i can hear it in his voice

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Ever since tom entered (and ruined) my life, hearing the word 'darling' just does things to me...

I can hear it in his voice which is even more self-destructing

Investigate, Eavesdrop, Same Thing

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what about a mike wheeler x reader fic where the reader goes to nancy for advice bc she’s crushing on mike, but mike & his friends are listening through the door? i love some stranger things fluff (:

Pairing: Mike Wheeler x Reader

Warnings: None I don’t think

A/N: I thought this idea was so cute, so I’m so sorry if I didn’t do it justice. SWEATER MIKE LOVE 


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“Can you hear them?” Dustin whispered, ear pressed against Nancy’s bedroom door, straining to make sense of the buzz of voices inside. 

Y/N had come over to the Wheeler household, but instead of hanging out with the boys, she went to Nancy’s room. Wanting to know why, they were now investigating (eavesdropping).

No. Shut up.” Mike and Lucas whisper-shouted back, also squeezing themselves against the door, trying to hear.

Wait. wait. I’m hearing something.” Will said, wide eyed, the rest of the boys listening, enraptured.

“-don’t know what to do. I really don’t want to lose my best friends over this.” Y/N spoke glumly. 

“You won’t.” Nancy reassured gently. “And it’s a normal thing that happens to everyone. You can’t help it. Trust me, I know.”

What?” Mike mouthed confusedly to the Dustin, who shrugged. 

We came too late. I don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.” Lucas said frustratedly, standing up, walking away from the door to make his way back downstairs. 

Will soon followed him, sending an apologetic look back at Dustin and Mike. When Dustin stood up, Mike lifted his arms in disbelief. 

Sorry Mike. My legs really hurt.” 

Sighing, Mike started to get up as well, before hearing his name, very faintly. Furrowing his eyebrows, he leaned towards the door again, beckoning Dustin to do the same. 

“-honestly, he has not one romantic cell in his body. I’m sure of it. You’ll have to take things into your own hands unfortunately.” 

Y/N laughed. “I don’t think I can.”

“You like him a lot though don’t you?” Nancy asked. 

“Of course I do! I.. I like Mike a lot.”

Nancy’s reply faded out to a useless buzz as Mike stared at Dustin, dumbfounded. Grinning, Dustin punched Mike on the shoulder. 

Y/N likes you!”

“I heard! Now be quiet, I need to-”

Thanks Nancy. This really helped.” 

“Anytime Y/N.”

Sharing a panicked look, both boys fled downstairs, almost tripping over each other in their alarm.

“So what did you do with Nancy?” 

Elbowing Dustin, Mike glared at him. What? Dustin mouthed, holding his hands up. 

“I just talked to her about something.” Y/N replied, not looking up from the comic she was reading. 

“Like what?” Lucas asked next, curious. 

Sighing, Y/N put the comic down. “You want me to tell you?” Amusedly, she watched as they all perked up. 

“Fine. Mike, could I talk to you? Alone first?”

“Wh- Mike gets special treatment?” Lucas shrieked.

Dustin now elbowed Lucas, while Will looked at them, puzzled.

“Yeah. Okay. Sure.” Mike babbled, walking over to the bathroom with her.

Leaving the door open a crack, she turned to him, mustering up her courage. 

“Um, so I’ve been keeping this for a while now, but Nancy told me I should just tell you. Mike, I..” 

“You like me.” Mike blurted, finishing her confession.

Startled, Y/N blinked. “You.. you were eavesdropping weren’t you? I thought I heard something!”

Embarrassed, Mike nodded. Taking her hands, he squeezed them gently, opening his mouth to say something before stopping. 

What are they saying?”


Letting go of one of Mike’s hands, Y/N flung open the door, revealing a guilty Dustin, Lucas and Will.

“You like Mike?”

“You’re holding hands!”

“Did you kiss?”

“What is this? Eavesdrop on all Y/N’s conversations day?” Y/N gave each of them a stern look. 

“Not eavesdrop, investigate.” Dustin corrected, with an innocent smile.

“Like that’s not the same thing?” 

“Actually-” Will butted in before getting cut off by Mike. 

“Guys, maybe we could have some actual privacy this time?” He pulled Y/N back into the bathroom.

“Yeah. Sure Mike.” Retreating, Dustin winked at him. Lucas flipped him a thumbs up, while Will nodded approvingly, all of them beaming. Turning to Y/N he smiled bashfully.

“So as I was saying..”

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Superman giving Wonder Woman the concerned big brother speech before she and Bruce begin dating. Bruce is there the whole time

The trinity stayed behind after the meeting to file the paperwork. Batman was in front of the computer beginning the filing. Wonder Woman and Superman were still seated as they sorted the printed copies. 

“Diana, I heard from Alfred,” Superman said with a worried tone. 

“I wish I personally told you, Kal, but Bruce wanted it to be a secret,” Diana lowered her voice.

Superman could hear Batman’s low grumbles and shook his head with a small chuckle.

“Listen, I know Bruce. He can be temperamental at times. He can be an asshole, a selfish one I tell you, but if he ever hurts you, let me know and we’ll beat him together.”

“I heard that,” Batman spoke in a gruff tone.

They both ignore him.

Diana chuckled, “I’ll keep that in mind, Kal.”

“I know being in a relationship isn’t a first for the both of you. Bruce has had his share of women and you’ve been with Steve before. I don’t want you to be like the women he has been with. I don’t want you to be corrupted of the darkness, Diana. I am not saying Bruce is bad or anything but he puts himself in the dark all the time.”

“So I’ll pull him out of that darkness, Kal. I’ll be the beacon of light to his darkened world. And if you’re going to mention him being a playboy philanthropist, don’t. Bruce has explained it to me at least twice even though I have understood it the first time.”

“I may have to warn you how stubborn he can be. Not even bullets or death can stop the Batman from doing what is right. You’ll be reprimanding him all the time for not taking care of himself. You’ll always see him broken, bruised, and bleeding but he’ll still keep going. Do you really want to see him that way every night?”

“If needed, I’ll have to give him a good punch in the head to try and see if I have proven a point.”

“I’m right here, Diana.” Batman slightly swivels his chair to their direction but still they ignore him. 

“It’s an image he puts up to make sure the people won’t suspect anything. I have understood him over the years. I have seen how different he acts when he is around me. You say he’s selfish but that’s one thing I would never call him. Bruce does not ask for anything to please himself. He gives but never takes. It’s hard for Batman to ask something for his own happiness.”

“I finally know now how much you love him, Diana. I’m just concerned for you. I know Bruce won’t hurt you but I just wanted to give you a heads up.”

“We know that,” Bruce and Diana said in unison. 

I leaned against the wall and closed my eyes. The music played around. I didn’t see anything, didn’t feel, didn’t think, didn’t even try to think or understand anything…
This music just played, pouring out of the elevator’s shiny walls like if it were a waterfall. Its melody grasped my mind, wrapped around it tightly. It always sounds the same. It will never change and it will never end. It keeps circling, just like this whole game. That’s why it’s all meaningless from the beginning… isn’t it? I can’t even hear the Narrator’s voice anymore, so I can’t tell for sure if I am annoyed by this or not.

Seconds ticking away, days passing by… 
Sometimes it seems to me that he sings cheerfully. But most of the time I hear him calling me, murmuring about something, humming under his breath, following the rhythms.
I listen and don’t listen to the music. I got bored sitting here, I got sick of hearing the same things over and over again, I am so bored and I am getting drowsy now, despite all this noise.

I have no idea how much of time flew away, it seems like it had been forever, but I stay in the elevator, the one that always moves to somewhere and at the same time stays motionless. I already slipped down the wall and now I just sit on the ground. I am still waiting for something. Maybe for the Narrator’s new comments? Or just for my own death? Under this music, in this very elevator, in two steps away from another fake ending underneath the Boss’ office…

“Stanley! Get out of there! Stanley-!”

Finally, I hear the Narrator’s muffled screams. But I am not going to leave the elevator now. I’ll just sit in here and enjoy this damned music. And I am ready to do it forever. I am tired and I don’t want to restart everything again. I don’t want to go to all these stupid doors. I won’t follow the yellow Line™, nor I will pick up the phone. I will never push buttons again, not even the harmless ones. I never even liked my job. And it’s easy to understand me here, because, actually…

Stanley is not my name and I never worked in this Office.

You thought you were alone. You never really sang in front of anyone out of fear you actually sounded like a cat in a blender. But you had a pretty good day and found yourself singing a tune on the roof.

Singing to yourself and feeling the breeze brush past your skin and the blue sky glowing above you, with wisps of fluffly white clouds. So caught up in the moment you didn’t hear the heavy footsteps behind you.

“You sing well.” The gruff voice of 76 complimented, somewhat awkwardly. Feeling heat on your face and ears you scratched the back of your head. “Thanks… I guess.” You replied looking anywhere but him.

“You can keep singing you know. I saw you come up here and I wanted to make sure ypu were ok.” He admitted shifting his weight to his left leg and crossing his arms.

“Yeah I’m ok, thank you for thinking of me though.” Reassuring the older man. He seemed satisfied with your answer and nodded, walking back to the door.

“You should sing more often (Y/N), your very good.” He called back before he shut the door leaving you a blushy mess.

Maybe you would.