i can hear his accent


“Well he wrote the songs for Moana as well - Lin-Manuel Miranda, who played Hamilton and wrote the musical, wrote the songs, is now in the Mary Poppins movie…”

In which David Tennant is all of us.

So I was looking at Yuri’s Anti-Hero outfit and-

Wait a second, those boots


THEY ARE! Just look at how the shadow casts on them. You can see a gap. Oh man, Yuri. You work those heels.

Watch out Old Man, Yuri’s going to stomp you under those heels!

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I will never shut up about "Ripper Weather". Great case file, great sex, I love Detective. Spagnolo and his accent (I can hear him perfectly in my head), and I will always consider this a story that I would love to see made into an episode.

Every time I wrote Detective Spagnolo’s dialogue, I was channeling my mom’s extended South Philly Italian family. Even my mom still says “youse guys,” and she hasn’t lived there in decades.

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Harry has a child from a previously marriage and the child doesn't like y/n and is being mean to her. In the end Harry notices and they all make up x


( btw I put more visuals this time because I kinda like them?? )

“Daddy!” Mason’s short, dark curls bounce up and down from where it peaks out from behind Harry’s legs. “I wanna go to the park!”

You smile softly as Harry laughs, one of his hands reaching down to ruffle his son’s hair and the other one around your waist. “But today is Y/N’s birthday, don’t you wanna go to a restaurant and celebrate?”

Mason frowns, turning to face Harry completely. “Daddy, but Mommy’s gonna be at the park today!” Harry tightens his grip around you as you wince. “I heard from Katie that she is!”

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Harry: Dominance.  We’ve all heard Harry’s pain kink theory.  And whether or not we like to admit it, chances are we’ve all been turned on by it.  So, I like to imagine that Harry likes it pretty rough in the bedroom sometimes.  He’d be the type to bring handcuffs or silk ties into the room to tie you up to the headboard. He’d probably be the type to leave plenty of bite marks in places only you two can see.  I think he’d also be really turned on by your scratch marks down his back once he finally decided to stop teasing and untie you, in order to fuck you into a whole new dimension. He’d grunt right in your ear, “FUCK baby, squeeze me again.  Harder.  Fuck.  Don’t stop” all breathless and deep while he bit at your neck hard enough to leave big purple bruises fuCK BYE ~Sydney

Liam: Daddy Kink.  Even though Liam is probably so disgustingly sweet in a relationship, I feel like he’s probably got a pretty intense daddy kink. Since he spends so much time catering to you and making you feel good, I can see him totally having a little kink for you worshipping HIM once in a while. On top of that, I think he’d also be pretty into spanking - it would be such a rush for him to give you a little bit of pain when he’s so used to giving you all this pleasure. So maybe the first time you decided to call him daddy, he’d be a little surprised by it, but so fucking turned on. He’d be like, “What was that, princess? Say it again.” before giving you a rough slap on the ass. Goodbye. ~Hannah

Niall: Dirty Talk. It’s a well-known fact that Niall has a bit of a dirty mouth. So I can only imagine how much more intense it gets in the bedroom.  He’d probably call you things like, “My dirty little girl” and, like Liam, I think he’d probably have a thing for spanking as well.  Plus, I think his accent would get even thicker the more aroused he got. So I can just hear his thick accent saying, “You like when I touch you there? Hm?  You like when I fuck your mouth, baby?” Plus, I definitely think he’s the type to dirty talk in public.  Leaning really close to you, whispering, “I bet you’re dripping for me, aren’t you? Can’t wait to get you home, princess.  Can’t wait to fuck that pretty little pussy of yours so good you won’t be able to walk tomorrow.  You’d like that, wouldn’t you, you filthy little girl.” ~Sydney

Louis: I had a little bit of a hard time coming up with particular kinks for Louis, but I think that he would be totally down for a threesome. Somewhere slightly public, but not too risky. Like in a hotel room. He’d probably get so much satisfaction from making you moan, but he’d probably kinda smirk a little and be like, “We don’t wanna get kicked out, now do we?” And oh my god, he’d be super into wanting someone to watch too, and wanting to dirty talk you while doing it. "Look at you, you dirty little girl. They’re watching you being fucked, let them know how good I’m fucking you right now.“  ~Hannah

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This is my first smut. I don’t usually read teacher imagine, even though I kinda like them, but this one is for my friend  stypayhorliksonheart :) She helpped me. Hope you’ll like it ♥

Paring : Ashton Irwin x reader

Theme : Teacher!Ashton

Warning : smut, teasing, intimidation, swearing, forbiden relation

Rating :

Words : 1,765

His large hands were tightly wrapped around your waist under your shirt. Ashton slided his forefinger on your burning back, making you shiver. Your hands were playing in his hair, wrapping his curls around your fingers. His green gaze was desiring you and you could feel it since he was tighten against you. He moved a stand of hair behind your ear and kissed your neck down to your collarbone, right on your sweet spot.

‘’This is so good…’’ you whispered.

‘’Miss (Y/L/N), could you tell us what is so good?’’

Shit, shit, shit!

‘’It’s… my lipstick? Yeah, my lipstick. Raspberry’’

He frowned.

‘’Well, seeing your results, I suggest you should focus more on the maths than your wonderful lips’’

You sighed, knowing how stupid you looked.

‘’Yes, M. Irwin…’’

You were doing your exercises when M. Irwin came at your desk. He crouched down, putting an arm in the back of your seat and one on your sheets. Your heart sped up. You never been so close to him and you couldn’t help yourself but felt a little nervous while his hot breathe was blowing on your neck, just were you imagined his lips kissing you.

‘’Did you need help?’’ He demanded you.

You looked upon him. His frowning was giving him a cute look of a worried little kid who was affraid that he might have hurt you, but he was to manfully-handsome to be cute.

‘’I-I-I don’t…’’ You started.

How can anyone not lose control after hearing his so dam sexy accent?

‘’Can you stay after the classes?’’ He cut you off.


He cut you off  before you could answer, again.

‘’Good… Hum, actually, I wanted to apologize for what I said about your grade. I shouldn’t have mention it in front of the class. I’m sorry’’

Your cheeks blushed while he putted one of his hand on your shouldders. Your (Y/E/C) gaze was drowning in his greenish one. And those lips that he was biting, you couldn’t help but imagine them on yours. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Imagine them on your neck, down to your collarbone, and to your breast… And those hands holding you tightly against him, or wandered all over your body, making you shiver every time his fingers brushed your skin… Dam it! Why was he your teacher?

‘’ (Y/N)?’’

‘’Y-Y-Yes M. Irwin?’’

‘’The bell rang’’

The class was empty. You didn’t even realised that Ashton was no longer at your side. How could you not heard all the students escaping the schoolroom? Well, this teacher was really distracted you. You quickly escaped the room, feeling really embarassed. You were walking down the corridor when some jerks from your maths class came upon your side.

‘’My wonderful lipstik is so good, M. Irwin, do you wanna taste it?’’ The first on said, badly imitating you.

‘’Yeah, this is so good M. Irwin, oh yeah, oh yeah!’’ The other one added.

You sighed. They were pissing you off. Every class maths, it was the same story. They were making fun of you, and God only know how they managed to know your interest in Ashton. Maybe it was too obvious, but that doesn’t give them the right to prick you like that.

‘’Get over it, I don’t like him’’ You said, annoying.

‘’You stayed in the class with him, don’t you?’’

‘’Geez, are you serious!?’’ They were really pissing you off.

‘’Are you saying that (Y/N) and Irwin were doing dirty things?’’


‘’Is someone having a problem over here?’’

Shit, shit, shit!

Both of the jerks were laughing so hard and you only wanted to disappear in an other galaxy. This was the wort moment of your life. You couldn’t even answer to him. You looked at M. Irwin like a lost bambi, never have felt so stupid before. You wanted to cry. This couldn’t be real.

‘’Don’t you have anything else to do, gentlemen?

‘’Oh, you want to be alone with (Y/N)?’’ One of them questioned before bursting to laugh.

‘’Shut up’’ you mumbled.

‘’Yes, that’s exactly what I want, so please, you can go know.’’

You looked at Ashton with suprise. The guys walked away, still laughing.

‘’Don’t forget to met me after the class’’

‘’But I-I-I don’t think I need your help, M. Ir-w-win’’

You were too embarrassed to be alone with him. He touched gently your arm, while carefully looking at your reaction.

‘’Are you shure?’’ He placed one of his hand in the palm of your jaw, looking at you even more intensely.

‘’What are you doing?’’ you whispered.

He smiled and turned away. Was he flirting with you? 

‘’I didn’t realise how beautiful your eyes were’’ He said, ignoring your question.

Maybe it was because of your facial expression, but Ashton smirked while slowly removing his hand. He ran his other hand through his messy hair, just to make you melt even more (if it was possible). He turned away, giving you a last look.

At the end of the classes, you were stressed to death. Imagine if your dream came true (Because, you know, he was really flirting with you!… Right?), would you want it? Was it better if it stays in your dreams? Even though you wasn’t shure about it, your legs were bringing you to your math class. Before entering the room, you saw M. Irwin writing on the board some arithmetic equations. Well, maybe he wasn’t into you after all. You took a seat anyway, not without looking at his beautiful butt. He turned to you at this moment and rapidly, you looked away. You blushed and he smirked.

‘’Take out your notebook, we will do some Pythagore’’

While you were doing as he said, M. Irwin putted a desk next to yours, taking a seat right beside you.

‘’Now, we can begin…’’

Ashton explained to you all about… something, but all you could think of was his muscular body, the way he touched your arm just to catch your attention, his freaking fabulous smirk and his dimples, the way he placed his hand on your thigh… what? You looked up at him and then you looked at his hand, then at him, then at his hand.

‘’Am I going too far? If you want, we can stop it there.’’ He said, softly.

‘’Did you mean that…’’

‘’That I like you?’’ He cut you off.  ‘’Yes, I think you are the most beautiful woman I ever seen and God I like the way your cheeks turned red every time I’m near you’’

He placed one of his hand on your cheek, making your heart beat going even faster than it was. 

‘’Then kiss me’’ Your mouth whispered (Your brain wasn’t connected at this moment).

‘’You know that we can’t to that, don’t you? I’m 27 and your (Y/A). That’s illegal. Plus, I’m your teacher.’’

‘’Your single?’’ You asked.


‘’Then kiss me’’

One of his large hand was holding your jaw and the other one was placed on your back, under your shirt. He pressed his soft lips against yours, electrifying your body. When he heard you moan, you felt a smirk grown. Slowly, his mouth descended along your neck. You bend your head, showing him even more skins. The way his lips were kissing your sweet spot, you couldn’t help but slide your hands throw his blonde hair, feeling the pleasure grown as his tongue suck your skin. This was so good, even more than what you imagined. Slowly, he went up your shirt, as if he wanted to ask your permission. You didn’t stop him (and you didn’t want to) so he took off your shirt, while making you shiver as his fingers were softly touching you.

‘’You are gorgeous’’ He whispered.

You giggled, feeling the butterflies flying in your stomach. He took your hands and putted them in his shirt, looking intensly at you. You took off his shirt and when you saw his chest, you coudn’t help but look at this beautiful muscularity.

‘’You like it?’’ He laughed.

‘’You are gorgeous too’’ You said with a flirty smile.

While looking at you, Ashton lifted you and placed you on his knees. You could feel his burning fingers sliding up to your black laced bra and undo the attached. He cup his large hands around your breast, kissing your collarbone. Every single kiss elecrtified your body. Your hands travelled down his chest to his zipper but he stopped you.

‘’Are you a virgin?’’ He asked you.

‘’No, why?’’

‘’Good, I didn’t want you to lost your virginity with me. Your first time shouldn’t be with your math teacher.’’

You smiled and kissed him even harder. The heat was raising rapidly while you undo his zipper. You took his hard membrer in your hand and started to drag it. Ashton groaned with pleasure, squeezing your waist a little more, and begin to kiss your nipple while kneading the other. He has such an expert mouth.

‘’M. Irwin…’’ You moaned.

‘’I like the way you say my name’’

You giggled, knowing that a smirk was placed on his face. He went down his hands to your intimate part. He surprised you when his fingers entered inside you.

‘’Do you want to do it?’’

‘’Yes…’’ You moaned.

‘’Don’t have to ask me twice’’ He smiled.

You felt every centimeters of pleasure when he penetrated you. He was guiding you with his large hands, making every hips thrust even deeper. Your fingers were traveling to his hair and down to his back, scratching it sometimes. Ashton was groaning your name, giving you even more pleasure. Your breathes were at the same time and the heat was praticly intolerable.

‘’Fu-ck (Y/N), I’m coming…’’

You speed up, feeling that you were about to come too. Not long after, you came with him. You praticly screamed his name, but he placed his hand on your mouth.

‘’They can’t know what we’re doing, princess’’

Princess? You liked it. When the wonderful moment was over, you get up and started to get dressed. Ashton zipped his jeans and came to you, pressing his chest on your back, wrapping his arms around your waist. He placed his head in the hollow of your neck and gently kissed it.

‘’Maybe we could have a real date sometime’’ Ashton said.

‘’That could be fun’’ You smiled.

He sotfly took your jaw and planted a sweet kiss on your lips.

‘’See you tomorow’’ He said before you got outside. ‘’Don’t forget the homework!’’


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plot summary of colin’s scenes

  1. Just a minute, Reg! - Colin wears a sleeveless white undershirt which shows off his muscly arms, and also drives in a nice suit.
  2. You’ve got glamour, Frances. You’re like an East End starlet. - Colin in a mustard yellow shirt.
  3. Look after your sister - Colin’s fantastic ears, close up.
  4. West End starlet, Frances. That’s you. - Colin in a suit walking the bride down the aisle
  5. Reggie, I’m not letting you see her, all right? - Lots and lots and LOTS of close ups of Colin’s face here. (trigger warning: implied domestic abuse)
  6. Bloody hell, Frances, what have you done?! - Colin in a black shirt. (trigger warning: suicide).
  7. You bastard! - Colin’s in a far away shot in this one, and you can see his hand in another.