i can get over how cute he was

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So, I really like this guy, who's a fuckboy as fuck and he came over and I fucking kissed him, man. I've liked him for a long ass time and anytime I see or talk to him, I get happy af (not in that way) (well, maybe a little), and I can't help it..even though, I kinda also hate his cute, bitch ass at the same time. Anyway, how do you think I could get over him?

that’s cute. well in my honest opinion, you can’t because you’re hung over him and you know it!! you can’t make yourself hate someone if they make you happy.


“Okay, so I have this pose idea…I’ll try to explain it…”
“Like this?”
“Yes! Perfect. 👌🏻”

Special post for this dork, because I still can’t believe that I finally met one of my biggest inspirations. All url jokes aside, I’m over the moon to find how funny, pleasant, and kind he truly is. Not everyone gets to meet their heroes and I know that I’ll be looking back on these pictures and remembering these moments for a long time to come.

Thanks so much, you big dork.

I never once considered Laxus to be cute or adorable tbh. Well-build? Yes! Sweltering hot, badass, insanely strong and very good looking? Yes, yes, yes of course!!!! But never cute, sweet or adorable until that one panel during the “Ichiya-special-chapter”, when he suddenly transformed back and  was looking soooooooo surprisingly sweet and cute. Omg, I still can’t get over it!!!! *.* <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 But don’t remind me how he looked like only one panel earlier, cause I CAN’T ET OVER THAT EVEN MORE!!!!! -.-
      –picture and confession submitted by fairies-dragons

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highschool au with deaf spock with a service dog that jim keeps staring at in class

THAT’S SO SWEET. And Spock keeps noticing Jim glancing at his dog ( I-Chaya?) and at first he’s kinda exasperated and irritated but then he starts to realise Jim’s eyeing him as much as his dog and he ends up just getting rly confused. Then one day he walks into homeroom to a note on his desk that reads Hey there. Hi. You’re really handso Can I pet your dog at lunch? You have nice eyes. - Jim Kirk” and Spock looks over and Jim’s got his head on his desk like he’s sleeping but Spock can see how red his ears are and oh it’s really cute


I love this! The uzumaki’s look at little boruto he’s such a trouble maker and I can’t get over how cute himawari is! (I bet she’s a daddy’s girl) and naruto with his hand on his wifey! Uchiha SASUKE JUST SMILE FOR ONCE sakura looking hot and sadara you fierce baby you love love love it thank u kishi!!!

Pyrrha getting tons of Valentines but as much as she appreciates them, the only one that makes her heart sing comes from a certain blonde goofball leader. His handwriting isn’t great and he misspelled “admiration”, but he put extra care in how he wrote her name.
Jaune not expecting any Valentines, but he gets one from a certain red-haired amazon and it sends him over the moon. He can’t stop smiling for a week.
Yang sending Blake a Valentine’s Card that’s basically just a list of puns. Blake loves it anyway. She gives her “Really Yang?” smile that also means “Hot damn I love you.”
Blake’s card to Yang ALSO being basically just a list of puns. Yang loves it and gets very flustered over how clever and sweet they are.
Nora not bothering to ask Ren to be her Valentine because “Asking you makes it sound like you have a choice.”
Ren just gives his little baby smile (and Valentines Pancakes because it wouldn’t be Renora without pancakes).
Weiss and Ruby not being able to look at each other for three days because of how bad they’re blushing over the Valentine that the other gave them.

*stands atop a mountain and screams “CUTE DORKS” at the sky*

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may i have a scenario where shuu's s/o is really short so they cant reach up to kiss him?

(( i am sadly one of those short people ))

Tsukiyama finds it endearingly cute over how small his partner is in comparison to him. While they think badly of their height, it gets increasingly adorable over how they attempt to stand on the tip of their toes to stare him in the eyes when he makes a short joke or another one of their attempts to kiss him. Because Tsukiyama’s so enamored with their short stature, he hardly leans down when they try to reach up to him, barely reaching past his chin.

“Tsukiyama, come on! Stop being a jerk!” They complain. 

“I am not a jerk.” He gently corrects them. “Quite the contrary! I am a gentleman of the finest sorts and I can’t help but admire your cute attempts.” 

They stop to stare at him, scrutinizing him. “Just lean down and stop being stubborn. You’re not a gentleman if you can’t listen.” He laughs, leaning down to match their height–as uncomfortable as it is.


They cup his cheeks with their hands and pulls him into a kiss. Humming into the kiss, he picks them up to twirl them around happily.

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How would jin/namjoon/yoongi/yugyeom/Jr comfort you when you've had a really bad day and they find you huddled on the bed hugging a pillow?

Jr: I feel like he would want to approach the situation in a cute and joking way. I can see him coming into the dorms seeing you laying down with a pillow that’s being bear hugged by your legs, he’ll make his way over to you and lay on top of you, squishing his cheek on your cheek. “Want me to get you ice cream??” he would say quietly through smushed cheeks knowing that some yummy food might possibly cheer you up. If you didnt get mad that he was lay on you, then im sure a smile would appear on your face because of Jr’s offer and because he must pay attention to you a lot to know exactly what you would want when you’re upset. If you were quiet with a heavyhearted face masked on (angry that he’s joking around), then i feel like he might start planting light feathery kisses on your cheek, showing you that he’s there and will try his best to make you feel better.

Yugyeom | Jin: If he were to walk in on you in fetal position, tightly grasping a pillow to your body and the slight shakiness in your breathing from crying at some point, then i feel like he might be in a panic. Seeing you like this would surely make his heart automatically feel bad, but i dont think he would know what to do exactly. He’d awkwardly stand in the door way, staying out of view from you and just watch you for a bit until you notice him. Once you lock tear-filled eyes with him, he’ll ask softly if you were okay and if something bad happened, he still wouldn’t approach you because he didn’t want to irritate you even more If he touched you or something. If you clued him in on wanting him to be closer to you to comfort you, he would come straight to your side, place your hands in his and give you a warm smile to insure you that his shoulder is available to lean on.

Namjoon: I feel like he’d just leave you alone, he’ll probably hesitate in trying to comfort you because he wouldn’t want to bug you even more. So, he would just give you a slight nod and carry on with what ever he was doing until a little later. After about half an hour, if you’re still upset on the couch, he’ll come over to you and wrap you in his arms. He’ll gently graze his fingers up and down your arms, i feel like his method of cheering people up if their sad is just to hold them and let them calm down a bit until their ready to talk.

Yoongi: I feel like he’s the angry caring type, kind of like me. What i mean by this is that when he’s trying to comfort someone or trying to straighten things out he might start to use a louder tone to get his point across, he wouldnt mean anything bad by it, it’s just when he’s truly showing someone how he feels or is passionate about what he’s saying, then the tone in his voice would get progressively louder till you stopped him or he caught himself. He might tell (yell at) you that you shouldn’t be dwelling on whatever you’re sad about, live life and plaster a smile on your face to show whoever is hating on you that you’re stronger and more of a human being than they’ll ever be, if those people are going to spend time tearing someone down, than they obviously have no life..He’ll lay a heavy kiss on your forehead and sit with you and hold you till you fall asleep.

-Maknae (sorry for not posting in a couple days) Ask me more Q’S

ICW is obsessing all over again about whether her boyfriend is about to propose or ask her to move in.

Apparently, he’s been very cute lately and saying yes to everything. Also bringing up her favorite color a lot. I have no idea what she thinks these things could mean, or how they translate into a marriage proposal, but she’s managed.

She’s also going to be spending three days straight over at his place, which is the longest she’ll have been with him at his house and with them both going to work, like a regular day (not vacation), so obviously this is a test to see if they can get along for days on end in a normal day to day setting like if they were living together.

Are you sick to death of reading this, because I’ve had to listen to it for almost an hour. Fuck. Shut up, lady.


More fat obese modern! Billy since for some reason he is adorable when he is all flabby and lazy. Always interesting to see how lack of movement and excessive overeating can effect your body (,at least to me lol). Maybe he hates to get out of breath easily or struggle with walking. Whats more, it would make him mumble grumpily as he tries to reach simple stuff on other side of the apartment. 

Even though he was always that “I wanna gain weight” kind of skinny guy so I bet he does enjoy having bigger frame and stuff all the tasty sweets in his face.

I might drew his gf looking bit too young, but whatever. :V They cute. ♥

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What anime stereotype would Suga, Jin, V, and J-hope be? Like, yandere, tsundere, etc.

Suga - Kuudere ; We all know blunt he is and how outwardly he is with them, sometimes coming off as a little too harsh or cold. But deep inside he’s such a sweetheart, as we can see through his birthday presents to the fans and many other things.

Jin - Bishounen ; Pretty boy right over here yo. He’s incredibly sweet like most bishounens, and has that handsome feature that is so crucial to that role.

V - Yandere ; Yeah. I can see him being a little yandere with things. He’d be the cute creepy– seemingly innocent until he gets a little too intense.

J - Hope - Yandere ; He seems like the one who would get obsessed over a thing and would go to a great extent to protect them or even have the person love them back. Kind of like those Bangtan Bombs with Jimin.

- Darby

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how do you prefer your kenhina? is it platonic, romantic, or something? Sorry im on mobile idk of you have a special page for your ships. kenhinas my no 1 hq ship tbh theyre so gd canon jfc. idk though i havent read the manga but lately i noticed that u can rly get that kenma could like hinata bc he gets excited etc but what about hinata like hinatas nice and cute to everyone omg ok hes shippable w anyone but ok (cries over kenhina bc idk)

i ship kenhina 10000000% romo its one of my biggest romantic ship (besides a few others but most of my hq stuff is platonic tbh) yE THO kenma rly rly likes hinata and hinata rlllly likes him and it makes me so happY

Naruto Gaiden [SPOILERS]

Ok, so more talk about Naruto Gaiden (yes, I am excited about this so sush!)

Can we just talk about how friggin’ adorable Chouchou is? Like, she has won my heart with that face and that attitude all over again (she already had me in chapter 700 tbh). I hope we get to see more of her!

And this! And this! Even if we currently question who her mother is, we can’t deny Sasuke is her father.

And baby Sarada! Just… just… so cute…

I dunno, but I just find it adorable that he hides there. Like, you can see his little feet at the bottom there and everything. It’s actually a really crappy place to hide but at the same time really clever.

And then there’s these two.

Shikadai, you are one step away from being your father’s clone. Do yourself a favor and be a bit more like your mom, you’ll get even more awesome that way. I promise. (But this is still nice and all, so not really complaing hehe)

Aleister Chamber to Ciel finding out he’s a boy...

(Ciel stabs Druitt for the queen’s orders)

Viscount Druitt: But i don’t understand!

Ciel: It’s over Druitt!

Viscount Druitt: I can’t believe it!!! You’re-

Ciel: I know, how sorrowful that you had to die like this….ahh yes who knew that you would get silenced by the Phantomhives

Viscount Druitt: You’re not a lady?!

Ciel: ….


Ciel: calm down, i only dressed as a lady as a mission to find out-

Viscount Druitt: Phantomhive please! Did you not understand that the party was for young women only? Don’t speak to me! Somebody get this cyclop boy away from me!

Sebastian: someone get this doctor a doctor because he’s going to die of shock before we kill him

Cute guy and I had lunch together on my break today. He bought me pizza so obviously he’s won my heart over. He wanted to see me after work and we’ve made plans on Wednesday to have dinner at his house. I don’t really know what to expect and I can’t tell if he just wants to fuck or actually get to know me. He told me that I make more than happy and how he loves being around me. Help.