i can haz cat

Since we’re all coming up with kooky Star Wars theories...

Please consider the following:

^ Drawn by Dave Filoni and unleashed upon the intarwebz.

^ Appeared in the latest episode of Rebels. “I can haz wolfy tiemz nao too plz?” says the mysterious, benevolent loth-cat with the pretty blue eyes and the faint, ghostlike stripes on its tall pointy ears.

Well, okay, fine, but it looks like we’re missing some information here. How about…

New ridic SW theory: Ahsoka isn’t the fuzzy white wolf. She’s the fuzzy white loth-cat. 

anonymous asked:

shiro and hunk are the type of people to genuinely love old cat memes like "i can haz cheeseburger" and grumpy cat

For the holidays they gift each other those inspirational cat posters and both frame them and hang them in their rooms. 

“Hang in there, buddy,” Shiro whispers to himself every morning as he looks at the poster of a ginger cat hanging from a tree. The longer he stares at the poster, the stronger and more invigorated he feels. He will hang in there. This kitten believes in him; Shiro can do this.

anonymous asked:

One of Hanzos in game lines is "All your base are belong to us." So pls imagine... filthy memer hanzo... an elitist over old school memes

oh my god… hanzo watching like… nyancat on his phone and chuckling to himself… when he’s feeling down he goes thru the i can haz cheezburgerz cat meme gallery…

the year is 2015 and I just introduced my husband to lolcats and long cat and a bunch of other old ass memes he has never heard of and he was laughing hysterically at Photoshops of long cat. 2015 people. He had never heard of ceiling cat, grumpy cat or even I can haz cheezburger.


what if cats were the sentient ones, and we were the animalistic ones? what if cats looked at human videos on youtube, cat bloggers took photos of and blogged about their humans, and cats had “i can haz cat food?” memes instead of the cheezeburger memes,? 

instead of anime cat girls, they’d have human girls (cats with human ears and no tails, maybe even human hands too)

certain female cats would grow up to be “human ladies”, having multiple humans in their home.