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Thank you doesn’t seem like enough. Can 2 simple words convey everything I’m feeling? How do you thank someone for not only believing in you but for helping you restore your ability to believe in yourself? How do I explain that I now see diamonds where I once saw coal?
—  Lucas Friar Focused on Friar Not Goodbye Part 2 coming soon

I have been blessed by a whole new level of cuteness overload

idk I just love how we Young People Today use ~improper~ punctuation/grammar in actually really defined ways to express tone without having to explicitly state tone like that’s just really fucking cool, like

no    =    “No,” she said. 

no.    =    "No,” she said sharply.

No    =    “No,” she stated firmly.

No.    =    “No,” she snapped.

NO    =    “No!” she shouted.

noooooo    =    “No,” she moaned.

no~    =    “No,” she said with a drawn-out sing-song.

~no~    =    “No,” she drawled sarcastically.

NOOOOO    =    “No!” she screamed dramatically.

no?!    =    “No,” she said incredulously.

You ARE strong.
You ARE capable.
You ARE brave.
You ARE smart.
You ARE worth it.
You ARE loved.
You ARE cared for.
You ARE beautiful.
You ARE amazing.
You ARE fearfully and wonderfully made. 

You are NOT a mistake. 
You are NOT ugly.
You are NOT weird. 
You are NOT a failure.
You are NOT a burden.
You are NOT weak. 
You are NOT a pain.
You are NOT annoying.

You CAN do it.
You CAN achieve that goal.
You CAN make it.
You CAN get through this.
You CAN stand up for yourself.
You CAN stand up to that person.
You CAN.

We ALL struggle.
We ALL have a past.
We ALL have fears.
We ALL have regrets.
We ALL fake smiles.
We ALL say the same, “I’m fine” lie.
We ALL have something we hate about ourselves.
We ALL have family problems.

You are not alone.


Axl: I can’t help it. I either stand there bored or I run back and forth. And I kinda get into dancing. I didn’t even know that I like what I do. I just, I looked down at my feet and go “what am I doing now?” but I feel like if I stand there, then people think “oh this is boring” so I gotta do something and I just try to do whatever happens. It’s a lot of fun. I thought about taking dance lessons and stuff but then I was worried about getting too stale, being too much like organized and everything. I like the spontaneity of just whatever happens, keeps it real raw and fresh. If it got too ballet’ed out, I couldn’t handle that.



How can I put into words how much I love and admire you when I can’t even comprehend it myself. You’re so talented in everything you do, so amazingly hardworking and tenacious but still so soft and kind. You bring warmth to my world, you inspire me and give me so much hope and I love you for that. I hope you only grow as a person and an artist while continuing to do the things you love. Happy birthday my angel!


sorry, forgot to introduce myself. call me jesus. (x)


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I want screaming, vengeance hux who is in so much pain after kylo betrays the order. Like, he changes everything in the First Order and every time he hears anything that resembles Kylo and his redeemed state, Hux gets that much more bitter. He’s not in that melancholy memories sad. The only thing he mourned was his weakness. He’s fueled by anger so much he could probably one man build another Starkiller, and he will but bigger and better.
Also, when he sees Kylo for the first time. he spits and directs any insult towards Kylo. No matter how much Kylo begs, Hux stays solid in his position. Hux dreams to watch Kylo downfallen in the middle of a fire that Hux created. In the middle of a battle that Kylo lost and Hux stands supreme.
I live for bitter, petty, spiteful Hux. One who would rather stab himself than let the Resistance win. He bathes himself in the sadness of the Resistance and feels content when seeing Kylo’s face broken because he knows it’s his fault for Hux’s destruction.

You asked me to recommend some books for your perusal. I will do so in as few words as I can. If you like poetry let it be first rate, Milton, Shakespeare, Goldsmith, Pope (if you will though I don’t admire him), Scott, Byron, Campbell, Wordsworth, and Southey. Now Ellen don’t be started at the names of Shakespeare and Byron. Both these were great Men and their works are like themselves. You will know how to chuse the good and avoid the evil, the finest passages are always the purest, the bad are invariably revolting, you will never wish to read them over twice. Omit the Comedies of Shakespeare and the Don Juan, perhaps the Cain of Byron though the latter is a magnificent Poem, and read the rest fearlessly, that must indeed be a depraved mind which can gather evil from Henry the 8th, from Richard 3rd, from Macbeth and Hamlet and Julius Caesar. Scott’s sweet, wild, romantic Poetry can do you no harm, nor can Wordsworth’s nor Campbell’s nor Southey’s, the greatest part at least of his some is certainly exceptionable. For History, read Hume, Rollin, and the Universal History if you can (I never did). For Fiction - read Scott alone, all novels after his are worthless. For Biography, read Johnson’s lives of the Poets, Boswell’s life of Johnson, Southey’s life of Nelson, Lockhart’s life of Burns, Moore’s life of Sheridan, Moore’s life of Byron, Wolfe’s remains. For Natural History read Bewick, and Audubon, and Goldsmith and White of Selborne. For Divinity your brother Henry will advice you there.
—  Charlotte Brontë’s recommended reading list to Ellen Nussey in a letter dated 4th July 1834.

So many questions…


The Decoy Bride Gifset- “What’s she like? I’d suppose she’s just like anybody else. Just a normal girl.” And on a side note just like this Katie I also have the useless talent of balancing spoons on my nose. And, I do it a lot when I am very bored or in others words I have nothing else to do. Although sadly enough for me no cute scotsman like David Tennant thinks it’s cute or silly. Instead I usually get yelled at for dirtying up the silverware.