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One Bias Per Group?

Y’know I don’t really get those fangirls who said it’s a ho thing to have more than one bias in a group because girl, u don’t know me and I don’t know me some days I wanna be with V, on a negative day I want me some Jimin, some days I need me some Rapmon, or that weekend where Jungkook feels right or I just want Jin cooking me stuff, and then there’s time where I need hope, as in J-hope, but today I feel like it’s a Suga day because i need nap

Y’all can’t be loyal to just one, I mean, if you’ve been in kpop for long, loyalty isn’t a word, it’s an idea, and I’m a rebel


Here’s a Special Christmas Present for @shsl-shipper-gamer-fangirl ~!

I comissioned the amazing @qosic to create this comic~ SO far, the world only knew of the original, but now I present the colored version for the first time~!

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The most enjoyable event I went to. I love how this event was created for fangirls like me. The characters was super on point with their personalities. The event was really heavenly.

I was really really shy to ask the cosplayers for photo but the character would actually initiate and make you feel like you were really the star of the show or however you call it. I was blushing the entire event and I couldn’t stop fangirling.

V was really friendly and was the one who served me. Thank you very much !

Yoosung was so adorable that I can’t express my words. “ LOLOL! ” My friend was really fangirl over his cuteness. Same goes for me.

ZEN was really fun to be around with. I wanted to call out “ Zen Oppa ! ” but I guess I was too shy. ZEN was really handsome though ~

Jumin probably made me the fangirl the most out of all. I really like the small “ fanservice ” he gave. Thanks for the head pat !

Seven definitely was the funniest. He also gave me and my friend a little “ fanservice ” too. Thank you very much haha !

I really enjoyed the event and I hope I can participate in it again if there’s another event coming up !

I would definitely miss Jumin and ZEN the most ! Ahhhhh. They were so friendly ! ♡

I’m dropping hints that I love them. I love them.

A really big thank you to those who organized it. I really had tons of fun.

PSA: Anons and logic

Slight deviation from my Cait fangirling ( and hubby Sam fangirling) because with just want to share this real quick.

If I could count on one hand the times I’ve seen an anon write “ how can Sam be in relationship with ( insert name here) if he’s tweeting and fanning( swooning) over his costar?” on one hand, I’d need more fingers than all the people have in Texas. ( Weird metaphor but I digress)

And the answer is so.fucking.simple its absolutely laughable. He isn’t. A humble, committed,well rounded man such as Samwise would not belittle his “SO” significance or the commitment of his relationship by flirting and going head over heels proud for his platonic Costar. And the freaking plain as day answer to that is because his costar, his wifey, the one he’s going head over heels proud over on social media….is his SO. He would not, from what we’ve heard of countless people who have worked with him and validated his kind nature, flirt with his very close costar unless ( wait for it!) said costar is in fact his very stunning SO. That would go completely against all we’ve heard, all the praises said about him. Simple as that. You’d have to be crazy not to see the commitment and the proud hubby basically shining from his retweets right now. That man is head over heels for his “Balfe”, his Sassenach, and it’s as simple as that, my peeps.

Now back to your regularly scheduled Sam and Cait spam. ( And to some good karma cause our lovely Cait is gonna shine tonight!)


Hello everyone ! Welcome to my Christmas Follow Forever ! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

So coincidentally, I reached 4k followers and Christmas is here at the very same time!  I didn’t expect to reach it so fast, since my last follow forever for 3k was not that long ago. Thank you to all of you, really. Even if you’ve been following me for a few days, it really means a lot. And for those who have been following me for so long, I couldn’t thank you enough. Thank you to all of you for liking my edits, for reblogging them, even when I’m really not satisfied with what I made, for tagging me, for sending me asks. You’re all important to meヽ(´ω`○)ノ.+゚*。:゚+ 

  Tumblr really is a place where I can be myself and fangirl as much as I want in the tags lmao. I’ve met wonderful people here, even if I don’t talk to you much or never lmao, I really do appreciate you, one day I will overcome my shyness I swear! 。(*^▽^*)ゞ When people I admired started to follow me back, I felt blessed because you are such talented and sweet people. There isn’t a single day when I don’t scroll through my dash and say “omg how does she make such pretty graphics? / DAAAAMN GIRL! / omg this is gorgeous / THAT COLORING OMG WHAT MAGIC IS THIS?! / IS THAT WHAT YOU CALL GODLIKE SKILLS?!? / etc…” I’m fangirling all day non-stop I swear. I love you all ! ♡

Here, I will list awesome people with great blogs. You should check them out ! (๑・ω-)~♥” Thank you for making my dash so interesting and pretty ! I hope Tumblr didn’t mess up my italicized and bolded urls bc it always does… >w<

|| Bolded : Mutuals || Italics : fav graphics/gifs makers and fav art blogs ||



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The moment when you want to re-read your favorite book but you want to get all the feels again and so you tell yourself to give it time so the memories aren’t that recent and you can’t recite all the lines but in the meantime you keep thinking about the book and how much you want to reread it already and you keep remembering things about it and end up reading it anyway all too soon because it’s your favorite book and damn carpe diem I do what I want what if I’m reading this book for the tenth time on a row in five years.

One thing I absolutely love about tumblr is how when I see someone from my fandom or talking about any subject i’m passionate about, I can just join in and share my views and it’s like this giant family dinner but one in which your opinions are heard and I guess all I wanted to say is you guys are my family & you get me through everyday by seeing me when i’m invisible to the world. Giving me love and also an open pass in your quest of saving dragons and slaying monsters. All those ships and canons being through thick and thin in this journey of a lifetime. How you understand and be there for each other and for anyone who can’t find ‘home’ in their own family, we find it amongst you. So thank you to everyone in all the fandoms in here, because despite our differences we are one big family where no one gets left behind. One more thing i absolutelylove about Tumblr is the existence of @thesweetfandomlife this blog. Thank you 😘 ❤

Yuri on Ice Episode 10  SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

So episode 10 of Yuri On Ice aired tonight and so many great things happened in it.that made me giddy and happy. :D


1. Viktor and Chris acting like kids on a field trip,

2.the whole photo shooting session at the pool.it was pure gold i tell you. 

which brings me to no. 3

Chris Giacometti !!! 

honestly guys how can anyone dislike or even hate Chris?he is such an hoot.i would really want to be his friend…if he existed of course(silent sobbing over all fictional characters not existing)ok he is somewhat intense about his sexual urges and that booty zoom/close up was shocking and he has a very increased libido but he is such a nice hilarious guy to watch! XD

4.the blooming  friendship between Yurio and Otabek

and of course the headlines that go along with it + Yuri defending his fangirls XD

5.the fact that we finally got Viktor’s pov for more than half the episode. YAY!!!

(and we somewhat confirmed Viktor’s feelings for Yuri)

and any kind of drama between them is easily solved 






Excuse me for a sec while i sob and scream from happiness overload


7.The fact that Yuri is not alone this year and he and Viktor are happy and they have the support of the people around them

not only of their friends but also from strangers



9.Viktor announcing that he and Yuri will  get married once Yuri wins a gold medal

Yuri NOT denying it !!!

10.the improvement in Sala and Mickey’s relationship.

well sort of

and the fact that she wants to know SeungGil better

11.SEEING GEORGI FINALLY MOVING ON!!! (Oh i am so happy for him! Well done,Georgi! *happily dancing around*)







(just look at them)

14.and last but not least Yuri inviting Viktor to his house, ASKING HIM TO BECOME HIS COACH


All in all Episode 10 was as spectacular as its predecessors.

i have absolutely no idea what is going to happen in next Wednesday’s episode 

Yuri was shown confident

Yurio happily overwhelmed like he cannot believe what he is seeing 

and Viktor sad and in need of an hug

One thing is certain though that NO MATTER WHAT I CANNOT WAIT FOR EPISODE 11!!!!

The real YoI opening

Can you hear my heart beat?
When I see the Viktuuri
I close my eyes
and tell myself
that one day will be canon

There are more gayness than you belive it
They are unstoppable
This week episode
will set my heart on fire!

Don’t stop me now!
The moment I dream
Today is wednesday!
We’ll gonna fangirl, we’re gonna scream
Yes today is wednesday!

How to start… Those of you who are close to me already know words are not my forte. If they were,  I’d already have been playing with you and gave you some fanfics or art. Mother Nature hasn’t blessed me with creativity, but I can appreciate talent that much more. So at the end of this year, I want to thank you - all of you who write fan fiction, draw fan art, analyze THG books or “just” keep posting about our beloved trilogy, read the stories and/or fangirl with me over them. Thanks to you, I had an incredible year in this fandom and words cannot express how grateful I am for your presence in my life. I know for many of you, 2016 was not a good year. I wish the following one brought you food on your tables, roof over your heads, safety wherever you may be, health for your bodies and minds, peace in your souls and love and happiness in the arms of your beloved. May the odds be ever in your favor in 2017!

thank you, ladies!

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(Eng sub) 112016 Jimin’s after the award log

I want to say something sassy and witty about jimin. but he is my bias so all I can literally get out are these small inhuman fangirl squeals.


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Jimin bias:

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When jimin is your bias wrecker:

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Jimin’s logs **Swoon and Sigh** so many things

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Celebrating the arrival of ToZX season 2 today! I don’t think I’m ready for it yet. Lastonbell will kill me, I can see it coming already. Anyway, I finally made one of these “Why you should read/watch/play…” shitposts. Did I do it right? I also inserted some popular tumblr jokes about Zesty, just saying.
Oh yes, and I’ll throw in a Tales of Destiny shitpost, too. Now my dear friends, do you finally see why you must bear my fangirling?
These “presentations” are also kinda too long for tumblr, so I had to cut them in parts, I’m sorry


Part two is HERE!

Can we talk about how everyone assumes Joshler shippers are Jenna haters?? I ship Joshler more as a friendship (but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t fangirl over some cute moments) but some people do want them to date. THAT DOESNT NECESSARILY MEAN THEY HATE JENNA!! Jenna is a wonderful human being with a big heart! No one should have any reason to hate her! So before you get angry at someone for shipping Joshler, ask them if they like Jenna. If they don’t like Jenna, then go ahead and roast them for all I care



“Wait, what?” you asked,

“Back in the real world, you were Alice and I was the Mad Hatter,” Jefferson explained. “Have you ever read the story Alice in Wonderland?”

“Of course I have,” you responded.

“Well, all those things that happen to Alice in the book happened to you. You are Alice, we used to be very very very close friends. You really don’t remember?”

You shook your head. “No, I’m sorry,” you apologized. “Don’t get me wrong, I really want to remember, but I just can’t.”

“Once the curse is broken, you’ll remember,” he assured you. “Don’t worry.”

I want to take a second to just appreciate Ardyn from a writing standpoint, because dear god, what a fantastic character.  I could go on about him all day, I’m a shameless fangirl.  I know he can be really easy to hate, he can be absolutely horrible, but you have got to appreciate him as a well-written villain:

-This two-thousand-year-old son of a bitch has managed to establish himself as Chancellor and gets the Empire to play right into his hands.

-He has such charm, but almost sickeningly so.  He maintains this charm without doing anything to hide his sleaziness.  He just exudes confidence in every action.

-He’s a master manipulator, and every action he takes serves a purpose.  He comes across as laid-back, but he’s constantly watching and calculating.

-He is so damn collected, but it becomes more and more apparent that he is holding SO much back.

-You can almost empathize with him.  He’s pretty much motivated by pure salt, but almost rightly so.  His backstory doesn’t in any way justify his actions, but it makes him so much better than a “I want to destroy the world” villain. In the end you can see a glimpse of the pain in his eyes.

I could go on for days, and I’m sure a lot of this has already been said, but it’s early and I need to get some Ardyn feels out.


Fangirl Challenge: [4/40] Romantic Relationships » Peyton and Jake

“You can’t just fly to Savannah and then get in my head all over again, tell me you want to stay and then ask me to marry you. Well, why not? Because…I might just say yes.”

Bev’s Tag Lists!!!

Okay!!! So I’ve (hopefully) added everyone that asked to be on. Now, I went ahead and kept my loves on the Forever tags, but if you don’t want to be tagged, you are more than welcome to remove yourself from the list. I want all of you to be happy so…HAVE AT IT!! 

Take a look, and if you like what you see, feel free to add yourself to the list!! Only if you’re interested. Love you all!!

The link can be found HERE!! And please be respectful of the rules!! <3

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