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#thankyoubones week: day 8 → 5 b&b scenes that made you fall (even more) in love with them

God, these two ❤️  What would I (we) ever do without them. Words can never express just how much these two have meant to me, and will continue to mean to me for the next 30 or 40 or 50 years. They captured my heart all those years ago, from the very first episode I watched, and have made me cry, squeal, squee, scream, wail, jump with joy and every other combination in between. These two were, and still are, the #1 reason I love this show so much. Booth and Brennan truly are THE standard of all couples out there, and I couldn’t be more proud of that fact. They have been through hell and back together, stood over death together, faced down death together, saved each other from the brink of death multiple times, ‘chased each other through wars and serial killers and ghosts and snakes, and’….. my point is that they will forever remain the strongest and most resilient and loving couple to ever exist. And to have been witness to all of their moments before and AFTER they became a couple, and been able to watch them progress slowly from strangers, to partners, to friends, to best friends, to lovers, and then parents, and finally to husband and wife? That has been the most amazing gift that I could have ever asked for, and I swear, if I could go back in time and do it all again, experience their love all over again, I would do it in a heartbeat. So here’s to Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan, to the best damn otp out there, to the two people with hearts of gold; to the true epitome of soulmates and true love. Thanks for making my life messy, and confusing, and unfocussed, and irrational, and wonderful ❤️ 


“So do you think you’re going to see her again?”

Fluttershy smiled and shook her head as she finished bandaging Rainbow Dash’s arm. “Well, I’m sure I’ll see her around. But honestly, Dash, it isn’t anything like that. We just went out for coffee.”

Rainbow snickered. “It sure sounds like you want it to be something like that, though.”

Fluttershy preoccupied herself with putting her supplies away, which conveniently required that she turn away from her childhood friend. “Don’t be ridiculous. Besides, I’m sure Applejack isn’t even like that.”

“Come on, Doc. She just happened to invite you for coffee when you were… what was it? Grocery shopping?”

At least Rainbow couldn’t see her blush while Fluttershy’s head was tucked away in a cabinet. “You make it sound like it’s the craziest thing in the world, but that sort of thing happens. We shop at the same store a lot, and we just happened to start talking one day. There’s really nothing more going on.”

“Uh huh.” Rainbow gingerly stretched her arm. “Then why are you still talking about her?”

Fluttershy turned around and frowned. “Because you are! Now, since we’re finished here, could you please get off my table? I might have an important client come in.”

“Yeah? What, you got a hamster scheduled to come in or something?” Rainbow asked skeptically, although she obeyed.

“At least the hamster’s owners would pay me.”

As soon as she said it, Fluttershy regretted the words. Rainbow’s cocky grin was gone in an instant, and she turned to look at her shoes instead of facing Fluttershy directly. “Look, Shy…”

“No, don’t. I’m sorry, I only meant it as a joke.”

It didn’t seem to cheer Rainbow up. “I’m working on something. I’ve got some dough coming in, I’m sure of it this time.”

Immediately, Fluttershy pursed her lips into a tight frown. “Something with Sunset?”

Rainbow winced. They’d had this argument before. “Yeah, but –”

“Where’s the money coming from, Rainbow?”

Rainbow hesitated, and it was all the answer Fluttershy needed. “Well, it –”

“Save it. And you can keep the money, I don’t want anything to do with it.”

Rainbow threw out her arms and took a step closer to Fluttershy. “What? No way! Come on, this is good news!”

“Nothing with her is ever –”

Fluttershy stopped abruptly as the door opened up. ‘Speak of the devil…’

Sunset Shimmer was wearing a serious expression that Fluttershy rarely saw on her. “Get yourselves looking presentable, we’ve got company.”

“Hey, Doc! It’s your hamster appointment!” Even if the nickname always irked Fluttershy – it was Sunset that started using it first, after all – at least it meant that Rainbow was back to a joking mood.

“Who is it?” Fluttershy asked.

“It ain’t no hamster,” Sunset said, scowling. “We’ve got a john snooping around?”

“Son of a…” Rainbow folded her arms. “Well, what’s he want?”

She wants to speak with the owner. Told her I’d come get you.”

“You told her what!?” Rainbow shook her head in disbelief. “Sunset, we agreed to keep Fluttershy out of all this!”

Sunset crossed the room quickly. “Keep your damn voice down if you don’t her to hear you. And what was I supposed to say? ‘Yeah, she’s out right now but my friend and I are just loitering around her shop’? That’d go over real fucking well.”

“Dammit.” Rainbow turned back to Fluttershy. “Look, Shy, we’ll take care of it, just –”

“You two have done more than enough, thank you.” Fluttershy pointedly looked away from both of them. As she walked across the room to the door, Sunset moved out of her way without a word.

While she walked to the reception hall, Fluttershy tried her best to think of reasonable things to tell the police officer. Of course, that would be a lot easier if she knew what she wanted. How did she even get involved in… in whatever this was? All Fluttershy wanted to do was run her veterinarian clinic. Sure, people all too often refused to take a woman seriously as a professional, and she was barely scraping by on the few customers she did have, but she was happy with her lot in life.

But then Sunset came along. She didn’t know how Sunset and Rainbow had met, but it wasn’t too long after that Rainbow just up and quit her job. Fluttershy wasn’t sure what she was doing, but she knew whom she was doing it with.

And one day it just sort of happened. Rainbow and Sunset showed up, and they were hurt. Nothing serious, but bad enough that they went to see her about it. Although she hated the idea of Rainbow fighting, Fluttershy assumed that was all it was. They didn’t have the money for a proper doctor, so they came to her. But then they kept coming, and eventually, Fluttershy found that she just couldn’t keep lying to herself about it.

One more moment to brace herself, then Fluttershy walked into the reception hall. She may have been poorly prepared to face an officer, but she wasn’t at all prepared for what she found.

“Sorry to interrupt, but – Fluttershy?”

“Applejack?” They both simply stared at one another for a moment, before Applejack shifted to a warm smiled and Fluttershy began laughing. “I’m sorry, it’s just… well, Sunset said it was a cop.”

Applejack chuckled. “Well, not exactly. I’m a private investigator. Didn’t I say that before?”

Fluttershy froze in place, doing her best to maintain her smile. “No, uhm, you didn’t mention that.”

Applejack didn’t seem to notice anything was wrong. She grinned sheepishly and adjusted her hat. “Well, ‘fraid it’s true. So, got any ne’er-do-wells hangin’ about?”

Fluttershy was quite certain that her heart was going to beat itself to death against her chest. “No, I… why do you think that?”

“Aww, I’m just joking with ya! I know you’d never get caught up with anythin’ like that.”

“Oh, uh, right. Of course not.”

Applejack sighed and looked around the room. “Kinda a shame, though. I had a lead that a couple of suspicious characters were known to hang around this place. I had high hopes that this would be a break in a bootlegging case I’m workin’.”

“I certainly haven’t seen any, uhm, bootleggers.”

“Oh, I’ve got no doubts there. Heh, besides, a nice gal like you probably wouldn’t even recognize a bootlegger if ya did meet one!”

Fluttershy chuckled nervously. “Well, I, uhm, I’m sorry I couldn’t be more help to you.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Applejack reached into her coat pocket and pulled out a notepad. She scribbled something down, ripped out the page, and handed it to Fluttershy. “Here, just in case. It’s my number. You can call me if you ever do hear anything about somethin’ like that. Or if you have any other creeps givin’ ya a hard time.” She dropped her voice a bit and looked off to the side bashfully. “Or, you know, if ya ever just want to go grab a cup of joe again.”

Fluttershy looked down at the number, certain she’d never be calling it. “Right. Uhm, thank you.”

Applejack paused for a moment, looking like she was gonna say something, but then tipped her hat instead. “Alright then. I’ll see you around.”

“Yeah. Uhm, goodbye then.”

As soon as Applejack was out the door, Fluttershy collapsed into a chair. Barely a second later, Rainbow and Sunset were running up to her. “Did I hear you say that was Applejack?” Rainbow asked.

“That was… strange,” Sunset said.

“I’m gonna be sick…” Fluttershy murmured.

“Well… hey! Nothing bad happened!” Rainbow said. “And she gave you her number. See, she’s totally into you.”

“Rainbow!” Sunset snapped. “That’s not a good thing. Fluttershy doesn’t need to be involved with a copper.”

“Come on, she seems as dumb as a bag of bricks. And she’s totally blinded by love on top of it. Pretty sure Shy’s safe on this one.”

Sunset sighed. “Look, Doc, just take it from me, you don’t want to go messing with people like her.”

“And who should I be messing with?” Fluttershy snapped.

Sunset blushed. “I… I dunno. Just not her, alright?”

Fluttershy shook her head. She didn’t see why Sunset should care about her love life. “Forget it. But I think it’s time the three of us had a talk. Bootleggers?”

Rainbow and Sunset exchanged panicked looks. “Shy, I told you, you shouldn’t worry about us.”

“Zip it, Rainbow. Because if the next words out of your mouth aren’t the full story about exactly what you two are up to, then I swear I’m going to call Applejack and tell her I found a few ne’er-do-wells after all.”

Based on the 1930s AU that @pasu-chan started. About twelve hours ago. We went from nothing to fic in record time here, and I don’t know what that says about me lol

I Love Martin Gero He is the Best Showrunner for A Supercouple

And I do not say that lightly. His words you can *trust* because he doesn’t lie to his viewers-EVER.

Case in point: as I wrote in my recap, Gero is on point with this article. (GMTA)

At this point, did Borden have to die?

Yeah, I think so. The second we realized he was the mole early into season 1, we realized — especially if we were going to get him together with Patterson — he had to go. [K IF YOU ARE A BLACKLIST FAN, this is THE SAME FORMAT WITH LIZ/TOMKEEN. Gero keeps it real and KILLS HIS DARLING]
“I don’t know how you redeem a character like that.”


“I think we also wanted a death of a major character that still didn’t necessarily feel like a major victory. It’s a real mixed emotion for everybody because obviously it’s a character we love so much. He went from being a shining star on our show to being truly vile. Ukweli really played that transition so beautifully and spectacularly. It, unfortunately, continues our long line of killing off these really tremendous performers in service of story and nothing else. He’s fantastic and we’ll be very sorry to see him go.


How will Shepherd react to not only losing her bug within the FBI but also losing Borden?
What’s nice is that after a run of six episodes where we couldn’t get a win with these guys, the noose, we feel like, is finally starting to tighten around them. We’re pushing toward a really satisfying ending for the season. We finally have turned the tide a bit in this episode.
Phase 2 is going to result in a lot of loss of life. What can you tease of the build up to this? How difficult will this be for the team to stop?
It’s going to take everything. It’s going to be the hardest thing the team has ever done. The good news is, they’re the most united they’ve been all season in a lot of ways toward the end of the season. They’re scattered now, but the second part of the season is bringing the team back to the good old team. When our team is intact, there’s nothing they can’t handle. The steps that we do to get there to get to the end are [surprising] as well. I’m insanely proud of this last half of the season, especially because there are payoffs in there that we’ve been setting up since episode 2 or 3 that finally you’ll be like, “Oh sh—, that’s what that was about?” These last run of episodes are going to be the most fulfilling for even the most casual viewer of the show.

idk I just love how we Young People Today use ~improper~ punctuation/grammar in actually really defined ways to express tone without having to explicitly state tone like that’s just really fucking cool, like

no    =    “No,” she said. 

no.    =    "No,” she said sharply.

No    =    “No,” she stated firmly.

No.    =    “No,” she snapped.

NO    =    “No!” she shouted.

noooooo    =    “No,” she moaned.

no~    =    “No,” she said with a drawn-out sing-song.

~no~    =    “No,” she drawled sarcastically.

NOOOOO    =    “No!” she screamed dramatically.

no?!    =    “No,” she said incredulously.


I have been blessed by a whole new level of cuteness overload

You ARE strong.
You ARE capable.
You ARE brave.
You ARE smart.
You ARE worth it.
You ARE loved.
You ARE cared for.
You ARE beautiful.
You ARE amazing.
You ARE fearfully and wonderfully made. 

You are NOT a mistake. 
You are NOT ugly.
You are NOT weird. 
You are NOT a failure.
You are NOT a burden.
You are NOT weak. 
You are NOT a pain.
You are NOT annoying.

You CAN do it.
You CAN achieve that goal.
You CAN make it.
You CAN get through this.
You CAN stand up for yourself.
You CAN stand up to that person.
You CAN.

We ALL struggle.
We ALL have a past.
We ALL have fears.
We ALL have regrets.
We ALL fake smiles.
We ALL say the same, “I’m fine” lie.
We ALL have something we hate about ourselves.
We ALL have family problems.

You are not alone.

Some Gochi for my followers, love you guys! Thanks for being there, enjoying my fanart and my blog :)


Axl: I can’t help it. I either stand there bored or I run back and forth. And I kinda get into dancing. I didn’t even know that I like what I do. I just, I looked down at my feet and go “what am I doing now?” but I feel like if I stand there, then people think “oh this is boring” so I gotta do something and I just try to do whatever happens. It’s a lot of fun. I thought about taking dance lessons and stuff but then I was worried about getting too stale, being too much like organized and everything. I like the spontaneity of just whatever happens, keeps it real raw and fresh. If it got too ballet’ed out, I couldn’t handle that.



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vgbfcdbfghjm someone fic this

She wasn’t crazy, or a bitch, or too much. It was just her way of showing she cared; but she gave her heart to the wrong boy, she gave it to someone who couldn’t handle loving her.
—  c.f. // “darling you deserve better”

So many questions…