i am the most peaceful darkness you can become intertwined against as even in light i blend in with the freckles of the galaxy gleaming wide, engulfing larger than Hercules A. in the midst of lurking for hearts back to mend while attempting to destroy mine with such great effort, as if I were the prodigal son repenting for my sin. with destruction as subtle as the ice of my heart attempting to thaw resembling being forgotten in the Arctic and time does not move as do i not; impression was frozen but never remembered like the taste of your lips on mine. but contrary to popular belief i inspired the ring of fire except all 452 volcanoes were active threats to hire. the damage carves the Pacific Rim along my interior but sets ablaze in my eyes. your plate is being subducted by mine only to create our own San Andreas fault line tattooing our hearts for certain cataclysmic disaster. now technically the opposite of war is creation, even though all our creations were war; but never did i crave such destructive creation, as if i were the Yuan dynasty and a century flew by like the blink of an eye, only short lived to of course lose control to you; the Ming. but we both knew my insurgence stood no chance with hips that caught mine like they were meant to. i mean your pulchritude was not labeled ruinous without iniquitous deeds. you will learn that i find most pleasure in assisting anything over myself. while you conquest amongst my internal organs, pillaging conquistadors ravage in such a sense that my casualty’s expense was none to less, inventing our own Age of Discovery. and just as priceless as the 100 million gifted to the gods for selfish discovery, not that you notice that you are my Christopher Columbus. i longed more than imaginable that you changed my world round from flat as if another dimension never existed before. but did you value me as much as the gold? for i always deemed you my greatest discovery. now making you my big bang theory, every part of you growing my infinitely smaller heart and amount of pain I’ll be able to handle to the size of the Milky way, the dark matter fills me more, but every atom is important when I caress you against me. your star bigger than mine. supernova leaving me scorched with remorse. and that is when i found the worth of nature without overlapping chemistry, as your black hole only altered our structure but left me pairless like a radical ion. now i acquire the sight of Theia, for i see beauty for that beauty could not even see itself. subject to love with you like you stole the name Hyperion. amongst the depths of appearance, i surface, panicking in your Pacific Ocean, i sentence myself to strategize a direction. like the battle i was chasing was with Poseidon himself for the control of your seas. as enlightened as the enlightenment like the lights that shine moved with time. i was struck down like a French counterrevolutionary, collapse of the old regime leaving me powerless in the vast expansion of your sovereign ideas; you were my Montesquieu searching through only exploration of freedom. i will always treasure our story like that of Atlantis, plummeting the depths of the intriguing but subsequently unknown. wishes that i were the actual lesson and you had not taught me everything. sorry that i fell in love. gratefully my pressure left you crystallized for the next buyer. 

enlightening | a.k.a
The signs as emojis

The signs as emojis
Aries ♈️: 💪😄🔥
Taurus♉️: 💃🏻💥🏁
Gemini♊️: 🌝🌗🌚
Cancer♋️: 😩🛀😫
Leo♌️: 🏆👑💁🏻
Virgo♍️: ✨💆🏻💊
Libra♎️: 🌜🙎🏻🌛
Scorpio♏️: 😈💘👹
Sagittarius♐️: 🚀😜🙌
Capricorn♑️: 📈😤💯
Aquarius♒️: 🍆👀💩
Pisces♓️: 🍑☺️🌾