i can finally be a pimp



  • It’s a brave, new world. 
  • You have no money, yet you’re going to a grocery store. Interesting. 
  • Okay, here’s a lesson; use condoms. 
  • Can you fucking believe that shit? 
  • I didn’t ask to tip $5.
  • I’m HIV positive. 
  • I have bipolar. 
  • You could do things with your tongue that would make a rattlesnake blush. 
  • No mass murder, kids! 
  • She wasn’t taking advantage of me. We’re in love!
  • I want to know why you think I owe you anything. 
  • I just need you to sign some papers so I can buy my house back. 
  • This is bible study. We’re here to praise Jesus, not ask him for favours. 
  • Nobody wants to fuck Mary Poppins. 
  • If you want to stay alive, go to school. 
  • I’m a naturally helpful person. 
  • Fuck that house, and fuck your god damn deadbeat family. 
  • You go anywhere near him/her, I will set you on fucking fire. 
  • I can tell when someone’s being cagey, or being a shit because I spent most of my life being both. 
  • Yo, white girl, I don’t know you. 
  • Oh, so you get to leave late ‘cause you’re fucking the boss? 
  • I’m sick of hearing about your dead girlfriend. 
  • I don’t know how much more of that I can take without stabbing him in the neck with a broken beer bottle. 
  • Happy is overrated. Grow up. 
  • You made me happy. I’ve never been very happy. 
  • Could I possibly be doing a worse job at raising these kids? 
  • I’m finally happy.
  • I love him and that’s the most important thing, to find somebody to love, right? 
  • Why won’t you ever let me be happy? 
  • Does she make you happy or is it just about the sex? 
  • Let’s go get drunk and buy a gun. 
  • There’s always gonna be people that are going to try and fix us, and you can never make those people happy. 
  • I have a home. I’m just not welcome there. 
  • I’m not gonna be alive to pay off my credit card, what does it matter? 
  • It’s a shame when someone you love gets taken away, isn’t it? 
  • I got nowhere else to go.
  • When you focus on other people’s problems, it’s a lot easier to ignore your own. 
  • Stop behaving like the world is out to get you when it is so clearly dropping gifts at your feet. 
  • Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll end up in a cell somewhere, angry and out of options. 
  • You ever streak before? 
  • You think you scare me? Bring it, bitch. 
  • It’s a tragedy when a young man ends up behind prison bars. 
  • Your kid did not get arrested because of me. 
  • Pack your shit and get out. 
  • I’m sorry I’m late. 
  • Fight for this marriage or cut him/her lose. 
  • If this is a relationship you wanna save, then you gotta fucking save it. 
  • Silence in our house usually means someone stopped breathing. 
  • What’s it feel like to be crazy? 
  • You deserve better than him/her. 
  • You owe me. You’re my slave now. 
  • If you don’t get out right now, I will shoot you. 
  • I slept with my ex. 
  • Do you love him? 
  • You don’t get to ask me that. 
  • I’m starting to get fucking homicidal. Call me the fuck back. 
  • I’m worried about you. I love you. 
  • What the fuck is he doing here? 
  • I thought you were married? 
  • Hey, I need to borrow your car. My brother just stole a baby. 
  • What was I supposed to do? Was I supposed to sit on my porch knitting, hoping one day you’d shown back up? 
  • You disappeared. Gone. Nothing. 
  • I did a porno. 
  • Nothing says 'no regrets’ like hiding it from those you love. 
  • Did I mention that I’m falling in love with you? 
  • I don’t give a shit. I’ll go on date night by myself. 
  • You’re a good person. 
  • You’re needy. And annoying. And slutty. 
  • I love chaos. And when I get into chaos, bad shit follows. 
  • You’re a chaos junkie. 
  • You’re too young and pretty to be so cycnical and hard. It makes me feel sad for you. 
  • After extensive research and weeks of testing, I have determined my liver can support one beer a day.
  • Nobody’s gonna roll me. I carry pepper spray and a shiv. 
  • Nobody gives a shit who you bang. 
  • We’re taking care of him here. You. Me, us. His fucking family. 
  • Look, I’m just trying to put everything in the past, okay? 
  • Wanna torture your parents? Bring them to my house for dinner tonight. 
  • Don’t ever say I’m not a man of my word again. 
  • I don’t have an interest in being a mistress anymore. 
  • I just wanna say that I love you and that I forgive you for everything.. unless you live, then I’m still pissed off. 
  • I just don’t know who I am anymore. 
  • Are you robbing me with my own fucking gun? 
  • Why do you guys care so much about sex? 
  • Give me another chance. I promise not to screw your brother or commit a felony. 
  • How can you tell when you’re in love with someone? 
  • You are the worst fuckin’ pimp I’ve ever seen. 
  • I try to make it a point of not banging my roommates girlfriend/boyfriend. 
  • I hate myself for a number of reasons right now. 
  • I’m done living the way other people want me to live. 
  • I’m not the one who left the cocaine out. 
  • Get the fuck outta my house! 
  • Yes, it’s about me! Because it’s never about me and I’m finally making it about me. 
  • Are you retarded now? I hope you’re sleeping and not in a retarded haze. 
  • The social worker can bite my ballbag. 
  • We are victims of a society that squeezes the lower middle class. Screws up our businesses because of jackhammers and taxes, and regulations. And unnecessary paperwork. Basically forces us to do illegal shit. 
  • I’m having four kids and if that means I gotta turn out some Russian whores to feed my family and pursue the American Dream, that’s how it’s gotta be. 
  • I’d be crying if I wasn’t so high. 
  • I wish I could just skip the part where I don’t know the right thing to do and get to the part where I do. 
  • What do you want me to say? That I’m self-destructive? That liars, and thieves, and addicts turn me on? 
  • We are nothing alike. 
  • My wife’s a hooker, not a slave. 
  • Random destruction makes you think of me? 
  • We’re all addicts trying to fill a void. Some of us are just better at hiding it, right? 
  • Ask him if he’s DTF.
  • I haven’t abused marijuana like the rest of you, so yes, I remember. 
  • He’ll be back. He’s like a cockroach. You can stamp on him, spray him, try and drown him, but he’ll always come crawling back up out of the toilet bowl. 
  • I got a fuck Jay Cutler t-shirt, but it might have some blood on it. 

anonymous asked:

How would UF and UT Sans and US Pap react to a crush who really likes to paint and one day asks "c-can I paint your skull?!" And if they say yes the crush paints an amazing design on it

UF sans:

- At first he’d be like “Wtf? What? No.” It’d take a lot of convincing on your part for him to let you paint skull. Once you finally manage it, you totally pimp him out with a wicked red-and-black design that is vaguely reminiscent of war paint.

UT sans:

- He’s reluctant at first, but hell, he can’t say no to that face. You give him a design that’s just shy of being just makeup, but is just a little too elaborate to be considered as such.

US pap:

- Unlike the others, it doesn’t actually take much convincing with him to let you do it. He’s like “Sure. Whatever. Just try not to poke me in the socket, mmkay?” You give him a design that looks like the skull masks for one of those Day of the Dead celebrations.


Two Cent Riffs: The End of the Galaxy

SPOILERS #WOYForever #BlessThisShow #PeaceandLove

Many fans. Three endings. Two idiot reviewers. One Episode. Let’s do this.

Roy: Welp, guess that’s it for the Galaxy. *sips tea*
Julien: Now she has nothing left, the dumb idiot. *sips tears*

Julien: I just have this. Can’t provide much else.

Roy: Dude. Don’t.
Julien: “Dude”, yes. She’s mean, green, lean, and I haven’t made this joke this entire time we’ve worked together.
Roy: Fair enough.
Julien: Of course, because It’s ogre now.

Roy: And so we say goodbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy-

Julien: To be fair, it would have burned out anyways. 

Roy: C’mon. *sniff* Don’t make me feel for her now.
Julien: Like I said. Dumb idiot.

Julien: She poisoned our water supply, burned our crops, and delivered a plague unto our houses.
Roy: No, she didn’t.
Julien: But she could have done that instead of just blowing up planets and leaving us to die because of who gives a good shit, she is the bad guy.

Julien: Or in better terms: The End of the Show.
Roy:………………Too soon, you cynical prick.
Julien: Obvious parallels between this and the #savewoy movement are obvious. You told me this out just yesterday.

Julien: Ah yes, the Dude has return.
Roy: How can he not stop Dominator? Matter manipulation? Telepathy? Can basically turn her ship into Origami?
Julien: Logic is the veggies in cartoons - it’s there, but most want the sweets and fats.

Julien: It’s funny because they think she’s overpowered.
Roy: Pssh. Wander’s overpowered.

Roy: Ladies and gentlemen, Hater did science.
Julien: Yas queen! 

Roy: You know I’m honestly surprised we forgot about that planet.
Julien: We didn’t forget. Just never cared.

Julien: I can tell he just expanded.
Roy: You never know what you got until it’s all over. Also, finally.

Julien: Hey. Hey. Hey. “Kill” is a strong word.

Julien: Dominator ‘bout to “destroy” these sponsors.

Roy: Man, the Joker had better strategies than her.
Julien: Seriously Dominator, villainy is easier putting clothes on and you made it hard for yourself.

Julien: It’s kinda sad she thinks she can crush the most mentally and physically strongest in the galaxy like it’s nothing. Am I wrong? 
Roy: Shhhhhhh. Let her dream.


Julien: CURSE YOU, FINALE! Making me wait for ships like this.

Roy: They should call you Lord Denominator, cause that was low.
Julien: *hug* You made me the happiest man alive. 

Julien: We’ll not getting any origins of Dominator or her power. So, what about our bet?! Do I win?
Roy: Dude. I’ll just say Julien Parks-Gavin Wright is the greatest queen I’ll ever know. He’s pimping, fantastic, and has great hair. He’s the best of 4chan and the smoothest criminal in America. And I, Royal Irie Macintosh, am a foolish nerd who loves to squat on the toilet, wants Pinkie Pie as my wife, and is a nonsense booty bashing booger brain. And I’ll leave it at that.*
*HUGS* Still, this is kind of a letdown.

Julien: Her colors are showing!

Julien: Well that was rude of the bot, just scanning him like that.
Roy: On the bright side, Dominator won’t be popping a blood vessel just yet.

Roy: To think she can actually be redeemed, the sadistic one here.
Julien: On the bright side, we couldn’t have ask for a more bitchin’ desktop.

Julien: OK, smart, tan, and handsome, what’s the scale of how awesome this fight scene will be?
Roy: Thanks to probability, it will never top any MLP fights but will be anime levels of epic.
Emperor Awesome: Did somebody call my name?
Julien: Shut up, Awesome, come back when you’re a main character.

Julien: Well. That was unexpectedly epic. And quick.

Roy: I guess it’s no time to get cold feet.
Julien: So ice of them could drop by.

(We had nothing to say, this shot just looked incredible.)


Both: OF COURSE!!!

Julien: It’s official. My waifu’s gone off the deep end.
Roy: Ok. Since this is the finale, I’m gonna level with ya. *ahem* DAT WOMAN WAS OUT OF AAAANYBODY’S LEAGUE!

Congrats, the show’s not cancelled.


Julien: Oh no, she’s gonna get drilled. *sips tea*
Roy: You don’t have to be a tool about it, man.
Julien: You saw my notes, you know my ladder of things. I rule the cynicism.

Julien: Who knew villainy was this hard? DC makes it easy.

Roy: CURSE YOU, FINALE! Making me wait for ships like this.

Julien: They’re going Crash Bandicoot on their asses! I feel complete.

Roy: Oooh, why must she remind me of all the participant awards I got.
Julien: To be fair, Hater or Wander would be better villains than her in terms of brains and brawn. Sorry to say that, but it’s true.

Julien: Hero or villain, he just wanted to be loved. NOW ICE THAT FOOL!

(No comment again, this was the best moment in the Finale, in my opinion.)

Roy: I heard of getting the drill, but this is freakin’ lunacy!

Roy: Crushed by her own weapon, the saddest way to die.
Julien: All I can imagine is her “friends” being spam bots, porn blogs, and empty newcomers.
Roy: How did you?
Julien: I researched your dashboard.

Julien: Wander is giving a speech to somebody who is literally being crushed.
Roy: She’s been ignoring him all this season, cut him some slack. Besides, the bitch needs a talking to.

Julien: Remind you of anything, Royal?
Roy: Besides a pacifist and a flower. Nothing.

Roy: OOOH! I remember something now! SHE’S A TSUNDERE!!! The constant bitchiness and stubbornness, the lovely sadistic nature even though she never kills them, the inability to move on, the fact that she’s clearly misunderstood. It’s all clear to me now!
Julien: I guess WOY is an anime after all.

Julien: And to think, she will always be better than Donald Trump.
Roy: How is a planet destroying tsundere sociopath better than the worst living thing in America?
Julien: One, she’s way less hideous than that sun dried tangerine. Two, the policies of a woman dictator would be more tolerable to think about than anything that turd w/ teeth can muster.

https://youtu.be/vZOiUrnT7-0?t=45s (we thought it went well with the scene)

Julien: Hater made it better.

Julien: Seriously Dominator. He put his neck out for you so many times, it’s not even funny. Just give friendship another go and don’t make an ass of yourself.
Roy: Wouldn’t her redemption be kind of a crap shoot?
Julien: The girl lost EVERYTHING! She has NOTHING but the clothes on her back. Why go the hard way when an easier path has opened up? A redemption may be ill-advised, but a character like her can play off some really neat development if given the chance, since she barely could this season. Why be the same way, when she’s gonna fail the same way?
Roy:………………….Discuss over drinks?
Julien: Definitely!

Roy: 4Chan scientist, can you explain this?
Julien: FUCK IT, DUDE! This whole season was Tex Avery’s Star Wars, suspension of disbelief is heavily advised here.

Julien: Damn it! 
Roy: To be fair, after all she’s done, the possibility to change is truly overwhelming to anybody like her.
Julien: *heavy sigh* You’re right. She is a Tsundere. Also:

I’m gonna build a scrapbook with these.

Roy: There she goes, off to her death…of any more character.
Julien: #beckyWithTheBadGrades

Julien: Well well well. Looks like there’s berry much hope after all.
Roy: Go to the corner. *kiss*

Julien: Here we go. Again. *epic facepalm*
Roy: Relax dude, the status quo has always been god.

Julien: And so ends the Finale, the season, and the-


-and the show Wander Over Yonder. Besides the fact that it all went so fast, up yours Disney, I loved every character’s moments, it was thrilling, the humor was still a delight, and Wandy and Hatey and Domi are still favorite characters of mine. Wander Over Yonder is and always was a fantastic spectacle of animation and it was beauty to see. Royal?
Roy: I love cartoons, always have, and WOY has helped me embrace that love more. While I felt the finale lacked in pacing, up yours Disney, it felt truly satisfying. It came full circle, in a way that’s too hard to explain. This cartoon not only wanted me to laugh, but also think. I believed in Wander Over Yonder since the beginning, never doubted it’s power, and this finale has undoubtedly made me want more. I believe in a Season 3. Then again, for everything they gave me, I’m glad with what I could get.
Julien: Couldn’t have said it better myself. But…..now what?
Roy: I don’t know. Two Cent Riffs was just something I thought up for you and I to laugh at good episodes. I never knew we could make it this far. I say we take a hiatus, since it is a pain for the both of us to script/edit these, and just enjoy our vacation a week or two. Then, if either of us think about it, we can do other shows (SU, Star vs., MLP, etc.). We can make our last real vacation together entertaining Tumblr as well as ourselves. As partners and as friends.
Julien: No. I mean, everything’s either now dead or on hiatus. What now?
Julien: Alright *smooch* friend.

* - A bet we made.

We hope to continue this dumb crusade of jokes before school starts in August. We also hope Season 3 is achievable, and that the #savewoy movement can do so. Stay strong. And to @crackmccraigen, thank you for another wonderful cartoon.

- Roy & Julien; stay classy, everyone.

Sam meets Castiel on a sunny Thursday afternoon.

For freaking months now Dean was talking about this “weird, dorky, little guy” he accidentally ran into at the coffee shop near his workplace. There had been hot liquids spilled all over the place, apologies left and right, probably a bit blushing (though Dean denies this specific part of the story) and the exchanging of phone numbers because both of them insisted on paying for the dry cleaner’s and they weren’t able to solve the issue within the last ten minutes of Dean’s break.

So they agreed to stay in touch … and then somewhere along the way a unique friendship came to life.

Sam had been fairly surprised when he first heard about this since Castiel didn’t seem like the kind of guy Dean usually hung out with. Dean liked down-to-earth men who could distinguish Led Zeppelin from Metallica without consulting google first. Guys who enjoyed drinking beer, playing pool and once in a while talking about more serious topics.

Castiel, however, doesn’t appear to fit into this category.

He’s a history professor at the local college, listens to classical music in his free time, uses his TV only occasionally and mostly for watching documentaries or the news (“I mean, he doesn’t have a fucking clue about Star Trek, can you imagine?”) and he obviously drives the ugliest pimp car ever. Dean is complaining constantly about the guy’s tastes and fashion sense, about his inability to get jokes or innuendos and the bird’s nest on his head.

For Sam it seemed that those two had nothing in common at all.

But when he finally meets Castiel, after several months of hearing the wildest stories by Dean, he gets it.

Yes, there are differences. Quite big ones, actually.

But at the same time they just fit.

Apart from the fact that Castiel is really a nice guy and you can’t help liking him, no matter what, Dean and he have a special thing going on. Dean seems more open with him around and always keeps Castiel close as if he wouldn’t be able to bear any kind of distance between them. They work in absolute sync in the kitchen, preparing the dinner and chatting about Vonnegut and bees. They seem like they know each other for freaking ages, being completely relaxed and comfortable in each other’s company.

And you don’t find something like this very often.

So when Castiel retreats to the kitchen later that night to rinse some plates, Sam drops onto the couch right next to Dean, a beer bottle in his hands, and says, “I like him. You should keep him around.”

Dean snorts, his eyes fixed on Castiel’s back. “I’m planning to.”

And there is something flickering in his eyes that makes Sam pause.


And …



Well, Sam officially declares himself the stupidest and densest person on earth.

How the hell did he not see that?

“I’m gonna marry him someday,” Dean continues, his expression determined, yet so warm, as if he can’t wait for this to happen.

And Sam finds himself gaping and nearly choking on his beer because he never thought he’d hear those words out of Dean’s mouth. Ever.

Sure, Dean had some serious and semi-serious relationships before, but he never talked about marriage or anything remotely similar. At least not without pulling a face and looking like he wanted to get away as fast as possible.

But now he simply smiles. Looks happy.

“I know most people would say it’s way too early to think about that,” Dean says, still watching Castiel as if he can’t imagine there being anything more exciting than seeing the guy scrape leftovers off the dishes. “But I just … know.”

And Sam nods because it makes sense.

It sure as hell does.

“You two fit,” he agrees and can’t keep himself from returning Dean’s blinding grin.

A long bullet point update

- Day 4 without pimping (edit: supposed to be “pumping”, but I’m leaving it) and it’s going well. My boobs have finally gone from “rock solid porn star boobs” to just “time to nurse boobs”. They’re still quite sore though, and I’m definitely looking forward to the point where I can hug my children without cringing. - Speaking of which, things got worked out, I am getting paid (hopefully Friday?) and J + D are taking 300 of the 348 ounces that I have. The other 48 I don’t get paid for (annoying, but whatever), but I’m going to find a mama in need of milk to donate it to. - Being able to sleep through the night (courtesy of the Benadryl I’m using to help dry up/sleep through my boobs telling me it’s time to pump) is AMAZING. I haven’t slept through the night since probably April, so I have SO MUCH ENERGY. I started KonMari again, which has been great. I finally cleared enough space in the cupboards to not have a mini-pantry going on on my kitchen counter. I found a pack of tuna cans that expired in 2015. We moved in at the beginning of 2016… - We went to a pool party thrown by my agency for the local surrogates yesterday. It was fun, except for the part where I had to jump in the pool fully clothed to “rescue” Wren. He was wearing a life vest and I left him on the swim step and went to grab a drink (literally stepped away for less than a minute), but Scarlett decided he needed to go in the deep end on a tube with her. And he got stuck inside the tube and she went out of it and he was freaking out. She couldn’t get him out of the tube and kept smacking him in the face with it and getting him stuck under it so I jumped in. He was never in any actual danger, but he was scared. Poor baby. - I’m considering doing another surrogacy journey in 6 months. I originally thought I’d want to wait a year or two to recover and have my body to myself, but I kind of just want to go for it. Maybe this is similar to the hormonal baby fever I got after having both my kids where I immediately wanted another baby. I don’t know. But I’m also dying to do about a million things to the house (garage conversion, new roof, new windows, new kitchen, electrical work, a pool…) which is a definite motivator as well.

anonymous asked:

Can we agree unanimously that trying to one-up whatever you're adapting should never, EVER be a motivation for an adaptation, whether it be official or fan-made?

I’ll agree to that.

It’s perfectly understandable that you’ll want your interpretation of an established universe to stand out and be remembered fondly by fans. But in order to do that, you need to have a healthy respect for the source material, even if you’re not a fan of it yourself. You can’t just pimp strut your way in and expect everyone will love your variation simply because it’s your variation. You can get creative, you can take a few liberties, but you have to pay due respect to what you’re working with, otherwise it’s doomed to fail.

I think that’s one of the biggest factors that lead to the final quality of Chronicles. For all their bluster about research and dedication, there didn’t seem to be any real respect for Sonic or his universe and cast. I think this is also a major issue with a lot of fanfics and fan films, made by people who seem to consider “sticking it to SEGA” a higher priority than “actually treating the Sonic universe with care”.

sentence starters

Based on actual conversations I’ve had with my best friend

  • “Cannibalism is okay as long as it’s confined to one part of the house.”
  • “I’m a respectable pimp. I do my taxes.”
  • “All I knew was the world was ending and I had to shut the window.”
  • “Because shutting the window would definitely keep the world-ending chaos out.”
  • “You are not going to slit your wrists in the shower!”
  • “Well if the internet was working, I wouldn’t have to kill myself!”
  • “You’re going to great on that final! You’re going to get an A+++++++ so you can get a C in that class.”
  • “I hate tree shredders. They’re like the modern day dinosaur.”
  • “Friends come and go, but TVs are forever.”
  • “Is this the straight lane or the turn la- FUCK IT I’M GOING STRAIGHT.”
  • “Is that a recording, or a douchebag with a guitar?”
  • “I’m an illiterate English major.”
  • “Open that over the sink, you’re getting asbestos everywhere!”
  • “A vacation from LIFE? _______, that’s called DEATH.”
  • “Apparently arson is a hobby.”
  • “I wish I had what they had… so I could KILL myself.”
  • “I love a scruffy nerd.”
  • “I love ‘Wipe Out.’ It’s like the human version of Mario.”
  • “Maybe I was _______ in a past life. What do you think you were?”
  • “I don’t know, homeless?”
  • “Nothing sounds as attractive as chemical castration.”
  • “We of Slytherin are the few, the proud, the snakes on a plane.”
  • “Her interests are sports and love, oh my GOD…”
  • “I’m going to end up marrying a serial killer someday. If he gets caught though, I will totally testify against him, he can suck my dick.” 
RSOI Reveals!

Now that reveals have happened, I can finally announce what I wrote AND PIMP MY GIFTS BECAUSE THAT’S WAY MORE IMPORTANT.

Seaside was my fic for @the-shadow-lover! It features Tentacles/Yuri and a Dead Dove: Do Not Eat tag so… be prepared for what you’re in for! Mind the tags!


If We Had No Winter by @freshbrains is a Lilia/Minako fic where they reconnect later in life, and it’s everything I could have wanted out of this ship. There’s so much history packed into the lines, a sense that they’re returning to something they had when they were younger and finding comfort in that. I loved it.

step behind by cordialcount (couldn’t find a Tumblr for you, sorry!) is another Lilia/Minako fic, short but adorable, where Minako takes Lilia to a rink on a date. I loved this to bits!

crimson headache, aching blush by @pageleaf is BEAUTIFUL AMAZING SEX POLLEN. The fic is mostly Victor/Yuri in focus, though Yuuri does also feature in the fic (AND HOW) and it’s a prelude to OT3 which is legit my favorite thing. It’s hot and it makes my heart ache and then makes me grin and look just read it because it gave me so many OT3 feels and pageleaf is writing senpai and I was over the moon to get this gift!

anonymous asked:

What if you have had the fear of boys/men since you can remember? And from time to time have a vague unsettling violated feeling you cannot trace back to anything or anyone? No one that I know of can relate to me with this. I feel so alone

Have you studied repressed memories & traumatic bonding?  

There is no way that you can remember everything in your past but your body remembers.  

For example, you are 5 yrs old and just out of diapers.  How would you at that age know the difference between someone changing your diaper and playing inapproprately with your cliterus?   

 It will feel pleasurable.  That’s why survivors who “do remember” feel guilty.  They remember if felt good, but there is still this uneasy tension.  

You actually pick that up from your perpetrator’s  dishonest energy. They know how gravely wrong it is.  You get nervous because you pick up on that energy; the perpetrator’s Cognitive Dissonance.

Don’t be afraid of your feelings.  If something triggers you; take the personal time to meditate and ask “What are you trying to tell me?” The truth will come to you when you are ready.  You are safe.  You are strong. 

Group therapy would be very beneficial because in hearing others and how their repressed memories came forth will give you tons of examples and someday someone will say something and BAM everything comes together.

Let me give you my personal experiences:

All my childhood, teens, and young adult life when I was angry at my father this voice inside wanted to blurt out as an incipient brat “I’m pregnant” at my father with full personal knowledge it was his.  

I thought I was crazy.  Really sick.  Didn’t want to admit to anyone that I had this compulsive voice that wanted to scream at him “I’m pregnant and it’s yours” with this full hatred and fuck you attitude behind it.

It took a lot of therapy and hearing other women’s experiences and something a family member said and all of sudden in my mid-30′s, I remembered everything. 

We were still living in that apartment, I was around 3-4 my brother 2 and my father put me on my brother’s changing table.  All my thoughts were, please mom walk in on him because I don’t know what he is doing but I don’t like it.  

Well my mother finally did walk in and caught my father and his reply was “Well, it’s not like she can get pregnant.”  

My mother never did stand up for me.  It stopped until he tried to pimp me out at 14 to his best friend.  

I remember my father telling me I wasn’t allow to cuddle with him watching TV because Mommy would get jealous.  

Do you see how I didn’t have the labels, but I did have the memories but you need to process them from an adults view.  

Mommy is jealous of a 4 yrs old.  No, mom was “trying” to set limits on his sexual abuse. 

Little children and adult rape victims will often throw up on their perpetrator as an “innate” self-defense.  If I throw up all over myself, who would want to molest me.    Later in life that becomes, if I gain all this weight, I won’t be a target for sexual abuse. 

You have “triggers”.  I don’t know what they are? They could be a smell, site of a particular stuffed animal, who knows but it’s drawing you into the truth. 

Again, the past is the past.  It can not hurt you.  You are safe.  

Learn about repressed memories, listen to others stories, and be your own detective from an adult perspective.  


If all of a sudden you feel uneasy around someone, believe it.  

Your brain is telling you ”warning”.  I’ve been here before. 

Don’t second guess it just because it doesn’t make since in the moment. 

Woman who have been abused often say they didn’t see the signs and get re-raped later in life by a different person, different situation.  

NOT TRUE.  They got that initial uneasiness and ignored it. 

If that feel like all men, then your environment is filled with men that are abusive.  

Trust me.  Guys that are truly safe; emotionally, sexually will not trigger you.  

You are special! 

You pick up on energy fields.

I bet like me, you can walk into a room and instantly  can tell who is irritated, happy, sad in a split second. 

Your protection system is so well developed, you are picking up on tons of non-verbal clues in a split second. 

Trust it.  It will keep you safe.

I guarantee, it will save you. 

the poem Kendrick wanted Tupac to hear

“Kendrick Lamar: The caterpillar is a prisoner to the streets that conceived it. It’s only job is to eat or consume everything around it in order to protect itself from this Maad City. While consuming its environment, the caterpillar begins to notice ways to survive. One thing it notices is how much the world shuns him, but praises the butterfly

The butterfly represents the talent, the thoughtfulness and the beauty within the caterpillar. But having a harsh outlook on life, the caterpillar sees the butterfly as weak and figures out a way to pimp it to its own benefits. Already surrounded by this Maad City, the caterpillar goes to work on the cocoon which institutionalizes him. He can no longer see past his own thoughts, he’s trapped. While trapped inside these walls certain ideas take root. Such as ‘goin home and bringing back new concepts to this Maad City.’ The result: wings begin to emerge, breaking the cycle of feeling stagnant. Finally free, the butterfly sheds light on situations that the caterpillar never considered, ending a lifetime of struggle. I know the caterpillar and the butterfly are different. They are one in the same.”

What’s your perspective on that? Pac… Pac…


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Rebecca believes that if we end the stigma surrounding child sex trafficking, we can truly change the world. 

Rebecca started a major billboard campaign in her city, spreading messages of awareness. “Being a prostituted teen isn’t a choice — it’s slavery,” read the billboard. “Teens sold for sex aren’t prostitutes — they’re rape victims,” read another.

“We need to love our children. We need them to understand that we love them. And not just your own children, but all children in this country,” she says. She also details different types of “pimps” — guerrilla and romeo — who target young women. 

“We need to show women of color and empower them and have them know that they don’t need to allow their bodies be there for the sexual exploitation of men,” she says. “The greatest impact we can have is in our own communities. Sometimes we just need to dig our feet into the soul of the Earth…because we can make the greatest impact right here at home.”

Rebecca Dharmapalan is a 19-year-old artist. She had a friend in high school whose boyfriend used to pimp her out in order to pay his cell phone bills. When she finally refused, he beat her so badly that Rebecca never saw her friend again. 

“I was on a mission to change the way people saw child sex trafficking in America. That it was a real, tangible thing. So what I did was make film…I realized that art was extremely powerful,” she says.

Oakland, California is one of the most diverse cities in the country, but as any city, “with diversity comes this harsh underbelly of violence.” So, Rebecca used art to change a major city problem. 

“100,000 children are trafficked in the United States. And hundreds of thousands more are at risk of having their bodies sold,” she says. 12 is the average age of entry. “Girls were being sold ten to fifteen times a day…these are girls in the United States of America. In our own backyards. In our communities. This is right in front of us.” 

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Three days on the other side

i failed to write stancest so here, have some gen

“Hey Grunke Stan, how did you lose your hand?” — asks Mabel, sweet little Mabel, who simply doesn’t see this kind of questions as something horrible, who simply doesn’t see those kind of questions like something at all. Sweet little Mabel that put stickers all over Stan’s old ragged coat: sun stickers, hearts stickers, puppy, kitty, stars, bunnies, muffins stickers — Mabel has a lot of those, and she didn’t hesitate to give them up: she said stickers make everything look better. Stan decided not to argue — how can he argue with sweet little Mabel anyway? Mabel follows him everywhere, she smiles at him and offers him a thing called “Mabel juice” (witch, as far as Stan is concerned, consists above all of a small dinosaur toy and a lot — a lot — of glitters) just to make him feel better: she doesn’t know that Stan didn’t “feel better” for years — there’s no much sense to start now.

Or maybe she does know, but keeps smiling, and as if, as if Stan can not to smile back when she looks at him this way. It just… Happens. Stan just doesn’t want to upset sweet little Mabel.

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jesuistitania  asked:

What do you think of the PLL finale?

what an unexpected question! haha

I was prepared to hate it, and speak publicly about why, and use whatever platform I have to start a dialogue about the history of trans misrepresentation, etc. One of my closest friends is a twin, and we have talked a lot about the ways we — as a twin and a gay man, respectively — are used as plot-points and imbued with symbolic meaning that can come to define us more strongly than our actual personalities.

Those are two good examples because they are benign, for the most part. I am privileged to live mostly in a world/bubble where I feel safe as a gay man, so for me it plays out much like the twin thing: You think I’m like this but really I’m like that. You think I will provide this for you, but really I offer that. You think that you intimately understand my experience and can therefore speak for me, but really ally privilege is the cancer of our culture. And so on.

My mentor growing up was a trans woman, Rachel Pollack, who taught me a lot about magic and tarot and religion, etc., but also about gender and sexuality. I asked her every embarrassing awful confused question you can imagine, and she always made me feel safe and open when she explained it back to me, told me what she was hearing me say, etc. So there were times, as a young person, that I felt a little proprietary about trans issues:

Why doesn’t everybody “get it” like I do? Why was everybody so stuck in the stupid ideas (that I was stuck in just moments ago)? 

Although to be fair, this was back in the 90s and I still see people getting hung up on what became, to me, very uncomplicated shit, so:

While frustration about differing timelines “getting it” is absolutely understandable to me, the part where we make it about our cis selves is not. Every sentence has a subject and a verb: Are you speaking for yourself when you engage in social justice activities, or are you speaking on behalf of someone else?

Because if it’s the latter, what you’re really doing is pimping out someone with differing privileges than you have, in order to talk about yourself. Which is the greatest demonstration of privilege I can imagine.

…All of which is what I was thinking about, going into the Finale. I was tremendously worried that what happened would happen, my stomach hurt for weeks, I had private conversations with people like Heather Hogan about how best to deal with the fandom fallout, etc. Ever since the Christmas episode — all through this fantastic Prisoner, 1984, Matrix, Invisibles season — my one weekly thought has been, “I really hope Charles doesn’t identify as female,” and the more likely it seemed, the more anxious I got.

When you are constructing a mystery, there are things you don’t do. Or can only be done once: Christie’s Ten Little Indians, the first Scream movie, etc, have twists that break the mystery genre. I don’t know offhand the list of films that use the “trans twist” before DePalma’s Dressed to Kill, but that’s a very famous one that breaks down the mystery in a way that can’t be solved, because you don’t have all the information. It was also made in 1980.

Speaking here about suspense, not slasher, because the trans twist is in 90% of slasher movies from the 80s and 90s. Same principle, just not as important to the narrative. Suspense, like PLL, is always going to trade on the economy of bodies in a gender-binary culture, because it is about the central drives that construct our society and our personalities: sex, death, acquisition.

Women are in more danger than men. Always. We live in a society that is designed 100% to crush the feminine, the nonwhite, the non-default, out of all of us, all day long. And that is what suspense stories are usually about, which is why so many women end up in fridges: Because danger exists, but women are not (historically) the protagonist.

Where this finale got it right — which they did, IMO; they threaded an impossible needle frankly  — is by refusing to other a trans character, continuing to refuse to represent GLBT merely for the sake of representation, by spending an hour on her life story in a compassionate and respectful way, and bringing her home to the central truth about Pretty Little Liars:

Once there was a man who hated, feared, and loved his daughter’s body so much that he needed to lock it up, control it or destroy it.

That is every single episode of our show, in one way or another. I always knew A would be Rosewood, I just didn’t know how directly it would come to pass:

That it would be the patriarchal force that hates anything that’s not a straight white guy, pushing down on all of us — Liars, Mona, CeCe, yes; but also Lucas, Noel, Ezra, Mr. D — and forcing us into shapes that we wouldn’t have assumed otherwise. Taking things away from us and then complaining about it.

That shame and loneliness are a self-reinforcing feedback loop that only creates more shame and more loneliness, turning any attempt at a roman à clef into a picaresque. And that the system is designed for that purpose: To keep us separate, vulnerable, afraid and ashamed, because if we ever started talking to each other about it we would start a fucking riot.

The feeling that you were born wrong and therefore deserve to be punished. That being female or feminine is the original sin, and you need to spend your life apologizing for it, or risk being crushed.

And finally, that women hurting women is the greatest weapon men ever invented. 

And it’s that last one that bears the most thought, because… Well, it’s tricky on the left, if you say “don’t attack your allies” I guarantee that’s a red flag you need to shut your mouth and listen. But the vanguard of shows I tend to think of as new and fresh and in accordance with my ethos, with Generation Tumblr, is pretty small: Avatar/Korra, Teen Wolf, Orphan Black, The Fosters, PLL. I’m sure there are some I’m forgetting. 

But the sense of relief that I feel in those particular story-universes is hard to capture: It’s like you spend 23 hours of a day feeling like “either I’m crazy or the world is,” and then you watch one of these shows and think, “no, we’re just still being born.”

And I can understand your world, or perspective, being so small that those are the only things you feel equipped to fight. It’s the impulse to change the world and it’s a holy one; it’s just that the world you’re saving is not the one the rest of us live in. It’s every bit as important and real as the so-called “real world,” but the rest of us don’t get to live there. Except through the art that you make.

So I think if you’re really going to throw a tantrum about Cece Drake, that makes total sense. The hope is that you wouldn’t be doing it out of some trendy sense of post-marriage equality “now I care about trans issues” self-labeling, but because you are working through these issues for yourself and using this medium and this conversation to do it. These are not simple questions or easy answers. But I think the way to process it most quickly and authentically is to keep one foot on the floor: To always be asking yourself whether you’re really making it about you, or keeping your eyes on the real enemy. Because it’s a war that never really changes, but it’s a war that we’re winning nevertheless.

  • *Watching the new trailer*
  • Castiel: We -will- find a cure for Dean...
  • Metaton: *Scoffs* I don’t know why you wanna cure that little firecracker now he’s finally interesting-
  • Castiel: *Punches Metatron in the face*
  • Castiel: I’ve got you as my hostage passenger seat in my pimp car where I can easily wrap my fingers around your ungrateful throat and you’re going to put my man’s name in your mouth like that bitch talk shit get hit I swear to Chuck

I smoked some hooka and played with my crystal ball a little … 
and something weird starting taking shape inside the ball , I squinted a little , and , and , OH MY GOD !!!


Yes , this is Adam Lambert’s third album tracklist !!!


- glitter is dead (but gold is alive)
- blow your … (mind)
- here in my cherry blossom printed suit (all i can think of is you)
- I love you (almost as much as i love my little black studded cap)
- crazy little thing called melvin
- one day you’re here , the next day you’re gone (an ode to my nose ring)
- why pimp yourself when you can pimp others
- selphie (feat. brian may)
- champagne showers
- yay titties
- jimmy crack corn and i don’t care
- i’m not freddie mercury , but …
- sushi wolf (japanese deluxe album only)
- i can’t say too much , but this song is awesome

More songs may be added to the mix , but until now this is the tracklist that is sure to make the final cut . Adam has been keeping it under wraps for so long , but I CRACKED THE CODE , BITCHEZZ !!

*sips more araq*

*stumbles away giggling*

Things I observed in this MV:

Suho done got himself pampered and cleared that wardrobe, Mama is a new man. He also got a lot of camera time, as a leader deserves. 

Sehun is the official pimp and I’d work for him. Gladly. 

Petition to stop Chen from doing hairflips and smiling like that

Tao was in his element son (also in the Chinese MV you can catch a glimpse of his tummy, you’re welcome)

Baekhyun has managed to become even more beautiful and broader in that jacket. Delicate. Hands.

Xiumin with his ponytail and HIS FACE IS GLORIOUS. Damn he’s beautiful

Chanyeol was finally in the middle, dancing. His dream came true. Hell yes to the lightning hair

Yixing had equal dancing/camera time as Kai. Bless this decision

Kai should not have a lollipop in his mouth. He should not accentuate his jawline to the camera. he should not smile like that. He should not do impregnating hip thrusts. He shouldn’t do anything. 

Kyungsoo………..I’m yours. 

anonymous asked:

So honestly, I will always hate CS, but I thought people were being a bit dramatic calling it an example of rape culture, until the finale. Everyone of Hook's chasing Emma comments last night made me ill and uncomfortable. Their whole ship is about when a girl says no, she means yes. And the fact that the Once Twitter kept pimping it so hard just made me hate the marketing team more. I don't see how anyone cannot see it as rape culture now.

Exactly. The message they just send is “keep chasing the girl, she will give in eventually” and that’s fucking disgusting. Not to mention the fucking shitty ‘redemption arc’ that he got, so basically so you can an utter asshole for 300 years, you can even almost kill the girl, but if you stop acting bad and harass her, you’ll get the girl.


As anyone who attended RTX can attest, the convention was awesome. My boyfriend and I were wandering the show floor and spotted a giant Tower of Pimps tucked away in the corner. My eyes moved from its top to the bottom as we get closer and I realize that there standing at its base is the Mad King himself. I nearly stop dead in my tracks as I squeak out to my boyfriend who I see. He doesn’t hesitate to walk me over to the end of the line to meet him. When it finally comes to be my turn I’m all smiles and tell him how he’s really become one of my favorites and how much he makes me laugh all the time. He looks me straight in the eyes and with a thankful smile tells me how much he really appreciates hearing that. He signs the back of my shirt, says its the first spine he had signed and then poses with me for a photo. I feel like Im floating happily around the con for the rest of the day.