still listen to pulp in your kitchen whilst she’s at work
    29. do you still hear lyrics and think of me even though you only remember what number a song is on the album and literally nothing else about it (until me anyway)
    30. can you listen to born to run without thinking of our wedding
    31. do you dream of our children
    32. have you tried to forget
    33. how was the bridge without me did you think about the coordinates over my heart where your hand used to be 
    34. when new year comes and you aren’t holding me whilst I sing “happy birthday” to the tune of “auld lang syne” which part of your body will regret it the most
    35. how could you
    —  “do you have a question relating to cleveland?”  CC x
    FNaF SL: Baby Dialogues [ Masterpost ]

    Hey guys, Chika here ☆

    Today we wrote down the full dialogues of Baby.
    I really like her voice, the voice actor of her, Heather Masters, did a great job ( and the others too as well ) ! We want to share all the texts with you,
    so have fun and, as always, take care ♥
    ( and thanks to Woozie Exe on Youtube to upload all of her dialogues )
    note: sentences written in { this } is when she’s whispering.
    - - -

    Night 2:

    “ I don’t recognize you. You are new. I remember this scenario. However, it’s a strange thing to want to do, to come here. I’m curious what events will lead a person to want to spend their nights in a place like this willingly. Maybe curiosity, maybe ignorance. There is a space under the desk, someone before you crafted it into a hiding place and it worked for him. I recommend that you hurry though. You will be safe there, just try not to make eye contact, it will be over soon. They will lose interest. When your guide comes back online, he is going to tell you that he was unsuccessful, that you must restart the system manually. He will tell you to crawl through Ballora Gallery as fast as you can to reach the Breaker Room. If you follow his instructions, you will die. Ballora will not return to her stage anymore, she will catch you. The power will be restored shortly. When you crawl through Ballora Gallery, go slowly. She can not see you and can only listen for your movement. When you hear her music become louder she is growing near, listening for you. Wait and be still. “

    Night 3 ( Bonus / Baby’s story ):

    “ Did you know that I was on stage once? It wasn’t for very long, only one day. What a wonderful day, though. I was in a small room with balloons and a few tables. No-one sat at the tables, though, but children would run in and out. Some where afraid of me, others enjoyed my songs. Music was always coming from somewhere else down the hall. I would always count the children, I’m not sure why. I was always acutely aware of how many there were in the room with me. Two, then three, then two, then three, then four, then two, then none. They usually played together in groups of two or three.
    I was covered in glitter. I smelled like birthday cake. There were two, then three, then five, then four. I can do something special, did you know that? I can make ice cream, although I only did it once. There were four, then three, then two, then one. Something happend when there was one. A little girl, standing by herself. I was no longer myself. And I stopped singing. My stomach opened and there was ice cream. I couldn’t move at least, not until she stepped closer. There was screaming for a moment, but only for a moment. Then other children rushed in again, but they couldn’t hear her over the sounds of their own excitement. I still hear her sometimes. Why did that happen? “

    Night 4:

    “ Psh, be still and quiet. You’ve been sleeping for quite a while. I think they noticed that you never left the building last night. The cameras were searching for you, but they couldn’t find you. I have you hidden too well. { I kidnapped you. } Don’t be afraid, I’m not going to hurt you. I’m only going to keep you for a little while. Try not to wiggle, though. You’re inside something that came from my old pizzeria. I don’t think it was ever used, at least not the way it was meant to be used. Too dangerous. It’s just big enough for one person to fit inside, but just barely.
    You’re in the Scooping Room. Do you know why they call it the Scooping Room? It’s because, dummy, this is the room where they use the scooper. I thought that would be obvious. Isn’t that a fun name for something? The scooper. It sounds like something you would use for ice cream or custard or sprinkles. It sounds like something you would want at your birthday party to ensure, that you get a heaping portion of every good thing. I wonder, though, if you were a freshly opened pint of ice cream how you would feel about something with that name. Thankfully, don’t think a freshly opened pint of ice cream feels anything at all.
    Oh-oh. It sounds like someone else is in the building. Psh.
    [ the men enter the room and talking about something ]
    There is something very important that I’ve learned to do over the time, do you know what this is? How to pretend. Do you ever play make believe? Pretend to be one way when you are really the other? It’s very important. Ballora never learns, but I do. They think there is something wrong on the inside. The only thing, that matters is knowing.
    [ Ballora gets scooped ]
    I’ll open the faceplates for you. That way they can find you on the cameras. Now all you have to do is wait. I’d recommend that you keep the springlocks wound up. Your breathing and your heartbeat are causing them to come loose. You don’t want them to get too loose, trust me. “

    Night 5:

    “ Can you hear me? I’m pretending. Remember how I said that I could pretend? The cameras are watching, I must be careful not to move. Something bad happened yesterday. Something bad always happens. I don’t want it to happen again. There is something bad inside of me. I’m broken. I can’t be fixed. I’m going to be taken to the Scooping Room soon, but it’s not going to fix what’s wrong with me. What is bad is always left behind. Will you help me? I want you to save what is good so the rest can be destroyed and never recovered, but you must be careful. Ballora is here, in the room with us. Ballora will not return to her stage, Ballora will not return to her body. You must be careful, you must remain calm and listen to my voice. There is a button on my cheek. You must find it and press it. There is a passcode, that you must enter before you can retrieve me. Enter the code carefully. [ insert code here ] Good, a hatch should have opened. Take the card that you find inside. Now you must turn back. I will guide you through Funtime Auditorium, so you can reach the Scooping Room. When you are there I want you to destroy this body. Put the card into your handheld device and I can continue to speak to you. Now, press the green button to your left, this will send me to the Scooping Room. You must follow my instructions in Funtime Auditorium. Ballora is going to follow you. She will try to catch you. I will help you avoid her. She will not follow you inside the Scooping Room, she is afraid. Go back now. Go forward. Stop. Go forward. You are almost there. Stop. She is right in front of you. Don’t move. He is here to help, Ballora. He is not here to hurt us. Ballora, he is here to help us. Go forward again, Ballora is behind you. She is afraid of the Scooping Room, she will not follow you. “

    REAL ENDING: “ You are in the Scooping Room now.
    Funtime Foxy has already been here today.
    Funtime Freddy has already been here today.
    Ballora has already been here today.
    Circus Baby has already been here today.
    I’ve been out before, but they always put me back. They always put us back inside. There is nowhere for us to hide here. There is nowhere to go, when we look like this. But if we look like you, then we could hide. If we looked like you, then we would have somewhere to go. The Scooper only hurts for a moment. “

    FAKE ENDING: “ Why didn’t you trust me?
    Sometimes I don’t understand why people do the things that they do.
    I thought you liked me.
    I thought I did everything right.
    I don’t want to hurt anyone, but we need you so that we can leave.
    We need you, so that we can hide.
    We need you, so that we can look like you.
    If they find us like this, we won’t be able to try again.
    You must help us.
    You must let us inside the room.
    You must let us inside, isn’t this why you came here, to be with her again?
    You won’t die and it will only hurt for a moment. “

    - - -
    Btw we’re close to 100 followers and we want to do a giveaway~
    More information coming soon, stay tuned. :)
    And, if you enjoyed this kind of post tell us what you would like to see and we will try to write it down for you.