i can fuq all i want

Because abortions aren't the only way the patriarchy wants to control your junk

OBGYN: Yeah, you are exhibiting all the signs of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I’m so sorry.

Me: Huh? Oh, yeah. Insulin resistance, impossible weight loss, pre-disposition to type II diabetes, painful AF periods. Likelihood of bleed outs. Crap. That blows.

OBGYN: Yeah, well that too.

Me: *blinks* What?

OBGYN: Well, PCOS makes it very difficult for a woman to conceive and carry.

Me: BWHAHAHAHA. Yeah. No. No babies. Ever. Never wanted them. At all. Maternal instinct is not strong with this one. Only upside today.

OBGYN: Well then. Not exactly problem solved, but we’ll run with it.

Me: So about the MIND-SEARING PAIN and occasional HEAVY AF BLEEDING. When can we deal with that.

OBGYN: Not until you are 35.

Me: Dah fuq?

OBGYN: Not my rules. Hospitalization won’t even consider any treatment unless it’s life or death until you’re 35.

Me: Why?

OBGYN: Because you might want to have a baby.

Me: I’m 31. I didn’t want kids when I was 11, I didn’t want them at 21, and I sure as shit don’t want them now. Can’t I just sign a form that says “I don’t ever want a baby take it out, take it out now”?

OBGYN: Nope.

Me: Why?

OBGYN: Government rules. No removal of baby making parts before 35 unless your life is in immediate jeopardy.

TL;DR: The government knows better about your baby making parts than you do.


*Mayday Mayday*
Fat Girl Dancing to who else but the beloved @missymisdemeanorelliott for the 2nd time cos her Beats are wicked.
I am STILL very rusty. My lower back and right foot was “da fuq you doing lady?” I cringed when I watched the vid at first but ehh facing my fear head on! What matters most is how happy dancing and grooving to the best makes me! Cheers to turning up to Happy in life! ✨ and as always - you can criticise, laugh or deride all you want - at least I’m being happy!! ✊🏽 THANK YOU to all the amazing plus size ladies out there who dance to the beat of their hearts and who have empowered me to finally post videos of my jiggles! This video is also a lil happy to pepper your days✨
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mheandal  asked:

I'm sorry laura I just finished reading 'Tomorrow' and I flipped and almost broke all the things on our living room when Jungkook said "do you want champagne baby?" Idk why but I could really imagine those shitty smirk of his when he said that. I'm a proud JK trash ❤

me as fuq tbh i can’t read tomorrow because i know what i did in that finale, and if i read it back (despite being the one who wrote it) i’d flip the fuck out too… thank u for reading fellow jk trash <33 

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they're saying: "where should i our wedding will be babe?" "on a beach" "on a beach?" "somewhere romantic" "but we can't forget the most important part" "what is that?" "a photographer" "oh yeah we have to document it all" *addressing everyone* "but don't worry bitches, you won't get to see none of our wedding pics. have a nice day!"

OMG LOOOL I can totally see it ^o^

but…. omg stop you make me want to plan their cheesy ass wedding right here and now (fun fact: i used to plan couples’ weddings on Runescape when I was younger and the girls were always so impressed with my taste and knowledge of locations while the guys were just like da fuq is going on–i think i have a future in this career)

But can’t you already picture it? I’ve mentioned it before but just imagine what their wedding video would be like.The pre-wedding photoshoot with them would be fluffy af, with them leaning on each other watching the sunset or running along the beach holding hands or just cuddling on a log in the forest somewhere and everything would be really pure and sunlight and all. Lots of hearteyes and waist-holding, that’s for sure ;)

And then comes the actual day of the event and you see the BTS brothers with goofy smiles on their face and looking spiffy af in their lovely best men suits and flowers. And you see flashes of the grooms getting dressed but nothing is revealed yet. The venue itself it outdoors right next a beautiful ocean with splashing waves and a lovely horizon and everything is decorated in shades of lavender blue and all their parents and friends are sitting there, eagerly waiting. And at last the main couple appear and everyone is in awe of how gorgeous they both look, shining brightly under the presence of each other. They hold hands, they kiss and they just there for awhile holding each other’s waist as everyone cheers. And they’ll just be smiling they never had before in their lives and there’ll be birds flying in the air and white flower petals floating everywhere and getting stuck in their hair. They sit at their table, Jimin leaning into Jungkook’s shoulder (who also has his arm wrapped around him) as they watch the touching performances that BTS have prepared for them (including Taehyung’s diss rap that he co-wrote with Yoongi about constantly having to third well). And maybe, just maybe, the husbands will perform themselves too, veering from the traditional wedding dance and doing something totally on point that manages to surprise everyone.

 And before the evening settles in, the dancing commences, and before long, people discover the newlywed husbands had run off somewhere…probably to enjoy the sunset on their own ^^

*sigh* :))))))))))))

But of course, we’ll never see any of it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ so all we can do is imagine lol Thanks for writing those fake subs btws, it definitely prompted some wonderful things ^-^

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Zero and Yuki are like sibling's, they have these cute arguments with each other and feel relax with each other. While Yuki and Kaname are really romantic and more serious with each other, Yuki heart beats faster her cheeks are always flushed red when she is with kaname. The ending to vampire knight was really beautiful. Kaname is also a beautiful character the sadness he went through the sadness in his eyes. He did everything for Yuki. They loved each other so much.

k bro, whatever floats your boat, cause i’m just.. you know, gonna ship my beautiful otp and nothing can sway me from doing so.

the sexual tension here is strong

omg and here too

ugh their kiss is beautiful

they’re perf just i can’t even my radiant white knight and his princess

the fact that zero accepts himself, yuuki, and her baby and they all are a family and live happily for thousands of years. holy shit just my ship is beautiful and the lil girl thinks zero is her father too and the amazing grace and beauty that is zero fucking kiryuu ughhh zero is perf zeki is perf and omg i just can’t even with my shipper heart feels like no omg sdfhsdkfsdkfhdsfd

i’d be here all day if i put all my fave moments plus this post would be too long but like u have your opinion bro and i have mine, so we can agree to disagree.