i can fit into these pants again

Make Some Pocket Extenders for Your Pants

So I don’t know about you, but I’m often frustrated by the ridiculous smallness of girls’ pockets. At a bare minimum, I need to be able to shove my cellphone in there - come on, pants companies! So what I started doing was making myself pocket extenders. I’ve done this several times, for pants and shorts. It’s great.

I just got this pair of jeans, so I thought I’d show you how to do it. I kind of feel like it just hasn’t occurred to some of you that this is an option, so maybe now it will. All you need is your pants, some fabric (I just took a random piece from a scrap bin), a needle, and some thread (thread doesn’t even need to match the fabric since literally no one will see it).

See? Ridiculous. Like, half a cellphone, or only 2.5″. Useless.

 So turn those inside out to expose the pockets.

Figure out how big you want your pockets to actually be. I kinda go by whatever looks like might be right. I didn’t really measure them. Fold the fabric in half, so you have a pocket, and then fold it in half again so you can have two equal ones.

Try to get the edges to line up enough, pin it in place, then sew up the sides! Are your stitches crazy uneven and wonky looking? Doesn’t matter; nobody’s going to see it. These are in the inside of your pants. The only thing that matters is that it holds up. So I double-did the corners, since those tend to get the most stress.

Cut open the bottom of the existing pockets.

Pin it in place, then sew around, joining the new pocket to the old pocket. I did this by keeping my hand on the inside, so I wouldn’t accidentally sew through the other side. Again, I reinforced the corners, and didn’t worry about what it actually looks like. Then I turned it in side out to make sure the inside was all joined properly.

Yay all done! And the pockets are so much bigger now!

Whaaaat I can fit my entire phone and entire hand and probably something else now, are girls’ pockets even allowed to do that?! Heck yeah they are.

it’s so cute at the end of me3 how sheppy and garrus can get married and adopt babies and sleep in til whenever because they’re retired. hahaha haha..hah :I

More to the Story

Moodboard and prompt by my love @rudeboywonho 

Jooheon x reader

Warnings: Smut ahead, dirty talking

Word count: 6.1k

A/N: there will be more one shots in this universe <3

@baebae-goodnight enjoy darling.

I wake to the sound of my alarm sounding at a deafening volume early Friday morning. The sun’s rising with me as I stretch my arms above my head, bargaining with every imaginable higher power known to man for just five more minutes of beautiful sleep. And then I’m met with another sound from my phone. I quickly roll to my side and unlock it.

Jooheon - Aug 11 07:28 AM: Any exciting plans for the weekend?

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Imagine...Getting Lazy

Originally posted by bottomnoctis

Request: Hey! So glad your requests are open! So I wonder if you could write DeanxReader, where the reader thinks that Dean doesn’t love her anymore because he doesn’t touch her like he used to and isn’t as flirty as he used to be with her? But it turns out that he thinks the same about her and he is just unsure how to handle the situation and it all ends fluffy?

Pairing: Dean x reader

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Two out of three ain’t  bad

A little commission for @violin-cat about Xenomorphs having some fun with a female reader!

When you were a little girl, abandoned places used to scare you. The darkness, the emptiness. Knowing that so many things had taken place here, be they good or bad.

Now, as an adult, they are endlessly fascinating, for the exact same reasons that they used to scare you. It isn’t often you get to explore abandoned places, what with juggling school and a job, not to mention social interactions, so when you do, you savor every moment. Capture every moment, too.

When going urban exploring, you never go without your camera. It’s big and heavy and bulky, but it shoots the cleanest, sharpest-looking pictures you have ever seen.

This time, you had found an old hospital with a gruesome story, so there was a good chance it was haunted too. Allegedly, this hospital used to house patients with tuberculosis, and god knows that the treatment those patients received back in the days wasn’t too gentle.

So, naturally, you had to go investigate it.

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Happy Birthday, Fried Bathtub!

A little late, once again, but I’m getting closer and closer to their actual birthdays by now!
Here’s a sketch for our beloved diva in a new outfit I came up with. I hope you like it. I actually didn’t want to give him short shorts, but Ferid isn’t Ferid without his thigh-high stripper boots and any other pants would’ve made him look too much like his usual self. Also, I’m a slut for tight-fitting black gloves on slender fingers so that explains the shorter sleeves.


It’s not that you and Minseok have bad sex, it’s just that the same thing every time gets a bit boring. So on one of his off days, you’d flopped next to him on the sofa and shoved an article about roleplay in one of your magazines at him. “This is what you want?” he’d asked, turning to look at you after reading the insert. You gave him a nod and pointed to a picture of a school uniform, which made him smirk. “You wish is my command.”

Here you were, the traditional school girl skirt sat on your hips, barely covering your white panties. Here you were sat at the kitchen table, the traditional school girl skirt sat on your hips, barely covering your white panties and the flow cut button up shirt. Your boyfriend was dressed in a black suit, with glasses, and his hair styled to the side. His visuals alone were causing a warmth between your thighs, and you could see he was just as aroused by the whole scenario just as much as you were. The black dress pants did nothing to hide his every growing bulge.

“Miss Y/L/N,” he slapped his hand against the table to break you out of the trance you’d slipped into. Your snapped your eyes up to meet his and gave a small smile. “Care to explain why you’ve stopped paying attention?”

You let out a quiet giggle, eyes flicking back to his groin before you leaned back in your seat. “I don’t think this is a time to be laughing, Miss Y/L/N,” he shook his head as his eyes trailed over you, stopping to take in your over exposed chest. “Pay attention, or you’ll be punished,” he warned, standing up straight so he could continue his lecture.

You tried to pay attention, but your mind wandered back to it’s little trance of how sexy he looked in his role and how the black pants fitted to his rear perfectly. “So, Miss Y/L/N, can you tel-” he folded his arms over his chest when he once again caught you day dreaming. “Miss Y/L/N, stand up,”

“What?” you blinked, before biting your lip and looking at him. “I said stand up!” his tone was harsh, and it caused a jolt to run through your body. “Alright,” you mumbled, pushing yourself up, hands coming to rest at your side. “Alright?” he brow rose as he approached you. “Are you sure you don’t want to re-phrase that?”
“Yes Sir,” you spoke slowly with a smirk as you folded your arms over your chest to match him. “Your attitude is poor, Miss Y/L/N,” he tutted, a hand moving to tap against the table. “You don’t pay attention, you show no respect, and to be honest, you’re a nuisance. maybe a long hard punishment will teach you how to be a good girl,” the words caused you to adjust your position so you could rub your thighs together.

“Bend over the table. You’re going to be sorry you’ve ever behaved like this,” you followed his demand, lowering yourself so you were leaning against the table, your white panties now on full display as the skirt moved. There was a painful silence for a minute, but then you felt his warm hand rub a circle on your left cheek. “Now do as you’re told for once and count,” he muttered before bringing a hand down against the clothed flesh.

“One,” you hissed through gritted teeth as the sting of his hand raced throughout your body. “Two,” another hit. “Three,” you whined, squeezing your eyes closed. “What’s up? Can’t take it?” you heard him say before a final slap to your rear was given. “Maybe you should’ve thought of that before being a brat.” He brought his hand to your hair, gripping at it to pull you up to his chest.

His breath fanned over your ear, causing you to shiver. “Now are you going to be a good girl for me?” His question was answered by your hips pushing back against him, rubbing yourself over his erection. “So it’s going to be like that?” he asked, hands moving to grip your hips and stop the motion. “It’s going to be like that,” you confirmed, a hand sneaking behind you to press against him.

“Get on your knees,” He growled, pulling away from you. You obeyed, kneeling infront of him, eyes looking up to meet his. “Let’s put you to good use, shall we?” you watched as his fingers unbuckled the belt and undid the zip of the trousers. “Open your mouth. Stick your tongue out.” Another growling command, another shock to your core.

He pulled his reddened cock free from the cloth prison to rub over your tongue. “Good girl,” he breathed as some of his own throbbing was relieved. “Perhaps I should be in charge of your mouth from now on,” he pushed into you, hands resting in your hair once more to keep you in place. Your own hands came to rest on his legs, trying to calm yourself from the slight panic that came with the new feeling of him in your throat.

After a few moments he pulled back, pulling your head back to inspect your panting state. “You can’t be bratty with a cock in your mouth,” he emitted a low laugh before tugging your head back onto him, his own head leaning back in pleasure. “Your mouth makes Sir feel so good.” Your eyes screwed closed as your breathing came into a rhythm. “Stay there.” He pushed you away from him once more and sat down on the chair you once occupied.

“Crawl to me and sit on my cock,” he removed the black trousers completely, discarding them to the side of the kitchen. You made your way as slowly and as sexily as you could over to him, hands trailing over his newly exposed thighs. “Don’t waste my time!” he exclaimed, pulling you up and guiding your hips onto him. “I’m a busy man, you little brat,” he ripped open the skimpy white shirt and let his hands squeeze your breasts, causing you to moan. “You like that?” a cup of your bra was moved, and his fingers pinched your bud. “You like being groped? I’m not surprised,” he mirrored the action on the other breast.

Your head lolled forward as the combination of his cock and assault on your nipples were dulling the tingling. “I don’t want to hear you. I’ve heard enough of you for one day.” He undid his tie from his neck and tied it around your mouth as a make shift gag. “You’re going to stay silent while I fuck you into obedience, understood?”

A whine escaped your lips while your hips moved slowly, though it didn’t last long, as he stilled you once more. “I’m in charge here,” he hissed. You didn’t think he’d take so well to the roll, but here he was, driving you mad, no, driving you to the brink of imploding. You waited in painful anticipation for him next move. You’d be grateful for anything he gave to you. “What’s that face for?” he scoffed at your screwed up face. “Don’t like wanting something and not getting it? Welcome to my world.”

His hips suddenly snapped into yours, causing your to jolt forward. “I try explaining to you,” another snap of his hips. “And you just do what you want,” he brought you slamming onto his length this time, forcing your hips to circle on him. “Ignoring me when I tell you to pay attention.” he shook his head, eyes not leaving your face as it twisted and contorted. “And now I can give you the one thing you want.”

He created a brutal rhythm with his hips, each thrust pushing your closer to your much needed high. This was amazing. He was amazing. You loved this man so mu-

At the feeling of you tightening around him, he stilled. “You think I’m going to let you cum?” he raised a brow, a hand slapping your rear. “You hold that in until I decide you can.” he hissed, gripping the flesh of your behind. “Fuck yourself down onto me.”

You bounced down onto him, desperate to get back to that cliff edge. You needed to run over the edge and dive into a blissful orgasm that would roll over you and sweep you away. The sight of you fucking yourself against him almost drove him over the edge. How could it not. His beautiful girlfriend in the (ruined) school uniform, with messy hair, red cheek and a gag in her mouth. He’d never imagine you like this. Thank god you read those magazines he always nagged at you for wasting your time on. Whatever you would suggest next, he would be up for.

A low moan left his lips as he came, his warm seed painting your walls. The grip on your hips tightened as he held you down against him. He thrust  a few times up into you as he floated back down. When his eyes opened, he was greeted by a whine from you. Another orgasm lost.

“Aww, I’m sorry,” he doted, pushing you up and returning you to bed over the table. “Don’t worry, brat.” His fingers ran over your folds, coating his fingers with his cum. You tensed up when two of his digits entered you and began the assault on your core. The impossibly quick pace revived the dying orgasm.

“Cum.” He demanded, bringing his hand onto your left cheek. Your body arched the best it could as you were finally rewarded with what you needed. His pace gradually slowed as you relished in the glorious climax, your body every so gently twitching.

You felt the tie be removed from your mouth, happy you could finally talk, but the material was quickly replaced with his cum coated fingers. “Clean them, and then get out.” Thank god for those magazines you waste your time on.

Fits of Laughter

Anon Request: 
“OK so same adulting anon here I know you’re swamped with requests but imagine Tyler and reader both having laugh attacks at the same time during a stream and the rest of teamiplier just watch and laugh at their laugh attack and that’s it really no substance to it at all just everyone laughing for like 2 minutes and at the end Tyler and reader just lay down on the floor bc they can’t breathe anymore and mark is like “why did I almost broadcast your guys’ deaths to the world via livestream omg" 

Hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by bekadmfb

You don’t even remember the source. You don’t even remember falling off your chair. 
All you knew, was that you could barely breath and you weren’t the only one laughing hysterically. 
Tyler was across the room, leaning against the desk as his laughter boomed through the room. You couldn’t be seen as the couch was blocking you from the camera, but the stream could just hear you over Tyler. And you sounded close to dying. 
Mark looked between the two of you with sheer confusion on his face. Ethan was chuckling, at first concerned for your fall, but then just amused by your reddening face. 
Amy and Katherine just sat on their chairs, nibbling on pizza. Watching the whole thing unfold with small grins on their cheesy lips. 
“W-Why are we..gasp..laughing?” You forced through the fit of giggles. 
Tyler only shook his head. His beanie had fallen off as he collapsed to his knees. His chest heaving as he tried to beat his cackles for breath. 
“I..I don’t know!” 
For some reason his answer was the funniest thing you’ve ever heard. And you roared with laughter gripping onto the couch and pulling yourself up so the camera can see you. 
“Guys…guys!” You tried, but couldn’t finish your sentence and you fell backwards in another fit. 
Mark just shook his head and turned to the camera. His own bemused smile twitching when the two of you started off again. 
“As I was saying-” He didn’t get through the sentence. Tyler crawled over to the couch, still panting and chuckling. But one look at you on the floor erupted him with almost maniacal laughter. 
“I swear to God!” Mark hollered, “Shut up! I’m trying to speak!” 
But your funny bones refused to listen as Tyler rolled off the couch, unable to contain himself. 

Chica ran over to you. Her wet nose prodding your face as you rolled about on the floor. 
“Yes, Chica! Give her mouth to mouth!” Ethan urged the pup. “Maybe it’ll get her to breath!” 
You pushed the pup away, hiccuping slightly. Finally calming down, you laid on the floor, breathing hard.
“Are you two done?” Mark asked. Eyeing Tyler with a hard, mocking glare.
You waved your hand, suddenly exhausted. “I don’t think  I could even burp without rupturing a lung.”
Tyler sniggered and sighed heavily. “We’ll just stay down here for the rest of the stream. Catch our breath.” 
“Maybe nap.” You suggested and Tyler nodded, stilling smiling broadly.
Ethan looked down at his phone, then looked at you.
The flood gates were released once more! 
“Stop it!” Mark shouted, “I don’t want to record their demise!”
Amy leaned down with a piece of pizza in her hand, “Do you want a bite?” 
You shook your head, unable to speak. Pizza was so hilarious to you and your cackling turned silent. 
Leaving you flopping about on the floor like a mute seal.

Strip Club - Part Two

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 2188

Author’s Note: Here is part two that a lot of people wanted! It’s cute and got a little smut in it ;) I hope you guys enjoy it and there may or may not be a part three, so stay tuned! Thanks to my lovely friend @rememberstilinski for proofreading this for me!

Part One

Originally posted by mieczyslawr

It’s been at least a month since Stiles and I met at the strip club and I’m still living at his place. I’ve felt terrible for intruding on their bro time and I mostly stay in Stiles’ room, sitting on his bed, searching and searching for jobs. I do like living here though, I like the feeling of having others to talk to which I don’t have when I’m living in my old place, since I lived alone. Plus, Stiles’ bed is way more comfier than mine and I like that the both of us cuddle every night. I’ve had a few job interviews, but no one seems to want to hire me, because I worked at a financial company that had been accused of fraud.

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The Fitting (Part 5)

(Jungkook acts like a horny teenager at work despite agreeing to keep your relationship a secret from everyone. You continue to question whether or not this relationship is a good idea.)

Warning: smut, dirty talk, intercourse, cunnilingus

You laid on your bed, looking over at the empty spot next to you.  Not that long ago, Jungkook was lying naked in that very same spot, looking at you.  He had started to drift off to sleep when you reminded him that people would get suspicious if he didn’t wake up in his own bed.  You felt bad kicking him out, but if this so-called relationship with Jungkook was going to work, the two of you would have to carefully guard your secret.

Your emotions were a bit of a mess, alternating between joy and panic.  Even though you were all alone, you blushed at the memory of what you and Jungkook did tonight.  It was a juvenile reaction, but you just felt so happy to have a boy who liked you and thought you were pretty and wanted your body, that it made you giggle.   But then reality would creep in, reminding you that this was, by its nature, a temporary situation and one that carried huge risks for your career.  The mature woman inside you wanted to chastise you for making such a stupid decision. You knew that taking on Jungkook as a lover was a rash choice and not one that any sensible person would make.

What’s the worst thing that could happen? I guess I could end up humiliated, jobless, unable to get a reference and potentially kicked out of the industry.   When you thought of the possibilities, it made you a little nauseous.  But then you thought of how good Jungkook’s skin felt next to yours and the way his admiration of you made your feel more confident and self-assured.  Fuck it.  I’ll just deal with the future when it happens.

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anonymous asked:

I've had a really bad couple of days can u post pictures of noodle

Sure thing buddy! I hope your week gets better! Noodle does too!

Originally posted by snowflakeeel

Noodle wants you to take deep breaths. Preferably slower than hers but she’s just excited to try and help you feel better

Originally posted by snowflakeeel

Try to shake it off if you can! bad times always pass!

Originally posted by snowflakeeel

it’s also ok to curl up in bed for a bit and just rest. You deserve it!

Originally posted by snowflakeeel

Noodle says you are welcome to come to her house to chill anytime! you dont even have to put on real pants. noodle cant even wear pants she doesn’t judge! This is her biggest house she’s sure you can fit. (she does not understand human vs eel size very well)

she also wants to offer you some nice eats (trust me: you should politely decline, it’s salty, raw seafood)

Originally posted by snowflakeeel

lastly: a mighty roar! It will keep the bad times away! Probably! 

It had always been you - Soulmate/Best friend au - Part 2

Originally posted by thinkinboutmendes

A/N: So yeah here it is. Hope you like it.

Warnings: Swearing, fights that’s all

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

“I can’t believe he actually said that,” you cried out, hugging your knees.

“I know, I can’t believe it either,” Peyton, one of your closest friends, said, placing her arm around your shoulders.

She looked at the time on her phone, and softly let go of your embrace, before raising herself from the mattress.

“I gotta go, Will’s waiting for me outside.”

”Do you need anything before I leave?” she asked.

”No, I’ll be fine. Thanks for helping me,”

”It’s fine. I’ll come back later, okay?” she added.

“Yeah,” you mumbled.

As you sat back on your bed, your eyes caught a small stuffed moose, stuck under an old tee that probably hadn’t been washed since you and Shawn moved in.

You picked it up from the floor and brushed off the dust that was on it. The more you looked at it, the more you could hear Shawn’s terrible attempt of speaking French.

You brought the small toy to your nose. It still had that maple syrup odor.

You threw it at your door in frustration and let yourself collapse onto the bed.

”I’m so fucking stupid,” you said with a loud sob.

“I guess that changes everything,” Shawn had said, letting go of your hands.

“What do you mean?” you asked, frowning your eyebrows in confusion.

“We’re fucking soulmates y/n! We can’t just go and pretend this won’t change anything!” Shawn yelled.

“Ar-are you upset that, that it’s me? That I am your soulmate?” you questioned, looking straight at him.

Shawn stayed silent and looked away.

“Answer me!” you yelled, ignoring the tears running down your cheeks.

“You can’t fucking blame me y/n! All my life I’ve been told that the day I would meet my soulmate would be the best of my life. That I would instantly know that it’s her. That we would connect,” Shawn exclaimed.

“And I just can’t believe that it’s you,”

“I mean, we don’t have any of this! We’re just two best friends,” he said, lowering his voice.

“What did you expect? That it would be some dumbass bitch, randomly turning the corner? That you would look at her and you’d know it was the one?” you

“Y/n I didn’t …” he started, walking closer to you.

“And all this time I thought you liked me back,” you scoffed.

“God, I’m so stupid,”

“Y/n..” Shawn said, placing his hand on your shoulder.

“Don’t fucking touch me!” you raged, pushing his hand away.

“Y/n please it’s
not what I meant!” he pleaded.

“I don’t care if you meant it or not, it still fucking hurts!” you said, facing him.

When you finally had stop crying for more than 15 minutes, you stood up from the bed and walked into the living room.

You were extremely tired from all that crying and the only thing you wanted was to relax.

Once you had made yourself a nice cup of tea and took all the blankets that was in the appartement, you sat down on the couch and rolled into the blanket.

You opened the tv and zapped the programs until you found something that wasn’t talking about gross things or too romantic, which end up being: High school musical.

“Why are they always singing?” you commented, halfway through the movie.

“I mean they could d-“ you started, but immediately stopped when you heard the doorknob jiggle.

Panicking, you hid yourself under the pile of blanket.

The sound of the door creaking was heard followed by a muffled voice that you rapidly identified as Shawn’s.

“Get the fuck out of here,” you said, throwing away the blankets.

“Jesus y/n, don’t ever do this again,” he panted, placing one of his hand on his chest.

“Get out!” you yelled, pushing him away.

“You can’t kick me out of my own apartment y/n,” Shawn objected.

“Yes I can! Now get out of here!” you raised your voice.

“I won’t fucking leave until you let me explain myself,” Shawn said, closing the door.

“Fine. If you won’t leave, then I’ll leave,” you fumed, furiously walking to your room.

You took out one of your backpack in your closet and threw everything you could fit into the bag.

“Y/n, for god’s sake, just let me talk to you!” Shawn exclaimed, as he walked into the room.

“No! You already hurt me once and I don’t fucking want to be hurt another time!” you hissed.

Before you could do anything, Shawn firmly grabbed your wrist and pushed your bag away.

“Let go of my arm!” you snapped, tugging at your wrist.

“God dammit y/n it’s not what I meant!” he huffed.

“What I meant was that I felt so fucking stupid for not realizing that it was you,” he admitted.

It had always been you y/n,”

“And yes, yes I love you too y/n. You could never imagine how much you mean to me,” he added, wiping away your tears with his thumb.

“I’m so sorry,” you cried, throwing yourself into his arms.

“It’s okay y/n,” Shawn murmured softly into your ear.

“Please don’t cry,” he said, leaving small kisses on top of your head.


I had really hoped EA would make some male body training suit outfits for the Fitness SP, but it didn’t. Again they missed an opportunity. So I figured out how to create something like that with the male, base game, underwear and it works fine. Best I can do since I can’t mesh. LOL

Found in bottoms, base game so no mesh needed. Not random with 8 swatches and a custom thumbnail. Since they are pants, you can pair them with a top or an accessory top, not all will work with it. Sorry.

Created using Sims4Studio, Paint.net, Google Free Images.

Credits to @ebonixsims, @diversedking, @blvck-life-simz, @estrojans, @voidsims, @MsBlue, and many others that have contributed to the game, making my Sims game so much fun. I truly appreciate it. Thank you.

Download: Sim File Share 

Any problems, please let me know. Enjoy! :)

You Found Me- Auston Matthews (By Anon)

Originally posted by werenski

Ok guys so I got this submitted to me by a new anon! See so 4 days in a row! I’m working on more too so everyone should be excited! Lol! So enjoy guys! Also… Auston looks good in this GIF?

Warning: drinking, vomiting


You waved as you watched your friends stumble into the building across the small road, giggling loudly as they disappeared into the residence hall across the street from yours. 

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A Date with Darkiplier (pt. 4)

{Strap yourselves in, kids. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.}

Amy stares intently at the man before her. He looks disheveled, like Wilford but… even more unhinged. “Will, what did Dark do to you?” She takes a cautious step forward with her hands held out to let him know she means him no harm. Amy only wishes she knew whether or not he was going to harm her.

Wilford wiggles his fingers at his sides. The blade dangles loosely, catching what little light illumines the place where they stand and flashing it back into Amy’s eyes. The pink Ego strides over, eyes wide and crazed. He raises the knife over his shoulder, and Amy presses herself against the elevator, preparing for the worst.

“I forgive you, Wilfy,” she whispers. There’s a pause, and Amy watches Wilford Warfstache halt in place. A few breathless moments pass as Wilford’s hands shake, and Amy thinks she sees that familiar spark return to his eyes. His hand lowers slowly, and Amy releases a breath.

Warfstache shakes his head like he’s trying to clear it. “His darn aura, that’s what it is.” He smacks his fist against his forehead so quickly and violently that Amy reaches up and grabs his arm so he won’t hurt himself. “He’s enveloped the whole building in it.”

Amy has to admit that she could feel Dark’s oppressive presence no matter where she was in the building, but until now, she’d thought it was her own anxiety. “Dark’s aura, it’s controlling you?”

“Yes, sometimes, maybe,” Will shakes his head helplessly. He seems to be returning to his frantic fits. “If I ever get my hands on that sleazy son of a…” he stops himself mid-rant and presses the backs of his hands into his eyes. “No, I won’t let him do this.”

Amy feels tears threatening, not for the first time, but she’s not sure how much longer she can hold them back. “Will…”

“No, listen to me before I lose myself again,” Wilford says, panting with the effort of staying aware. “He can’t keep this up much longer. It takes too much out of him to make his aura spread out over this much space, and he knows that if he pulls it back, the others will wake up and fight.” Wilford quickly presses the knife into Amy’s hand. “Take this, if he tries to so much as touch you, well…” Warfstache winks at her and smiles, “Give him a little tickle from me.”

Amy shakes her head, and now the tears have made their way past the wall she’s built up. She can’t control the way her limbs are shaking or the way her breath is totally out of her control. It feels like she’s dying. “No, p-please, Wilford. D-don’t make me do this alone!” she exclaims between gasping hiccups.

Wilford pulls Amy against his chest, wrapping his arms protectively around her and letting her feel the motion and rhythm of his breathing. “Easy there, Miss Peebstache.” He waits for her to calm her breathing before he says, “He can’t affect you as much as he can the rest of us. You’re human, and a very strong human at that. And don’t you forget it!” Wilford squeezes her tighter. “And you won’t be alone. Trust me?”

Amy nods. “Yes.”

Warfstache runs a shaking hand over her hair until she stops crying. “Don’t let him break you. That’s what he wants.”

“H-he hurt Host, Will.”

Wilford tenses, and his voice drops to a growl. “I know, and he let you see it just so it would rattle you like this.” He bites back his anger and keeps talking while the gray is still gone from his vision, “Host is as tough as nails, though. He’ll pull through just as soon as we knock Dark off that high horse of his and beat the living crap out of him instead.”

Amy laughs a little. It’s a wet, breathy laugh, but she can feel that it helps her to piece herself back together. “H-he’ll be upset if I show up looking like a mess, though.”

Warfstache draws back from the hug and wipes the tears from Amy’s face. “I don’t have much longer before I can’t hold him off anymore, but I think that I can at least help you get ready. We have to make sure you look killer, if you know what I mean.” Wilford winks and stretches his suspenders out again like the doof he is, and Amy feels another piece of herself click back into place.

They spend the next few minutes flying through the wardrobe department and picking out a truly killer black dress and heels because, Wilford says, “Any man can kill someone in flats, but it takes a woman to do it in high heels.”

Before Amy knows it, it’s 6:49, and she’s hiding a knife in a little matching purse and getting one last hug from Wilford. “Remember, you’re not alone,” he whispers as the elevator doors slide open, and Red appears looking rather full of himself.

Amy takes a deep breath, squeezes Wilford’s hand, and steps into the elevator, maybe for the last time.

To be continued…

Sounds Good

Summary: You’re not usually one for going home with random guys, but something about Dean has you hooked.

A/N: I wrote this in about an hour so…here it is! lol

Pairing: Demon!Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, smut, oral (male receiving) 

Word Count: 2k

Originally posted by ravengirl94

“You do know it doesn’t mean anything to me, right sweetheart?” He asked as he propped an elbow up on the bar and leaned in towards you; and when he blinked, you could swear that his eyes flashed black. But with the amount of alcohol you had in your system, you didn’t think much of it.

“I’m not looking for something that means anything anyway.” you said, as seductively as you could; putting your own arm up on the bar just as he had, your hand brushing against his. Your free hand landed on his knee, and slid up his thigh as you kept your eyes glued to his own forest green ones.

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those pants

Pairing:  Bucky Barnes/Darcy Lewis
For:  @ibelieveinturtles
Prompt:  #1.  Frost

Darcy zipped up her hoodie and bounced on her toes, cursing the idiot whose bright idea it had been to start running in the morning.  There was FROST on the grass.  Frost.  It was crunchy.  

And then Bucky appeared.  In a pair of loose fitting sweat pants.  With his hair in a non-ironic manbun.  

Oh right.  She was the idiot whose bright idea it had been.  Spurred on by the sight of that ass in those pants.

“Mornin’, Doll,” he said with a smile.  "You runnin’ with me again today?“  

"Yeah…” she laughed dryly.  "Jane’s schedule is still all wonky…"  

That was a total lie, but that didn’t matter.

“Hope you can keep up better than last time.”  

“I’m not making any promises, dude.”  

“Well, I mean.  You might as well get something out of it besides a nice view of my ass.”  He winked and bent forward to stretch.  

And her jaw dropped.  Because dude was definitely onto her.  

How Bad Could He Be

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Member: Exo Chen/Jongdae

Type: Smut

Part 1 Part 2

Don’t look at him. 

Don’t talk to him, don’t pay any attention to him, don’t answer him, and don’t even think about looking at him. 

You were told numerous times by your best friend throughout your high school and college years not to look at her brother. You two had know each other forever, and to this day you’d only caught glimpses of him whenever you stayed at her house for the night. He’d always be in his room or out of the house, maybe walking in the kitchen to grab a banana before striding out the door. Even from those few glimpses you knew he was handsome. 

Once in a while he’d even open the door when you showed up at their house, but turned away as soon as the door was unlocked. You always stood at the front door for a second too long, trying to remember the face you just barely had time to see. 

When you and your friend started getting to know each other, you had no idea she had a brother. It wasn’t until you were in her room one day studying for your biology test that you heard a knock on her door. 

“Hey, tell your friend that her mom’s here,” said the smooth voice from behind the door. It was then that your friend explained that she had a brother. 

“He’s…different,” she said, biting her lip. “I wouldn’t reccomend meeting him. All he really does is mess around with girls. Honestly he’d probably find a way to mess with you too if he met you.” 

You raised a brow at her. “But he’s your brother, I mean, how bad could he be?” She only smiled in response. She wasn’t trying to be mean, no, she just knew her brother better than you did. You hadn’t even met the guy. 

You and your friend had become inseperable over the years, and the closer you two got, the more she insisted that you stay away from her brother. The more she insisted on keeping him away from you, the more curious you got.

Ten years later you still hadn’t really seen him. The Kim family wasn’t one for photographs, so there weren’t really any in the house so you never really had the chance to see his face even in pictures. Your best friend’s brother was a mystery, and you couldn’t help but think about him once in a while. 

And you did think about him as you boarded the plane back to your hometown for your best friend’s wedding. You had been studying abroad for about a year, and your friend had surprised you about her engagement by asking you to be her maid of honor. You were filled with utter joy as you thought about meeting her again. Although you two exchanged messages and sent pictures and talked about your lives without being face to face, it would never feel the same as lying under her covers in bed and being with her. And now you were finally going back for the wedding.

A wedding that her brother was going to attend. 

You chuckled slightly at the thought. High school was long gone yet you still had these absurd thoughts of the mysterious boy who lived with your friend. Okay well he wasn’t that mysterious. You did know a few minor things about him. 

His name was Jongdae and he was around two years older than you. He dated a lot of girls, dumped a lot of girls, and if you made the mistake of falling for him you’d end up just like one of those girls. 

These thoughts popped up in your mind throughout your flight, and you were eager to reach your destination.


“Okay you can’t really expect me to wear this,” you said, raising an eyebrow at your friend. Your happy reunion had turned into a mess of last-minute planning and fitting. You held up the pink dress with a disgusted look as you were reminded of your homecoming dress from years ago. “Do I look sixteen to you, dear?”

She laughed and hugged you, and you wrinkled your nose at her before laughing too. This was just like her. You smirked and pulled off your clothes as she helped you into the awful material. 

“When I get married, you’ll be wearing something much, much worse than this,” you vowed, and she smiled, sticking her tongue out at you. 

“I can’t wait.” 

You turned to look at yourself in the full length mirror in your friend’s hotel room. The wedding reception was going to be held here and since it was over an hour away from where everyone lived, the family decided to stay for the two days before the wedding. You included of course. 

You groaned at your reflection, smoothing the fabric down your middle. The dress went down to your feet and was strapless, reminding you of your high school days when this was something you were actually excited to wear. As an adult you couldn’t help but question your previous fashion choiced, and this dress made you cringe to no end. 

Yeah, your friend was definitely going to pay for this.

You decided that she was going to pay even more when she asked you to find her mother, who wasn’t answering her cell phone. Insisting that it was an emergency she rushed you out of her room, still wearing that disgusting dress, and asked you to go find her mom.

But hey, she was getting married the next day. You’d wait till after the wedding to tell her husband all of the embarassing high school stories you had saved up over the years. 

This is what you thought of as you walked down the hotel hallway searching for Mrs. Kim’s room. 

312…313…314…315! Or wait…was it 316? 

You groaned, looking back and forth between the two doors. Not wanting to risk being seeing in that disgusting dress, you quickly knocked on the door labeled 315, praying it was Mrs. Kim’s room.

Why didn’t you knock on the other door, damn it? 

He pulled open the door and his eyes widened as he stared at your outfit. You looked at him, wincing because he was attractive and you couldn’t believe that you were wearing that godforsaken dress. You stood there frozen as he took you in, a small smile growing on his handsome face.

“Need something?” he asked. His voice was familliar, but you couldn’t place it. It was warm and light, and he smiled at you fully now. 

Oh, he was definitely laughing at you. 

“Sorry, I think I got the wrong room-” you started, quickly turning away but he caught your arm before you could. 

“Y/N, are you looking for my mom?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. Your eyes widened and you stared at him, wondering how in the world this man knew your name.

Another familiar voice popped up from behind the man as his grip on your arm loosened and he gestured for you to come inside. “Is that Y/N? Why didn’t you come see me when your flight landed?” said the voice of an older woman, whom you immediately recognized as Mrs. Kim. You walked in the room to find her sitting on her bed, smiling. “Oh my gosh, what has my daughter done to you,” she laughed and pulled you into a hug. You grinned back at her and assured her that her beloved daughter would be wearing something a million times worse at your own wedding. 

“She needs you,” you told Mrs. Kim, and and she rolled her eyes as she began walking out the room, but then stopped and turned to look at you again.

“Jongdae, get her some clothes or something so she doesn’t have to walk around like that. I’ll go see what your sister wants,” and with that she walked out of the room, letting the door shut behind her. 

You turned to look at the man again, eyeing him from head to toe. So this was the famous Jongdae. This was the man you had been told to stay away from by your best friend. And he was grinning right at you. 

“So,” he began, walking towards a suitcase at the end of the room and kneeling down next to it. “How have you been? Is studying abroad working out for you? I swear my sister has only gotten more annoying since you left, and we don’t even live together anymore.” 

You could only stand there as he pulled out a t-shirt and joggers from his suitcase and tossed them on the bed next to you. He stood up and raised and eyebrow at you. “Hello? Y/N?” 

“Um wait,” you began slowly, trying to figure out how to word you question. “How do you…know me? We haven’t exactly talked…ever.”

He laughed and moved to sit next to you on the bed, just a bit too close to you. You shifted back a little as he crossed his legs over the white comforter. “You’ve been hanging around my sister for ten years, why wouldn’t I know you? Then again, you didn’t even recognize me.”

You winced, looking up at him and seeing a twinkle in his eye. Would nothing wipe that stupid grin off his face?

“I mean, like I said, we’ve never really talked,” you shot back, wondering why he was getting you so worked up. “So how am I supposed to know you?” 

He shrugged and pointed to the clothes he set down. “You can change into those. They probably won’t fit you quite right but it’ll be better than that,” he said, gesturing towards the bridesmaids dress that you had almost forgotten about. You felt your face get hot as his eyes travelled up and down your body. “Then again, you look kinda cute.”

“Oh wow,” you muttered under your breath. “What’s next? ‘You’d look cuter naked,’ or something else to get in my pants.” 

He laughed, and you bit your tongue, wishing you had more control over what you said sometimes. Why couldn’t you think before you let that spill out of your mouth?

“Sorry,” you said, biting your lip, knowing that you probably didn’t sound very sincere. He only smirked at you.

“My sister doesn’t excatly approve of me,” he said, resting his chin on his hands. “She probably told you to stay away, right?” 

You nodded, and the corners of your mouth tugged upwards as you realized exactly how ridiculous it was now. “Yeah, you were the ultimate playboy in her eyes. She said you’d sneak girls in and she’d hear them scream-” you stopped talking again, biting your tongue and wishing you could seal your lips with duct tape. 

He leaned towards you, the grin on his face softening as he neared. “Would you like to know why they were screaming?” he asked softly, his hand coming up to touch your cheek. His eyes landed on you lips, and before you knew it you were nodding your head yes. 

You felt his other hand on your waist as he pulled you closer, his breath now hitting your ear. “I’m taking this off,” he said, his other hand moving towards the zipper. “It’s awful but we don’t want to ruin it for the wedding, right?” 

Somehow you ended up lying on your back over the comforter with a fully clothed Jongdae looming over you as you squirmed under him in your underwear. His fingers lightly danced between your legs, rubbing your clothed entrance softly. His eyes were dark and ravenous as his fingers continued to play with you.

“Jongdae…” you moaned as he pinched you softly, wanting more. The stimulation wasn’t enough to satisfy, but just enough to make you beg him to do more. He moved his hands to your hips and slowly pulled down your panties, pulling them off of you and moving to sit between your legs. 

You felt his fingers play with your entrance and you gasped, squirming again under his touch. You heard him chuckle slightly as his other hand held your hips down. “You’re so wet,” he breathed, and you could feel his warm air against your naval travel lover as he moved down. His fingers brushed you one last time before you felt his hot tongue ran up your slit slowly, making you moan.

“God, yes,” you gasped, trying to move your hips, but Jongdae wouldn’t have any of it as he forced your hips down again with his hands, gripping them hard as his tongue continued licking your wet core.

“You’re eager,” he muttered against you as his tongue flicked your clit. You opened your eyes and saw him staring up at you as he was eating you out. Your insides clenched immediately along with your thighs and he smiled, picking up his pace. 

He slid his tongue into you finally and you felt yourself building and you squirmed under his hands as your hips-

A loud ring sounded from the bedside table and Jongdae’s tongue stopped, making you whimper unhappily. He sat up and you watched him reach towards the phone that had interrupted you two, answering it promptly.

“Yeah, she’s still here,” he said, eyeing you. His lips were still glistening and you whimpered again, frowning at him. The corners of his mouth tugged upward and he used his free hand to start playing with your clit again. You groaned at how slowly he was going. “Yeah yeah,” he said, licking his lips. God he was driving you crazy. He heat between your legs was killing you and you wanted to come so badly. Your hand moved between your legs to join his as you slid two fingers in and began pumping. You looked at him again to see him watching you intently. “We’ll be there in a bit, yeah,” he said, putting the phone down and grabbing your wrist.

“You stopped,” you said, as he pulled your hand away and went back to licking up and down your slit. “You…stopped and…fuck just…”

“Not patient at all,” he muttered, his fingers joining his tongue now. 

“Well,” you breathed, stabilizing your voice. “You said I’d be screaming.” His mistrations stopped. You looked down at him to see his dark eyes watching yours. His glistening lips moved away from your core and began slowly planting kisses on your inner thigh, and his fingers pulled out of you to slowly brush you again. 

“I thought I was being nice because it’s you, Y/N,” he muttered. “Tell me if this makes you scream.”

His shoved two fingers into you and simultaneously bit your inner thigh hard, and you did scream from the mix of the intense pain and pleasure.  Your toes curled and your hips moved to his rhythm; you were so close. 

 “Jongdae…I can’t…” you managed to choke out as his fingers fucked you hard, his lips now back on your clit continuously flicking it. It was too much stimulation and you felt your insides tighten around his fingers as you rode your high. 

You felt his fingers pull out and your eyes opened. You were sensitive to his every touch as you felt him slide your panties back up your legs. Wanting to sit up, you moved your arms to push yourself but the soreness in your lower area said otherwise. Jongdae’s musical laugh hit you again as he moved next to you to pull you into his lap. You felt his thumb gently run along your inner thigh where he bit you, and you looked down to see the puffy marks left there.

“That may hurt for a while,” he said, rubbing it soothingly before moving his hands to your hips. His hands ran up your bare sides and you shivered against him, not knowing what to say next. 

“Here,” he said, reaching for the shirt that he had put out for you earlier. He moved to slip it over you head, and there you sat with him, wearing his clothes as he grinned at you. “Told you I could make you scream.”

You laughed and replied, “Yeah but you only proved your sister right about how you’re just an immature playboy.” He stuck his tongue out at you as his arms circled your waist again. 

“An immature playboy who may be interested for once,” he said, raising an eyebrow at you. You realized that he was silently asking you if you were interested too.

You thought about all the warnings from your friend as Jongdae looked at you expectantly. Ten years of warnings and here you were in his arms, wondering whether or not you should throw caution to the wind.

You didn’t trust him just yet. Any guy with that smile couldn’t be completely trustworthy.

But he was your best friend’s brother, so how bad could he be?