i can feel it its gonna start soon

tfw ur friend comes to watch u practice but he falls alseep in the stands. (headcanon: yuri sleeps w his tongue stickin’ out sometimes and curls up in a lil ball like a cat)

@chxckandmxte replied to your post “[[MOR] i still feel like garbage to be frank, i really do appreciate…”

Oh no! plz dont delete I’m gonna miss you! In the end its your choice so I can’t stop you but I really hope you don’t I love our threads and our chats in the tags even if we only just started. I’m sorry your going through this but I’m always here for ya friendo and I’m sure there are others that are here for you as well. Whatever you decide tho we will respect it just know that you are very much loved <3

@hypnoanalysis replied to your post “[[MOR] i still feel like garbage to be frank, i really do appreciate…”

baby girl. i’m sorry you’re going through this right now, and i’m not gonna guilt trip u into staying , but whatever you decide, you’ll always have us to fall back on. we love you ; v ;

InuKagWeek Day 2 - Care

This is the thing that makes a pairing great to me. Characters that support each other during even the most normal everyday struggles. Just being close to someone important to you and have them support you when you’re tired or feeling down can melt the stress and grief away. I love how Inuyasha & Kagome support each other, and Inuyasha supporting Kagome in his own little ways as she struggles to finish junior high is just one example of the care they show for each other. And it’s super adorable.


I just wanted to drop in and thank everyone who have started following me lately. I mean, last time I did this was when I had like 900 followers, now I’m closing on 1300! Just…wow. So, thanks! You’re awesome :>

Also, I haven’t been quite active lately and kinda didn’t continue the requests ‘cause ehhh well, let’s say stuff happened that happens time to time and I’ve just kinda not done…anything. But I’m starting to get my drawing groove back and I hope tomorrow (well, today…) I’ll get to post at least some of the doodles I’ve (almost) done! Been drawing A LOT of Handsome Jack, actually.


It’s taking so long because I’m literally drawing all of them at the same time. My ability to concentrate on one pic at a time is pretty much non-existent.

But okay, I’m off to bed now, good night! Or…more like morning…..

Growing stubble has been one of the biggest challenges as a transwoman. Having sensitive skin and curly hair makes shaving one of the least fun things in the world. And I have to wait a few days between shaving to let my face heal before I can be clean shaven again. That means 12 hours every 3-4 days of feeling a smooth face before the razor burn and stubble kick in.

Today is the last day I’ll have to shave my face because 51 beautiful people donated and accumulated 1,277 dollars. Which I am using Monday to start laser hair removal for my face. I would like to get my chest and back done soon as well. But for now this is amazing. I can wear shirts that cover those areas, I couldn’t for my face.

Its amazing how yesterday I was a depressed mess, but today after shaving I’m bright eyed and bushy tail. I heard its gonna hurt, but its going to be worth it <3