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For those of you who write military fics

If you have never been in, or aren’t around people who’ve been in, I would dearly love to give you a few pointers.

Let me preface this: I love it when people write military fics (be they AU or canon-fic). I love the characterizations, the story arcs you create, and the love with which you create the stories.

But I’d like to help you make the actions of military personnel as accurate as possible, so someone who’s actually in doesn’t start to read your fic and roll their eyes at some of the things you unknowingly write.

-First off, you do not salute in civilian clothes. It’s actually unauthorized. There are only two exceptions to this rule: the President is allowed to salute in civvies, and if the national anthem is playing outdoors, combat veterans are now allowed to salute. (That came about in 2010, for accurate reference.)

-Do not salute indoors, unless during a formation (but I doubt people who don’t have intimate knowledge of drill and ceremony would bother writing about a formation, so that point is mostly just thrown in for shits and giggles). 

-The army and air force do not say, “sir, yes sir”. That’s a marine thing (I’m not sure about the navy, since I’m not in the navy, but I’m sure someone else could help out if there’s a question about it).

-Saying “black ops” isn’t really something we do. For the army, you’ve got SF (which is how we refer to special forces–the guys you’re probably thinking about (”green beret” is an old term for them that’s not really used anymore)) and Rangers for the two big special operations forces. SEALS are the navy force, and I apologize, but I don’t know the other branches’ special forces. Again, ask someone who’s served in that branch.

-People don’t usually refer to themselves (or others) by their ranks. Exceptions are usually made if hanging out with people from your unit speaking about a superior, such as “Yeah, LT and I were talking the other day and …”. 

-Sergeants are not referred to as “sarge”. You have no idea how many people got the shit smoked out of them in basic for that error.

-Army goes through Basic Training (or Basic Combat Training now; BCT for short), and marines go through Boot Camp. Yes, there is definitely a difference in terms. Army people tend to refer to their initial training as simply “basic”. I don’t know about marines or other branches.

-Calling someone “Soldier” is really something only done on TV/film. It’s usually mocked by people who are in.

-In the army, it is against regulation to just stick your hands in your pockets. We mockingly call them “Air Force gloves”, though I don’t know if they typically put their hands in their pockets. There is also a big stigma against wearing “snivel gear”: the poly pro cold-weather protection gear worn underneath your uniform.

-The everyday Army uniforms are called ACUs (Army Combat Uniform). They are never called anything else, but especially not fatigues. If you’re going back to 2003 or earlier, the uniform was BDUs, or the Battle Dress Uniform. The tan uniforms worn during the Gulf War and first few years of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF; Afghanistan) were called first chocolate chips (gulf war-era) and then DCUs (Desert Combat Uniform). 

-The dress uniform is called something different depending on what time period you’re going for. Saying “dress uniform” is usually a good bet, because you’ve also got Class A’s, Class B’s, ASUs, Dress Blues, Khakis, etc. 

-Typically when meeting someone else who’s in, the first things you ask are, “What’s your MOS (military occupational specialty–your job)? Where were you stationed?” Giving out rank and deployment backgrounds out of the blue don’t usually happen. 

-Time spent in the military is usually referred to as simply being “in”. “How long were you in for?” is heard way more often than “how long did you serve for?” That question is usually asked by civilians. 

-There are enlisted, and there are officers. Enlisted are those who start out as privates, work their way up through the NCO, or non-commissioned officer ranks: sergeant (called “buck sergeant” in a derogatory term for someone who has been freshly promoted), staff sergeant, sergeant first class, and eventually get to first sergeants and sergeants major after fifteen to thirty years in. Officers also usually start out as privates and specialists, then graduate from college and commission as second lieutenants (the derogatory term is “butter bar” and is usually used in reference to said officer’s lack of experience and knowledge) before working up to first lieutenant, captain, major, lieutenant colonel (”light colonel”), and colonel (”full bird”). The general timeline is making captain (”getting your railroad tracks”) after about 5-8 years for competent officers, and spending 5-10 years as a captain. 

-We do not stand at parade rest unless forced. Ever.

-Or at attention.

-When talking to an NCO, a lower enlisted will stand at parade rest. When talking to an officer, an enlisted will stand at attention.

-The highest ranking NCO is lower ranking than the lowest ranking officer. 

-If you want to throw in some humor, if there is a lower enlisted (E-4 (specialist) or below) joking with an NCO, and the lower enlisted says something, the NCO can snark back with, “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you because you weren’t standing at the position of parade rest.” It’s a dick move usually to call people out for that, but it happens often enough that if you put that in a fic, someone who’s in will likely laugh at that for a few minutes.

-There is a term for a slacker in the army called POG (pronounced “pohg” with a long o). It stands for Personnel Other than Grunt, meaning everyone who’s not infantry. The term has transformed to mean anyone who shirks their duty or is kind of a shitbag and should be kicked out. 

 -There’s also a bit of a stereotype that infantry are made up of dumb guys, because you don’t need a high GT score to get that MOS. Their nomenclature for their MOS is 11B (eleven bravo), which is often referred to as an “eleven bang-bang” when trying to insult them. 

-If someone is making someone else do push-ups, they do not say “drop and give me x number”. They’ll tell them either to push, or tell them to get in the front-leaning rest. The front-leaning rest position is the starting position for the push-up. 

-Usually referring to basic training and AIT (advanced individual training, where you learn your military occupational specialty), you get “smoked” on a regular basis. This refers to PT (physical training), usually in the form of push-ups, flutter kicks, and sprints. It’s not fun. One of the least favorite phrases to hear in basic is, “Platoon, attention! Half-left face! Front leaning rest position, move. In cadence! Exercise!” Because that is the full command for getting people to do push-ups. There is literally no other reason for the half-left face movement. It honestly exists only for push-ups.

-It is awkward as fuck to be told “thank you for your service”. It’s wonderful that people want to show their support, but it is very difficult to respond to that without sounding like a douche.

I know I said a lot about basic training in there, but that’s because I tend to read a lot of fics that are either about basic or about deployments. I can give some pretty firm answers on basic, but everyone’s deployment is different, and I also could be violating a shit-ton of OPSEC (operation security) by telling you guys specific details about deployments. Everything I’ve told you is information you can look up on your own on the internet, but this is a bit more insider’s culture for you to help make your stuff more accurate.

And if you ever find yourself writing a military fic and have questions, by all means, inbox me. I’ve been in for almost nine years and I do have one deployment under my belt, so I can give you accurate army info. I’ve never served in any other branch, though, but I can probably give you a little bit more accurate info than what the movies do if you’ve got general questions.

Also, if you’ve got questions about PTSD, I can help with that. It’s not the cake walk that a good deal of fics portray it as, and it doesn’t always involve nightmares and aversion to touch. It can present as depression, intense anger issues, pulling away from loved ones, driving in the middle of the road, freaking out over pops, bangs, crashes and other unexpected noises, being easily startled by things other than noises, hypervigilance, the inability to sit with one’s back to the room, sudden bouts of anger, depression, tears, silence, or mood swings, among many others.

-Also, please, please, if you’re going to write about someone with a disability, or something that gave them a medical discharge, talk to me about the VA first, unless you’ve got a lot of knowledge about them. Not only am I in, but I’ve also worked professionally for the VA, some of that time in enrollment and eligibility, so I know a lot about disability pensions, who would qualify, what type of benefits they would qualify for, etc. I also know the ways that people can accidentally get screwed over from the VA. (It’s actually one of my long-term professional goals to change some of those things, so I am very passionate and very knowledgeable about it.)

TL;DR: I know shit about the military and the VA. Ask me if you have accuracy questions.

BTS Reaction▾They snap at you but you find it funny

Warnings: Swearing, It’s fluffy asf, I’m talking absolutely no angst (okay maybe just a smidge).


Jin’s face was red as he glared at you with a challenging gaze. You know you’re supposed to be mad and this was no laughing matter but you couldn’t help but burst into a laugh.

You tried to recover by turning around and stifling yourself by covering your mouth in order to not anger him further. It was just the sight of him in his apron and translucent gloves waving his arms wildly as he scolded you for breaking yet another dish of his. It was funny. You know he wasn’t mad but maybe just a little frustrated but that didn’t mean you wanted to laugh.

“Hey! Are you laughing at me?” Jin asked incredulously. You shook your head, still faced away from him and trying hard to swallow your giggles. “You are!” He scoffed. “How are you going to laugh when I’m mad? Is it because of my apron? Is my disregard for gender conformity funny to you? Huh?” Now he was just being ridiculous. The mood had successfully lightened so you risked turning around with an amused smirk on your face.

“It’s actually your flailing arms that got me.” You managed to get out without bursting into giggles at the memory of it.

He still tried to keep up his facade but you knew he was melting. He tried glaring at you but that proved to be hard as your smile was bright and he found himself melting into one as well. “Yah, (Y/N)… You’re really going to be the death of me.”

You shrugged as you walked up to him and swung your arms around him before leaning to kiss him. “I’m really sorry for breaking your stuff. I’ll clean it up an get you a new one. Is that okay?”

He softly smiled and shook his head. “Forget it. I don’t care as long as you didn’t hurt yourself. I can replace a measly dish. Let’s just clean it up together and then you can go sit in the living room away from fragile shit in my kitchen.”

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“Obviously you don’t know anything about music.” You stated as you looked back at the TV. Yoongi scoffed and stared at you with his head tilted. He didn’t know if you were teasing him anymore with how stoic your face was. You looked serious.

I don’t? What are you talking about? You said your favorite song of our’s was A Typical Trainee Christmas! And you said Namjoon sings better than me!”

“He does. And what wrong with liking that song? It’s a lyrical genius.” You looked back at him with a straight face.

“And you’re telling me I don’t know anything about music?” You can’t believe how riled up he’s getting. It really surprised as your lips let a small laugh slip through. You tried to cover it up with a cough but Yoongi definitely caught it. ANd you realized that before you laughed and pinched his cheeks.

“You’re adorable.”

He groaned loud before swatting your hand away in slight annoyance. “Why did you get me mad like that? Stop teasing me.” He pouted.

“But you’re so cute like that. I can’t believe you fell for it.”

“I was okay until I saw how serious you looked! Where did you learn how to act like that?” You only shrugged before he let out a sigh. “Can we just go back to watching the show?” He asked but you knew you had no choice in it as he threw his arm around you and pulled you into his side, almost crushing you. “Why do you have to rile me up like that?” He whispered, not expecting an answer as he tightened his arm around you.

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“Can you stop humming that song!” He suddenly snapped. Your voice immediately cut short and you looked at him with wide eyes. You were surprised at his sudden outburst because he gave you no indication that he was mad about it the entire time you were sat beside him scrolling through social media. He even had headphones on.

“Was that annoying? I’m sorry.” You didn’t want to anger him. SOmething must be really irking him if he was this mad.

“Yeah, it was! I’m trying to focus on this stupid song but your humming is getting in the way. I thought maybe coming home would be better staying in the dorms because of all the noise there I didn’t realize it would be the same here as well.” Now he was just overreacting. You knew your humming wasn’t even that loud. If he was working on a song, he shouldn’t even be able to hear you. That realization caused you to burst into a small giggle.

“Hobi, you can’t hear me through your headphones. You shouldn’t be able to.” His face dropped as you called him out. No, something else was bothering him. “Tell me why you’re actually irritated. Maybe a pair of listening ears will alleviate the stress? Hmm? Quit working for a bit and let’s just kick back okay?” You smiled sweetly before he slumped his shoulder in defeat and sighed.

“You’re right. Sorry about that. Let’s just order some takeout and talk. I’ve had a rough day.” You only nodded and caressed his cheek before placing a kiss on his forehead.

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He was in the middle of scolding you while driving you back home from a party. You had gone ahead and gotten wasted drunk and if it were any other occasion, Namjoon would’ve been fine, but this was in front of his friends. He didn’t like that too much. Though sometimes, his sentences would trail on as he tried to keep a stern face.Then it dawned on you the reason for his distraction.

You couldn’t hold it in. You tried but as soon as you realized how utterly distracted he had gotten once his eyes landed on you, you couldn’t hold the laugh in.

You drunkenly let out a giggle to which he immediately stopped his ranting. “Are you… Laughing?”

“Ye-yes.” you blabbered as your small giggles rose into a full-blown laughing fit. Namjoon glanced at you a little worriedly as you were too busy trying to stifle yourself. You don’t even know why you were laughing this much. It wasn’t even that funny. You managed to minimize your loud guffaws to small breathless chuckles. “I can see you staring at my boobs ‘Joon.” You said bluntly after finally gathering your bearings.

“Oh…“ His cheeks erupted into a rosy color and he sputtered trying to explain himself. “I- It’s just- You don’t usually wear something like this.”

“Why so shy? I’m yours to look at right? I mean, you can do more than just look.” Your voice dropped an octave in an attempt to be sultry.

He froze a little at your boldness but recovered quickly as he realized you would regret all of this tomorrow. He chuckled himself and shook his head. “You’re drunk. Go to sleep and let’s see what you think in the morning after we recount tonight’s events.”

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“We need more meat. Jin stole like, half of our stash yesterday. OH! And we also need some flour! I was thinking of baking a cake just to try it out.” You rapped on about the many things on your grocery list and you know you were talking more than necessary, but you didn’t expect Jimin to snap. Especially in the middle of the cleaning supplies aisle at the grocery store.

“I get it! We need a lot of things! Can you just not talk anymore?” He scared you a little by speaking up so suddenly. “My head’s been pounding all morning and you giving everything on the grocery list a story isn’t helping.”

“Oh, you startled me!” You let out a light laugh and placed a hand on your chest. “I’m sorry for talking so much but don’t do that again.” You shook your head and giggled at how easily you get shaken, and that caused Jimin to feel bad instantly. How were you so understanding even when he basically yelled at you? “Tell you what. Why don’t we ditch the list and just get some junk food before heading home? We don’t even have to talk at all.”

Jimin sighed and nodded as he pinched the bridge of his nose in relief. “Please. And I’m sorry for snapping at you like that.”

You only smiled and grabbed his hand while leading him to the candy aisle. “Hey! Someone has to shut me up.”

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“I can’t go! Why don’t you understand?” He stopped your insistent rant. You were a little surprised at his sudden rise in volume. You were only suggesting a mere trip to the doctor’ at a suspected cold.

The room was silent as he stared at you in a mix of irritation and fear. The silence was broken by your humored scoff. “Are you scared?” You asked in disbelief. “It’s just the doctor’s!”

“Just the doctor?” His eyes wide as if that was the most heinous thing you’ve ever said. “Have you seen any sci-fi films these days? They’re going to put me under and take out my nonessential organs to sell on the black market!” He’s letting his mind run wild now. “Will you still love me if I only have one kidney? I don’t wanna end up alone just because I might have a cold.”

You scanned his face for a hint of jest and caught it immediately due to a mischevious glint in his eye. “I would stay even if they took away one of your limbs.” You played along as you replied dramatically. “Like it or not, you’re stuck with me.”

“Really?” He perked up. “Alright then. Let’s go. But you can’t back out okay? Stay with me.” He urged.

“As long as you want me to.” You promised.

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“I get it! Jin hyung’s amazing! Shut u about him already.” Jungkook interjected your amazed rant about his older group member. You had just met him for the first time and it’s pretty apparent he had impressed you with his cooking skills and more than questionable humor.

“I was just- talking about him. He’s a cool guy.” You explained.

“He sucks is what he is.” He grumbled in spite, not meaning for you to hear it. That’s when it clicked. He’s jealous.

Your sudden realization of the fact caused you to start laughing. No matter how old he got, he always resorted to childlike tactics when jealous. He looked at you grumpily and disapprovingly because of you making fun of his jealousy. “Jungkook! That’s your hyung! Don’t be rude.”

“He tried flirting with you first!”

You chuckled lightly before kissing him on the nose. “You’re so adorable when you’re jealous.” You remarked simply as you snuggled closer to him and placed another kiss on his neck. “Don’t worry. I only love you. No amount of dad jokes and food in the world could stop me from doing so.”

His jealousy immediately faded away and he melted into your embrace. “I love you too.” He whispered and his heart fluttered and his face scrunched up in happiness. Maybe his jealousy got out of hand sometimes but you always turned it around and made something good come out of it.

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A/N: Forgive me for this. I’m really not too proud of it and I know that it’s a different style from a lot of my reactions/scenarios but I hope it’s not too bad??  🤞 🤞

Can you feel the love tonight?

With Valentine’s Day next week, I decided some romance-inspired prompts would be fitting. No villains in this one - I am shocked at myself. Happy writing hopefully! <3

1) “Ugh, I wish friends could go on Valentine’s Day dates. They always have the best prosecco and cake deals - look at that, it’s so cute! And they give you candles.” 

“…do you want to go on a Valentine’s Day date with me?” 

2)  The ritual was supposed to summon my soulmate to me. I didn’t expect you. 

3)  “Bastard’s trying to prove he can out-romance me by giving me the best Valentine’s Day ever.”
“Why is everything always a competition with you two?”
“Competition implies he gets to win. Can you help me pick out a wedding ring?”

4) A flight, two trains and a taxi later, she stood outside her girlfriend’s home. The door had barely opened before she found herself flat on her back in a flurry of bags and excited limbs, being kissed senseless in the sunshine.

5) There were candles everywhere. 
“Are you having a date or a bloody seance?” 
“Long distance relationships are hard.” 

6) The touches started lightly, a whisper of fingers across the curve of a spine, the promise of lips against a throat, the flutter of hands at hips. You were entirely mine. 

7) “I am so sick of being in love with you.” 

8) “What is this?” The servant’s voice had gone hoarse, looking at the spread of food, the clean room, the…gift. Their heart pounded. 
“I know I don’t often act like I…appreciate everything you do for me.” The prince looked devastatingly earnest, one hand warm on his servant’s arm. 
“You called me as useless as wet paper yesterday.” 
“And I stand by that opinion,” a smirk tugged at the prince’s lips. His hand squeezed. “But you’re occasionally tolerable. So.” He nudged the servant closer to the table. 

9) “Oh god, you must be freezing.” She was yanked closer, hands rubbing her arms. 
“It’s - it’s fine.” 
“Here, take my coat.” 
“I couldn’t-”
The coat was blissfully warm, delightfully soft, and she melted. And realized exactly how close the two of them were now standing. 

10) “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.” 
“No pressure there, then.” But it was hopelessly fond.

I'll Be Waiting // Jung Jaehyun


the prompt: how about a neighbourau! For jaehyun in which one of u just moves in? ☺️☺️☺️ I’ve daydreamed this scenario so much!

words: 1329

category: fluff

author note: i suppose this lil fluff is to make up for the angst i dumped upon you guys. also, to who requested this, i wasn’t sure what you wanted, but i hope you like this!

- destinee

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Pre-Klance (or is it?)- First Impressions

Here’s a headcanon I’ve been really keen to post for a while. Why? Coz the amazing @edelwary has gifted me with fantastic fanart for it! 

This headcanon came about as I was just thinking about Voltron, as I usually do (far FAR too often), and I was once again considering just how Lance and Keith interacted (if ever). I have had many ideas about this in the past, but I suddenly thought of another, and the following is the result.

Apologies for any mistakes (I literally found three before I posted this)!

Before the cadets were put into certain courses, all of them must have trained for at least several months. Lance was just above average, since although he WAS a good pilot for the majority of the time, his streak of crashing brought down his grade a lot. His teachers had tried to advise him on how to improve, but it was just too technical for Lance to truly understand what he should be changing, whilst they couldn’t afford to allow Lance to monopolise their attention.

At this point, Lance had started to worry about his assignment. No matter how hard he tried, it never seemed to make a difference. He just couldn’t see what was going wrong.

One day, his class’ instructor was on sick leave, so the Garrison decided to merge two classes for the day, thinking that the change might actually be beneficial for the trainees as they could watch others’ mistakes and successes. When Lance discovered it was Keith’s class, he felt equally optimistic. Boy, was he mistaken!

Despite being in completely separate classes, Lance had heard of Keith. Of course he had, he was the shining prodigy of the Garrison. Lance had even managed to occasionally see Keith, though always at a distance, yet his aura had always felt so serious and unapproachable. Lance shook the thought from his head as he caught the end of the instructor’s usual lecture in flying procedures.

Lance had felt an odd mixture of dread and gratitude when it was announced that they would be doing flight simulations. Now was his chance to watch Keith first-hand. He didn’t have to wait long, as after a few mediocre performances from his classmates, the instructor called for Keith to show them what they should be “aiming towards”.

Lance had expected him to be good, but he had also expected the rumours about him to be exaggerated slightly, as rumours often were. They weren’t. Lance wasn’t sure if the praise did him justice. He handled the simulator as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Keith piloted as if the ship was a part of himself, effortlessly pulling off quick, smooth manoeuvres, barely batting an eye at the readings his craft relayed to him. In fact, he barely glanced down at the controls at all, obviously having memorised the entire layout of the simulator. Instead his gaze remained almost entirely locked on the view in front of the ship, eyes darting quickly as he assessed possible dangers. Lance realised with a shock that Keith had to be working out all of the distances in his head since he seemed to barely peek at his sensors.

A gentle elbow in his side caught his attention and he tore his gaze from the monitor to find Hunk, a classmate whom he’d bonded with quickly over the year, attempting to hide a smile.

“You might wanna close your mouth, Lance.” Feeling his cheeks burn, Lance snapped his mouth shut, turning away with absolutely no trace of a pout on his face. None.

The sound of the simulator door opening drew his attention and he watched as Keith waltzed out as if he hadn’t, no doubt, outperformed some of their seniors. Whilst the next cadet was called up, Lance sidled up to Keith, clearing his throat a couple of times to get his attention.

“Can I…help you?”

“Yeah, if you don’t mind, could you watch my flight and give me some feedback?”

“Um, I don’t know if I can say anything to hel-“

“No, don’t worry! You obviously know your stuff, so this will be a piece of cake!” Lance didn’t notice Keith’s concerned look, nor the uncertain scowl that came across his face as Lance returned to Hunk.

Keith was in an odd position. He’d never been asked to assess someone’s flying before, and was wondering how to go about it when the cadet in question was called up. Before he headed inside the simulator, he turned his head to send Keith a smile. Why had he asked Keith? He was aware that he was top of their year, but he had no experience in advising others, nevermind critiquing them. Yet Keith did watch. He paid more attention than he normally did when he observed his classmates.

At first, Keith was a little confused. The cadet was obviously a competent trainee pilot. His reaction times were good, the time he took to read his sensors and equipment was actually quite a bit less than others in their year. Even his manoeuvring was pretty good, only a couple of close calls and small adjustments needed from time to time. His flying was certainly not textbook, but Keith didn’t think this was much of a problem, seeing as it still produced the same results. Then the last part of the simulation started.

The Garrison put a lot of effort into making sure their simulations weren’t monotonous or predictable. After all, how could cadets improve if they were only learning to fly one course? Until a few years back, the simulation had been changed for every class, but due to Matt Holt’s work on the system, the simulation was now comprised of randomised components of flight courses, which would change for every simulation. Now the cadets that flew last had no advantage from watching their peers’ performances.

Personally, Keith thought that the course was pretty decent this time, that maybe there would be nothing to critique as the course wouldn’t challenge him enough. Apparently it was challenging enough for the cadet, “Lance” the display read, and honestly Keith was lost as to why. Upon starting the final stage, Lance’s control had suddenly become jerky, and Keith watched as Lance focused solely on the screen, not glancing down at all as he had been during the rest of the flight. The most likely reason was so that Lance could judge the distances and dimensions himself, yet his gaze would only focus on the obstacle he was immediately facing. With each obstacle, the time in which he had to react to the next hazard diminished steadily, until at last, the inevitable happened.

Lance clipped a wing on an outcrop, sending his craft in a vicious downward spiral. Keith winced as he watched the short descent. He had only been a few hundred metres in the air. He had been so close.

Keith went over the flight in his head as Lance trudged out of the simulator. Keith hadn’t seen a crash in a long time. Everyone had managed to learn to avoid full collisions after half a year of training. He watched Lance’s shoulders rise up to his ears as he slumped under the assault of the instructor’s criticism. He noted that they didn’t even mention his commendable flying up until the descent. They seemed too distracted by the crash and the awkward movements to mention anything else.

When, with a long-suffering sigh, the instructor dismissed him, Lance nodded politely before quickly merging with the crowd of students. Keith’s attention left the simulator as the next cadet stepped up. What advice could he give Lance? Keith knew what he’d have done differently whilst Lance had been flying; turn slightly sharper in places, decelerate more before doing certain moves. However, when it came down to what Lance had struggled with, the descent for landing, Keith was lost. He had no idea what was running through Lance’s head as he had gradually lost control. Was it panic? Overconfidence? Keith just didn’t know.

Thankfully, Lance didn’t approach him during the rest of the training, giving Keith more time to think over what to say. However, when they were dismissed, he was no closer to an answer than before. Maybe Lance had forgotten. Maybe Keith could get away without embarrassing himself with his inability to help. He knew he should’ve argued more against it.

To Keith’s dismay, as he left the room his gaze found Lance’s as he leant against the wall. His smile was not as bright as it had been earlier, though, given his scolding, that was understandable.

“So,” Lance started, “what do you think?” Keith wished he knew, he really did.

“What happened?” Keith watched as Lance’s brows drew together at his confused tone. Keith hadn’t expected to say it, but honestly, he didn’t know what else he /could/ say. How was he supposed to give advice, when he didn’t understand what went wrong.

“W-What do you mean “what happened”?! Weren’t you watching?”

“Of course I did. I just don’t get why your flying got so bad at the end.” Lance’s eye twitched at Keith’s words.

“If I knew why, I wouldn’t be asking for your help!” Lance retorted before taking a breath. “Look, if you don’t want to help, just say so.”

“It’s not that-“

“Then what is it? Could you see what I’m doing wrong.”

“Well, yes, but-“

“So why won’t you tell me how to fix it?”

“It’s not that simple! Like I was saying, I can see what you’re doing wrong, but I don’t know /why/! You started off so well, but suddenly-”

“-What do you mean I “started off well”? Didn’t you hear the instructor?! They said that I couldn’t fly like that!” What? It had looked fine to Keith. Then Keith remembered his thought on how the style of flying was a bit unorthodox. Were the Garrison that strict? Well, when he considered their drills, he mentally scolded himself for ever wondering. Of course they were.

How could he help, then, if the part which he had thought to be good wasn’t right?! Keith had always flown as was taught. After a few months, the movements had become instinctual and now he barely had to think to perform most manoeuvres. He tried to recall how it felt in those first few months, yet he could think of only one way in which he had improved.

“Practice.” He started as he realised he’d spoken out loud again. A jaded laugh brought his attention to Lance’s face. The twisted grimace on his face sent a pain through Keith’s chest, and then Lance was walking away, long legs quickly carrying him down the corridor. “Where are you going?!”

“I’m sorry for wasting your time!” Lance’s tone was devoid of its previous friendliness. What? “Obviously I just haven’t been trying hard enough if practice is all I need to get better,” Lance turned his head, not enough to make eye contact, but enough for Keith to watch his mouth as he continued. “Thanks, Kogane.”

“Listen to the teachers! They know how to help you!” Better than Keith did, anyhow. Again, another laugh sounded as Lance approached the corner.

“Another novel idea! Why did I never think of this myself?!” Then he was gone.

Keith stood there for a few more moments, his surprise and frustration with Lance shocking him into freezing. Then he turned and stalked off to his quarters, feeling bizarrely exhausted despite having done nothing strenuous. Why wouldn’t Lance just /listen/ to him?! He was just trying to help. He had warned him he didn’t know how.

Keith shook his head. At this rate, he’d never be able to rest. He firmly shoved all thoughts of Lance and his flying to the back of his mind. He had other things to worry about than a cadet he had only just met. As Keith found out over the following months, this was easier said than done.

At first, Keith thought he was doing a good job of forgetting his encounter with Lance, except, every time he thought as such, he’d groan as his thoughts circled back to him. Occasionally, he swore he heard his classmates mention Lance, which wouldn’t surprise him as crashes had been so rare since the aspiring engineers and technicians had stopped their pilot training.

There was nothing wrong with Keith thinking about Lance. Nothing, but he still wished he could stop. Eventually, through stubborn determination, Keith managed to put the encounter out of his mind, and his life carried on in the Garrison as it had before.

However, when his instructors started commenting on a change in his flying, Keith became concerned. They assured him it was fine, that is was a sign of his natural affinity for flying. Yet, when he watched his simulation back, the style of his flying was noticeably different, yet strangely familiar. He knew that flying, and yet it wasn’t his style. He had never attempted something so different from what he was taught. Turns out that the Garrison really didn’t know best. Still, Keith felt restless with the knowledge that he had /seen/ that pattern of flight before, but he was unable to recall to whom it belonged.

He started watching his classmates, and yet none showed any signs of the new style he’d adopted, but if it hadn’t been anyone in his class… Keith’s eyes widened as the memory of the joint training came back. He struggled to recall the cadet, but his features remained stubbornly blurry in Keith’s mind. Damn his bad memory!

As he was walking, he heard a commotion ahead and he looked to discover a crowd gathered around the notice board. Someone near the back took pity on Keith and explained that the results for the pilot assignments were announced that day. Keith turned to walk away, having been informed of his new fighter pilot status by his instructor that day, when he stopped. Striding back he struggled to the front, ignoring the complaints as he squeezed through. He traced his eyes over the list of fighter pilot names. Although he didn’t know the name he was looking for, he was certain he’d be able to recognise it.

Just as he was giving up hope, someone shoved him from behind. He fell against the board, catching himself on his arms and was just about to glare at whoever had pushed him, when his gaze locked onto a name beside him. Lance McClain. He straightened up and looked to find that it was on the list of cargo pilots. He grimaced in sympathy as his memory of Lance’s desire to improve came back. He wished he could’ve helped somehow.

Now that his irritation had worn off, he only felt annoyed with his incompetency. He should’ve tried to word his thoughts better, but…maybe…. If he could help Lance now, he might stand a chance of moving up to fighter class training. Maybe then Lance wouldn’t have to face him with such a cold attitude. Thus, whenever he had a few hours to spare, Keith would go to the records room to request to watch the footage of Lance’s simulations. He was eternally grateful for the officer not asking him any questions about his odd choice of footage.

At first, it seemed like Keith might be wasting his time, as he continued to puzzle over Lance’s odd behaviour. Then, slowly, it started to come together. He originally had thought it might have to do with Lance’s perception of the depths shown in the display, because no matter how brilliant the simulation was, it still didn’t feel quite real. After all, they were trying to create an illusion of distance on a flat monitor.

Then, as he noticed the timing of Lance’s reactions, he realised that was not the case. Instead he finally thought he recognised the problem. Now he just wanted to know for certain, so he held back from approaching Lance until he watched more footage.

In the end, however, Keith never went to him. For a week later, the Garrison officially declared the failure of the Kerberos mission, and Lance was swept from his mind under the maelstrom of emotions the news churned up. In the end, he couldn’t cope.

Keith started rebelling, since the Garrison /had/ to be lying. There was no way Shiro would just disappear from Keith’s life like that. Despite his constant demands to see evidence that the passengers were no longer out there, they had refused to release any further information. So Keith had to make them admit the truth. Except, in his volatile state, Keith failed to recognise the consequences his actions would have. He paid for his lack of insight with his place in the Garrison.

It didn’t matter. He didn’t want anything more to do with the Garrison. He completely forgot about the cadet he had wanted to help. The cadet whom he had believed had potential to be a great pilot. He forgot until, almost two years later, someone barged in on his rescue mission.

He held back his exclamation of “Lance!”, realising that he had no idea that Keith had actually paid him any attention after their first, and only, encounter. Instead he played dumb, only acknowledging his cargo pilot status. He felt awful for forgetting about Lance, especially after finally working out how to help solve his problem. However, as Lance corrected Keith, informing him that he was in fact a fighter pilot because of Keith’s expulsion, he found himself sagging slightly in relief. At least he had still been able to make it. Obviously Lance /had/ trained hard over the past two years to become good enough for him to be the pilot to move up in class.

“So, wait a sec. You’ve remembered our first meeting this whole time?! Why did you never say?! I just thought you’d forgotten about that day.” Keith cleared his throat, feeling extremely awkward after the confession.

“I didn’t think we got off to a good start, so I was hoping that by acting ignorant we would be able to start over.”

“Only for me to hold a grudge… I mean I /would/ apologise, except you hadn’t really given me a reason to believe you had actually cared about me. Ah! Not /cared/, just… at least regret what you’d said,” Lance quickly muttered.

“Yeah, sorry about that, but I really wasn’t used to social interactions,” Keith admitted with a quiet laugh.

“No kidding!” Lance’s smirk forced the corner of Keith’s annoyed pout to twitch upwards. Damn his infectious smiles. “Hey, wait! You mentioned that you actually worked out why I kept crashing. What was it? You never said.”

“Oh, you just couldn’t visualise the craft.” At Lance’s blank look, Keith rushed to elaborate. “I noticed that you wouldn’t rely on your equipment to figure out distances, instead relying on your sight. Then I realised that most of the crashes were caused by you clipping one or more of the wings. I wondered whether, despite the fact we learnt the dimensions of the craft the simulator was imitating, you didn’t actually realise how big it was. For example, if I said to point out the length of twelve metres along that wall, would you be able to do it?” Slowly Lance shook his head, and his eyes widened as he started to catch on what Keith was saying.

“So, what you’re saying is…”

“Because you had never /seen/ how big the craft was, you couldn’t actually work out how much space it would need inside the simulation.”

“I can’t believe it was something so simple. Well, I suppose it doesn’t matter now that we’re flying for real! Which reminds me…” The glint in Lance’s eyes felt incredibly foreboding. “I’m never gonna let you forget that I was a better pilot than you!”

“…what? You barely ever got through a simulation without crashing!”

“But, like you said, that wasn’t because I didn’t have skills. No, you definitely admitted that when you copied my flying, the instructor complimented your technique, or rather /my/ technique! They thought /my/ technique was better! Oh, this is just great!”

“Wait a second! I never said I copied you! I just adapted my own sty-“

“Nope! You cannot deny it! I am the better pilot!”

“Oh? Wanna bet?” The two had now stood up, Keith’s arms crossed over his chest whilst Lance leaned into his space, his hands resting on his hips.

From the other side of the room, the green and yellow paladins watched with varying degrees of exasperation.

“Weren’t they supposed to be bonding?” Pidge asked as she looked up at Hunk.

“What do you mean? This /is/ how they bond.” Pidge opened her mouth to state just how bizarre that sounded when she stopped to think for a second. She sighed as she realised the truth behind Hunk’s words.

“I’m not sure if they can ever have a conversation without it ended up with them arguing.” Hunk nodded solemnly in agreement, and with one last look at the two who had begun to arm wrestle, for whatever reason, as they argued on, the two of them left the red and blue paladins to their antics.


Aaaaaand there you go! I hope you enjoyed it! Please check out @edelwary‘s art (for this headcanon, and just their art in general) because I really love it and think more people should get to see their work!

If you’d like to read more of my headcanons, please check out my headcanon masterpost!

happy birthday, daniel!

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prompt: it’s daniel’s birthday but he’s nowhere to be found.

note: happy birthday to the sun of my life, the moon of my night, and the star of my heart! daniel has made this year worthwhile for me and i’m just so thankful to be the fan of such an amazing individual. as you all know, this blog’s url is deepdickdaniel, and i was actually planning on making it a daniel only scenario blog. that may be why half of my works are about him…alas, it grew to be for all of wanna one, but we all know where my heart truly is: with kang daniel. ❤️

Daniel woke up on the morning of December 10th feeling more alive than he had in a while. Not only did he have the day off from his busy schedule, but he couldn’t wait to see what you and the rest of the day had in store for him.

After he got ready, he picked up his phone to call and ask where you were. But before he could press your contact info, a picture of your mom and him together flashed on his screen, signaling that she was calling him. He blushed a bit at her contact name (mom-in-law) before picking up,


“Happy birthday, Daniel!” Your mom croaked out into the phone, coughing loudly as she spoke the last syllable of his name, “Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished in your life so far! You’ve grown up to be such a—” she coughed again, “—handsome young man! I’m so lucky to have you as my son-in-law!”

He blushed as your mother continued to praise him - he had been dating you for less than two years, but she declared him her son-in-law after the first three months. He smiled fondly at the memory of what she told him that day, “If you were able to tolerate my child for three whole months, you’re stuck for life.”

However, Daniel was shaken out of his memories by more of your mother’s coughing blasting through the phone, “Wait, are you okay? Are you sick?”

“Ah, just a slight cold. Don’t tell my kid. I don’t want to go deaf, too!” Your mom laughed, every giggle a little raspier than the last as her throat became more sore. He continued to talk to her for a little bit before she decided that he should go out and have fun on his birthday.

After hanging up, Daniel put on his shoes and ran out the door towards your parents’ house. As if he’d actually listen to your mom after that call.

You had been looking for your boyfriend for almost two hours, driving his mom and cats around since you picked them up from the train station for his birthday surprise. He wasn’t picking up calls from either of you and it was already noon.

After checking his dorm, practice rooms, and even the studio, you were still unable to locate him. Rooney and Peter were getting antsy in their carriers at the backseat of your car, even as Daniel’s mother tried to calm them down with her voice. You sighed as you continued to call through your list of his friends, Wanna One members, and other people the two of you knew in common.

Where could the birthday boy have gone?

Suddenly, your phone rang as you were driving. His mom happily exclaimed, “It’s Daniel!” and you pressed the answer button on your steering wheel’s bluetooth connection. But instead of your beloved boyfriend’s voice seeping through your car’s speakers, it was that of your own mother.

“Hi honey!”

“…Mom? Why are you calling from Daniel’s phone?”

“Ah, the poor thing is at my house! He heard that I was sick when I called him this morning and he hasn’t left me alone since! I kept hearing his phone ring, but he’s making me tea right now so he hasn’t been able to answer it. You really got a good one!” Your mom continued to laugh through the soreness of her throat as you simply shook your head at the road in disbelief,

“Wait, you’re sick??? Should I bring anything?”

“No need! He already brought a care package when he came here. All you need to bring is yourself!”

You shared a sneaky smile with Daniel’s mom, “Oh, I’ll be bringing more than just myself.”

When you arrived at your childhood home, you parked in the driveway. You took out your keys and motioned for Daniel’s mom to keep quiet and stay outside as you unlocked your parents’ front door.

Daniel’s mom smiled excitedly as she carried Rooney and Peter in their carriers, waiting from behind a hiding spot. You opened the door, closed it, and called out for your mom, feigning ignorance of Daniel’s presence, “Mom? Are you feeling better?”

You heard a gasp and a quiet curse from the kitchen, followed by mutters of a “I can’t believe I forgot to send a text!” over and over again, then you heard your mom giggle. You saw Daniel rush from around a corner to greet you,

“Babe! What a surprise!”

“Uhh, hi? Why are you here?” 

“Ahh, your mom called to tell me ‘happy birthday’ but I heard that she was sick so I decided to come and take care of her…” he paused, biting his lip and smiling at you apologetically, “I’m sorry, I know that you were supposed to surprise me today with birthday plans but I just forgot to text you and—”

“It’s your birthday?!” You squeaked out, trying not to laugh as you watched his face go from apologetic to shocked. You held your giggles in for a solid three seconds before you couldn’t resist his pouty face anymore,

“I’m kidding! How could I forget the love of my life’s birthday?” 

He smiled bashfully as you pulled him in for a soft kiss, letting go of your face only to bring you in for a warm hug, “You scared me, kid. I thought you really forgot for a second.” He continued to bask in your warmth, nuzzling his nose into your neck as you laughed at his cuteness.


You guys pulled away to see your mother with her hair in its bird’s nest glory, giving you guys a knowing smile, “Okay, okay. Let me see my kid.” She teased Daniel, referencing his affectionate nickname for you while petting your head, “I don’t want to get too close. You might get sick and then you guys won’t be able to kiss!”

“Mom, please…!”

“I’m kidding! Now, what’s your surprise for Daniel?”

You gasped, suddenly remembering that you left Mama Kang outside. You told Daniel to follow you to the front door and he did, your own mother trailing behind him. 

You grinned happily at him as he stared at the still-closed door, “You ready?”


“1…2…3!” And at the last number, you swung the door open to reveal Daniel’s mom. She was holding Rooney and Peter in her arms, their carriers somewhere on the ground. Daniel started to hop excitedly at the sight of three of the most important beings in his life,

“Oh my God!” he exclaimed, scooping up Rooney in one hand and hugging his mother and Peter in the other, “You’re all here! This is so perfect!”

You closed the door as Daniel waddled with his precious ladies in his arms towards the dining room, refusing to let go of them even for a second. You and your mom exchanged laughter at the sight, and you were simply ecstatic to be able to make him this happy.

When you entered the dining room, you were amazed to see a bouquet of flowers in a vase, three containers of soup, and a bunch of cold medicine laid out on the table, “Whoa, Daniel, what’s this?”

Said boy finally let go of his favorite gals, letting Rooney and Peter hop onto the floor and explore your house, “Ah…I just wanted to take care of your mom for a bit…” He smiled sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. His own mother smiled in pride as she rubbed his head,

“My son is really the best!”

Your mom nodded her head in agreement then she rushed to give Mama Kang an air hug, “I haven’t seen you in forever!!! I’m happy I got sick, because that led you here instead!” 

“Don’t say that! But I’m happy to be here, too! Now you can help me cook!”

The two moms wanted to cook a relatively large feast, and luckily you and Mama Kang had stopped by a grocery store earlier to pick up ingredients. After rushing out to your car to get them and the cake, the three of you quickly made the best meal possible.

Daniel watched the three of you from the dining table, as happy as ever, simply cuddling Rooney and Peter on his lap. He played with them happily, even falling to the floor so that they’d have room to jump on him and walk across his body.

Every once in a while, whenever the moms would start talking within their own little world, you would watch your boyfriend just relax and have fun. You were so happy that you could bring the smallest amount of joy into his life, even if it was just for today. Despite knowing that he’d have to return to his busy schedule within the next few days, you knew that today would give him enough motivation to last a year.

When the food was finally ready, the three of you chefs placed it on the dining table. Daniel ran hysterically to the seat next to you, kissing your cheek before sitting down. 

“Awww!” Your moms chorused, looking like they were tearing up at the sight of such sweetness. 

“Ah,” your mom began, “I really can’t wait until Daniel’s officially my son-in-law! You truly raised a wonderful child.”

“Don’t act so humble! Your kid is equally as amazing.”

Daniel and you laughed and quietly started to eat as the two mothers argued over which child-in-law was better. Eventually, the “argument” ended and the four of you were sharing funny stories, especially about childhood.

“Did you know that Daniel brought home Rooney practically crying because he felt so bad for her?!”

Daniel blushed and hid his face in his hands as his mom started to expose him. While you were laughing, your own mother decided that you couldn’t lose this embarrassing battle,

“Well, did your kid trip over a shoelace and fall facedown on the street? I know mine did!”


When dinner finished, you made Daniel close his eyes. You then took a birthday cake seemingly out of nowhere, placing it in front of him on the dining table, “Okay, now open them!”

When he did, he saw a vanilla cake decorated with little gummy candies in the shape of cute cats. The candle was shaped like the Wanna One lightstick, and the cake read, “Happy birthday, Daniel!”

Daniel clapped along happily as you sung the happy birthday song to him, even taking Peter’s paws into his hands and making her clap along, too. He made a wish, smiling his bunny smile while doing so, and then blew out the candle. 

After eating the cake, he got up and hugged his mom, kissing both her cheeks, whispering words of gratitude for making the journey from Busan for his birthday, and thanking her for giving birth to and raising him. Then, he hugged your mom despite her protests that he’d get sick, and thanked her for accepting him like her own son.

Finally, he came back to pick you up from your seat and spin you around. After a few giggles and twirls, he set you back down on the floor and stabilized you by the waist since you were dizzy. He kissed you sweetly and pulled away to hug you tightly, whispering into your ear, “Thank you for making this the best birthday ever. All of my favorite people in the same room for such a relaxing day made me the happiest person alive.”

You could hear your moms awww-ing in the background before they pushed the two of you out of the dining room, insisting that they’d clean up and give you alone time.

You and Daniel smiled at each other and escaped into the living room, allowing your moms to reconnect and bond as well. He brought you to the bigger couch, the smaller one occupied by a large fluffy blanket that you didn’t recognize.

“Wait, did you get her that blanket too?”

“Hmm?” he mumbled as he cuddled his head into your lap, and you pointed at the other couch, “Oh. Yeah, I thought she could use another fluffy blanket.” 

You couldn’t believe how cute he was. You bent down to kiss his nose, causing him to open his eyes and look up at you, “What is it?” You shook your head and moved your next kiss to his lips instead,

“Nothing. I’m just so thankful to have you in my life. Happy birthday, Daniel. Thank you for being the most wonderful blessing that I’ve ever received. I fall in love with you more with every passing day, and I don’t know how I got this lucky.”

You muttered these words as you hung your face above his. At that angle, you could also watch as Daniel’s mouth bloomed into the most beautiful grin and how his eyes lit up lovingly as he shook his head, “I’m the lucky one. You’ve given me the best birthday with the best company. I love you.”

And with those words, he leaned up and stole yet another birthday kiss.

Happy Birthday, Buck (Barnes/Rogers x reader)

Just a little something I cooked up for our favorite assassin’s 100th.

You didn’t really know much about Bucky Barnes, other than the few details that Steve had given you over the years since you had befriended him after joining the Avengers; you knew that they were best friends when they were younger and you knew about Bucky’s fall, but beyond that, the Captain was pretty tight-lipped.  There were a few moments here and there when certain dates that were significant would pass and Steve would feel particularly emotional, sharing just a bit more in his weakness, or sparks of insight flashed in his eyes when a news report would catch his attention, only to see him grow despondent when it gave him nothing to go on in his search.  When the day came that he found his friend again, it wasn’t exactly a joyous time, with the team fracturing under its own strain, fully broken by the weight of Steve’s unwavering commitment to his fugitive friend.

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surprise! this is a part two of my imagine peter? :) hope you enjoy!


“Hey, May,” you smiled, walking into the apartment after hugging her. It had been four months of you and Peter getting to know each other. Peter was scared – terrified – when he walked up to you in that café. He could remember it as if he were doing it now: his palms were sweating, he could swear up and down that everyone within ear shot could hear how rapidly his heart was pounding against his ribcage; he felt sick. He had to remind himself to take a breath with each step he took – and it was only, like, fourteen steps. But, when you looked up at him, it only got worse. When he met you as Spider-Man, that’s who was separating you two. His suit, his mask, gave him the distance he needed to talk to you. And at that moment, without it, he felt so vulnerable. Peter had fought a man with mechanical wings, a guy with a metal arm, hell, even Captain America himself – but nothing was scarier than trying to talk a pretty girl – one that actually wanted to talk to him, too.

“(Y/N)?” She furrowed her eyes at you in confusion. “What are you doing here?” Your heart started to beat fast in your chest, wanting to check your phone to see if maybe Peter had texted you and asked you to cover for him. “I thought Peter was meeting you at your place?” You nervously coughed into your fist, nodding your head.

“Uh, yeah! He did, but uh, my mom brought over her new boyfriend.” She nodded slowly, her head tilting to the side, still confused. “And, uh, I asked Peter if we could come back here! Yeah, he went to go pick up some food – snacks. I wanted to know if I could sleepover? We’re having a movie night.” You shrugged, giving her a tight-lipped smile.

“Oh,” May said, her features softening and being replaced with a smile. “Sure, you can sleepover. Just remember-!”

“Yeah, no closed doors, I get top bunk. Got it.” Your cheeks flared at the ‘rule’ May had given you guys – knowing that nothing would happen with Peter, despite how badly you wanted something to happen.

“Tell Peter to pick me up something, too, alright?” You nodded. “Want to help me in the kitchen? I’m trying to bake this cake from scratch, but I feel like this takes more than one person,” May walked over to the box on the counter, shaking her head at the directions, “don’t you think?” She nodded you over to her and you were happy to distract May for as long as Peter needed – and for the conversation topic to be directed toward something other than yours and Peter’s non-existent relationship. You took out your phone and typed out a quick message, ‘told may u stopped to get us food, pick her up something too’.

Peter groaned as his body hit the ground, after having been slammed against the side of a car. “Give me a break,” he got up slowly, feeling a bit sluggish. He groaned again when he was pressed against a wall, his feet being lifted off the ground.

“Come on, Spider-Man. Is that all you got?”

“Nope,” Peter popped the ‘p’, “I just didn’t want to embarrass you in front of your girlfriend.” He nodded toward the woman sitting in the driver’s seat, who he guessed was the getaway driver, her face masked with the same kind her partner was wearing. “But,” Peter continued, “I’ve gotta get home before dinner, so we’re gonna have to cut the fun short.” His left hand came up to remove the ski mask while his right hand came up, bringing his fingers in to hit the trigger to his web shooter, a web shooting out toward the thief’s eyes. Once his feet hit the ground, he crouched and swung his leg out, knocking him over. He shot another web to secure the guy’s hands down to the cement.

He turned around, hearing the car’s ignition turn on. “I don’t think so,” he mumbled, shooting a web through the open window and taking out the keys, then webbing the driver’s hands to the steering wheel. He then walked up to the back of the car and picked it up, dragging it toward the wall. He attached a web from the wall to the trunk, hearing police sirens in the distance. He let out a sigh of content. “This was nice, but I’m late. Have a nice night.” He tilted his head toward the two, ignoring their swears at him as he swung his way back to his apartment.

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EXO Reaction when their GF changes them for a videogame/online game

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Writing a new song while you play* “I should have… taught her the world of music…. not the world of gaming yeah~”


“Do you want to have some…. sexy time, oh you are busy? I see… no worries… I’ll just go to the bathroom….” 


*Needs attention* “Jagi please… give me a kiss? Yes? No? fine I’ll go ask Luhan he might say yes” 


“ImmagoplayLolIt’sSoFun ugh” *Someone’s angry* “Fine ImmagoBuySomeGucciForMyselfBai” *Very angry* “And cake! Just for me! I’ll make out with the cake!”


“Hello? Is this Anonymous gamers hotline? Can you help me? how do I get my girlfriend back? She won’t leave the computer… I’m scared that hot animated dude might have stolen my girlfriend”


*Just watching you and thinking* “One day she’ll come home and the TV is gone… not gonna be able to watch my drama anymore but… ugh I want the TV gone… I’m jealous… yes tomorrow I’m giving it away.” *Sips cup of coffee*


*Such a dramatic baby* “Did she just… killed me? I thought we were a couple…. together forever… I need a break… this is betrayal..” *The student became better than the teacher xD*


*This is him behind the computer doing everything he can to get your attention back* “Maybe I should start taking my clothes off now”


Sehun: “Why are we running away hyung?”
Chen: “Because I just broke my jagi’s laptop and told her it was you… at least she’s giving me attention now”


“I wonder what she will do when she realizes her biggest enemy is me… she’ll realize all those fights have actually been online dates xD” *Someone’s been very busy leveling up his character* 


“That game thinks it’s better than me? We’ll see… it can’t win against my famous shirtless floor humping”


“I should buy all the internet in Korea and not give her the password…. yeah this sounds like the solution” *Someone’s desperate*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Imagine this

Fifth Harmony is performing on June 27, 2018, for #fifthharmonytour. It was a long tiring day for Lauren but a few minutes more and she is free to do what she wants. They’re singing some bop ass music from the album for their last song of the night. Like how she’s doing it for the past shows, she introducing the members of the band playing for them again.

Suddenly, the lights cut off and some popping sound is heard all over the stadium. It’s pitch black and everybody gets silent. Unexpected by everyone including the girls, Brave honest beautiful starts playing in its acoustic version.The version they use for their live show at Universal Studios Orlando

The girls look clueless and scared especially Lauren who was standing away from the rest. However, Camila walks in from backstage with the spotlight following her and starts singing the lines.

Don’t go and waste your precious time

With all the nonsense on your mind, no 

Don’t criticize yourself no more

You got a smile worth fighting for

Camila: Hello everyone! I hope y`all still remember me. My name is Camila Cabello and I’m here to introduce the best-est most beautiful girl that ever existed on this planet and on planet green eyes attack you. She has the most majestic green eyes that will enamour you. She is very intelligent and kind hearted. She is sweet and caring and loving. And most of all, she is celebrating her 22nd birthday today. 

The crowd goes wild with the surprise appearance of no other than the former member of the band and the other half of the most controversial ship.

Camila: Sing with me tonight for our girl, Lauren Michelle Jauregui!

Yeah you got everything with your perfect porcelain

Ain’t no one compare to it

You just gotta remind yourself

She slowly approaches Lauren with that goofy smile she always sports. Lauren is in tears for the surprise of the night.

That you’re amazing, baby

Break it down in every way

Could be smiling every day

Camila: Happy birthday, Lo

She whispers the words on the mic while brushing the loose strands of hair on Lauren’s face.

You just gotta remind yourself 

You can dance like Beyoncé

You can shake like Shakira

‘Cause you’re brave, yeah, you’re fearless

And you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful

So whine like Rihanna

Go and pose like Madonna

'Cause you’re brave, yeah, you’re honest

Camila: Come on Harmonizers sing it for my girl

And you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful girl 

Ally: in tears but joins the singing
Mani: happy for Lauren and sings as well
Dinah: overjoyed af. Camren shipper af. Woke af

After their performance, Lauren couldn’t help but give Camila the tightest hug in the world. 

Lauren: Camzi you scared the crap out of me earlier, you know that? 

Camila: I told you I can scare you whenever the fuck I want.

They both face the crowd and made their final bow before Dinah attacks them with Lauren’s cake. Oh how they all loved to be this silly again. They all then proceeded backstage where the rest of their crew and families were waiting.

Lauren: Seriously Camz thank you so much for that.
Camila: Anything for you Lo.

They stare at each other with smiles reaching from ear to ear before Ty Dolla has sneaked up on Lauren, giving her a hug from the back. Lauren turns around and gives him a hug.

Ty: Thank you for doing this big favor Mila
Camila: Anything to make my best friend happy

She gives Lauren a loving look, a bit too short to be considered a romantic one.

Lauren: Thank you for orchestrating that babe. How did you even get the management to agree with Camila making an appearance tonight
Ty: I’ll do anything for you baby.

Camila leaves them as they both discuss the details of the preparation for earlier’s surprise. She goes to Dinah who was waiting all night to give her a hug.

Dinah: I missed you, Chancho. So much
Camila: I missed you too, Cheechee

They both pull away smiling. It was hard to pretend that they were fighting in front of everyone. Dinah could never imagine a life without Camila as her best friend. 

Dinah: So…tell me everything about Dua.
Camila: Where do I even start? 

She smiles like a fool in love before taking one more glance at Lauren who was also smiling in Ty’s arms. 

Camila: She’s amazing. Very amazing.

Flashback 2017

Lauren had pulled all strings to get a backstage pass to Bruno Mars’ concert. This was a very big risk to take but she had to do it. She had to watch her perform. She watched Camila fulfill her dream, crowd screaming her name satisfied of her performance. She knew she would make it big. She always rooted for her. Even in the X-factor, she knew Mila wasn’t meant to be tied down. Especially not with someone just like her (she thinks to herself). She had always read this poem online, “Love her but leave her wild.” She always knew she had to leave her wild. She had loved her with no regrets. She loved her with everything in her. And she still loves her with a selfless love willing to let her be. Only now she has to love her from a far. 

She knew deep inside that sometimes, even the strongest and most powerful love is not enough to keep two people deeply in love together. Sometimes, the person one wants to spend the rest of their life with is not the person they’re going to end up with. Afterall, no one gets all they want.


Boys or Girls?

Word count: 3,541

Warning: smut

Request: Kai pretends to be gay to get close to you

You tapped the end of your pen on your notebook, frustration colliding through your body as you couldn’t memorize the last paragraph you were given at college. All the mumbling and all the laughter  wasn’t helping either and you have had enough. You threw your pen on the ground and walked furiously out of the room, only to be found in the room with every single person possible and all eyes were on you, but there was one person that caught your eye and made you swallow hard and your heart skip a beat. You completely forgot why you left your room, the words completely vanishing from your brain as you were taken aback by the new an attractive guy sitting on the couch. 

‘Yes?’ Elena blurted out, making you snap out of your thoughts and look somewhere else but him, your fingers running nervously through your hair.

'Yeah, could you guys keep it, um, down, I’m trying to finish my assignment and I can’t think with all the yelling that’s going on here.’ You felt his eyes on you, his blue orbs piercing through your body, your muscles tensing from his deep gaze on you.

'Are you not even going to say hi to our new friend?’ Bonnie stated the question, a smile flashing across her face.

'Hi, I’m K-’

'Kai Parker or if you want to go by your full name, Malachai Parker. Yeah, I know you. Well, sort of, I know your name and where you’re from but- I’m- talking too much.’ You tapped your fingers on the wooden stair railing, feeling a smooth varnish under your fingertips. 'Um, I’m gonna go up to my room now, so, yeah. Oh and try to keep it down, please.’

'It was really nice meeting you!’ Kai shouted but only the sound of doors closing has echoed through the hallway. Everyone else went back to their conversations, while Kai kept looking at the stairs you were standing on just a minute ago. His plump lips curled up into a shy smile as a sigh escaped his lips. To him, you were the most beautiful girl he has ever seen and right at that moment, his plan has got him where he wanted but then at the same time, he was thinking of changing his mind because things may not turn out as he had planned.

Rainbow lights shone through the club that was filled with young people grinding on each other, their bodies moving in sync. Occassional smoke flying around the club, colorful lights making it look so mesmerizing. Your eyes traveled through the club, watching how people dance but your eyes landed on some special who’s eyes were already locked on you. You shifted in your seat at the bar and tucked your hair behind your ear and looked down, but you could still feel his eyes on you, making shivers run down your spine. Even a poorly lit up club couldn’t hide how beautiful his eyes were and how beautiful his smile was. You couldn’t help but smile too and close your eyes for just a second, his gorgeous facial features flashing before your eyes.

'It’s not gonna happen.’ Your body jerked at the sudden loud voice in your ear, making you turn your head to one side. Elena.

'What?’ You yelled, trying to be louder than the music blasting through the club. Strong bass thumping all the way in your chest, making you feel a little bit uncomfortable.

'You’re not his type.’ She answered making you turn towards him again, his smile somehow lighting up the whole club and even though you couldn’t hear his laugh, you could have easily place a bet that it sounded wonderfully. You didn’t really appreciate her for plunging you down to ground so quickly with her assumptions, but maybe she was right. Maybe she really did know him better than you had thought.

'Who is that anyway?’ The sound of your voice was filled with curiousity and the need to learn as much as possible about him, completely ignoring what what Elena has said about him just a minute ago. You didn’t care. You only wanted to learn who the beautiful, mysterious stranger was.

'Malachai Parker. The most infamous heretic in Mystic Falls.’

Even his name sounded too good, fitting his looks perfectly. The way he bit his lips every time he looked at you, feeling as if his blue eyes pierced harshly through your skin, your body burning at the thought of him standing close to you and staring at you with his perfect blue orbs or how his eyes traveled down your body every now and then, but your heart sank to your feet when a guy joined him and kissed him on his cheek.

'Why did you say that I’m not his type?’ You asked Elena and looked down at your feet, trying to ignore her gaze.

'Well, you do have something on your body that he likes a lot smaller and then, there’s also a body part that you don’t have, which he likes very much.’ She trailed off and threw a smirk at you, sipping her drink. You looked at her befuddled, not sure what she meant by that. You shook your head and widened your eyes, a chuckle leaving her lips when she realized you had no clue of what she was saying. She pointed down with her finger, your eyes following it all the way down to your crotch. Your mouth fell open, your hand quickly flying towards your lips to cover it.

'No way.’ She laughed at your reaction and nodded.


'But… he’s so hot and cute and oh god, don’t make me start on his smile. I just want to sit in front of him and watch him smiling all day long.’

'Aren’t all gay guys cute?’

'Yeah, I guess you’re right.’ You said disappointed, but your mind still find ir hard to believe in that story.

'There’s plenty of other guys here who would die to have a little piece of that cute ass of yours.’ She winked at you and pinched your arm, the way she chewed on her gum suddenly annoying the hell out of you.

'I think I’ll just, head home.’

'Oh c'mon, seriously?’

'Yes. I don’t feel like being here anymore.’

'Party breaker!’ She shouted, her hands on each side od her lips, her voice echoing through the club.

'That’s me!’

'Are you kidding me?!’ You slammed your fist on the floor in frustration, wincing at a thump pain in your hand.

'Take it easy on that floor, the Salvatore brothers will make you pay for it.’ Your eyes widened at a sudden male voice in your room, your eyes following it, traveling from his feet to his face.

'Malachai Parker. In my room. Cool.’ Your turned your head to your assignment, acting like you’re not interested.

'Just Kai.’

'Ok, just Kai.’ you repeated, mimicking his voice. 'So what brings you to my room just Kai?’ He chuckled at your words, his hands shoved into his pockets as he started moving around the room, touching everything he laid his hands on and it was starting to annoy you.

'I just wanted to see what have you been struggling with while we were javing fun downstairs.’

“College.’ You tapped your pen on your thigh, your eyes studying the lines in your book. 'It must’ve felt like heaven down there for you, right?’

His eyes were locked on your back, silence filling up the room for a few minutes.

'Um, why?’

'Damon, Stefan, good looking guys.’ You looked up at him, a smile peeking through on your lips.

'Oh the gay thing.’

'Which is awesome by the way, but you know, they’re not really into… that kinda stuff.’

'Yes, I know. I don’t actually have any intentions to try anything with them so, you don’t need to worry about that, sweetie.’

'As you wish.’ You lifted your arms up, gesturing in way of I give up and looked back down.

'So-’ he sat down next to you, your knees touching as you felt the warmth from his body radiating onto your body, your teeth dragging in your bottom lip and slightly biting on it. You knew you had to control yourself because you would end up hurt at the end, but being that close to him has made you feel some kinda way. A way you weren’t able to describe. 'Is there anything I can help you with?’

'Actually yes.’


'Would you be a sweetie and bring me some of that delicious chocolate cake we have in the fridge?’ You trailed off and bit your lip, trying to not give in and start laughing.



'How can I say no to that cute face. Ok, I’ll be right back.’ He closed the door behind him and from the moment you were alone in your room, you realized this was about to be the hardest thing you had to do. Learn how to stop having an even bigger crush on him, but being near him wasn’t actually helping.

The longer you hung out with Kai, the bigger your crush on him was. You were noticing all the little things about him. How he ran his fingers through his hair, the way he tapped his thigh with his hand when he though something was funny and then started laughing or how blue his eyes looked whenever he looked at you. It was making you mad and sad at the same time, even made you frustrated and stopped you from paying full attention in college. It was messing with your mind and you knew you had to stop it before it was too late.

Another day passed by and you were in your room, with your stuff laying around the floor as you didn’t really care if your room was too messy or not. That was the least important thing, but concentrating on your assignment and hearing Kai’s voice suddenly echoing through the hallway wasn’t a good combination. Before he even had a chance to know on your bedroom door, your lips curled up into a smile and your heart skipped a beat.

'Come in!’ You shouted and quickly looked down at your notebook, trying your best not to look too excited, focusing on your assignment and when you heard him walking towards you, that smile somehow disappeared and was replaced with worry.

'What are you working on?’ He sat down on the floor next to you, his elbows resting on his thighs.


'Are you almost done?’

'Not really.’

'Do you want to watch a movie?’

'Not now.’

'Hey, I just brought a dead girl with me. Want to see it?’

'That’s interesting.’ You trailed off, your eyes locked on your notebook, your fingers tapping on the floor.

'Are you even listening to me?’ Frustration has suddenly appeared in his voice as he poked your shoulder with his finger, trying to get you to look at him. 'Hey!’

'What?!’ You snapped at him, his eyes widening at your sudden odd behaviour.

'What is up with you?’

'Nothing, ok? Nothing!’ You pulled yourself up off the floor and ran your fingers roughly through your hair, stopping at your neck.

'Well it obviously is something because you don’t even want to listen to me and don’t really care that I’m here.’

'You should probably just leave.’

'No, I’m not leaving until you tell me what’s bothering you?’ He said it while getting up, his hand resting on your arm.


'Tell me!’ He raised his voice a little bit, your body jerking up for a second.

'You really want to know? I’m in love with you, but hey guess what, you don’t care because I’m not your type. So this conversation was absolutely for nothing and I’m going to stop embarrassing myself and go back to doing stuff for college and you can show yourself out.’ You threw yourself down on the floor again and wrapped your arms around your legs, burrying your head between your handd as you were trying to hide how embarrassed and flushed you were.

'You are my type.’ He trailed off and sat behind you, your back resting on his chest.

'What do you mean?’

'I’m not really gay. Did you really think that? I only said it so I can get close to you.' 

'What the hell, Kai?! Are you freaking kid-’ you wanted to turn around and face him, but he placed his hands on your shoulders, stopping you from doing so. He moved away the hair that was blocking your beautiful neck, revealing your smooth and sensitive skin.

'I could barely control myself.’ He placed a gentle kiss, the warmth of his lips sending shivers down your spine. 'I wanted to grab you and kiss you so many times, but I knew it wasn’t a good idea.’ His hand left your shoulder and started sliding down your chest, your stomach and stopping right where your shorts began. 'And that one day, when you wore that short, short dress, that has really tested my patience and my limits.’ He unbuttoned your shorts and started circling his fingers right under your belly button. 'Your legs looked so good. I was so close to pinning you up against the wall-’ he slipped his hand into your panties and pressed hard on your clit. 'And fucking you senselessly right there. I wanted to try how wet you would feel under my touch or-’ he leaned in and pressed his lips on your ear. 'How tight you’d feel wrapped around my cock.’

A moan escaped your mouth and your walls clenched at his words, your heart beating as if it would jumped out of your chest any second. He was turning you on just with his words, while his hand remained still in your panties. You rocked your hips forward into his hand, a grunt escaping his lips. He started moving his fingers in perfect figure eights, but right when you closed your eyes, his fingers disappeared.

'Kai’ it was more of a needy and frustrated whisper, your walls clenching at the memory of his fingers pressed against your sensitive bud. 'Please' 

'Please what?’ He whispered, a hint of amusement in his voice.

'Please touch me, Kai.’ A chuckle escaped his lips as he hooked his thumbs into your jeans and slowly pushed them down along with your panties, your bottom half completely naked. He spread your legs and placed his legs over yours so you couldn’t move, him getting a perfect access to the part of your body he has always wanted. 

'Your wish is my command.’ Those five words shouldn’t have such an effect on a human being, but considering who said them, it was even a bigger turn on for you. He slid his finger through your folds, right down to your opening, collecting your arousal with his finger and brought it up to his lips, licking it with his tongue. He let out a moan at the taste of you and chuckled before bringing his fingers down to your clit and started making perfect figure eights, making your head drop down on his shoulder. He watched how your lips parted everytime his actions got quicker and how you bit your lip everytime only the tip of his middle finger slipped into you and then disappeared, leaving you hungry for more. 

He pushed two fingers into you and circled them around, pressing them against your walls, feeling how they started clenching more and more, your orgasm slowly but sweetly approaching. He grabbed your chin with his hand and turned your head, just so he could get access to your lips, his lips crashing against yours and his tongue slipping into your mouth as your orgasm tore through your body, your walls clenching around his fingers and a moan slipping into Kai’s mouth. 

'It’s all about you tonight.’ He whispered and pulled his fingers out, your heart still beating faster than usual. He got up and took a few steps away from you and slowly started unbuttoning his jeans, pushing them and his briefs down, his cock springing up free and hard, a pulsating vein visible on the side. You swallowed hard at the sight of him, a quiet groan escaping your mouth. He took his shirt off with ease and walked towards you with a smirk on his face, his hand wrapped around his thick shaft, his thumb circling his tip.

'Can I?’ you asked so innocently and so quietly, almost as if you were afraid he would get mad if you did something that you thought was wrong. He shook his head and pointed at the bed, his upper teeth catching his bottom lip, biting on it slightly. 'Just a little bit.’ you practically begged and got on your knees, pushing his hand away and replaced it with your own as you placed a gentle kiss on his tip and licked him swiftly, just to get a taste of him. Right when you wanted to continue, he grabbed your chin gently to stop you and leaned down, your noses almost touching.

'I said, it’s all about you tonight.’ he picked you up with ease and threw you on the bed, your fingers tugging at your shirt before taking it off, revealing your braless boobs. 'Perfect.’ he muttered under his breath and crawled on top of you, wrapping your legs around his waist as he swiftly pulled you towards him, getting you on top. 'I want you like this.’ A thought deep inside your mind said fuck yes, loving the thought of being in control and having such power over Kai. He looked down and caught his cock with his hand and brought your hips closer as you slowly pushed down onto him, his head burrying in the crook of your neck at the perfect feeling of your tight walls being wrapped around his thick lenght. You threw your head back, your hands gripping tightly onto his shoulders as you slowly lifted your hips up and then went back down at a faster pace,feeling his every inch burrying deep inside you, stretching you out just in the way you have imagined.

'How- how could you- even think- that-’ you stopped moving your hips and burried him deep inside you, your eyes piercing through his blue ones. 'How could you even think that not doing this from the moment you saw me was a bad idea? You’re such an idiot.’ You trailed off, a laugh escaping his lips.

'I am an idiot, the biggest idiot on the planet, but I didn’t want you to get into something and then change your mind about me if you found out the whole truth about me before I even get a chance to tell you myself.' 

'Nothing could change my mind about you. The only thing I’m pissed about is how we’ve been missing out on this.’ you whispered and slowly moved your hips, his lips parting when he felt your walls clenching around him.

'We have plenty of time to catch up on this.’ he pushed you forward, your back hitting the mattress and your legs wrapping around his waist. You felt him pulling out and then going back in, hitting your spot harshly, almost a scream escaping your mouth. He picked up his pace with his every thrust, your breath hitching everytime he hit your spot, the sound of skin on skin and moans echoing through your bedroom. You got into the perfect rhythm with his hips, your nails digging into his back as you felt another orgasm slowly approaching as Kai’s thrusts became deeper and rougher. His hand slipped between your bodies, his fingers circling your clit as your orgasm tore through you, making your body shake with pleasure and only a clench of your walls was necessary to trigger Kai’s release, his head burrying in the crook of your neck as he rode out both, your and his orgasm. He gently pulled out and dropped down beside you, a droplet of sweat rolling down his forehead. 

'Holy fuck.’ He leaned down and cupped your face with his hands, his lips pressing on yours, giving you a sweet passionate kiss. You haven’t even recovered properly or caught your breath and the only thing that was circling in your mind is how badly you wanted to repeat this as soon as possible. The sound of Kai’s moans and how he fell apart because of how good you felt wrapped around him, made you want to see him like that again, but this time, you wanted to see him falling apart under your touch. You turned to your side and wrapped your leg around his leg as you slowly trailed your hand down his torso and placing it right on top of his lenght. His eyes widened, his hand immediately placing on top yours. 'What are you doing?’

'You’re crazy if you think we’re done for today.’ You winked at him as you got on your knees between his legs and showed him what he missed out on when he said that tonight was all about you.

Little ones

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He knew he couldn’t give her everything she wanted, He knew that one day she’d realize that the world outside the sewers had more to offer. Though watching her dart across the busy streets and duck in and out of little shops picking up things here and there made him a little curious. Mikey followed you with each step you made, curious as to where you might have been going as today was normally a day you went volunteering. The running around finally stopped when you walked up the stairs of the red bricked town home, the vines crawling up the side and children’s toys scattered in the tiny front yard.

The door burst open to a group of small children that jumped and grabbed at your legs, your sweet laughter rang out like bells across the quiet street. He watched from a building across the street as he could see you handing out the items you bought to each child, watching you practically glow. It seemed like minutes when in reality it was hours of watching you smile and be happy for once. Not the he didn’t think you were unhappy but Mikey knew that you had been hiding something from him all this time. Deciding to head back to the lair before he somehow got spotted he gave you one last look paired with a cheeky grin as he headed back to the underground.

    The Lair was quiet when you walked in, Mikey was playing a video and Donnie was in his lab but the other two were nowhere to be seen. Mikey noticed you out of the corner of his eye and paused his game to engulf you in the biggest bear hug he could. You smiled up at him all knowingly you were dating a ninja and you were trained by his master, you noticed Mikey had been following you all day and you even tried to shake him off! Though you knew he wouldn’t have lost your trail. You knew what was coming though as he sat you down and slowly took your hand, it was quite unlike Mikey to be not bubbly but you knew there was times when even the happiest had to falter.

“Who were those kids? Why were you there babe?”
“My cousin runs a daycare, I adore helping her out someday. The kids are just the sweetest! They love to hear my ninja stories, don’t worry I always leave out the part where you guys are turtles.”
“They made you so happy…”
“What can I say, I love kids?”
“Angel cakes I can’t give you what you want…”

He stared at the floor and shuffled his feet around trying to hold back a sniffle as he came to terms with what you could possibly say,

“Mikey…I know what I need from you. I need you and that’s all that matters! I love kids but maybe it doesn’t mean that I want my own right away. Helping out with the daycare is enough for me and I’ll never get tired of it. In the same way I won’t ever get tired of you, I know who I’m in love with and I know what comes with that. I’m prepared to love you with all my heart, relationships make compromise don’t they?”

There were no more words exchanged as he tackled you into his arms and tossed you on the couch, peppering your skin with little kisses causing you to shriek with laughter. Both of you knew that together you’d be better, after all you had a long way to go!

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Title: Your owner


Member: J-hope/Jung Hoseok

AU: Puppy Hybrid

Genre: fluff, smutishhhh

A/N: Okay, this was a request so I tried to keep it the way it was requested. However, I’m thinking about making a second part.. SO EVERY FEEDBACK IS APRECIATED. As is every request.<3 


4 years ago

 19. December

“Dear Santa Claus, this Christmas I want a friend. It can be a furry friend too. Something like a puppy. This year I have been a good girl and I have been listening to my parents. I believe that you will make my wish come true”

Paper after paper, letter after letter. It has to be perfect. Even though I know that Santa Claus is only my precious parents this letter has to be perfect. I’ve been asking for a puppy since I was six. I have a feeling that this year is going to be the year. This year I will finally have my puppy. A brown one, almost red and it will be one of those little creatures that will turn into big guarding dogs.

With the thoughts of my future friend, I ran down the stairs from my bedroom to the living room. My mum was in the middle of heated explanation how the latest book she was reading made absolute no sense while dad was listening and smiling as if he sees mum for the first time. Their love was adorable, their love for pets…not so much.

“It’s done. Mum here. It is even written on Christmas paper. I put a lot of effort in it.”

She smiled at me with her really warm smile that always made me believe that there is hope. Of course she knew what I wanted, because every year I ask for the same thing.

 “I know honey. I’m going to give it to Santa and let him decide. How about that? Now go to bed.” 

“Yes mama. Dad, good night. I love you both.” I feel like this time I made it. This puppy is mine.

Running up the stairs back to my room, I jumped on the bed, curling in the blanket, hugging my little stuffed bunny and dreaming of endless games with my new furry friend, who I was sure I’m getting. He is going to be my little bundle of hope. Hope, this is going to be his name. Hope.

25. December

The moment my sleepy eyes opened, I felt the Christmas rush running through my body. I jumped right through the door of my room.

“Christmas!!!” The shout pierced the air, leaving little feelings of Christmas joy though the air, just like snowflakes.  “Darling, I see you are excited.” really mummy, really?

“Why is that?” “Like every other kid I’m waiting for my present.” Suddenly a loud knock on the door interrupted my I’m still a child speech. “Will you please go to open the door? I’m little busy making Christmas food. Your Grandmother is coming for dinner.”

Opening the door left me with tears in my eyes. He was everything I have ever wanted. He was brown-red, fluffy, small creature that is going to become my big guardian and he was cuddling in my dad’s arms.

“Merry Christmas.” Dad was all big smiles. He hated dogs five days ago, but now he looked so happy as if my mum gave birth again.

Tears from happiness were making a new Niagara under me while I muttered only one word 




 “You are legal. Congrats on being able to buy alcohol in which you are gonna drawn yourself, because you have no boyfriend. Your best friend, Anni.” Read I out load, looking at my best friend, not knowing what to say. “Should I say thanks or should I smack you with the biology book, which by the way is 550 pages.” “I’m only honest. I love you so much, but you have to find yourself a man. Even I, the biggest nerd have a boyfriend.” She said looking at the direction of our legendary football team and particular at the leader of the team, Sehun, who Inna has been dating for almost a year now. “Thank you for reminding me, even on my birthday, that I’m miserable. I appreciate that.” My mood was slowly dying, no matter the fact it was my birthday. “Always here for you. Look, I am saying this as a friend, the only thing you love in your life is Hope and your parents. And Hope is a dog. A big, big dog, but a dog none the less. You can’t expect a boyfriend when you treat your dog like one.” “Excuse you, but actually I prefer Hope to man. If Hope was a man…then he was going to be the perfect man. But he is a dog. So I prefer the dog instead of a horny hormone creature.” Daggers were send my way as my BFF only rolled her eyes and sighed deeply.

Anni, actually, has been my best friend for the last three years and no matter the situation I know I can always rely on her. Through the day she is a good student following the rules, queen of the school, through the night she is the queen of the parties.

However I wasn’t. Parties have never been my thing. Too loud, too sweaty, too many bodies in the same places, too much smell of sex. On party you can meet boys our age, but almost all of them are only horny bastards waiting for a quick fuck.

“The dog can’t bring you the pleasure a man can.” She looked at me with the face *Got you* and she actually did “Don’t you dare telling me you don’t touch yourself at the thought of a handsome stranger ravishing you. I know all your kinks. I have gone through your phone.”

Flaming red spread on my cheeks. It was true I had some kinks and that whenever I feel like it or I was bored to death at home my fingers instantly disappeared under my pajama shorts. I am an experimental kind of person. I have tried all kind of things on my feels. Inna calls it “NOT HAVING A MAN”, I call it “Learning about myself.

“But still…I want to find a man that fits into my criteria list. Not some random dude that won’t even be able to satisfy me and my needs. I am a bratty little creature sometimes.” “You tell me that. Sometimes even I don’t know how to live with you.”

As the talk was progressing from 0 to 100 real quick, we heard a “There you are.” And came face to face with Sehun.” Happy birthday pup Y/N. You will be able to buy alcohol and get drunk because you have no boyfriend. Congrats.” This two have been going out for too long. They even say the same things now. “Are you two a couple by any chance? Because just like I’m gonna hit her with the biology book, I will hit you with the philosophy one, which is just as big.” I said smiling sarcastically at the tall giant standing in front of us. He smiled back with his *you won’t do it* smile.

“Guys, listen. As my only friends I proudly invite you to at our family dinner dedicated to my birthday. This is an exclusive invitation that no else has the privilege to become.” “Does it involve your mother chocolate German cake?” they said at the same time looking at me. But I have already predicted this question “For who do you take me? Of course it has my mums’ chocolate German cake.” “We are in.” they said together again. Sometimes I’m thinking if their minds are just two halves of only one. The sound of the bell interrupted our chat about the dinner table tonight. And the teacher walked into the room like a dictator and I was ready to fight this math class.

Thank God the clock decided to move faster and in no time school was finished, the subway came fast and on time, I was home earlier than expected. The moment the door opened I was greeted with a bark of happiness and no light at all.

The house was empty and almost no sound could be heard, expect for the steps of a giant dog coming my way. “Hope! How have you been big boy? Have you eaten yet?” he barked and I knew he haven’t eaten yet. ”Okay, I understand. Since you have been a very good boy lately and I have birthday today, I brought you something special.” I said pulling out his favorite snack, small white chocolate granules, puting them in his cup and sitting next to him. His brown fur turned more red with time and by now it is almost dusted red.

“Hope, I recently had a dream. In it I had a boyfriend. He was really handsome. Somehow it reminded me of you. Can you imagine if you were a human? I imagine you being really handsome. If you were a man, then I would’ve gladly fallen in love with you, because I know you will be great.” 

And for a moment Hope stopped eating and looked at me. Like he actually knew what I was talking about. Like he understood me and any second he was going to turn into human. But he didn’t do anything. Only continue watching me. 

The front door cracked, heels making noises on the marble floor of the house and I hear my most favorite voice. Mum is back home.

“Honey, are you home?” this honey voice is the reason why I am a good daughter. “I’m in the kitchen with Hope. We were having an interesting chat. ” “Can you help your old mother to do the German chocolate cake. Are Anni and Sehun coming?” “Of course they are. They are my only friends.” “Good, that means less trouble for me. Come here and give me the eggs from the fridge.” 

3 hours later, lots of laughing and joking on our little family birthday dinner, made me so frustrated that I can’t explain it. The handsome stranger. He was stuck in my mind. But also the look on Hope’s face. He was strange lately. Following me around, cuddling me whenever he could. I tell you, just as if he is going to turn into human every second now. I got so distracted in thoughts that I hardly heard when my best friend said “Y/N time to blow your candles and make a wish.” Mum brought out everyone’s favorite cake with so many pink candles. I love pink, therefor my candles were pink, just like the icing of the cake. “Make a wish.” Said Anni, smiling like a proud mother. ”Oh, and don’t tell us about it.” Just as I was about to make a wish a lick on my knee reminded me that Hope was here too. Mum saw him under the table and called out his name. He went next to her and stayed like the perfectly trained dog he was. But his eyes. Those eyes weren’t the eyes of an animal. I swear to god those eyes are human. And I knew what to wish *I wish that my handsome stranger is a real, breathing human being that will satisfy my boyfriend to do list. I want nothing more and nothing less than that.*

The flames from the candles died down just like the family dinner. Soon after everyone were happy and full from my mother’s cooking, we all went to sleep. My father drived both Sehun and Anni, because he didn’t trust the tall giant of a boyfriend. For her my father is like her second father. Always taking care for her like his own daughter.  I helped mum clean the table and soon after I was tugged in the warmth of my blanket in my favorite oversized shirt.

Just as I was about to fall asleep I felt the bed sinking and a giant fluff ball lying next to me.

“Hope, is this necessary? Can’t you sleep on the floor like the other dogs? Or at least don’t sleep on my head.” He looked at me like I’m stupid and not able to understand his reasons for doing this, which I really did not understand. But he didn’t move and I just gave up. “Fine, this is the last night you sleep here. I will let you since is my birthday.” At that time I had no idea how wrong I am and soon sleep took over me and the train to dreamland drove off.

 Morning sun flooded my closed eyes so naturally I hid from it turning to the side of the headboard on my right. It was so cosy and nice and it had abs. The headboard caged me between its arms bringing me warmth and safeness. Wait…MY BED HAS NO HEADBOAR. A HEADBOAR HAS NO STRONG ARMS. AND IT DOESN’T SMELL LIKE HOPE’S SHAMPOO. My eyelids instantly opened and I wasn’t wrong. Caging me between his arms was a stranger. My stranger. The one I dreamed about with the dusty red hair and handsome features. He was lying on my bed half naked, only in grey sweatpants looking like a God while sleeping like a baby. It was a sin to wake him up, but I can’t just let my parents see a total stranger cuddling with their daughter on a Saturday morning. So lightly shaking his arm, the words fell of my mouth “Excuse me, who are you? What are you doing here? Please wake up.” And he did.

 Slowly opening his eyes, I was greeted with a pair of blue orises which I will never mistake. Those were Hope’s baby blue eyes. “Oh you are awake. I’m sorry I didn’t want to scare you. Are you okay?” “Who are you?” a wide gummy smile lit his features making his handsome face even more handsome. “You can’t recognize me? I’m your handsome stranger, the one that came in your dream.” The feeling of shock overtook me. The only breathing creature on the planet knowing about my dream was Hope and he was a dog. ”How do you know about this?”

“Come on Y/n. You really don’t know who I am? My name is Hoseok, but for the last four years you have been calling me Hope.”

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Help Please (Not​ About Money)

Assalaamu ala al-Muslimin
Hello y'all

I’ll try to make this as short as possible. Here’s a quick summary to why I need help. This is kind of unnecessary so you can scroll down if you don’t want to read.

In 2014 I took the university exam and got into a university, studying the subject I admired for long years (psychology), and I was really happy because it was a little too hard for me to achieve this goal for some reasons. Anyway, at the end of the second year/grade I was on the verge of depression™ mainly because of:

•Islamophobic and irresponsible teachers (almost all of them)
•Unrespectful and irresponsible classmates
•Unrespectful dorm mates

So, I decided that I can’t go on anymore and I should quit. This year was gonna be my 3rd year in university but I suspended it (not really sure if that’s what you call it in English. I’m still a student of that university but I didn’t attend classes for one year). Now I’m about to take another exam for university which, by Allah the Greatest’s help, will help me with these things:

•Studying in a better university
•Not having to struggle with money because I will get a good scholarship
Living away from my abusers
•Getting closer to my future dreams (which is being a neuroscientist and helping+educating people not only about neuroscience but also about life in general)
•Getting a job (well this part is not really clear, but which one of them is 100% sure to happen right?)

Now, what I need help for is, maths.
Yes maths. Due to some reasons (one of which is economical reasons) I couldn’t acquire any maths classes. It has been some years since I last studied math, plus now I need to study it in English. My English is not bad, and I’m not that bad in maths either. I just need someone who can help me out. I only got like 7 subjects to study, not so advanced mathematics.

So if you think you can write some notes down about mathematics for me, in a clear and easy way, and help me with the problems I can’t solve, please send me an ask or a message. I’m not asking for anything big, you obviously don’t need to be a teacher. Meanwhile I will try to find online sources and study myself too but I need someone who I can ask questions. Also I couldn’t find any sources which are easy to understand. So it would be nice if you sent me some.

I’m not asking for Skype lessons or something like that, and I obviously can’t give you any money but once in a while I can doodle a flower or a piece of cake for you if you want.

About two months are left before the exam, and I couldn’t study any mathematics so far. So if you signal boosted this even if you can’t help yourself I’d be thankful.

I’ll write the subjects here. I have more details I can send you if you are interested:
1. Numbers and expressions
2. Quadratic functions
3. Figures and measurements
4. The number of possible outcomes and probability
5. Properties of integers
6. Properties of figures

Even if you can't​ help me with all of them, some is also fine. I don’t know if I’ll be able to learn all of these in such a short time to be honest… But there’s always hope.

Lastly, please make dua/pray for me. May Allah the Greatest makes our struggles easy for us.

Thank you.

It’s The Thought That Counts

Title: It’s The Thought That Counts
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader (+ Michelle Jones & Ned Leeds)
Word Count: 902

Sorry this is late (and shitty) Happy Birthday @misswinchester221b

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Why Rain and Cake Don't Mix

AN: I found a funny prompt and I wrote it. This is based in the rooms but not the “affects the other sides” rooms of the sides. Thanks again to my gran for helping me with this, and all of the support she gives me. Love you! Anyways, I hope you laugh as hard as I did writing it.

Relationships: Logicality, I guess if you squint prinxiety.

This was the prompt:

“If I’m dying, let me eat cake.”

“You’re not dying.”

“Let me eat cake anyway.”


Virgil had worried that Patton would get sick when he decided to go find a flower Logan had been wanting in the middle of pouring rain. It seems those fears had not been unfounded.

Patton had come back clutching the azalea Logan had spent hours earlier that day searching for, soaked to the bone and shivering.

“I f-found it!”

“Patton you need to get your wet clothes off, and we need to get you warmed up before you get sick.”

“Awwwww is my s-shadowling w-worried?” Patton cooed with chattering teeth.

“Well Pat, you’re going to get sick if you don’t listen to me, so yes I am worried.” Patton’s shivering worsened and Virgil grabbed him by the hand and dragged him to Logan’s room.

“Logan, Patton found your flower and now he’s soaking wet.”

“Patton, why?”

“B-because I l-love you Lolo!” At this, Logan shook his head fondly and took the azalea from Patton. After setting it down on his desk, he turned back to Patton, who was now being slightly held up by Virgil.

“Sweetheart, we need to get you warmed up. You get your wet clothes off and Virgil will go get your fuzzy pajamas. You’re going to get sick if you don’t get warm honey.”

Patton’s energy was somehow renewed and he started taking his wet clothes off then and there, causing Virgil yell that he had to go and rush out of the room blushing madly. He signaled his return by sticking the pajamas through the door and muttering, “Tell me when he has clothes on again.”

Patton got redressed and Logan told Virgil it was safe to come back in. Logan moved to tuck Patton into bed when Patton suddenly blacked out, scaring the living daylights out of the other two sides as they moved to catch him. They laid him in the bed and anxiously tried to rouse him. He woke up easily, to the great relief of the other two, but was babbling incoherently.

“Lo, do you think he’s running fever?” After Virgil asked, Logan moved his hand from Patton’s cold one and felt his forehead, nodding to confirm Virgil’s suspicion.

“It’s times like this I wish Roman didn’t go questing so much. He would be able to conjure medicine, and food, and we would have someone to help us take care of Patton.”

“Well, if he can’t be here to help us, we’re perfectly capable of taking care of Patton ourselves. Which of us do you want to take first watch with him to make sure he doesn’t get worse? The other one of us can sleep in here so we can be here if the other needs help.”

“That is excellent strategizing, and I will take the first watch. Can you go and get Patton something to eat and drink for when he’s coherent again?” At Logan’s request, Virgil went to get Patton some crackers and water. He returned to find Logan looking lovingly down on his sleeping boyfriend.

“Well, at least they’ll both keep until in the morning. I’ll go on and get the extra bed set up, and you can tell me how long you think our shifts should be.”

“I would say about four hours is a good enough shift, that way both of us can get enough sleep to function tomorrow. Let me know if you need any help with the bed.” Virgil left for the final time that night to get the extra cot out of the hallway closet, and at Logan’s insistence, went to sleep.


He awoke about three hours later to the strangest argument he’d ever heard.

A sleepy, congested Patton said, “But Logan honey, I want cake!”

Logan sighed and said, “Patton, you are sick. You ARE NOT eating cake, it will make you feel worse.”

“If I’m dying, let me eat cake.”

Logan exasperatedly replied, “But you’re not dying.”

“Let me eat cake anyway.”

Logan gave his best mom-glare and shook his head in a way that said ‘no, and that’s final’. Patton grinned sheepishly and finally took the crackers Logan had been gesturing for him to take throughout the entire conversation.

“Can I at least have-”

“No you cannot have cookies, brownies or ice cream until your fever goes down.”

“Darn it.” As the exchange continued, Virgil burst into hysterical laughter, causing the others to realize he was awake.

“Awwww hi my sleepy shadowling! Your laugh is so cute!”

“Patton do not attempt to distract me from our conversation by changing the topic to Virgil’s, admittedly adorable, laugh.”

Virgil blushed slightly at this, his laughter calming down to occasional giggles.

“How do you know me this well? You know every trick I’ve got!”

“It’s because I love you dear.” Logan turned around to tell Virgil that Patton’s temperature had gone down, but it was still high.

Over Logan’s shoulder, Virgil saw Patton suddenly grin evilly.

“Hey Lolo? Could you come here for a second?”

Logan turned around slowly and said"Yes sweetie?“

When he looked at Patton, he had the biggest puppy dog pout Logan had ever seen, and OHGOSHITWASSOCUTE- no, he would not fall for this.

“My darling Lolo, can I PWETTY PWEASE HAVE CAKE?”

Hearing Virgil’s laughter restart behind him, he stared Patton down, determined to not give in. But as that adorable lip started to wobble, and they eyes grew impossibly bigger-



At this point Virgil was crying from laughter, and Logan couldn’t help but smile slightly. Patton was once again cooing over his “adorkable dark strange son”.

Suddenly Roman stepped in, covered in dirt and twigs, with a look of confusion on his face.

“I have returned from my grand adventure, only to stumble upon a most unusual sight. Is hot topic actually laughing? Has this day become a day of impossible happenings? What has happened to bring forth this miraculous occurrence?”

Virgil explained between giggles and Roman burst out laughing just as hard as Virgil had been, spurring Virgil back into tear inducing laughter.

Logan glared at them, telling Roman to conjure a cake for Patton and moving to sulk in the corner of his room. At this Patton stopped smiling and stared at his lap.

“Baby, I didn’t mean to upset you, I’m sorry.”

“Pat, hon, I’m not mad at you, I’m mad at myself for falling for that. And a little mad at the other two for laughing at me. I take it you feel a little better?”

“Yeah. Do you want to check my temperature again?”

Logan left, and returning with the thermometer, he confirmed that Patton’s temperature was almost normal.


Logan laughed, saying, “Yes, my sweet pattoncake, you can have cake now.”


And as Patton spent part of that afternoon throwing up the immense number of sweets he’d eaten, Roman and Virgil could hear Logan from the bathroom laughing and asking Patton if it was worth it.


Quick dialogue prompts #3

1. “If you listen closely, you can hear the sounds of the fucks I give flying away.”

2. “How many dogs do you even have?” “Not enough.”

3. “Do you ever stop talking?”

4. “Could you eat something apart from Jaffa cakes? You’re starting to worry me.”

5. “What are you wearing?” “Fashion.”

6. “Please get off of me.”

7. “Did you just kiss me?” “Nope.”

8. “You’re perfect.” “I know.”

9. “I’m going to dye my hair blue.” “Ok, can I help?”

10. “Get off of my food.”

Surprise?| Steve Rogers x Reader.

Summary: Reader plans a surprise party for her boyfriend but it doesn’t go as planned.

Pairings: Steve x Reader, Reader x Avengers

Warnings: Fluff, Dorky Steve, Language 

Word Count: 1000+

A/N: I thought Steve should get a little love? Hope you enjoy!

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You Owe Me - Part 1

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Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,398

Summary: The reader has an interview with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Having never seen Supernatural, the interview definitely does not go as planned. 

“Is your house on fire?”


“Is your freaking house on fire?!”

“Um, no. I need to…”

“Ok then I’m hanging up.” Click.

Is your coworker seriously serious right now? You grab your phone again while swearing under your breath. 

“Y/N, please don’t hang up again! I know you hate me cause I woke you up. But I need a huge favor and it’s time sensitive!” Kelly almost squeaks. 

Oh, this should be good.

“Ok I’m listening.” You sigh loudly. 

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