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Connecting with your Tarot Deck, A Canna-spell

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Anyone else have silly relationships with their decks? Can’t just be me…! I had one deck that was sarcastic as fuck, ‘How can a deck of cards be sarcastic?’ you might ask… when you ask for advice on something you’re going through and it throws the Ten of swords at you and you get a flash of ‘Dramatic…’ in your head… yeah… thanks… Anyways, this is a way to use cannabis to help connect to your deck, because if you and your deck are on the same page then your readings go 10 times smoother.

-Your deck of choice
-Cannabis of choice, I suggest an indica for this.
-Smoking tool of choice (or however you prefer to ingest)
-You altar space or where you feel more comfortable
-Purple or white candle
-Sage incense
Optional; a box or bag you’ve decorated for them specifically. Yes store bought is fine (*insert best Ina Garten impression here*), but add something special from you. This is for storing your cards in after this is done. Its new home! 

-Prep for your smoking session
-Light your candle and light your incense
-Spread the deck out, facing down, so you can draw cards as you go
-Begin you smoking session
-During this you can ask out loud or mentally, but you’re going to be speaking to your deck. Ask it questions like what are they best used for, Relationships? Advice? Future or Predictions? What can they teach you? How far can they go? How best can you aide them? How well do they feel about working with you? Whatever else comes to mind, ask it. As you ask each question, draw a card. Be prepared for the answers.
*Side note; new deck and unsure the meanings? It’s ok to have the guide book. It’s there for a reason, use it till you’re comfortable enough to read on your own.*
-Once you’re done and feel comfortable, take each card and wave it over the incense smoke, blessing each card.
-Blow out the candle, this is now your divination candle, feel free to use it every time you read your cards. 

This can be used with other forms of divination as well, but as I don’t do the other forms I didn’t want to fully incorporate them and give any misinformation. If you do use the others and wish to share your version please submit it here or post and I’ll share it for you! Brightest blessings!

-Your Friendly Canna-Witch-

How I Got a 5 on the (hard) AP Euro Exam

One question ive been asked constantly since the 2015 AP Euro scores came out is “How did YOU come out with a 5?” Its not posed as a mean question, but theres this perception that if you are the type of person to get a 5 you have to be super studious, no fun, no boyfriend/girlfriend, loser, no life just hardcore study study study. And…i’m not that kinda student. In fact, i didnt even become a “good” student until maybe the beginning of junior year, to be honest. I had a very small AP Euro class (8 people i mean) and i was one of two people who had a five in the class. The other girl was…kinda what i described about. All her life was all about studying, she took all APs, didnt hang out with people, she even told me once she only went to after school clubs just enough to have them count on her common app for college, not for actual enjoyment… i’m not like that. not by a long shot- so in order to help others in prep for AP Euro, here’s my advice on how I got a 5. (and some advice on what not to do, based on the other people in my class)

Find a motivation

My teacher said he thought i could only score a 3, maybe a four. I wanted to prove him wrong.

Dont listen to haters

My biggest hater was my boyfriend, actually (just for reference we were in the same class). While i was working my ass off everyday, always reading my Crash Course or my Princeton all i would hear from him is “i dont know why you’re studying so hard” “you’re making yourself sick, you need to stop.” “It’s all pointless, its either you know it or you dont.” “Youre studying so much and getting so anxious, here i am playing video games and not giving a shit and im sure im gonna be fine on the test because im not stressed out like you are” Granted, at the time he was going through his parents divorce and i think he was partially taking it out on me- but thats hard to hear from anyone, especially your boyfriend you’ve been dating for years. I was working so hard and studying so hard because i wanted a good score, not even a 5, i just really wanted a 4, at least- and then you hear that discouragement and…it sucks. At the time while it hurt i didnt pay it anymind and still worked as hard as i did and then fast forward to result day… I got the 5. He got a 1. And he cried, i swear to you, he cried. I didnt play the “i told you so game, though i did think so.” To people who work hard, you’ll be rewarded. If you slack and think its all gonna come to you…its not.

Actually read those study books (and heres what i read)

Who wants to hear you actually have to work? Yes..you do. Even if you have a great teacher, youre gonna need to supplement that class time with actual work. My school gave us 4 books in total: two textbooks- Mckay and Kagan, and two study guides- The Princeton Review (long) and the Crash Course book (short review) I read both of the guides…all the way through. Crazy right? I would just read them in my spare time- bus ride home? Lets read about the War of 1812 cause im kinda fuzzy on it. To me, i like history so it wasnt a complete chore, but if you want a good score its good to know your content. And after reading those two, i KNEW European History. If you arent so lucky to have access to review books, message me in my ask and i will give you my links to the pdf version.

…and watch those study videos

This one i dont think is so bad. Honestly you can just play them in the background while you do other things, and having things explained by a teacher online isnt so bad. I recommend

Tom Richey’s Videos (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIcmPM0zwQQ&list=PLfzs_X6OQBOxudw-bxvxBuTWvh6bwaVhQ)

annnd Crash Course’s select videos on euro history (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjEGncridoQ&list=PLO0R3oPRL55yxFBqtxvWyN0CQZ-iSre8m)

…and even sign up for those tumblr AP Euro guides.

does this seem excessive? maybe a bit, but its good to have people who are going or have gone through the same class- even my studyblr might help. Sometimes its easier to review when you have funny gifs or jokes in the middle of your review session,just to lighten the edge. Here’s a list of AP Euro blogs i followed





http://pbsthisdayinhistory.tumblr.com/ (not exactly AP euro, but you’ll find some interesting things that might help you on the test.

It helps if you’ve taken an AP before, not gonna lie

Its going to be a lot harder for you if youve never had an ap class before. Thats the hard truth about it, its not going to be easy, and some people cant deal with that. Theres a lot more work and a lot more pressure. Can you handle that? I want to warn you. AP teachers will be up your ass. They will give you huge packets of work and expect it done when they ask you for it. They will not accept regular essays, they will accept AP essays. They will give you twice the work of a regular class, and expect it due on the same time. You actually have to work hard if you want to get a 5. A lot of people get fustrated with the work and get angry, but thats the reality of AP work and also there is a reward at the end of the tunnel, trust me.

An interesting tidbit: during the essay portion of the test, me and alex (the only other girl who got a 5) were the last people to finish

little interesting thing. The essay portion of the test is about 120 minutes. The people who got failed were done the first, within about 40 minutes and were confident. The people that did okay were done at about an hour. But me and alex took the longest to finish (about 115 minutes) and wrote about 12 pages in total for the 3 essays. Coincedence? just take your time and reeaally plan out your essays. Here was my strategy: since for ⅔ essays youre allowed a choice of what to write, for any essay you think you can write about in the margins try to write about 3 examples for it, if you cant do it, find another essay to write.

Come into it with a good attitude….but be aware you’re gonna have some major anxiety

This is a stressful class, but its worth it. Trust me, you’ll learn a lot, i promise you.

I kept my AP schedule manageable

A lot of people i know who take APs go crazy and take a bunch. If you can, try to keep a somewhat managable schedule. For example, in sophmore year i took 1 AP, junior year: 2 APs, senior year: 3 APs. Also, they should be classes you have strength in, like if your good at history take history classes.

dont cheat.

you ever hear cheaters never prosper? Its true. You’re not gonna learn the material, and you’re teacher might find out. Which will make him a whole lot harder on you then others. Trust me. And you want your teacher to like you, he’ll let you off a lot easier when you fuck up.

relax and be a teenager for once

in the end, if you work your ass off for too long a period of time you will burn out. Burnouts not fun, ive seen my friends go through it. One time my friend was doing a presentation where she had a wrong fact that the teacher jokingly pointed out and she ran out of the class into the bathroom to vomit. When you pressure yourself so much you can really hurt yourself.

KNOW YOUR TREATIES. Know em’. Do it.

Theyre the hardest thing to remember so of course theyre tested the hardest. Look in the Crash course book for a helpful list.

Watch out for your physical and emotional health

really. Eat right, try to walk a little, stretch after a long studying session. try to meditate. relax. breathe. love yourself, dearies

And you better not stop after learning WWII history

the test makers know most AP classes will only get up to about post WWII history. Dont slack, read bout the Cold War, read bout the Euro law, dont stop, because they will expect you too.


know about russia, know about women. Its the most frequently tested things on any test.

Lie to me - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter 11 (French Mistake AU)

Title: Lie to me

Pairing: Dean/Jensen x Reader x Sam

Word Count: … nope

Warnings: None

Imagine: Imagine Dean and Sam getting transported to the French Mistake universe. Only for Dean to realize he is married to you, his best friend, love of his life and… Sam’s girlfriend.

Great thank you to @gaveherhearttotheliontattoo for being an amazing beta!

Read Part 1 here! l Read Part 2 here! l Read Part 3 here! l Read Part 4 here!l Read Part 5 here! l Read Deleted Scene here! l Read Part 6 here! l Read Part 7 here! l Read Part 8 here! l Read Part 9 here! l Read Part 10 here!

~In the Supernatural Universe~

“You won’t…” you choked out, feeling a fresh wave of tears well up in your eyes. You weren’t just scared, you knew this feeling, you were hopeless and you felt terrified.

“(Y/n)” Jensen’s voice rough somehow sounded distant as you struggled to breathe. A shake of your shoulders made you blink and focus back on him “Are you alright?”

“I’m- I’m-” you opened and closed your mouth like a fish out of water, looking from Jensen to the other actor and your angel friend standing a few feet away “I can’t do this.” your voice cracked and you felt Jensen squeeze your hand.

“I can’t do this, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, I just-” you felt like choking on your own tears as your head swam with a thousand thoughts.

“(Y/n), I- I know this is hard but we need to kill the witch and out of all of us you are the most skilled hunter. We- we can’t really do this without you.” Jared’s voice was desperate as he looked at you with puppy eyes, pleading for you to help them.

And it broke your heart in a million pieces to see him like this because there was a part in you that didn’t operate with logic and it only understood what was happening this very moment. And for that part this man was Sam, your Sam, needing your help and as always your body just wanted to wrap your arms around his shoulders and let him cry it out in your chest like most scary nights when the bad dreams he didn’t tell anybody about were too much to take. And now there was a nightmare coming true, the possibility of them being stuck here and your heart couldn’t take to see him like this.

But then there was another part of you, this one you had tucked away a long time ago, that in a way didn’t want them to go. Or more like, didn’t want him to go. Chuck, this was messed up.

“I- I can’t. I really just- I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” you croaked, placing a hand over your mouth to hold back the sobs as you proceeded to bury your face in your hands.

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Hello everyone! Look what I am presenting to you ^_^ I’ve been working on this for a couple of days and it was my first time doing subtitles! I tried my best to cover up the Chinese ones, ending up with YouTube-style captions.
Please note that it’s not very accurate and some parts I had to rely on context, because I just couldn’t comprehend what they were saying at certain points (if only I had the first SLS comics…)
For now, I hope you enjoy it as it is and  I will make a post that’s gonna be full of notes and all the things I had to do while translating, hoping to give you a better understanding (such as why I used certain meanings for example).

Without further ado, please enjoy it!
Also, I wrote in the beginning of the video that I would like for the video to not be uploaded on other sites. It’s OK if you want to post the link on other social media so that others can watch it here. Thank you!


Under the cut you’ll find roughly 207 gifs of the incredibly gorgeous Meagan Tandy as Chantal  from UnREAL Season 2 Episodes 1-5 and some random YouTube clips of her role as Allison Pierce in Survivor’s Remorse. Tandy is an actress, model, former Miss California and almost Miss USAShe is famous for her role as Maya, Denzel Washington’s daughter in Unstoppable. She’s also known for her role as Lulu Pope in Jane by Design and Braeden in Teen Wolf. Ethnically, she is of black(unspecified) descent, so please cast her accordingly. The gifs are all small/medium, textless, and mostly hq. Any repeats were completely unintentional or made with a lighter version which are right after each other. I made all of these gifs and honestly you can use them in anyway but if you add them to a crackship or gif hunt or anything of the sort please give me credit. Please like or reblog if you plan on using. NSFW(ish?) TW & FLASHING LIGHT TW. Like there are gifs where she’s in a swim suit. Thank you! 1/?

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this isnt a life or death emergency but!! a friend ive known for a long time has the chance to visit and do something really special so!! im opening commissions!! 

halfbody sketch: $5 +$3 every extra character; halfbody colored: $8 +$5 every extra character

fullbody sketch: $10 +$9 every extra character; fullbody colored: $13 +$12 every extra character

halfbody line: $15 +$9 every extra character; halfbody colored: $18 +$12 every extra character

fullbody line: $20 +$15 every extra character; fullbody colored: $25 +$15 every extra character

i WILL NOT do: 



i WILL do:



-cute fulffy stuff

-p much anything 

send me a message if you’re interested and ill give you my info!! also as a precaution i will not show you the art until youve payed in full thank u

details abt whats up under the cut

EDIT: i changed the prices and added linework to the commissions so!! yay!! also please reblog this version not the other one thank you! <33

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“They said that Hades never smiled. They said that the god that ruled all that is beneath the ground had actually forgotten how happiness really felt like, or any emotion whatsoever.

And they pitied that “poor, unfortunate girl”, so young and beautiful, who had been forced to stay with a man incapable of giving her the love she deserved. Six months per year. For all eternity.

But these are only lies, Persephone thought, as she opened her eyes, feeling still a little numb from the drowsiness.
For they don’t know how warm, gentle and loving is Hades’ smile.”

This is my caption to this illustration (which is the digitally coloured version of my previous post). Since I really liked when @melsisalady22 added her own text to this other little comic of mine, I thought that I’d like to see what would you add to my caption. You can also re-write it completely if you want to (feel free to do it), or even quote someone else’s text/book/post (in this case remember to put the credits please). I’ll choose three of the best written and most inherent captions (so, try not to “twist the mood” of the illustration completely) and I’ll also reward the users who wrote them with a completely free drawing of their own choice.

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Hi, I was just wondering if you have any recommendations for good hufflepuff merch? I want to give a friend a fun assortment of stuff for her birthday but I can't find much.

There are tons of great things on etsy! Here’s a few of my favourites!

And obviously there’s tons of great official merch too, though it’s more expensive!

And here’s some other (slightly cheaper) options from amazon!


Oh my gosh friends, I have hit a truly outstanding milestone!! Honestly, I really never expected to ever get here, and I have been so grateful for every new follower and every new “milestone” that I hit and really, I should have been doing this all along. Because I was truly awed and thankful when I had reached the point of having 25 followers, and I have often wished there was something I could do to thank people for being with me here on this blog.

But here is an amazing thing and I would very much like to thank you for being here! Giveaways seem to be the standard approach, so I will try a writing giveaway first, and if that doesn’t work (as in, if absolutely no one wants this), then I’ll come up with some other giveaway =D

I am calling this the “Will You Ever Write” Giveaway, because this giveaway is designed to give people (well, one person) the chance to dictate the next story I write. I often get questions along the lines of “will you ever write a longer version of [blank] AU” or “this pairing in this AU” or “this anime” and this giveaway is specifically designed to say, “yes! I will! And you can choose what that is!”

I am promising one *at least* 5k long story to the grand prize winner of this giveaway. This person can choose to request that I write a full-length (at least 5K) story for one of the AUs that I have written in short format on tumblr but have yet to continue as a longer thing.

That means, you could choose a full length version of:

(Designation: Miracle and Fairy Tale AU are off this list because I have too many plans for what’s in D:M and the Fairy Tale AUs are being written regardless)

OR you have the option of designing a brand new AU for ANY of the fandoms I have written for:

  • Kuroko no Basuke
  • Haikyuu
  • Eyeshield 21
  • Ookiku Fuributte
  • Free!

(provided it is a ship I have written before). Just pick an AU trope you would like to see me write for a fandom (Coffeshop AU, Superhero AU, etc) and I will do it!

OR if there is a fandom I haven’t written for that you’d really like me to, we can negotiate that too! 

Boku no Hero Academia and Yuri on Ice are two that I would certainly love to write for. Any *anime* that has appeared on this blog is also fair game, although I have varying degrees of familiarity with the stuff on this blog so thus why negotiations might have to be made.

The only rules/restrictions I put on fic are:

  1. All fic will be SFW,  although I am comfortable with writing darker themes if you want darker themes. (Think along the lines of what has appeared in D:M).
  2. It really does have to be for a ship I ship, sorry, but I am open to writing friendship fic between any pairing
  3. for length’s sake, it has to be limited to one ship, but if you would like to see cameo appearances of another ship, that’s something that can happen too.
  4. I do reserve the right to ask you to pick something else, if you happen to pick an AU or a fandom that I am very uncomfortable writing for. Nothing comes to mind at the moment, I’m just reserving the right to say that.

Rules of the giveaway! Likes and reblogs each count! This is for my followers, but I have to be honest with you, I’m probably not going to know if you don’t follow me. You can reblog however many times you’d like, it each counts as an entry. Grand prize will be picked by random generator. Deadline for entry is September 4, 2017 at midnight. I will notify the winner through message and give them a week to respond; if they do not respond the random generator gods will pick a new person. The winner and what they chose will be announced publicly after confirmation and negotiations have been finalized.

I think I’d probably even do a 2nd and 3rd place winners for a 1K fic or 500 word drabble, if they want.

And, you know, if no one wants this, I will come up with some other way to thank people! I promise =D

I’m going to reblog this a couple of times before the deadline to give people the chance to see it, since I suspect people missed out on the last offer I made. So if you are tired of seeing this on your dash, please avoid the tag #willyoueverwritegiveaway, because that’s what I will be using.

Thank you again, friends!! I cannot express how happy this makes me :)


I’m opening up commissions to help pay for my college! (I’m studying bioengineering at UCSD, and tuition is pretty steep, so any help I get is greatly appreciated 😩)

I have 2 distinct styles as you can see, one lineless/with colored lines & the other with thick black lines, so just specify which style you want. Or if you see a particular picture of mine you want me to emulate, let me know.

I will add a simple background free of charge if you want, and I can also give you a transparent version.

Add extra characters to your full-body or waist-up commission for $10 each! All prices are USD.
NSFW commissions will be detailed in a separate post.

My email is alyjofitz@yahoo.com, which is also the email my paypal is under. Contact me through a message/ask on tumblr or shoot me an email if you want one!! Thank you ❤️


Something a bit different tonight, as requested by @xfile-cabinetx (thank you). This is part one of the Mulder’s Ties master list giving the names of each tie, any special qualities, and the episodes in which it appears.  (In bracketed episodes it’s worn by someone other than Mulder.  Mulder’s very generous.)

As a special bonus, here’s the miniature version of the episode tie list. I’d hate to spoil this blog for you by providing a copy you can read. :)   Also on the miniature version you can’t see what a shambles it is from season 6 onwards, when his ties start to make me cry worse than Mulder did whilst wearing the Crosshairs tie in Redux II.  

Regular programming will resume tomorrow with Humbug.  It’s a personal favourite so I want to give it the attention it deserves. More of the master list will be posted as my ADHD permits.

adumu  asked:

Hey, I agree with your post, but can you please tell me what is wrong with Esmeralda specifically? Is she a racist character? Thanks!

No problem! Yes, Esmeralda is a racist character, both in the Disney film and especially in the book. In the novel, Esmeralda’s goodness explicitly stems from the fact that she is not Rromani at all - she’s a kidnapped white child. Because you know, that’s totally a thing Rromani people do, and pushing that narrative definitely hasn’t ripped families apart and ruined the lives of Rromani parents whose kids came out just a liiiiiittle too blonde in the eyes of gadje authorities. I’m kind of a HoND apologist (in that I think if a Rrom ripped a couple characters and story bones out of Hugo’s hands, they could make something decent out of it) and I still give Esme a big ol’ representational F.

The Disney version is less awful, and there’s a lot of Rromani kids who grew up admiring her, but as you get older and wiser you can see a lot of cracks. She’s still extremely sexualized and portrayed as, if not an outright criminal, definitely has some…flexible ideas about property. There’s also just something deeply uncomfortable about the fact that the one sympathetic Rroma in the entire story is the one all the white dudes want to sleep with. Look how all the other Rromani in the movie are drawn, with exaggerated racial features and cruel, dumbed-down expressions and mannerisms (see the Court of Miracles song for the worst examples of this). It comes off like “if you are not available for white consumption (especially sexually), then you are not an equal human being.” It’s pretty fucked up.

fight me [minhyuk]

word count: 900

warnings: none

“Fight me, you attractive stranger.”

“Heads up, I’m going to the audio store after class today.” You told your roommate as you shouldered your school bag.

After working at a retail store and saving up, you had finally gotten enough money to buy the newest BTS album. A few blocks from your university was a store that sold CDs, vinyls, any format of audio playback, they had to have it.

“Can you buy milk while you’re out too?” She asked, rooting through the fridge.


You walked around all day at school with a huge grin on your face, you could finally get the poster, photobook, photocards, and of course the incredible music. There was a noticeable skip in your step when you left campus, navigating the streets until you saw the little shop on the corner. Upon entering, you saw that there were only a couple other patrons, a middle-aged woman looking through some of the older music, and a boy of about your age. From behind, all you could see was that he was well-built and had fairly short brown hair. He was dressed in casual clothes, sweatpants and a t-shirt. You made a mental note to check him out after you had secured your album.

Browsing the aisles, you finally saw the shelf that had it, only one copy left, of You Never Walk Alone, Left Version. The smile fell from your face when another hand grabbed it just before you could, and you pivoted violently to look at the perpetrator. It was the brunette boy from before, holding your album.

Fight me, you attractive stranger.” You growled, and the boy seemed caught off-guard.

“I’m… not quite sure how to respond to that.” His voice communicated his confusion at your statement, and you didn’t even really mean to say it, but stayed focused on your task.

“Respond by giving me the album.”

“Uhm, no? Just get the Right Version, it has the same music.”

“But I want the Left Version.”

“So do I.”

“Why? You just said it yourself, the Right Version has the same music.”

“Well, yeah, but-” He stopped himself, sighing and handing you the box. “Here, you can have it.”

It was your turn to be surprised, accepting it warily. “Really?”

“Yeah, I’ll get the Right Version.” The boy grabbed the pink box in one hand, and stuck the other one out towards you. “Let’s start over. I’m Park Minhyuk, and I think you’re really beautiful.”

Shaking his hand, you felt yourself flushing. “I’m Y/L/N Y/N, and I think you’re really attractive.”

“You already said that.”

“Oh, fight me.” You rolled your eyes, clutching your album close to your chest.

Minhyuk really was attractive, heart-stopping brown eyes, perfectly styled yet messy hair, sculpted cheekbones, and a beautiful smile as he laughed in response to your statement. “How about a date instead?”

“Since you have such a great taste in music, sure.” You teased, walking up to the counter to buy the album.

Minhyuk reached forward, putting down the money before you could bring your wallet out. “I’ve got it.”

You raised an eyebrow at him, but couldn’t really argue, you were a broke college student. He, on the other hand, seemed to have at least some money. You briefly wondered what he did for a living, but was distracted by the cashier handing you the bag with your BTS album in it. Minhyuk and you started walking towards the door together, and you realized you didn’t have any way of contacting him to set up the date.

“Minhyuk, how can I reach you?” You asked as the both of you walked past a display that contained albums for rookie groups. There were a few you’d been meaning to check out, but didn’t have the time or money.

“Oh, uhm,” he took the receipt out of his bag, then produced a pen, scribbling something down on the paper. “There’s my number.”

“Thanks, I’ll text you later?” You asked uncertainly as he held the door open for you.

“That’d be awesome.” Minhyuk seemed to suddenly remember something. “Oh, wait here!”

He dashed back into the store, and you watched him curiously through the windows as he picked up another box, rushing to pay the cashier for it, then ran back out to you.

“I recommend this group, by the way.” He pushed the box into your hands, and you started to protest the boy buying you two albums in one afternoon, but he was insistent. “Y/N, you won’t regret it. Please.”

With a sigh, you relented, keeping the box in your hands. “Thank you, Minhyuk.”

“You’re welcome, Y/N. I’ve got to go, but I’m excited to see you again!”

“Me too.” You smiled, and he gave you a final grin and wave before heading the opposite way of your dorms.

When you looked down at the album he had shoved into your grip, you saw that it was a deep navy blue-purple. The image was that of a small shop, called ’D. Store’, and the group name was assumably ASTRO. Cute. It was their 4th mini album, Dream Part 01. There was a small list of the members names, and you recognized none of them. Curious, you vowed to investigate into the box further when you got home. After all, Minhyuk had recommended them, they must be a good group.

1.5k Followers Celebration- Requests (Closed)


I have no idea how this happened. I never thought I’d get so so many followers, and it’s not even a year since I started writing. Thank you so so much for all the support and, really, I adore all of you!

Love you all!

You have no idea how much my life changed because of the fact I started writing and I’d like to thank all those amazing individuals that supported/keep supporting me, no matter what. And, especially that my writing evolved over time and that I’m writing more and more bizzarre things so, thank you for sticking with me! You’re incredible!

For the celebration, I decided I want to try writing lots of new kinks and ships. Under the cut, there will be a list of around 90 kinks and I’ll write them all. Every kink will get one drabble (at least 500 words) or one shot, if I get carried away. (Because that happens often, whops.)

SPN Pairing only!

Here are the rules:

  • Considering I want to practice writing characters/actors (yes, RPF is allowed!)/ships I haven’t written yet, there are only 13 spots for Reader Inserts and the rest is for ships (Poly Ships as well!)
  • Every Reader Insert can be only written once. What that means is that if someone requests a kink with Dean x Reader then no one else can request that pairing again for other kinks. (You can request RPF Reader Inserts too!) 

No more Reader Inserts please!

  • Also, if you request Sam x Reader, let’s say, you’re giving me freedom to write versions of the character, like Soulless!Sam x Reader. I’ll try to stick to normal versions of the characters, but well. Muse wants what it wants!
  • If it comes to ships, every ship can be requested twice! (You can request RPF ships too!)

Ships that were already requested twice, meaning you can’t request them anymore: Wincest, Wincestiel, Destiel, Sastiel, Megstiel, Cocklecki, DeanDonna,  AlexClaire, SamClaire, Michifer, Samifer, Crowstiel, J2, SabrielDean, DeanBela, Debriel, Sabriel.

  • Another thing: if a ship turns out to be really hard to place in canon settings, I’ll go with AU.
  • To request a drabble, reblog the post, send me an ask with a number of the kink and two pairings of your choice, in case the first pairing is already taken. (Or one pairing and two kinks. Just be prepared to come up with a new idea really fast, since all the places will be filled on the first come-first served basis).
  • I’ll be updating the list gradually, bolding the kinks that are being taken, so you’ll know what kinks/pairing are taken!
  • I’d rather you not send any anonymous asks, ‘cause this celebration is a big thank you to all of my followers, you know?
  • If you’re not comfortable requesting a kink or a pairing publicly (it’s absolutely okay!), put (P) at the beginning of the ask and I won’t say who requested said drabble. I’ll send you a private message with the link to the request when I’m done, however, so you can see it and, hopefully, tell me what you think! 
  • Every ship/pairing is welcome! Those that I’ve already written (not exactly with smut, but I’ve tried them) are: Destiel, DeanBela, Megstiel, Wincest, SamJess, SamEileen, Wincestiel, Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader, Cas x Reader, Meg 2.0 x Reader, SamRuby, Wincest x Reader, Gabriel x Reader, John x Reader and I think that’s all. 
  • I’m hella eager to try new ships! Some of the ships I’ve never written, but would love to write are: DeanCasJimmy, DeanBenny, Sastiel, DeanDonna, SamJody, Sabriel, any version of femslash (AnnaRuby, AlexClaire), SamClaire or DeanClaire, SamKrissy or DeanKrissy. Honestly, bring it on! All types of Incest? It’s all welcome here, you won’t be judged for any ship! The weirder the better!
  • In brackets, there are guidelines as for the pairings. Like, some of the kinks will work only for a pairing with an angel (Angel Pairing), other kinks will work only with 3 or more people (3 and more people) so stick to those informations, okay? But that doesn’t mean you can’t request a Poly Ship for a kink with no additional information, okay?
  • I’ll be writing them randomly and it’ll probably take me a lot of time to get all of them done, so be patient!
  • Also, if you send me an ask with a request and you’ll shame the kinks that are here or pairings other people requested, you’ll be blocked. No place for hate here.

That’s pretty much it! 

To recap, take a look at the list to see what pairings are already taken. Choose a kink, send me a number of the kink and a pairing in the ask and that’s it! 

Blacklist: Karolina Celebrates if you don’t want to see the answers to the asks.


List of the kinks and taglist under the cut! (Pretty thanks to @justanothersaltandburn for helping me come up with some of them!)

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Everyone already knows that E2 Gaming did some really shady stuff with Taisho Alice, but their behavior only continues to get shadier. 

What I can only assume came from the horrible controversy on their facebook and the backlash they have received from fans, E2 Gaming has completely deleted their Facebook page. When I tried to pull it up from a Google search, this was what I found. 

However, the website for E2 Gaming is still up and running. 

It’s obvious now that their goal in deleting the page was to hide and quell the fan outcry in order to sell more of their abysmal localization attempts. They are trying to deceive their customers so they can continue to produce horrible content. They are disrespecting the Western otome audience, the otome audience as a whole and, more than anyone else, they are severely disrespecting Primula. 

At this point, it’s up to the fans on social media to expose them. Speak out against them at every turn. Reblog as many posts that have the truth and explain what is going on. If you see someone posting about wanting to buy the game or talking about it, make sure they know what they’re getting into. 

If you’re considering buying the game as I joke, I would sincerely reconsider. Giving money to this sham of a company is not a good idea and will only benefit them. If you want to benefit Primula and not E2, buy the Japanese version of Taisho Alice. You can find it on Amazon. If you want to support western releases, buy Aksys Games’ and Idea Factory International’s localizations as well as others like Nightshade that were grabbed from respectable indie companies. 

The person/people behind E2 are liars and scam artists. Do not touch Vol. 2 when it launches. Make sure they know we will not tolerate this kind of treatment. The western fans like myself have worked very hard to support the localization of otome games, and to see how people are trying to take advantage of our small market is disgusting. 



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anonymous asked:

I've been watching Yuzu's FP and a lot of commentators said that in WC he kinda "simplified" the entries into his jumps, some saying that he's really only focusing on landing the each element, without the intricate transition that we used to see from him. since the coverage was bad and my eyes are not trained to see every transition, I don't think he changed anything? He changed some choreo but... I don't know in others.

I need you to be a bit more specific here. Who exactly are those “a lot of commentators”?

If you want to compare the various version, here a video with them all:

If you want to read about the lacking of intricate transition, you can read this high quality analysis: http://chibura.tumblr.com/post/159385781860/full-analysis-of-yuzuru-hanyus-hope-and-legacy

If you want the short answer, instead, I will always go with Max Ambesi:

I’ve never seen anything like this! You cannot not give 100 PCS, you cannot not give 10 for everything, because there’s never been something like this.

Interpretation, 10!

Choreography, 10!

Transitions, 10! Do you even want to talk about that? Look at the others!

Performance, 10!

Skating skills, 10! This is the best you could see, complexity of edges and steps that we’ve never seen.

I repeat, go on, because  I feel like crying, because this is an incredible performance, a historic moment for sport in general, incredible, a living legend. ”

“He leans back in his chair and stretches his arms. “man i need to sleep” he got up. it was now 1 am. he slips on a tank-top and his boxers.
he crawls into bed and close his eyes. he was about to fall asleep but got startle by a scratching noise. he sat up and look then he signs. “fucking tree” it was a tree branch scratching the window. he lays back down, closing his eyes, looking forward to the days ahead with Evan and the others.
Jonathan slept for hours but then at 3:40 am. he starts turning and groaning. he was having a nightmare. night blights were chasing him, hitting him with claws and hammers, throwing him around like a ragdoll. he quickly awoke and sat up, shaking and pant.
he had it, he got up and left his room. he had slip on his blue hoodie over his tank-top as he hugs his pillow, walking down the hallway. he got to the room he wanted to go. but he stop himself, cursing a bit to himself.//don’t wake him up Delirious, you’re a grown man, you shouldn’t let nightmares get you-// but then Jonathan heard a loud noise and jumps, knocking on the door quickly but quietly. he pray he’ll open the door. he wants to- “Jonathan?” Evan was tired, rubbing his eyes as he looks down at him. “what is it?” he wore a t-shirt and his boxers because it was comfy. “Jonathan what is it?”
Jonathan looks down, blushing, hugging his pillow close. Evan saw this and signs. “did you play a horror game before heading to bed?” he nodded as Evan signs again, pulling the small male inside the room, closing the door. “but it was so real Evan, those night blights were bullies, they used me like a ragdoll and they were chasing me with hammers, it was so scary man, i thought-”
“Jonathan” Evan chuckles softly. Jonathan pouts. “don’t fucking laugh at me” he smiles and hugs him close. “its fine, its just a dream. do you want to stay here so BatOwl can save you?” he chuckles softly. the other pouts, blushing as his head was against the other’s chest.
“just shut the fuck up and get in bed, i need a comfier pillow” Jonathan looks up at him, pouting. Evan chuckles and nods, kissing his forehead..”

And if you’re interested to read this story (the full version) check out @supernaturalghostwriter !

{If you don’t like this or my account, DO NOT comment any negative things about this. DO NOT steal my art unless you give credit or my permission. Thank you :>}

rovedtalking  asked:

What do you think the best grammar book/ best vocabulary book for French would be? I'm thinking of picking up these books so that I don't always have to rely on the internet when it comes to language learning. (Being able to learn on the go)

French for dummies all-in-one is probably the best in my opinion. That book has around 900 pages so it has everything in it. Other options would be Colloquial and Teach Yourself. 

If you want to check out how French for dummies is, here’s the pdf version i have for it. See if you like it, if not, i can give you the links for Colloquial and Teach Yourself. ^^