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“Their like ants, you see one in your house and there are a dozen you can’t see.  And I can’t afford and exorcism right now.” 

Florence Nightingale Effect-Brett Talbot-Part One

Teen Wolf Imagine:#116

Word Count:1,570

Warnings: Not particularly violent or graphic but the first part is a bit much. The beginning is very similar if not exactly like the beginning of Orphaned (season 4 Episode 6) so if that bothered you this might bother you a bit.

Summary: When she saves his life Brett takes a liking to Y/N. Though she is convinced it’s just the Florence Nightingale effect, if only to keep herself from falling for him in return.

A/n: This was requested by an anon for where the reader saves Brett and he falls for her. I changed it up a bit but the main concept is still there. Also thank you @joeynihil for helping me out with the gif!


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me: *walks outside the band room with my French horn*

random student: OMG nice trumpet!


The spread today:

First up is a molasses, brown sugar, clove and coke glazed ham.

Second is candied carrots and regular carrots for my dad.

Third is mashed potatoes and gravy.

Fourth is potato salad.

Fifth is deviled eggs.

Sixth is rolls, of course.

Of these six things I have prepared…. Ohhhhh, almost all of them. My back is spasming. My feet ache, I am sweaty and dirty from being in the kitchen doing prep all day, I am sporting a plethora of injuries from various knives I’d forgotten I’d sharpened, or knives that desperately need sharpened, and I have a headache from lack of nicotine today.

However, my soul is satisfied. My family has proclaimed the food a massive success, we found foods that my mother can eat, even with her autoimmune flare up, and I have a silly hat. Oh, and I made all of it from scratch. (Except the gravy. I was out of stock, and didn’t realise. So, packet gravy.)

@simonalkenmayer today was… Soothing.

Is this brendon


iris in every episode 
1.01: city of heroes

There is nothing that I want more than for you to meet the right person that totally loves and adores you for the amazing guy that you are.

50. Dialogue Prompt: “Shit, man, we brought the wrong kid.” “You’re kidding me.” 

They were rough, as expected of the infamous immortal pair. With no fear of death they had forgotten how to be anything but rough, brash, and excessively foul mouthed. 

“Shit, man, we brought the wrong kid.” Of course she would seem to be a child to someone who didn’t die. How old was Hidan anyway?

“You’re kidding me.” She heard his partner intone with a voice that left no room for kidding. Kakuzu was not a person to kid around with, unless you were equally indestructible like Hidan was, and even then, it was messy. 

“Eh, must have missed in all that smoke.”

“You’re not supposed to miss. You were supposed to grab the blond one.” Kakuzu reached into their sake and grabbed Sakura by the hair, yanking roughly upwards. “What about this looks blond to you?”

“Do we want to fucking have the colorblind talk again?”

“They’re not even the same sex you fucking moron!” Kakuzu raged, throwing Sakura down into the dust with a huff or irritation. Something under his skin was stirring and murder glowed in the dark parts of his eyes. 

Hidan didn’t seem phased, rolling his eyes along with the curve of his shoulders. “I don’t like guys, what of it.” A thread of black tore through his chest and blood got everywhere. “Fucking damn it! I just changed!”

Kakuzu was still simmering but he turned away from his partner and looked down at the mess of a woman left on the ground.  Sakura watched them silently, tensed and ready to run once she saw an opening that didn’t end with her skewered or sacrificed. The shorter of the two was muttering under his breath.“This is why Itachi and Kisame were assigned the brat jinjuriki.” 

A black tendril coiled around her chin, lifting her face from the dirt. Kakuzu narrowed his eyes at her, taking in her features. “Oi, do you have a bounty on your head, brat?”  Before she could answer his coil unwound to grab her chin and yank her face sideways for a profile view. He sighed in dejection. “No. Nothing worth cashing in.”

Sakura felt the threads around her legs and wondered if he was consciously controlling them or if they acted on their own. Behind him, Hidan huffed and tore at his ruined cloak, leaving his chest exposed to the sun. 

“Well now what do we do?” Hidan asked, grunting in annoyance when he fingered the hole through his discarded cloak. “I want to go eat. I’m fucking starving.”

Kakuzu grabbed her pack off her hip, tearing the strap, and threw it at Hidan. “Shut up and eat her onigiri. I can smell them from out here.”

Hidan found her lunch box easily enough and popped the lid while his partner went through her med pouch for anything he could pawn. Finding nothing he reached behind him and plucked a plum onigiri to consume while he evaluated the best way the kill their mix up. 

His threads ran up to her neck and sewed a noose to keep it clean. Unlike his partner, Kakuzu couldn’t stand messes. This way was best. The threads tightened around her neck and she cried out, making the last sound to ever fall from those lips, but before he could do anything more Hidan’s weapon tore through Kakuzu’s body and his threads retreated to block another attack. 

Cursing the shorter partner turned to face Hidan, cradling the plum onigiri in his free hand while he extended the other for balance. “What the hell, Hidan?”

“You can’t kill her,” his partner darkly intoned. Hida’s eyes had been downcast but when he looked up his face was lightly flushed and his eyes were hazy. “Absolutely, you can’t kill her.”

“What are you-”

“These onigiri are fucking amazing! Have you tried one?”

It was the oddest thing ever but they had killed over lesser things, so why not spare a second to see what the hell Hidan meant.  

Kakuzu took a bite. He took another. He shoved the rest of it in his mouth and then he licked his fingers. “Where is the rest?”

Hidan’s cheery expression melted into something darker and sinister. Her lunchbox was still in his hand and he folded it against his chest so no one could see inside or take what was left. Hidan looked ready to murder. “No, mine. You can’t take her or the food, both are mine. I’m keeping her to cook for me like a housewife.”

“You wouldn’t know what to do with a housewife, you ape,” Kakuzu bit out, his tendrils rising. 

Hidan righted his weapon. “I think I can learn.” 

The attack came fast and hard, creating craters in the ground and kicking up dust. The earth was a mess in minutes but with neither side dying they fought until the lunch box was knocked from Hidan’s hand and the last onigiri tumbled free. Hidan was fast but Kakuzu’s threads were faster, skewering it through and tossing it back to land in his hand. Hidan roared in rage as the last slice of heaven was consumed by his partner. 

The murder in his eyes softened as Kakuzu felt his spirit cleansed and bathed in light. Ah, this was the meaning of life, or something like that. He wanted this everyday. He’d keep her locked up in a pretty little kitchen and have her wear pretty little aprons and when he got back from missions she would serve him slices of heaven and maybe she’d call him dear and draw his bath and maybe she’d feed him too saying coy things like ‘open wide’ if he scared her enough. She would be wasted on Hidan. He wouldn’t know how to properly appreciate her. He’d-

“Where’d she fucking go?”

With the dust settled Kakuzu blinked and looked around, searching for her pretty body best suited for frilly aprons and maybe nothing else. His chest pinched at the thought and then grew tighter when he saw she wasn’t anywhere close. Hidan was running around too, cursing loudly. A minute later he screamed something unholy and punched a tree. 

“She fucking escaped!”




“So, how did it go?” 

Sakura nodded at her teacher. “Well, it wasn’t the trial run I had planned on, but the new drug seemed to work splendidly. My only regret is I won’t be able to see how long the effects last.” Absently she picked a fleck of crusted mud from her hair. She was a mess but at least she was alive. 

Tsunade laughed. “Ah, maybe next time you can try your ‘love me’ drug on someone a bit less dangerous. What do you think of Kakashi?”

Sakura groaned.  

Desire (Miyabi X MC for Anonymous)

Summary: Miyabi finds it impossible to resist MC when he catches her changing.

Rating: Mature. Smutttttttt.

Sidenotes: My first Miyabi fanfic, yayyy! He is the ultimate voltage slut so his scenes always have to be hella nasty. The guy is sex personified, so I obviously had a blast writing this.

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This morning my cat woke up with me and I pet her for some time while waiting for my drowsiness to go away. Then, right when I started feeling more awake, she got up and asked for the door to be opened (presumably so she can eat and such) so I just decided to get up with her. I fixed up her water bowl before I made anything for me, then fixed my own breakfast. She’d been done eating and drinking by the time I was just sitting down, so she sat in the chair next to me settled down, occasionally making eye contact with me and blinking slowly. When we’d been there for a long time my other cat came out for the morning. My first cat became exasperated very quickly at her younger roomie and jumped off the chair and waited by my door to be let inside again. I wasn’t done with breakfast yet (I eat slowly) and so I let her in and sat back down at the table. Within minutes I heard loud, demanding meows coming from my room (she’s done this before) and I knew she wanted me to follow her. I went in, pet her once, told her it would be a while, and left her in silence. About 20 minutes later I came back inside and she was sleeping on a chair. When I sat down on my bed she made the excited cat “brrprprprpr” noise and jumped excitedly to my lap where she settled down purring and fell asleep again.

When people try to say “cats can’t love you like dogs do” I get really confused. I’ve never had a dog love me like my cat does.

Vidcon Day 1 Thoughts

-Rant Alert-

I had so much fun on the first day of Vidcon! I was able to meet so many creators just walking around the convention but one thing I noticed was a lot of disrespect towards YouTubers.

First I saw Ricky Dillon leave his hotel which prompted HUNDREDS of screaming girls to crowd around him. He tried saying, “PLEASE! I’m late for my meetup!” But people kept swarming to a point where he and security could not even move.

Next I was walking around when I heard a bunch of screaming so out of curiosity I walked over towards the hotel entrance. Apparently, Grace Helbig had just returned to the Hilton and was mobbed by people. This broke my heart because I know she HATES that. Girls were crying and yelling, “IT WAS GRACE I GOT A PICTURE WITH GRACE!!” I find that so intrusive and rude.

Finally, Kian Lawley came back to the hotel and people went BONKERS. Security had to pull on him just to get him through the crowd. That is pathetic because now it’s becoming a safety hazard for YouTubers to simply walk around.

Every YouTuber I’ve met, I calmly ask if it’s okay for a picture and let them initiate any hugging that might take place. I know it’s hard for other people to be so passive, but please just respect YouTubers. I mean it’s really not rocket science. They are real people too and they are much happier if you quietly approach them and treat them like a human.

Like damn.

-End rant-



anonymous asked:

Can you do a TFLN where Harry and his wfe are out at dinner with family and sitting across from each other, and he's sending her dirty messages?

I honestly think this is soo funny and cheeky. I can just imagine him looking up at her with a shit eating grin, then holding conversation with his mom as if nothing happened.

Harry       Y/N

You look so sexy and sophisticated 

Talking to my mum about business, with your tits popping out ;)


Harry, cut it out

What? I just think you look good tonight

If I were sitting next to you right now…

I’d know just how wet you are

Have my fingers deep inside you while you pretend like nothing is happening

Like when we went out to dinner with Liam and Sophia that one time

Harry, I am sitting next to your mother and older sister

Stop it already

But I want you

I didn’t even want to come here

I wanted to stay in bed with you


Why’d you kick me?

Because you’re being a pervert at a nice family dinner

Come on, let’s go for a quickie in the bathroom

If you don’t stop, we’re not having sex at all tonight


I’ll stop

Wouldn’t want you to spank me ;)

Habits(luke hemmings)

This was inspired by a post on here, actually lol.

//uneited, not proofread// 


Summary:He has cut every bad habits for her, expect for one. And that’s exactly her.

“You’re my worst bad habit”


There she is again. Every day, every single day, luke will walk to the campus’s library on purpose, to test his luck, to see if he’ll be able to see her. Y/N.
His heart was stolen the day he spotted her small figure, tip-toeing trying to get the books on the top rack. He reached for her, effortlessly. The way she said “thank you” in a sweet, soft way got his heart honeyed. His heart melt the second her eyes bored into his. Her creamy cheeks flushed in pink. His was lovestruck.
Ever since, he’ll stop by to see if she needs another help. If he’ll be able to get to know her. And now she’s really there. Sitting down on her usual spot, digging into yet another poetry. If only Luke can remember some lines, maybe even a cheesy Shakespeare will help, but nope, because he was never a guy who would play with words. He’s never good at layering words with emotions, the direct way is with actions. That’s why he was never good at relationships, either. 

Now finally remember the facts, his hands start to shake, his confident breaking. The smirk he usually wears has drop to be a frown. It’s no doubt even a hi will come something otherwise. 

“May I help you?” A soft voice quickly brought him back to earth. The sweet, soft melody he can never forget, the voice that belongs to the girl whose making his heart beating rapidly. His body tense up, cheeks brush with pink. 

“Um…” Still feeling lovestruck, words are stuck in his throat. She giggles, a new music that soon made Luke obsess. Finally being able to meet her eyes, the breathe he thought he was going to catch got taken away again. The way she covers her smile with her hands shyly, while not forgetting to glance up at Luke a couple times, makes the butterflies inside him flap even wilder. Gathering up his confident, he reaches out his hand, “I’m Luke Hemmings” Taking his still slightly shaking hands, she sweetly replies, “Y/N, Y/L/N”. Smiling brightly, Luke tighten the grip of their hands, having a strong feeling this won’t be the last time they hold hands.

Small exchange talks, the attraction between got linked. Although form the start, Luke knew she’s a good student, having a normal track of life, while Y/N knows as well how bad news Luke is, she can’t put the sweet, shy boy and the bad boy with drinking, smoking even drugs habits together. She knows habits can be cut, There’re always a stop to it and she’s willing to be the one to guide him through it. And he’s more than glad for her to be the one.

That’s how their adventure begin.


“Did you smoke again?” She smells Luke as soon as she walks into the room. Her frown creeps up as she sees Luke clearly still enjoying the high. 

“Relax, baby. It’s no big deal” He smiles lazily at her, looking her through his lashes. “Of course it is, you know how bad smoking is!” She whisper-yells. She started knowing how serious Luke’s smoking habit is 2 months ago, he had promised he’ll stop. But deep down, both of them knew it won’t be that easy. He had cut down drug and drinking problems, but maybe because of exactly how much he had cut down, he put himself all into the high between smokes. 

“Come on, loose up a little. You look so tense” He reaches out for her, pulling her into his wild embrace. The warmth and the smell of a mix of Vanilla and cigarette hit her nose immediately. She snuggles her head in the crook of his neck, wrapping her arms around his back. “You promised” She softly says. The shaky voice makes his heart shatter, knowing he’s the cause of it. He will never let anyone hurt her, he ceratianly will never forgive himself if he’s the one. 

“I know cupcake. I’m trying, if it can stop your worries, I swear this time I’ll cut it for real. Anything to keep the frowns away from your cute little face” The edge of her lips lifts up as how adorable he is with pet names. “Call me that again” 

His smile brighten, kissing the tip of her nose, “Cupcake,” to her ghostly brushes his lips with hers. “Cupcake. I can literally eat you up right now” She chuckles, no matter how many times Luke has the dirty talk, her face will still heat up, “Eww” 

“You know you love it” He winks before crashing his lips fully on hers. Giving both of them a proper kiss. 


Both Y/N and Luke are at a party. Feeling bored, she walks around the house trying to find the ridicouls tall figure of her lover. When she finally spots him outside, she can’t believe the sight. Here he is again, swinging his leg in the pool,  a cigarette in one hand, while five beers around him. He thrown his head back, clearly enjoying the long loss joy. She snaps it out of his hand, throwing it right into the pool. “What the fuck!” He angrily stands up, stumbling a bit cause how lightheaded he is. Seeing it is his cupcake, he quickly adjusts himself. “Y/N,” He trails off. “You swore! You promised!” She shouts, tears streaming down. She’s not angry he smoked, she’s angry how he had fooled her. Actually doing an absolute well job on playing with words. How fool she actually believed him, how he had lied. The first ground of relationships has crush down miserably. 

“Please, just let me-” He reaches out for her, but she slaps it away. “No, you know what? I’m done with your crap. You fucking lied, you bastard! I was such a fool to believe you will change. You know what? Smoke up, smoke all the fuck you want, I don’t give a shit anymore!” He’s taken back by her stung words. Y/N never swore, if she does, it must be something serious. “I’m sorry, please just look at me!” He desperately begs, grabbing her hands as she flinches away. “Goodbye Luke.” She walks away, away from him, away form his sight. He had let his love of life, the only solid ground he was holding, slipping away from his fingertips. That night, he has lose his mind, his life and himself.


The cold wind is cutting Luke’s whole body, especially his empty heart- the one that might be possible to be filled again. Ever since Y/N left, he had seriously cut down all his habits. He doesn’t even feel excited seeing s cigarette anymore. The path to the library is so familiar, it feels the very first few times meeting Y/N, but this time excitement has take up more space than nervousness. He can’t wait to let Y/N knows the news, he’s proud of himself for doing it without the help of his angle.

However, as he opens the door, seeing his cupcakes’s figure on her usual spot, his isn’t relived. Sitting across, is a boy. A boy who’s making her life, a boy who’s now holding her hands. His heart was once again shattered. He wipes away the tears as he quietly makes his way out. Out of the building out from her sight and out of her mind.

Lifting the cigarette he bought on his way home, he knows it can never be the way how she lifts his lips up by being beside him. He knew the high can never replace the ones she gives him. 

Breathing out the white smoke, mixed with the snows. He knows one thing for certain: She’s his second hand smoke, his worst habit


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Meryl just tweeted that she has a mouse in her garage and she's already named him Fievel. Why is she just so darn cute?!

I could eat her up.

I can totally see her sitting down and talking to the mouse, trying to convince him to leave lol

shinkou-ai  asked:

SouHaru. Sousuke has a cat, and the cat happens to adore Haru. At first Sousuke is irritated, but by watching them interact he sees a different side of Haru and eventually falls for him. (basically silly fluff with cats, sorry ;P)

Send me a fic prompt + a pairing (SouHaru, MakoRin or MakoRei)!

Read this before sending a prompt.

It isn’t uncommon for Sora to be out of the apartment for several hours at a time. Sousuke’s gotten quite used to it, and is no longer really worried if he hasn’t seen his cat all day, because she always ends up coming back home when it starts getting dark out, or at least when she knows she’ll be fed. She’s  a smart cat, that’s for sure — and a very greedy one, too.

But Sousuke finds her occasional company nice. Sora is an independent cat, but she’s a sucker for being scratched on her belly or behind her ears. And then there’s the whole thing about her always coming to him when she wants food, and staying extra long once she’s been fed. Sousuke wonders if this is what it’s like to have a partner; do they only come to you when they want something from you, and do they leave once they’ve gotten it or don’t need it anymore?

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