i can flash!

  • Barry: So none of you ate anything? Cisco, you said you ate the whole turkey.
  • Cisco: Toilet. I ate one string bean. It tasted like fish vomit. That was it for me.
  • Barry: But I'm a good cook. You all ate those brownies I brought in last week.
  • Wally: I thought they were erasers.
  • Barry: HR said he loved them.
  • HR: I'm a textbook people-pleaser. I have a serious problem. *motions to the dinner table* This was great though. You must be so proud.

21st century breakdown is so FRICKIN UNDERRATED like that album is literally a rock opera split into three acts and the entire soundtrack mirrors itself forwards and backwards to create a unifying theme through the song titles/lyrics and it discusses issues in our world that are still so relevant to this day and i’m just SO ANGRY


I want my life to mean something, more than just as a daughter or as a sister or as a girlfriend, but as a reporter.