i can hear the

has it been long enough that it’s ok to talk about the new adventure zone episode? i hope so ‘cause i’m gonna talk theories for a bit. things are a bit up in the air for now but here’s what the fuck i think is going on (spoiler warning):

  • the boys are liches. all three of ‘em. that’s why kravitz was baffled by their apparent death count, and that’s why kravitz sensed a lich during his date with taako. he asked taako if there was any possibility he was possessed by some sort of dark spirit - technically, that’s exactly true. taako is a dark spirit, possessing the body of his own clone.
  • the boys are red robes. they’re from a plane that was destroyed by the Hunger, and they’ve been going through loops, inhabiting cloned bodies, trying to stop the Hunger for good. we know they’ve failed at least twice, but the hundred-or-so deaths the boys’ve racked up between them suggests more.
  • the boys have a baffling resistance to the relics’ thrall. the thrall almost made carey, a much more competent person, betray the bureau and destroy the world, before someone snapped her out of it. and carey never even touched the relic.
  • so why are the boys so resistant? because they’re the ones who created the relics in the first place. lucretia’s said that the red robes made the relics, and magnus just remembered that he created the temporal chalice, eventually entrusting it to jack and june.
  • the boys are all red robes, on an eternal quest that they can’t remember, because some unknown party destroyed all the relevant information. barry is the only one who can remember because he was the first to die, and once he wasn’t alive anymore, he could remember the information that’d been erased. (hence the prophecy: “you will find the power that you seek from the man wreathed in flames.”)

this could all get joss’d two weeks from now, but… holy shit if i’m right this is so cool. there are still some holes - who erased the information, and why? why did lucretia say she’d had run-ins with the red robes, and that they were all evil? - but. this makes a lot of sense

i don’t have a good memory but sometimes i remember the smallest things about people even if i don’t talk to them in years. and sometimes i talk about those little things with other people, but do you ever wonder if they do the same with you? like it amazes me that a someone could remember things about me because i feel like there is nothing to remember. i mean, if they talk to other people about you, or mention you, you will never know, there’s no way you’ll know unless they tell you but what are the chances right. but like i was talking to this one friend i haven’t seen in seven years, SEVEN years, and i said that i was going to be a cat lady and she said that she was going to have ducks and call them harry and potter, and i was shocked because MY ducks when i was a kid were called harry and potter, so i told her and she said “i know, that’s why i said that” and when i asked her how she could remember such thing she answered “i don’t know, i just do” and she then mentioned that sometimes she tells her friends that she knows someone that had two ducks called harry and potter. this person, whom i haven’t seen in seven years, still remembers one of smallest details about my life. the name of my ducks. god knows when i told her, but she remembers and even talks about it with other people. i’m the topic of conversation sometimes. if you think about it, all those times you told a little story about someone you knew… what if someone was doing the same with you, what if even though you haven’t seen or talked to someone you used to know they still remember you and talk about you. it makes me dizzy and it’s shocking because i always feel like there’s nothing to say about me and that people won’t have a problem forgetting about me, but these things, they make me realize that there’s people that still have me in their thoughts from time to time. it’s mind-blowing isn’t it

It’s a letter

I just feel like, in my personal opinion, I seem to have this trend of finding people in my life who like, I consider them a good friend, but I know for a fact that I don’t physically exist to them when I’m not around, or that I don’t physically exist to them unless they have a problem they want me to talk them down from. Maybe other people have this same trend. Maybe most people do. I don’t know, I can only speak for myself.

But it’s like… I’m the friend you go to when you have a problem, not the friend you go to for any other reason. And, for some reason I’m okay with this because I like those people and I want to be friends with them. I value our time together even if I know it’s not gonna last and it’s an unequal relationship. And I do value it, I wouldn’t want to not be friends with any of those people even if I am a little salty. 

It’s just like. Sometimes you just feel so ignored by everyone that even when you’re talking right to them you know they’re not hearing you. Maybe they’re smiling and nodding, but they’re not hearing you. They’re not really interested in you. No one is interested in you. 

But anyways. 

That’s why we don’t get emotionally invested in anyone but ourselves. 

and thus, my heart was broken

i can’t believe space dad j'onn j'onzz has known this entire time that alex danvers is a huge lesbian since he can read minds and it makes me wonder did he ever read her mind when she was trying to figure out if she’s gay?? like throughout the day she would subconsciously just think about how amazing girls are and j'onn is just like “alex are you kidding me there is no way you are straight” but being the respectful, supportive father he is he just let her figure it out and then wait for her to tell him on her own terms