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Caught by your linen eyes, let them fool

This is for the lovely and incomparable @inbetweenwars, who, when they heard that I’ve been too sick to work and couldn’t manage to buy @essiecorking‘s fanbook, ‘an invincible love’, offered to buy me it as a gift. I’ve truly never met another person willing to do something so selfless for somebody they’ve never met, and only to cheer me up and bring happiness that they won’t benefit from, so due to the fact that they will not take payment of any kind, here is a small kagehina fic dedicated to them <333 I feel it’s not enough to convey my endless gratitude and how touched I am by your actions, but nevertheless.

This is the promised third year kagehina, as they discuss the future and finally realise their dumb feelings for one another. I call it ‘fluff without plot’, which translates as FWP, which also sounds like a noise Hinata would make.

2K, teen & up audiences <33

Title from a beautiful song, Colourway by Novo Amor

“How do you think we’ll see each other?” Hinata asks, after he’s taken out the ice lolly from his mouth with a loud, sloppily satisfying slurp.

Kageyama turns his head on the grass, his own lollipop freezing in mid-air as he frowns over at Hinata. “What do you mean?” He asks. “We’re seeing each other right now, dumbass.”

Hinata tsks in the back of his throat, something he’s taught himself to do in order to appear more authoritative to the first years. “No, bakageyama.” He sighs, long-suffering, as if he’s dealing with another one of the new recruits that Hinata has to teach how to catch a ball. “How do you think we’ll see one another when we’re older?”

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“What do you want to do with our freedom?”

She stares into eyes of warm honey, finds herself stuck in the them like a bug trapped in amber—suspended in the moment. Cosima smiles back at her so sweetly that it’s impossible not to crave forever with this woman; they’ve been denied here and now from the get-go, separated by space and science and secrets, but now she finally sees a future for the two of them and it tingles on her tongue, dissolves into a taste she’s unfamiliar with yet craves more than anything. Her heart swells, fingers brushing against flushed cheeks as she brings her hands to cup her lover’s face.

She had stared up at the painting, at the wonder Felix had miraculously produced with mere brushstrokes, and nearly buckled beneath the weight of its gravity. Were it not for her arm slung around Cosima’s neck propping her up, she’s certain she would have crumbled to the floor in a pile of reverent tears; she sees her love staring back at her in all of her unassuming wisdom and vulnerability. She accepts it all—accepts this rendering of a shared face that’s become so singular to her.

This Cosima is soft yet vibrant like the one she remembers when they first met—the one that had slowly withered with each betrayal, with the progression of her disease. This Cosima is the one that stands before her now—open and vivacious and thriving once more.

She reaches into Felix’s breast pocket and retrieves a sticker, marking it as hers.

(Because she’s earned this much).

(Because they both have).

“Sold,” she declares with large smile plastered on her face.

Cosima quickly pulls her into a kiss, confirming what they both already know—

The gesture is merely a courtesy.

She already bought this image so long ago—here, in this very loft, making tearful promises to each other in the dark. She bought it again the next day when she stormed into Leekie’s office, blood samples in tow and a fire in her belly. She’s bought it every day since, paid for it with blood and a bullet and tears.

“You own me,” Cosima grins as their lips break, as she’s pulled away by Felix.

“Yeah. You’re mine.”

Drunkenness aside, there’s a sincerity to Cosima’s voice and she feels it deeply. She watches as the music starts up again and the crowd cheers, watches Cosima glow as she giggles and bows to her adoring fans. She brings a hand to her lips which still buzz from their contact, her mouth splitting at the seam.

There will be more smiles, she thinks.

There will be more sun and laughter and playful banter, more wine and hand-holding, more helium highs and promises made.

Cosima knows this too.

She can see it in her eyes as as they search hers later in the shelter of her bedroom, seeking comfort and reassurance. She can feel it in the gentle hand that settles on her own, guiding her finger to the touchpad on the laptop as they cross the finish line together. She can taste it in Cosima’s tears as kisses them away, lowering her softly on the bed.

There will be so much more, they both know—but there will be no replacing what they’ve lost.

Even still, she watches Cosima at rest, curled into a tiny ball at her side as her chest rises and falls steadily for the first time in months, and thinks that she’d do it all again in a heartbeat if it means they can have this; she’ll face whatever battle any titan sends her way; she’ll fight through the lies and heartbreak all over again.

She’ll buy a full set of matching faces and hang them all around their bedroom to remind her that they’re finally home.

So I asked him about love and what it meant to him. My mind was split into wanting to listen and fighting to silence the memories that raged in my own head, each one an ear-splitting scream. He said love was about trust, it was about being loyal, but all I could see was your hand in mine and sand between our toes and secret smiles shot that always hit home. He told me he wasn’t sure he’d ever been in love, not truly, not the head over heels kind of way that leaves you struggling for breath and your heart pounding a rhythm you’ve never heard before. I nodded in understanding even though I couldn’t relate, even though I could remember spilling my doubts and my fears like oceans and feeling the soothing sensation of the wind on my wet skin, knowing I was being listened to. Knowing I was home, here, with you, with salt clinging to my lashes. Knowing I could reach out and brush my thumb over the curve of your lips and having you lean into my touch. He said love was something that had to be felt, not seen, and I thought of the way your eyes lit up when I laughed or the quiet way you watched me when you spoke, waiting for my reaction. When he asked me about love, I told him I was sorry.
Sorry because the part of me that wanted to finally stop living in the past ached, but the other part that clung to memories like they were its anchor to this world won. It won because when I had asked you about love all these years ago, you’d only stared at me, that weird expression on your face and said, “why waste time explaining when I can show you?”
—  through the times / n.j.
#69 [Enzo Amore]

Requested, #69. “It just…hurts.” (Prompt from here.)

Author Note: So this is actually from a part of a story I wrote way back when Enzo first got injured on the Payback 2016 PPV. When I got this prompt, it was the perfect reason to finally finally finish this. It’s long and fluffy and I’m not sorry.

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You felt like the worst girlfriend in the world as you ran through the back hallways of the arena, attempting to make your way to the car bay.

You’d been in your locker room, finalizing getting ready in your ring gear, when Nattie had come in, asking if you’d been watching the current match. Truth be told, you’d been so busy being in your hometown, visiting with people and making appearances, that you hadn’t remembered to turn on the closed-circuit TV. You were too focused on getting ready for your own title match that night on the PPV.

But all it took was one sentence from Nattie for all of your focus to shift entirely away from anything to do with you.

“Enzo got hurt in his match.”

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sinatra [ jacksepticeye x youtuber!reader ]

warnings; none!

words; 1,046

prompt; Jack x fem reader fic where the reader is a YouTuber who does covers and does a reaction video of Sean. She has a secret crush on him and tries not to make it obvious, especially when they’re in the same building. They’ve never officially met but then Sean finally notices her through his fans, watches her videos, and mentions her at PAX with Felix and Mark. And then at a convention, he finds his way to meet her and then… I’m guessing you do the rest? Sorry its all detailed. (  anon )


You like Sean. It was a hard realization to swallow, especially since you have never met him before, but you do. You can’t help it. You aren’t sure how anyone can. How not every girl in a hundred mile radius hasn’t fallen for his joyous grin yet, how they haven’t notice how his eyes glimmer in the bleak lights of his room and how they hadn’t become infected with overwhelming joy whenever they see him happy. You can’t help it. You can’t help checking his Youtube channel more than yours, nor can you help the jump your heart makes once you see him on screen.

You try to be discreet about it. Tweet about a funny joke he said occasionally, mention him in one of your vlogs offhandedly, as if he was no more important than the weather. It is a conscious choice to cover mostly love songs on your channel. You like to think that he is watching, somehow, perhaps one of your fans had whispered into his ear about your existence and he just so happened to stumble onto a video where you sing one of Sinatra’s songs with such a dream like look on your face and mellow pink lights behind you. Your voice is soft but always holds and edge, an edge of intense feeling that one can only recognize if he himself is in love, or ever has been. And as your fingers play with the strings of the guitar, your lips hiding behind the microphone, the forest of black lashes parts and you look into the camera, straight through the screen and into the person that is watching as you hit the final note.

Your fans had pressed you to make a video reacting to one of Sean’s funnier vlogs and you decided to go with it. It wasn’t what you are known for, or what you normally do on your channel, but you couldn’t resist especially because you didn’t want to. Perhaps miracles do happen. Your video, although not envied in views, somehow spread on twitter and your fans whilst mingling with his sent a stream of direct messages urging Sean to check you out. He was a bit confused, but curious. He likes to discover new people, especially if they are as passionate as him about this Youtube business. Finding you was easy. All he did was enter your username into the search bar and rows of content popped up. Naturally, he clicked on the first video he saw, without glancing at the title.

Naturally, it was your cover of Sinatra.

It is a difficult feeling to comprehend, much more to explain to another. Is that what his fans feel when they watch him? He wondered whilst watching you. One video turned into two. Three. Five. Cover songs turned into vlogs and lastly, when he saw a video that had his goofy smile on it and your cute face plastered next to it, he grinned at himself and clicked continue. This was the video that urged his fans to go see you. He owes them a thank you, or at least a cryptic message of some sort. It’s different. You’re different, even though the layer of glass and pixels you appear live and breathing: he can see the dim pink lights dance behind you, glide on the skin of your neck and shine in your (colour) hair. You are beautiful, perhaps not to everyone, but to him you really are.

And he recalls your eyes in the shadowy hall of the convention, mostly because it is time for questions and a fan stepped up. To be completely honest, Sean didn’t hear what the girl had so brightly asked, he noticed the sneaky (colour) of her eyes and all he could think of was similar ones staring at him through the screen of his phone or computer.

“Oh, I think (Name) covered that.” Mark’s voice echoes in his ear and he nearly jerks in his spot, cranking his neck to see his best friend thinking about the answer. Sean blinks, pulling the microphone closer.

“Yeah, yeah (Name) definitely covered that.”

You couldn’t belief he knows who you are. You still can’t, even when your hand fits so nicely in his in a handshake that lasts a bit too long. His fingers glide over yours when he finally does let go. The air is warm, too warm to be caused by the weather and the rapid beats of your heart inform you that yes, it is him that is making your cheeks heat so unnaturally. With a soft smile you push a strand of hair over your ear and give a shaky nod at Mark and Felix, the latter only smiling and politely saying ‘Nice to meet you’. Mark has enough sense to pull Felix along with him to the stands. The convention is starting in an hour and the lobby isn’t the best place for a first meet up. But neither you nor Sean move out the way of other Youtubers and staff, only sidestep when some luggage starts bumping into the sides of your legs.

“I’ve…” He starts suddenly. He seems rushed, flustered perhaps as his eyes quickly dart away from you to eye a friend of his pass, “Actually been wanting to meet you for a while now.”

You gulp. A happy grin pinches the corners of your lips and you have to fight the urge smile like a complete idiot. Butterflies tickle your stomach. You bite your lip in thought, not failing to notice him linger on them for a moment, “That’s…I…” With a sharp inhale you murmur, “Me too.” You wish you weren’t this awkward, but he doesn’t really seem to notice. “Did you want to…make a video? Together?”

“Oh yeah, video, totally, yeah, no other reason at all.” He blurs, “Your voice. Is good.” He gives a thumbs up, “Better than mine. Which I know is not a very good compliment because if there was a scale from zero to ten my voice would be in minus two.” You laugh. He eases up and smiles.

“I can teach you.” You say, “If you want to, that is!”

“Oh! Cool, yeah that’d be awesome!”

“Great, so…What would you like to learn first?”

“Sinatra. Definitely Sinatra.”


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top 5 mini Lodge-Cooper headcanons? You've got me hooked on the idea of them as moms!

1. veronica fights to keep her lids from drooping when it’s all over; she’s sweaty, and exhausted, and the rhythmic beeping of the hospital does little to help ward off sleep. and betty, her sweet, glossy eyed, sniffling betty. she just keeps looking between their baby girl and her exhausted wife, keeps telling veronica how good she did, how much she loves her, and veronica feels safe when sleep finally takes her, betty will take care of the two of them

2. the first couple weeks redefine exhaustion. their daughter, while tiny and endearing, can put up one hell of a fuss when she wants to. she takes after veronica in that way. it doesn’t help veronica’s sleep (or lack there of) that her fussing is only quelled when she’s cradled against veronica’s chest. that one, ronnie’s convinced, she picked up from betty

3. veronica falls asleep with their daughter pressed carefully to her chest and betty looks on with affection blooming inside hers. matching dark hair, identical brown eyes that betty finds are suddenly blinking up at her in miniature. and just like that, tiny arms are reaching out toward betty, pushing away from veronica’s chest with sleep kissed red into her cheek. and - and she’s never done this before. since they’ve taken her home she’s preferred veronica and betty’s been okay with that. but it doesn’t stop the tears that well in her eyes as she scoops her babbling little girl into her arms

4. she’s talking now, walking now, and lord does she use it all to her advantage. she’d dipped out of the bathtub while veronica was turned around getting her towel and she runs around the house dripping water as she goes. “betty! help me catch her she’s going to slip,” veronica tries sounding stern but she lets out a laugh when their daughter ducks under a table. it’s a joint effort, one where veronica nearly slips in a puddle of what she hopes is water, tossing the towel to betty, missing, and having it land gracefully over their shrieking toddler. betty grabs her then, wraps the towel around her more soundly and peppering kisses all over her face. veronica easily slips into the mix, arms coming around both her wife and daughter. she presses a triumphant kiss to betty’s lips and then another to soothe defeat into the still wet hair of their squirming toddler

5. saturday mornings have always been betty’s favorite and now that the two of them are three, betty’s only more sure of this. she rises first and let’s veronica sleep in, not bothering to change their daughter out of her pajamas as she scoops her into her arms and carries her back to their room. “mama’s sleeping,” betty whispers to her, “can you be quite for me?” she nods in response, pressing her tiny finger to betty’s lips to shush her. she sits in betty’s lap and the two of them watch saturday morning cartoons, betty carding through her short dark hair with one hand, the other tracing over veronica’s back to ease her into consciousness. it’s the sleepy smile veronica finally flashes when she rolls over and yawns, the way the youngest lodge-cooper starts bouncing excitedly in betty’s lap, telling her that, “mama’s awake!” that solidifies her love for saturday’s all over again

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11 with peter parker & reader

“Peter, that isn’t a valid reason for risking your life!” Your tone was angry and bitter as you knealed before Peter with a first aid kit by your side. 

 Peter winced, sighing to himself as he sat injured on your bed, his skin burning as you dabbed a small piece of gauze over his cuts. “Y/N, you don’t understand. It’s my job-” 

 You startled Peter when you suddenly stood up from your carpeted floor, his ribs creaking and a groan echoing from his lips as he looked up at you. “No, Peter! Your job is to help old ladies cross the road or stop people from robbing a bank, not chasing after a mass criminal who could fairly well get you killed!” 

Peter watched as a stress line invaded the space between your eyebrows, and he looked down at his lap in shame. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I never wanted to worry you.”

“I know, Pete.” You closed your eyes, your face burning and lips beginning to quiver. “I just… it’s so hard to stop worrying when I know that you’re in danger and there’s nothing I can do to help. I’m here, studying while you’re out there, risking your life for this city. I just get scared, and I didn’t mean to get loud with you.” 

Peter watched carefully as you opened your eyes again, and before you could say anything else, he was removing his suit from his body and standing up from the bed. You rose your eyebrows in his direction, wondering what he was doing as he slowly hopped his way over to your dresser. 

“I still have clothes here, right?” He asked, searching through your first drawer, where he knew you put all of the clothes that he left at your apartment. 

“Yeah, under my yoga pants right there.” You pointed to your black yoga pants that were on top of the last pair of clothes he left there. 

Soon, Peter was changing out of his Spiderman suit and into his regular clothes, and you watched as he finally turned toward you with a grim expression on his face.

“Can we leave?” He said, his eyes pleading with yours to say yes. 

You groaned loudly, nodding your head. “Where would we go, Peter?” 

He looked down at the floor and bit his lip in thought. “I know a place, but I need my webs.” He reached into his bag, and grabbed his spare webs, watching as you eyed him skeptically. “Don’t worry. I’ll keep you safe.” He said before grabbing your elbow and dragging you out the door of your apartment. 

“Are you sure you should swing around the city like that, Pete?” You asked, raising a brow and motioning to his ribs. 

Peter nodded, walking into the elevator with you. “Yeah, I’ll be fine.” 

“Peter, from what I saw with that big bruise on your ribcage, you at least have two broken ribs. You shouldn’t even be walking right now.” 

Peter sighed, running a hand through his brown curls and looking down at you with a stern expression. “Y/N, I’ll be fine.” He bit, turning away from you. 

A sudden dry scoff escaped your lips, and Peter looked over at you in questioning. 

Suddenly, before you could speak your mind towards Peter, the elevator began to screech, shaking underneath your feet. Immediately, Peter pulled you against his chest, ready to move somehow in case something were to happen. 

The elevator screeched to a sudden hard stop, and you and Peter were sent falling against the wall, Peter groaning by the pain in his ribs. 

“Shit.” You spat, standing up to abruptly pace in front of Peter. “This elevator has never been good, we should have taken the stairs. Now we’re stuck here until we can get some help.” 

Peter rose a brow at your statement and carefully rose from the ground, motioning to his wrists. “Did you forget about my special abilities?” He asked. 

You looked over to him only to send him a dirty look, and turned your back to him. “You’re hurt, Peter. You can’t get us out of here right now, let’s get profession help please.” 

Peter widened his eyes in shock, his blood suddenly boiling as he watched you take out your phone. 

Scaring you, he snatched the phone from your hand, a glare taking over his features. “I am professional help, Y/N, and I would love it if you would stop questioning what I can do.” 

You gulped and sighed, just now realizing what you had said. “Peter, I didn’t mean it like that.” 

Peter shook his head, closing his eyes and taking a slow breath, his ribs still moaning in pain. “I just want you to trust me. Please, can you do that?” 

You nodded, wrapping your arms around his torso softly, and placing your head against his chest. “Of course I can, Pete. I trust you more than most people, and I don’t wanna fight.” 

Peter pulled you closer to him, planting a soft kiss into your hair. “I don’t like fighting with you.” 

It was quiet for a few moments until your voice ripped through the silence, causing Peter to laugh and groan all at once. 

“Now, can you get us out of here, please?” 

You smiled when you heard him laugh, but stopped when he moaned in pain, immediately pulling away from him. 

“Are you okay?” Slowly, 

Peter looked around, trying to find a way to get out of the elevator. He began to unzip his hoodie, the Spiderman symbol being revealed. 

You smiled. 

He was your very own hero, and you couldn’t be any more grateful. 

Get You Out .2. | Zelo (m)

Originally posted by zellestial

Pairing: Zelo/Reader ft.Hoseok (cameos by VIXX and Namjoon)
Genre: Angst, Smut
Rating: M
Warnings: angst; character death, violence, blood, shootings. smut; dirty talk, fingering, riding, some feels in there.
Word Count: 12.4k

A/N: Brownie points to whoever can guess who it was in the elevator with the reader. This also made me cry a few times while writing it, so good luck.

Part 1 | Part 2

Summary: Trouble finds you even with Zelo gone from your life. Your only light is a boy, named Hoseok, that you met at a bookstore. But Zelo manages to destroy what little happiness you’ve gathered since he left.

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I Always Get The Truth (Star-Lord Smut)

As requested by anon: Your starlord reader inserts are sheer amazing beautiful genius. Do you think maybe sometime you could do one where the reader is taken captive by the guardians for some reason and Peter’s in charge of “interrogating” her? (But in a smutty way)

Warning: NSFW

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A/N: Here have 3k words of angst. Excuse me while I go watch Bengal Cat videos on youtube to make myself feel better. 

Steve met Tony at a grocery shop.

Steve had been minding his own business, trying to find his cereal, next thing he knew, a soft voice said, “You look like you eat nails for breakfast instead of Corn Flakes.”

When Steve whipped his head around to the sound of the voice, he was surprised to be staring right at wicked brown eyes, he was shorter than Steve, younger, but he held his chin high and he had a wicked grin that could make the toughest person in the room weak, “Yeah, I know, that was lame. I’m not usually like that.”

Steve titled his head, the corners of his mouth twitching up, “You like to hit on strangers in grocery shops?”

Tony laughed, bubbly and happy, “Only the pretty ones.”


“You okay, Tony?” Steve gently asked, pushing Tony’s hair away from his face.

“Tired.” Tony mumbled as he leaned his head on Steve’s hands.

It had been 2 years since Tony got diagnosed with leukemia, 5 years since they got together, and 6 years since Steve met Tony and started to fall in love with him.

Steve felt his chest tighten and it took all of the power in him not to break down that moment, but he had to stay strong, for Tony. “Think you can walk, sweetheart?”

Tony finally looked up at Steve and grinned wide, his eyes dancing, “I could beat you and Sam on your morning walks.”

Steve chuckled, “Guess I’ll be carrying you, huh?”

Steve picked up Tony and carried him bridal style, shutting the car door with his foot before making his way through the threshold.

“It feels like getting married all over again.” Tony sighed happily in Steve’s arms.

“Still not regretting it?” Steve teased.

Tony gasped as he put his hand on his chest, “Never.”

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Sooo, rewatching 3.06. I can already hear y’all’s eyes rolling and see y’all’s painful groaning and muttering about not the dumb ghost ship. But forget all that bit. I just want to focus on the Sam and Dean bit at the end of the episode. 

At the beginning of the episode, Dean confronted Sam about having gone after the crossroads demon he sold his soul to. Sam’s still trying to find a way to save Dean from Hell, but Dean of course is still trying to talk him out of it (because if he breaks the deal, Sam dies). At the end, Dean admits he understands why Sam went after her, saying he would’ve done the same thing so he can’t blame Sam for that.

Dean has so far framed his entire reasoning around this in a “parental” way, believing that Sam will be okay after he’s gone, framing all of their discussions on the topic in an “I know what’s best” way even when Sam accuses him explicitly of doing the same thing John did to him (i.e. putting Dean textually into the parental role in the scenario). In a weird reversal of the promise Sam elicits from Dean at the end of s5 to go live a “normal, apple pie life” because that’s the life SAM always wanted, Dean encourages Sam to keep hunting, carrying on the Family Business that DEAN has always wanted.

DEAN: Yeah, you’ll keep hunting, y'know, you live your life. You’re stronger than me. You are! (SAM clears his throat) you are… you’ll get over it. But I want you to know I’m sorry, I’m sorry for… putting you through all this, I am.
SAM: You know what, Dean? Go screw yourself.
DEAN: What?
SAM: I don’t want an apology from you! And by the way, I’m a big boy now, I can take care of myself.

But it’s like Sam doesn’t understand that Dean’s playing the parental role, even while calling him out on the fact. He doesn’t get that Dean’s not just following exactly in John’s footsteps, but that his motivations for doing so were identical to John’s… Watch out for Sammy. Look after your little brother.

At least Sam finally expresses his real concern about Dean:

SAM (voice raising): So would you please quit worrying about me? I mean that’s the whole problem in the first place. I don’t want you to worry about me, Dean, I want you to worry about you! I want you to give a crap that you’re dying!

But in 3.07 Dean proves he still doesn’t give a crap that he’s dying, using himself as bait for the vampire, as bait for Gordon and Kubrick, and casually risking his life over and over again. It’s exactly what the vampire says about his own life:

VAMPIRE: I was desperate! You ever felt desperate? (shot of DEAN’s face) I’ve lost everyone I ever loved. I’m staring down eternity alone. (shot of DEAN’s face) Can you think of a worse hell?
DEAN: Well, there’s Hell.
VAMPIRE: I wasn’t thinking. I just … I didn’t care anymore. Do you know it’s like when you just don’t give a damn? It’s like … it’s like being dead already. So just go ahead. (looks down at DEAN’s knife) Do it.

But it’s also the situation that SAM will be left in after Dean goes to Hell… his entire family gone, all alone. And suddenly Dean understands there might be worse things than actual Hell.

He’s still not ready to drop the act in front of Sam. I mean, Sam uses the exact words:

SAM: I wish you would drop the show and be my brother again.

And the worst part of all of this is it takes nine more years for Dean to really get any sort of resolution to this. Yelling at the dream demon version of himself might be a lil bit cathartic, and he might come to a greater understanding of all the circumstances that led to the Winchester family feeling “cursed,” but it takes him actually confronting Mary with the entire truth in 12.22 to finally let all of this go.

Yes, 12.22 has officially changed everything.

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vet clinic AU with kylo

Ok guys, forgive me cause I got an idea and it is gonna get angsty. Like real angsty. If you cry about animals, you might tear up with this one, just as a forewarning. 

Modern AU Kylo Ren + Vet Clinic AU

With a sigh you tapped your pen against your clipboard, biting your lip in concentration. Tonights shift was even busier than usual with people rushing in with all varieties of animals. The particular one you were looking at however had you hesitating. No matter how long you worked in the profession some parts of the job never got easier. 

Just as you were about to start writing your notes you suddenly heard the door beside you slide open. Turning your focus over you saw your coworker, looking frazzled and nervous.

“What’s going on?”

“We uh, we have an owner…or co-former-owner I suppose of one of our patients demanding we disclose what’s going on.”

“Which patient?”

“The Leonberger in room 307.”

You looked to your clipboard for a moment. As if the situation wasn’t difficult enough to deal with, now you had to face the owner. Releasing a heavy sigh you turned back to her with a nod.

“That’s fine, let him in.”

Your coworker instantly disappeared back into the lobby, seeming to practically sprint out. Whoever the owner was they were likely impatient considering her swift exit. Just as you were about to look to your clipboard again you suddenly heard the door slide open again. Pushing past your coworker was a man well over six feet tall, his ebony hair starkly contrasted his pale complexion. His gaze was intense and his rather broad build was intimidating. 

“Where’s my dog?”

“Sir, we have him in a room right now a-”

“What the fuck is going on?”

You flared your nostrils faintly already knowing this man was going to be difficult, “Sir. I can tell you what’s going on but you need to calm down and allow me to.”

Now he flared his nostrils, his jaw visibly tensing. He was obviously not someone used to complacency. Seeing his silence as an acknowledgement you gave him a nod.

“Alright. Well, the dog was brought in earlier today by an older couple insisting something was wrong with him.”

“My parents.”

“Alright, your parents brought him in insisting something was wrong with him and we needed to check him immediately. Luckily for them we had only a few patients to tend to at that hour so we took him right in. It turns out, um…as a result of his old age, remarkbly for his breed, he had developed a tumor. Specifically in his stomach.”

Almost instantly the expression on the man’s face softened. Though you could see him struggling to maintain his harsh exterior he was slowly slipping out of control.

“A tumor?”

You nodded, “It’s common with big breeds like him unfortunately. It’s actually amazing he lived as long as he did without complications till now.”

“What’s the status? Is it being removed?”

Now came the part you always dreaded. Delivering the bad news.

You gulped, “Uh well we did try to remove it earlier but…it’s spread to a point that if we were to remove it…his quality of life would significantly decline.”

The man’s expression was now blank, “So…you’re putting him down?”

Your heart nearly sunk as you nodded, “I’m afraid so. Your parents confirmed with us that that was the route they wanted to go and said their goodbyes.”

It fell silent for a moment as the man before you started to almost visibly shake. Physically he was trying with everything in him to hold back any showcase of emotion. Obviously he was not one to be so open, and it was finally proving difficult for him.

“…Can I say goodbye?”

You gave him a small smile, “Of course.”

“I’d also like to be there when, you know.”

You nodded, as the man sighed.

“He deserves to have someone there.”

Mentally you cursed yourself for nearly letting a tear slip. You had done this so many times, it was all a part of life, why did it get to you so badly? Releasing a deep breath you gestured down the hall.

“The room is this way.”

A little while later, after going through the final procedure you watched through the small window panel at Kylo. The giant of a man was now crouched down, entirely enveloping the equally giant dog. From what you faintly heard the dog, Chewie as he was called, hadn’t seen Kylo in years. For whatever reason he had left, now feeling a tremendous weight of guilt for his absence. 

Watching closely you felt your heart sink into your shoes as Chewie rubbed his face against Kylo’s. As if he were telling him he was forgiven. Just as soon as he had done so however, you noticed Kylo’s back begin to tremble. He pulled Chewie in closer, hugging him as if he never wanted to let go.

A little while later, Kylo finally emerged from the room. His eyes faintly bloodshot and his prominent nose still slightly pink. You could tell he had waited to emerge, still not wanting to appear emotional or what he perceived as weak. Walking towards you, trying your hardest to muster up a warm smile for him, he looked you in the eyes again.

“Do you need anything else sir?”

He sniffled slightly as he shook his head, “No. No I’m fine.”

“I’m sorry for your loss.”

“Inevitable right?”

You shrugged, “It is.”

With a sigh he gave you a nod and began walking past you. Considering how much of a facade he was trying to keep up, you knew he likely didn’t want to talk too much about how he was feeling. He would only start crying all over again.

He paused for a moment as he turned to you, “Thank you.”

You smiled and gave him a nod, “Of course. If you need anything else, feel free to call us.”

In a rare moment his lip faintly curled at the side, “I’ll be sure to.”

The moment he walked out the door you sighed. Turning to your coworker you shook your head.

“Get me a damn tissue.”

anonymous asked:

Fenja- How exactly did you just stop purging and start recovery. I used bulimia as a coping mechanism from anorexia recovery and now that I'm weight restored, I just can't break the purge cycle. How did u stop purging and start living again?

It’s hard to give you a good answer to this since eating disorders are so different for everybody as well as the reasons behind our disorders but I can try to tell you about my individual experiences, maybe it helps a little.

I defenitely didn’t “just stop” purging, I have been in treatment for bulimia for the first time in 2012 - at that point I had full-blown extreme bulimia, I binged and purged up to a hundred times a day, I did nothing else all day for months. I can honestly tell you that I wouldn’t have been able to stop by myself, I was detemined to slowly kill myself and I didn’t want any help. I never would have stopped, bulimia was my drug, it made me high and careless. I ended up in hospital bc my heart beat was irregular and my brain swollen (Motivation to stop purging, you do not want this to happen!).

I spent  weeks in an inpatient unit cheating my way through BUT they forced me to eat and watched me after every meal and after three months I gained back a lot of weight and my brain was finally starting to work again and this is the important point:

  • EAT ENOUGH! I can not stress this enough, binge-purge cycle will only end if you eat enough bc even though many disorders start due to anxiety, stress, pressure, etc. - what really sends us into the binge-purge cycle is HUNGER. Your body is starved if you purge and starving makes you loose all control, your body overpowers you and you binge and then the guilt or the pure physical discomfort hits you and you purge. Therefore your body is still hungry and the cycle starts again. Therefore my most important advice: eat at least three meals and snacks spreadout throughout the day and eat 2,500+ calories every single day, no exceptions. I personally need to eat 3000 calories at least otherwise I get hungry and tend to eat and purge. It is hard and you will have to simply fight through every meal for some time but believe me, 90% of all binge and purge urges go away by proper and enough eating!

After some time I discharged myself and relapsed big time, went inpatient again, got even worse, discharged myself again and realized: This is MY FIGHT! They did all they could to help me, I was not underweight anymore, my body wasn’t starved anmyore, they thought me what and how much and when and how to eat - now it was on me, only I could save myself, it was and still is MY RESPONSIBILITY! This is where I started fighting for real, I still binged und purged but now it was due to emotional reasons, due to stress, bingeing numbed me, let me forget my anxiety and ease my tension. I had to find other ways to distract me from anxiety and urges, other ways to calm my racing thoughts, healthy coping mechanisms. Things that are generally helpful to avoid bingeing and also purging:

  • call somebody and talk to distract yourself
  • draw or paint, I spent hours filling in mandalas
  • knit or puzzle or fill out cross words
  • short!!! walks to clear your head
  • watch tv series or movies or read an exciting book
  • paint your fingernails, did wonders for me
  • write down your thoughts and feelings and urges
  • make lists why you shouldn’t b/p or what happens if you do

I don’t binge anymore, I’ve had one or two incidents in 2013, I haven’t binged for half a year. I learned to resist the urge with those techniques and therapy taught me why I emotionally felt the need to b/p and I’ve learned to talk about feelings and fears instead of numbing them.

Currently only purging is left of bulimia, my dianosis changed to anorexia purge-type in 2013 since I have no binges anymore. I am fully commited to recovery, I work hard to eat 2,500+ calories a day and not purge, I can share some strategies with you that help me to avoid purging:

  • eating enough once again bc if I don’t I get very hungry, I eat fast when I do and then I feel stuffed and that triggers me, therefore I try to eat regularly and enough so that won’t happen
  • I drink tea with my meals because it relaxes my stomach and it relaxes me as well, I feel less anxious after eating
  • I use all the strategies above to distract myself from purging, you have to force yourself to really really give them a go, they might now work the first time but if you really try and also find your own distractions, they will!
  • If I feel very full and bloated - cozy clothing, snuggle up in bed, hot water bottle and more tea, taking a bath, whatever helps me relax until the feeling passes (it always will!!!)
  • If I am having a really hard time I avoid being alone after eating or I tell somebody to distract me. I tell my boyfriend and he watches me for an hour, if I need to use the bathroom he talks through the door with me, etc.
  • I once again make list why recovery is worth it, why I must not purge, why I am a great person and don’t need this, etc. and I re-read them when I feel triggered!

Last but not least: IT IS IN YOUR HANDS!!!!!! YOU decide whether you stick your head down the toilet, YOU can stop yourself, YOU can ask for help, YOU have to save yourself. Once you realize that YOU CAN STOP YOURSELF, it doesn’t seem impossible anymore. You can do this.

I simply decided I didn’t want to die with my head down the toilet and vomit in my face and therefore I decided to stop and start trying recovery for real and so I did. It’s as easy and as true as that.

Wishing you the best ♥

 - Fenja

Musings of a King - Byron x MC

note: should read this from your browser so my annoying emotional tumblr music can play in the background lmao~

At the age of 16, I ascended the throne. Young as I was, I knew what needed to be done. I was put here to fix all the mistakes that man- Gerald, had made. Work was hard, days were long, and the nights even longer. But it was all worth it if it meant saving my country. I had to rebuild from scratch, remove all traces of the past; of the pain my people had to endure. This is what I set myself to do. My only goal is to make Stein a secure and prosperous country again.

It didn’t take long and I became of age. The bureaucrats were excited. They have always talked about “coming of age, becoming a man” but I hardly thought about it. Now at the age of 18, I can no longer avoid it. I don’t dislike the idea but I also don’t have an interest. I only see it as something to tick off my list- just as marriage to me was just another checkpoint I needed to pass.

They brought me a girl a few days after my birthday. They said she was untouched, fit for a king. I was told not to worry because this girl will not be able to conceive, so there would be no risk to the line of nobility the bureaucrats ever so valued. Our royal family will not be tainted even if I made a mistake.

That night I spent with the girl, I felt nothing. My body responded as it should, but my mind and my heart were elsewhere- already thinking about my next duty as king. With that, I have finished the task the bureaucrats wanted me to complete. They asked me about it of course, asked if I wanted more of the same “gift” - but I said that task was done and it was time to move on. They said I’m still inexperienced but stopped protesting nonetheless.

Years passed and I was nearly at the next checkpoint in the subject of relationships. I needed to find a partner, a Queen, a mother to bear my heir. The nearby country of Wysteria had just announced the ceremony honoring their new princess. Things are aligning well for me, I thought. I get to visit Wysteria and check what I can do in terms of trade and improving our relationship as neighboring countries, whilst also finding a prospective partner in their new princess. A bond between our two countries that share a border is beneficial to Stein, but more so for Wysteria. They will have no reason to decline. Additionally, they have a bountiful supply of ore deposits that have always been of interest to me in terms of resources.

I set off for Wysteria earlier than expected to do an inspection near the border before I had to attend the ceremony. It’s good to maximize time and fit in as much work as I can into my schedule.

The inspection begins, Albert and I go in different directions to cover more ground and finish faster. I arrive at our desginated meeting place ahead of time, so I decide to take in the surroundings. The sky is clear tonight. The stars look brighter. Maybe it’s because I’m seeing it from Wysteria? Suddenly, hurried footsteps approach and I see a woman, her clothes elegant yet torn- possibly from running through the woods. Bandits? I thought Wysteria was a relatively peaceful country

That’s when I met her for the first time. Nothing could have prepared me for what was going to happen in the next few weeks of my life. I would discover what it’s like to think of matters besides work, and for once my heart would have something other than my country in its depths. I never knew there was that big of a gap that needed to be filled inside of me. I would feel an overwhelming desire to just be near her; to watch her, to touch her. It shouldn’t make sense but somehow it did. She would help me feel emotions I have never before felt capable of having. She would be the first person I ever loved, the only Queen I’d want by my side.

But the road we both had to take had her endure so much suffering, I feel humbled just by the sight of her smiling face. The truth is, my love for her is too great, it scares me- what I might do just to keep her.

Had I known all these when I first met her in the woods that night, I would’ve whisked her away to start our life together there and then. Avoid all the things she would have to go through for my sake.

I watch her now with pride, as she holds our daughter in her arms. Finally, I feel complete.

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An Angel’s Love

Originally posted by an-angel-in-love-with-a-hunter

Pairing: WinchestersxSister!reader, soulmate!Casxreader, Casiferxreader
Word count: 1,376
Request: Anonymous. I tried requesting earlier but I don’t think my computer sent it through. If it did please dont think im being pushy! my request was where the reader is the winchesters sister and cas’s soulmate. Casifer takes her as a hostage for leverage. When boys summon him to cast him out of Cas he summons the reader and they are at a standstill. When Crowley goes into Cas to get him out the thing that makes Cas try to fight back is seeing the reader scared and being threatened? Thank you! Love the blog!
A/N: I was going off youtube clips for this. I am SO sorry that this took so long!

Being the youngest Winchester was never a boring thing. Wasn’t the safest, either. You’d been kidnapped, shot at, and way too many other things to think of.

When Cas walked into your life, every bad feeling seemed to be forgotten for the moment. All that existed was you, and him.

It took him some time to reveal what that meant, to come clean with how it truly mattered. You, the baby of the Winchesters, were soul mates with an angel. Not just any angel, either. The very angel that raised Dean from the pit, the one who burned out the eyes of an innocent woman for simply trying to help, and biggest of all- Dean’s best friend.

Dean was furious when he found out. He yelled, cursed, threatened, and you were sure that he would explode at any moment. Hell, he had decked Cas. Not that it hurt the angel any.

Over time, he came to accept it, even embrace it. He was happy that you had someone that could keep you so safe, and that he could trust with your life, and heart.

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Request: agh im so nervous to ask this an i dont know why, could i request a barry keoghan imagine please where like something bad happens to the ready n it’s just like cute n fluffy n yeah thank you so much agh that was terrifying

A/N: protective Barry gives me life 😍


“B-Barry, can ye come get me?” You whispered over the phone, voice pitched slightly in fear.

“Y/N? Are ye ok? Wha’s wrong?” The raspy voice of your boyfriend answered. You could tell he was rushing around the flat, searching for his keys.

“Jus- jus’ come get me please.” You chocked out, trying to suppress the urge to cry.

“I’m comin’ love, where are ye?” He questioned, the sound of an engine starting coming through the phone.

“I’m on the corner o’ 7th and Juniper.” You told him quickly, arms wrapped tightly around your knees.

“I though’ ye were supposed to be studyin’ at Derek’s house?” He questioned over the phone, concern coloring his tone.

“I was.” You whispered, and Barry seemed to understand.

“Alrigh’ sweetheart, I’ll be there soon. I love ye.” He spoke, before hanging up.

10 minutes later, Barry was pulling up to the curb where you sat. Rushing out of the car, he gathered your shaking form in his arms. You clung to him, allowing him to carry you to the car. Buckling you in, he rushed around to the drivers seat and re-started the car.

Once you were safely inside of Barry’s warm car, you broke down. Your boyfriend stared at you worriedly as you began to shake and cry uncontrollably, but he didn’t know what to do. Taking your hand in his, he pulled back onto the road and headed home.

The car ride was silent, only the quiet sounds of your sobs could be heard. Barry never let go of your hand, he just squeezed gently every once in a while to let you know he was there.

You had finally calmed down slightly once you arrived at your flat, shakily stepping out of the car. Barry was at your side in seconds, wrapping an arm around your waist as he helped you inside.

Moving into the living room, Barry set you onto the couch, wrapping a blanket around you.

“’M gonna make ye a cup o’ tea. I’ll be righ’ back.” He told you, pressing a sweet kiss to your forehead. He was back less than 5 minutes later, sitting next to you and handing you a mug.

“Thanks Bar.” You spoke gratefully, talking a sip of the warm calming beverage.

“Do ye wanna talk about it?” He asked after you had taken a few sips of tea, rubbing a hand up and down your arm.

“I was studyin’ with Derek fer a few hours, and then he decided te start drinkin’.” You started, setting your mug down and snuggling into Barry’s side. “I didn’ think anythin’ o’ it at first, but then he started slurrin’ his words an’ stumblin’ around the place. I got worried, so I suggested we call it a nigh’. I told him I was gonna call ye, have ye come get me.” You paused, letting out a shaky breath. Barry was staring at you worriedly, the hand on his knee clenching into a fist.

“Then wha’ happened?” He questioned, wanting to know all that had happened to bring you to such a state.

“He started gettin’ angry. Sayin’ I spent too much time with ye. He started yellin’ at me, sayin’ I didn’ care about school or friends or anythin’ but ye.” You paused, glancing at your boyfriend worriedly. He remained calm, nodding for you to continue. “He told me he loved me Bar.” You spoke, tears streaming down your face again. “He said he loved me more than ye did, that he couldn’ just sit back and wait for me te love him too. He said… he..” You trailed off then, taking in deep breaths.

“What did he say?” Barry asked you gently, but there was an undercurrent of anger in his voice, threatening to force its way out.

“He told me I needed to choose between the two o’ ye.” Barry sucked in a startled breath, body freezing beside you. “When I told him I chose ye, he was furious.” Barry relaxed then, worries vanishing as he rubbed your back. “He threw one o’ his bottles at the wall, and then angrily started towards me. I though’ he was gonna hit me, but instead he tried to kiss me. I pushed him away and started fer the door, but he grabbed me wrist and pulled me back. I didn’t know wha te do, so I panicked and smacked him. He let go then, and I ran outta tha house.”

“Come here.” Barry whispered, pulling you tightly into his arms and burying his face into your hair. “I’m so sorry darlin’.”

“I do love him Barry, but not the way he wants me to. I jus’, I wish I had known. I would have-”

“None of this is yer fault. He acted way out o’ order. He threw a tantrum like a bloody child.” Barry assured you, running his fingers through your hair.

“I know, but he was still me friend Bar. I feel awful.” You mumbled into his chest, eyes shutting in content.

You both sat in silence then, allowing yourselves to rest in one another’s arms. You were finally calmed down, fighting slightly against sleep now.

“Y/N, wha’s tha on yer wrist?” Barry suddenly questioned, eyes trained on your right wrist as he pulled away.

“I think Derek jus’ had a stronger grip than he realized.” You answered timidly, shrinking at the sudden anger in Barry’s eyes.

“It’s bruisin’ already Y/N, this wasn’ an accident.” He practically growled, eyes flashing in outrage.

“He wasn’ thinkin’ straight.” You tried to tell him, but Barry was having none of it.

“He hurt ye!” Barry suddenly shouted, losing all trace of calm. “He made ye cry!” He continued, hands pulling at his hair in frustration. “I’m gonna kill him.” This time, Barry growled for real. He suddenly stood up, heading for the door.

“Where are ye goin’?” You asked worriedly, rushing after him.

“I’m gonna go fin’ tha fuckin’ gobshite and give him a piece o’ me mind.” He raged, nearly pulling the door off its hinges as he slammed it open.

“Barry, don’!” You cried, tears filling your eyes for the 3rd time that night. “Please Bar, come back inside.” When Barry continued to ignore you, you shouted at him. “Stop it! Stop it Barry!” He finally stopped, turning around to look at you. “Please, I need you.” You whispered weakly, and all traces of anger quickly faded from Barry’s eyes.

“Alrigh’, ok love. I’m sorry.” He said, walking back to you and placing a hand on your cheek. “Wha’ can I do?”

“Just hold me.”

And that’s exactly what Barry did for the rest of the night. The two of you ended up watching a movie, but you fell asleep in his arms half way through.

He carried you up to bed once the movie was over, quickly changing you into an old t shirt and sweat pants. He then laid down next to you, wrapping his arms protectively around you as he fell asleep.

Even if Barry had refrained from heading to go pay Derek a visit tonight, that wouldn’t stop him from slipping out tomorrow while you showered.

No one hurt his girl and got away with it.


This is all @foleypdx ’s fault. I was studying without pants, sent her a pic of my textbook on my legs, and she replied with ‘nice science. nice gam’. I can only assume that her later thought process was this:
lol, Alexis is a science, she’s pantsless, Lena’s a science, she’s probs also pantsless.
She then sent me: 'imagine Lena pantsless in her office’
To which I screamed about and then wrote this.

Also, the idea that Lena doesn’t like caramel is from wtfoctagon whom I cannot seem to tag? but here’s a Link to their blog, but their fic: Sunlit Honey and Lavender Sunsets which is literally the best representation of Jess that I have ever seen with mine own two eyes and I fucking love this fic, I can’t even describe how much I adore it.

This is also on AO3 :

Jess was tired and now Ms. Danvers was here and Ms. Danvers was nice but honestly she was loud and rambunctious and a little over the top with everything in life and Jess was just tired. So, yes, she waved Ms. Danvers toward Ms. Luthor’s door without buzzing Ms. Luthor and THEN the phone rang and well? Ms. Luthor always liked seeing Ms. Danvers so it just wasn’t going to be a problem.

Kara opened the door; Lena’s office was dark except for one lamp beside her couch. Kara really needed to talk to Lena about staying so late. Really, if the light bothered her enough that she had to sit in near dark-

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here’s part 2 of my kid!myungjin fic and part 2 of the fic by @astrofireworks which inspired it. i’m apologizing for this part in advance bc i hate me for it and i’m sure other people might too sdjjsa (angst warning). the other members of astro finally make their appearance, and there’s baseball!!! thats all i can say without spoiling so please enjoy!!

  • when myungjun is 14.5 and jinwoo is 12.5:
    • they’re sitting in jinwoo’s bedroom on a saturday night, laying on his bed and watching a movie on the new tv jinwoo’s parents had put in his room after myungjun got one in his
    • myungjun’s head is in jinwoo’s lap, as it usually was, and jinwoo is absentmindedly playing with his hair
    • it’s something he’s been doing a lot recently bc it feels natural for him, his hands slowly combing their way through myungjun’s hair as the older boys’ head rests in his lap
    • the movie they’re watching is really boring and they’ve been talking throughout it instead of watching
    • and pretty much out of nowhere jinwoo asks who myungjun has a crush on
    • and the question startles him a little bit bc if he’s honest, he doesn’t have a crush on anyone nor does he think he’s ever had a crush on anyone before
    • so instead of lying bc thats foolish and myungjun hates lying, he’s just honest with his best friend: “i don’t think i have a crush on anyone”
    • there’s a pause before he speaks again: “what about you? who do you have a crush on?”
    • jinwoo: “i’ve never really thought about it”
    • and now myungjun is a little confused bc why would jinwoo ask him about his crush if he hadn’t ever thought about it himself??
    • myungjun: “what made you think about it now?”
    • jinwoo: “a few of my friends at school were talking about how if they got to date their crush, they wouldn’t hang out with us as much bc they’d want to be with their crush”
    • myungjun: “yeah…?”
    • jinwoo: “and it just made me wonder if i had to worry about your crush taking you away from me, bc i wouldn’t like that”
    • and myungjun smiles widely at this, feeling his chest warm and cheeks turn red
    • myungjun: “you don’t have to be worried about any crushes taking me away jinjin”
    • jinwoo: “i just want it to be you and me forever mj”
    • myungjun: “me too”
    • and the boys don’t really realize or understand the weight of their words, and how their promises to stay together forever might eventually be broken, 
    • and for the time being they don’t particularly care bc they’re 12 and 14 years old and more intent on remaining best friends forever than worrying about all the ways in which they could possibly be torn apart
  • when myungjun is 15.2 and jinwoo is 13.2:
    • jinwoo begins playing baseball
    • jinwoo has liked it ever since him and myungjun were just little kids going to saturday afternoon games with their dads
    • and he’s always played on the school teams but just before summer starts, he asks his parents if he can sign up for a team outside of school
    • they quickly agree, as jinwoo had never done more than peewee soccer and drums throughout his childhood by choice and they had never wanted to force him to do anything he didn’t want to
    • but now he wanted to do something and they would never stop him from that
    • so that summer he begins playing the sport, meaning myungjun begins learning everything about it and attends every game, cheering loudly for his best friend and not caring when said cheering borders on slightly obnoxious
    • myungjun also attends an art camp 3 days a week where he gets to build on his skills
    • its not even a question that jinwoo goes to every single gallery and open house they have to support myungjun and he’s as proud of myungjun for his art as myungjun is proud of him for his baseball skills
    • playing baseball is where jinwoo meets moon bin
    • moon bin is only 11.4 when they begin playing baseball that summer, he wears thick glasses and has messy hair most of the time but he has a smile so bright and wide that it can compete with even myungjun’s (not to jinwoo though bc myungjun’s smile will always be his favourite)
    • moon bin is one of the only kids in the city who is willing to play catcher and is also good at it so he made the team despite being the youngest
    • meeting bin also means meeting park minhyuk, moon bin’s own best friend and personal cheerleader, much like myungjun for jinwoo
    • minhyuk is 10.4 and also has glasses but they look more like the ones myungjun recently got rather than the thick frames moon bin adores so much and he wears hats 24/7 (he stole bin’s baseball hat and wears it to every game, bin doesn’t mind at all)
    • minhyuk is very different from bin in that he’s extremely quiet when he wants to be, but jinwoo and myungjun work out that this is why his friendship with bin works bc that boy does not stop talking and minhyuk never stops listening
    • despite their age gap, minhyuk and myungjun get along very well and usually sit and cheer together during games
    • for the first time since dongmin left, myungjun and jinwoo’s friend group expands and now includes the 2 new boys
    • bin and minhyuk are both still in primary school while myungjun is headed to high school and jinwoo is in middle school so they’ve never really crossed paths before jinwoo started playing as the team’s second basemen
    • jinwoo’s pool suddenly gains 2 more swimmers and the tent in myungjun’s backyard is fuller and their parents swear that their smiles haven’t been this bright since dongmin left
    • surprisingly myungjun and jinwoo have been able to keep up with dongmin even after all these years and they have a weekly phone call together where they catch up on everything
    • they learn that dongmin is his class president and plays on the soccer team and hear stories about his new neighbour and good friend, yoon sanha, who is 3 years younger than him
    • and dongmin hears stories about bin and minhyuk and baseball and myungjun’s art (and he definitely does not cry the day myungjun sends him one of his paintings in the mail)
    • all of them are happy bc it’s summer and they’re just having the time of their lives being kids
  • when myungjun is 16.4, jinwoo is 14.4, bin is 12.6, and minhyuk is 11.6:
    • myungjun wins a major art competition
    • jinwoo wishes that all he remembered from that day was myungjun entering his bedroom with an envelope in hand, smile as big as he’d ever seen (unfortunately he remembers everything that had happened as it had been what he deems the second worst day of his life)
    • jinwoo immediately stops working on whatever it is he’d been doing and focuses the entirety of his attention on his best friend
    • myungjun: “okay so remember that really competitive art competition i entered that i kept saying i wouldn’t win?”
    • jinwoo: “of course i do, i kept telling you that you would win bc you’re the best artist in the world”
    • myungjun, blushing: “well i guess i can say that you were right bc i won”
    • he holds up the letter which congratulates him on winning first place proudly and immediately jinwoo pulls myungjun into a hug, whispering how proud of him he is
    • myungjun: “there’s a program at an art school that i get to go to for winning!”
    • jinwoo has let go of him but reaches out to pat him on the shoulder at that news: “that’s incredible, myungjun! when does it begin?”
    • myungjun gets quiet then and his smile immediately drops and he can’t seem to meet jinwoo’s eyes anymore
    • jinwoo definitely notices this and asks what’s going on while removing his hand from myungjun’s shoulder
    • myungjun: “well, it’s just… this program is an amazing opportunity for me to get into some of the best art schools after i graduate, it practically puts my foot in the door. and when i entered the competition i didn’t think i’d win so i hadn’t really thought about what would happen if i did and now i have and it’s all really exciting and-“
    • jinwoo worriedly cuts him off: “mj?”
    • at hearing his nickname myungjun finally stops rambling: “i would leave in 2 weeks jinjin…”
    • jinwoo, still not understanding the issue: “okay??”
    • myungjun: “and i don’t really know if i’d be back”
    • jinwoo stands a little shocked for a moment looking at his best friend confusedly: “what do you mean you don’t know if you’ll be back?”
    • myungjun looks guilty now as he continues explaining: “well i won a semester’s acceptance but if they think i’m a successful student, i can be offered a permanent place at the school”
    • jinwoo suddenly realizes what myungjun is talking about and why he’s so guilty and has the urge to start crying
    • he doesn’t, because its myungjun and he can’t do that to him and he’s so so proud of him and he knows this is an incredible opportunity for his best friend
    • but he also knows that this means myungjun won’t be around anymore and his heart could hardly take losing dongmin, he’s not sure it’ll even keep beating if myungjun leaves
    • so instead he plasters the biggest smile he can muster onto his face: “i’m so proud of you mj, that’s amazing! you deserve nothing less”
    • myungjun looks at him a little warily, he has known jinwoo his whole life and can definitely tell when the boy is faking something
    • he chooses to ignore it bc he can see the storm taking over jinwoo’s gaze and instead thanks his best friend, hugging him once more and allowing jinwoo to shoo him out of his house to go celebrate with his parents, ensuring myungjun that they would celebrate later with minhyuk and bin
    • the second myungjun leaves his house, jinwoo begins sobbing
    • his mom comes home to him on the couch, crying as he hugs a pillow and immediately pulls him into her chest like she had when he was a child and had gotten hurt
    • jinwoo allows her to do so despite being well into his teens bc he’s not sure he can be by himself any longer
    • she doesn’t even ask him what’s wrong (bc she already heard from myungjun’s mom and rushed home for this reason exactly) and jinwoo can’t help but mentally thank her for it bc he’s not sure he could even form a single sentence
    • the more he thinks about it the more he realizes that he’s not entirely sure if he’ll be able to live without myungjun
    • he doesn’t know who would make sure he gets to bed at a normal hour during exam periods or force him to eat when he’s skipping meals due to nerves before important games, tests, and competitions
    • he also doesn’t know who’s going to obnoxiously cheer at the top of their lungs for him during baseball games the same way myungjun does
    • and he definitely doesn’t know who’s going to comfort him when he’s sad or who else can make him feel 100 times better in any situation by just seeing their smile (in all honesty, jinwoo knows there isn’t anyone who could do this except for myungjun)
    • and then he’s crying even harder into his mother’s chest bc he’s really positive that he can’t live without myungjun around him all the time
    • myungjun has been around him his entire life and for him to just suddenly be leaving hurts jinwoo way more than he’d like to admit
    • eventually he calms down and his mother brings him tea and sits next to him once again: “its going to be okay… i know it feels like the end of the world, and i know you’re hurting, jinwoo, but its going to be okay. focus on the moment, on being with myungjun now before he leaves. hold on to every moment you spend with him the next few weeks as tightly as you can, jinwoo”
    • and he just nods while taking a sip of his tea bc his mother is right
    • as badly as it hurts, he needs to focus on remembering myungjun as he was and is, his best friend with the biggest and brightest smile and messy hair that jinwoo likes to run his fingers through
    • as the only person jinwoo ever saw himself spending his entire life with, the best personal cheerleader in the world, and the greatest artist ever (the last one may not be entirely true but jinwoo believed that myungjun was the greatest artist and that’s all that mattered)
    • so jinwoo spends the last 2 weeks of summer spending every possible second with myungjun and cherishing every single one
    • he hugs him a little tighter each time they hug
    • and he concentrates a little harder on the sound of myungjun cheering him on during baseball games
    • and he listens to myungjun speak a little more intently than ever before, telling himself to memorize the sound of myungjun’s voice and his laugh and the way he looks at jinwoo with the utmost attention whenever he speaks
    • and those 2 weeks go by as the fastest 2 weeks of jinwoo’s life and suddenly it’s the morning that myungjun leaves for the school (aka the day that jinwoo deems the worst day of his life)
    • and jinwoo, bin, and minhyuk are gathered in myungjun’s driveway with him, watching as his dad places his suitcase into the trunk of their car and closes it
    • so bin and minhyuk quickly hug myungjun goodbye and wish him all the best and tell him once again how proud they are before stepping away and allowing jinwoo and myungjun to be alone (and they really are alone as everyone steps inside myungjun’s house to let them be by themselves)
    • and they just look at each other for a second, trying to memorize one another even more if it were possible
    • not that it could be bc they had spent the entire night wide awake, staring at each other across myungjun’s bedsheets in the bed that was now a little too small to fit the both of them but somehow still did, refusing to sleep even a second until both of them were positive there was no detail of the others’ face that they didn’t know off by heart
    • myungjun: “i’m going to miss you jinjin”
    • jinwoo, trying really hard not to cry and swallowing tears: “i’m going to miss you too mj… go out there and show them how amazing you are”
    • myungjun, now also holding back tears: “i’m going to call you every day, promise”
    • and jinwoo just nods kinda sadly before myungjun wraps him in the tightest hug they’ve ever given one another their entire lives
    • and they’re whispering i love you’s and i’ll miss you’s to each other as they hug and as they’re pulling away they look into one another’s eyes 
    • and then jinwoo is quickly pressing his lips to myungjun’s without thinking, not really caring much about the consequences
    • and they don’t really have time to think about the fact that they’ve just kissed bc myungjun has to leave and so they hug each other once more and mutter one last i love you before heading inside and telling everyone myungjun was ready to go
    • tears have finally started to fall from jinwoo’s eyes and he feels guilty bc now myungjun is crying too but he can’t help it
    • they hug one more time just to be sure and then myungjun climbs into the car and buckles his seatbelt and grins at jinwoo one last time despite the tears trailing down his cheeks
    • and then the car is pulling away and everyone is waving one last goodbye
    • and it’s then that jinwoo finally understands the weight of all their promises to stay together forever bc he doesn’t think he’s ever felt more alone than he does right now
    • he’s the final musketeer left of 3 and just as he’s thinking to himself that maybe he’s better off alone, minhyuk and bin are pulling him into the biggest hug and patting his back and telling him it’d all be okay
    • and sure, they aren’t myungjun and they could never be myungjun but jinwoo really does love the two younger boys and he accepts that he’s going to miss myungjun a hell of a lot but at least he’s got these other 2 dorks to spend all of his time with
    • and just then, bin smiles the biggest and brightest possible smile he can and minhyuk has his fingers pressed to jinwoo’s temples bc he saw that in a drama once and jinwoo just smiles at his 2 friends bc everything will be okay, especially if these 2 stick around
  • when jinwoo is 15, bin is 13.2, and minhyuk is 12.2:
    • minhyuk gets his black belt in taekwondo
    • both boys are so proud of him bc they know how hard he works in order to practice and train
    • and they know how much it means to him to finally get it bc he’s been working at it for so long
    • minhyuk’s parents take them all out for ice cream as celebration
    • bin obviously gets a double scoop all for himself bc that boy does not stop eating
    • jinwoo and minhyuk laugh at him bc anyone else would probably feel a little bad for having someone else’s parents buy them a double scoop of ice cream
    • but bin is genuinely their second son bc of how much time him and minhyuk have always spent around each other since they moved in next door to the moon family
    • bin and jinwoo also have a small gift for minhyuk
    • the boy nearly starts crying when bin pulls the small gift bag out of his backpack
    • he definitely was not expecting them to get him anything and feels so touched that they pooled some of their money to get him something
    • he opens the card and laughs at whats written inside bc jinwoo might be a dork but he’s a funny dork
    • and so he opens the bag and sees a plastic #1 trophy and some candy and other small things
    • and then he does start crying bc his friends literally went out and bought him a trophy telling him he’s #1??
    • jinwoo and bin are kinda shocked bc minhyuk rarely ever cries
    • to the point that his nickname is rocky bc they joke that he has a stone cold exterior like a rock (even though they know he’s like mush on the inside)
    • immediately both boys rush over to his side of the booth and hug him, bin rubbing his fingers in circles on minhyuk’s temples like he had done to jinwoo when myungjun left
    • ever since then this action has become commonplace between the 3 boys whenever someone is crying
    • minhyuk is embarrassedly telling them to stop bc really he’s okay, he’s just so happy that he has friends like them
    • bin and jinwoo also tear up a little at his words before the 3 have a group hug in the booth of this ice cream store
    • and they’re just so happy they have each other, jinwoo especially happy he has them bc he thinks he might have actually died the last few months without them
    • they have a sleepover at minhyuk’s that night and its not said but all of them can just feel how grateful they are for one another
    • minhyuk puts the trophy up on his shelf, it doesn’t get taken down until he leaves for university
  • when jinwoo is 16.3, bin is 14.5, and minhyuk is 13.5:
    • minhyuk begins playing baseball with them
    • he’d never really wanted to before but after coming to the games for so long and making friends with the team, he decides he wants to try it
    • he makes the team pretty easily bc a few of the guys have moved on from playing and there are spots open
    • he’s a surprisingly good first basemen bc he’s flexible enough to stretch off the bag and has the quick reflexes of an infielder for balls that bounce in the dirt and ground balls
    • his arm is surprisingly good too so when he’s not playing at first base he’ll often play outfield
    • he’s one of very few players on the team who can play more than one position (bin is also one of them since he can play catcher and at third base)
    • he struggles quite a bit with batting when he starts playing and strikes out quite a bit
    • when he gets on base he can steal bc he’s fast but the only time he ever really gets on base is on the off chance that he’s walked
    • the team’s left fielder keeps making fun of him for having a hard time hitting by using his nickname and saying that he should be called rocky bc he’s too stiff to swing the bat
    • it’s a really dumb trope but it bothers minhyuk a lot bc yeah he sucks but he tries really hard, he just doesn’t see the pitches well
    • bin, jinwoo, and a couple other guys on the team always jump to his defence but the guy just won’t stop
    • so between practices and games, jinwoo and bin begin helping him with batting by giving him some tips and tricks they’ve learned over the years
    • bin, being a catcher, shares tips on how to guess if something is a ball or strike out of the pitcher’s glove
    • jinwoo gets a lot of extra base hits so he gives minhyuk some tips on how to pull pitches, hit to opposite field and timing his swings to get a strong swing on the ball
    • minhyuk does start to get better and his improved bat along with his incredible defence get him in the starting lineup almost every game
    • in the championship game, it’s tied 1-1 in the bottom of the 9th
    • jinwoo had worked an 0-2 count with 2 outs and managed to get on base with a bloop single to right field
    • bin comes up to bat and takes a 4 pitch walk as he’s probably got the best eye on the team and sees balls vs strikes extremely well
    • now it’s minhyuk’s turn to try and cash in at least one run here with a walk-off, championship game winning hit
    • the guy that’s been making fun of him all season makes some comment to minhyuk as he leaves his spot on-deck and steps into the batters box
    • minhyuk grits his teeth and bites his tongue, knowing full well that the team’s left fielder had struck out to start the inning, focusing on the game instead bc he knows its up to him to end it now or risk extra innings
    • the first pitch thrown to him is a low strike just at his knees, he sees bin roll his eyes at first base thinking it should be a ball, minhyuk shakes it off and focuses on waiting for the next pitch
    • he asks the umpire for time and steps out of the box, fixing his batting gloves and adjusting his helmet before stepping back in
    • he notices jinwoo give him a nod from second base as he gets himself set
    • the second pitch bounces in the dirt, getting away from the catcher and allowing both bin and jinwoo to move up a base
    • there’s now runners on second and third and minhyuk has an even count 1-1
    • the third pitch is thrown and he swings, missing it just slightly as it coasts right under his bat
    • he sighs, frustrated and steps out of the batters box once more, a strike away from the inning being over
    • as he’s adjusting his helmet once more he spots a gap up the middle of the infield, knowing that if he can just get it in play up the middle, his speed should get him safely to first
    • he’s then absolutely determined to get this ball up the middle
    • the ball is thrown and its off the plate, making minhyuk’s count even once again at 2-2
    • the pitcher quickly sets up once again, throwing minhyuk a pitch down the middle of the plate which he’s just late on, causing him to foul it off
    • he steps out of the batters box one more time, adjusting his helmet for a third time and shifting his grip on the bat slightly
    • he steps back into the box and stares down the pitcher, seeing jinwoo biting his lip nervously in the corner of his eye with a small lead off third base
    • the pitcher sets up to throw his next pitch and as he begins his wind up, minhyuk has a feeling this is coming to the middle of the plate once again to try and strike him out  
    • he puts the best swing he can on it, hearing the sound of the baseball connecting with his bat and immediately sprinting as fast as he can out of the batter’s box so as to not get thrown out
    • he doesn’t know what’s happening as he hustles down the first baseline as fast as he can, only realizing that he’s done it when he hears the excited shouts from the stands and his team’s dugout
    • jinwoo scores easily from third and they win, minhyuk having hit the winning run on a single up the middle of the infield
    • bin is the first person on the team to get to him and jumps on his back, screaming in his ear loudly from excitement
    • the rest of his team quickly follows bin, surrounding minhyuk with excited shouts and patting him on the back, muttering out good job’s, we did it’s, and congratulations
    • when they all clear away jinwoo and bin pull him into a group hug, ruffling his hair and telling him how well he did and what a great at bat it was
    • he smiles widely the entire night after that, literally not stopping for a second through all of the short trophy ceremony
    • he smiles even wider when his coach elects him the team’s mvp for his hard work and improvement over the course of the season
    • bin and jinwoo are so proud of him and minhyuk is so proud of himself
    • the 3 go to bed that night filled with junk food from the team dinner and with excited smiles still playing on their faces
    • none of them ever forget that game or that night
    • the left fielder never makes fun of minhyuk’s baseball skills again
  • when jinwoo is 17.4, bin is 15.6, and minhyuk is 14.6:
    • they’re sitting in bin’s backyard during one of their weekly sleepovers
    • they’re just talking about anything and everything and suddenly crushes are brought up
    • jinwoo begins to get nervous as his 2 friends talk bc he’s really never had a crush before and he kissed myungjun before he left and he’s never talked about any of it with bin and minhyuk
    • minhyuk is talking about some girl in one of his classes that he thinks is really pretty and bin agrees that she is pretty
    • bin: “what about you, jinwoo? do you have a crush on anyone?”
    • and jinwoo just shakes his head: “no, i don’t have a crush on anyone… i’ve never really had a crush on anyone”
    • minhyuk: “really? i thought for sure you’d always had a crush on myungjun hyung”
    • and jinwoo feels his heart stop beating and his eyes go wide bc minhyuk said it so casually 
    • bin: “me too… sometimes you two would look at each other like my parents look at one another”
    • minhyuk: “yeah, and you guys would talk without having to say anything too”
    • jinwoo doesn’t really know what to say and he starts tearing up bc wow he misses myungjun so much still even though its already been 3 years (it also doesn’t help that their weekly phone calls had turned into monthly phone calls and sometime last year had stopped altogether)
    • and minhyuk and bin are both quickly leaping from their seats and minhyuk has his fingers pressed to jinwoo’s temples as the tears finally do fall and they haven’t actually seen him cry over myungjun since the first year he was gone
    • they’re a little shocked and also curious as to what’s suddenly brought it on bc they talk about myungjun quite often but jinwoo is crying now??
    • jinwoo, shakily: “i, i kissed myungjun, the day he left and i-“
    • he doesn’t really finish bc he can’t particularly breathe very well, and minhyuk and bin are looking at him a little shocked bc sure, they’d thought something had happened between the 2 but were never really positive about it
    • somehow jinwoo, between bin’s arms around him and minhyuk rubbing his temples (just like they had the day myungjun left) is able to calm down enough to keep talking: “i think that i’m gay??”
    • and its whispered and if minhyuk and bin weren’t so close they definitely would not have heard it
    • but jinwoo quickly, between breaths, begins explaining how he’s never really had a crush on a girl even when all his friends did and sure, girls are pretty but he doesn’t like them as more than friends
    • and he also explains how he’d never felt weird about kissing myungjun, not that he’d thought about it very often bc he didn’t like thinking about that day at all, but when he did think about it or when he thought about kissing other boys it just seemed natural to him?? (he wraps up by saying that he’s not sure if he has a crush on myungjun bc like he said, he’s never had a crush on anyone, in order to at least respond to the initial conversation)
    • and bin wraps his arms even tighter around jinwoo, mumbling that he doesn’t care who jinwoo loves, as long as they love him back
    • minhyuk is silent for a minute and bin has to elbow him in the side before he does speak up, pausing the motion of his fingers on jinwoo’s temples
    • and he just shrugs his shoulders: “i didn’t think i had to say that it doesn’t matter to me, he’s still the same dork who was cracking dad jokes 20 minutes ago”
    • and then jinwoo is crying a little harder bc he had a feeling they wouldn’t care but he was still worried about having to tell them whenever he thought about it (he also swings an arm at minhyuk and the 3 of them laugh but the moment isn’t ruined)
    • and he’s so happy to have actually heard them say it bc their answers are all he could’ve hoped for
    • the 3 are just a happy and fulfilled little group of friends who will always love and support each other no matter what
  • when jinwoo is 19.5, dongmin is 18.3, bin is 17.7, and minhyuk is 16.7:
    • dongmin starts school at the same university jinwoo is going to
    • the first time jinwoo sees him in the hall outside the dorm next to his he’s a little shocked bc: “no way, that’s not lee dongmin??”
    • immediately dongmin turns to him bc dammit, jinwoo said that out loud
    • he looks at jinwoo curiously for a second before his eyes go wide with realization: “jinjin??”
    • they immediately close the space between them and wrap their arms around one another
    • minhyuk and bin come around the corner groaning that jinwoo left them behind and that they barely knew their way around bc they had only come to visit twice last year
    • they find jinwoo in the hall hugging some random guy and bin just: “uhh, jinwoo hyung, who’s this??”
    • jinwoo, extremely excitedly: “this is dongmin! lee dongmin! you know, the dongmin!”
    • and realization quickly crosses their faces as they remember who he’s talking about
    • dongmin: “i’m guessing this is the moon bin and park minhyuk you were always talking about??” (jinwoo is impressed bc their calls had kinda fallen off sometime after myungjun left so dongmin must have a really good memory to remember their names)
    • minhyuk and bin are /shook/ bc, this really handsome guy who jinwoo and myungjun were friends with like 10 years ago knows who they are??
    • both of them also cross the small space to shake dongmin’s hand and properly introduce themselves
    • suddenly jinwoo feels a small part of him come back to life bc he never really thought he’d ever see dongmin again
    • he wants to hear every detail about the last 5ish years of dongmin’s life after he apologizes for letting their calls stop
    • the 4 boys decide to go out for dinner so that minhyuk and bin can get to know him and so that jinwoo and dongmin can catch up
    • they end up accidentally staying at the restaurant until 11:00pm bc they get so caught up talking (jinwoo is extremely happy bc bin and minhyuk get along so well with dongmin)
    • dongmin decides to stay in jinwoo’s room with the 3 of them that night bc they’re having a good time and why not??
    • dongmin somehow talks himself into being able to share the bed with jinwoo while bin and minhyuk are stuck on the couch and floor respectively
    • everything about dongmin is weirdly familiar and yet also so different to jinwoo
    • like he smells the exact same and his eyes are the same
    • but he’s taller than jinwoo now and his voice is deeper than it was back then
    • his personality is so similar too that its a little startling
    • dongmin had always been the more science-y one of the 3 musketeers and he’s always loved space about as much as myungjun and jinwoo so it doesn’t surprise jinwoo to hear that he’s gone into astrophysics
    • dongmin also isn’t surprised to learn that jinwoo is in his second year of studying psychology bc not only has he always had a knack for understanding people and giving advice, he’s always had an interest in how people’s brains and emotions work
    • as they lay in bed next to each other jinwoo can’t help but think to himself how happy he is to have dongmin back in his life
    • especially since he’s been without him for so long
    • 2 of the 3 musketeers have been reunited and jinwoo couldn’t be happier, even though it lingers in the back of his mind that the 3rd musketeer is the one he wishes would come back the most

i promise the ending is happy! part 3 will have little to no angst, fluffy myungjin and a happy ending i swear kdsakda

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