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the signs as tumblr eras
  • 2010-2011 // the rise of tumblr. rage comics, wine mom humor, can i haz cheezburger, furry culture's prime: taurus, cancer
  • 2012 // the rise of fandoms. "the only post on tumblr with ______ notes on it", superwholock, "there's a supernatural gif for that", gifsets: gemini, sagittarius
  • 2013 // the rise of aesthetics. transparents, "touch my butt and buy me pizza", indie blogs, pastels: LIBRA, leo
  • 2014 // the rise of shitposts. "your fave is problematic", pepe, gay gay and more gay, dank memes: virgo, scorpio, pisces
  • 2015-2016 // the rise of memes. discourse, the meme revolution, astrology memes, callout culture: aries, AQUARIUS, capricorn

I can haz plants. Stopped off at the nursery and got some more blueberries, tomatoes, peppers, and a lemon cucumber. We’re going to have more blueberries than we can stand. He says he’ll eat them all. We shall see. Worst comes to worst, I have a dehydrator.

Pix once we have things in and planted. We will still have quite a bit of room when we do, I think.

The Bear

Earlier in the week:

“Babe, why can’t you come with me..” Harry whined.

“Harry, you know why I can’t. I have things to do here.” Harry was leaving for tour tomorrow and he should be excited, but all he was doing was complaining and clinging to your side. You understood why, you would miss him more than anything and being away from him for that long would kill you too, but he was also going to travel the world and see exciting things. Harry moaned and buried his face in your over sized teddy bear, causing you to smile. “I have an idea Haz.”

He looked up at you, his green eyes full of curiosity. “What?” he asked.

“I’ll keep your blanket, you know the fuzzy one that smells like you? And you can take my bear on tour. That way we always have a piece of one another with us.”

Harry looked at the bear and then at you, slowly a smile spread onto his face and he pulled you into his arms placing a sweet kiss on your ear. “Deal.”

Present Day:

“Harry, come on mate, we’ve got to get going before the paps get here.” Liam said helping him gather his things. 

“I can’t get on the plane yet. (y/n) still hasn’t called and if I get on the plane now I’ll miss her call.” Harry said gripping the bear he was holding tighter. 

“You probably don’t have good service here anyways. You can call her when we land.”

“No she will be asleep. I have to wait.” Harry sat down and placed the bear on his laps with his cheek resting on it. Harry would never admit it to the guys, but the bear was the only thing keeping him from going home. He missed you more than he could imagine and the time away had been hard for him.

“Here let me take your picture with the bear and you can text her this and say you will call later.” Liam suggested.

Harry sighed and nodded, he knew they had to go or the airport would be swarmed with fans and paps. Liam took his phone and snapped a few pictures before helping Harry stand up and walking to the plane. Harry sent the text and followed Liam, heading to their next concert.

Miss you babe. have to get on the plane rn but will call later. love you -H

After a 6 hour flight, Harry and the guys climbed off the plane and were ushered into the car. Harry checked his phone and found a few texts from you, causing the smallest smile to show on his cheeks. He carried the bear in his arms and no matter what, he would never let it go. They reached the arena with  few hours to kill and Harry decided to take a nap since he had barely slept on the plane. Curling up on the couch, he cuddled the bear to his chest and drifted off. A bit later Harry awoke to a text from you so he quickly opened it and was surprised to see a picture of him. 

“I missed you too Haz.” you said laughing from behind him. He spun around and dropped the bear, running to you and pulling you into a tight hug. Your face was buried in his chest and his nose was buried in your shoulder.

“What are you doing here?” Harry asked confused. 

“The guys said you might be feeling a little home sick and I missed you so they arranged a surprise.” you answered leaning forward to kiss him. He pulled you tightly into him and kissed your face everywhere, making you laugh. He then pulled you onto the couch and held you tightly in his arms. 

“Much better than the bear.” He said placing a kiss on your cheek and falling back to sleep, happier than he had been since he left in the first place.

eh i don’t know about this one, but can’t beat those pics of Harry. Had this request for a while and decided to go with it. I also have another imagine with these pics as well so check it out! Love you guys xoxo

Beach With The Boys (Harry Styles Imagine)


“We’re here!” Niall yelled loudly. I looked outside and surely enough, we were right by the beach.

One by one, we stepped out of the car and towards the packed sandy area. Thousands of people lay and play on the tiny golden grains, all equally having fun. The sun burned my eyes and i’m sure i’ll be getting more tanned by the end of the day.

The boys and I made our way to a less crowded place and planted our belongings down by the chairs. “Dibs on this one!” I shouted, running to the chair closest to the water.

“Dibs over here!” Harry plopped onto the seat beside me.

“It’s hot, let’s get into the water.” I whined, before taking out my sun lotion. “Haz, can you please help?”

He nodded and I gave him the bottle. I pulled my dress upwards and off, waiting for him to apply the cold gel. When he didn’t after a few long seconds, I turned to look at him.

“Harry, what are you waiting for?” 

He blinked three times, “… What? Oh–uh, yeah.” Then he squeezed the bottle and started to smear it over my exposed back.

His large soft hands massaged me, that I almost fell asleep from how good it felt. They moved down to my lower back, making sure to cover and protect most of my skin.

“Thanks, Haz.” I smiled at him and took the bottle back before rubbing some sun lotion on my legs, the top of my breasts, my stomach and on my face. 

“So, who’s up for a swim?” I asked the guys, looking up at them but they stared at me dumbfounded. “What? Is there something on my face?” Quickly, I began to feel my face for anything unusual.

Harry chuckled and removed my hands, “No.”

Phew, now let’s go!” I perked up, grabbing my towel and dragging Harry by the hand.

I decided to tan for a bit, so after setting my towel down on the sand, I lay on my front side. The hot sun kept my back warm from the wind that blew past me from time to time, I felt so relaxed with my earphones plugged in.

Suddenly, one of my earphones were yanked out, a deep unfamiliar voice breathing at my ear. “Hey baby.” His ice cold fingers gliding down my backside, almost groping my butt.

Frowning, I sat up to meet a fairly handsome man. He had chestnut brown hair and dazzling blue eyes, sure he was good looking but average compared to Harry. “I have a boyfriend…”

“Ain’t gonna stop me,” I didn’t understand what he meant until his face came flying towards me. His plump lips were just about to hit mine but he was instantly pulled back by the arm. 

“What the hell do you think you are doing?!” Harry was furious, a deadly glare marking his angelic features.

“Talking to this beautiful young lady–” The stranger wore a smug grin.

“Who happens to be my girlfriend!” Harry’s grip tightened, his knuckles turning white as he held the boy strongly. 

The boy’s face converted into fear, he knew he was no match for Harry. “S-sorry.” 

“Yeah, you better be.” Harry released him and he dashed out of sight. 

I raised my brows at my boyfriend.

“You’re mine.” He confirmed, crossing his arms over his chest that caused his upper arms to flex. 

I glanced at his half-naked state, his hair was dripping wet, sticking to his forehead. His abs seemed to shine with the water drops that trickled down them, and don’t even get me started on his v-line. The swim shorts hung low on his waist–

“Checking me out, huh?” He intercepted my thoughts and I hung my head low, my cheeks flushing velvet red. “It’s okay, it’s not like I haven’t checked you out before.”

I snapped my head up at him, my eyes widening in surprise. He checks me out.

“Now come into the water with me,” He brought his hand forward, indicating for me to take it. 

Clasping his baby-soft hands, he pulled me up and took me by surprise when he carried me bridal-style. “Harry put me down!” I screeched, clinging onto his neck like my life depended on it. 

“Nope,” He said and before I knew it, I flew into the freezing cold water.

As I floated back to the top, I gasped and my hands shot up to cover my breasts. My bikini untied! Oh god, did anyone see?!

“Harry!” I whisper-shouted, a mad yet nervous look on my face.

He was now by my side, the sea water reaching our necks. “What?”

“Harry, I lost my fucking bikini top!” I slapped his arm with my free hand, using my single arm to cover my boobs.

His face turned red like he was trying to hold in laughter. My suspicion was correct when after a few seconds, he burst into chuckles, splashing his arms everywhere in the water.

I grit my teeth, annoyed now. “Harry! It’s not funny! Find it for me!”

“Okay… Okay… It’s… Just… Really… Funny.” He said in between his chortles, “You… Lost… Your bikini top!” And then he began cackling again.

I groaned and slapped him again on the shoulder, “Harry!”

He bit his lip, a smile trying to break free. “On it.” He dived underwater, retrieving my bikini.

I blew out a puff of air, thankful. “Thanks Haz,” I reached to snatch it.

“Nuh uh, give me a kiss first.” He used his forefinger and gestured towards his lips.

“No! Harry, give it back!”

“I will,” He paused, “But you have to kiss me first.”

I moaned, “Harry…”


“Fine.” I huffed, seeing that my plan wasn’t going to work anytime soon. 

I swam towards him slowly, and with one arm, I wrapped it around his neck. We both shut our eyes and leaned in together, his hands making their way by themselves around my waist. I tugged on his hair when our lips met, butterflies erupting in my stomach. 

This never gets old, I thought.

The kiss was gentle, but captivating. He tasted like peppermint and salty ocean water. It was simply mesmerising. Ragged breathing and dancing tongues brought a fiery heat to the cold ocean air. It was like the rest of the world had disappeared and it was just us two on that beach. As our kisses grew more urgent and hungry, desire ignited us and we became lost in the sea of lust.

Finally we pulled apart, and a gentle breeze fluttered by our heated faces. Our breathing came out in desperate gasps, both of us only an inch apart. 

A devilish grin grew onto my face as I brought my hand above the water. “I got it!” I showed him the material held in my hands, my bikini.


Did Oliver really just let the world come to an end because he was more focused on frufru Felicity breaking up with him than the task at hand?

Ladies and gentlemen, I HAZ SEENT IT ALL.

I’ve just seen a show disintegrate within a span of an episode (though tbh Arrow was coming to its demise but this just takes the motherfucking batman cake) and it disgusts me.

Let’s not even mention the lack of BC. Because if we do I’m going to have to kick something. I feel slighted at BC being shoved to the side for a ship. Wooooowwweeee. What a flop crossover. 😒😒😒

The oliciters can suck Guggenheim’s fat, sweaty ballsack. 💩💩💩💩