i can get my dashboard too

you know, every time i think 2016 can’t possibly get any worse, it somehow does.

august shouldn’t be mourned, but jesus, this hurts. their blog seemed like it was a bright spot on my overwhelmingly negative dashboard. too bad the person behind it was such a fucking awful human. i guess nothing’s sacred anymore.

to be absolutely, 100% clear: i do not blame the victims. this is not your fault. i’m so sorry for what you had to go through, and if any of you need to talk, please do. i’ll listen.

my condolences to the victims. may healing find you in whatever form it takes. 

here’s hoping that anyone who appreciated that humor and unknowingly supported an abuser can find a new blog to fill that spot of positivity. i’ll try. 

in the end, it’s better for everyone that we know. the victims can heal and get closure, and the rest of us won’t unknowingly support such a shitty person.

good luck to the victims, and good riddance to august. i trusted you, but you’ve let me down.

my askbox is open, and i’m going to turn messaging back on. please, anyone who wants to talk about this, go ahead.

to sum up: august is awful and i sincerely hope that they never tarnish this site with their presence again. i hope we can all move forward and move past what undoubtedly hurts for a lot of people who trusted them. it’ll be hard for me, but i aim to be 100% there for the people they hurt.

thank you, and have a good night.


German Langblrs?

Boyfriend and I are beginning to learn German. He wants to go to Oktoberfest next year and then we’re seriously considering moving to Germany in a couple years. I have some family friends there too, but as we get started with duolingo and post-it notes around the house, it’d be nice to see some pointers on my dashboard from time to time.

If anyone can recommend anyone or wants to reblog/like this post, I’ll follow! 

Dating Luke would Include...

•"Where the fuck is my hair gel"
•singing you to sleep (omg yes pls)
•his legs hitting your dashboard in the car
•"will you get a bigger car, my legs fell asleep"
•complimenting his legs 24/7
•him trying to teach you how to play the guitar
•"Luke why the fuck is this guitar so long"
•him being longer than your bed
•his legs dangling off your bed
•"can we just fucking cuddle on the floor"
•when you try to steal his sweatpants but they’re too long
•Late night food runs
•You trying to make him go to the mall
•"I’m just going to sit on a bench for 10 hours while you shop"
•you telling him you’ll buy him food
•"sign me the fuck up, let’s go"
•"where’s the food? You promised me food"
•him whining 24/7 at each store you walk in
•him finally shutting up when you buy him food
•"gotta show these people you’re mine babe"

Answering some asks~

Hey there!! I apologize if you sent an ask over a month ago, but lately I’ve been letting them pile up on my inbox so I can reply at most of them together, so to not spam everyone’s dashboards too much ;u;

Some are replies to anon, so if you’ve sent anything, please check below! ♥

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what to do when you’re crying & can’t stop

so this happened to me today and i did all the wrong things to try to stop it and it only made it worse. so now i’m here to help you :-)

when you are still crying:
-lay down and relax
-scroll through cute animal pics or anything that usually makes you happy (i just scrolled through my tumblr dashboard)
-i made a “comfort” tag full of comforting things and cute stuff (no gore or anything scary) so u can scroll thru that too
-hug a stuffed animal or pillow
-take slow breaths. this will be hard at first bc you will be hiccuping and hyperventilating a lot (that might be just me) but it’ll get easier
-try not to think about what makes you sad
-listen to happy music
-text a friend and pretend you haven’t been crying (their happiness could rub off on ya!)

when you are done crying & hiccuping:
-rinse off your face with cold water
-drink some water too
-eat if you’re hungry
-if you have puffy eyes, put cucumbers or a cool towel over them to reduce puffiness
-moisturize your face

what not to do while ur trying to stop crying:
-don’t cough unless you can’t help it
-don’t wash ur face or brush ur teeth bc you’ll accidentally swallow toothpaste or soapy water bc ur hiccuping
-don’t try to drink water bc u might choke
-basically don’t put liquids near your face
-don’t talk on the phone or talk at all bc you won’t be able to breath properly and ur words will be broken up and no one will be able to understand what ur saying
-don’t hold ur breath to muffle your crying sounds. it won’t feel good at all and it won’t work, trust me
-you don’t have to explain why you are crying unless you want to

reblog to help a buddy out when they’re sad and crying ! also feel free to add on to the list if you have more advice :–)


My current project…learning to make Tumblr Dashboard themes so I can look at his pretty face while scrolling through pages full of his pretty face…because no, there isn’t ever going to be TOO MUCH of his pretty face lol 


If I get all the details fixed the way I want it, I’ll share it! Maybe make some other designs too…=o) Have a happy day!

getsosd  asked:

Hello Bella my name is Bella. I used to run a 1D blog but 5SOS jut had to ruin my life (3rd time this has happened, I really need a new hobby) but anyways I was wondering if you could check out my blog and maybe give me some recommendations for fics and even blogs to follow? I would appreciate it...xx

hi bella!!! lovely name lol. sorry it took me awhile to get around to answering this…school’s been kicking my butt :( i’m honored that you thought to come to me, but i’m probably not your best bet when it comes to things like this because i follow way too many blogs that don’t post about 5sos and i’ve never been big on fics. ironic considering i attempt to write them…i know. but!!! i can tell you a few of my favorite blogs. there are so many great ones, but i’m awful about keeping up with people/my dashboard. here’s who comes to mind immediately though:

@fvesos, @clemmingz, @lovingluke, @cliffosaurus, @footballcal, @lukenut, and @lukemichael

that’s not very many at all, and i’m sure i left out some of my best mutuals, but it’s only because i’m a scatterbrained doof

i hope this helps even just a little bit!!! i’ll check out ur blog for sure :)

(please don’t take it personally if we’re mutuals and i didn’t mention you in this cause in all honestly i just forgot. my dash is an absolute wreck. i follow way too many non 5sos blogs and need to do some major reorganizing)

Loving Can Hurt

Summary: When someone falls in love with Dan, they get amnesia, essentially forgetting they knew him, let alone ever loved him.

Yes, I’m still working on Soundless and that requested songfic, just one thing at a time! As for this, I don’t expect the story to be too long, but I am uploading it in parts, because, I don’t know about you, but I hate those EXTREMELY long fics that take forever to scroll through just to get to the next post on my dashboard. So I won’t do that to my followers:) Let me know if you like this and want to see them fall in love <3  

Word Count: 2,669

Warnings: Fluff?

{Master Post}

*EDIT: This fic IS completed, so if you find any of the “Next Chapter” links crossed out or not working, please let me know so I can attempt to fix them!*




Dan lived alone. Mostly by choice. He can’t seem to have a flatmate or family member who wants to live with him. His family, for obvious reasons, doesn’t want to live with him, because, well, he’s twenty-four years old. He’s a grown man, who shouldn’t still be living with family. As for friends, that’s another story.

Living–or having–friends is dangerous ground. At first, the friendships might mean nothing. But as they keep moving forward, things sometimes … happen. The more someone (excluding family) gets to know Dan, the more they end up liking him. Which is good for most people in the universe. Just not Dan. Because when people like Dan just a little too much, they seem to forget who he is.

Dan doesn’t know why this happens. He hates it. No one can ever truly love him, or else they forget him.

Dan was convinced that he was never meant to have love in this world. He could love someone, but they couldn’t love him back. The world wouldn’t allow Dan that pleasure. So he goes to work, and comes home, alone. He doesn’t try to make friends, and he doesn’t try to have a nice time with anyone. All because he doesn’t want them to forget him.

But there was this one person. This one person Dan couldn’t stay away from, no matter how much he wanted to. He knew his name and he knew his face. He knew his laugh, his likes, his dislikes. All because Dan knew him before he forgot who Dan was.

Phil Lester loved Dan a little too much. And he forgot all about it.


One Year Ago

Dan hated Mondays. Or maybe Mondays hated him. They always started out the worst, and ended with the worst. He couldn’t ever seem to beat Mondays, no matter how much he tried. But today, this Monday, things were different.

It didn’t start off too bad. His alarm woke him up at the proper time, his clothes weren’t in a crumpled pile on the floor–though his tie was still a tangled mess from when he tried to take it off last night–and his milk hadn’t gone bad quite yet, so he could have a bowl of cereal before work. Today would be the first Monday in a long time that didn’t start of terrible.

Or so Dan thought.

He missed his train to work. Missed it by just two minutes, despite running through the streets like a maniac trying to catch it in time. The next one wouldn’t be for a while, so he had no choice but to call his boss and tell him his unfortunate circumstance.

“Late!?” his boss had practically shouted on the other end of the line. “Howell, this is the third time this month!”

“I know, I’m sorry. I just–”

“Don’t try to explain it to me. Today is your last day of being late. One more time, and you’re done, Howell. You hear me?”

“Yes, sir,” Dan replied lowly. His boss was never usually a jerk. He was actually a pretty nice guy. Which is why Dan wasn’t mad at the fact that he was being chewed out for being late again. He knew he was in the wrong. His boss was only doing what he was supposed to do.

“Good. See you soon,” his boss said, cutting off the line before Dan could say anything else. Not that he had anything to add, anyway.

While Dan waited for the next train, he leaned against the wall and sunk down to the ground to fix his tie. He took the whole thing off, not wanting to undo the knot it was already in. He wasn’t sure he could get it back into a knot if he undid it completely.

“You look like your struggling,” someone said, hovering over Dan.

Dan looked up at the man, who had coal black hair and pale skin. He was kind of like Dan’s opposite–cold looking with a fringe styled in the opposite direction of Dan’s.

“What makes you say that?” Dan asked. It was true, though. He was struggling quite a bit with his tie.

The man chuckled. “You look very focused there with your tongue sticking out between your lips and your brows furrowed. Not to mention that it’s been nearly seven minutes since you started working on that tie, and you still haven’t gotten it properly.” He smiled down at Dan, his gaze sympathetic.

“Yeah, well, I was never really taught how to tie a tie. I mean, I would use a clip-on, but my boss says that makes me look less professional. I don’t see how he could tell it was a clip-on, though. It looked real enough to me.” Dan dropped his tie on the dirty ground, not caring about it any longer. He was already late to work. Nothing could get much worse until later in the day.

“Let me help?” the man asked.

“Have at it,” Dan said, picking the tie up off the ground and handing it to him.

The man took it with ease, sitting down on the floor in front of Dan as he did so. “My dad taught me a trick, once,” the man said, undoing the knot Dan had the tie in. “It’s simple. Here, I’ll show you.” He got the knot undone, and set the tie down flat on the floor. “First, make two loops on each end of the tie, going in opposite directions.”

The man kept talking, but Dan wasn’t really listening. He was too busy focusing on the gentle way his hands touched the tie, careful to not mess it up or get it dirty from the ground. And his voice … it was soothing, in a way. Dan liked listening to him explain something he should probably be paying attention to.

“… then just put it through there and put it around your neck!” the man finished. “Here.” He put the big loop over Dan’s head, letting the tie drape down. “Just adjust it to how you need it, and you should be good to go. Easy, right?”

“Yeah,” Dan mumbled, slightly unsure what he was talking about. Oh, right. The tie. Dan grabbed the newly formed knot and slid it up, adjusting the tie as it needed to be. He couldn’t remember the last time it looked so good. “Wow, thanks …” he trailed off.

“Phil,” the man supplied. “My name is Phil.”

“Thanks, Phil.” Dan stood up, Phil following suit. Phil brushed off his clothes as if he was covered in dust and dirt from the few minutes he sat on the ground. “Guess I should be watching for my train. Don’t want to be late twice in one day,” Dan chuckled awkwardly.

Phil smiled. “You already late?”

“Yeah. Missed the first stop by two minutes. What rubbish.” Dan put his hands in his pockets, unsure of what to do with them. He hated being awkward when talking to people. Social interaction wasn’t really his thing. Especially when love was involved. But he wouldn’t think about that now.

“That’s unfortunate. I’ve only been late maybe once or twice, but I know the feeling. It’s like the moment you’re late, your whole day is thrown off,” Phil said, smiling knowingly.


A second later, the next train into town came to a stop. The doors opened and people flooded out. Dan supposed he should hurry up and get on the train. He couldn’t afford to miss it. But he didn’t really want to stop talking to Phil. He liked him. He was nice and had helped him tie his tie. Even if Dan wasn’t listening to a word he had been saying.

“Thanks for helping me out with the tie,” Dan said to Phil.

“No problem. Glad I was able to! I like helping people whenever I can.”

Dan nodded once and smiled before making sure he had all of his belongings and getting on the train. He made it just as the doors were closing. He stood at the door, clutching one of the poles to stay upright as the train began to move. Phil stood in the same spot Dan had left him in, watching as the train took off, taking Dan with it.

For a brief moment, Dan had wondered if he would see Phil again. Chances were, he’d only see him again if he was late to work. And Dan would never be late again. He already told his boss as much.  


Dan’s boss made him stay an hour later to make up for the hour of time he missed this morning. He also gave him another rather long lecture on being late to work.

“It looks bad on me when my employees are late!” he said. He didn’t yell at Dan, so much as he did just tell him like it was a casual conversation. “I like you, Howell. You’re a good worker here. But I can’t keep letting you be late. It’s not fair to everyone else who works just as hard. They show up on time, so can you.”

Dan mumbled along, agreeing with what he was saying. Dan knew he was right. He just didn’t want to admit to anything.

Dan had to catch the evening train, this one less crowded than the last. He was able to find a seat next to a man who was scrolling through his phone with a pair of headphones in. He had the music up pretty loud, which allowed Dan to hear the song. Barely. It was MCR, much to Dan’s surprise. He didn’t think people still listened to them anymore.

“No way!” the man next to Dan said rather loudly. He must not realize how loud his voice was because of his music. “It’s you!”

Dan looked over, only to find Phil. He was the man listening to MCR. What were the chances of seeing him again? This soon, to be exact?

“How strange! Never thought I’d see you again,” Phil said. “Even more so since you never told me your name. You know, that really bothered me earlier. It was only after you hopped on the train that I realized you didn’t tell me your name.” Phil pulled the earplugs out of his ears and wrapped them around his phone, shoving it in his pocket.

“Oh. My name’s Dan,” he replied.

“Well, Dan. I think it’s spooky that I ran into you again. How is it that we never crossed paths before?”

Dan considered this. “Maybe because of our work hours? I mean, I was late by an hour, and an hour late getting home, too. I’m usually caught in the traffic an hour prior to now. Same for the morning.” It made sense. They both used the same method of transportation, only one hour difference between when they did.

“Interesting,” Phil said. “Must be it. But twice in one day?”

“Yeah, that’s a little strange,” Dan agreed, smiling sheepishly.

They sat in silence the rest of the way, which for Dan, was a bit awkward. He hated silence after a good string of conversation. He liked things to keep moving. He could continue the conversation, but he didn’t know what else to say. He didn’t know Phil or his likes. What if he said something wrong and set him off? He seemed nice enough earlier, but that was their first encounter. Everyone tended to be nice when meeting new people for the first time.

When the train stopped, most everyone stood up to exit, including Phil. “I’d say see you around, but I guess that only applies if you’re late to work again.” He smiled at Dan.

“Yeah, I can’t be late again. Don’t want to get fired.” Dan stood up, following everyone else off the train.

“You going to follow me home instead?” Phil asked, a permanent smirk on his face. He arched one brow.

Dan looked flustered. “I–uh–no, I just live right up there.” He pointed upwards.

Phil laughed. “I wouldn’t mind, though.”

Dan’s jaw slacked. Wouldn’t mind what, exactly? “What?” Dan asked dumbly.

“I wouldn’t mind,” Phil repeated. “If you followed me home,” he added with a wink.

Dan’s eyes went wide. How was he supposed to respond to that? “Oh. Confident, are we?” he said instead, mostly evading Phil’s statement.

Phil chuckled. “You have to take chances in life. Phil Lester. Look me up later.” He smiled with his teeth before getting lost in the crowd of people heading up the stairs. Did Phil really just do that? He did.

Dan stood still in the same spot, contemplating Phil’s words. He couldn’t believe it. A random guy–who happened to be extremely cute–just hinted that he wouldn’t mind seeing Dan again. Mondays were supposed to suck. How could something so lovely happen now, of all times?

With a smile, Dan trekked up the stairs and back to his flat. Little did he know, Phil was still lurking around. Watching Dan as he made his way home.


Dan immediately stripped off his work uniform, careful to keep his tie neat, however, before putting on his PJ’s and settling down into his sofa crease. This was Dan’s favorite part of the day. He liked to just lounge around in a comfy pair of clothes, and browse through Tumblr and catch up on TV shows such as Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. He felt more like himself when he wasn’t wearing work or casual clothes.

After a few hours of doing literally nothing, Dan had the sudden recollection of what Phil had told him earlier. Phil Lester. Look me up later.

Should Dan look him up? If he did, how would he know which was the right one? Surely there would be more than one Phil Lester in London. Well, maybe. Dan knows what he looks like. He could just go off a picture then, right?

Dan opened up Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter, just in case Phil only had one social media. He started on Twitter first, because usually that was the easiest way to find people. As soon as he typed in Phil Lester, he got a search result for someone who was verified. Was this his Phil Lester? He clicked on the name, and sure enough, he was in the profile picture. There was no mistaking his black hair, blue-ish eyes, and pale skin. This was him. The guy on the train. But why was he verified?

Phil Lester, Radio DJ at BBC Radio 1. I am official. An official geek, his bio said.

So Phil. The guy Dan ran into twice on the train, was some popular radio DJ with a little over two million Twitter followers? No way.

Dan’s mouse hovered over the follow button. Did he really want to do this? Phil would just see a notification for another fan following him. Dan’s follow would mean nothing. Then again, Phil was the one who told Dan to look him up. This was the end result. He clicked on the follow button. Not a moment later, there was a notification for Dan’s Twitter, telling him Phil had followed him back.

Geez, stalk much? Dan thought, but chuckled at it anyway. He tossed his phone aside, happy with the way this Monday turned out. It was the first time, in a long time, that a Monday didn’t fully hate Dan. Maybe they could start getting along a little better now. After all, it did let him meet Phil. And Dan had a feeling that this was the start of something good, and terribly bad.

Everything should be fine, Dan thought. Just as long as Phil doesn’t fall in love with me.

Dan laughed. Like that’ll ever happen, was Dan’s last thought as he drifted off into sleep that night, completely unaware of where life was going to take him next.

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a LOT of people make posts abt autism speaks on my dashboard…

i have low functioning aspergers syndrome.

i am really reluctant to put this on the internet because of people always telling me that “autism speaks can cure you!!” like my learning disabilities are v personal to me.


they cant cure fucking autism

Autism speaks is a foundation that makes its money off of the dehumanization of autistic people.

And im really pissed because they get some of my favorite people in on their little scheme too.

Dale Ernheart JR.

Alicia Keys


Autism speaks does not give TWO SHITS about autistic people.

I have no positive words for these disgusting peoples scheme and I want you all to educate yourselves on the matter BEFORE you think about donating to big name corporations like these.

R-dog out~

Heartbeat (nalu fluff)
  • Word count: 3822
  • Summary: Lucy understood what people meant when they talked about freezing a moment in time. This moment was so perfect, with Natsu simply hugging her, sleeping by her side, showing her his love for her, that she wished for it to freeze and never end. It was bliss.
  • You can also read it via archieveofourown or fanfiction.net
  • Author’s note: There’s been way too much angst in my dashboard lately. So I thought I would counter attack with almost 4k words of shameless, sickeningly sweet fluffy fic. God knows my heart cannot stand more angst. Enjoy.

It was four o'clock in the afternoon on a cold autumn day. The days were getting shorter and the sunlight was dwindling to a sunset. Soft rays of light found their way in between open curtains to land on the faces of the young married couple. A fire was crackling in the fireplace of their cozy home, keeping the place warm and comfortable.

Lucy was soundly asleep on the couch, with an equally gone Natsu wrapping his arms around her faintly swelled belly. She was lying on her back, since resting on her front had proven impossible during the last weeks; her stomach had become an impassable obstacle.

They were used to napping like this. Ever since she’d learned about her pregnancy, she had discovered that tiredness lingered in her every action, and her normal sleep hours were never enough. Wendy had assured her that it was nothing to worry about. Every woman took her pregnancy differently, and she should listen to her body’s demands. She had also been craving physical contact more than usual, a craving that Natsu was more than happy to satisfy for her. So it became a daily routine: whenever she felt like her eyelids were too heavy and her legs began to give up on her, she would lay down on the bed or the sofa, close her eyes and let her body do its resting.

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nomadsky replied to your post: Hey, caught up on my tumblr dashboard just about…

Let me know what you think, if you try it. And if you ever get stuck with your process, come talk to me. We can rant at each other about writing until we stumble onto something useful ^ ^

Thank you! ^___^ At this point, the biggest problem I have is simply sitting myself down to actually write, but if I manage to get past that and am still having problems, I will certainly ask your advice! 
I hope you’re having a good time with your writing too! Regardless of my own writing, if you ever want to talk about your own, or just rant in my general direction just to get words out, please feel free to! 
(I do sort of think I ought to have tried the non-linear writing technique with my #4 idea, as it’s the one I think you’d be most likely to appreciate, but I’ve already started writing it linearly and it seems to be progressing alright.) 

Updated Spell List on my Blog!

The spell list has been updated on my blog; I decided not to post this update to prevent, ahem, the spamming of the dashboard. Something weird is going on with the editing thing for that post though, I think it’s too long, so I’ve separated it into two pages:

I’ve also decided to compile a list of curses on a SEPARATE post, but that hasn’t been started yet, and might be delayed until we can get internet in the new apartment. (You guys probably hate me now.)

Have fun and good luck! ;)

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I was going to do a quick recap of my week, but I felt like this deserved its own post. On Wednesday I left work to pick up my daughter from practice, and I stopped by a strip mall to pick up some things my son needed. As I pulled in, I noticed this kid in the car parked in front of me. He was resting his head on the dashboard, and when he sat up his head was wobbling like it was too big for his neck.

My first thought was that he was clearly dizzy and then I wondered why he was alone. I approached the car slowly, so he could see me coming. You can’t really tell here, but he was soaking wet from sweat, with a ring of dampness around his collar, at least an inch of wet hair around his head, and sweat dripping into his eyes. I knocked on his window, and he told me, “My mom said I can’t get out of the car.”

I asked where his mom was. “In the store,” he said, indicating the Goodwill with his head. I told him I’d be right back, and I went to talk with the manager of the store who set her employees looking for his mother.

I went back to the car and asked him if he wanted to go in the store with me and find his mom. Looking up at me in shame, he whispered, “I can’t go in now, because I peed my pants.” I was already upset, but I saw red at this. I reassured him that it was no big deal. He was still sweltering in that hot car, and after 15 minutes or so they still couldn’t locate his mother. I called the police.

And then I asked him gently again to open the car door. He told me again that his mom had said to stay in the car, but I told him he would get sick, because it was too hot. He nudged the door open, and you could see that he was relieved by the air immediately. Two Goodwill employees and a young mom with a toddler were now huddled around the car to make sure he was okay, and another mom brought over a bottle of water for him. He looked much better within a few minutes and chatted away, telling me his name and age and confiding, “Don’t worry; I know kung fu to scare away the bad guys.”

At this point one of the Goodwill employees let me know she had found the mom and told her that I’d called the cops. The lady was hurrying to check out so she could get out of there before they arrived. I had asked the 911 operators what I should do if she left before the officers got there, and she’d said, “You can’t really do anything, but I’d like to have a strong word with her.”

A police car drove up just as the woman was rushing to the car. She looked angry at us and asked, “What is the problema?” Then she told the Goodwill manager that she didn’t speak any English (bullshit). I looked at her and said in broken but clear Spanish, “You left him in the car, in the heat, with the windows closed.” I’m sure my look was as rebuking as my tone, and she flushed in embarrassment or anger. At that point the cops took over, and I had to leave to get Sophia. (I’d texted her, and she was waiting at school with friends.)

We swung by that corner to hit Del Taco about 20 minutes later, and there were now two cops talking with the lady. I was glad that they took it so seriously. The crazy thing is this was a woman who looked like she had her shit together. I know I shouldn’t judge by appearances, but she was a tall, well dressed redhead in her late 40s-not a young mom who didn’t know better. The mom of the toddler who waited with me was probably about 20, and she was at least as horrified as I was. The store employees said that the mother had been casually shopping for about an hour. I don’t get it!

The officer called me later for a statement and asked me to email him the photos I’d taken. It seems cold to take a picture, but I had felt the need to document what happened. I’m glad I did. It hurts my heart that there wasn’t more I could do for this sweet little guy.

In two and an half hour, I am going to a cat shelter to see some cats. If I “connect” with one of them I’m going to bring it home on Wednesday, and I’m really, really exited for this. 

Even though I’ve only had two hours of sleep I am so hyped. I might not sound exited, but I’m trying my best to contain myself (I really hope it’s working). 

Bast is even more exited than I am, and she’s absolutely in love with one called Ismail. I have to say he is a very beautiful cat, and I would simply adore giving him the most squishy hug ever. 

I mean, really, just look at him. He’s beautiful. 

I’ll probably get lots and lots of pictures of him and the other cats to show you guys. One can never have too many cats on their dashboard. 


Transgender Day of Visibility || Dead Dogma

Some people who know me personally or have followed my art for a long time may already know this, but since today is TDOV, I feel like a relevant post is appropriate.

I am a transgender artist. I am FtM but consider myself androgynous at heart (he/him or they/them). There are so many beautiful individuals on my dashboard today coming out or celebrating and I hope I can contribute, too. I’m still struggling everyday to get closer to my transition that feels so out of reach but I won’t give up. I have so many people supporting my art and it means to world to me. 

I don’t have any selfies I feel comfortable posting so here are some of my favorite pieces of art I’ve made within the past year.

“Don’t wanna live without teeth, don’t wanna die without bite.”