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Wonder Woman spoilers. Hit J to skip. 

Got into a discussion about the implication that Diana finding love with a man was what saved the day and I thought I should go ahead and bring it over here. 

I can see the argument being made here. Diana has been around women all her life. That suddenly a man, and more specifically sex with a man, changes her and makes her a hero. That hetero-sex is what saves the day. 

I have a couple objections to this theory, but let me start by saying I can see why you would feel that way, particularly for those of you who are lesbians. I don’t, and I recognize it’s largely because of who I am and my own views.

What I won’t agree with is the implication that Amazons are all straight. It’s just not true. When Antiope was killed, three women came to her side- her sister, Diana, and a third grief-sticken and screaming who got the camera’s attention for an extended shot even though nobody knew who she was. That was her wife. Fight me. 

Additionally, when Steve and Diana are having their boat sex talk, she says she knows of sex. She knows the pleasures of the flesh. Men are unnecessary for pleasure. She’s either talking about lady love or masturbation (both of which are still pretty taboo to talk about as women today let alone in 1918). I choose to believe it’s the former. She’s had at least one Amazon lover in the comics- Mala in Earth One. 

On to my objections:

Diana’s not a lesbian. She’s bisexual. Bisexuals are allowed to love men. We’re allowed to like men. Steve Trevor, whether romantic or platonic, is a big part of Wonder Woman’s story. He is the Lois to Diana’s Superman. For those of you who say Steve was too much or Steve was intolerable or the het love story ruined it, I ask you to accept that you might have some biases based in your preference for a queer Diana who doesn’t like men. Again, I understand why you feel that way, especially for those of you who are lesbians. But to constantly hear ‘het love’ and ‘het sex’ is annoying at best and erasure at worst. Diana is bisexual. She is queer. Of course I’d like it to be more explicit in the movies, whether through her expressing attraction to women or outright saying it, but the point still stands. This is the most powerful canonically queer character in media. 

Nothing she does is heterosexual. 

Another point is about the love saves the day. It wasn’t just Steve’s love. It wasn’t just Diana’s love for Steve. (And yes, I can see why it might seem rushed, especially for those who aren’t aware of the “Diana’s Lois” history of the ship, but how often do we see the woman falling head over heels for the hero of other movies and why can’t we allow the script to be flipped here? Steve Trevor is very much a counter to most macho action movie stars full of toxic masculinity which is a whole post on its own.)

Love saved the day, but it wasn’t just romantic love. It certainly wasn’t just sexual love. It was also platonic love between the men themselves. When she sees the men embracing each other in the face of certain death, what does she see?

She sees three men who could have gone home when the money ran out. Three men who continued into a suicide mission, following Steve because they loved him too. When Steve gave them the option to go home, they say “she can handle herself, but what would you do without us?” They follow him because they love him. They’d deny it, of course, but it’s there. That brotherhood. She sees that. She recognizes it from the way the Amazons loved those they fought with. That’s how she recognizes that there is good in men. That’s why she believes they can choose good. They aren’t fighting for the anger and the bloodshed. They are fighting because they love. 

Just like she does. 

The woman is a repeat offender. I realize this now and perhaps I should have recognized her when she came up, but when you see hundreds of people in the course of a day all the faces begin to homogenize and pretty much every poultry-esque haircut looks the same. 

This woman doesn’t have the ‘can-I-speak-to-the-manager’ haircut, but as soon as she comes up to my register I can tell that someone’s day is about to be ruined. 

She has, in her hand, value packs of Cricut 11x24 cutting mats. Each value pack has three mats. She has three of them. 

Except… except… haha, oh- except that all three of them are packaged together as they would be if they had just gotten off the truck. And it is truck day, which is understandable. 

She puts them on the counter and I’m deciding how I want to break it to her that this is not one unit. I figure that the best way is through scanning it three times and then explaining it. 

But I don’t get that far. 

“That’s supposed to be $17.99,” she says to the $34.99 ring-up price. 

“I believe 17.99 is the price for the single ones, not the variety packs that you have here.”

“The sign SAID 17.99.”

“Ma’am, I was just in that aisle not too long ago. I believe that price is in reference to one mat, not the three-packs that you have three of.”

Oh, she did not like how I phrased that.

“This is all one pack.”

“This is three packs. You see on the packaging here it says that there are three pieces but there are nine mats? It’s three packs, they just weren’t taken out of their ship packaging.”

“I want ALL of them for 17.99. I FOUND it like this, so its YOUR fault that it’s like this and it SAID it was 17.99. There were a TON of them there. DO YOU WANT ME TO SHOW YOU?!”

I get on the radio and ask if there is a sign about this. No one can find one saying that the three-packs are anything but 34.99. When I tell her this, she stomps over to the aisle and insists that I follow her. The stack that she was referring to was, as I suspected, the single mats. 

“But I FOUND it on HERE.”

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but they must have been misplaced.” 

“I need to speak to YOUR MANAGER. I am not paying $35 for ONE of them when YOU put them in the wrong place like that. I found them like that and I am entitled to an adjustment.”

Certainly entitled to something. I get on the headset and ask for the manager to come up and be the peacemaker. Manager comes up behind my register and asks what the situation is.

“She found these still bundled in the ship packaging and set on the wrong place. She wants the entire bundle of them for 17.99.”

I have never heard my boss laugh at a customer’s claim while the customer is still present. Customer didn’t like that too much, lemme tell ya. So when my boss realized that she was serious, she said:

“We can’t do that, I’m sorry- it was a mistake, but-”

The customer is staring her down, not even blinking. Eyes like peeled grapes. 

“We can override the price for ONE of them but not-”

Grapes. Soulless, emotionally-stunted grapes. 

Boss looks to me: “Override each of them to 5.99, mark them as damaged.” She walks away. Over the headset she tells me to black out the barcode so she can’t return them somewhere else for higher profit. 

As I am changing the prices, she brings up her phone. “I mean it doesn’t even matter anyway because if you didn’t let me do it I would have just price-matched with Amazon anyway so you can just stop being upset about it.”

This, gentlefolk, is called ‘projection.’ 

“I don’t think we’d be able to do that.”


The listing she has up online is STILL only for a single mat and it is STILL not for the entire ship bundle. I don’t say anything. I just keep going. 

She does not like that I am blacking out her barcodes. “I wanted to KEEP THE BAG THEY CAME IN.”

“I’m sorry, but that’s a ship package. We’re not meant to have it out on the floor.” My hands are shaking. Anger is coming off of this woman in palpable waves, rippling in the air around her like a hot, desert road. It fries the grapes, they turn to raisins. 

“I don’t know what YOUR problem is,” she continues. “But every time I’m in this store YOU always give me a hard time.”

I choose not to respond. I am very susceptible the emotions of other people and I do not function well in the presence of angry people. The best response, when you are having trouble controlling your emotions, is not to respond at all. Or so I thought. She does not get the hint that I am not intent on speaking to her any longer, so she continues. 

“You are in CUSTOMER SERVICE. You should KNOW BETTER.” Says the woman who apparently didn’t know better than to think that nine items normally priced at 17.99 each would still be 17.99. 

“We’re doing the best that we can, ma’am.” My voice is shaky. I can hear the subconscious crack of my knuckles. She is vexing for a hexing. 

“No you’re not. You’re not trying. You INTENTIONALLY give me a hard time every time I’m here and I never did ANYTHING TO YOU. You’ve been working here HOW LONG and you still don’t know how to treat a customer?”

I stop scanning and I square my shoulders. I am not going to do this with the kind of confidence I want. I am not going to say what I want to say. But I can do this.

“Why are you angry,” I ask. My voice is higher pitched than it needs to be.

“I am NOT angry.”

“You’ve been insulting me this entire time. It comes off as angry.”

“I’m NOT angry. You’re just terrible with customer service.”

“I have done everything you asked. I have gone out of my way to do exactly what you asked for. And you are still not satisfied.” $105 worth of merchandise is a lot to give away for under $20. Asking someone to be civil while the person in front of you insults you is a lot to ask of a human being. 

“Why are you reacting this way?”

“What do you want from me? Tell me what you want from me, we’ll try to fix it.”


“I did. I did everything you wanted. What else?”

Heated silence.

“Your total is 20.21.”

And that is when my boss showed up to take over before someone lost an ear. I took this opportunity to take my break. The replenishment manager finds me to tell me that the mats had not been stocked yet- they had been sitting in a cart to be gotten to and the woman snatched them up before they could be put on the shelf properly. 

I hope that whatever profit she gets from re-selling these things goes towards funding her therapy. 


This is making me bananas. 

Episode two has some weird description for another show (so typical Amazon) but says “SUBTITLES” because it actually has them. Episode three has an actual description but doesn’t have any subtitles at all. 

I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHAT THEY SAID. I legit subbed to this damn service because I’d like to support the shows not go to pirated sites but the pirated sites are going to end up transcribing it because this is so slow and so what exactly is my motivation, Amazon, when you can’t even give a service?

Somebody just put these shows on Crunchyroll already. Does Amazon Strike have a twitter? Because I’m happy to bitch on Twitter. I have a black belt in that.

anonymous asked:

I've been trying to get into comics but I don't know where to start. Nightwing only has two volumes, New Teen Titans has three, and Batman collections that are not new 52 are hard to find on Amazon. I really don't want to go to New 52 though. Are there scans or anything I can go to until all the volumes are out?

(Batman #656)

Have you considered graphic novels (Like Hush or No Man’s Land) or looking at other eras of comics until the next trades come out? why does DC take forever

The entire DickBats run is pretty much in trade form already. In fact, I think that would be a great starting point if you’re new to comics and want to jump into the Batfam. (I just tried looking up a simple trade guide, and DC has nothing at all to help?!?! Someone please appreciate all the work I’m about to do)

  1. [Batman and Son] for Damian’s first appearance, collects Batman #655-658 and #663-666
  2. [Batman: The Black Glove] collects Batman #667-669 and #672-675
  3. [Batman: R.I.P.] collects Batman #676-683 and DC Universe #0
  4. [Batman: Long Shadows] collects Batman #687-691 (** Note: this is where Dick becomes Batman)
  5. [Batman: Life After Death] collects Batman #692-699
  6. [Batman & Robin: Batman Reborn] collects Batman & Robin #1-6
  7. [Batman & Robin: Batman Vs Robin] collects Batman & Robin #7-12
  8. [Batman & Robin: Batman and Robin Must Die] collects Batman & Robin #13-16 and Batman: The Return #1
  9. [Batman & Robin: Dark Knight Vs White Knight] collects Batman & Robin #17-25
  10. [Batman: The Black Mirror] collects Detective Comics #871-881

This is not a complete list of Batman trades; it’s just a list that I think will offer a pretty smooth reading experience, especially for new readers. In addition to those, you may want to try out

All of these trades are reasonably priced as most are in the $10-15 range. Otherwise, I hear [ComiXology] has frequent sales for single issues if you’re okay with collecting comics digitally. 

What Title?

1. I’m finally ordering a camera next week after payday and I’m so excited (PS it’s only $150 on Amazon so hopefully it will still be good quality, all the reviews are great)
2. I just changed up my theme! I like it a lot more now, going to work on my mobile theme in a minute. It’s a pretty basic one but I think it looks super cute (hopefully going to take a coding class sometime soon so I can learn how to do some cool stuff)
3. Does anyone know where the masterpost on OneNote is?? I’m planning on using this to take notes from now on and I can’t find the post that inspired me
4. I haven’t worn makeup all weekend and as I was writing this I rubbed my left eye forgetting that I decided to throw on a little mascara HELP

Winter Hacks for the Horse Owner/Leaser

Before I start I want to say that these are mostly aimed at people with a tight budget. Also if you lease a horse from a big lesson barn, you shouldn’t have to worry about this stuff. 

1. Mud

Winter usually brings with it a lot of mud, which can be problematic for horses. Some horses will get stocked up from the mud, and if you leave your horse inside to avoid the mud they will definitely stock up. Mud also brings with it the possibility for scratches/mud fever/whatever you call it, as well as abscesses and thrush. I have found that dousing my horse’s legs with a healthy dose of mineral oil (and brushing it in) repels even the stickiest of mud. I’m in college so usually I’m only able to pamper my pony on weekends and sometimes Wednesdays, but I find that she still comes in with clean legs as long as I keep up with it when I can. Mineral oil is also a great treatment for the beginning stages of scratches so if you miss a week just keep on going with the mineral oil. As far as feet go, I’ve found a miracle product. It’s called farriers fix, you can buy it on Amazon, but I think it’s cheaper at tack shops. I recommend buying one can of it, and then if you like it getting the big refill container, as it does save quite a bit of money. I found this when I had a poorly bred mare with the world’s worst feet who blew an abscess once a month. This stuff nourishes the foot, but also makes the outside of the frog and sole nice and hard and protected, keeping mud out. It also kills thrush. If your horse does get thrush, skip the thrush buster, or anything purple, they don’t really work. Get some dry cow (either today or tomorrow), it’s a white paste that comes in a little tube meant for treating mastitis and use that.

2. Scratches

I know that there are a ton of different names for this, like mud fever, etc. But it starts with the mud causing little scabs and can end up with your horse having completely naked legs. There are so many different treatments for scratches: DMSO, Furazone, MTG, straight mineral oil, stinky stuff, and that blue stuff they sell at horse expos. My best advise is if you catch it early, start with something gentler, like MTG to avoid drying your horse’s skin, and possible chemical burns. But in super persistant cases you may have to sweat wrap with DMSO or Furazone. If you use either of these remember to wear gloves. But the most important part of caring for a horse with scratches is scrubbing the legs. The best soap to use is ivory or dawn dish soap. Getting the mud and scabs off on a daily basis is the only way to really help your horse.It also helps a lot and makes the scrubbing easier if you shave the affected legs, just from the knee down. 

3. Blankets

If you’re truly on a budget and can only buy one blanket, definitely go with a sheet. Horses would rather be chilly than sweating to death in a too heavy blanket. Horses have evolved ways to deal with the cold, like huddling together, eating constantly, and moving around. If you have a sheet, you will always be able to break the chill of the wind and rain, without having to overheat your horse. On the same note, if you are unable to do blanket changes morning/night always go with the lightest blanket. I can’t tell you how many horses I’ve seen get colicky from being in the sun with a medium weight blanket on. 

As far as my overall blanketing solution, I have three blankets: a sheet, a medium weight, and a cooler with leg straps. I use my cooler under the sheet as a light weight and cooler under the medium weight as a heavy weight. 

If you live near a Dover, please invest in northwind blankets. They are pretty pricey, but they come with a lifetime warranty that’s actually legit. I’ve taken my 82″ medium weight back and gotten a new one at least 5 times. They do go on sale, usually the best sale is at the end of blanket season. But if you get their catalogs/deals of the week emails you’ll be able to snag a good deal. I think the you can also get them online, but I think that you would have to pay shipping charges to get your new ones.

4. Riding without an indoor

Riding in the winter can definitely be a challenge and depending on where you live, you may just have to accept that you won’t be able to keep up with you’re normal riding. But hopefully the following tips will at least keep you trail riding. 

When it comes to snow, the kind of snow that is good for snowballs and snowmen is terrible for riding, as it forms snowballs in and underneath of horse’s feet, especially if they are shod. Putting vaseline in your horse’s feet will help prevent snowballing, but you should still use caution in this kind of snow. 

Barefoot horses tend to due better in the snow, but horses with shoes can be shod with borium shoes, which supposedly help a ton. Just be careful of putting these on the back feet, as they can make kicks near deadly. 

As far as dealing with the cold, you may find yourself wanting to ride bareback, which will keep you much warmer, just make sure you are balanced and not hurting your horse’s back. 

Quarter sheet are wonderful for keeping your horse and you warm, but if you don’t want to go out and spend $50 on a quarter sheet, you can just use a cooler and tuck it around your thighs.

5. Clipping

I know that they’re expensive, but nothing works as well as the Andis AGC 2 speed clippers. Get them used on ebay, you can save a bunch. The andis blades are definitely the best, and will fit on oster clippers if that’s what you have. For a full body clip have two sets of blades on hand. Cool lube won’t keep the blades cool enough to just keep clipping for an hour or two. Spray the blade down with kool lube and let them sit while you use the other blade for a little while, and then switch back. Will save you a lot of heart ache.

Feel free to add on your own tips or protest anything I’ve said.


if ur a college student u can get amazon prime for free for 6 months !

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just remember to put a reminder on your phone a few days before it expires or it’ll start charging your card without notification

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Amazon has some pretty cheep wigs that you could use once or twice, & if anything use hair extensions. Going as an AU works too like some fashion!Ladybug or something. My friend does casual!N with no wig & people love it. Just do what's comfortable

yeah the thing with wigs is i don’t like them or want one and I prefer black haired marinette anyway! i just dont have the bangs tho i plan to cut my hair in the future anyway

tho im leaning towards these designs

outfit is the same as

but if i can these are cool too

The box art for the first DVD volume has been released! The box art reveals that the first half of series 1 will be on this set. The site itself tells that there will only be one disc. As for quality-wise I kind of have my doubts that this will create high quality encodes. It should be noted that the DVD box in the above picture looks a little fat for just one disc, however the price it’s at does sound like one disc. 

Also, I hopefully shouldn’t have to remind you that DVD’s are not High Definition. So far there has been no news on Blu-rays

Also don’t forget to check iTunes, because you can buy individual episodes in HD, which will certainly be higher quality than DVD. 

Pre-order at Amazon!