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Another klance fanfic rec that no one asked for

I’m trying to run away from the reality of real life, where I have to read 40 page chapters on dating soil techniques. Also this has been on my mind for too long and I had to get it out.

Tip the Scales by aleria (T, 27K) –> This is a really cute fic that just has Lance sitting in Egypt by his lonesome self. Also mutual pining, in a fancy gala. 

Black Holes and Revelations by Kima (E, 26K) –> This is a headcannon that I can get behind and I just loved it and honestly I love the idea of demisexual Keith. The smut is in the last chapter so if it’s not your cup of tea, you can skip it. But this fic is really sweet

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Dating Tom Holland Would Include....

  • Constantly bickering with Harrison on who Tom loves more. 
  • Always winning these fights
  • “Sorry mate, but have you seen her? She’s absolutely stunning.”
  • Having all sorts of adventures with Tom and Harrison
  • Because let’s face it, wherever Tom goes, Harrison follows.
  •  But never really minding because as long as Tom is around, so are you.
  • Tom always making sure that you’re okay. 
  • “You sure, love? Okay. I just want to make sure my girl is happy.” 
  • Him wrapping his arms around you every chance he gets.
  • Calling you every kind of cute nickname in the book because he can never just pick one.
  • “Babe, love, doll, sweetie, beautiful, gorgeous, cutie, honey,” All of them.
  • Sometimes finding himself just staring at you because he can not believe how lucky he is to have you.
  • Having to break up Tom and Harrison’s arguments on who loves you more. 
  • “Enough, you two. I swear you guys are like little kids fighting over a toy, and I am NOT a toy.” 
  • “Course you’re not, babe. But, I do love you more than Haz.” 
  • “I know you do. Why do you think I’m with you.” 
  • Tom leaving you with little notes that he placed everywhere.
  • “Hey babe, I love you!”
  • “Did you know you’re amazing?”
  • “You’re my girl, don’t ever forget.” 
  • “Call me when you find this!” 
  • “I could stare you forever.” 
  • “You’re the first and last person on my mind.” 
  • “I miss you.” 
  • Tom begging you to go with him everywhere because he just doesn’t want to leave you. 
  • “Please come with me.” 
  • “No, Tom. I have to work-”
  • “-but, I’m Spiderman. You don’t have to work.” 
  • “Did you just seriously use that line on me?”
  • “Did it work?” 
  • “Absolutely not, you dork. I love you, I do but I promise I’ll come visit. Okay?”
  • “Fine, but you better.” 
  • Always, always feeling guilty because you know that sometimes he gets a little bit of anxiety and stressed and you seem to be the only remedy. 
  • Flying out on the next flight possible.
  • And immediately all the stress and anxious thoughts are thrown out the window the minute he sees you. 
  • Him always whispering in your ear, “Thank you.” 
  • Always reassuring him that he’s earned all the success in his life.
  • Sometimes feeling a little scared that he’ll forget you with his oncoming fame. 
  • Tom reading you like a book and breaking these thoughts from your head. 
  • “You do know that I love you right? And that I wouldn’t be here without you. I’d be a wreck if I ever lost you. Don’t ever think for one second that I could make it without you.” 
  • Feeling reassured until the next time you felt scared. 
  • Tom always going above and beyond in his gifts for you on birthdays, anniversaries, and just because he want to’s. 
  • Him surprising you with a vacation to a place you’ve always wanted to visit. 
  • Following him basically anywhere and everywhere because he will literally get on his hands and knees to beg.
  • Forcing you to play basketball with him even though you know that there’s a reason why you’re not a pro basketball player. 
  • But always seeming to win.
  • Knowing that he lets you.
  • But never questioning it because it was his way of spending time with you.
  • Spending time with his family.
  • Because in a way, they’re your second family.
  • Tom’s mother commenting on how happy she is that Tom has found himself a wonderful girl.
  • His father agreeing one hundred percent and cracking jokes as to when they should expect the wedding.
  • His brothers always teasing Tom about how much you have him wrapped around your finger.
  • Blushing because you would never want him to be “whipped”, but it’s nice to know that you have that power.
  • Tom clapping back with, “At least I’ve got a girlfriend.” 
  • Laughing when they’d all get into a wrestling match.
  • “If I win, [Y/N] is mine!”
  • “No, if I win, [Y/N] mine!”
  • “Bloody Hell! You gits think you’re actually going to win? [Y/N] will always be mine, whether or not I do lose.” 
  • Going to the gym with him.
  • Getting distracted because by God those muscles should be illegal.
  • Him knowing it and teasing you about it.
  • Always getting back at him by doing anything and everything that shows of your figure.
  • Tom throwing down his weights and attacking you with kisses. 
  • Him always being respectful of your boundaries. 
  • Never pushing you to do things you don’t want to do. 
  • You loving him for it.
  • Knowing that you will eventually let him but just not right now because you’re not ready.
  • And him being perfectly okay with that.
  • Sparring with him.
  • Tom being beyond impressed at your skills.
  • Telling you everyday how much he loves you.
  • Begging him to take you to go get icecream even though he can’t really have any.
  • Scolding him when he says, “fuck it,” and gets himself some. 
  • “You’re trainer is going to be pissed.”
  • “So what.” 
  • Shaking your head and enjoying your icecream date with him.
  • Taking Tess out for walks together.
  • Taking a million pictures of her because she’s just so damn cute.
  • Lazy days with Tess
  • Cuddling the poor dog into suffocation until she can’t take it anymore and leaves.
  • Leaving you two clinging onto each other.
  • Tom leaving trails of kisses along your forehead.
  • Holding you tight.
  • Falling asleep in each other’s arms. 
  • Waking up in the middle of night, panicking because your parents are going to freak out.
  • Tom shooting out of bed to get you home.
  • Him trying to help you sneak into your house without your parents waking up.
  • Him mumbling that the two of you should just move out together.
  • Telling him that it would be a good idea but to talk about it later.
  • Tom always gushing about you in interviews.
  • Always being his plus one to the films you want to see.
  • Introducing you to your favorite actors.
  • Getting embarrassed when Robert Downey Jr. finally gets to meet you.
  • “SO, this is the girl you never shut up about? It’s about damn time I finally meet her. [Y/N], it’s so lovely to meet you. I feel like I practically know you with the amount of stuff Tom has told me about you.” 
  • Also getting a little embarrassed but not as embarrassed as when fans stop you on the streets.
  • Getting panicky because you’re just waiting for the hate.
  • But being surprised when it’s nothing but love and awe.
  • Agreeing to take pictures with them and asking to take one of them so you can put it on Instagram as well. 
  • Speaking of Instagram, Tom is forever posting sly pictures of you. 
  • You are literally all over his page.
  • But, it’s okay because he is all over yours.
  • You’ve been trending on #couplegoals for days
  • Threatening Tom with his life if he doesn’t stop posting the selfies you send him. 
  • Him not caring.
  • “I’ll take my chances, babe.”
  • Getting him back on snapchat with the crazy filters.
  • Agreeing to tone down the embarrassing pictures. 
  • But one or two always comes leaking out and you are forever mortified. 
  • Starting a prank war. 
  • You always seeming to have better pranks.
  • Feeling bad and deciding to call it off but not before Tom gets you really good. 
  • Laying out under the stars and talking about the future.
  • Telling each other that as long as you have each other, the future can bring whatever it wants.
  • Tom surprising you with a promise ring. 
  • “We’re both still really young and I know a lot of people our age are getting married but I just can’t imagine getting married at this moment. But at least with this, it’s a promise that you will have my last name, just not right now.” 
  • You accepting it because there is not a damn soul on this earth aside from Tom that you could see yourself with.
Tom Holland dating a single mom

NOTE: T/N stands fortheir name

Also accepting requests for any Holland and Harrison of course, also Zendaya because she is my wife💦
•you met Tom at the park
•your daughter/son wanted to pet Tessa
“Honey you have to ask before you pet a dog, I’m so sorry”
“No, love it’s alright. Her names Tessa, what’s your?”
“How old are you?”
•your toddler would put two fingers up
•Tom loved him/her
•you and Tom got to talking while T/N played with Tessa
•you couldn’t help but blush every time Tom looked you in the eyes
•when it was time to go Tessa and your toddler were sad
•Tom gave you his number
“If T/N ever wants to play with Tess again just give me a ring”
•lots of blushing
•he put his number under the name Tessa’s dad
•you put your name under T/Ns mum
•after a few play dates he finally asked you on a date
•you couldn’t find a babysitter so Tom told you just to bring him/her
•finally you got your neighbor to watch T/N
•Tom was actually pretty sad
•so much respect
•you always put your kid first no matter what and Tom loved that most about you
•he loved how you’d sacrifice everything for your baby
•when things became serious the two of you bought a small three bedroom house near his parents
“It’s just a spare room”
“Tom, we both know the room is for Harrison so don’t even try”
•Uncle Haz
•Tessa and T/N are best friends
•cute pictures of them
•Toms fans adore the four of you
•Harry loves talking pictures of T/N
•sam teaching him/her how to play the piano
•Nikki loves spoiling him/her
•Dom is a the coolest and takes her/him everYWHERE!
•Nikki and Dom brag about having T/N as a grandkid
•late night talks with Tom about T/N
•he talked about how he wants to have a few kids
•you both already know each others parenting skills because you both already parent T/N
•one time Tom was helping him/her with learning to tie his/her shoes
“There ya go”
“Thanks dad”
•his heart melted
•so did yours
•he let T/N help plan your proposal
•they both couldn’t keep secrets so you knew it was coming
•but you still loved it when it happened
•he had T/N ask
“Mummy would you ever marry Daddy?”
•the ring would have T/N birth stone
•during the honeymoon Tom is more worried about him/her than you are
“What if T/N gets hurt”
“Tom calm down he’s/she’s 5 T/N is okay, plus Haz is watching her/him”
•you began to worry just as much as he did because Harrison is more of a child than your actually child is
•on the first day of first grade Tom cries more than you do
•you and Tom plan your future with more babies
•one night during date night Tom asks the most important question of all time
“Can I adopt T/N?”
•you were so happy you cried
•so did he
•when you got pregnant tom was so unprepared for everything
•he bought way to much
-the most expensive stroller
-a crib that was way to big
•T/N was a little jealous
•when your baby arrived Tom made sure that they were never treated differently
•they grew up to be the best of friends
•he loved them equally
•when people asked he never told anyone he wasn’t T/N dad because he was his/her dad
•being with you made him a stronger person
•he was more open, and much more held together
•he put you and your kids first
•you guys were his whole life
•he couldn’t live without any of you
•and you couldn’t live without them

We Are Not Getting All The Dogs. (Harrison Osterfield Imagine)


So yeah… here’s this imagine! I’m sorry if I’m taking forever getting through with all your requests!.

I am also sorry if this one ended up really short.

I hope you enjoy!

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We Are Not Getting All The Dogs.” Harrison strictly said as you walked around the animal shelter hand in hand. 

You turned around and gave him a pout, looking into his blue eyes. “Pleeeeeeease.” You begged. 

“You sound like a child.” He rolled his eyes. “You can barely take care of yourself, (Y/N). How can you possibly take care of ten dogs.”

“There are more than ten dogs here, Haz.” You sassed. “And I can perfectly take care of myself. I take care of you and Tom all the time!” 

“My other point. We’re never home. We’re always traveling with Tom, too.” He reasoned. 

It was your turn to you roll your eyes at your boyfriend. “We can take the dog with us. Tom misses Tessa all the time. And when we can’t, we can ask Tom’s folks to take care of him or her like they do with Tes.” You stood on your tip toes and pecked him on the lips. “Please, Harrison. I really want a dog to cuddle with.”

“You can cuddle with me.” He argued. 

“You aren’t adorable.” You sassed again, but instantly regretted it.

“Wow,” he scoffed. “I was almost on board with getting three dogs, but since you said that, we’re leaving.” He playfully said, grabbing your waist and began to drag you away. 

“No!” You gasped. “Harrison! Wait! Look!” You said, pulling away from him and kneeling down in front of a cage with the most adorable puppy in the world. 

Harrison dramatically rolled his eyes and knelt down beside you. He looked inside the cage and his mouth dropped. Of course, he had only been joking with you. He was going to allow you to pick a dog, but you being the animal lover that you were, chose about fifty dogs and he knew you both couldn’t take care of all of them. 

But this dog was absolutely, hands down, the sweetest little thing the two of you have ever seen. A volunteer came by and asked how the two of you were doing. “How old is this little guy?” You asked, sticking your fingers inside the cage to caress its fur. 

“A couple weeks old, actually. He’s our newest addition. We found him in a box in the middle of the street all on his own.” The volunteer explained. “So far no one’s really been interested in him. Which is really unfortunate. He’s the sweetest. Would you like to meet him officially?”

You turned to look at your boyfriend, ready to plead for the dog, but one look at Harrison and you knew you didn’t have to. He was on board with getting this little puppy. 

As you played with the little guy in a play pen, Harrison was getting the adoption finalized and officiated. “No kids, yet, huh mate?” The volunteer joked. “Start small with an animal first. Good idea. So… how long?” 

“Pardon?” Harrison asked. 

“How long have you and your missus been together?” The volunteer clarified. 

Harrison blushed before chuckling. “Well.. uh… we aren’t married…”

“But you will pop the question eventually, right, mate?” 

Harrison looked back at you, letting the little puppy lick your face as you laughed. He turned back to the volunteer. “Yeah, definitely. I would love to marry her.” 

As long as we both like it

Tom x Reader

Warnings: Smut

Word count: 1495

A/N: I deleted the whole fucking thing shortly before I was finished so I had to write it again pretty fast. So don’t mind mistakes or sorry if it’s a bit rushed. I dedicate this to @th-trash <3 XD

You were in a hotel in Singapore due to your Spider-Man: Homecoming press tour with Harrison, Tom and  Jacob. Harry couldn’t make it this time.

When Tom found out the hotel had a ballet studio he insisted on giving you all a lesson. The other two agreed but you didn’t feel like it at all and decided to play their cameraman. He tried to convince you but you turned him down.

Tom looked really good doing ballet. He was spinning around, paying attention to his posture. His muscles were visible through the thin shirt he was wearing. The other two were more of a spinning mess. “Not like this. Like this!” Tom corrected them.

“Well, we’re sorry but not everyone can have a huge role in a musical at age 13.” “Yeah and i still think ballet is for girls.” Jacob added to Haz’ comment. They started picking on him.

You put your phone aside, slowly walking up behind Tom. Assuringly you placed your hand on his back. “What you guys aren’t seeing is how hard it actually is to become a good dancer. It is just as hard for girls as it is for boys. Now you haven’t actively been dancing the past few years but still. Dancers need to stretch, to become flexible. They need to focus on a lot and keep everything up at the same time. Pace, posture, they need to study choreographies. Now you two jerks stop being jealous, you have other skills.”

The two apologized. “All good.” Tom shortly answered before turning around and looking after you as you walked back to the corner you were just sitting in and watching mostly Tom a few minutes ago. His feelings for you were continuously growing. Throughout the lesson he would glance at you shortly every few minutes and once you caught him. Quickly he turned away but after a few seconds his gaze met yours again. Like a teeanger and his crush in highschool. Flashing him a dreamy smile you caught him by surprise.

Afterwards you guys decided to go into the awesome pool the hotel had to offer. As you joined the holy trinity in the water, Tom’s eyes were steady on your body. Silently he didn’t care to engage in the conversation Harrison, Jacob and you were having. Instead he examined every little feature of your face.

And you let him. You knew he was doing it the whole time but you also didn’t mind being fancied. especially since it is not only one-sided.

“Okay guys, I’ll go take a shower now. I am so tired and I don’t even know why. I haven‘t done anything today.” Chuckling you left the boys, going back inside again.

“Y/N? Are you there?” Recognizing Tom’s voice as he knocked on the door you opened it in a swift motion. “Come in. Where are the others?” “Getting food. I think they were looking for a pizza place.” Walking closer to the bed you were sitting on, he closed the door behind him.

“Thank you.” “He started off. “For standing up for me. Had a small highschool flashback for a second.” “You got bullied?” Getting up from the bed you place yourself in front of him. “N-not that they had any reason to.” “There is never a reason for bullying, Tom. Nothing can ever justify bullying.” “And also, I can’t understand how someone could actually hate you.” A strain of hair, one of his curls, was hanging down on his forehead. Gently yet unexpectedly you ran your fingers through his hair, putting it back in place.

The brunette was fidgeting around with his hands. Usually Tom is an extroverted, confident guy but you made him all nervous and shy. He wouldn’t dare embarrassing himself in front of you.

“Why so nervous?” You quieted down your voice before snaking your arms around his neck and slowly starting to squish his shoulders in your hands. As he realized your smirk he finally realized that you liked him back.

“You know what else would help?” His hands quickly grabbed your waist, pulling you into a deep kiss. His lips were soft, just like his hand against your flushed cheek. “That did help the both of us. Taking you by surprise he crashed his lips against yours once again before sliding his tongue in your mouth. Parting from him you took a deep breath. “I’m sorry, too fast?” Tom was a little bit stormy but who cared? Definitely not you. “Probably, but as long as we both like it?” Cocking an eyebrow at him you shrugged. “Well, did you?” “I did.” You whispered seductively into his ear. A smirk came across his face as he sat down on the bed, making you straddle him.

Your lips worked against yours as your fingers were buried in his hair. After minutes of just that his hands wandered down your back, caressing it gently before landing on your butt. Gently he gave it a little squeeze making you moan quietly yet assuringly against his pink lips.

His lips left yours as they trailed along your jaw down to your neck, leaving sweet kisses. Tom knew what he was doing. That was definite. Sucking and licking all over the side of your neck he intended to find your sweet spot.

“I’m sorry for the hickey, darling.” Moaning quietly into his ear you signaled him that he had found the spot. He definitely did leave a hickey after sucking and nibbling at it for a long while. Focused on you he unbuttoned your over-sized button-up while placing moist kisses along your chest down to your stomach.

You felt the arousal build up in your clit as you pushed him farther down, though he stopped. “Not quite yet, love.” His unbelievably sexy British accent and the sweet words ‘darling’ and ‘love’ made you crave him even more. Hot blood rushed through your veins as you watched him move.

Softly he placed his warm hands on the inside of your lower thighs, just above your knees before trailing upwards. Slowly he started massaging your inner thighs through your jeans making it unbearable to wait, especially as he kept licking his lips. Caressing over your vagina he went on to open up the tight jeans.

Enjoying his control he leaned up to your face with his again. His hot breath against your neck, Tom whispered into your ear with his soothing voice. “Breathing is getting harder, huh?” His whispering made you shiver, goosebumps arising all over your body.

In response you just sharply exhaled, pushing him down again. “Someone’s needy.” A smile was plastered on his face. “Tom. Please!” You were fully submissive by now. He was in control and you liked it that way.

Just as you thought he was about to go down on you, he reached one hand inside of your panties, applying steady pressure on your little button with the palm of his hand. His other hand reached up massaging one of your breasts.

“Do I really have to ask twice?” Whining you arched your back a little. Firmly he pinned your hips back to the bed. Tom pulled down your tight jeans, along with your panties, making you felt a little exposed. That was soon to be vanished as he caressed your inner thigh once again.

Awfully slowly the brunette started placing moist kisses up your thighs. You bit your lip while you tried to suppress the moans and groans.

His tongue was tracing along your entrance before he suddenly started to suck on your clit. Throwing your head back you pulled at his hair as you finally seemed to have found some relief. Wanting and needing more you moaned out his name as you were pushing his face gently into you.

Knock, knock, knock.

“Wh-who is it?” You shouted. Tom just continued, making it awfully hard for you to talk. As a moan escaped your mouth you quickly covered it with your hand.

“Harrison and Jacob. We’ve got pizzaaaa.” “Oh right, I-I-I…” Biting your finger as he was flicking his tongue all over your sensitive clit you needed to pause. “I’m changing into, jeez, into some comfy clothes right now. I’ll meet you in your room.” Stuttering and pausing was the result of Tom’s magical work. Though the boys didn’t seem to notice anything too strange. “Okay. Well, have you seen Tom somewhere?” Still occupied with pleasuring you his name being mentioned made him chuckle quietly.

It made you feel the vibrations, giving a little extra something. Panting you bit your lower lip, your head still thrown back as you grasp desperately onto the sheets beneath you.

“Nope.” Briefly you cut him off. “Well, okay then, see ya in a few.” As you heard the footsteps getting quieter you sigh partly relieved, partly because of Tom.

“Stupid idiot!” You told Tom, fading your insult out into a blissful moan.

“Not so stupid after all, am I?” Tom cheekily stated. 

A/N: This is all you get loves. <3

the signs as tumblr eras
  • 2010-2011 // the rise of tumblr. rage comics, wine mom humor, can i haz cheezburger, furry culture's prime: taurus, cancer
  • 2012 // the rise of fandoms. "the only post on tumblr with ______ notes on it", superwholock, "there's a supernatural gif for that", gifsets: gemini, sagittarius
  • 2013 // the rise of aesthetics. transparents, "touch my butt and buy me pizza", indie blogs, pastels: LIBRA, leo
  • 2014 // the rise of shitposts. "your fave is problematic", pepe, gay gay and more gay, dank memes: virgo, scorpio, pisces
  • 2015-2016 // the rise of memes. discourse, the meme revolution, astrology memes, callout culture: aries, AQUARIUS, capricorn
Hands To Myself

Roughly inspired by Hand to Myself by Selena Gomez. 
Just a side note that I really can’t write smut, I feel incredibly weird so I do apologize for the cliff hanger ;)

Can’t keep my hands to myself
No matter how hard I’m trying to
I want you all to myself
You’re metaphorical gin and juice

I mean I could but why would I want to?

It was convenient that Tom and [Y/N] lived right across the street from one another. It meant that they could just walk over and not have to worry about the awful London traffic. Or even that if they drank a little too much, their home was just a few feet over. It was great. What wasn’t convenient was that Tom and his best mate, Harrison, always, like clockwork played basketball every morning. And [Y/N] had the front row seats with her window facing the cul-de-sac they played on. 

[Y/N] had never been a sexual person. She just kept her hands in her lap and behaved like a good girl but ever since she had starting dating Tom, it was getting a lot harder to maintain the proper ladylike persona her parents had raised her to have. It seemed that even the simplest movements Tom would make would send her senses into overdrive and force her to have the mind of horny thirteen year old boy. And [Y/N] could bet money that Tom had no idea what he was doing to her, he was always such a gentlemen when it came to her personal space. Of course they would cuddle and have make-out sessions but he was always aware of where his hands would be. And [Y/N] loved that for the most part, she was adoring that Tom wasn’t acting out on his hormones and was being respectful of her body because her body wasn’t a piece of property that he could invite himself into whenever he pleased. But, there were days where she wished he would just use all his pent up sexual urges and show her what she did to him. 

And it didn’t help that this morning, Tom was shirtless. The sun was kissing his body and causing every curve and dip of his muscles glisten from the sweat that was covering his upper body. It was a taunt and it was driving her insane. She stood by the window, watching Harrison and Tom play for a few more minutes before she decided that she needed to do something to get the idea of what laid beyond the shorts that were covering the rest of him out of her head. 

Splashing cold water on her face, she looked in the mirror and noticed a small purple mark poking out from her shirt. Wincing, she pulled the collar down to inspect it a little more. She would admit the night before was one of their more friskier nights, Tom had never left a hickey before. It left her flustered and she could bet that seeing Tom this morning made the feelings come back twice as hard. Blowing air out of her mouth, she dug around in her drawer to find some concealer. Even though she was twenty, her parents would freak the hell out that she was engaging in any kind of physical contact with her boyfriend. If she didn’t still live at home, she would have shrugged and went on about her day. 

Dabbing some on until she felt that it was hidden enough, she closed her eyes when she heard the victory yells from Tom. Gripping the counter, she looked at herself. She could feel herself getting hot at the thought of what more could have happened the night before if her parents hadn’t came home so early. Swallowing hard, she told herself to get a grip. 

Walking towards her closet, she threw on some running shorts and a matching sports bra. Reaching around her jacket, she zipped it up halfway. [Y/N] needed to run off her hormones, put something else in her head. Walking into the kitchen to grab a protein bar, she noticed a note from her parents. 

Went shopping at the mall and then going to see a film. After that we’ll be going grocery shopping. Be home right before 6. Send a text if Tom and Harrison will be joining for dinner so I’ll be prepared. xx mom

Plucking the note from the fridge, she laid it on the counter and sent her mother a text saying that most likely Tom and Harrison will be coming over. Four out of the seven days, they normally did. Grabbing a sip of her water, she headed out the door. 

“[Y/N]! Come play with us, Haz needs all the help he can get.” Tom chuckled. 

Walking over towards the two boys who were dripping with sweat, she placed a peck on Tom’s cheek and patted Harrison’s shoulder. “Love to, but I’m going to go run a few miles.” 

“Ew,” Harrison groaned. 

“Ew, yourself.” [Y/N] responded, sticking out her tongue. She turned towards Tom in time to find him rake his eyes over her attire. Biting her lip, she tried to ignore his lingering gaze over her exposed torso. 

“I agree with Harrison, why are you running?” Tom asked, “You could get in your daily exercise right here with me.” He motioned towards the basketball hoop.

[Y/N] really wanted to respond with something inappropriate but decided against it. It was only going to make her situation worse. “I’ll pass, but maybe next time. I’ll see you in an hour.” 

“An hour?! How many fucking miles you plan on running, [Y/N]” Harrison sputtered. 

Shrugging, she started to jog backwards, “However many I can run in an hour, Haz.” Shaking her head, she smiled and blew kisses towards them and turned to face forward and headed off. 

[Y/N] had needed a lot more than an hour to get her mind off of her sexual thoughts about Tom. She had ran for thirty minutes before she slowed to a walk to give her burning legs a rest and in that time, she had made up five million fantasies. All of them ranging from innocent fluffy to extremely fifty shades. After walking for another thirty, she decided to run back to the house. Figuring that Harrison had probably either gone home or knowing that Tom would be spending time with her and went inside to hang out with Sam and Harry. 

Slowing down her pace when she spotted Tom sitting on her porch in the comfy bench her mother had insisted on spending four hundred dollars on. She smiled as she hopped up the steps, “Hey you.” 

Looking up from his phone, Tom smiled back. “Hey yourself. I thought you said you were going to run for an hour? How many miles did you clear?”

Shrugging, [Y/N] unzipped her jacket all the way, fanning herself with her hand. She hated to feel so hot that the only thing she wanted was to peel off her own skin. “I don’t know maybe five or six? I wasn’t tracking it but I reached the fountain and came back.” 

Tom whistled, “Look at you speedy.” He chuckled and got up from the bench to hug her. 

“No, I’m gross.” She whined. 

Pressing a kiss to her forehead, he shook his head. “No, never. Impossible.” 

Trying to ignore the skin to skin contact, she pushed him away and rolled her eyes. Reaching into her hidden pocket for the spare key to her house, she unlocked the front door and walked in. “Did Haz go home or is he with the twins?” 

“The twins,” he responded, following her in. 

“So, he’ll be over for dinner too? I was supposed to tell my mom for sure.” 

Tom shrugged, “I dunno. I’ll ask him,” texting Harrison, he slid his phone back into his shorts pockets. 

Chugging some water to cool down, she tossed him a gatorade. “You going to eat dinner with my parents with just that on?” [Y/N] teased. 

Leaning against the counter, he crossed his arms, the well-defined muscles flexing and tightening made [Y/N] lick her lips. “Are you going to wear that to dinner with your parents?” He squinted his eyes, pushing off the counter, he walked towards her in just four steps. His thumb rubbed against the spot on her neck where she had covered with concealer. “Bloody Hell, your father is going to kill me.” He muttered. 


Tapping your neck, he chuckled. “I’ve given you a hickey. I guess the sweat from your run rubbed the makeup off.” 

Chewing on her lip, she shrugged. “I’ll cover it back up when I get dressed. No big deal, they will never know.” 

“Good because that is not a conversation I want to have with your father.” He shuddered at the thought of being confronted by one of the seriously intimidating men he had ever come to meet. Tom reminisced to the time where he had first met her father, he was ready to piss himself. 

[Y/N] shook her head and laughed, knowing exactly what he was thinking about. She could have keeled over and died from laughing so hard at her father and Tom’s first encounter. She had to reassure Tom that her father really did like him after the first few times and he had even told her that he preferred Tom over her past boyfriends. 

“Hey Tom?”

“Yes, love?”

She fidgeted with the bottom of her jacket, running the zipper up and down causing Tom to look at her with a confused look. “How long have we been dating now?”

Tom tilted his head to the side and did the math in his head. “A little over two years, why?”

“Do you not find me sexually attractive?” 

Tom choked on his spit, completely blind sided by her question. “I’m sorry, what?!”

Avoiding his baffled stare, she sighed. “Am I not sexually appealing? Like, is there a reason why we haven’t had sex?” 

Tom seriously couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of her mouth. He moved in her line of sight, speaking softly, “Hey, look at me.” Waiting until she met him, he smiled softly. “Are you seriously asking me that? If I didn’t find you to be sexy, I wouldn’t have left that hickey on your neck. Of course I find you to be sexy. I find you to be sexy all the time, [Y/N].” 


“Really.” Tom confirmed, shaking his head at how crazy her question was. He chuckled a little before pressing a kiss to the corner of her mouth. “Have I thought about sex with you? Yes. But I, it’s not, I don’t. Sex isn’t just something we do because it feels good, [Y/N]. I want it to be special, meaningful. We’d be sharing ourselves in a more personal way and I might be ready to do that but you might not be.” Cupping her face, he smiled again. “I would never want to pressure you into something because I don’t have to have sex with you to know that I want to be with you. Is it difficult, yes, especially when you wear things like what you have on now.” His eyes trailed down her and then back, “But, I love you for you not for sex or anything else. It would just be an added bonus.” 

[Y/N] couldn’t help but blush at his words. Again, he was always so respectful. “I love you, Holland.” 

“And I love you, [L/N]” He pulled her into a hug, the kind that she melted into. [Y/N] would swear up and down that Tom had different kind of hugs. And the way he was hugging her now was her all time favorite. It made her feel warm and fuzzy inside, almost like she was completely safe and nothing could harm her all while feeling the love radiate from his body. 

Pulling away a little, she took a deep breath. “What if I’m ready now?” 

Tom’s eye sparkled a little as he studied her expression, “Then I’d plan it to be special.” 

“No, like now.” 

Now?” Tom asked in surprise. 

“Yes, like right here, right now.” Wincing and giggling lightly, she shrugged, “Or well in my room, not here in the kitchen, that’d be weird. We eat and cook in here.”

Tom pulled apart from her completely, looking her dead straight in the eyes. “You want to have sex right now? Really? Are you sure, [Y/N].” She could tell he was getting flustered, “What if your parents come home? Or Haz decides to just come over? Don’t you think it’d be more special if I had planned it out to be romantic?”

“I love you, Tom, I really do but when has anything you’ve ever planned romantically gone according to plan?” She raised a brow, waiting for him to answer.

“You have a point….”

She grabbed for his hands, “I think it would be special right now. Don’t think I haven’t notice the looks you’ve been giving me when you think I’m not looking. Isn’t passion what makes it special?” 

“Bloody Hell,” Tom mumbled as he ran a hand over his face. “You’re going to kill me, absolutely kill me.” 

Big Brother- Tom Holland One Shot

Pairing: Tom Holland X Osterfield!Reader

Prompt: Harrison is having a movie marathon night with friends and you decide to crash it. Your twin, “big brother” Harrison is not happy.

Word Count: 3200


“Y/N, I’m taking over the TV. Move.” Your twin brother, Harrison, said, walking into the living room.

“Um, no. I’m watching Sherlock.” You replied, not shifting in the slightest.

“Mum said I get it tonight.”

“No she did not.”

“Mum!” Harrison called out to her in a whine.

“Y/N, he gets it tonight.” She said from her bedroom.

“Fine.” You huffed, sitting up and turning off your show.

“Thank you.” Your twin smiled at you innocently.

“Why do you get it tonight?”

“I’m having a half Harry Potter marathon tonight with some friends.” He replied, pulling the collection of movies out from your cabinet of films. You perked up at his response.

“Would Tom be included in those friends?” You asked.

“Yes, but you’re not allowed to hang out with us.”

“Oh, that is so not fair. You crash all of my parties.”

“Little sisters get banished to their rooms. Older brothers get to hang.”

“You’re older than me by two minutes!” You exclaimed.

“Still older.” Harrison replied.

“I’m going to crash and you’re going to deal with it. If you’re older, then you should be mature enough to let me hang out.” You said, crossing your arms sassily.

“You can stay for one movie.” He gave in and you did a little victory dance. You stopped when he spoke up again, pointing his finger strictly at you, “No hitting on Tom.”

“Not making any promises.” You winked at him with a smirk.

“Ew, sis, he’s my best friend.”

“So? It’s your fault you have such an attractive friend.” You replied and Harrison scrunched up his nose in disgust.

“That’s it. I take it back- you’re staying in your room all night.” He said.

“Nope. No take backs.” You smiled running out of the room. Once you reached your room, you called back to him, “I’d help you tidy up the house, Haz, but I have to make myself look cute for Tom.”

“Disgusting!” He shouted back at you. You laughed as you closed your door to change.


You arrived back in the living room and claimed your own bowl of popcorn before any of Harrison’s friends arrived. You were sitting at your spot on the loveseat- that you had commandeered for yourself- when you heard the first guest arrive.

“Tom, glad you could make it.” Harrison greeted his friend and you smiled to yourself. He was here and you looked great.

“I wouldn’t miss it.” Tom laughed, walking further into the house.

“Hey, Tom.” You smiled and he turned to see you.

“Oh, hey, Y/N.” His smile grew brighter, “I had no clue you were here.”

“Well, I do live here.” You said.

“Right.” Tom laughed to himself. Behind Tom, you could see Harrison glaring at you. The doorbell rang and your brother made no move to answer it- he was too focused on trying to make you not flirt with Tom.

“Harrison, aren’t you going to get the door?” You asked innocently.

“I’ll be back.” He said in a low voice. You turned your attention back to Tom and laughed.

“He’s ridiculous sometimes.”

“Yeah, he is.” Tom replied with a nod.

As more guests arrived, Tom chatted to them; after all, they were his friends too. One of Harrison’s friends came over to and struck up a conversation. You had to refrain yourself from laughing as you could see Tom from over the guy’s shoulder staring at you two. He got pulled away into another conversation, but he looked almost antsy. You questioned if it was some sort of jealousy.

“Hey, Dylan, can I talk to you for a moment?” Harrison asked his friend who was talking to you.

“Haz, we were in the middle of a conversation.” You stated.

“Well, it can go on hold for a few minutes.” Your twin replied. As he dragged his one friend away, he announced to the group, “You all can sit down. I’ll start the movie once I finish this.” And with that, he left the room.

“Hey, Y/N.” Tom said, making his way over to you.

“Hey, what’s up?” You asked.

“I was wondering if I could sit with you.” He replied, gesturing to the seat that was currently occupied by your feet and legs.

“Oh, of course. My bad, I was comfortable.” You moved your legs so he could sit beside you.

“If you were comfortable like that, you could just put your feet in my lap. I don’t mind.” Tom stated, almost nervously as he looked past you to the door, where Harrison would be emerging from any moment. Smiling, you put your legs back to their original position; just, this time, on Tom.

“Thank you. You’ve always been more considerate than my brother.” You replied with a laugh.

“So I’ve been told many times.” He chuckled.

“Okay, everybody-” Harrison paused upon his reentry seeing your current position with Tom. He looked at you with frustration and you just smiled sweetly at him. What you couldn’t see was Tom behind you mouthing ‘I’m sorry’ to Harrison. Your brother turned himself away from you, “So Philosopher’s Stone time. Let’s go.” Everyone cheered as he started the movie. You watched as Harrison sat in the beanbag chair across the room from you and Tom, but, instead of watching the movie, he kept his focus on you two.

Halfway through the first movie, Tom leaned over to you. He whispered, “Are you cold? Your feet are freezing.”

“They always are.” You replied with a quiet laugh. Tom reached over and grabbed a blanket that was folded on the side table. He spread it over your legs and, consequently, his lap. Your eyes drifted over to Harrison and he was still watching you two intently. Upon making eye contact with you, he slowly shook his head at you in a warning way. You shrugged your shoulders casually and went back to the movie.

“You want some popcorn?” You asked Tom with your voice barely above a whisper, holding your bowl of popcorn out to him.

“Sure.” He smiled at you as he took some. You positioned the popcorn bowl in between the two of you and you quite enjoyed how sometimes your hands would brush if you both reached for the snack at the same time.

At the end of the first film, Harrison got up to switch discs to the second one. He looked over at you and Tom as you two were in the middle of a whisper conversation with both of you giggling and smiling to no end.

“Y/N and I are going to make root beer floats for everyone.” Harrison said and you immediately looked over at your brother, who had a stupid smirk plastered on his face.

“Excuse me, Tom. I guess I’m needed.” You stated, moving the blanket and walking into the kitchen with Harrison following.

“Are you crazy, Haz?” You asked him in a hushed tone. The movie had started and was on full blast volume wise, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t still hear you.

“No. What makes you think that?” He questioned as he casually got out the ice cream.

“The literal daggers you’re throwing at Tom in there. He asked to sit by me and that was it.” You replied, opening the cans of root beer.

“But you didn’t have to flirtatiously have your legs in his lap.”

“That, again, was him. He was being a gentleman and making sure I was comfy.”

“You can be comfy without touching him.”

“This really pisses you off, doesn’t it?” You asked with a smirk.

“What gave it away? He’s my best friend, Y/N.” Harrison said.

“Oh please, Haz. He’s not going to do anything about it and, besides, he doesn’t like me. You suck at keeping secrets from me, so I know he hasn’t told you that.” You replied as if it was an obvious statement. Because you had turned your back to Harrison to make the floats, you didn’t see him raise his eyebrows at you and suppress a laugh. It was so painfully obvious to Harrison that his best friend truly liked you, but his own worries kept him from letting you and Tom get together.

“Hey,” Tom said as he wandered into the kitchen.

“Oh, hi, Tom.” You replied with a smile and Harrison rolled his eyes. This action went unnoticed by Tom because he was too busy focusing on you.

“Need any help?” He asked.

“You can pour the root beer. That was Haz’s job.” You stated, poking the bear.

“Tom, you’re a guest. Go sit and enjoy the movie.” Harrison said as his friend began to pour the root beer.

“Nah, it’s fine. I never liked the second one, anyway.” Tom shrugged.

“You never liked the second one?” You questioned.

“It was just boring and the whole Ginny and Harry relationship seemed a bit forced in the movie.”

“Yeah, I guess.” You replied, dropping the subject. Harrison watched you two, laughing as Tom made a joke about the root beer. He kept his eyes fixed on you two as you finished the floats. You went around and handed everyone a cup. You and Tom settled into your original places with your root beer floats in hand. Before you could position your legs on his lap, Harrison came over to you two. Wordlessly, he sat down in between the two of you on the couch made for two people.

“Harrison,” Both you and Tom groaned quietly.

“I can’t see over there.” Harrison said, as he moved your legs off the couch. Settling into the couch, he mumbled, “Cozy.”

“Sure.” You nodded in annoyance of your brother.

Later in the movie, Tom let out a little yawn and put his arm closest to you on the back of the couch. He smiled to himself as he played with your hair, making you blush and contain your giggles. Harrison shot Tom a warning look and he quickly dropped his arm, looking slightly ashamed.

Harrison ended up staying in that very spot until the beginning of the third, when your mother called for him in the other room. You let out a small yawn and shifted closer to Tom.

“Tired?” He asked and you nodded, placing your head on his shoulder. “Well, we’ve got two more movies to go.”

“I know, but I could still just fall asleep right now.” You replied.

“Lay down. That way you don’t have a kink in your neck if you fall asleep like this.”

“I’ll only lay down if you will.” You stated and he let out a small chuckle.

“Sure.” He replied. The two of you shifted so that you were spooning while still facing the TV with you as the little spoon. Tom had his arms loosely wrapped around your waist, respecting your boundaries. Harrison walked back in the room and you heard him quietly say “what the hell”, which was probably heard by everyone in the room. He went back to his beanbag chair and studied your new position with Tom. A smiled formed on your lips as you drifted off to sleep.

You woke up at the end of the third movie when Tom adjusted his position.

“Sorry, darling, I didn’t mean to wake you.” He whispered.

“It’s fine.” You answered, “Did your arm fall asleep?”

“Yeah, but it just now hit the point where it actually hurts.” He laughed.

“Y/N,” Harrison called you to the other room after he put in the fourth movie. You reluctantly got up from your very comfortable position to speak with your brother in the hallway.

“Go to your room. Get out of my party.” Harrison said flatly.

“Excuse me?” You asked.

“Look, I let you stay for more than one movie. I let the leg thing slide. I let the blanket thing slide. I even let the root beer slide. But that! I have to draw the line at that. I don’t appreciate my sister spooning with my best friend in front of me. And I’m sure my other guests don’t think it’s appropriate.” He stated. “It makes you look like a- like a-” You gaped at him as he tried to finish his sentence.

“Like a what, Harrison?” You exclaimed in a high enough volume that you were sure the others could all hear it.

“Like a- a- a slut! It makes you look like a slut, Y/N! Doing all that with my best friend makes you look like a slut!” Harrison replied in an equally raised voice.

“Thanks, Harrison. It’s nice to know my own brother thinks that of me.” You said as your eyes began to well up in tears.

“Y/N,” Harrison said calmly, trying to now comfort you.

“No, just leave me alone.” You rushed off to your room, where you could cry about Tom and your brother in peace.

When Harrison walked back in the room, all eyes fell on him. He refused to look at Tom and went straight to his beanbag chair, even repositioning it so he could only see the screen.

Tom was worried about Harrison and about you. Sure, he’s heard you two fight before, but he’s never heard either of you call each other such harsh names. And he’s never been the problem in those fights. He’s liked you for some time, probably ever since he first met you through Harrison. Tom knew how protective Harrison was over you and he knew that Harrison would never approve. He voiced his feelings about you to his friend once and that did not turn out well between the two boys, so it was never mentioned again. Tom felt it was safe to assume that you also had feelings for him, based on how both you and Harrison were acting all night. He knew he’d never get away with talking to you again tonight, especially not with Harrison in the room. Tom decided then that he would wait for when Harrison was distracted while people were leaving.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire went by too slow for Tom’s liking, at the moment at least. At the end of it, Harrison still hadn’t looked at Tom and he went to bid everyone farewell as they left. Tom snuck upstairs to your room and knocked quietly on the door.

“Coming.” You said. You opened the door, expecting a member of you family. “Oh, Tom.”

“Hey, can I come in?” He asked in a whisper, “Haz doesn’t know I’m up here.”

“Sure.” You opened the door wider and he walked inside. You shut the door behind him and sat on your bed. You heard Haz’s words in your mind as you looked down at your pajamas, or rather shorts and a tank top, in shame. Tom felt guilt wash over him when he realized that your cheeks were tear-stained.

“I’m sorry for what Harrison said.” He spoke quietly. Tom slowly approached you, “If it makes you feel any better, I don’t think of you in that way.”

“Thanks.” You said with a dry laugh.

“I actually like you, quite a lot. I just knew Harrison wouldn’t want us to date, so I never told you.” Tom said, sitting beside you on your bed.

“Does he know?” You asked with raised eyebrows.

“Yes.” He replied and you let out a laugh. Worry crossed his face- were you laughing at him?

“He’s horrible at keeping secrets from me and yet he kept that one.” You stated.

“Oh well, yeah, it’s been kind of a secret for a long time.”

“Tom, forget about my brother. He’s just worried that through us dating we’ll forget about him, or, if we have a falling out, that there’s a lot of tension. That’s all just possibilities in the future. He shouldn’t be thinking about them.”

“What are you saying?” Tom asked hopefully.

“I’m saying that I like you too, dork.” You replied, with a smirk, “Now what are you going to do about it?”

“I’m going to kiss you.” He stated, leaning in.

“Then what are you waiting for?” You asked as his lips brushed against yours. He kissed you fully as he placed his hands on the side of your face. You both pulled away smiling.

“I quite liked that.” Tom said.

“Me too.” You laughed as he leaned in for another kiss. You broke apart when someone cleared their throat from the doorway. You and Tom both winced, knowing perfectly well that it was your brother who had caught you.

“Harrison, I can explain.” Tom said, turning to confront his best friend.

“Don’t.” He replied. “You guys are in love and I’ve just got to deal with it.”

“So you’ll let us date?” You asked, hopefully.

“So long as you’re not smooching in front of me. I never want to see that again.” He stated, in disgust.

“Thanks, man.” Tom replied with a small smile. He rested his hand on yours.

“Tom?” Harrison said.

“Yeah?” He answered.

“It’s two in the morning and you’re now officially my sister’s boyfriend, so get out of my house or I’ll go overprotective brother on you.”

“Right.” Tom nodded, “I’ll see you two later today.” He kissed you on the cheek, making you blush, before he headed out of the house. He may be Harrison’s best friend, but he wanted to stay on his good side.


You hurried off the plane with excitement rushing through you. You rushed past the crowd to get to the baggage claim. You smiled as you descended down the escalator. From your spot, you could see Tom and Harrison talking to each by a pillar. You impatiently waited for the escalator to reach the bottom. You hadn’t seen either of them in a month, but now you were visiting them on set of Chaos Walking. You watched as Tom used one hand to adjust the cap on his head and the other held a bouquet of flowers.

“I can’t believe you bought her flowers.” Harrison said to Tom.

“What’s wrong with them? Does she not like flowers? Are they too dull? Do they not smell good enough?” Tom questioned, sticking his nose to the flowers to sniff them.

“They’re fine, Tom. I just still can’t wrap it around my head that you’re dating my sister- my baby sister at that.”

“By two minutes.” Tom inputted teasingly. His smile dropped as Harrison frowned at him.

“I call dibs on first hug.” Harrison said, as he saw you start to come down from the escalator.

“Tom!” You smiled, running up to him. You hugged him tightly and gave him a kiss on the lips.

“Hey!” Harrison exclaimed.

“Haz, we’re dating.” You stated.

“My only rule was no kissing.” He said, “And I called first hug.”

“Oh, please.” You rolled your eyes and then gave him a hug, “Are you happy now?”

“Once I get that scarring image of the two of you eating each others’ faces off out of my brain, then I’ll be happy.”

“Y/N, these are for you.” Tom said, handing you the flowers as he ignored Harrison’s comment.

“They’re lovely, Tom. Thank you. I’d kiss you again, but we’ve got a child in our presence.” You replied, making both of you laugh.

“Hey, I am not a child.” Harrison objected, “I’m older than you, Y/N.”

“By two minutes.” You and Tom said simultaneously. You had both heard his excuse of ‘I’m older’ than you too many times.


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Summary: this one was the most requested and it’s basically where the reader has to hide her and toms relationship from her brother Harrison but he walks in on them cuddling!

You and Tom had been going out for four months now. You had fallen for him because duh how couldn’t you! But you had fallen for your brothers best friend. You kept your relationship secret from Harrison because you weren’t really sure how he would react when he found out his best friend was dating his twin sister. You weren’t quite sure when you were going to tell Harrison but certainly wasn’t anytime soon.

You went along with Tom, Harry and Harrison to China. You visited the Great Wall of china,“look y/n it’s so long!” Has said in excitement, “you know what else is long..” Tom said with a smirk on his face. You laughed and so did everyone else. You and Tom were shamelessly flirting the whole time you were at the Great Wall, you wondered how Harrison hadn’t caught on yet, harry had a few weeks before and you had to pay him £10 each to make him shut up about it.

That night in your hotel room haz and harry left you and Tom because harry wanted to take pictures of the city and made Harrison go with him. That left you and Tom alone, together. You and Tom were cuddled up on the couch like you normally did whenever you sneaked over to his without haz. “What movie do you want to watch, love?” Tom asked flicking through them. “Cinderella?” You ask. Tom looks at you. “Really? You want to watch Cinderella? How old are you 5?” He says. You look at him. “You prance around all day in a Spider-Man costume and your calling me the 5 year old?!” You raise your eyebrows and he laughs,“fine! I’ll put it on!”

You and Tom lead on the couch, your head was against his chest and you listened to his heart beating in his chest. “If You were Cinderella, y/n, I wouldn’t pick up your shoe because it would probably smell like mouldy cheese” Tom said. “Hey!” You hit his chest jokingly. As the movie went on you began to feel more and more tired and Tom playing with your hair wasn’t helping.

You fell asleep intertwined with Tom on the couch, you were asleep so you didn’t hear the knock on the door or when it swung open all you heard was “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE THEN!” Harrison yelled and you and Tom were instantly awake. “Shut up, mate, your gonna wake her up!” Tom whispered. “To late!” You said sitting up off of Tom. “Well Tom? What are you two- what is this- h-how long?” Harrison stuttered breathlessly. “Yes, we are together and we have been for four months or so now” Tom said laughing. Harrison sat down on the arm chair to process what was happening. He then looked at harry, “Why aren’t you shocked about this?! I mean who would’ve thought y/n would be interested in someone as werid as Tom!?” “Everyone else but you haz,” harry chuckled,“ I found out a few weeks ago but it was completely obvious”

Harrison was completely stunned and you laughed at how stupid your brother looked. That night was full of haz asking you and Tom tins of questions about your relationship, “so… have you two…. Tom have you… you know…. have you had it with my little sister yet? Just asking…. she is my sister after all..” you and Tom laughed at this and didn’t answer which left haz irritated. You all watched Harry Potter and the philophers stone.

After it had finished you all got up and got ready for bed. “So I presume you two will be sleeping together tonight?” Haz said to you. “Only if you want me to?..” you replied eyeing your brother. This left him even more irritated as he didn’t like it when people don’t answer his questions. “I’ll sleep in your bed tonight y/n and you and Tom can share his bed.” He said before hugging you goodnight. You walked over to toms bed and got into your pjs. You and Tom lead cuddled up together in his bed in complete silence until Tom decided to break it. “You don’t think haz is mad, do you?” “Why would he be mad?” “Oh y'know he is a protective person and I’m his best friend and I am dating his twin sister…”. “Yeh but you are forgetting that he loves me and wants me to be happy, and you make me happy Tom, like really happy”. That made him laugh and pull you closer, he peppered you face in soft kisses before saying, “ you make me happy as well y/n like really happy.” You were both in a fit of giggles.

The next day was pretty awkward and you were all in silence, the only time any of you would say anything would be when the waitress I. The hotel asked you what you wanted for breakfast. You were all sat eating in the hotel restaurant when suddenly haz blurted out, “OH, IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW! Y'know all the flirting and shit. HOW THE FUCK DIDNT I CATCH ON?!!?” You all stared at him

Will write number three soon so stay tuned!


@hazstylestrash‘s lovely edit to go with this request 

Books littered the floor around you, papers sticking to one another as you wrote and re-wrote notes, piecing together everything you had learned in sixteen weeks and compacting it into one paper.

You wafted your way around Shakespeare’s Sister and tangled it within social constructionism, discussed oppression in terms of phallocentrism, and related the feminine mystique to the male gaze, but something was missing.

“Whoa,” came from the doorway, but you didn’t bother look up. “Did a tornado hit while I was out?”

“Not now, Harry,” you sighed, shuffling through your notes once more to find the final concept that would bring your essay together.

“What’s the matter?” he asked, folding his legs beneath him as he sat next to you on the floor, picking up a few of your discarded notes and skimming over them.

“My head hurts,” you whined, tossing your computer into his lap before falling backward onto the floor dejectedly. “I can’t figure out how to begin my conclusion–there’s something missing, but I don’t know what!”

“Looks like yeh’ve got it all…” he murmured, scrolling through your essay. “Nice dig yeh got in there about Freud. All while using his theory, too!”

“I can’t wait to never look at the words penis envy again,” you muttered. “For a course about feminism, we sure talked about penises a lot.”

“Oppression starts and ends with the penis, love,” Harry chuckled. “Yeh know, you’ve got the makings of a strong argument highlighting the juxtaposition of empowerment and superwoman syndrome…”

“What?!” You bolted up, craning over Harry’s shoulder as he highlighted the bits he was referring to with the cursor.

“See, right here. Yeh could even mention the mainstream misconception that empowerment is being superwoman, and finish off with how detrimental that mindset can be.”

“Oh my god,” you breathed, taking the computer back from him and reaching for the notes scattered around you. Slowly, an outline formed in your mind as you arranged ideas and phrases.

Harry stirred beside you, pushing up on his knees to stand as he tried to leave quietly, not wanting to disturb you. “Wait–Harry.” You reached out to touch his arm, your vision blurring slightly as your eyes adjusted from the computer screen to his angelic face. “Thank you.”

A grin spread out across his feature before he leaned in to give you a kiss on the forehead. “Any time, love. M’only pointin’ out what yeh already had–helping yeh see it from another angle.”

He made to stand again, and when you didn’t stop him, he righted himself fully. He was halfway across the room, far enough away you didn’t think he’d hear you say it. But of course he did, he always did.

“What was that, love?” he asked, determined to hear you admit it louder.

“Hmm?” You looked up from your computer only half paying attention. But once you met his eyes you realized you hadn’t thought it, rather said it aloud. “I–nothing, nothing.”

“No, s’not nothing. What’d yeh say?” He wore a teasing smirk, enjoying the way you squirmed.

“I said…” you began quietly. “All your feminist theory talk got me wet.”

“Did it now?”

“Yes,” you sighed. “But there’s nothing we can do about it now–I’ve got a conclusion to write. So no funny business, Mr. Styles!”

“No funny business from me, love,” he promised, hands up in truce. “But just know, I’ll be waitin’ for yeh in the bedroom with my Women are Smarter t-shirt and glasses on. Now how that gets yeh going, and then maybe you could teach me a little more about oppression?”

anonymous asked:

Just read all your stuff! Do you have any other recommendations on who to read on here? I know there's lots of writers out there but I need a really well written one X

I have many favourite writers but right now all I can think of are :

@secret-rendezvous1d @stylesunchained @permanentcross @two-swallows-above-a-butterfly @a-dose-of-harold @trulymadlysydney @harry-writings @harryandmesohappily @ihavelovedyousince @geenalovesthelittlethings @harry-styleswho @sorrynotharry @theselittlethingsmatter @canistay-haz @harrysheroine @lovelyandwanderful @defendingstyles @poshspicestyles @poshspicehaz @whoopsharrystyles @islareeveswriting @harrysanchortat @wanderingtales @aboutalighthouse @aqua-harry @stylishmuser @kasiwrites & @legend-waitforit-harry

I’m sure there are so many more but these are all I can remember for now! 😁 xx

All I need

Tom Holland x Reader

Requested by: Anon

“EEK I DIDN’T KNOW YOU WROTE FOR TOM HOLLAND!!! I LOVE YOU 10x MORE NOW!!! Can I have a Tom Holland x reader where the fans are being kina mean about how the reader isn’t good enough for Tom so he posts a vid on social media to say that he’s upset about how mean they’ve been? Maybe with some Haz fluff too? THX MUFFIN!!!”

A/N: I love Tom so much so I enjoyed writing this!! Hope you enjoy!! + Yes yes I know this isn’t newsie related


Ever since you had won Tom’s heart, the comments have never been able to stop.

They’re not good enough for him!

He deserves so much more than that lousy piece of trash.

Wow, Tom has really reached rock bottom now.

Everyday, every minute, every second- the comments never stopped.

They hurt you so much. So so much. And the fact that you had to hide it from Tom hurt more. You loved his fans, but sometimes they could be so protective and mean and you just didn’t want to trouble him with your problems.

Today, you had gotten another spam of mean comments and you were slouched at the couch back at your apartment.

“Sup Y/N.” You heard someone call. Quickly turning off your phone, you turned around to see who spoke your name.

It was Harrison, Tom’s best friend. He was all sweaty, and his shirt clung onto his chest.

They probably hit the gym again. You thought to yourself.

“Hey Haz,” You began, stuffing your phone into your pocket. “Is Tom coming home soon?” You asked.

Harrison nodded. “He just had to run an errand and he should be back.” And then before going to the kitchen, he turned back suspiciously eyeing your phone.

“Wait- who were you texting?”

Your eyes widened. “I’m not texting anyone Haz. It’s just- these- uh- I mean- my ex… keeps commenting shit about me.” You lied, stuffing your hands deeper into your pockets.

He cocked an eyebrow before shrugging and walking to the kitchen.

They can never find out.


Harrison’s POV

“I’m telling you Tom. She’s hiding something!” Harrison exclaimed quietly, making sure you couldn’t hear.

Harrison had just called Tom, explaining your weird behaviour today.

“Is she cheating on me?” Tom asked on the other line.

“I hope not. All she said was that her ex kept commenting some shit about her.”

“Should we check?”

“One step ahead of you.”

Harrison had logged onto his Instagram on the computer then he frowned.

“Haz? Haz are you still there?” Tom asked from the other line.

“Yeah… it’s not just her ex who’s been commenting on her posts.” Harrison began. “Hang Up and check for yourself. You can decide what to do later.”


Tom’s POV

Hanging up, Tom immediately opened up Instagram and went to your account.

He opened the most recent picture you posted and his heart broke.

He deserves someone better.

Why did he have to choose that?!

Ugly. So fucking ugly.

Not good enough for my Tom! 😤

Scrolling through millions of comments, he saw so many pointing out that you weren’t good enough for him.

Now, he was upset.

He took a short video and then posted in onto his account with no hesitation.

This will finally get them to stop.

Your POV


A new notification just came from your phone.

Probably another insult.

You clicked the notification anyway and your eyes widened when you realized it was from Tom’s account.

You clicked the video he had just posted.

“Guys. Please, stop calling Y/N out for not being good enough! I love Y/N so so so much and if anyone of you think that they’re not good enough for me, you’re wrong. Y/N is all I need and more. So, just please. Stop.” Tom exclaimed, he looked upset, and you couldn’t help but smile a bit at how he defended you.

Suddenly, the door opened and Tom rushed inside.

“Y/N!” He exclaimed. Before you could even stand up, he took you into his arms and hugged you tightly.

Although he had just declared you were good enough to his fans on video, you couldn’t help but still feel empty.

“Tom?” You whispered. His arms had loosened and they were planted on your waist.

“Yes darling?”

“They- they think I’m not good enough… I-“ before you could even finish your sentence, he stopped you by placing a kiss on your lips.

“I don’t care what they think. To me, you are all I need.”

He stared into your eyes lovingly before you grinned and tackled him to the couch, before cuddling him senseless.

Let’s just say, the fans never bothered you again.

changeoftheart  asked:

Hey do you have any royalty au recs?? preferably where one of them is royal and the other isn’t. thank u !:)

Hello lovely! Check out the royal tag (x), but here’s some more for you:

Like a Bullet in the Dark by Vurdoc:

Summary: Prince Harold Edward Styles Lancaster is second in line to the throne of Great Britain. He is also your average Uni student- or he tries to be, anyway.

With a promise from the press (and his father) that they’ll leave him alone for four years, he sets out to be a student at Cambridge, when he meets his very normal, very working class, very handsome suite-mate, Louis Tomlinson.

Louis makes Harry feel more like a person than he ever has before, which might cause some issues later on- ‘cause Harry has a secret that he’s only told his sister Gemma about.

Little does he know though, that Louis has some secrets of his own.

Word count: 99,456

Turn and face the strange by orphan_account:

Summary: “Yeah okay, look, um. I’m in a relationship now, mum. And it’s pretty serious and I’m very much in love with him.” Louis’ mum’s face lights up at that.

“Well why didn’t you say?! Can we meet him?! Is he here today?”

“This is the catch. He’s kind of, well, he’s incredibly famous. So he couldn’t be at the ceremony but he’s in the car and we’re going to go back to his home for some lunch, is that okay?”

“Famous?! Louis, if this is some sort of joke…”

“It’s not, mum, I promise. Please can you just get in the car? He’s in this one, I want you three to meet him first, just don’t freak out, please,” he says, gesturing at Harry’s traditional black car.

Or the one where Harry is going to be King, Louis can’t handle it like he thinks, Zayn is finally happy, Liam’s a massive geek and Niall’s marrying a princess.

Word count: 26,013

through struggles, to the stars by thedeathchamber:

Summary: Louis is a Starfleet captain trying to find his place in the universe. Harry is a prince just trying to do what’s right.

Word count: 80,582

call it magic, call it true by itiswhatitisbutterfly:

Summary: Harry Styles loves hockey, art history and speaks Italian. His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Wales is second in line to inherit the British Throne. Their relationship is sometimes a fairytale but occasionally a nightmare.

(Louis is the Prince William to Harry’s Kate Middleton.)

Word count: 17,102

King and Lionheart by haloeverlasting:

Summary: Prince Louis Tomlinson is the first out gay monarch in his small country’s history. After facing a failed attack in town, he understands why. Expect the unexpected seems applicable, but nothing could have prepared him for his own mother’s reaction – a bodyguard by the name of Harry Styles.

Word count: 30,137

Conflict of Interest by louispalooza:

Summary: Harry Styles was seventeen and hoping to survive high school, too bad his newfound family had different ideas. Now he was facing the biggest decision of his life: whether or not to accept his princely crown. He’s being swept halfway around the world and must, not only face the royal family, but also deal with his smoking hot head of security, Louis Tomlinson.

Word count: 83,920

Nothing lasts forever, except you and me by orphan_account:

Summary: “I can’t believe they got married,” Louis says sleepily once he’s curled up into Harry’s chest.

“Neither can I,” Harry mumbles. “I can’t believe my best friend fell in love with your best friend. I can’t believe how disgustingly happy they are.”

“We’ve got competition, Haz,” Louis giggles. “We need to be the most disgustingly happy; do you reckon we can beat them?”

“Oh please,” Harry snorts. “We’re the nation’s sweethearts, babe. Nobody is more disgusting than us.”

Or the one where Louis does what he thinks he has to, Harry becomes King, Zayn gives Louis false hope, Liam wishes Harry would cry less and Niall still can’t believe he’s married to a princess.

Word count: 34,726

In My Place by kassio:

Summary: Prince Louis has it all. He’s wealthy, privileged, famous, and handsome, with a loving family and a world of opportunities. There’s only one problem: he isn’t actually the queen’s son.

Harry and Niall Horan don’t have much, but they have a dream: to win the X Factor and achieve something more than their normal middle-class life.

Two dreams collide and two very different paths come together when Louis requests to meet with Harry after seeing him on the X Factor.

Word count: 97,500

Sail into the Sun by orphan_account:

Summary: Prince Louis Tomlinson is sick of the closet. Harry Styles is a con man with a hatred of rich people. Louis needed a way out, Harry needed a husband. It was a mutual agreement. Doesn’t mean they have to like each other.

Word count: 31,981

Liberté by larriebane:

Summary: AU. 1647. “Pretending you don’t have a heart is not the best way to not get it broken. It’s just the easiest.”

Word count: 64,603

Quick Love : Harrison Osterfield

prompt : you and harrison have been dating for a few months now, meeting because you play peter’s love interest in the second spidey movie. harrison takes you out on a date, first muttering the words “i love you” and more

words : 654

pairing : harrison osterfield x reader

request :  Can I get a Harrison osterfield imagine where she plays peters love interest and the reader and Harrison are together and he gives her a promise ring - @theonlyonelives

a/n : this … is … ???

“Cut! Great job today, guys. See you all tomorrow!” Jon says.

You breathe out a sigh of relief, walking off set to try to find your boyfriend.

“Tom, do you know where-” You get cut off by Zendaya running by you and smacking your ass. You let out a scream, Tom struggling to hold his laughter in.

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Never stopped loving you// Harrison osterfield imagine

Request: Hello! How is/was your day? I hope it was okay. Could you do 13, 16 and 23 with Harrison for the prompt thingie? We don’t have enough Harrison ficsout here (I might have binge-read 20-30 fics last night and I reeeally need some more). 🤗 @jasminelizabethh

Prompts : 13 “Oh please, I know you still love her!” 16 “ I never stopped loving you”. 23 “just fucking tell her!”

You and tom were currently laying in a fort made out of spider man blankets and pillows watching your favourite film, Harry Potter. You and Tom had been best friends forever, you first met him in nursery when you were three and you’ve been inseparable ever since. Your relationship with Harrison wasn’t great but you two got on. You were expecting him to come and watch a movie with you two but he was half an hour late.

There was a knock on the door. “Y/N you go answer the door..” tom said glued to the screen.

“Why me, why not you?” You groaned.

“Because I want to watch this, now go!”

You reluctantly got up and stormed towards the door. You opened it slowly and peered your head around to see Harrison standing there with a smile on his face. You couldn’t help but smile.

“What took you so long, why is your hair a mess were you and tom-“

“building a fort in the living room? Yes, yes we were.”

“Right, well can I come in?”

“Not until you give me a good excuse for being half an hour late.”

“I-I was, well it’s non of your nosy ass business!” Harrison said defensively.

You huffed and opened the door to let Harrison inside. You walked back into the fort and Harrison squished in next to you. Once you were in you lead down next to tom and Harrison lead down next to you.

“Hey haz!” Tom said when you came in.

“Hey mate!” Harrison said

“Y/n can you give me the popcorn?” Tom said and you pushed the bowl towards him. You watched the movie in pretty much silence, you were completely oblivious to the two blue eyes fixated on your face. That was until you got up to go get more popcorn when you turned to tel Harrison you needed him to move to let you out. His eyes quickly farted to the floor then back to you. Of course Harrison had to make this difficult. He made you climb over him to get out. When you were on his back he quickly got up onto his hands and knees and crawled out of the fort.

“Haz!” You giggled as he got up. He walked around the whole house with you on his back laughing.

“Hold on!” He said as he stood up. Your grip on him tightened. He then walked over the cupboard to grab more popcorn, except there was none. “I think we’re gonna have to go to the shop and get more y/n.” “Ok, lets go!” “To infinity and beyond!” And Harrison raced out of toms apartment with you still on his back. You raced through the hallways and down the stairs. You raced down the street to the shop. All the time you and Harrison couldn’t stop laughing, you loved moments like this with Harrison it made you so happy.

You slowed down when you walked into the shop. You looked around for ages but got bored. You made haz walk over to the Halloween costumes and you reached out and put a clown mask on Harrison. He then made you put on a ghost mask. You FaceTimed tom.

“What the fuck are you two doing?!” He laughed. You two start making scary noises. “Rawrrrr!” “Grrrr!” Tom laughed even more. “Clowns and ghosts don’t growl and roar!” And with that you hung up. “Don’t listen to him haz you made an excellent clown.” You said hugging haz sympathetically. You two both laughed and took your masks off and put them on the shelf. You got off of haz’s back and started walking around to find popcorn.

“Harrison I found the popcorn!” You shouted. You turned around but didn’t see Harrison. You picked up the popcorn and started looking around the shop after looking for ten minutes you gave up. You pulled out your phone and texted Harrison.

‘I can’t find you but I did find popcorn! I’m going home now come and join me!”

You pay for the popcorn and leave the shop. The night is quiet and you observe the beauty of the night in utter silence. You clutch your phone in your hand and check it to see if haz texted you. He hadn’t. You sigh and continue your journey. You turn round the corner.


Haz jumped out at you wearing his clown masks. You fell flat on your butt and put your face in your palms whilst he laughed his ass off. “I totally got you! You should’ve seen your face! You all like ah!” He said through fits of laughter. “Shut up! I was only scared because you left me alone at night time! You know I’m afraid of being outside alone at night!” You yelled playfully kicking his shins. He then knelt down until he was at your eye level and stared into your eyes. You were completely lost for words, his blue eyes shone in the moonlight and lit up his face.

After a long pause, “let’s get you home scaredy cat.” Haz says taking your hand in his and helping you up. Your hand stayed in his for the whole journey back and you stayed silent. You wanted to cherish this moment of utter bliss.

When you approached the door Harrison squeezed your hand before opening the door and going inside. “Have a nice time?” Tom said from inside the fort. “Yeah we had a good time. We got more popcorn.” You said breaking away from haz to pour the popcorn into a bowl. Harrison went into the fort to see Tom. You slipped the bowl in, “I’m going to go now, it’s pretty late I should get to bed.” And with that tom and Harrison came quickly out of the fort.

Harrison wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you close to him, you wrapped your arms around his chest and buried your head. You guys were hugging for ages. “Excuse me!” Tom said to make you two stop. You looked up at Harrison and laughed. You detangled yourselves and you hugged tom goodbye. “Bye y/n!” “Bye!” The boys called after you as you walked down the hall.

Tom and Harrison walked back in and closed the door. “So…. what was that all about?” Tom said leaning on the counter.

“Tom can I tell you something?” Haz said

“Whatever you want bud.” Tom said straightening up.

“I-I think I might be in love with y/n!” Harrison said with a huge smile on his face.

“Bro…” Tom said shocked.

“What should I do?” Harrison said nervously.

“Just fucking tell her!” Tom said.

There will be more parts to this because it would be really long if I crammed all of the other prompts in this one and I need to write the other requests!

anonymous asked:

Concept: Haz taking care of his s/o during her period.

oh shit okay i’m gonna make this a little hc because i’m extra

  • haz is an adult and therefore isn’t weirded out by this natural thing that happens to every woman each month 
  • i know right that’s unheard of
  • anYWAY
  • he’d literally make you stay in bed all day because even though he doesn’t know how bad cramps are, he can only imagine 
  • so he’d go out and get your favorite candies and junk food
  • while he’s gone you realize you’re gonna need more tampons/pads so you call your normal and mature boyfriend
    • “what color are they, love? the purple or the yellow?”
    • “the purple”
    • “okay got it, also, what are you in the mood for for dinner? ice cream sundaes or those really good frozen smiley face chips? what am i talking about, we’re having both”
  • he grabs just a bunch of food bc he wants to make sure you don’t need anything 
  • also midol bc you always forget to buy it and complain when you don’t have any
  • he’ll carry all the bags in at once bc two trips are for wimps
  • he’d get all of your food ready and get your favorite movie queued on the tv 
  • he’d go grab you from your room
  • literally grab, like he carries you to the living room and places you on the couch and wraps you in blankets
  • you would cuddle and shit while watching your fav movies 
  • eating ALL the junk food
  • also lots of forehead kisses
  • endless amounts of “i love you”s
  • he takes care of you in more ways that one ;)
Definitely The Or

Liam has a decision to make—fulfill the promise he’s made to Sophia or go after Zayn.

[Chapter 2/2 of Little Swell of Maybe (a Wedding Crashers AU, based on an ask found in Chapter 1)] (ao3)

By the time Harry’s made his way back to the dressing room, any relative composure Liam’d had in front of Zayn has now flooded out of his body, leaving his cheeks chalk white and his shoulders slumped. His body has shriveled practically to half of its size, and Harry squeezes his eyes shut at the sight.

This isn’t how—this shouldn’t be how— He thinks somberly.

But it’s not his wedding, is it? And it’s not his choice to say, nor has it ever been.

“Liam?” Harry asks gently, dragging his feet over to where Liam has his hands pressed firmly against the top of the circular, wood table. Seeing that his arms are shaking as he stands over it, Harry breathes out through his mouth slowly before carefully stepping closer to Liam. He’s careful not to touch or crowd him, instead only offering him a concerned look as he waits in stunted silence.

Liam’s eyes flicker to his right just barely, but he doesn’t acknowledge him with words. Instead, his breathing stutters. Finally, Liam croaks, “I can’t do this, Haz.”

There’s a pause, a moment of panic where Harry attempts to come up with some elegant way to respond. “Is that because of the lad that just left?” Harry sighs finally, not quite sure how to help except to prod for more answers. “Renaldo?”

Liam lets out a wet, low chuckle, though, in all reality, it sounds more like his throat has been forced through a grater.

“His name’s not actually Renaldo,” Liam says easily. This part he can get out without emotion tainting his words. The other parts? He’s not so sure. “That was Zayn.”

Recognition flashes across Harry’s face as he pieces it all together. “The Zayn that you fell in love with in London when you were in uni, the Zayn you would not shut up about when I first met you in that dorm in America, the Zayn that fucking broke your heart? That very same Zayn?”

Liam forces himself to lift his head up and then down in some sort of response. He hums, “That’s the one.”

Keep reading

I'm in a 'Thank you' mood...

It has been a very interesting (and difficult) start to 2017 for me. I have met new people, made new friends, had suicidal thoughts, fallen in love, been lied to and cheated on by the person I loved, been scared shitless about fucking up my life… just so many things. And it’s thanks to all the lovely angels that I have become great friends with, as well as the friends I made last year when I first joined Tumblr, that I have survived.

@dadshirtking, @heart-attack-harry, @happilyinlovewithharrystyles, @ifheartscouldfly, @bigdicksquadd, @nicegoodgolden, @two-swallows-above-a-butterfly, @secret-rendezvous1d, @moonlightharrys, @harrysart, @fayestardust, @haarrrrry, @never-enough-harry, @fairylightsstyles, @stylishfluff, @aboutalighthouse, @yetanotherharry, @magic-view, @canistay-haz, @packerhaz, @stylesunchained, @trulymadlysydney, @highlightstyles, @loveyooumeanit, @jojoleemac, @androgynoustyles, @emmy1dwriting, @hismyaestheticx, @lokiwinchester@stylishmuser,​ @styleshasalovelysoul, @manipsandeditsof1d, @happy-pride-harry, @adorkablehazza, @harryisthebaneofmyexistence, @legend-waitforit-harry​, @lcseventeen​ and so many more!

All of you have helped me in some way and I hope I can repay each and every one of you someday. Whether you live in America, Europe, Australia or Asia, it doesn’t matter. The distance doesn’t matter. 100 miles apart or 9,000 miles apart, I am extremely grateful to know all of you beautiful sunshines. Because of you, Tumblr has become a safe home for me in which I can share my thoughts and not be judged. All the private chats I have had with you guys has made my life just that little bit brighter. All of you are so important and precious to me, and every day, I wish to help you with whatever’s troubling you, just like you have helped me. I can never thank the boys enough for allowing me the chance to meet you and always remember that I love you and I am here for you whenever you need me.

All the love

Olivia xx

Okay Here Are The Facts

in regards to Harrison in Vegas during the shooting

1) he was only technically across the street from the hotel. There is a large obstruction. On a map, it does look like they’re close to each other but in reality, there’s a 4 mile distance

  • none of the weapons used in this incident has the ability to shoot that far and through a building or aircraft hull (because assuming from his tweets- he was on the plane at the time.)
  •  the shooter wasn’t targeting an airport

2) the sound of gunfire only travels about 3 miles on average. Up to 5 in certain conditions (area, wind, obstruction, direction fired, etc)

  • at the distance Harrison was, along with the fact he was surrounded by other people and things making white noise, most likely inside a reinforced structure; whether that be a building or a plane, he most likely would NOT have been able to hear the shots.

 3) airports are the safest places to be when there’s a situation outside. 

  • airports, military bases, and government buildings are the few places in the country who have specific plans in place to keep a situation like this from spreading inside its doors.

Yes. It very well might have been terrifying to him and it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if the experience stays with him. But the facts are that he wasn’t in any immediate danger at the time. His flight was one of the first allowed to leave the airport after the incident and he was out of Nevada airspace within an hour.
He was in the same area as something horrible and gruesome and I’m sure it scared him more than anything. But he was safe.

I say all this for 2 reasons

1) I needed to logic myself out of a panic. I put all my worry and fear about this entire situation into Harrison. Every time more news came out- I checked his social media, looking for a post or tweet or something. For some reason, I thought that if he was alright then so was everyone else. I knew better. But it helped me cope.

and most importantly:
2) Harrison can see your posts about him. He probably has no desire to go through all this online. He probably doesn’t want to see these things conflated on instagram. I’ve seen posts saying he was ‘next door’ and that he could have been shot. He wasn’t. He couldn’t have been. If he’s even the slightest bit traumatized by yesterday, your posts could make the situation worse. Please don’t scare the kid more than he already is.

peterplanet celebrates 1k !

first of all, thank you all so so much for 1k!! i love you all and thank you all for supporting me ! to celebrate, i’ll be doing personalized drabbles for the next few weeks. 

so what is a personalized drabble? 

you give me a few characteristics and a character and i’ll write you a reader-insert that will be anywhere from 500 words to 1000 words !

so how do you get one?

1. follow my blog ! 
2. reblog this post (likes are bookmarks) by September 28 !
3. - send  me an ask that includes ♡. 
    - give me at most three things that you would like to be included in them.           please understand that i might not be able to work all of them in, so                 please don’t send any more than three things!
    - tell me if you would like this to be a reader-insert with tom, haz, peter             parker, sam holland, or harry holland. if you don’t care either way, please       tell me !
   - please make sure to follow my request rules !
4. this post has to get at least 10 notes or else it didn’t happen rip

you can blacklist grace hits 1k if you don’t want to see these posts!

feel free to send me an ask if you have any questions!