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Long story short.

Me: *goes up to Jensen and Misha feeling her heart beating all the way up in her throat*

Jensen & Misha: *smiling* “Hiiiii!”

Me: *smiles and stumbles over her own words*

Me: “I’m sorry, I know its not pie, but it’s the closest I could find. so I was wondering what would Dean’s and Castiel’s reaction be to seeing this monster donut.”

Lol, I have no idea what Misha as Cas is doing. Feeling for a heartbeat? Looking for molecules? Giving the donut a blessing? :’) One will never know… Some friends and I were reminded of something else as well, but that I won’t mention right now… :‘P

Hello Tumblr community! I’m glad that I finally made my first blog here dedicated to the most wonderful person in the world: Zoë Isabella Kravitz! Thank you so much @fuckyeahlolawolf for encouraging me to do this and for the precious advices!
I think some of you knows me from Instagram, my account there is @zoekravitz88 like this blog’s name and for those who didn’t you can always ask me anonymously (or not) questions about anything!
I hope you’ll enjoy my blog! I’m gonna post tons of pics of Zoë and also my Instagram edits (which I ask for giving credits if you repost).
Even if it’s obvious I’m still gonna mention that any kind of hate is not accepted here!


1.9.17 // my set up for my new bullet journal! i went from a size a5 book to an a6 (i didn’t read the dimensions on ebay oops) and i really like how its turned out! he pages are pretty thin, so most pens ghost through, but otherwise i love this new little bujo!

With Kenny Crow
Final Fantasy XV
With Kenny Crow

Prompto: *GASP* Noct, look! It’s THE Kenny Crow! How ‘bout we take a pic of him with you under his wing?  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Noctis: I can if it’ll make you happy. 

Prompto: It’d give me a mouthful of happiness! Now, in position!  ೕ(•̀ㅂ•́ )


— wow omg this post has been in my drafts for almost two months fghfk;; notes on metamorphosis by franz kafka!! the school year is slowing down which is a huge relief because i feel like i can finally breathe :,) 

ig: merakinotes 

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High waisted dress
I finally decided to finish this cc, and oh boy I’m happy I did (✿◠‿◠) also trying out a new preview pic hehe

I want to thank my two friends, Melissa and Zoë, for making me patterns to use for this dress <33 (Swatches can be found at the end of this post.)

New mesh, has LODs and the highest one is 4552 polygons.
Smooth weighting
Base Game Compatible
Properly tagged
Custom thumbnails!
Disabled for random
Not HQ mod compatible
Credits: friends Melissa and Zoë, Sims 4 Studio, Blender, MD



Ok guys, I think I can finally wrap my brain around this enough to give a coherent recap. I’m a processor, so I had to live it in the moment, and now that I’m on the plane leaving the experience behind, hopefully I can make sense of it. I posted pictures in order of event. Sorry I can’t write in between each pic, but I’m on my iPhone and it won’t let me add pics as I go. Anyway, to get on with it…
I started my epic adventure with a 4 hour layover in San Francisco which isn’t as bad as it might seem, because I’ve been married for 25 years and have 4 kids and rarely get to be alone! Let the adventure begin. I roomed with the amazing @sileas84 who is 100% responsible for me attending this con. She employed shameless peer pressure and I crumpled like a card tower in the hands of a toddler. I have no regrets. We arrived at the con at 6:30 am and immediately met up with a group of awesome women (in picture two - this is @myguiltyolpleasure’s pic btw). We were determined to be up close. FIVE HOURS OF WAITING later, we sat on row 5 center and I was thrilled. I was really hoping for a good view. And boy did I get one! Sam twirled in that kilt and I didn’t even try to look, his knickers presented themselves to me! Simple black boxer-briefs - always a classy choice 😂. For most of the panel I could see right up his thigh just because of the way he was sitting in relation to where I was sitting. It’s not that I looked, it’s just that it was thigh porn and I totally looked. At one point we were directed to take a selfie, so we did. (Pic 3) If there’s one thing I can tell you about this particular con, it’s that it was all about obedience. I have never been yelled at by adult strangers so many times in one day since I was a pre-teen. If you stepped out of line, and I mean that literally and figuratively, you heard about it.
I won’t talk about the panel because all y'all have seen it. It was fun, they were adorable and I love them. The hour flew by and I could have sat there and listened to them for the rest of the day. Sam’s unintentional joke about reading about stuff on Tumblr cracked me up, mostly because he was mortified and blushed.
After the panel the autograph session filled up immediately, so we went to get lunch. Ladies, I got up at 4:30am. It was 12:30. I was starving, parched, desperate to pee - cons are not for the weaklings of the herd. That Diet Coke was on par with meeting Sam. I’m just sayin’. Lunch was a tiny little respite in a sea of hurry up and wait. Following our brief lunch we did our photo ops. You need to understand, those two photos took 4 hours. Compare the photo with only Sam vs the photo with both and look at Sam’s eyes. By the time we got to group photos, he was literally exhausted, yet he treated us exactly the same both times (as did Cait) - warm and welcoming, said hello, eye contact, a little squeeze of the hand on the shoulder (ded. I am ded) They were ultimately respectful of the fans and the time and money we put into this. Said thanks and goodbye as we left. I am so impressed with both their professionalism and their basic humanity. These are quality people. The solo photo op is where I had my hair/armpit incident. We walked up and Sam just throws his arms open to engulf you in his superior humanity. As he was putting his arm around me (did I REALLY just type that!) he caught my very long hair with his arm and I ended up being trapped right up against him with my head sort of forced to lay against his arm. I. Am. Not. Complaining. I’m stunned that I had the presence of mind to smile. All I could think of was that I was pressed up against Sam so tight that I could feel how soft the leather of his jacket was. I didn’t even notice that he had changed from kilt to jeans until later.
My first thought about Caitriona when she entered the panel stage is that no picture or video can ever prepare you for how tall and thin she really is. And how gorgeous and graceful she is. And how charming and funny and silly and well spoken and sincere and kind. Ok, I’ll stop. Just look up all the positive adjectives.
Next we went to the autograph line. I was there when the lights went out and Caitriona joked about that not being the way to get to Sam and also when he was jokey about being bored because he had no one at his station so he teased her about taking too long and went over to harass her at her table. They were funny and relaxed and enjoying themselves and it was great to see the spontaneous interaction. Every event was very rushed, but they again did their best to say hello, make eye contact, say a little something to you, and thank you for coming. I had them sign my original Outlander book that was given to me by a friend about twelve years ago, who said, “You might like this.” Famous last words. As you can see, it’s lived a good life. I’ve lent it out many times. I said at dinner last night that I was too nervous and hadn’t really say anything to Caitriona, until I literally went oh my gosh! I did say something to Cait. I had totally blocked it in my nervous state. She commented on how well loved my book was, and I said ‘yes, it’s been read many times by many people and it opens right to the wedding scene’ and then I proved it, by opening it right to that scene. So, yep. I did that. I blushed so hard my eyeballs turned red when I remembered that. Sam was equally adorable, but I just had 'do not say that to sam’ on repeat so then I didn’t really know what to say to him. He was so sweet. His handler was rushing him a little bit and he sort of looked at him and then apologized to me for being rushed along. He looked me right in the eyes. He winked at me and smiled. Ladies, the smolder is real. I was POSITIVE I was immune to the Sam effect and I am NOT. I literally went weak at the knees. My stomach churned. I started shaking. I giggled. I could not think. Well, I could. But the only thing I could think was 'Sam. Sam winked at me. Sam’s eyes are so blue. Sam is so beautiful. Sam. Sam winked at me.’ My brain sort of jammed.
After dinner a huge group (like 17) of us went to dinner. It was awesome. It was amazing. These ladies are incredible. Our fandom is incredible. Last night we went to a smaller dinner and stayed for hours. I can’t tell you how hard we laughed. It was so much fun. I seriously love this place for so much more than Tumblr. We are such a diverse group. Different cultures, different educational and socio-economic backgrounds, different personal and relationship statuses, and most importantly, different ages. We have so much to teach each other and so much to learn, and as a group, we are so generous with our time, talents, resources, emotional support and wisdom. I treasure this. I am so grateful I went. I loved meeting Sam and Caitriona. It was great fun. Meeting dear friends who will remain forever was life changing. I look forward to doing this again one day and meeting even more of you.
Sorry I bombarded you with a DG length post, but thanks for making it through. All I can finish with is if you didn’t leave with a Totes McGoat tote, then you didn’t con right!!

She Is A Very Good Muse

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Note:I am always taking request! Also you can find this imagine on my Ao3.

Requested by Anon:” may i ask for an Alex hogh Andersen imagine? where YN plays his sister(Aslaug and Ragnar had a daughter) and Alex is super in love with her,barely managing to disguise on interviews and always posting pics of her on instagram,until he finally admits and they become a couple”

You are heading towards your trailer, you have just finished a scene with Marco. You play a Marco’s character, Hvitserk’s twin sister Hildred. Meaning you also played the sister of Jordan, David, Alexander, and Alex’s characters. All of you are pretty close, the main ones who hang out after shooting scenes is Marco, Alex and you. As of lately though, it ends up only being you and Alex. Not that you mind, for you have been smitten for the Dane for a while. In your own mind, Alex doesn’t return the feelings. But oh how wrong you are.

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This precious floof is Eileen, my 8 year old kitty. I adopted this sweet girl back in 2010 from a feral cat rescue shelter, where she was considered “less adoptable” because of being blind in one eye (from an ulcerated cornea).

She now has two medical issues impacting her quality of life and requiring surgery, which is scheduled for September (2017). The surgery includes:

1) Dental extractions - broken teeth stuck in her gums that cause mouth discomfort and bleeding.
2) Eye removal - her blind eye has been on an ongoing cycle of swelling, rupturing, healing, swelling… Though the eye is not actively infected right now, it needs to be removed to prevent this painful (and infection risky) cycle.

The total costs for these two procedures are $995. (See above pic. The “low estimate” in the above picture is for dental only, whereas the “high” includes enucleation or eye removal. I subtracted $77 from the final total because the “mass removal” is unnecessary, it’s just a small benign cyst.)

Between other bills and rent, $995 is a struggle for me, but I still want the surgery to happen so she can be more comfortable. Donations of ANY size would be deeply appreciated and help us out so much.


My PayPal is:


I’ll make sure to update this post if I receive any donations, to let everyone know the new balance. Please signal boost if you can, and thank you so much!


I can finally post this!! ToT My brother was in desperate need of a new comforter, and since his birthday was around the corner…AND he loves Sailor moon, I took the opportunity to make this print for a new bed spread! 

And it looks SO GOOD!!! I’ll post pics of the comforter later ;)

Enjoy! And do not repost–I already have this on instagram and Deviantart! (and do not remove text post)



my obsession is real AND I CAN KEEP GOING FOR THAT 200 PHOTO ALBUM LIMIT.. Another Prompto appreciation post!



anonymous asked:

Can you please do an aesthetic post for dating Tom Holland and going on a trip to Hawaii with him? (I just keep having a dream about it lol) if it isn't too specific if you include a girl in the pics, can you make her black? Thanks! Love your blog! ❤

“Trip To Hawaii + Tom Holland” Aesthetic 

The trip was so last minute but my god it was worth every penny. Tom had finally finsihed filming and didn’t want to do anything else but be with you–but he wanted to do something special. So he suprised you with tickets to Hawaii. He knew how badly you wanted to go visit–so he booked a hotel and got a flight asap and before you knew it you were on your way there. 

The time you two spent there together would never be forgotten–it was the best trip you had ever taken and everyday you thanked him. The walks on the beach, all the wonderful photographs you two got to ‘snap’ while you were there. It was the perfect vacation and you would do anything to do it all over again.     

hope you like it!

Finally Up!!

Once again I think I’m overestimating my skills but still this was a real challenge to draw, especially the monsters but it’s good practice.
I actually looked up the IDW samurai jack comics for reference and ideas
Fun fact the jacket Ashi is wearing resembles the same jacket worn by Bonnie Parker

Also if you look closely you can make out X-49
What started as a doodle became one my favourite pics
Thank you 😊 everyone for all the notes from the previous posts I wouldn’t have done this without them.

My lovely cosband did a huge project recently! I’m so happy that we finally did it. I was so excited to see my idea realized! We’re going to wait for pics. You can also check most recent posts on my Instagram: bakarin067 ( https://www.instagram.com/bakarin067/ ) :з
Also, of my idea has inspired you, please note the source! I’ll be really thankful