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Grey Rainbow  by @loveactually-rps 

  • Art by the lovely @benaya-trash​ ♥♥♥
  • Sterek| M | 12.6K | High school, roommates, hurt/comfort,  friends to lovers, nerd!Derek, pining!derek, fluff, angst with happy endings
  • TW: One incident of sexual assault, non graphic
  • A huge thank you to @jonjokeat, @benaya-trash and @pale-silver-comb for the beta/read-through.

“Stiles?” Derek glanced at Stiles’ sleeping form. He didn’t even twitch. Derek continued. “If we…” his lips curved in a fond smile, fingers moving to smooth the creases of Stiles’ eyebrows, his voice coming as whisper. “… as in, you and me - If we get a chance someday… any day, to be together, y’know? I wouldn’t mind you wooing me with flowers and all that cliched romantic shit. And you can even flirt with me. I approve.”

He gazed at Stiles’ calm face for a long while before drifting off into quiet slumber with the sound of Stiles’ soft snoring in the background.

[aka, after pinning for his best friend for four years, Derek learns his teenage crush is easy, but his life isn’t]

Celestial Friend Part 12

gif is not mine

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 1,903

Warnings: none

A/N: This is a more …. relaxed? chapter to the series! I hope you guy enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

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You woke up the next morning to your mother shouting.  She was yelling at you to get out of bed and that you would be late for school.  It was then that you realized you had forgotten to tell her that you decided to drop out.

Your mother opened your door, poking her head inside.  “[Y/N], get out of bed,” your mother called.

“I’m not going,” you mumbled, rolling over to face her.  “I forgot to tell you that I dropped out and I’m planning on taking the GED test.  That way we don’t have to worry about school if we have to move.”

Your mother blinked, stepping in your room.  “Are you sure that’s what you wanna do,” she asked.

“Yeah I’ve been thinking about it for a while,” you fibbed.  “I have a friend who’s going to help me study for the test.”

Your mom sat down on the edge of the bed, moving your hair away from your face.  “I know moving around so much is hard,” your mother frowned.  “You’ve been so cooperative.  I just wish you would’ve talked to me about this first.”

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When the sun found the moon, she was drinking tea in her garden under the green umbrella trees in the middle of summer.

When the moon found the sun, he looked like he was barely hanging on. But her eyes saved his life in the middle of the summer.

So he said ‘would it be alright, if we just sat and talked for a little while. If in exchange for your time I give you this smile.’

So she said  ‘That’s okay, As long as you can make a promise not to break my little heart or leave me all alone in the summer.’

Well he was just hanging around, then he fell in love and he didn’t know how but he couldn’t get out, just hanging around and he fell in love. 

All was golden when the day met the night. 

Cool Momma.

Chibs imagine

The first time I met Chibs was while he was picking up Abel at the kindergarten. I had my little brother Daniel in one hand and a pile of books in the other yet I tried my best to get his attention as I passed next to him, I thanked my brother on the inside for screaming at Abel goodbye. Gaining the Scottish man’s attention for a few seconds and getting a small smile.

Encounters like that started being the usual since Daniel and Abel were really good friends, and a couple times was Chibs the one picking up Abel from our home instead of Gemma or Tara, the latest invited us to Abel’s fifth birthday party and I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about spending time next to the famous outlaw. The party came and I don’t know who was more excited Daniel for being able to spend time running around with his friends or me, we arrived a bit earlier and I helped Tara finish organizing all the things in the backyard, Gemma was carrying Thomas around and Daniel and Abel were playing around the backyard with a soccer ball, while we were finishing up all the last touches the guest started arriving but still no sight of the Scottish man or even one of the Samcro men.

“YN” screamed little Daniel and I looked at him immediately “Abel said I can go ride with him and his dad and uncles. SO COOL” he screamed and ran back to his friend.

“Like hell he’ll be riding on the back of a motorcycle, my mom would kill me” I said and Tara laughed while nodding. Not long after that I heard the familiar sound of the motorcycles arriving and with that the loud yell of Abel wanting to see his dad and Tara running after him while he took off to the entrance.

I heard the men talk to the boy and slowly approach the garden while I picked up my thoughts and try to keep myself together. I was 22 and still acting like a teenager with a crush but I couldn’t help myself, I saw a few moms laugh nervously when the man approached but I keep serving some drinks for a few kids lining up.

“Hey lass” said a thick voice behind me that made me almost drop the bottle in my hands. “Sorry I scared ya” he said and I just laughed nervously.

“Oh no, I’m just clumsy” I said fixing a lose strand of hair behind my ear. After the awkward how are you’s we had a pretty good conversation going on. I looked at the way certain mom’s looked at the Samcro boys and I felt really bad about I, they knew to whose party they were coming after all and people who acted all uptight but were assholes annoyed me.

“Don’t worry about them, it doesn’t affect us. We are used to it and all we want is to spend time with the little man” he said and I looked at him, drifting my eyes from the judgmental mom’s.

“It’s just that….they do the same to us. To me and Daniel”

“Aye, but you are cool momma. Don’t worry” he said and I laughed while he looked at me clueless.

“He’s my baby brother” I said before sipping on my drink “My mom is a single mom and she’s always working that’s why I take care of him most of the time, it’s easier for me since I only go to class a couple times a week. People don’t understand that my mom is only trying to give us a good life and she wants me to finish my education before anything else”

“Lass, your momma is doing an amazing job. Don’t worry about what those ugly women have to say.” I looked at him and smiled, and nodded slowly. We continued talking about different topics and he even offered me a ride on his motorcycle one day, not long after that Jax called all the guys outside. “I gotta go, but let me know when your momma is free so I can take you on that ride alright?” he said with a wink and I just felt my legs like jelly.

“I’ll let you know” I said with a small smile creeping and he just waved me goodbye.

Oh what an adventure was about to start.

Hello, I know they’re kind of short but I just wanted you to see my writing style, I have lots of ideas and I’m up to writing anything you request. My name is Cat <3

Thank you so much for reading.

Hellooooo :D So happy to be back writing Taehyung’s story! <3 Hope you all enjoy :D

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“I thought it was hopeless love” Taehyung story - Part 6

“W-what?” you were in shock
“I’ll give you time to choose” he looked at you and stand up
“Taehyung…” you said taking his hand but he moves it away
“I’m sorry” he looked at you and walked away

You sit down again,and try to think.It was just too much for you.
“Y/N!” Jimin walked in with a lollipop in his hands
“Oh hey” you fake smiled at him
“What are you doing here? Come with me” he laughed and took your hand and lead you to their dressing room
“I will show you around” he added opening the door

While Jimin was telling you what is this and what is that,you look at Taehyung who didn’t want to look at you.
“Y/N heeey” Jimin waves in front of your face
“Focus” he said and you laugh
“Okay,sorry” you smiled

Taehyung gets up and walks pass by you and Jimin.
“You..Umm..Guys okay?” Jimin points
“No” you said 
“What happened?” Jimin was curious
“I don’t want to talk about it…I’m gonna go home now…See you” you smiled and walked outside of the hall where they were performing and you see Taehyung standing there alone.
“Taehyung” you said and walked over to him,he just looked at you
“I don’t  wanna lose you” you said looking at him
“So you already made a decision?” 
“No I didn’t,I am afraid that this that you made me to do now,will destroy our friendship”
“Even if it does,I will always be there for you” Taehyung licked his lips looking at you
“I know you will” you smiled
“I just gonna need time..:” you added
“I know…” he nodded his head 
“Thank you..For being at the concert” he added smiling
“You guys were amazing!” you smiled and waved your hands in the air
“I should go…I’ll see you” you said
“We’re gonna go tomorrow to another city Y/N” Taehyung said
“What? I won’t see you?” 
“For a little time,yes” 
“Have fun then” you smiled and Taehyung smiled at you and you walked away wanting to hug him so badly,but the situation is awkward to now hug him.

Taehyung watched you walk away..He didn’t feel okay,but he knew that decision to make you choose is the best for both of you.
Soon you become a little dot and disappeared.He sighs and comes back inside to take his stuff so they leave home.
Jungkook and boys noticed he is a little down..They didn’t want to ask questions because it will make him down even more or frustrated.
“It must have been something with Y/N” Jimin wispers to Jungkook
“I think the same” he wispers back

“Boys we are gonna go to the airport right now,so we get there day earlier” the manager looks at them
“Okay” they nod their heads

IN Taehyung’s head is just you.He thinks you will choose Luke on the end because he’s your boyfriend,but he thinks how he is your best friend since high school..He knows so many things about you that Luke will never know.For example,you only let him touch your hair,you hate when someone else does that.
Thing he’s worried the most is losing you trough your decision.He doesn’t want to lose you forever,not at all.
He licks his lips and gets up
“When are we going again?” he asked
“You didn’t listen?” J-Hope asked
“I..I was thinking about something…” he said
“Tonight” Jimin said 
“Okay..” Taehyung nodded his head and walked to him room

You were at home not knowing what to do with yourself.In your mind is Luke,but your heart says Taehyung.
But you don’t know yet.

“Hey Ariana” you sigh as you answer the Skype call
“What’s up girl” she said painting her nails
“Tae…” you teared up and laughed
“Why are you tearing up?” Ariana gets closer to the camera looking at you
“It’s hard for me” you started
“Tae..He made me choose between him and Luke” 
“Oh wow” she said being suprised
“It’s sooo much preasure that is why I am tearing up” you explain
“Well I mean Luke is your boyfriend…” 
“He si,but-”
“But you love Taehyung more” she finished for you and you nod your head
“Then why don’t you just that to him?”
“I have Luke…He’s still my boyfriend you know” you roll your eyes
“I know,but why don’t you have a conversation with Luke about the relationship?”
“I think that is a good idea…I’ll call him..Wait a second..”

You took your phone and call Luke.
“Y/N” he answers
“Luke..I need to see you” you said
“I want to see you too” he said
“Can we talk tomorrow at the park?”
“Sure,I’ll be there” 
“I love you Y/N…”
“I love you too” you said and hang up and lay back on your bed
“What am I doing with my life?!” you shout 
“You are in a serious problem” she laughed
“Oh shut up!” you laugh and roll your eyes

You woke up next morning and took your phone in your hand and see that you have a message.
“Y/N..I am sorry,but It is best for us..I didn’t want to put so much pressure on you,but I feel like a fool,because when I say I love you mean it,probably you don’t,because you have another person in your heart,that is him.I mean yeah we kissed,but do you mean it when you say you love me too?
I love you as a best friend but also more than that,I feel like I shouldn’t have done that,but I had to..I started liking you when you were senior year,but I could never say this because I didn’t want to ruin the amazing friendship we have..” - Taehyung
“Of course I meant it you fool” you thought to yourself

You didn’t reply to his message you just couldn’t..

Later on Luke and you meet up at the park.After a hour of talking
“I think is the best that we..Take a little break” he looks at you 
“We should do that” you nodded your head

Luke and you hugged each other and he walked away.He knows that you love Taehyung.He can see it..The way you look at Tae is different as the way you look at him,the way you smile at Tae..
But he still thinks there is hope for him and you to have a good relationship.

You sigh and nod your head thinking this was the best thing to do.Just to put this relationship on hold because you guys have been arguing more and everything has been going down.

A week later,you were alone at your home.And you get a message from Jimin saying that you come on the skype,so you did.
“Ahhh Y/N!!!!!!!!!” him and Jungkook shout
“Heeeey guys” you smiled
“How are you?” 
“Better” you smiled
“Just personal problems” you laugh a little
“Ohh I see…” Jungkook nodded his head
“Anyways!!!!! WE finished the concerts and we will be going tooooo…..*jazz hands* Kota Kinabalu!” Jimin shouts 
And both of them start to jump around 
“Yaaaaay” you laughed watching them
“You’re going too by the way” J-Hope comes to the camera
“What did you say?” you were confused
“You’re coming too” Taehyung comes next to J-Hope

Your heart skip a beat when you see him with his smile on his face.
“How,what?” you laughed still not believing
“Long story short..You’re coming” Jimin smiles
“When are we going?”
“In two days,I mean one….We’ll come tomorrow back to the town then pick you up and goooo” Jimin laughs
“Can I bring Ariana?”
“Ariana her best friend” Taehyung explains to Jimin
“Sure” he licked his lips

While you were talking to all of them,nothing felt awkward or weird while talking to Taehyung a little..It was just like nothing has happened.
You two time to time would just stare at each other for minutes.
“I missed you” Taehyung send you a message and looked at you waiting to see your reaction..You smiled and looked at him and he laughs.
“I missed you too” you reply and look at him
“I know you did” he said looking at you
“You know me” you laughed

Everything seemed okay.

“What are the personal problems that made you feel down?” he asked moving away Jimin
“Get out” he said
“Noooo” Jimin said laughing
“Y/N and I need to talk” he kept looking up at Jimin
“Okay” he sighs and goes out
“Soo?” Taehyung asked
“Why are you acting like this?” you were curious
“Like what?”
“Like nothing has happened week ago” you said
Taehyung sighs
“You didn’t make you decision yet?”
“No I didn’t..But Luke and I are like taking a break from our relationship” you said
“How much more till you do make a decision?”
“You said you’ll give me time” you look at him
“But not like a year now” he said and both of you laugh
“I am glad you’re still the same with me” you smiled
“Why I wouldn’t be?”
“Because of everything”
“Y/N you’re my best friend” he made a serious face 
“I know,but..:” you cover your face by putting your hands
“You think decision will ruin everything?”he asked and you nod your head
“I don’t think..So” he said
“Taehyung…Look at this” Jungkook camed inside and showed him something on the phone
“Ahhh awesome” Taehyung smiled poiting at the screen
“I AM STILL HEREE!” you shout
“Oh right” they laugh and you roll your eyes

After few hours of talking with Taehyung,you guys didn’t mention the decision at all,you wanted to but you didn’t want to break the nice vibes and fun you guys were having.
“See you tomorrow” he smiled
“See ya’ Tae” you smiled and waved

You close your laptop and take a pillow and put your face on it and scream.
“Why do you do this to me Tae” you said

Tomorrow morning,guys were knocking on your door.You camed downstairs and open the door
“Hii” you smiled and jumped into a group hug with them
“So happy to see you!” they said while hugging you
“Happy to see you too” you smiled

Ariana walked downstairs too,still feeling a little sleepy.
“We..Goin’?” she asked smiling
“What’s up Ariana” Taehyung smiled at her
“Oh It’s youuu,a guy who never says hi to me!” she got all mad 
“Oh comeee on,don’t be mad” he smiled and hugged her
“I can’t be” she laughs and hugs him back

Taehyung looks at you with a smile
“Hi” he said softly
“Hey” you smiled back
“Ready for vacation?” 
“Sure I am!” you smiled
“Let’s gooooooo” he said and you two ran to the van together and sat next to each other

While being on a prive plane …You guys talked,laughed made funny jokes,sang and danced a little while sitting down.
Taehyung would time to time come sit next to,put his arm around your shoulders pulling you closer to him.
Or he would stare at you the way you hate it,but love it when he does that.
“Tae…YOu knooow-” you laugh looking at him
“I love looking at you “ he smiled
You giggled and put your hand on his face and move his head away
“But stop it” you come closer to his face
“What if I don’t want to?” he comes even closer biting his lip smiling
“But you have to” you said looking at his eyes
“Who is gonna tell me that?”
“I am” you smile and look away 

Taehyung smiles at you,he loved when you’re too shy when he gets so close to you.
You felt nothing but love for him.There was no decision,from the begging it was always him..Always Taehyung the little fool you loved since second year in high school…That love never was gone,it stayed in your heart.Luke was just covering the pain when you lost him,but you always loved him even after taht situation that happened.

If he broke a leg on his tour,you would probably go anywhere that he is just to take care of him and make him feel better.
If he found himself a girlfriend,you would probably be jealous af,but still be happy for him.

You smiled looking at him while thinking all of those stuff.He was laughing with Suga about something,and he noticed your eyes on him,so he looks at you too,biting his lip and then smiles because he’s shy a little.

“Y/N!” Jimin shouts and sits next to you breaking your and Taehyungs eyecontact..
“What?” you smiled
“She is pretty..YOur friend” he wispers
“I know” you wisper back

Jimin stopped for a moment and kept looking at you..
“I am really happy that you’re here..You’re a really great person” he said 
“Whoaah Jimin,why that suddenly?” you look at him
“I am just being honest” he smiled
“Thank you” you smiled and you two hug each other
“Look who is getting jealous right away!!” Rap Monster teased Taehyung raising his eyebrows at him while smiling

You look at Taehyung
“I’m not jealous” he laughed rolling his eyes
“I can see it in your eyes” Rap Monster smiled

Taehyung licks his lips and gets annoyed and you just laugh how cute he’s being.

Finally you guys arrived to Kota Kinabalu…It was one of the beautiful things you ever saw..
Right away you guys left your bags in the hotel rooms and hit the pool.
Jungkook,Jimin and J-Hope jumped right away into the pool fully clothed
“Aww you guys so funny!” you laugh looking at them

They were having fun,dancing,just swimming in the pool.
“Can we talk?” you come to Taehyung who was in the pool with the boys
“Yes” he said looking up at you
“Right after this!” he added and took your hand and pulling you into the pool
“I hateee you” you said and walked out of the pool right away
“We can talk now” Taehyung walked beside you

You two walked around the beach..
“I..Made my decision” you looked at Taehyung and stop to walk
He comes in front of you and waits for the words.
“You” you said
Taehyung looked down and slowly a smile started to grow on his face..He looks up
“You mean it?” 
“I mean it” you nodded your head

The Docks

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns)

Title: The Docks

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

Word Count: 963

Warning: angst & fluff

A/N: This wasn’t requested, but the song Anchor by Novo Amor inspired me to write this! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! <3 <3 I love you all so much! <3

You sat on the dock, letting the wind brush through your hair.  You often came to the docks when you were stressed or when you needed to think.  This time it was both.  The breeze felt refreshingly cool against your skin after a warm fall day.  The sky was painted with colors from pink, to a light orange.  It made the walk from the office worth it.

A pair of footsteps could be heard on the wooden planks behind you, but you didn’t look behind you.  There was something captivating about the calmness of the water.  The evening sky distracted you from the troubles of today.

“[Y/N],” Gibbs mumbled, placing a hand on your shoulder.  “You shouldn’t be out here by yourself.  We have a murderer still running around.”

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#this has to be one of my top fave moments #they say so much without saying anything #you can see he’s sad #because he’s about to lose his partner #but he’s happy for her #proud of her #he’ll support her whatever she decides to do #so he smiles at her even though it breaks his heart that she’s leaving #and she is equally as heartbroken #he has become so important to her #and she knows the job opportunity is great #but it still breaks her heart because wherever she goes #whoever she works with #she’s not going to have Jay as her backup #and she’s not gonna see his smiling face every day #the little shrug of her shoulders and the almost apologetic look on her face #you can see that leaving him breaks her heart #I can talk about this all day long #it’s so perfect #and even Hank averts his eyes from Jay and this moment