i can get over how cute he was

You know what is so fucking cute about Dan and Phil is how when playing games Dan obviously likes to be in control and dictate what happens and Phil just lets him. He doesn’t seem to get angry he just lets him as if its second nature and it’s not even as if Dan walks all over him because I’m sure Phil gets his own way in other things it’s just Dan has control to steer the game and Phil helps him decide.

Like at the beginning of the world chef video you can see how Dan restrains himself letting Phil be in control but can’t help but take over and Phil kinda just lets him, and helps him control the game over his shoulder because he knows it’s just how Dan is. And Dan has probably had friends in the past that this trait annoys but Phil loves it because he probably enjoys just being around Dan and see him excited by the game and feels omg


You didn’t see it did you? the way he looked at you, it was different from how he looked at other people. He looked at you like the moon and the stars shone out of your eyes. I then understood it. He loved you, He won’t get over you, he can’t.

Lately I’ve been seeing too many “draw your otp like this” posts that make me think of zimbits…(based on this photo)

so i hope y’all like this little retro hotline bling-esque zimbit art!

Dating Jongin Would Include:
  • Making you dance with him
  • Giving him lots of nose kisses because when you do he scrunches his nose and does the eye smile
  • Making him giggle by telling him bad jokes
  • Being the first awake in the morning and pushing his hair back from his face and giving him a kiss on the forehead
  • “Are you in love with Kyungsoo, because if you are that’s fine with me”
  • Putting your hands under his shirt when you hug him so you can feel his skin against yours
  • Laying him on his back and tracing lines gently across his tummy, watching it dip a little as you find where he is ticklish
  • I think he would want to pamper you a lot so he would learn how to braid your hair, paint your nails and that kind of stuff
  • Being lazy together
  • Playful bickering over stupid things
  • Using puppy eyes when you want him to get you something
  • Him using the puppy eyes when you get mad with them
  • “Stop doing cute things when I’m mad at you it’s not fair”
  • Looking after him when he is ill
  • Being on the phone with him late when you’re going through some really tough times
  • He would buy you lots of teddies right before he leaves for tour
  • Making him sexy dance for you
  • Watching as he gets a little shy when you tell him how beautiful he looks
  • But then blushing so hard you can feel your blood pound when he leans in and tells you in a low voice how you make him feel when you dress sexy
  • “So I ship you guys, but Kyungsoo can you please let me cuddle my boyfriend”
  • Making bets out of everything
  • Winning most of the bets because you secretly cheat
  • He seems like the type to steal all of the covers resulting in a wrestling match at 3am
  • He’s also a huge child so he would get back in bed at like 3am and wake you up like “want some of my warm milk, I brought cookies too”
  • When he starts packing you would sit there and take out things he just put in when his back is turned
  • When he finds out he would sigh sadly then give you a hug and a kiss on the forehead
  • “So, like, who has the biggest dick in EXO, I’m asking for a friend”
  • You would have a collection of lingerie bought in different countries around the world
  • Hiding in places and waiting for him to walk by so you can scare him
  • A short walk taking like 40 minutes because he keeps stopping to stroke every dog he sees
  • Hiring 20 puppies for a day when it’s his birthday as a surprise so he can just play with them and stroke them all day and drown in the cuteness

yknow, whenever i watch the Blood Moon Ball dance scene i just get so happy because i start to focus on Marco’s face the whole time

like, you can tell that in this split second scene:

his expression is more of a surprised one. But in the very next scene, and all the way through the dance, hes definitely smiling.


Marco says her name, and the way he says it, I just cant stop screaming over it because he says it in such a dreamy tone, you know, like “hey, earth to Star!” and STAR IS SO EXCITED LIKE “OMFG HE KNOWS MY NAME HOW DOES HE KNOW MY NAME SQUEALS” 

but ok stay with me bc it gets fuckin cuter because THEN THIS

HES SMILING SO WIDE NOW BC HES ALL “oohhh this is gonna be soo good shes so happy and so into this dancing and even seems a little like shes crushing on me but prolly not but anyways shes gonna love it when she finds out its been me this whole time its gonna be great” JUST LOOK AT HIM



Kanda Yuu and his little buddy Johnny

It’s pretty obvious but

Kanda is crazy strong. It took three Exorcists (Lavi, Krory, and Bookman) to take down one of these Akumas with great difficulty. Kanda does it alone in three seconds without breaking a sweat. Lavi legit looks scared by how strong Kanda is. It’s like, “Holy shit, this is a guy I routinely try to piss off; I had no idea he could do that.”

And yet

He’s letting himself be led by Johnny, who barely has a fraction of Kanda’s strength. I can’t even get over how cute this scene is. This is the only person in DGM so far who killed a Noah, and Johnny’s just dragging him around like it’s no big deal. It’s like this massive German shepherd is letting himself be pushed around by a hyperactive puppy because he thinks it’s cute.

Also, this scene:

Johnny is literally shoving that bottle into Kanda’s hands (and his face has gone all dark too lol), and Kanda’s resisting…barely. I mean, he looks pissed, but it wouldn’t be hard for him to snap Johnny’s wrist by accident. It would be like breaking a dry leaf in half to him. It would be nothing.

Guys. Kanda is putting a massive cap on his strength around Johnny to make sure he doesn’t hurt him. And Johnny’s not scared at all. Even though Kanda has a reputation for being nasty, Johnny’s just like, “Oh, Kanda, lol, why should I be scared he’s just a total sap with a grouchy face here let me mother hen the pants off him.” Even when Kanda rips the bottle away from Johnny, you can bet he’s only using an ounce of his actual strength to make sure Johnny isn’t hurt.

Kanda. Is. A. Gigantic. Marshmallow.

honestly i live for how josh ramsay looks at award shows

i mean really

look at how fucking spiffy he gets








In which Yamaguchi can never quite look at Tsukki’s mama in the eye no matter how old he gets because gosh, she’s so pretty (and he has a crush on her since the very moment she cooed over him and called him ‘cute’, disregarding his freckles, which he always got mocked for) — 

Now, if only he can get Tsukki to smile so freely like that for him —


I can’t wait for Tsukiyama week so I can finally have a legitimate reason to spam the tag……. 


“Okay, so I have this pose idea…I’ll try to explain it…”
“Like this?”
“Yes! Perfect. 👌🏻”

Special post for this dork, because I still can’t believe that I finally met one of my biggest inspirations. All url jokes aside, I’m over the moon to find how funny, pleasant, and kind he truly is. Not everyone gets to meet their heroes and I know that I’ll be looking back on these pictures and remembering these moments for a long time to come.

Thanks so much, you big dork.


Home made Catio!

Tai got to play in it for the first time today!

I’ve been working on and off on a catio (cat patio–in short, an outdoor enclosure) for my kitties. I know at least for Tai Lung (my boy kitty) must get bored inside, so I wanted a way for him to safely play outdoors without worrying if he’ll get lost,  run over, or be attacked by other animals. But professionally made catios are expensive! ($2,000+) and even store bought enclosures can get pricey ($300+).

Luckily, I found this great tutorial on how to make your own custom catio inexpensively and without a need for tools using wire cubes!

The materials, including the mats I used for the runways cost me around $100! (the decorations and foliage cost me extra, but I wanted it to look cute >.< ) Take note that I happen to buy the wire cubes when they were on sale at Target. But you can also find them at KMart or bed bath and beyond. The mats were bought from Daiso ($1.50 each)

I’m happy (and relieved) to say that Tai absolutely loves his new enclosure. He stayed outside for most of the day (until it got too dark and I lured him back inside with treats). Kona… well, she went outside ONCE and then quickly lost interest. Definitely an indoor kitty (can you tell by her old lady flab? it’s ok, I knew she probably wouldn’t get as much use out of it).

The cats can get in and out via the Kitchen Window. I removed the screen on the window, and to prevent them from jumping on top and escaping, I put an extra wire panel vertically for blockage.

It’s also great if you’re a renter like me, since it is relatively nondestructive and easy to take down if you ever move. Not to mention, it’s great if you have no carpentry/building skills (tools and me don’t mix)

If you have an indoor kitty and would like a way for them to safely bask in the outdoors I’d definitely recommend this method. And the best part is you can make it as big or small as you want and continue to build and expand later!

Again, if you missed it, here’s how you can make a do-it-yourself catio! CLICK HERE!

real talk how can you hate ryan ross he literally just drives around la and does stupid things with his hipster friends and plays with cats and dogs all the time and does weird random things to his hair and owns like two shirts and tweets things that don’t even make sense and gets too excited over hockey and basketball and occasionally throws shade at people like keltie i just don’t get it he’s really cute and dumb and loveable leave him alone??

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you could do a scenario where mc is chubby and super insecure about her body and how the RFA would react to seeing her body for the first time (your head canons of them are so cute by the way!!)


- he REALLY loves “full” women anyway
- he thinks that chubby girls r cuter than skinny THATS JUST HIS PREFERENCE OK (and mine)
- he doesn’t understand why u would be self conscious about it
- he literally can’t get over how sexy he thinks you are
- buys you expensive lacy and pretty lingerie to make u feel good about urself
- he’s always a little sap like “my girlfriend is gorgeous”
- “u look amazing darling”

- he loves EVERY shape and size
- he doesn’t even care he just doesn’t want u to feel self conscious
- when he first sees you he’s ALL OVER YOU
- he probably blacks out for a good minute
- kisses u everywhereeeeeeeeeee
- constantly telling u how amazing you look. every 5 seconds to make sure u don’t forget
- (i’ll add a reaction gif or smthing here when i get my laptop lmao)

- i feel like,, yoosung might be a little bit chubby too
- so when he sees that you’re chubby too he doesn’t care at all and it actually puts him at ease
- and he thinks you’re so beautiful
- and seeing that he’s chubby too puts you at ease ??
- it’s all very intimate because you two are so comfortable with each other (even tho he’s blushing sooooo much)

- he literally says “bust a nut” out loud what a freak
- he’s speechless and ?? wow ??
- he’s probably rly lanky tbh
- but the fact ur chubby doesn’t even affect him he loves it (IDK WHY BEING CHUBBY WOULD MATTER TO ANYONE CHUBBY PEOPLE R SO HOT FUCK)
- you two have a rly goooooodddddd night ;)

- obviously bc she’s a huge lesbian lmao
- kisses u everywhere and makes u blush u////u
- when she first sees u she has stars in her eyes like a steven universe character or smthing
- “wow..mc.. you’re so pretty”
- lots of attention from her because she wants u to feel loved lots and lots

BTS Reaction to You (gf) Fan Girling Over EXO

I hope you guys like this reaction. I thought it would be kind of cute. <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Jin: He watched as you screamed over watching Lay on Star Chef. He would clearly show his jealousy. “You know I can cook too! Stop looking at him like that! I am your boyfriend.”

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Suga: “That’s nice and all. Just wake me up when you are done freaking out.” He wouldn’t really care. He would know that you liked them and would maybe even attempt to introduce you to them. Besides that, he wouldn’t mind, as long as you still fan girl over his music.

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J-Hope: He would watch in horror as you freaked out over how cute and adorable Xiumin was. He would act super cute to get your attention. “I can be cute! I am so much cuter!”

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Rapmon: “Okay, but Chanyeol isn’t a better rapper than me, right?” He would be a little annoyed every time you repeat Chanyeol’s part in Two Moons. He would eventually just unplug your headphones and force you to listen to a new rap he was working on.

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Jimin: “What do you mean Kai is the best dancer in Korea? Have you seen me?” He would be a little annoyed as you watched Kai’s solo dance video over and over again. He would give you the cold shoulder until you apologized and told him that he was a better dancer.

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V: He would fan girl with you. “I know, Baekhyun is amazing! He is like my mom you know. I could see if I can introduce you!” He would play the music on repeat and sing with you.

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Jungkook: He would watch as you tried to learn the dance for Overdose. “I can teach you if you really want. But wouldn’t you rather learn our dance for Dope?”

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