i can feel the 80 degree weather on my face

It may not be summer yet but this 80 degree bs can fuck right off, my heat intolerant ass can’t handle it.

Things I need to remember about running this Summer...

∞ Feeling like I’m dying means I’m getting stronger

∞ Finishing a run in the heat without walking is tough and I can do it

∞ Running at the hottest point or in the most humid part of the day will make me even more prepared for running in nice weather in the fall

∞ Being soaked in sweat with my face burning is the best feeling ever

∞ Pushing up the hills that I’m afraid of will make them seem a lot less scary in the future

∞ All hills are followed by downhills

Subway through the dark, carriage through the park; taxi down the street, get out and use my feet.