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The episode “Potty Mouth” in a nutshell. 

good afternoon everyone, this is your daily reminder that you should do your research before adopting any kind of pet INCLUDING fish, small animals, and birds, and that if you feel you cannot afford or accomodate a proper enclosure for the pet, you should not get said pet


The Grimes Family accessories for this finale.

┏┓ in      
┃┃╱╲ this     
┃╱╱╲╲  house     
╱╱╭╮╲╲  we believe in 
         Slytherin Roman
╱╱ ┏┳┓ ╭╮┏┳┓  ╲╲  
 ▔▏┗┻┛ ┃┃┗┻┛▕▔ 

Good Vs Bad

Nolan x Werewolf!Reader

Requested: nope

Summary: In which Nolan and Y/n are best friends but Nolan doesn’t know Y/n is a werewolf.

Warning: Swearing (shouldn’t be a warning really.), blood, fights, car accidents.

Notes: dedicated to @chimeracuddles because she loves Nolan/Froy and has made my hatred for Nolan became a love hate relationship.

“Hey kids.” You say as you walk to the table where Corey and Mason were sitting. You see their facial expression as they looked up at you.

“What’s wrong?”

“Brett has gone missing.” You nod your head.

“Liam went to help find him. We called Lydia to try to help and all we got was the number 68.”

“Number 68? That’s Nolan’s lacrosse number.” You tell your friend.

“Oh? Well, I don’t think we bother her anymore. I did a lot of things while she tried to focus.” Corey’s face reddens. You giggle.

“So I have a bio test and I also have a history test, which one first?”

“I say bio, because its harder.”

“Okay then, history it is.” Corey glares at you as you get up to find a book.

“So Nolan’s your best friend right?” Mason pops behind you. You jump and turn your head to face Mason.

“Mason, You scared the shit out of me. Don’t ever sneak up on me like that again.” He laughs.

“I am best friends with Nolan. Why do you ask?”

“Just curious. Have you told him you’re… you know… the same as Liam?”

“No. I don’t want him to know. I want to protect him from this world.”

“Are you saying that the pack is all dangerous?” He jokes.

“No! Of course not! I’m talking about the supernatural world in general. It’s dangerous and humans can barely survive it. Unless its you and Stiles.” You find a book and take it out. You head back to your seat. All of a sudden, Nolan slams his things against the table. You jump and look up at your best friend.

“Hm Nolan? Are you studying for bio?” You ask.

“Yeah actually, I am.” He sits down, his knees hit against yours, sending shivers up your spine. Needless to say, you were in love with your best friend.

“Trying to understand how organisms can change.” Mason and Corey start to help him understand while you tried to ignore the feeling you got every time Nolan’s knee brushes against yours. You tuned out of their conversation and opened your book to read. You were only interrupted when Corey got up. His hand was bloody, so was Nolan’s pen.

OWH.” Corey covers his wound as everyone in the library got up to look at what was going on. Nolan quickly grabs Corey’s injured hand and shoves it your face.

“Look at him Y/n. Look! Look at him!” Corey pulls away. You stand in shock of what just happened as Nolan leaves the library.

“Holy shit, Corey I’m so so sorry about him.” You apologize after you snap out of what had just happened.

“It’s okay Y/n.”

“I’ll talk to him, don’t worry.” You say before packing your things to go home. You wave goodbye to your friends and started texting your best friend Nolan. 

You: Meet me at my place in 20

bff<3: Okay 

When you reached your house, Nolan was already there.

“Nolan? You’re here early.”

“Yeah I got nothing to do.”

“Mmhm.” You say as you open your front door.

“Why didn’t you go in? You knew where the spare key was.”

“I wanted to wait for you.”

“How did you know I wasn’t home yet?”

“You were in the library. Also I looked at your room window. The light wasn’t turned on.”

“Hm okay. Anyway, I just wanted to ask why did you stab Corey?” You ask as the two of you enter your room. 

“I wanted everyone to know about him. I guess I wanted to prove something.”

“Nolan, you can’t go all stabby stabby on people to prove something.”

“I’m sorry. I wanted to show you that he is not a human and that he is dangerous.”

“Corey is not dangerous. If he was, I would’ve stopped being friends with him.”

“All of them are dangerous Y/n. You can’t trust them!” Nolan raises his voice.

“I can! I know them! and I believe them! They will never hurt me!”

“Are you saying that you believe them more than your best friend?”

“Nolan you know that’s not what I meant. I know you are paranoid about the situations that have happened around school but it’s not gonna happen again.”

“How do you know Y/n? What if your friends are the cause of everything that has happened?”

“They are not! Can you stop attacking my friends?”

“Why are you on their side? You’re my best friend!”

“I’m on the side that’s right and I believe that what you did to Corey isn’t right.”

“You like one of them don’t you?” You look at him confused.

“What? No I don’t! Nolan, if my friends are dangerous and are monsters, then I would be dead by now.”

“All I want to do is protect you from things that could harm you!” Your heart fluttered. 

“Nolan, I know you care about me. But I can take care of myself okay? You don’t need to worry.”

“If I lose you, I would have no one left.” He mumbles out, fidgeting with his fingers. You walk up to him and touch his hands,

“I will never leave you. You’re not gonna be alone. You are never gonna be alone.” You hug him tightly. Your phone vibrates from your pocket and you take it out.

duMbar: Help me and bring ice cream

You: Why?

duMbar: I did something very stupid, I need cheering up and icecream pls.

You: I can’t help u if you dont tell me wat u did. u always do something stupid.

duMbar: I don’t like u sometimes.

duMbar: So like I exposed US to the world and now I’m ashamed. 

You: dude, how could u? I’m coming

duMbar: really?

You: to kill u :)


You: did u save Brett? Is he ok?


duMbar: he is fine btw

duMbar: hello? ru ignoring me?

You: sry was debating about if I should waste my $ on u.

duMbar: plsss we’re buddies pls bring me icecream.i will love u forever if u do.

duMbar: all I want is icecream is that too much to ask?

You: k i’ll bring the icecream and then I leave 

duMbar: no! don’t go, stay over plssssssssssssss

You: stop being annoying and I will come over

duMbar: oki, come thru window it will be unlocked for u:)

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Astrology: 5th House love VS 7th House love

There is often subtle confusion about the nature of romantic relationships between the 5th and 7th houses of a natal chart.

While the 7th is “you and me” romance and love, the 5th House love is more focused towards ones self and what they have to offer.
5th House says “I can give these qualities to you” while 7th house says “We share these qualities together” - this is why the 5th/7th Sextile.

The 5th House is about expression oneself, in the same nature and way that the sun expresses itself as it naturally resides in that house (as well is traditionally rules by Leo, a romantic fire sign).
The 5th House is all about the glamour and fun of romance and dating. It shows what you like to do on a date, and how you express yourself romantically to your partner. It’s all about giving gifts in a generous offering of the self, as well as giving ones time and attention. There is still a great sense of separation from “you and me” in the 5th, hence why it’s often associated with ‘casual dating and sex". The native in this house isn’t ready to commit, but is willing to give some parts of the self for fun, but it’s not to share - it’s simply to show.

In the 7th the self (1st house) is then combined with another in a relationship/compromise. It’s where 2 individuals (1st house) become 1 again together.
The 1st house is about ourselves alone and where we stand in the perspective of the world around us. We identify qualities and project the qualities we don’t associate with into our partners, close friends and people we openly dislike due to great amounts of indifference.
In the 7th house, the other person forms a sense of completion within the self as someone who possess the qualities we don’t, and together, become a whole.

The 7th house describes who you attract to complete you (1st) and how you act in a compromising relationship with another (7th).

In the 5th, you are still an individual, but in the 7th, you must make a compromise to work together as one.

©ellie-mae-astrology on Tumblr

Goldilocks || 07

Rated M (language and smut)

Warnings: Masturbation, fingering, just general cringe worthy stuff

Summary: After getting evicted, your two best friends Jimin and Taehyung offer you a place to stay until you get back on your feet. Needless to say, with a part time job and a mountain of student debt, that’s not happening any time soon. Eventually, they DO become really fond of having you around, helping with chores and even splitting rent. So when you come home one day to find someone has been sleeping in your couch-bed, well… it’s something you won’t take lightly.

Word Count: 8.7k

Out of context Goldilocks quote:
“Same. I got to eight and a half. Mine’s longer.”

Links to: Goldilocks Masterlist || Previous || Next Part

not my gif, credit to owner


A/N: OH LOOK THE RATING CHANGED. If you’re someone who doesn’t like smut, asterisk* is where it starts, skip until the *asterisk where it ends. You won’t be missing plot stuff. I made sure of that. 

I also didn’t die editing this. GREAT. I LIVE. Hopefully I’ll be better within the next few days, but thanks again to everyone who sent me get-well-soon wishes! All the love right back at you~ Now, let’s sit back and (hopefully) enjoy 8.7k of this horrid mess.


“Tae, where did your pants go?” you yell to be heard over the pounding bass of the music.

He looks down, blinking blankly a couple of times at his boxers, “I honestly don’t know?”

“And where did you get this tie?”

The band of silky material is wrapped firmly around his head like a bandana, both ends trailing down either side of his neck. He tugs at it, bursting into a fit of laughter, “I don’t know that either.”

You can’t help but smile, “Do you know anything? Pabo.”

“I know you’re hot and I’m fucking smashed. Let’s make out.”

Drunk Taehyung is always horny- well, no. That’s inaccurate. Taehyung’s libido in general is ridiculously high. He just manages to be more explicit about it while intoxicated.

“Oh no, we’re not repeating last time.”

“But last time was fun.”

“Do you even remember what happened?”

“Well I mean… maybe… but remind me, baby. You know I’m drunk as fuck. Hell, I’m drunk and I wanna fuck. Hey…you wanna fuck?” Taehyung raises his red solo cup to point at you, then gives it the most innocent of smiles, as if someone had just given him the secret of happiness itself. “Wah, look! Alcohol~”

You easily ignore his advances, knowing there’s no point in trying to reason with him and really, you’ve always found it entertaining to see what new things he’d come up with to persuade girls to let him into their pants, a category that often includes you. Unsuccessfully.

Taehyung is weird in the way that he could be considered a fuckboy. He’s good looking, confident, perpetually horny, and won’t hesitate to have a one night stand. However, he’ll serially hook up with someone if they let him and while you’re sure he’s just in it to get laid, he’s by no means rude or flaky.

Then again, you can’t recall the last time he’s claimed to have a girlfriend either.

“Cheers, babe,” you raise your own glass to haphazardly knock the rims together.

“Happy birthday to our Jiminie,” Taehyung immediately throws his head back to down the remainder of his drink, but before you can mirror his action, something over his shoulder catches your eye.

A glint of gold.

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The 12th House and How it Can Give Back

The 12th house rules our secret self, our secret fears, and our secret strengths. 

Mars/Aries in the 12th house: Repressed anger will only cause them grief, even possible physical harm and stress. Challenges help them grow and they eventually learn to even search for new challenges. Coming to terms with their sexuality reverberates confidence in other aspects of their life. 
Mantra: “I will show you how to fight for yourself/what is yours.”

Venus/Libra/Taurus in the 12th house: Boundaries and sacrifice are what they must learn to find and give in love. Material gain is both a power and a shame to them. Generosity can make them feel more fulfilled. Relationships build or break them, loving their self needs to come first.
Mantra: “I will show you how to love and give.”

Mercury/Virgo/Gemini in the 12th house:  Has the gift of persuasion but fears social pressures when younger and judgment. Teaching others and bringing new points of views to light is their gift. Reserved and observant by nature but information to share is bursting at the seams.
Mantra: “I can give you knowledge.”

Moon/Cancer in the 12th house: Emotions go deeper than the individual even knows. Attachment is their strength and weakness. Knows what family should be despite past relationships or harsh care. Healing comes in waves and has great power to help others mend their own relationships.
Mantra: “I’ll help you to reconnect.”

Sun/Leo in the 12th house: Has a gift to share with the world, will leave an imprint of generosity and kindness. Their journey is to find selflessness, pride, and confidence. They subconsciously fear their ego yet it wants out into the light of day.
Mantra: “I have a gift/talent to share with you.”

Pluto/Scorpio in the 12th house: The personal transformations this person makes awe and inspires, no matter how subtle or large. Understanding and owning their dark side and bad things that happen to them will make them feel invincible. Intuition, sexual awakening, and emotional growth is their path.
Mantra: “I’ll help you out of the dark.”

Jupiter/Sagittarius in the 12th house: Needs to learn how to take on the world, will grow to have unshakable faith in themselves and the universe. When it comes to personal growth, luck is on their side. The universe brings them many tools. May start out avoiding help and opportunities, learns to take them with bravery, grows to be a resource for others.
Mantra: “I’ll be your pocket aces, your good luck charm, take a risk.”

Saturn/Capricorn in the 12th house: Must learn to balance adaptability with a solid core and to find a way to obtain their dreams. Starts out seeing aspects of life as burdens then learns they can be voluntary purposes and missions. Learns to balance seriousness with playfulness. They find wisdom in “fools”, gives patience to those who need it.
Mantra: “I’ll help carry you.”  

Uranus/Aquarius in the 12th house: Their journey is all about coming out to the world and showing everybody who they truly are! Learns to never be ashamed of who they are despite past prejudice or judgment. Learns to overcome instability. Despite outer chaos can find an inner stability, learns to navigate change like a captain on a ship.
Mantra: “I am me/you are you and that’s amazing.” and “I’ll help you discover the unknown.”

Neptune/Pisces in the 12th house: Grows when they can connect with others and when they can connect to their intuition. Their secret strengths are very hidden and takes a while to really find and develop. Their path is a long one. Must learn to balance emotions with intellect, intuition with logic, and spirituality with the body.
Mantra: “I will help you to connect on whatever level is needed.”

B.A.P reaction when you want to cuddle but are too shy to ask

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for anon, hope you like it ^^



Our dearest leader Yongguk would come home and find you sprawled out on the bed, bored out of your mind. You wouldn’t even notice him one bit due to your boredom. He would walk to the bed and jump onto it, falling directly close to you. He would ask you what’s wrong and you would reply with the fact that you are bored. He would try and give you many examples on how to get over your boredom, but that wasn’t what you wanted. Slowly you would start playing with his finger, then try and get closer to him before he finally caught on and enveloped you his arms and rocked you both softly.

Originally posted by gldnsky

‘All you had to do was ask.’


You would both be sitting on the couch and watching a film on the tv. Himchan would be sitting so engrossed in the movie that he wouldn’t notice you holding a blanket around you tightly. It was cold this evening, but you wanted more then just the warmth of the blanket. He would notice you looking at him from the side every now and then, but would not take anything of it. You were shy and in every aspect. Giving up in defeat, you just curled up in the corner right until you are pulled into his lap. He would drape a blanket over the both of you and use his arms to hold you close, kissing the top of your head.

‘If you were cold, I am sure I can give you more warmth then the corner.’


You would walk into the house, tired and miserable. Work was long, you hated the traffic and right now you needed some cuddles. Cuddles that you wanted so bad, but was to shy to ask. Dae always advanced in the skinmenship because you just didn’t have the courage. Changing into some comfortable clothing, you crashed on the couch and hugged a pillow tight. You thought it would help with the need to cuddle, but it failed. The front door opened, Daehyun walked in and took one look at you. Within a heartbeat, he strode to you and ripped the pillow away before sitting down and grabbing you in his arms. He would lay the two of you down and hold you close while asking you how your day was and soothing your mood.

Originally posted by forthekyung

‘I know work sucks, but my cuddles are way better.’


Jae would be soft and happy as he walked into the kitchen. He would see you cooking, swaying to the music softly. He knew you spent your time cooking when you wanted to get your mind off something. Slowly he would sneak up on you, snaking his arms around your waist. Pressing himself against you, he would cuddle you close. Your mind would lose focus on the task, taking in his warmth and thanking the heavens he was cuddling you. Your eyes would close as he placed soft kisses on your neck.

‘How about we finish up here and move this cuddle session to the bedroom.’


Jongup lay asleep on the bed as if he was dead. He had a long day and was exhausted, but you sleep was just not coming! You desperately wanted your lover to hold you in his arms and cuddle you. You tossed from side to side, irritable and ready to just give up with trying to put yourself to sleep. Planning to go to the lough, you would stand up to only get your wrist grabbed and you yanked in the bed. Confused, you were then pulled into Jong’s arms, face against his chest. He kissed your forehead, eyes still closed, cuddling you closer with his body warm.

Originally posted by bfjongup

‘Go to sleep, my cuddles will help you better them the dark cold lounge.’


Zelo would be busy working on somethings on his laptop. You would be sitting in the lounge, watching TV while he was in the dining room working. The TV was boring and you just wanted to spend time with him. Walking towards him, you would rest your head on his shoulder and watch him work. You place a kiss on his cheek and realise that he was too busy to really care. Giving up, you would walk away to only get pulled into his lap. He would shut his laptop and cradle you in his arms, placing kisses all over your face and making you giggle before you snuggled closer to him.

Your shyness is cute, especially when you want my cuddles.’

“I’m not going to put myself in a situation I know I’ll be uncomfortable and stressed in,” shouldn’t warrant being told to just “give it a chance,” after months of “"giving it a chance,”“ and shouldn’t warrant being forced to do something that will make you unhappy, and after you don’t give in it still shouldn’t warrant the silent treatment and anger.

Handling a situation with maturity and calmness should not result in hostility from the other person.

You should always have the right to refuse going into a situation.

The Town of Forgetting: III

Slow Burn!Richie Tozier x Fem!Reader

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3*

Summary: After a very real nightmare, you conclude that something has happened to Stanley Uris. You try to seek help from Richard Tozier, but instead find that remembering Beverly’s last name is hard. Richard doesn’t seem to remember her or Ben Hansom. You’re worried this memory loss spreading.

Warnings: Violence, burning, smoking? forced vomiting, abuse and implication of suicide (plz read it I swear to god I’m not insane( also tags list is always open).

Words: 1,925

Previous Chapter                                                            Next Chapter

Aunt Lia gave you one last half smile and shut the car door. You watched her taxi leave from your bedroom window, wishing you’d begged her to stay. You didn’t tell her about the nightmares you’d been having every single night, but her company was enough to calm the nightmares, even by a bit. Falling down on the bed, you hated that your eyelids felt heavy, because you knew in the morning you’d wake up in a cold sweat, but they fluttered shut anyway.

Gretta was kicking you in the gut while her friends laughed and pointed. You raised your hands above your head for protection as she continued, the two other girls joining in, delivering blow after blow to the head. Just as your consciousness slipped away, so did the scene, melting into another vision.

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*** Fun fact: I always kinda had this dream to work in a pastry shop/bakery. It’s not like a lifelong dream but something I just always wanted to do as a little girl 😂🍞🍰🍮 ***

“Morning, love.”

You smiled as soon as you heard the voice and turned away from the counter, finding the only Scotsman in town standing on the other side of the glass. He wore a warm smile as always but he was put together a little differently today. No kutte, just a navy blue hoodie and some jeans. His hair was messy, no pomade slicking it back and he looked much more relaxed than he usual did. He was also in the shop much earlier that usual. He normally stopped by around 10 or so, grabbing a pastry and a cup of coffee while he chatted with you for half an hour. Then he would leave. Sometimes he wouldn’t even finish his coffee or his Danish, but he would still pay and leave you a bigger tip than he needed to. But today it was barely 7:30 and he was here. The roads were empty, only a few shops beginning to open their doors and get ready for the day. Yet here he was.

“Good morning Chibs. The usual? I don’t have everything out yet but I can grab them from the back real quick and get a cup of coffee started for you.”

He smiled again but shook his head.

“That’s alright love, I just came to see if you were workin. I couldn’t sleep so I was driving around town and I noticed your car wasn’t outside. Just wanted to know you were ok. I know you never miss work.”

You blushed and smiled at his observation, not knowing that he looked for your car every morning. It was a nice feeling though, you had to admit.

“Yeah I had to leave the car at the house. Something’s wrong with the engine I think, it won’t start up. I just caught a ride with one of the girls.”

He shook his head and looked down at his watch to see the time.

“When do you get off?”

“Around 3. Why?”

“Juice will pick you up and take you to the clubhouse if the cars done. If not he’ll take you home. I’ll have one of the guys stop by your house and pick the car up now, take it back to TM to get fixed up.”

“Oh Chibs, you don’t have to-”

“See you at 3.”

You chuckled as he turned around and left the shop, throwing a wave your way as he walked out of the door.

“Thanks for picking me up Juice.”

He nodded and grinned as he walked with you towards the garage.

“No problem Y/N. Anytime you need help just let us know.”

You patted his arm with a smile and continued walking with him towards the garage, seeing Chibs leaning over your car with a rag in his hand, what looked like waxing it. As you walked up, he smiled and his eyes lit up.

“Long time no see beautiful.”

You laughed and looked over your car, the paint looking almost wet with how polished it was.

“Jesus Chibs. How long did it take you to do this?”

He shrugged and brushed it off.

“An hour or two. Not too long. After I fixed the engine I washed it for you, put some wax and buffed it. I also smoothed that scratch you had on the door and painted over it.”

You shook your head and crossed your arms over your chest, mock scolding him.

“What am I gonna do with you. What didn’t you do?”

The question was sarcastic, but Chibs took it as an opportunity to impress you.

“I didn’t get a chance to rotate your tires. But I did put more air in them, changed your oil, vacuumed inside, oiled your hinges and replaced your wipers. They were getting old.”

You stared at him as he spoke, a breathless laugh leaving you and sounding like music to his ears.

“Thank you Chibs. Really. I appreciate this.”

You leaned forward to press a kiss to his cheek. His scarred cheek shifted under your lips and as you pulled away, you saw a soft smile on his face, a slight pink hue coming up.

“Don’t mention it lass.”

You let it go and reached into your purse, pulling out a box with his usual morning pastry inside of it and handing it to him.

“Well I guess the least I can do to repay you is give you a Danish on the house.”

The older man chuckled and took the box from your hand.

“Aye. I guess that’s fair.”

The both of you shared a look and there was a comfortable silence that fell over the two of you for a couple seconds before you broke it.

“I’m off tomorrow. I was thinking maybe we could go out for lunch. My treat. What better way to spend a day off than with a handsome, skillful man.”

Chibs smiled and nodded, beyond happy to hear those words. He’d had feelings for you for the last couple on the and while he wasn’t one for showing off or being cocky, he did try to show you his skills over the past couple of weeks and it felt good to know that you felt the same way about him that he did about you.

“Sounds like you’re asking me on a date.”

You shrugged and took your keys from his hand, throwing him a wink as you climbed into your car.

“Maybe I am.”

Sibling War!

Thanks everyone for the 45+ little wings.

Thanks to @talesfromthecreed for your request and I hope you like it! I put a lot on effort in this one as it is my first Dc legends of tomorrow imagine.


Serie: Part1(you are here1) Part2  Part3

Being the youngest member of the Waverider sure has advantages and disadvantages.

They treat you like their little sister.

But they’re all overprotective assholes.

Okay, let’s go to the beginning.

Your adventure began when in a robbery in the National bank of Central City, you meet Captain Cold and Heatwave. You had just escaped your abusive family and were looking for someone to lift their wallets, that person just happened to be MR. Leonard Snart. They took pity on you and gave you the option of joining them ( more like Len saw himself in you and wanted to help you). And so, you joined them and helped in their robberies. You asked Len if you could have a weapon like Lisa, he wanted to say no but really, who could resist your puppy dog eyes?

That’s right

No one.

You ended with a (y/w). And with that weapon, you joined their little group of criminals. You helped once or twice, they didn’t let you help in the most dangerous ones, said you were too young. But you did meet the famous Flash, once.

One night, you were waiting for them in Len’s minivan while they robbed the bank. When you were escaping from the police the three of you were in the car with them when a blinding light surprised you.


When you wake up, you were in a rooftop between Len and Mick and with a bunch of people you didn’t even know.

“Stein, the hell are you doing here”

“I am as ignorant as you for once”

“Where are we?”

“(y/n), are you ok?” Mick asked you. You nodded at him as a guy with a colorful fashion started talking with his heavy English accent.

“The names Rip Hunter, I’m from East London…”

“Oh. And the future.”

You raised an eyebrow at him at the same time Len glared and Mick said:

“Nice to meet you, Rip”

“And while you were incapacitated I may have tampered with your weapons. I’ve assembled you all because I need your help. The future of the world is in peril because a man by the name of Vandal Savage.”

“That can’t be, we destroyed him” Said the guy dressed in leather.

“Yeah, The Green arrow and the Flash helped us doing it.” Said his partner.

After that, Rip Hunter explained his reason of assembling this little group, Len and Mick didn’t seem to agree with his explanation of saving the world via time traveling to defeat this Randall guy. Len grabbed your arm and passed Rip saying.

“You got the wrong guy. Hero ain’t on my resume.” He said.

“Or mine” Mick followed the two of you.

“I know it’s difficult to fathom, but where I am from, the 2116, you and everyone on this roof aren’t just considered heroes, your legends.

You looked at him, eyes widening. You weren’t a petty thief in the future? You were considered a hero?

“Legends?” You said at the same time as the guy who you recognized as the Atom.

“I hate to nitpick, but, doesn’t a legend have to be dead?” Stein said.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s a deal breaker for me, so I’m gonna pass.” The guy beside you said.

“It’s dangerous for you knowing to much about your future but I’m here because each of you as individuals, are destined for greatness.”

“I can get behind that” The Atom said.

“AND, because if you don’t follow me, this is what’s in store for your world 150 years from now” He pressed a button on his remote control and projected a destroyed city engulfed in flames with what seemed like planes shooting at them.

Your grip on Len’s arm tightens as your faced what your city would become, the horror and the desolation the future would become, even if you won’t be alive when this happened…

You didn’t want this.

“I could have chosen any place and any place, of all the people who ever lived I chose you nine, I certainly hope that you won’t let me and the world down.”

Rip saw everyone’s astonished expressions; he walked toward Professor Stein and gave him a paper, where the meeting place was written.

“If your answer is Yes, met me at this address in 36 hours.” After that we walked away.

You felt Len and Mick started walking away and you followed them, after looking at the address and waving at the others one last time.


You were sitting in the couch with Len’s legs on your lap, you were looking at Mick messing with his whatever he was doing. You were mostly thinking of what Hunter showed you all as Len read a magazine.

“I can’t believe the two of you are thinking of hooking up with the Englishman. We’re thieves, crooks, criminals, with no desire to save the world, especially under years from dead.”

Snart answered him without raising his eyes from the magazine.

“He said across time, Mick. What about the years before the fingerprints and surveillance cameras and DNA analysis.”

He looked at Mick, who just grabbed a beer and was drinking it.

“Why did we become criminals?”

“Because we hate working and we love money.”

Len got up from the couch as you looked at them, waiting to see what they chose to do.

“We steal the Mona Lisa straight off of Da Vinci’s easel, snach the Hope diamond before it was discovered. This is everything we got into thieving for in the first place… more than everything.”

Mick looked at Len “If you want me in, I’m in, but I’m not gonna be no one’s hero.”

Len smirked.

“I’m in too!” You said as the two criminals looked at you.

“You won’t be coming with us” Len said.


“It’s to dangerous for you (n/n)” Mick said.” You better stay here with Lisa for the time being”

“But you will be having all the fun! And I be staying here with Lisa flirting with the Flash friend!”

“I promised myself-“


Len rolled his eyes.

We promised ourselves we won’t let anything bad happen to you, and time travel with a bunch of weirdos is too dangerous for you. You’re only (y/a).”


Overprotective assholes.

Let’s try something else.

Flattery can take you far.

(¬ v ¬)

“But it’s more dangerous for me staying here! Lisa and I are no rival for the Flash, not alone. With you, the flash doesn’t stand a chance! Alone… well he could take me away from you…  Also, Lisa won’t pick a fight with no one, so if you take me with you, you will be able to protect me, you’re my big brothers Lenny and Micky, don’t let the Flash take me away…”

Len and Mick’s face was like an open book, the big brother part worked like a charm.

Guess who’s going to time travel?

That’s right.


And that’s how you ended here, along the crew of the Waverider. With time, you ended winning everyone’s hearts over, even stern Rip.


What you needed

More overprotective assholes.

The first to fall was Ray.

He saw how young you really were, and who you were living with.

One day, Ray came to you.

“(y/n), right?”

“Yeah, Raymond was it?

“Yeah” He said sheepishly

“It’s there something you wanted to say?”

“…Why are you with those two criminals?”

You glared at him. Without you knowing, Len and Mick were overhearing your conversation.

“They may be criminals, but they are the best persons I know. They are my family, they are my heroes, I love them with their faults. They are my home, but I don’t hope you will understand.”

Len smiled softly, you could see itty bity tears in his eyes.

Mick was smiling openly.

“You’re so young…”

“But I’ve see things a rich boy like you never has.”

Ray hugged you hard

“You precious cinnamon roll, too precious for this world.”

“HEY BOYSCOUT! Hands off!”


Ray was still hugging you while Len and Mick tried ( but failed) to tear him off of you.

“When we finish saving the world, you can come with me. I got a pretty big house! And I’m rich, I can give you whatever you want! You can be my little (sister/brother)!”

“No way, Raymond. Get off of my sister or I will freeze your dick off.”


Sara and Kendra were the next.

They liked to baby you.

A lot

“(y/n), sit with us today! It’s been a long time since you sat with us!”

Kendra had that motherly feeling for you and Sara was the same, they saw how young you were, and all you had to live and they swear to protect you.

Sara remembered of her past, and how you had a rough childhood like hers, she had to face the bullies until her father teach her how to defend herself, she sweared to protect you and teach you how to fight.

And so, they began training you, hand to hand combat.

Much to your delight.

Kendra and Carter liked to treat you like a child they didn’t have, and after losing their son and won’t be able to do a thing, their actitude towards you became more overprotective.

And, you liked  being babied a little, you didn’t have to ask for something, Kendra, Sara or Ray would compete for your attention, for the horror of Len and Mick, who regretted to bring you along, feeling their little sibling was being taken away from them.


Then it was Jax and Stein.

You liked seeing Jax work on the Waverider’s mechanics, and sometimes you asked him questions about how was the high school he went to.

He gladly answered all your questions and even teach you something about mechanics.

He liked the attention.

He liked being part of a team and the feeling of having a younger person aboard the Waverider made him feel like he should protect you.

Stein liked that you asked him questions about science and he gladly explained it to you, saying that if he didn’t do it Snart’s and Rory’s idiocy would affect you.

Cue, Len and Mick glaring at him.

Stein took upon himself to teach you the basics, seeing as your life as a criminal didn’t let much space for school.

You liked learning, made you feel more powerful.

And sometimes you liked to show off what you learned to Len and Mick.

They were proud of you. But felt like they were being robbed of your loving attention.


The last to fall was Rip.

Rip’s heart was hardened by the death of his family by the hands of Vandal Savage.  So melting the ice in his heart was hard,

Little by little you started to make your way to his heart without him noticing how he started to pay more attention to you, asking how you were and saving you when it was unnecessary.

And, he would oblige you to go to weekly cheek outs with Gideon, much to your displeasure.

So imagine what happened once you got the cold.


Utter and complete madness

A riot.

People running around the ship, yelling that you were sick, Rip dragging you to the infirmary for a cheek out. Len and Mick stick to you like glue and Sara and Kendra took upon themselves to make you feel as comfy as possible. Stein and Jax would come often to entertain. Much to Len and Mick displeasure.

“Go away, you’re annoying. (Y/N) needs peace and sleep and you’re just filling (her/his) head with sciency things.”

“We’re not the annoying ones, you don’t let her  brethe without one of you stalking her.

“Everyone out! (y/n) needs to rest.” Rip said

“No” Len answered.

“Don’t forget I am the captain of this ship”

“I remember, I just don’t care.”


You sighed and looked at Len.

“Can you bring me a glass of water?? Please big brother??”



“Okay, (n/n).”

Jealous looks towards Len

They wanted to be called big brother/sister too.

Wow, you had the crew wrapped around your pinky.

You little manipulative you…

The beginning of the sibling war.

They would compete for your undivided attention.

Sara would bring you food.

Kendra and Carter would stay with you and tell you how they teamed up with the Flash and The arrow.

Stein would come to answer your scientific questions and tell how he turned to Firestorm for the first time.

Jax would tell you what happened in their last mission and would more than often show off. Saying that when you were better he and Stein would show Firestorm and how they fight.

Len and Mick would bring you food of the time where they were because as Mick said “The food of the future is crap”.  And they would stay with you until you fell asleep, then they kissed your forehead lovingly and retire to their quarters.

In the middle of the night, Rip would come to your room and would stay for an hour, brushing your hair and telling about his family and how you made him feel like he belonged again. Everything while you were asleep, but sometimes, you would wake up to his fingers lovingly stroking your hair and his British accent telling you about that heartbreaking future.

This went for a long time, even after you got well .They wouldn’t let you go with them until you got away one while they were on a mission.

Craziness and desperation ensued.

They divided in two groups to search for you. Desperate and afraid some creep would have kidnapped you. After a few hours of distress and yelling ( and , even though they won’t admit it, Sara, Rip and Kendra hit a few shady guys who didn’t want to cooperate, even though they didn’t even see you. And Len and Mick… well let’s say those who didn’t want to cooperate meet Hot and Cold.)

The truth is that you meet a hot (boy/girl) who asked you out to get a drink. You in all you rebellious teenager hormones said yes without thinking what your overprotective teammates would do.

The two of you went out to a coffee shop and talked a bit about yourselves, more like you made up your whole background. You can’t go to someone you just met and say


They would think you’re crazy


After a few hours your team found the two of you…

Let’s say things got ugly pretty quickly.


“Guys, let me explain-“

“NO. YOU ARE GROUNDED!” Sara said.


“Hey Len, I think that (guy/girl) tried to take advantage of her, can I burn (his/her) house down?” Mick said hopefully as Len looked at him saying No with his eyes.

“You know the scare you gave us, young lady? “ Stein said.

·Yeah, I almost had a heart attack! I’m too young to have a heart attack!” Jax said.

Kendra and Carter grabbed the (boy/girl) you were going out with and tock (him/her) away from here, after saying something that made (his/her) face blanch with horror and run away like (his/her) life was at risk…


It probably was.

Kendra and Carter came to you smiling innocently, you asked :

“What did you say to (him/her)?”

“Oh nothing, just that what would happen to his (dick/ ovaries) if (he/she) as much as looked your way.” Kendra said.

“Yes. And that we would probably make his life hell, if (he /she) was every born” Carter said.


Terrifying overprotective assholes who you loved with all your heart.

Len grabbed your hand and dragged you to the ship without saying any of his snarky comments.

Uh oh

He was mad with you and not even the eyes of the puppy dog could save you now.

The end? 

(promps still open)

bully - (f)
  • pairs: lee donghyuck x fem reader [shy!bully!haechan]
  • group: nct 127/dream
  • genre: angst, mostly fluff.
  • gif: source - weheartit. creds to the original owner
  • word count: 1,069 

» prompt: your biggest bully wasn’t having it when he saw his best friend befriending you. he didn’t want anyone else to bully you or be nice to you. he made it his job to be your only source of socialization. only, it wasn’t out of hate- but love. he never found a way to express his feelings to you, only now, will he crack and spill his feelings, out of jealously?

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A free to play MMO, with the best stylized environment design for that type of game I’ve ever seen, look at these screenshots:

Not enough people play it. I invite you to give it a try! You can organize your own house the way you want

Have mounts (hoverboards, horses, giant lizards, hamster balls, etc.)

The music is awesome, the colours are wonderful, the aliens have interesting lores, there are pvp options for like.. up to 50 vs 50 people, but my favourite part so far has been simply exploring. Going off the map. You can criss-cross an entire continent

Even the sky is detailed.

Today and tomorrow, 11. and 12. of March, they’re giving away for free max level character slots to people who start playing.

I’d just like for more people to try it out. It’s free to play and I think it’s worth it.

anonymous asked:

hey i was just wondering if you ever announced a winner for your 5k followers giveaway from like a year ago where you were going to mail out that Chicken Little bobblehead you got in a cereal box to a random follower of yours and anyway i really wanted it and it just dawned on me that i never really checked to see who got it


𝕊𝕠𝕞𝕖𝕨𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖 𝕟𝕖𝕒𝕣 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝔸𝕣𝕚𝕫𝕠𝕟𝕒/ℕ𝕖𝕨 𝕄𝕖𝕩𝕚𝕔𝕠 𝕓𝕠𝕣𝕕𝕖𝕣…