i can feel your power!

They’re too nice to fight each other what are you even talking about.

When Jason Todd is high.

Jason to Tim: I’m hearing this sick bass.

Tim: *Scrolls down his laptop*.

Jason:  It’s going baw baw baw baw but now it sounds like a horror movie.

Tim: Really, can you sing it to me?


Tim: Nice. Can you speak more so I can document what you say in this state of yours?

Jason: Electronic but ghostly. I can feel its powers.

Don’t be so distracted by others’ perception of you. You know who you are.

Hey girl!!
I’ve been craving some good sonamy fics and who better to go to than you? ;)
If you’re still doing prompts off of pictures I was wondering if you could do one with this? It doesn’t have to follow it exactly, just the idea of Amy going super would be great ^^

Always open my friend! :D What a lovely pic! And I can definitely use it! ;) Here I go!


With all the robots broken pieces suddenly rolling up and forming one large one, Super Sonic looked up in a bit of confusion.

Not sure what was going on, he didn’t see his friends already boarding the X-Tornado, hoping to get up into the air and attack from above.

“Sonic!” Amy called out, reaching a hand to him but as he turned to look…


“Ah!” Amy gasped and put her hands to the sides of her face, seeing him knocked completely to the right by the robot leaning down and swiping it’s hand to hit him aside.

It was still forming, and slowly rolled it’s back up, each robotic piece locking itself in like a spinal chord being formed upwards with each joint getting ready to pull him up.

Once fully straightened out, the Robot crashed one foot down, and roared out a metallic cry. Unearthly, and threatening.

It peered down as the alien three who had hacked into Eggman’s robots all chuckled in the sky above, hitting their backs and cackling out laughter.

“These beings are so funny! So.. pathetic! haha!” one gripped it’s sphere of a stomach, having no legs, but a tattered robe that flowed down it’s body as it’s claws arms continued to sway under it.

“The more they trash’em, the more they’ll rebuild and squash’em!” one smashed his clawed hand into the his other hand’s palm, and laughed with a hand up to his spiky head.

“They’re such fun entertainment~” one always had his tongue sticking out, and with a goofy expression, laughed like a fool. “Dah-ha-ha!”

Sonic slowly got himself up off the rumble, and shook his head, turning to look over his shoulder with an annoyed expression…

“These aliens… are really getting on my nerves…” he glared, and started to push off his knee he had lifted up to get up.

He staggered a moment but flew up to the plane overhead.

“Tails! Anything?”

“I can’t seem to find a weakness, Sonic!” Tails was circling the giant, Frankenstein robot as it tried to swing it’s big arm to swipe the X-Tornado out of the sky.

“Woah! Too close!” Tails pulled up, away from it’s reach as Sonic kept close to the plane, maneuvering with him. “It’s like a hydra! The more we break it apart, the more it comes back!”

“Then we should just break the pieces down so much that they can’t reform again! Hmph!” Amy picked up her hammer, looking mighty upset at the robot as she leaned over and peered down from the seat she was in, her hair whipping in the wind.

“That’s it!” Tails exclaimed, as Amy’s frown suddenly turned into surprise.

“What is?” Sonic looked to Tails.

“We need to smash them into oblivion! Then they’ll be useless, even if they reform!”

“Make them unable to battle… genius Tails!” Sonic dived down.

“Hey.. that was my idea…” Amy whined slightly, before seeing Sonic was having trouble even hitting the thing anymore…

He would try and homing attack through the center-! But the robot’s mid-section seemed to ‘jump’ out of getting hit before reconnecting… turn around as Sonic would uncurl and blink in a state of disbelief, and swipe at him again.

Sonic kicked his feet out, but was gripping immediately into submission as the the robot lifted him up to his face…

“Like catching a fly in a net. A large net! Haha!” The aliens descended, seeing the threat neutralized and started mocking him.

“Hedgehog? Was it? What a disgustingly WEAK creature…” one flicked a claw his way, as if dismissing Sonic’s kind entirely, swishing his head to not even look at him.

“Vile.. and he smells too!” the goofy one bounced his head as he laughed.

“You’re a disgrace to all creatures on this planet! No.. the universe! haha! Shake him of his little jewels!”

The robot shook Sonic up and down, side to side, as the Chaos Emeralds fell from his possession.

Sonic’s eyes swirled when it all stopped but his head sank low, unable to get his bearings straight…

They continued to laugh as Tails looked down, shaking his head. “Oh, Sonic…”

Amy’s fists shook.

Then she gripped the edge of the plane, jumping off.

“Huh? AMMMMY!!!” Tails moved the plane back but it was too late.


“..Huh?” the three aliens looked up.

Amy came crashing through their circle, making them spin as they hovered in the air and try and reach out for the others in their dizzy spree.

She was falling fast though… as Sonic shook his head and looked down, calling down to her, “AMY!”

“W-woah..” Amy tried to spin herself around but couldn’t, she saw the emeralds falling below her and tried to reach back for them, her back towards them. “Chaos-..AHH!!” the wind hit her face so much, it almost made her voice unable to be heard.

But as she descended…

The Emeralds stopped falling.

Sending upward, they held a place around her. Glowing…

She watched in amazement, looking around as Sonic uttered, “Control.” his eyes narrowed as the Emeralds darted into her… a bright light…

The light suddenly shot upward and Sonic smirked, seeing her skate by him until coming back around, like a meteorite until the light burst from her and she stood, hovering confidently in the air.

The alien’s eyes shot out of their skulls and back in like horizontal punching bags. “WHA-WA-WA-WA-WAHT?!?!” they shouted in unison.

“He’s not the only blonde one?” the goofy one pointed in fright at her, as the others clung to each other.

“OH SHARF.” they spoke in some alien curse as she laughed, kicking her feet out.

“I can feel Chaos’s power soaring through me! Thanks, Sonic! I won’t let your power go to waste!”

Sonic closed his smile, so his teeth weren’t showing, but seemed to approve of her statement as he watched her circle the robot, and pull out a hammer.

“Time to turn you to dust, you robotic bully!”

Starting with his torso, the Robot couldn’t dodge her crushing blows as she hammered it down to saw-dust. It took a minute, but she got all the way to the arm, freeing Sonic as he started falling.

“Ah-ahhhh-ahh! OFFPH!” before he could face-plant, Amy had gripped a leg…

“Phew..” he fell limp, as she pulled him up, swung him around, and caught him like he usually did her.

“Huh?” he looked around, not used to being … well… ‘handled’.

“Hehe~ Now I’m the one saving you, Sonic!” she chimed, bright and happy… literally, bright though as her super form shined around him.

He gave her a nervous smile, and slight chuckle.

She flew him up and set him on the plane. “Blast him, Tails!” Amy nodded, leaning over the plane’s wing from hovering in the sky, as he nodded, and sent a huge blattalion of missles and fire at the robot.

Amy went in to truly make sure it was nothing more than rumble, as it tried to form, but failed and finally.. fell apart without a single piece of energy from the alien technology left to power it…

The aliens gulped, as Amy slowly flew down behind them, hands to her hips, as they turned around in pure terror… and shrugged with apologetic smiles.

“So… what was that about hedgehogs? Hehe..” she giggled cutely, before her face completely shifted.

She zoomed up to their combined faces,.. “Bark.”

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” they scrambled in the air, begging her not to hurt them as they charged off into the atmosphere, declaring they’ll never bother earth again!

“Mischievous little batch…” Amy leaned up, looking up at the sky, “I don’t think they’ll be coming back again.” she swished her dress as she turned and happily flew into Sonic’s arms, who was looking down at her from the plane’s wing.

“Sonic!” he was knocked over, but laughed, secretly pulling the power he had given her out as she turned back to normal.

She pulled away from the hug, her eyes still closed in utter joy, smiling widely “That was so cool!”

He nodded, “You did a great job, Amy.” he did look proud of her.

She opened her eyes, “Can we do it again, sometime?”

He looked a little sheepish at the request, but still smiled, sweat dropping a little. “Maybe. If it’s not to save the world again.” he teased, and winked to her kindly as she gasped and jumped back into trying to ‘cuddle him up’ again.

Tails turned away from looking at the two behind and rolled his eyes, shaking his head down. “Now I’ve got two supers to worry about.” he teased, having always worried about his friends, but happy to see Sonic had let Amy take a go at it.

Who knows? Maybe he was actually getting humbled by it?

(Hope you enjoyed! :) )

Friendly reminder that Emperor Ublaz (a.k.a. Mad Eyes) painted his claws, wore color-coordinated outfits that varied by the day, and curled and perfumed his whiskers.

The effects of abuse do not go away. They stick with you. They haunt you.

But trust me even if it lingers long after you escape the abusive situation, you have the chance to reclaim your sense of self. You can correct your behaviors and your conditioning, you can own your trauma and use it to become a better person. Tell yourself that your trauma does not control you, you control it, sometimes it might not seem like it, but tell yourself that’s only temporary.

I believe you all have the strength to overcome your obstacles.








Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Rating: T

Words: 13.7 k

Our smart leader will belong in the Ravenclaw House

-Admin Taettybear

Your eyebrows were furrowed as you took a deep breath, not being accustomed of not smelling the salty breeze of your hometown. At that moment, you started to doubt the reason why you came to England to visit the ever so famous, Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft Wizardry.

But you had to admit, the school’s castle is rather impressive, it was as grand as your own school which was across the globe. The hill that the school was built on was a beautiful spring green, the tall grasses shifting as the warm breeze blew across the land. You were tempted to just roll onto your back with your arms spread, soaking up the sun that was high up in the sky.

“Ah, are you Miss Y/L/N Y/N?”

You tore your eyes away from the view and turned around, facing the older gentleman who had a distinct white beard and a friendly gaze.

“Hello, that is me…” You bowed deeply, showing the respect of the country you were born in.

The man released a chuckle, “Ah, I see that Mahoutokoro has trained their students to be as polite as ever. Welcome to Hogwarts dear, I am Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster of this school.”

Your eyes widened slightly as you realized who he was after his introduction. With a slight gulp, you nodded, silently paying attention to him and listening to his words.

“It’s a pleasure to have one of the top students of Mahoutokoro to be an exchange student for us.” Dumbledore motioned you with his hand to follow after him as he led you onto the campus.

As soon as you stepped into the halls where students were present, you knew you were catching most of the students’ attentions by walking with one of the most powerful wizard of your time. To add on, your clothes were nothing like what the other students wore. Your robe was the golden Mahoutokoro kimono like cloth that gleamed under the light.

Although every student would have taken pride in owning a golden robe at your own school, you couldn’t help but feel like a sore thumb wearing the clothes in this unknown land. Everyone around you wore black robes that were quite dull compared to your own outfit.

Pushing your discomfort away, you faced Dumbledore, one of the most important questions leaving your lips, “Will I be allowed to fly?” You asked, feeling a bit self-conscious about your accent. It felt quite unusual not speaking in your mother language, it was so different from what you were used to. You were just tempted to speak in Japanese, but you knew even if you did, no one would understand you.

“Ah, yes, your headmistress did mention that you would like to continue playing Quidditch over here. She told me you practiced with the Toyohashi Tengu, which should mean you should be perfectly capable of flying in one of our stormy days. I, myself have visited Minami Iwo Jima during a storm, it is quite a nasty place to fly,” Dumbledore winked, turning the corner where there were fewer students, “I will grant you permission to use the field whenever you would like, I will notify the other professors as well.”

“Thank you, Professor Dumbledore, I appreciate it,” the older man only looked at you in amusement as you bowed to him.

“It’s my pleasure, Miss Y/L/N. I’m sure many of our own Quidditch players would be interested in finding out about the skills in Mahoutokoro,” a couple of names and faces popped into Dumbledore’s mind as he thought about Quidditch.

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Kubo literally said Ichiruki was platonic, verbatim.

“To say their relationship is just friends is wrong, but calling them lovers wouldn’t be quite right also.”

“Their relationship is special.”

“Rukias’ name comes from the latin word Lucia. She’s always been a ray of light to Ichigo.”

“I’ve promised that I’ll save her. I’ve promised.. TO MY SOUL!” -Ichigo & Renji.

“When Rukia-san was here, Kurosaki-san, all she talked about was you.” -Hanatarou.

“She’s not just a friend. To Kurosaki-kun, Kuchiki-san is the one who change his world.” -Orihime.

“The bankai in my hands… was gained for her sake!” -Ichigo to Byakuya.

“It seems that pride you speak of leads to killing Rukia. If that’s the case then I will trample your pride.” -Ichigo to Byakuya.

“The power of feelings, is stronger than steel.” -Urahara.

“I feel odd! Even without Rukia, the world just keeps going.” -Ichigo.

“I can’t die in a freakin place like this….I have to save Rukia!” -Ichigo.

“That chemistry with Kurosaki-kun.” When Kuchiki-san returned, she made Kurosaki-kun feel better. Back when Kurosaki-kun was feeling down, she lifted his spirit in one go.“ -Orihime to Rangiku, chapter 199.

“I want people to focus on the change of Ichigo and Rukia feelings in this movie [Fade to Black].”

“From your eyes, from your words… I can feel Ichigo’s power, flowing to me… You’ve become stronger, Ichigo…” -Rukia, chapter 152.

“Thank you Rukia. Thanks to you, I think… the rain has stopped…” -Ichigo, chapter 181.

“I remember now… the reason why… I wanted to save you so much…” -Ichigo, chapter 181.

“That’s the kind of man you have been in my heart, Ichigo!” -Rukia, chapter 196.

“The rain drags Black Sun down, but the rain dried by White Moon.” -SOULs and VIBEs covers.

“I have nothing to ask. If you didn’t tell me until now, you probably have a reason. And that’s your problem. I don’t know how to ask about that. I don’t know a good way to ask without trampling over and putting to shame your feelings. That’s why I’ll wait. Until you feel like you want to tell me, until you feel it’s alright to tell me. Until then, you don’t need to. […] It’s all second hand. I was told something similar before, and I just remember how much it put at ease.” -Ichigo quotes Rukia’s phrase, chapter 398

“This is farewell, Ichigo” “Seems so” “What? Don’t look so sad. Even if you can no longer see me, I can still see you” “What? That doesn’t make me happy at all! And I wasn’t making a sad face, either!” … “…Tell everyone I give them my best” “Okay” “Bye, Rukia. Thank you” -Ichigo’s and Rukia’s conversation before her departure, chapter 423.

Quotes from the FTB movie that Kubo was very proud of:

“Rukia… is the one who changed my world!” -Ichigo.

“You idiot! Memories aren’t everything! You can’t destroy that bond we share!” -Ichigo.

“Times goes on, but these bonds will never break” - Tite Kubo

“I wonder if I keep up with the speed of the world without you in it” - Ichigo about Rukia

*Ichigo quotes Rukia again about despair*

*Ichigo lists losing Rukia as one of his top 2 most despairing moments*

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I was wondering is there new fics of bottom bucky?

I found a couple from the last few weeks: 

Bad Romance by cleo4u2 & xantissa

Steve meets a mysterious stranger at a costume ball, but is he a stranger? Their mission parameters may have changed, but they still get the job done.

Papa & Daddy by Mntdewtop

Single dad/veteran Bucky Barnes and his daughter move to a new town, not knowing they would run into Steve Rogers.

Found Him in a Lover by Schizojuc

An holiday encounter turns steamy.

In The Midnight Hour, I Can Feel Your Power by DeanAfterDark

A few months after the events of The Winter Solider. Bucky breaks into Steve’s apartment looking for him. And then things happen.

Here’s a search for the future too! 



Pietro Maximoff:

❝ Sparrow ❞

A sneak peek at the first chapter of Sparrow, the Pietro Maximoff story currently on Wattpad.

Bucky Barnes:

❝ Wait for Me ❞

After Bucky escapes Hydra, he remembers a girl that helped him while he was trapped in his cell. He convinces Steve to return to the base to rescue the girl, who later appears to be someone that Steve used to know.

❝ The Winter Soldier’s Return ❞

When Bucky has a nightmare about his time with Hydra, will he return to hard-minded soldier, or will you convince him to stay?

Peter Parker:

❝ First Steps ❞

Peter Parker convinces Tony Stark to help repair his paralytic best friend. 

❝ Fairytale ❞

What will happen when you sneak out of your stepmother’s house to attend a dance to see your long time crush and best friend – Peter Parker?

❝ Scars ❞

After a horrible day, you collapse into bed, just hoping to spend some time with your boyfriend, Peter Parker.

▸ ❝ Love of his life ❞

You discover the truth about Peter Parker and his secret identity, and even reveal a secret that might resemble said situation.

Warren Worthington III:

❝ You’re my Angel ❞

When you leave to fight against Apocalypse, Warren discovers a piece of himself he did not know was there.

❝ Ten Minutes in Heaven ❞

Peter Maximoff does not quite understand the concept of ‘Seven Minutes in Heaven,’ and locks you and Warren in a room for longer than expected.

Kurt Wagner:

❝ Antidote

Kurt comforts you after you almost hurt someone with your poison powers.

James Potter:

❝ I Can Feel the Darkness Coming ❞

Part One: After you confess your feelings for your best friend, you realize that your feelings are one-sided and you take to running away as an escape.

▸ ❝ But I Can Still See the Sun ❞

Part Two: As you fight alongside your best friend’s child and one of your greatest friends, you discover your happiness in something greater.

Remus Lupin:

❝ Winter ❞

When Remus goes through his monthly shift during a treacherous winter storm, you spend the night consumed with fear.

Bellamy Blake:

▸ ❝ Pocahontas ❞

 A sneak peek at the first chapter of Pocahontas, my Bellamy Blake story on Wattpad.

Josh Dun:

▸ ❝ 5,674 Miles Northeast

Soulmate AU: everyone is born with a compass that points in the direction of their soulmate and a mile counter that states how far away your soulmate is.

Tyler Joseph:

❝ 1 month, 26 days, 15 hours, 43 minutes, 12 seconds ❞

Soulmate AU: Everyone is born with a countdown on their wrist. When the clock hits zero, you will meet your soulmate. You happen to meet yours in quite an unconventional way.

Stefan Salvatore:

▸ ❝ Dreamcatcher ❞

In the final episode, Stefan reveals the real reason he sacrifices himself to kill Katherine: you.


“This one does not enjoy your prodding.”
“I can feel your feelings.”
“It’s … so cute!”
“Knowledge is power, yes?”
“Keep prodding at your own peril.”
“I am whole again.”
“We must complete our mission.”
“We need more trees.”
“I will mess you up.”
“This one needs to party.”
“Too slow.”
“What was that?”
“It’s a secret, right?”
“Oh! I get it!”
“I was right.”

Voiced by: Mel Gorsha (also voices Black Cat)


*Black Hat heads back to their room

*the sound of a bag shuffling is heard

((the rest of this is writing))

Flug gets on one knee, looking up at Black Hat. the first thing Black Hat notices is the small grey box in the Doctor’s hands

“what.. what are you doing?” BH

Flug takes a deep breath and opens the box, a ring resting inside the small grey box

“Black Hat..” Flug starts

there’s a moment of silence before Flug speaks again

“Ever since you hired me, I found myself a purpose. Before I met you, I never fully realized the true potential of what I could do. And when I doubted myself, you were there for me. You made me believe that everything would be ok. And in everything we do, I feel your love. We can rule the world with the power of it. Black Hat, you’re the most powerful villain I have ever met, and I would be honored if you would join me in the rest of our lives, for however long it will be. Black Hat, will you marry me?“

it takes a moment for Black Hat to process what has been said before the demon started bouncing and crying, very unusual for him. he tackles and hugs Flug, starting to nod and purr

“yes yes yes! I absolutely will, Flug”

Flug smiles and takes Black Hat’s glove off, sliding the ring onto Black Hat’s finger

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*yells* please tell me about ur lovely ocs!! they r so neat !!!!!!

!!! I’m so glad that you’re interested in them??!

I’ve described each of their personalities and traits in my oc tag (my oc’s) but no one really knows what windswept is about. So I guess I’ll talk about that!

Windswept is basically like an afterlife? But only exclusive for people who were killed by natural causes (not cancer or old age, like nature causes?? Drowning or dying in a fire, stuff like that). And when they arrive on Windswept (which is one of many districts because countless people have died of this kinda stuff and I’m not sticking them all on one cloud island), they sort of gain the power of the thing that killed them. Clara, for example, died of heatstroke, and has fun sun powers. Heath died in a landslide and now he’s got plants and stuff and the young girl who’s not named yet ate poison berries. I have a lot of fun designing these characters because I can incorporate their power into their design. Feel free to make your own windswept oc’s!

Windswept does exist on a cloud (for the aesthetic and only for the aesthetic), but it’s its own dimension that exists within ours. They can see what’s down below, but planes and things can’t see them. I have the entire science figured out. Still trying to figure out how buildings and things would look on a cloud but whatever.

And the last thing you need to know about it really is the storyline?? Not gonna go into full detail but the storyline follows a girl, Lana, who showed up on windswept without any powers and a couple of weeks later so does another boy, Claude. People don’t remember anything when arriving on windswept until they visit Pluvio (who’s been at this district the longest and is kinda the boss there) who’s basically just a big blob of water and have the option to remember or not. But Claude and Lana don’t and can’t know anything but their names (hint it’s cus they’re not officially “at windswept”. Spoiler but the entire reason the story happens is bc they’re both in comas). So the entire plot would be following their story as they arrive on windswept, meet, learn more about where and why they are, and try to resolve multiple conflicts. If this was a show, there’d be a flashback episode about their lives on Earth and why they’re on Windswept. It’s actually really sad because guess what they knew each other in real life and yeah! That’s the storyline sort of and things kinda fall apart at the end one of them leaves windswept and the other one just dies and ends up staying there forever

CHAPTER 17: DARKNESS WAKING --- The Dark Side of Obi-Wan Kenobi - Part 1

Summary: Sidious wants a new apprentice. He doesn’t give Kenobi much choice in the matter. This is the last chapter in this story. Hope you’ve enjoyed it. The final chapter, published on Star Wars Day, how appropriate - May the 4th be with you all! (I swear I didn’t plan that, it just happened fortuitously.)

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We are almost there
I can feel it
The power through
Your warm arms
Through my firm grasp

Upon this code of
Blood and fire
Which dissipates
Upon the lips of
The young

Thunder wants you
It growls in the dead of night
Wants your memory
To stay
Like a scar in the cloud
Like a lover walks alone

One more step
And the reward is ours
The sign of promise
That you desire
The careful climb
Before the fall

Because you’ll fall
Into safety
The net is strong
And vast but it
Does take the effort
Which was alien to you

A drop more
And with effort still
We cling onto that sacred gift
Our humanity.