i can hear the 10 year old girls screaming

Ian Brady and his girlfriend and accomplice, Myra Hindley, took pornographic images of their victims. Ian also hit one of his child victims, a little boy, with an axe. he even audio recorded the abuse of a little girl. 

during the audio recording, you can here Myra Hindley telling the 10 year old girl to shut up. you can also hear the girl screaming constantly and saying: 

‘i want to see mummy’

‘let me go! please!’

‘don’t undress me, will you?’

‘i can’t with your hand around my neck’

‘why..? what are you going to do with me?’

‘i have got to go as i am going out with my mama’

Ian had wanted to take some pornographic photos of the girl. he is heard saying:

‘the longer it takes for you to do this, the longer it takes for you to get home’

‘if you don’t keep that hand down, i will slit your throat.’