i can hear his accent


“Well he wrote the songs for Moana as well - Lin-Manuel Miranda, who played Hamilton and wrote the musical, wrote the songs, is now in the Mary Poppins movie…”

In which David Tennant is all of us.

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You frowned as the commander you had heard so much about walked into the med bay bloody and bruised “Good morning. So your the new doc Angela was talking so highly about?”

“Ah? Yes yes! How can I help you sir?” You asked blushing looking at his handsome features

“Just get me patched up doc” He smiled sitting down next to you

“Yes sir” you nod making him laugh

“Just Gabe is fine. Your a doctor so the formalities don’t matter as much”  he winks a little bit

“Oh okay sir- I mean Gabe” you say smiling as you wipe off the blood and dirt

As you finished up quickly you smile at him “Okay. Your all patched up”

“Damn. You are even faster then Mercy. Maybe ill come to you for now on” He laughs making you blush hard

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“GET DOWN” The cyborg ninja yelled jumping on you and pulling you on the ground with him on top of you as a bullet flew past. Some hitting his back making him grunt.

“S-Shimada! Are you okay?“ You ask gasping as he rolls off of you

“Y-Yea om fine. Im just glad your okay…?“

“Y/N. My name is Y/N” you smile a little

“Well Y/N. im glad your alright” He says grunting a little

“Crap your hurt. Here let me help you get help”

“No no its fine. Get back out there Ill be fine”

“Fine. But when I back im checking on you”

He nods and pats your shoulder before running off

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“Excuse me Mr.McCree?”

“Hm? Oh ya the new face round these parts I been hearing about. What can I do for ya partner?”

His southern accent flowing into your ears like silk giving you butterflies

“Reyes said you could help me learn to shoot” You say blushing a tiny bit

“Hm? Course he throws the cute new recruit my way. Alright doll here lemme show ya” He says handing you a pistol and wrapping around you to adjust your stance

“Just like that. Ya a natural”

He smiles making you giggle a little bit as his beard rubs against your neck

“Hm? everythin alright doll?”

“Yea yea! I’m fine” You giggle

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Luhan - The one out of Billions♥ [Part 1]

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Member: Former Exo Member Luhan

Pairing: Idol!Luhan & You

Genre: Fluff

Words: 2,356

Summary: People rarely have the chance to find their soulmate, but it looks like you just met yours. Your one out of Billions. And he just might be your Bias as well.

A world where, somewhere on this planet, there is a person that loves you unconditionally. A person that will always only love you. Bad thing that there are over 7.3 Billion people on this planet. Another bad thing is that men feel the pull to their ‘destiny’ immediately. For women it will take about a week to notice. It feels like something is missing. Something important. Many people will never find their destined. That’s what we call the ‘missing piece’. People still fall in love. But the pull towards your missing half is stronger.


I never thought my day would go like that. I woke up this morning and it was already 6.15 am. Usually I stand up at 5.45. I put on minimal make-up and brushed my hair. I put on black jeans, a T-shirt and my hoodie, took my black backpack with the 'exodus’ symbol and ran to catch the bus. To my luck, the bus was late this morning and I didn’t have to worry about missing school. I plopped down on the seat next to my best friend. She looked at my backpack and shook her head in an annoyed way. She never really understood why I liked those 12 boys but to me, they are like sunshine on a cloudy day. Their personalities always seem so happy and excited. I take my headphones and put them on. Overdose immediately blasts through the speakers and I carefully nod my head to the beat. Although I don’t speak their language I carefully moved my mouth the way I think those words are pronounced and take out my Spanish book. My finals are nearly done and my life is just one stressful thing. When the bus stopped I quickly hopped outside and walked the last few meters towards my school. Inside, I sat down at one of the computers in the computer room and checked my tumblr. At that time I didn’t know what would be happening right now…

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Newt x Reader Texting Imagine

Request:  For the texting imagine, what about Newt and Y/N are super close and are just talking when all of a sudden Newt says that he loves her and she says it back. Love your account xx

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Word Count: 608

Warnings: None

I unlock my phone, my fingers quickly tapping in the pin - my best friend Newt’s favourite numbers. The sight of my background brings a bright smile to my face; Newt took at least a dozen selfies, each of them sillier than the last, and made one of them my wallpaper.

Opening the messaging app, I quickly send a text to the second-in-command:
Where are you? 😃

A reply comes instantly, causing my phone to vibrate in my hand.
In the Homestead, doing paperwork 😒. Bloody hell, I’m so bored. Come hang out with me?

I roll my eyes at the text; I can almost hear his British accent through the words. My fingers hover over the keyboard for a second before I answer.
No! You need to do your work, Newtie! Stop procrastinating! Haha 😉😃

Newt and I have been friends since I came up in the Box a year ago. He’s smart, funny, sweet, kind and, I must admit, very handsome. The more I got to know the British Glader, the more my feelings grew. It’s silly, but I have a pretty big crush on him. I know that he wouldn’t possibly like me back, but it doesn’t hurt to imagine what it would be like sometimes.
Pleeaassee Y/N! I have to tell you something, it’s important!

Frowning at the text, I try to decode its meaning. What does he need to tell me, and why is it so important? Have I done something wrong? Thousands of possibilities enter my mind.
Tell me what?

Newt takes a long time to reply, making me anxious. Is he okay?
I…bloody hell, this is hard to say. I really like you, Y/N. I like you so much it…it might be love!

I have to re-read the message numerous times before Newt’s words sink in. My jaw pops open, my eyebrows raising so high that I wouldn’t be surprised if they reached my hairline. Newt…likes me? Unless this is some kind of practical joke and he’s trying to prank me…

I know that he would never do that, but my insecurities niggle in the back of my mind. How do I respond? Honesty is the best policy, I guess…maybe I should take a leap of faith.
I really like you too…😍

As soon as I send the message, butterflies flutter in my stomach. Being open about my feelings like that…it’s not something I do often, and so much could go wrong.
Meet me in the Homestead? x

Newt’s words put me at ease immediately; my breathing slows and my heart stops racing wildly. I half walk, half jog to the rickety wooden building, nerves and excitement blurring my vision.

I see Newt as soon as I enter the Homestead. His deep brown eyes are bright, almost sparkling against his pale complexion. He smiles when he sees me, making my nervousness evaporate.

‘Hey,’ he whispers, his voice hoarse.

'Hey,’ I reply. Newt chuckles lightly as he steps forward, closing the distance between us so his face is only inches from my own.

I stare up at him, losing myself in his gaze. His arms wrap around my waist, making me feel safe. Without thinking, I link my arms around his neck, his skin warm against my touch.

Newt leans down towards me slowly, almost teasing me with his lack of speed. I ache to feel his lips brush against my own, and when they do, tingles race up my spine, making me see stars. My eyes flutter closed instinctively as his mouth meets mine.

'I love you, Y/N’ Newt says against my lips, sending vibrations through my spine.
'I love you too’

Little Angel|| Joe Sugg Imagine

A/N – This was so bloody cute to write! Thanks to the anon who requested, let me know what you think of it! Love you all x

- E x

Y/D/N - Your Daughters Name

— Y/N’s POV —

Four years ago, I gave birth to Y/D/N. The best thing that ever happened to me and my boyfriend of six years, Joe.

We didn’t try for a baby, it just kinda happened. Not that we weren’t happy - both of us couldn’t wish to be any happier with the little family we had created. We couldn’t wish to be any happier in the life we had.

Joe’s friends (Caspar, Josh, Mikey, Jack, Conor, and Oli) loved Y/D/N, they all said they were her uncles, so she kind of has six uncles, just not blood related.

“Baby, we need to go soon. Go get changed with daddy!” I say to her, seeing her face light up at my words.

She had her first school play, and she couldn’t be any more excited. She had been telling us all about this day for a few weeks now, and how she was playing the angel in her first play. Never had I seen a child’s smile as bright as hers was when she told Joe.

They were so close; they were best friends. It made my heart all warm knowing how much she meant to him and vice versa.

“Ah you look beautiful! My little angel.” I hear Joe say from her bedroom, clearly looking at her outfit after helping her get into it.

Suddenly, I look to my side and see my phone buzzing away on the coffee table, with the name Josh Pieters flashing up.

“Hey Josh! What’s up?” I ask, wondering why he was calling me at ten in the morning - what shocked me even more was when I heard Jack’s voice in the background.

That boy is never awake before twelve in the afternoon.

“What time does Y/D/N’s play start? We can’t remember and we are coming to watch it with you guys.” He asks, sounding very sincere yet excited on the other end of the phone.

“It’s at twelve today. You’re seriously coming to watch her first play?” I ask, not wanting to believe that they would all show up to a primary school to see an hour long children’s play.

“Erm, yes!. Why wouldn’t we? All six of her uncle’s showing up will make the experience better.” He says, as I can hear the smirk radiating from his South African accent.

“Ok, I’ll tell Joe. Don’t embarrass her, you know what she’s like.” I say, recalling that time Jack started dancing and she got all embarrassed.

I say goodbye to Josh, along with the rest of the guys on the phone and put my phone in my bag ready to go.

Y/D/N comes running out of her bedroom, Joe following closely behind her smiling like a cheshire cat. I have never seen someone smile so intently at anyone before, he looks at her with true love engulfing his eyes, as if he would never want to tear his eyes away from the small person standing in front of him.

“Guess what! Your uncles are coming!” I say, picking her up and holding her on my waist, as her smile grows bigger if possible. “And you look amazing, like the best angel ever.” I say, placing a slight tap on her nose with my finger.

“They’re coming? why?” Joe asks, stepping closer towards me and the little angel.

“Josh said it would make the experience better.” I reply, giggling to myself and looking at the man I love, falling in love with his ocean blue eyes all over again - just like I did every time I looked at him.

After getting everything packed and ready, we set off to the school play. And the whole way there was filled with Joe and Y/D/N nattering on about the school play and people at school.

As she goes with the teachers and the other children to get ready for the play, the boys turn up - wielding a sign each.

“We even made signs to show our proudness!” Oli says, holding up his sign that reads: Y/D/N, the best angel ever!.

The other boys have signs like this too, all of them smiling at me and Joe to show how happy they were about her first play.

Ever since day one of her being born, they have been very supportive. I couldn’t wish for any better friends, and for any better people to be around Joe and my daughter. They have helped by babysitting when it was needed, they have fed her and a couple have even learnt to change her when that was needed too.

The play starts and the first children act out their parts, before our little angel is welcomed on stage, much to the boys’ with signs pleasure.

They all shout her name along with ‘woo’s’ and cheers, holding up their signs much to her dismay.

I guess true friendship is found when you see who stick around when you’ve needed it most. And I’m glad that for Joe and me it was these guys, I couldn’t feel any more comfortable around a group of young men.

They had matured along with our little angel.

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Like we thought Louis singing EDM was a good fit, but holy shit pop punk is truly his calling. And you can hear his accent which I love.

Pop punk Louis is fitting and yet disturbing at the same time. I like it a lot; I just have to figure out why it’s disturbing and good at the same time… but I feel like punk Louis and soft ballade Harry are… so good together?


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plot summary of colin’s scenes

  1. Just a minute, Reg! - Colin wears a sleeveless white undershirt which shows off his muscly arms, and also drives in a nice suit.
  2. You’ve got glamour, Frances. You’re like an East End starlet. - Colin in a mustard yellow shirt.
  3. Look after your sister - Colin’s fantastic ears, close up.
  4. West End starlet, Frances. That’s you. - Colin in a suit walking the bride down the aisle
  5. Reggie, I’m not letting you see her, all right? - Lots and lots and LOTS of close ups of Colin’s face here. (trigger warning: implied domestic abuse)
  6. Bloody hell, Frances, what have you done?! - Colin in a black shirt. (trigger warning: suicide).
  7. You bastard! - Colin’s in a far away shot in this one, and you can see his hand in another.

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☕ It was dark out and the man walked down the streets of Salem, finding himself at the doorstep of the Hypnotist. Unaware of the other's role, Vulture knocked on the door and waited. Once it opened up, he introduced himself politely. "Good evening, I'm Vulture Venezuel- I'm new in town." He said with a warm smile. (ask-the-vulture)

“Sal- Greetings! It’s a pleasure to meet you, I’m Louise. Louise Noire ” You can still hear his accent but Louise happily greeted and smiled in return.

( @ask-the-vulture )

(aaaagghhhh im neeewww wooooohoo… thisisshortbutidc)

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Harry: Dominance.  We’ve all heard Harry’s pain kink theory.  And whether or not we like to admit it, chances are we’ve all been turned on by it.  So, I like to imagine that Harry likes it pretty rough in the bedroom sometimes.  He’d be the type to bring handcuffs or silk ties into the room to tie you up to the headboard. He’d probably be the type to leave plenty of bite marks in places only you two can see.  I think he’d also be really turned on by your scratch marks down his back once he finally decided to stop teasing and untie you, in order to fuck you into a whole new dimension. He’d grunt right in your ear, “FUCK baby, squeeze me again.  Harder.  Fuck.  Don’t stop” all breathless and deep while he bit at your neck hard enough to leave big purple bruises fuCK BYE ~Sydney

Liam: Daddy Kink.  Even though Liam is probably so disgustingly sweet in a relationship, I feel like he’s probably got a pretty intense daddy kink. Since he spends so much time catering to you and making you feel good, I can see him totally having a little kink for you worshipping HIM once in a while. On top of that, I think he’d also be pretty into spanking - it would be such a rush for him to give you a little bit of pain when he’s so used to giving you all this pleasure. So maybe the first time you decided to call him daddy, he’d be a little surprised by it, but so fucking turned on. He’d be like, “What was that, princess? Say it again.” before giving you a rough slap on the ass. Goodbye. ~Hannah

Niall: Dirty Talk. It’s a well-known fact that Niall has a bit of a dirty mouth. So I can only imagine how much more intense it gets in the bedroom.  He’d probably call you things like, “My dirty little girl” and, like Liam, I think he’d probably have a thing for spanking as well.  Plus, I think his accent would get even thicker the more aroused he got. So I can just hear his thick accent saying, “You like when I touch you there? Hm?  You like when I fuck your mouth, baby?” Plus, I definitely think he’s the type to dirty talk in public.  Leaning really close to you, whispering, “I bet you’re dripping for me, aren’t you? Can’t wait to get you home, princess.  Can’t wait to fuck that pretty little pussy of yours so good you won’t be able to walk tomorrow.  You’d like that, wouldn’t you, you filthy little girl.” ~Sydney

Louis: I had a little bit of a hard time coming up with particular kinks for Louis, but I think that he would be totally down for a threesome. Somewhere slightly public, but not too risky. Like in a hotel room. He’d probably get so much satisfaction from making you moan, but he’d probably kinda smirk a little and be like, “We don’t wanna get kicked out, now do we?” And oh my god, he’d be super into wanting someone to watch too, and wanting to dirty talk you while doing it. "Look at you, you dirty little girl. They’re watching you being fucked, let them know how good I’m fucking you right now.“  ~Hannah

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