i can english speak ok sometimes

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Name: Niten
Age: 15
Country: Switzerland

Um.. I´m not sure how stuff like this usually works but whatever, here I am.

I´m Niten, Hi. Basically Niten is not my real name but I´ll tell you my real name as soon as we start a conversation lol. I´m and actually an introverted dork who likes books, videogames and bonfires at summer nights. When we become closer I can tell you more things about myself, like Sexuality etc. lolol (Im a shy and insecure bean don´t kill me) I´m in love with Astrology, Space AND WANT SOMEONE TO DISCUSS CONSPIRACY THEORIES WITH LIKE oMG this SHITS wILD. I love art and I´m super passionate about drawing, which is one of my hobbies. (That’s right, this girl got hobbies.)

I hate mathematics but only because I sometimes don´t get it otherwise I actually enjoy math. I love History.

I fluently speak 2 Languages. I really want to improve my English. Currently I´m learning Spanish and French (WHICH I REALLY SUCK AT OMG HELP MY POOR SOUL)

My MBTI Type is INTP. (like I said; Introverted dork lol)

I make a lot of stupid puns and jokes don´t hate me for that but I can´t help myself. AYYYY-


I love listening to music. So if you want to we could send each other CD´s with music on them. (only if ur ok with that)

(Or CD´s with music and WITH secret messages on them that you can make with the program DeepSound – which I used to do with one of my friends. Call me childish but that shit´s cool, especially when nobody gets it.)

I listen to Ed Sheeran, Oh Wonder, Billie Eilish – Actually I listen to almost every kind of music.

I´m a sarcastic piece of shit. I love to watch TV Shows such as : SKAM, Sherlock, Doctor WHO, Riverdale, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Mr. Robot, Big Bang Theory etc. -> I also watch Anime.

I have ship´s such as : PHAN, LARRY, JOHNLOCK, VICTURI, Reylo etc.

Also I´m searching for a best friend who I can facetime/Skype with at 2 am, who I can send ugly Snapchats to (lmao) and who´s there for me and who I won´t lose contact with after 2 days, and maybe even someone that I could meet one day. We can chat on Tumblr, Whatsapp, Snapchat, it doesn´t matter and if you want to we could send each other letters with stuff like pictures, pressed flowers or just gifts. (Again, only if your ok with sending letters etc. )

I´m shy and awkward at the beginning but just give me time and I will release the beast. Lmao jk

Preferences: Age 14-17

- Idc about gender lol (But I would prefer Girls since I can relate more but if you´re a boy thats completely fine)
- Any sexuality
- Any Religion
- Don’t be a dick
- Don’t be an asshole
- otherwise you´re welcome
- yas
- ok wtf am I doing
- I actually made myself cringe like wow
- ok bye I´m waiting

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So much of the silmarillion fanarts are in Russian! It is so frustrating to be unable to read them. Do you speak russian? How did you learn english? Your english is quite good!

I don’t speak russian so i feel you there ;/ Russian fandom is mighty and massive! sometimes i feel like i should learn russian xD 

well i learned english at school mostly, though it would not be enough if not for the games, movies and actually radio. Thanks though, i’m glad i can communicate with people that way

have a sauron trying to say he’s a pirozhok (i like this word, it’s similar to pieróg, but it’s a different kind of food, so confusing. and goodle translator is not that helpful)

the-dark-black-angel replied to your quote: My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun; Coral…

Now I know why I was having trouble deciphering Hamlet’s conversation with Ophelia or any romantic stuff from the reading we did on his plays. Seriously, I hate his lofty language. Like, I’m sorry, Will, my man, but can you try to be at least 70% legible?


  • Hamlet is all madness and sometimes he gets close to actually going insane.  The conversation isn’t made to make a ton of sense, just enough to get the point across
  • Shakespeare wrote in Early Modern English.  We don’t speak it anymore, but the common masses of his time did.
  • Shakespeare’s plays are filled with witty banter, puns, dirty jokes, and a storyline that could be easily followed if you knew the culture of the time
  • These are plays.  they’re meant to be seen, not read.  Watch a performance by Shakespearian actors and you’ll see what I mean.

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