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Not gonna lie... I read Satisfaction Brought It Back because you suggested it... You are so right... It's great... And not just for the smut... Great plot and character development... Some great twists... Then combine that with corporate espionage and the fact that almost everyone from the show is SUPER kinky, and you've got a Grade A masterpiece that tops 50 Shades of Crap any and every day... Thanks for the A+ recc!!! :D

This has been a public service announcement. ;)


So I got some feedback from my last commission info post, so I thought I’d update it. I thought if I kept the information broad, people would ask for bigger and bigger commissions until I’d have to ask people to scale back a bit, but now I’m led to believe that isn’t the case, and people want more clarity. So the above post is more of what I had in mind.

Remember, if you just ask for a bust, I’ll probably charge the same, but I’ll work on it just as long as I would on something that was 3 characters in a scene, and I’d simply bring it up to a higher level of polish. I’m using this as a way to practice drawing multiple characters interacting, but also I’m trying to experiment with a way to do commissions that I can get a lot of satisfaction out of too.

So just message me, email me, let me know what you think!

PLL 7x13 Hold Your Piece - thoughts (confirmation Charlotte is alive in this episode?)

Overall, a general step up from last week’s episode which was one of the worst of the series. Still disappointing, and I still want to know when the love letter to the fans begins.

We started off interesting and then it went straight to filler. Ffs.


The Hanna doll was creepy! I loved that. And cutting into the doll was a clever interpretation of appendix. Even I didn’t think of that Hanna, nice!

Making Aria, out of all the liars, be the tech genius was definitely fan-service to the Aria is A theorists. And I love that the writers did that. They respect the fans. It’s the final season and they want to satisfy everyone; Aria won’t be A, but it’s about time they showed Aria be stronger than usual (both physically - pushing Sydney and also in terms of how smart she was by planting the GPS tracking chip in Sydney’s bag).

I like that Sydney got some clarification but my gosh - will we ever find out who was the fourth person to the picnic in 505?

I’m going to cop hate for this. But I LOVED not having Alison around. I’ve always been a firm believer that this show started going down once Alison came back alive, mainly in season 5. With just the simple absence of Alison, it felt like a good old season 3 or 4 episode. And I loved those vibes. I love seeing the group of 4 without Ali, sometimes.

Yvonne dying honestly shocked me! It happened out of nowhere! Good job writers, for shocking me. I definitely knew it was coming, I’m not shocked that she died, but more so the way and time she died. One second she’s confessing how happy she is, next second, literally, she’s gone. I really felt so terrible for Toby.

Fury and Spencer. Get absolutely lost. Couldn’t care less. I can’t believe how much time they wasted playing ping pong. I understand fillers. But THAT much is just stupid.

I liked that short, cute Spaleb scene. “I like how easy that was”

Caleb helping with the board game.. thank god. If they waited until episode 9 to enlist Caleb, I would’ve been so frustrated. At least we can get some sort of satisfaction that the girls are somewhat trying to beat the game.

“Hey Loser” … try harder AD. Sounds like a threat the kids on the playground use. And stop using the Spongebob Squarepants font, please!

The final scene had me so so so disappointed. I initially thought it was a betrayal scene - Fury is working for AD! They had him in black, with gloves, an A package, everything! But no. It was him as a police officer opening a package from AD. Bummer. I would’ve LOVED a betrayal there (Fury working for AD).

LUCAS MADE THE BOARD GAME. I still stand by this. It’s what PLL does - they make the characters fall in love with each other (not literally in love) only for a massive betrayal to happen. Right before Toby was revealed as A in 312, Spoby hooked up. Right before Ezra was revealed as “A”, Ezria spent the entire episode together. And now, right before Lucas is going to be revealed as working for AD, Hanna says all that lovey-dovey stuff about being a great friend. It’s a normal tactic used in TV: let the character confess their love so that the betrayal is even more shocking.

I can’t help but think that AD gave Spencer a soft/easy task because AD is Spencer’s sister (a Drake). I mean, the writers went out of their way to highlight that Spencer got it easier. Maybe this is important.

The finger is surely Rollins’. 5 years later??? It can’t be Jessica’s. I think this is the beginning of AD revealing what the girls did.

Can I get a hell yeah for no new characters!! It’s almost like the writers learnt their lesson from 712, yet obviously they didn’t because this episode was made months ago. But still. No new characters = at absolute least 4/10 on my scales. Hence last week got a 2/10, and didn’t even get a reactions post like this. My screen did not get a brick through it tonight because Addison wasn’t in it. Thank god. My screen is safe.

And finally. This episode, for me, almost confirmed that Charlotte is alive. I haven’t seen anyone else say this which is surprising me because it’s the very first place my mind went. Like, instantaneously my mind went there. Sydney said there’s an Anonymous Donor paying for Jenna’s surgery. Ummmmm… last episode, Jenna literally told us that Charlotte agreed to pay for another surgery for her eyes! I pray to god Charlotte is not AD but she could just be an anonymous donor without being AD, if that makes sense.

And wow, the promo for next week!! No way are we actually going to find out who killed Jessica in a random, non-finale episode. I don’t expect to get solid confirmation. We won’t hear the explicit sentence “X killed Jessica because Y”. We will find out more clues, but I am 98% sure we won’t get solid confirmation. It’ll be another Sara Harvey. Heavily implied it is someone, but not 100% confirmed. (But all the clues will point to Peter. He’ll be the one this reveal will base around.)

Overall.. 6.5/10. For the final episodes, I’m still somewhat disappointed, but it was a step up from last week. I can’t give it more than 7 because we missed our queen Mona. 

‘River on the Rise’ by Debra Blake for Vegetarian Times, March 1988 (Part II, final)

How the family took their vision to Hollywood dates back 10 years ago, to their final days in Venezuela. The family had little money when they left the religious community and River, along with his sister Rainbow, often took to the streets, restaurants, and even airport waiting areas to sing to people, entertaining them while trying to earn a dollar. River had been playing guitar since before he was 5 years old, and his talent became increasingly apparent to Arlyn and John. Back in the States, the family headed straight for Los Angeles, where Arlyn took a job at a broadcasting company to get the family’s collective foot in Hollywood’s door.

“We weren’t going for the glamour or the fame of it all,” Arlyn says. “We were going to take the kids’ talent-which was so obvious-to us-and turn it into something and help make change at the same time. That’s why we went.”

Weren’t they afraid that the kids wouldn’t share their vision, or perhaps lose sight of it as the endless glittery parties began to welcome them, threatening to turn them into Hollywood brats?

“No,” says Arlyn. “I knew they wouldn’t get into the Hollywood scene. We had our own business to attend to, and it wasn’t Hollywood. It was making change in the world.”

River’s business is making change, too. He’s clear on that score. “If I didn’t think I could be a part of a movement that could influence,” he says, “and be a part of helping and change, if I couldn’t help that through what I’m doing, I wouldn’t do this. But I’m seeing that through this position-in this career, and where I have these magazine interviews- I can be an example, and I think that’s important. In all the interviews I do, I say something about my being vegan. I don’t want to come off as if I’m a savior. I’m only a very small part of anything, but I think it’s important to be involved. I’m interested in meditation and finding spiritual fulfillment. But for me to just go off and devote my life to monkhood in the jungle would be ultimately abandoning the world, and the consciousness would be on a selfish level. I think I can do a lot more good for this planet if I am out there.”

River is still young. Does he share his mother’s confidence that he’ll be able to withstand the pressures that Hollywood places on young people-pressures that make them grow up quickly, losing their dreams and ideals in the process?

“Being out there,” River says slowly, looking around at the giant oak trees on the lawn, “you can go astray, and everything can be destroyed. I’m aware of that, but I don’t think I’ll get into that. Maybe I’m lucky; I’m not really attracted to all of that now. I think I’ll be strong enough, but I do see there’s that chance.

"You can’t really make any plans about things like this, though. You go with the flow but still against the grain, not for the ego of it but for the belief of it. The only thing I have to show is how I live. The vegan thing is one of the main things. I’m a peaceful person; I think that’s manifested through how I live. I don’t start trouble. But time will tell.”

River has moved around a lot over the years. He was born in Oregon, went with the family to South America as a young child, and has lived in countless California towns. He’s traveled-sometimes with only part of the family-to different countries to film on location. Just before last Thanksgiving the whole family moved to Florida, where they now reside. They wanted to leave the Hollywood scene and revive ideals about living in the country.

Florida winter afternoons are warm, and River spends hours in the garage, hunched over his new 12-string guitar. His hands are square and strong, and after so many years they’re used to playing the chords that sound good to him. He has the guitar plugged into an amplifier, and the rock rhythms echo out in the yard. He’s not in school (he was privately tutored for most of his life), and he says he’s not interested in working until the summer. These days he’s mostly hanging around, traveling a bit, hoping a bass guitarist will read the signs he placed around the University of Florida campus. “Needed,” the signs read. “Bass guitarist with young blood who’s into progressive rock and roll, jazz. For demo recordings.” River is looking for a buddy to jam with.

If he didn’t have his acting career, River thinks he could be a musician. He’s driven to it. “I love music,” he says. “It’s so much a part of me.” The roster of his favorite musicians is long and eclectic; he’s especially into early Squeeze and U2. But the rest of his list reads like the playlist of an early ‘70s FM station. “I like jazz, folk music, Bob Dylan. Older Bowie and old Roxy Music to fall asleep to. I like old Steely Dan music and some Pink Floyd. Old Led Zeppelin, too. The Beatles are my Bible; that goes without saying. And I like classical music.”

Modern music disappoints River, and he doesn’t like much of what’s commercially produced. His tastes in books and movies also show that River has one foot in a different age. He sounds a little frustrated by that, and says things like “movies nowadays. ..books nowadays. .. music nowadays.”

He doesn’t see too many new movies, preferring witty, intelligent classic comedies, and he likes the great slapsticks. But his idealism comes through even here. “I haven’t seen Cry Freedom [about Steven Biko, a martyred black South African], but it’s top on my list for a real conscious movie. And I liked Brazil. I like intense movies. Did you ever see Brother Sun, Sister Moon? It’s about St. Francis. I felt a rebirth after I saw that.”

He doesn’t find much time for reading, though he’d like to, but somehow he’s picked up a lot of information on health and political issues. The novels he’s read, or would like to read, are those that kids grew up on 15 and 20 years ago: Catcher in the Rye and Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger, Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha, Richard Bach’s Illusions, Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

As for his own movies, he’s hot enough to be selective about the scripts he accepts, and he’s been pretty happy with the results. “I feel no need to invest in a movie unless I have an incredible passion for it,” he says. “And one that will not only be good for me but one I can be proud of-one that’s a benefit to society. I always hope the movie will, if nothing else, be a part of good art and influence people in a good way.”

Up to now, there’s been no compromising in River’s work, and he’s not planning on changing his record. Even as a child, no commercials he ever made endorsed white bread, and when he was in Seven Brides, the family made sure he wouldn’t have to go fishing or wear a coonskin cap.

River still chooses carefully, hoping the ideals he lives by will be reflected in the characters he plays. He liked his character of Chris Chambers in Stand by Me, directed by Rob Reiner. “Chris came off as a victim of the mentality of his town, but he was a good person. He was a great friend, he was loyal and he wasn’t an idiot-not just a big dumb l2-year-old. He was a real sweet guy, smart and intelligent. A good character.”

The last movie he worked on was Sidney Lumet’s Running on Empty. (Lumet directed Dustin Hoffman in the Academy Award-winner Tootsie.) River plays the son of parents whose antimilitary activities have kept them on the run for years. River likes the character but sees him as a victim, too.

“In dramas, kids usually are victims, either to their parents or to society:’ River explains. "I want to get away from that. It would be wonderful to see someone already in a clear-minded reality take it from there and maybe go beyond that, show what can happen.”

He can’t say precisely what kinds of films he’d like to do or what kind of work will draw him next. Theater would be interesting, perhaps, and possibly directing at some point. Unlike many actors, he’s not even thinking about who he’d like to work with. “I would like to work with Rob Reiner again,” he says, “Maybe just a cameo role in one of his movies. But for the most part I don’t think like that. I figure that time will tell, and if it’s right, I’ll meet the right people and work with them at some point.” Outwardly, River has few doubts about himself, as an individual and as a Phoenix family member. “I’m definitely an individual,” he said. “I feel very secure as an individual. And I’m proud of my family and what we’ve done together. I’m a product of my family, just like everybody else. These are my roots.

"I just want to live my life. Acting is what I love to do, and it’s worked out this way. I don’t know if it’s God’s perfect plan or whatever, but for me, not only do I love it and get great satisfaction out of it, but also I can work my beliefs in. I’m free to believe in what I do, and I can share those beliefs with others. Not in a preaching way, not telling others, but just by what I do. I find that very fulfilling.”

After lunch-tabouli, nori, blue corn chips, tofu omelet, tahini dressing-River and Rainbow, like older brother and sister in any family, take the family jeep to pick up the other kids from school. Back home, River runs into the yard to swing on the rope hung from one of the oaks. “Hey, look at this!” he yells. While Rainbow watches, River laughs, jumps high and grabs hold. 

A Phoenix on the rise.


On this day in music history: June 11, 1966 - “Paint It Black” by The Rolling Stones hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 2 weeks. Written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, it is the third US chart topper for the legendary British rock band fronted by lead singer Mick Jagger. Coming off of their most successful year to date, with The Rolling Stones scoring their first two US number one singles ((“I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” and “Get Off Of My Cloud”) and their first chart topping album (“Out Of Our Heads”), the band keep up their frenetic pace into 1966. When it is first written, “Paint It Black” is originally intended to be a “comedy track” with bassist Bill Wyman doing a parody of The Rolling Stones first manager Eric Easton, whose former job was working as a theater organist. Recorded at RCA Victor Studios in Hollywood, CA on March 6 - 9, 1966, it is cut during the sessions for the bands next album “Aftermath”. The song takes on a completely different tone when drummer Charlie Watts changes the basic rhythm and guitarist Brian Jones adds a sitar giving it its signature sound. Wyman also plays the bass pedals of an organ with his fists on the track. Released as a stand alone single in the UK (May 7, 1966 US, May 13, 1966 UK), the song is included on the US release of Aftermath (released on June 20, 1966), it becomes an immediate smash and one of the Stones best known songs. Entering the Hot 100 at #48 on May 14, 1966, it streaks to the top of the chart four weeks later. “Paint It Black” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

// Might be late to this bandwagon, but I absolutely love this application. Have been using it for 5 months and it’s helped me stay organized + productive (two favorite words, mmm). It can be useful in so many ways for almost anyone, but I specifically use it as a “lab encyclopedia”.

Why I Use It:

After reading so many articles about very specific methods / results, I realized I couldn’t remember them all and I needed to summarize - but I wanted a depot for all the summaries so it would be useful for me. I also wanted to keep track of the theory behind some of the research I do, like why certain proteins aren’t present in rat liver naturally, or how to take care of certain cell lines I use.

How I Keep It:

Within the notebook “Lab Encyclopedia” (I’ve got other notebooks that I use with my supervisor and we share experimental plans and debriefing of meetings on it), I’ve got 10 tabs/chapters

  1. Project (list of experiments do to for all the projects I’m working on)
  2. Pathology (theory behind the disease(s) I’m focused on)
  3. Organs (theory on how disease affects the organ, what we already know)
  4. Organelles (articles on the disease + particular organelles play a role)
  5. Proteins (known proteins involved in particular disease/metabolism)
  6. Methods (theory behind experimental methods (not actual procedure))
  7. Cell Lines (information on all the cell lines I work on)
  8. Pathways (protein signalling pathways in articles that seem intriguing)
  9. Possible Antibodies (narrowed-down list of proteins to look at, and where to find them in stores + reason they’re interesting)
  10. UB (R code for programming for bioinformatic analysis for a project)

*Within these tabs, I’ve got specific pages for each section. For example, under “General Pathology”, there are 3 pages: “Fatty Liver Disease”, “Obesity”, “Insulin Resistance”.

How I Use It:

I started the encyclopedia off by taking a review article that combined info from a lot of good articles, and jotted down the main ideas. Whenever I got to terms that I wanted to remember, like “nonalcoholic fatty liver disease” versus “nonaslcoholic steatohepatitis”, I wrote them down and found simple definitions for them and highlighted the word (like a dictionary). When I want to talk about a good article and their results, I put them all under a heading like “fatty liver disease and insulin resistance”, include the link (displaying the name and authors instead of the link), and then a nice little summary.

Some of these pages I share with my supervisor (like the antibodies page), but I actually have a separate notebook that I share completely with him that includes all meeting details so that we’re on the same page when I leave a meeting with him.

On my phone, I use the OneNote app, and it comes with a list feature. I included a list of all the experiments I need to do for each of the projects I work on (my thesis + collaboration projects) - down to the specific trial number so that I can get some satisfaction after spending 3 days on a trial.

I’m sorry this was a long description for something that not many people are going to use it for, but I thought if I described it, someone might be inspired to use it in a different and personalized way as well!

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What's a healthy way to channel your sexual energy without resorting to masturbation or pornography?

Well, why, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with masturbation and pornography as ways to release sexual energy and sexual tension, as long as they don’t control majority of your waking life, preventing you from living normally (aka you’re not an addict). 

Sex’s not a bad thing, especially when it’s consensual and you pretty much can’t be nothing but consensual with yourself :D

There are so many bad vibes regarding sex in this world, all created by angry old men with locked up libidos (aka religions). Think about how life would be if we had similar attitude to food!

“Oh god… I’m really into strawberries… I can’t get satisfaction without strawberries… They make the dessert so, so, so much better…”

“I had my first burger when I was 20… I’m sure others had it a lot earlier…”

“You know, I heard from Jim that he had been eating carrot soup with Sally…! Can you believe it! Jim’s meat lover, he should stay away from carrot soup.”

“Fish dish are sinful. Eating is sinful. You must always be a hungry or live with fluids only. You will be punished after death and in this life time if you eat anything else but fluids!”


“Eating alone makes you go blind.”

“Don’t eat until marriage”.

P.S. Follow those sex guidelines with yourself which feel good to you. Not based on fear or shame, but in “well, this is not my kinda thing” and “Oh I really like this!”

I main Teemo, and when I play him, I build the most toxic builds humanly possible–if I can be called human anymore. My purpose is to get satisfaction, not only from the enemy team’s rage, but from my team’s tears as well. One of my favorite builds is Zz'rot split push/bait Teemo. I can put Zz'rot portal in the jungle, and I wait until some poor target comes for it. No one can 1v1 me, and the enemy’s flame makes me smile and laugh like the devil I am.

i’m only continuing to pay attention to this season for one more week just so i can get the satisfaction of both bruno and neda walking through those doors next thursday

Okay literally nobody asked for this, but I’ve been thinking if these songs are on Tim’s phone, these are probably the some of the ones on Jack’s:

  • Welcome to the Jungle, Guns N’ Roses
    • Jack probably has this played over the external speakers as the dropships unload Loader Bots onto unsuspecting settlements.
  • Walk this Way, Aerosmith
    • Jack dances to this alone in his office and you can’t convince me otherwise.
  • Don’t Stop Me Now, Queen
    • Jack knows how to have a good time; unfortunately that usually means a bad time for someone else, but they don’t count.
  • (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, The Rolling Stones
    • There’s no end to Jack’s ambition, really; this guy gets it.
  • Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen
    • Someone once mentioned (and of course now I can’t remember the context) the possibility of Jack on a murder spree while this song plays in the background, and he’s exactly the kind of asshole who would do that.
  • Bonus: Sleep Now In the Fire, Rage Against the Machine
    • I refuse to consider Rage Against the Machine classic rock, but I remain convinced that Jack would like this song regardless. It speaks to him on a murdery-level.

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Playlist for a crazy day with Dally? 😊❤️

Thank you so much for requesting, darling xx


1960s’ Music:
1. Gloria by The Doors
2. (I Can Get No) Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones
3. You Really Got Me by The Kinks
4. Hard Headed Woman by Elvis Presley
5. Foxy Lady by The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Post 1960s’ Music:
1. Rock The Casbah by The Clash
2. Psycho by Muse
3. Brianstorm by Arctic Monkeys
4. Emperor’s New Clothes by Panic! At The Disco
5. I Don’t Care by Fall Out Boy

Hope you’ll like it 💕

Also, having concrete lists does me a world of good. Posting them on tumblr is helpful, because it makes me feel accountable  (even though I’m really not), but I can also get a lot of benefit from writing things down on a note card and crossing them off as I do them. Note cards are better for me than journal pages or grocery list paper or whatever, because they look small and thus make me believe that my responsibilities are manageable. And I can put it in my pocket and pull it out when I feel lost and forgetful!

The note card is especially helpful when I have lots of little errands and chores I’ve been putting off that amalgamate to one big scary responsibility-monster in my head. If they’re written down, I can focus on them individually and get satisfaction from striking them off the list.

Barry and Iris trying to break their apartment in with sexy times.

AN: So many requests for this one! Finally caught up with the Flash so I can get this off my checklist. 

As her coat falls to the floor, Barry’s arms come around to bring her even closer. His mouth is like velvet against hers; he kisses her with a type of control that she can barely rein, and his fingers press her hips gently to his. Iris can’t quite remember when Barry became so openly handsy, unafraid to splay his palms over her body at any chance he gets, but it tends to feed the fluttering in her chest and the heat between her legs.

So when he squeezes her bottom and lifts her to the tips of her toes, she’s already out of breath.


There’s a thought on the tip of her tongue that loses itself to the way Barry deepens the kiss. 

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