i can give you the other version if you want

I want to be the best version of my self.  My life isn’t a competition where I’m constantly measuring how I stand against other people.

Affirmation of the day.

Be good with who you are and when you are going. It’s ok to give other people love when they are doing well. Just because someone else is doing well in your field doesn’t mean that you can’t excel. Don’t set any limits for yourself and achieve more than you ever thought you could.



I’m opening up commissions to help pay for my college! (I’m studying bioengineering at UCSD, and tuition is pretty steep, so any help I get is greatly appreciated 😩)

I have 2 distinct styles as you can see, one lineless/with colored lines & the other with thick black lines, so just specify which style you want. Or if you see a particular picture of mine you want me to emulate, let me know.

I will add a simple background free of charge if you want, and I can also give you a transparent version.

Add extra characters to your full-body or waist-up commission for $10 each! All prices are USD.
NSFW commissions will be detailed in a separate post.

My email is alyjofitz@yahoo.com, which is also the email my paypal is under. Contact me through a message/ask on tumblr or shoot me an email if you want one!! Thank you ❤️

How sworn the sword should have gone down
  • Steven: Did Rose ever make you feel like you were nothing
  • Pearl: Rose made me feel like I was everything
  • Steven: then why the FUCK would you tell Connie that she's worthless
  • Pearl:
  • Steven: ALSO, why is it so hard for you to just see me as myself? I'm not mom Pearl. You ignore what makes me feel comfortable to live out your pointless fantasies but it gets to a point where you don't even care about what emotional and physical trauma you're giving others. Can you please just mature and act like an adult and remember that you are taking care of two children. Not Rose Quartz and a mini version of you
  • Pearl: .... Uh
  • Pearl: who wants to listen to me self victimize myself again

Yes, this is for you!

You don’t have to rush things.
Give yourself time.
Give yourself credit.
There are no rules.
There are no deadlines.
There is only you and your choice to be who you wanted to be, when you wanted it to be and who you wanted to do it with.
Whatever it is, I know you can be the best version of yourself.
No comparison with others. Just the very best of yourself because there’s only one you here in the entire galaxy!

You are loved so love yourself.
I love you. Sending my love to all of you lovelies. Happy 2017! 🎆 🎉 (Be stoked! I am

god7girl  asked:

Sooo can you do a nsfw where the MC and the RFA+V and Saeran are on their honeymoon and they are still learning about each others bodies and trying new things and the MC wants to try giving them head? detail on Seven? hes my favorite. I hope this is worthy! ill understand if its not.

I didn’t do this one, it was this beautiful blog , if you didn’t like it, i could try to do mine version!

Warning: NSFW

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Do you have Diaplushies? Help!

A sweet anon chan gives an idea of gathering missing diaplushies from other people~~ If you see my skits you know I only have Shu (casual version), Subaru (casual version) and Ruki (uniform version)!!! Which a lot members are missing, and also I’m missing uniform Shu and Subaru. So if you have other plushies please comment!

Next time if I want to make skit with other diaplushies I can ask for your help~~


Ruki (I have it)

I’m doing portraits of your Inquizzies <3 

Men, women, any race, everything’s fine :) The only important rule is that it must be an OC.
You can see some examples of other portrait I’ve done here.

Simple lineart: 10€
Simple colored shading: 15€
(5 slots open)

What I need:
- Some screenshot references of your inquizzy
- What expression do you want them to have (happy, angry, sad, whatever)
- In case you choose the shading version, the main color you want me to use

What you get:
- a 1800x1800px portrait of your Inquizzy, with the style shown above, in about a week (probably less)

How it works:
1. You contact me by message or askbox, I’ll give you an email address where you can send me your screens and any other ref material.
2. If we agree, you send me the payment via Paypal, and when I receive it I’ll start doing the portrait.
3. I will send you a sketch version first, so you can tell me if everything looks ok 
4. When everything’s done, you will receive your drawing, either by email or dropbox link, as you prefer

- Please don’t use the artwork for commercial use ._.
- No, I’m not doing other character, just your OCs.

That’s it ^^ Thanks for stopping by :)
If you have any question at all, don’t be shy and ask right away!

living-dying-loving5sos  asked:

honestly? this whole ezra vs grant thing just fucking annoys me, both actors have said that they are each doing their own thing and that they support each other and wish nothing but the best to the other. we now have two TWO live action versions of the fucking flash! when will people understand that you can like both, only one of them or neither? just chill man CHILL

Yeah man like you can have your preferences but like don’t act like any actor is better than the other (unless idk theyve done something bad or one is legit just really bad at acting and you want to address their flaws or smth idk).

Personally I kinda feel like grant gives me more ralph vibes tbh and I like ezra as barry but thats just me

like could you imagine him as ralph? 

iKON Reaction || Going Out With Their Girlfriend Who’s Wearing Vibrating Panties And They Have The Remote


Other Versions:

| Block B | B.A.P | Got7 | BTS | EXO |


*Presses it as much as he can, enjoying his new toy*


*Stares at you innocently after pressing it for the first time*
“I like it”


“Gurl, you know it’s a bad idea to give this to me, you shouldn’t trust me so much”
*Ain’t giving it back though - it’s his remote now*


*He’d want to use it a lot, but doesn’t, worrying that you’d take it away from him*


*Had a definite lenny face the moment he heard he’ll be in charge of your remote, but as soon as he uses it, the lenny face turns into a shy giggly muffin who just realized this will be more challenging than he thought*


“Well, good luck, because I’ll be pressing it all day”


*Tries to keep cool. This was way different than his pranks/jokes usually are. In the end he would press it rarely, because it’s awkward*


Character Spreadsheet Template
wanna put together a spreadsheet of ur characters? dont know where 2 start? here u g o

HEYO there you go

Go ahead and download my template version of my character spreadsheet, with my favourite OC Ros put in there to show you how to use everything. Obviously you can edit it however you want, don’t steal Ros from me and. Whatevs :V my personal version is a lot fancier ngl but I don’t wanna give away all my secrets ;/ hehe

Have fun :V

@akako-22 @catsforelsweyr @hungry-joe im sorry i forgot the other ppl who wanted 2 be tagged

Our Obsession

We as humans are so obsessed with what others think of us that we loose ourselves. Everything we post is something we think makes us look better as people. When was the last time you thought you took a good picture, looked back and saw it wasnt as good as we thought, and then posted it? We only post the “perfect” version of ourselves. We post the things that are good in our lives, never the bad. We post the things we want to show off. And we do this all to make others jealous. I give props to the people who can take a picture with a flaw and still have the guts to post it, but thats how everyone should be. 


Harge, I want you to be happy. I didn’t give you that, I failed you. I mean, we both could’ve given more. But we gave each other Rindy. And that is the most breathtaking, the most generous of gifts. So, why are we spending so much time trying to keep her from each other? Now, what happened with Therese – I wanted. And I will not deny it.


I decided the other day to make a JackSepticEye lineart for anybody to colour in if they so wish :) I just wanted to give something good to the community :).

So if you decide to colour this in, please message me, I would love to see it! :D

I have uploaded both JPG (bottom left) and PNG (bottom right) formats for others to use :)

you can also find the JPG only version of the lineart on my twitter: https://twitter.com/LITFL92/status/749703308303007745

thank you :)

anonymous asked:

I don't want to tell anything that doesn't have to do with the blog exactly, but I am making a pixel adventure game and I need some help. The concept and characters are mostly sorted out, but do you now any tips on how to animate/make pixel art? And is it possible you have suggestions on game mechanics for retro-games? Sorry if you don't want to hear this. Thank you for your patience, Have a wonderful day!


Making graphics for your games

How to make pixel art is a very broad question. If you’re starting from zero and you want to do it/learn yourself, it’ll take time. If that’s your desire, I made this getting started prototype. It’s a rough version of what you’ll find at early stages of my game Pixel Art Academy and can give you a foot in the door.

From there on, a great link to other tutorials is @pixelartus‘ guide over here.

But you might not really want to go down that way necessarily, if your goal is just to make a game (I assume you’re also coding it?). You have a couple of options:

1. Use ‘programer art’ as long as possible, meaning mockup graphics you throw together in 5 minutes. I use this a lot:

You can make a lot of gameplay that way. When you know your game is onto something great (in playable form), it will be easier to convince an artist to work on it.

Here is an example from one of my undergrad students. After he was done with his project, I called a friend (Blodyavenger) to consider doing art for him before the game went up to the App Store.

As you can see, he did a great job and took the game to the next level. He did it as a pay it forward kind of thing. And sure enough, when Blodyavenger needed some character art, I helped him out in return.

As you can see, humble beginnings can bring you far.

2. Instead of crappy or geometric placeholders you can use free resources. @pixelprospector (who is behind the wonderful Pixelartus mentioned above) has cataloged some of the resources for you. Check them out.

In addition to free ones, you can always find indie artists who sell packs of items for you to use. It’s not a big expense (around $10) and you’re helping a fellow developer out too. Here’s for example Blodyavenger’s stuff.

Another artist I recently started following and supporting on Patreon is David Masia a.k.a. @kronbits. Here’s his page of resources, some free, some around $5. Again, a nice guy to support. Examples of his work:

These can give your games a nice polished look, but you’ll probably soon run into situations where you won’t find just the right asset you’re looking for. So you’ll have to mix it with mockups and coder art eventually.

Retro game mechanics

This is a tougher one for me to answer, despite my nickname. I’m personally fan of going for unseen gameplay mechanics; for starting at zero assumptions and building up from your theme/what you want to say (see my thoughts on this). 

It might not be true objectively, but that’s the spirit I (nostalgically) attribute to 80s when everything was new territory to explore. In reality, at least on home computers, there was a lot of copying gameplay from arcades as that was the holy grail at the time. But then again, that just means the arcades were the one innovating. So I personally like to keep to that ideal, design from zero, at least for core gameplay. But on the other hand I can’t resist to make a text adventure in the 21st century because I freeking love the aesthetic and idea (you can type anything?!?).

Advice would be to go and play old games. Load up MAME and go at it. I would particularly suggest to pick something you remember enjoying most. Then ask yourself, why is that, what makes them tick. Wolfire has a great series of videos that give you a good example of how to dissect a game for its gameplay element.

(I just realized that in some sense, the games he goes over are retro—Gish is 12 years old by now.)

Use your analytical skills to understand the various components: goals, controls, risk/reward … But most of all, make something that fires your passion. Retrogaming is all about returning to the emotions we felt at the time. Playing new games that have the retro spirit plays on the same note, but gives it freshness.

Not sure if this second question was also meant to be specific to adventure games, but if it was, here are two of my suggestions of great adventure games to look into (maybe read reviews on them or watch some let’s plays):

Redhawk / Kwah! (ZX Spectrum)

Quite ahead of its time, it had an innovative way to present the action by mimicking comic book panels, a great connection since the game was about a superhero. Radically different presentation styles is something we don’t experiment so much with these days. 

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

My all time favorite adventure game that is pure gold all-throughout, but what I admire the most is that it had 3 pretty different ways to play through the storyline. Talk about replayability. I felt the game was pretty logical, no super insane item combinations. It held true to Indiana Jones character, focused on that and reaped benefits. So picking a strong narrative is what I’d get out of this one.

Before this gets too long, since I don’t know exactly what direction would help you most, I will leave you with this video by the awesome RetroAhoy. He has one of the best documentary styles on YouTube (to my knowledge) and his video on the history of games goes over the iconic titles that all introduce some sort of mechanic or trait that made them stand out. See if it inspires you or directs your search. Good luck!

Hey again everyone! 

Want to read a book about angels and demons? What about gay angels and demons? And the whole plot line doesn’t revolve around the fact that most of the main characters are members of the lgbtq+ community? You want to read a book that is both exciting and brutal at times? And there’s a small underlying romance between the two main characters? Well then my friend, Heaven Sent is the perfect book for you!

You can read the first three chapters free here, just click the Look Inside above the book cover it should pop up!

You can also buy both a paperback and a kindle version on amazon, so please give the first three chapters a go and reblog so others can see this too!

I need all of your help!!! 


@sophiabush: Did y'all know that April is Earth month?! For the first #FashionFriday of the month I want to talk beauty. I know you know I’m passionate about the environment, so this April @EcoTools and I are partnering up with one of my favorite organizations, @GlobalGreen, to help inspire others to take steps to help this beauty-full planet. We believe that people can both Live Beautifully AND Give Beautifully! I’ll be offering change-making tips all month long. Tip #1? Trade a product you use daily for a conscious version. If you’re a beauty lover like me, for example, you can trade in your makeup brush for one like EcoTools, that’s made with renewable, recycled, and cruelty-free materials. And the impact goes past your cosmetic routine. For every #ComplexionCollection brush sold EcoTools is donating $1 to the amazing efforts of @GlobalGreen. This campaign is a whole lot easier to participate in than the time I did a half marathon to fundraise for GG! ;) Join the movement, and join the conversation using our hashtag #EcoInspire. I can’t wait to read your tips for conscious living! You can read more about our efforts at EcoTools.com. And tell me how YOU make change in the comments below! #ConsciousnessIsChic

So I was scrolling the sailor moon tag again today and I noticed that several people were complaining about Sailor Pluto’s alleged whitewashing in sailor moon crystal. Now, whitewashing is a serious and prevalent problem that should not be acceptable. 

Sailor Pluto is not whitewashed in Sailor Moon Crystal though.

Here are a few technicolor illustrations of Pluto by Naoko Takeuchi herself: 

Here’s Pluto in Crystal: 

Her skin tone here is more or less identical to the illustrations above. 

In the black and white scans of the manga, her skin is very dark. In several of the Technicolor illustrations however, Naoko depicts her as having light brown skin, like she has in Crystal. Simultaneously, in a few other Technicolor depictions of Pluto, Naoko gives her darker skin. 

Pluto’s skin tone has never been consistent. Her skin ranges from dark to light depending on how Naoko chooses to draw her. Crystal elected to go with the lighter skinned version of her. You can argue that that’s problematic if you want-and to some extent I concede that I may see your point- but it’s not the same as whitewashing. 

Finally, if you’re going to protest Pluto having lighter skin in SMC, you should be complaining about her skin tone in a good portion of Sailor Moon Classic too.

To criticize Pluto’s design in Crystal,  but not criticize her light design present in many Classic episodes, is hypocrisy. 

To the people who are complaining about not liking the English version, can you at least give a few episodes a shot? I mean, you’ve been watching the episodes in other languages, so of course the pronunciation is going to throw you off, but come on! If you support the show on Nick it can be  huge boost to the show and we can get more seasons of it. 

anonymous asked:

Hey do you have any tips to improve handwriting? Oh and what is the difference between a bullet journal and a planner / agenda thank you p.s. new to studyblogs

For improving handwriting

  • Try changing different pens to see if they suit you (for eg I write very differently when using different pens)
  • Look for the style of handwriting you want to achieve (and if you found that on studyblr you may ask the owner to send you a sample, I believe they will be happy to give you! :D)
  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Also check out this pdf for more info :)

Bullet journal vs planner/agenda

Bullet journal

  • You start bullet journal from scratch (like a blank notebook)
  • You will design an index for yourself (of course you can also take reference from those online)
  • And basically you just jot down your tasks, events, journal and everything in point form under the date of today
  • There are a lot more other versions of bullet journal on studyblr that have their own features and contain way more than just bullet points, definitely go check out the tag “bullet journal” on tumblr!


  • It’s bascially something for you to plan (less for journaling but of course you can still write down whatever you like there)
  • You can easily get the printed versions of planners with different formats in bookstores or online, the only thing is it doesn’t have much room for you to design yourself (but of course that would be less time consuming for you!)