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The Possession of Isra Wright // ch ii

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The rebuilding Ishvallan community is rocked by the uncovering of an exorcism gone horribly wrong, resulting in the death of a young woman at the hands of her own family. General Roy Mustang and his team suddenly find themselves embroiled at the centre of a military scandal that threatens to not only undo their three years of hard work, but also the military itself.


Roy turned to Riza, and nodded his head back towards Aledia. “We should probably get going,” he said, grabbing the towel and water bottle from the sandy bank and scrubbed his still-dripping hair with the towel quickly. “I want to have a shower before dinner tonight.”

“The water was not refreshing enough for you?” she teased, kneeling down to wrap up the used knife and chopping board up in cloth.

Roy laughed. “If there weren’t another five hundred sweaty guys around me, then perhaps.”

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I saw a post about the difference between a soft can’t and a hard can’t and thought I’d do some words about the concept (post linked here)

a “soft can’t” is also a “really shouldn’t”.

“I can’t talk to my old abuser” is, for me, a soft can’t. I technically can and I’m often forced to - but doing so is horrible for my mental health and puts me in danger.

a “hard can’t” is what most consider a “true can’t”

“I can’t go 4 days without water” is a hard can’t. If I - or anyone else tried - they’d likely die (I know the ‘rule’ is 3 but it does depend on health, hydration when you start, climate, etc…)

Here’s the thing - people accept a “soft can’t” all the time. 

They can’t own a cat because they’re allergic (they can, but it’s bad for their health).

So why is a “soft can’t” ignored when it comes from a disabled person?

I can’t stop stimming (I can, but it would lead to more meltdowns and impact my mental health)
I can’t stop wearing my bracelets (I can, but they’re comfort items as well as weight + tactile stims so I get incredibly anxious without them)

Even more so - why is a “hard can’t” ignored when it comes from a disabled person?

I can’t stand still for more than a few minutes (I have orthostatic hypotension and standing still for more than a few minutes means I won’t be standing anymore)
I can’t stand in general for more than a few minutes (specifically on a bad day, but see above for reasoning)

Nearly everybody I’ve told this has brushed it off (especially PE teachers - including the one who was there for the incident that got it diagnosed)

(P.S. - we all know why)


In my experience, nine times out of ten that I’ve been condescended to or invalidated has been by a man, and I am so very tired. So dudes, if a woman is raising her voice in the middle of discussion, it is likely because you are invalidating her at every turn and she’s just tired.

Example: I went out to Dunkin Donuts with my grandfather this morning. I love him to death, but I can never get a word in edge-wise and when I do, he completely invalidates my words, so I end up raising my voice and then we start to get into an argument. If people (in general honestly) could just learn to allow another person to speak, this world would be a better place.

P.S. If someone starts on this post with NOT ALL MEN, I’m going to burst a titty. I’m talking about my experiences, go suck an egg.

okuyasoup  asked:

I'm a nondenominational witch, and I'm always afraid of reaching out for witchy advise because there's so much discourse about the "right" way to practice, and all of the different "right" ways center around one or several religions that I just can't get behind. Do you have any words of wisdom?

that’s the awesome thing about witchcraft - you can choose not to involve any deities at all. witchcraft itself is not a religion. a spiritual practice? sure. but there are many witches who come from different religious backgrounds, some who do not include their religion in their practice at all. let me tell you this - there is no “right” way to do anything when it comes to witchcraft. you do whatever works for you. 

Criminal AU Pt. 3

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word count: 1.3k

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“W-What can I do? I literally no nothing about law! Get an actual lawyer not some girl you barely ran know to give you justice!” You cried out but Vernon immediately shut you up, shushing as he stepped closer to cover your mouth with his hand.

He took his hand away right after you stopped talking. “Just listen. I can’t do anything and I mean anything out there. You know that. The minute I show my face to the world, everyone will run in fear or I’ll be taken away again. You’re the only one that can help me, find a way to get me out of this situation. Please. I can’t live being on the run for all my life, I can’t spend the rest of my life in jail either.” Vernon pleaded with all his heart and you it hit you hard in the heart.

His story was so tragic in your eyes. Being the selfless person you always been, you were willing to help him as much as you could.

He had held onto your arms, gripping quite tightly and stared you down til you gave into his plead.

You sighed and it relieved him so much. Vernon was so tense and almost panicking a bit that you wouldn’t help him but from your sigh, he knew you were the kindest person to help him out.

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“Ani do you have any goals for your writing, moving forward?”

Yeah I’d like to write something original longer than my longest finished fanfic - which is about 130,000+ words. Do I think I can do it? Yeah. I’m pretty sure a few of the later TMI books will be longer than that.

SOMEONE I will write something longer than Order of the Phoenix. 260,000+ words. The dream.

idk I just love how we Young People Today use ~improper~ punctuation/grammar in actually really defined ways to express tone without having to explicitly state tone like that’s just really fucking cool, like

no    =    “No,” she said. 

no.    =    "No,” she said sharply.

No    =    “No,” she stated firmly.

No.    =    “No,” she snapped.

NO    =    “No!” she shouted.

noooooo    =    “No,” she moaned.

no~    =    “No,” she said with a drawn-out sing-song.

~no~    =    “No,” she drawled sarcastically.

NOOOOO    =    “No!” she screamed dramatically.

no?!    =    “No,” she said incredulously.

I haven’t animated in so long??


whenever Chirrut meets someone who is a) not trying to kill him and b) some degree of sighted, he’ll ask them to describe Baze for him.

he’s heard every possible description a dozen times now, but he still reacts the same: rocking back and forth, ducking his head and grinning immensely, and trying to hide his smile behind one hand, while asking for more and more minor details about baze’s appearance and responding to each one like an excited teenager with a crush.

Painting practice with Ezra Amell 👌


Kurt, what if it’s only a matter of time before I become like that?

Some Gochi for my followers, love you guys! Thanks for being there, enjoying my fanart and my blog :)

Soooooo what if Lucy, in her grief, uses the time portal Anna came through to go back in time and fight Zeref before Natsu does it himself and dies?

Remember this? 

If Lucy ends up sacrificing herself through The One Magic (which we all know is love by now), it would naturally be for Natsu. In turn, although cruel, it would consequently make him “the killer” and he’d become human, breaking his connection with Zeref. In other words, he wouldn’t die when Zeref is defeated.

And since the fall of Mercurius Castle, just like Carla predicted, has just happened…

What about this? “Emotions put into song, Natsu can’t get to them.”

Carla originally confused Lucy crying hysterically for her singing during her vision, which is what I believe this is referring to.

If Lucy somehow manages to get to Zeref before Natsu does, maybe Natsu won’t be able to interrupt what happens between them due to unforseen circumstances or Lucy’s own power of will. Lucy’s determination to save Natsu could definitely make her more powerful, powerful enough to stop Natsu. He won’t be able to get to Lucy. He can’t stop her from saving his life by destroying hers.

And let’s not forget this, which was so conveniently placed. This could be the reason why she dies in the first place.

As some of you know, Rave Master and Fairy Tail have a lot of parallels between them when it comes to Natsu and Lucy’s relationship. 

In the final arc of Rave Master, Haru tells Ellie to kill him in order to save the world. Ellie refuses and responds with this. 

Ring any bells?

Anyway, after this, Haru dies and disappears. A one year time skip follows, and Haru is found again, saved by Stellar Memory. Haru and Ellie finally reunite, they get married, and have a kid.

So far, Fairy Tail has definitely been paralleling parts of this story line to a T. There are plenty more examples, but I won’t be getting into the details of it in this post. You can check some out here, herehere, and here.

My point is, what if the same thing happens with Natsu and Lucy, but Lucy is the one to die instead? What if she almost dies summoning multiple celestial spirits without her keys while fighting Zeref, and her spirits protect her by taking her into the celestial world to recover before she does actually die? Remember time runs differently there compared to Earthland (one whole day spent in the celestial world was 3 whole months in Earthland), so by the time Lucy recovers, one year or more could very well have passed and Natsu would live believing she died for him and most likely blame himself for it, only for them to reunite just like Haru and Ellie in the end. Then they’d get married and have a kid.

Of course, this is just a theory and there’s no way of knowing if it will actually happen, but it’s fun to think of the possibilities nonetheless when we’re so close to the finale!


Yuuri saying those Big Three Words to Viktor for the first time

Viktor can’t handle it. He can not handle it. Viktor.exe has broken down. 

My last post on this didn’t feel urgent enough so:

I need writing commissions. My parents screwed my bank account over when they came to visit and I don’t get paid again until the beginning of July. I have bills and I’m living on my own this summer so I just…really need this? I don’t like to ask for handouts, which is why I’m doing this instead.

I do a dollar for every two hundred words (thats 5 bucks for a thousand word fic, 10 for a 2,000 word, and so on). I’ll do nsfw fics too; any fandom I’m familiar with is up for grabs (Voltron, PnF, Gravity Falls, PJO, Arrowverse, etc), any and all pairings and if you provide enough context I can attempt OCs as well. About the only thing I refuse to write are r*pe scenes.

You can check through my “my writing” tag here, or browse my Fanfiction account (same name), AO3 account (TakingOverMidnight3482), or Fictionpress account (TakingOverMidnight) if you want to see examples of my work.

If you’re in summer courses or want someone to proof read something, I can do that as well. My major is Creative Writing, so English is kind of my thing. I’d charge by the page for that.

Transactions will be through PayPal, but if that doesn’t work we can always try to figure out another arrangement.