i can feel my filter wearing away

anonymous asked:

*tw period* I'm a trans masculine person just after starting that dreaded time of month. Please help. Have you any general tips to combat dysphoric feelings? Thanks

I like to give these tips and have had some great feedback about them, so I hope they help you as well.

What I find that best helps dysphoria is the following:

  • First, what I like to do is shower. You may not appreciate seeing your body, but a hot shower or a warm bath is a great way to relax and feel refreshed. 
  • wearing my most ridiculously masculine and handsome outfit
  • taking so many selfies (and showing off the good ones to a supportive person) Yes, selfie the day away. Show off that attractive self in your awesome outfit. Now, edit your photos with great filters and stickers and be silly. You don’t have to share them with anyone, but you can if you’re up to it.
  • distractions such as video games, taking on a creative project if I feel up to it, watch a movie in your Netflix queue that you keep ignoring, or put on a random silly show. I love watching Xena. 
  • talking to someone close to you for a little support and reassurance (it is okay to ask for help and validation. we all do sometimes)

Never forget that you are who you are regardless of what your body reflects. Every individual is a unique puzzle and we all take time finding the right pieces, putting them in the right places, and feeling settled with the pieces already laid out.

You are wonderful, amazing, lovable, and handsome as hell. Your physical self may give you grief, but you are strong and you own life. You are bad ass as hell and you are so amazing for getting through this and for asking for help. It takes so much strength.

We all love you. <3