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There’s Nothing Wrong With You

One of the best pieces of advice I ever heard was “There’s nothing wrong with you”. 

It was a Monday morning and I was relaxing with friends in a hotel pool after playing Lollapalooza. A lady bobbed opposite me sipping a ginormous glass of rose, and we started chatting. She was a stylist and told me that, when her clients tried outfits on and looked at themselves in the mirror, she would tell them “There’s nothing wrong with you”. I asked her why and she said, “because we all think there’s something wrong with us ”. It was such an odd, simple notion, but I felt like a little flower had opened up inside of me. It hadn’t occurred to me that it could be a universal feeling. There was always something so wrong with ME, I hadn’t considered that other people might feel the same. The comment stuck with me like glue for the next year. 

Illustration by Lan Truong

 I lived most of my life feeling like there was something deeply wrong with me. Everything I did was somehow geared towards fixing the parts of myself I thought were bad or ‘broken’. There was also an odd safety in being broken. I could quietly blame it for anything that went wrong in my life: “It’s not my fault: I’m f**ed up and I am very sorry!”. For a while, I had counselling, and though it was extremely helpful, I started to feel uneasy at the idea of chatting about my problems, potentially for years, if I chose to. Like, really… When would I be fixed?

For me, life =  Experiences + reactions to those experiences. The only power I have is choosing how I react to them. So, though I might have uncomfortable emotional reactions, I can choose to a) accept these emotions, instead of resisting them, and b) not interpret my thoughts as the Solid Gold Truth. Whatever your problems may be, (diagnosed or not), they don’t equate to you being broken. In my own life, it’s been unhelpful to think of mental health problems in this way, particularly when you’re struggling. You are who you are at this moment in time, and you’re doing your best. Brains are plastic. People can, and do, change.

Illustration by Lolrel

  If you follow my music, it probably won’t come as a big surprise to know that I’ve dealt with mental health issues for a long time. There have been 3 things that have helped me decrease periods of depression though. For anyone in the same position, I hope this helps.

1. Meditation

This changed my mind + my life. I started doing meditation in 2013 after Electra Heart had ended. I was burnt out and desperate for change. I took no classes, read no books - just looked at a 5 minute explanation on the internet. I didn’t even do it every day. Just 20 minutes in the morning or evening. In the beginning, I felt a little dubious about the idea of “wasting 20 whole minutes” on meditation each day. But here’s the thing: Meditation is like a vacuum for your mind. It sucks up all the dust and rubbish thoughts. I can easily waste 20 minutes looking at something on the internet that I’ll never think about again, so I can invest 20 minutes in something that changes the quality of my life. This blog described Meditation as “one of the best responses to modern information overload”. I truly believe it can be an antidote to our digital lives.

Illustration by Lolrel 

2. Exercise

I know, I know. When you’re depressed, the last thing you want to do is go outside INTO THE REAL WORLD! But if you’re bottom-of-the-barrel depressed, you have nothing to lose. For years I loved to declare that I “didn’t have a body that could run”  (in order to escape ever having to actually run). But when I start meditation, the negative thoughts about myself decreased and I started to want good things for myself. The motive of exercising was not to lose weight, so it had a different energy to it.

3. Identifying With Thoughts

The reality is, I still deal with depression, but my reaction to it is different. I am more aware of its mechanisms so I don’t take my thoughts as seriously. I try not to identify with a thought and interpret it as truth just because it came into my mind. Why? Because the way I think and respond to events is largely based on my past experiences, so how can I know that my thoughts are my own and not coloured by my past? This is why I don’t always trust my thoughts, particularly when they are of the negative variety. A book I hugely recommend on this is called “Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. 

I’ve wanted to write this post for a long time for people who struggle with similar issues. Our culture has taught us to see happiness as some kind of end goal, but for me, the best thing about it is that it doesn’t stick around forever. Human beings need to experience some level of suffering in order to evolve emotionally and consciously. And though depression often feels like you’re stuck, or stagnating, it can also be a healthy way of your mind telling you that something isn’t quite right, and that it’s in the process of changing. We tend to view sadness as something unnatural, or negative, but perhaps viewing it as a necessary process might help us accept the low periods, and move through them more easily.

Before writing my last album, I honestly thought that I had just been born unhappy and that depression was a permanent part of me. I don’t believe that anymore. When I was writing ‘FROOT’ I felt like I was kissing goodbye to a big chapter of my life. That portion of my youth was heart-splitting and lonely at times, but it was also dazzling and beautiful. And that’s how life is for a lot of us. If only I’d known all those years that it was just part of being human.

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Love, Marina

Some of you might have noticed something kind of funny about people.

Almost none of them like Treasure Planet.

And, considering I joined this fandom well over three years ago by now, this comes as absolutely no surprise to me – and chances are, if you’ve known about this film for longer than, say, a day, it fails to surprise you, too. I mean, we’ve all heard the reasons, haven’t we – valid though they are, it’s depressing to hear them, the millions upon millions upon millions of them. 

  • “Sorry, the sci-fi just wasn’t my thing.”
  •  “I liked it okay, but I can’t see myself ever watching it again.”
  •  “The animation was good, but I didn’t really like the rest of it.”
  •  “It was…sort of weird to me.”
  •  “It doesn’t measure up to Treasure Island.”
  •  “It just wasn’t my cup of tea.”

Or - and here’s the one that gets to me: 

  • “I just really didn’t like the main kid.” 

The words come across as pretty innocent - it’s just a matter of preference, it’s just their opinion, live and let live, nothing wrong with disagreeing…and there’s not. There’s really, really not. You can hate Jim Hawkins as much as you want. But you can look me in the eye and can you tell me why you hate him? Can you tell me why, exactly, that’s the argument I’ve heard the most out of any of them? Can you tell me why, in my 3+ years in this wonderful fandom, in the thousands of days I’ve now spent promoting the shit out of this film every chance I get, can you tell me why that argument is the one I find myself dealing with the most? Can you look at me and can you tell me why you hate Jim Hawkins? Can you do that? 

Because here’s the thing - I can tell you why I love him. And I got shit to back up me up. 

Let’s get down to business. Let me tell you why I love Jim Hawkins - every habit, every quirk, every mannerism, every virtue, and every flaw. Let’s plunge right in.

  • He’s kind.

Sure, you can roll your eyes if you want to, but honestly? Being really, truly, simply, genuinely nice is such a rare quality in the world, and Jim has - and displays - this quality in abundance. I mean, for one thing, bringing Billy Bones to the Benbow when he seems ninety percent sure the guy’s just crazy? Yet he takes a chance anyway, because the sailor’s sick, the sailor’s injured, it’s raining really hard, he shouldn’t be out in this in his state, here, give me your arm, let me help you, you can come in out of the rain and stay in my house for a bit.

And what about the time he met that half-mad robot on Treasure Planet and, despite the fact that BEN blatantly oversteps his boundaries a good ten times (”Will you let go of me?/Stop touching me!”/Will you quit hugging me?”) or so within the first five minutes of their introduction, despite the fact that he is very obviously unhinged from all that time alone, despite the fact that BEN is loud and attention-drawing and the word stealthy isn’t in his vocabulary, despite the fact that he’s putting the captain and the doctor and himself in peril by doing so, Jim allows BEN to come with him - all he needs is to hear about the robot’s century of solitude, his loneliness, his desolation, and he just drops everything and says, “If you’re gonna come along…”  

And don’t even get me started on the deleted scenes - such as the one where he offers to fix this child’s scooter, even though he and this kid have never met before, never even spoken to one another, and yet he offers to fix this scooter because aww the kid’s sad let me fix it for you.

 Because, beneath that black jacket and that dark scowl of his, Jim has a huge, huge heart and it’s there and it’s evident for anyone willing to look. Because Jim just legitimately cares about other people, and there’s no ulterior motive, he doesn’t ask for compensation, he doesn’t expect anything in return, he just genuinely likes helping others. 

(And as I don’t happen to have an image on hand for the child’s scooter bit mentioned above, have a few bonus pictures of times when Jim was nice) 

Comforting a frightened Morph despite the fact that his life is in the most immediate and intense danger

And how about the time he lets a pirate - the leader of a mutiny in which he was supposed to be killed - walk the fuck away from him because he believes there’s good in Silver

Don’t get me started on this kid and his kindness. Don’t. Get me started.

  • And he’s smart.

I don’t mean passing-his-finals-with-flying-colors oh-haha-that-was-a-total-seat-of-my-pants-test can’t-believe-I-pulled-through-with-a-B I-was-pulling-answers-out-of-my-ass kind of smart.

I mean completely, incredibly, off-the-charts, blow-your-mind brilliant. He might be failing his high school classes, but it’s certainly not due to the challenge; he doesn’t put any effort into his work because he just doesn’t care. I mean, we even hear Sarah state that he built his first solar surfer when he was eight. So let’s let that sink in for a second.

This kid 

was no older than that when he built one of these

Just let that sit a minute. He built one of those gizmos 

when he was eight fucking years old. Hell, I’m not one hundred percent sure I understand them now, and he was eight and he understood them so well he could make them. (Sure, he ultimately uses it to cause trouble and ride straight into restricted areas, but it still makes him pretty brainy.) 

And not to mention, when Silver tries to teach him how to steer a skiff, he doesn’t even let the guy finish his sentence before he starts powering it up. Despite the other’s best attempts to stop him, Jim ignites the engine and sends them whirling straight into a comet. He fucking steers a boat - with limited knowledge, considering Silver didn’t get a chance to teach him everything - he steers a boat into a comet, and rides that comet to its end and does it without ever missing a beat, without ever throwing himself or his companion out of the boat, without ever messing up or getting hurt or hurting Silver or anything, just gets the hang of it right off the bat.

And at the end of it, all Silver says is, “If I could maneuver a skiff like that when I was your age, they’d be bowing in the streets when I walked by today!” 

Oh, and did I mention he powers up a century-old crashed boat in sixty seconds? No? Well, he did that, too.

Oh, and he also made another solar surfer, this time at fifteen, out of the useless parts of their failing ship while the planet explodes around them.

And, when said surfer begins failing, threatening to send him plummeting to his death in a raging river of lava bubbling and frothing beneath him, he keeps it going - literally rams it into the wall, striking it against the metal surface until enough friction occurs to power the thrusters again, and he does this all in the space of thirty seconds.

Oh, and he figured out where Flint’s trove was hidden before anyone else, just based on the fragmented bits and pieces he’d picked up from other people

And did I mention yet that he was the only one who could open the map leading to the planet? 

There were people thirty and forty years his senior trying to figure it out

and he figures it out in seconds

  • And he’s brave

Remember when he casually faced down a whole crew of pirates three and four times over, all in the space of twenty-four hours? 

And how about the fact that he refuses, at great risk to himself, to open the map for the pirates - until Silver threatens the captain and the doctor? 

Or when he’s fixing that hundred-year-old boat we discussed earlier, and tells BEN to leave without him if he can’t get away in the next five minutes? 

Oh, and when the star Pellucid goes supernova on their voyage and the hands are sent to secure the solar sails, not only does Jim immediately ascend, no hesitation

he also spots Silver, who followed him there, fall from his perch, and literally fucking throws himself down onto the wood and hauls the cook - who, to be honest, has a good hundred pounds on Jim and probably almost took the kid down with him, and definitely dragged the kid closer to the edge than would be advised - back up to safety. 

And later in the film, he receives an order from the captain to scout ahead and find them a better place to hide - and even though the pirates were spotted seconds earlier, circling the skies in a longboat, Jim expresses no hesitation, simply obeys.

And, oh, uh, you remember that solar surfer we talked about earlier, the one he constructed as the planet bursts into flames and burns down around him? 

Yeah, here he is riding it through the fires and eruptions and random debris, here he is casually risking his life to save everyone else, most of them being pirates who would have loved to see him dead.

Yep, don’t mind him, he’s just saving everyone else. He might die doing it, but damn, he’s doing it anyway.

But wait. I did promise to discuss his flaws as well, and, so far, I haven’t been making good on that promise, have I? 

Fear not, for Jim Hawkins is far from perfect and it’s time for us to explore the reasons why.

  • He’s impulsive

While most readily refer to this as a “Mary Sue trait” and “not really a flaw” , I can’t help but disagree; if we consider it an undesirable trait in a real person, why on earth would we think it little more than a cute quirk in a fictional character? Believe me when I say, Jim’s consistent failure to think before he acts is not a charming little thing - it’s a flaw, plain and simple. 

For all Jim’s kindness, for all his bravery and unfailing ability to think fast on his feet, he is impulsive as all hell.

Like when he, in his first meeting with Silver, throws out several thinly-veiled accusations - showing his cards, playing his whole hand right off the bat on the off chance that his opponent might show his, too. 

Unsurprisingly, of course, Silver does not rise to the bait - meaning Jim revealed everything to the man who will later become his enemy, in a sense losing the only advantage he really held, whereas Silver lost nothing and now has additional information to help him on his way. And all this could have been avoided had Jim just kept his mouth shut. 

And that time when he attempted to eavesdrop on a couple of the other hands cause he thought they were acting suspicious 

But it’s not long before they notice him and immediately shut up - meaning Jim has now given his suspicions away to four different people, four people whom he suspects. (Five, if you count Oxy and Moron as two.)

Or how about when they find that map we talked about earlier, and when he opens it up and realizes it leads to Treasure Planet, his first thought is to follow it? Like, this could be anything. A trap, a red herring, a fool’s errand, and Jim just throws himself headlong into it because look there’s a slim chance it could be treasure let’s go right now! 

I mean, there’s just no room for doubt: Jim is super impulsive, and that’s not a good quality to have. Sure, it gets shit done, but cautious people get shit done too, and they probably get it done better because they’re not making snap decisions every 2.5 seconds.

  • And Jim is selfish

Sure, we all love him. Well, some of you hate him, and some of you love to hate him, but the sentiment stands; we all love Jim, but you can’t love somebody for too long without noticing his flaws. And Jim has his flaws. 

And it’s especially obvious in scenes like this 

where we see that Jim was just out on a joyride while his mother visibly struggles to run the inn by herself. 

It’s obvious he uses that solar surfing hobby to escape, to distract him from his problems after a tough day, but this, in turn, suggests that he feels his problems at the moment are more important than Sarah’s, and so puts himself before his mother.

And he makes things harder on her than probably anyone else in her life, going out and getting in trouble all the time and bringing the police to her door 

Not only is this probably really bad for business, it’s also likely embarrassing and obviously upsetting for poor Sarah - yet Jim offers no apology, offers almost nothing beyond the words, “Mom, it’s no big deal!”  

And when they open the map and realize where it leads, Jim jumps on the chance to leave Sarah

Not just their lonely little planet, but Sarah, he wants to leave her. And though his intentions here are honorable (”We could rebuild the Benbow a hundred times over!” / “I’ll make you proud!”) it still fails to completely sugarcoat the fact that he left her there, lured away by the promise of adventure. 

Because Jim is selfish. 

  • He’s touchy, and defiant as all hell.

Sure, this is a flaw. Sure, it’s not a great quality to have. Sure, it holds him back more than anything, and it probably gets him in more trouble than it’s worth - but I still tip my hat to Disney for introducing this flaw at all. It has been proven in the past that children with absentee parents - particularly boys with neglectful fathers -  tend to become obstinate teens with no regard for authority, and I’m just so proud of them for doing their research on that one. 

Admittedly, however, this quality does cause him more trouble than it’s worth. I mean, he makes himself an enemy out of the scariest alien aboard in the first five minutes, all because he has to have the last word.

As a matter of fact, when I think about it, Jim has single-handedly gotten on the bad side of every one of these pirates on board this ship, with the obvious exception of Silver, and he does it all because he is just that feisty.

On the other hand, however, his pluck is the first thing Silver notices - and likes - about him. It’s obvious that while the pirate captain plans to work the spunk out of him, he can’t help but respect it, too.

Like, for instance, on Treasure Planet, when Jim refuses to allow Silver to leave without him 

there’s an instant where Silver looks like he’s about to argue 

and he could, he could just hold the captain, the doctor, or even BEN at gunpoint, and chances are, Jim would likely obey just to spare those he cares for. Despite the fact that Silver is clearly the one in power here, he gives into Jim’s demands - because, even if he doesn’t like it, Jim’s defiance is something he can respect. They may be enemies now, but Silver recognizes and respects that Jim makes a worthy enemy.

  • And let’s not forget that he’s stubborn.

Seriously, once he’s found something to fight for, he’ll fight for that, and he’ll get it, no matter what it takes, and there’s nobody in the world that can change his mind. If he gets it in his head that he wants to do something, if he gets it in his head that he should do something, he’ll do it, no matter what. 

And in some cases, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It means he has a strong sense of right and wrong and knows the difference between the two, and will do what he believes to be right, regardless of what other people say. He has a moral code, and a strong one, at that, and he rarely deviates from it. And this is actually a good thing when, say, there’s a treasure-hunting pirate captain attempting to bribe him into betraying the captain and the doctor and handing over the map. 

And, when this fails and Silver resorts to trying to frighten him into submission, the kid doesn’t even blink. He can’t be bought, and he sure as hell can’t be intimidated. 

Of course, this isn’t always a good quality to have; while it does make him more resistant to tactics such as temptation, it also makes him inflexible and, in some cases, extremely resistant to change, even when that change would be for the better. 

But that iron will has another advantage. 

  • It makes him hardworking.

Whether it’s as trivial as swabbing the deck, or as enormous as seeking out a legendary treasure trove, if Jim sees the point in a task - if he sees, for himself, why it’s worthy of his time - he will put his all into it, no questions asked. So though most would call him a delinquent, and while the robo-cops on Montressor outright tell him that he is a loser

Jim is actually extremely industrious and capable - he just doesn’t always show it. But it’s there, if you know how to look.

Like when Silver leaves him with this huge pile of dishes in the galley

and he just picks up his brush and keeps right on going 

and in fact, is so determined to finish up that damn stack that he ends up falling asleep in the galley, head resting on the pot in his hand

but the dishes around him are gleaming.

Or how about when he was failing at school at the beginning of the film, and by the end, he has graduated from the prestigious Interstellar Academy? 

Can you imagine how much work it must have taken to get himself into that Academy? I mean, how long did it take for him to pull those grades up, to convince others he was really serious about this, and can you imagine how much work it took to get through the Academy once he got there? But Jim got there anyway, and he did graduate, and he did do all that amazing stuff, and he did it because he works hard. 

Oh and remember

  • He was lost

Though by the end of the film Jim is high-spirited and confident, we know from the beginning that it wasn’t always so. His father’s absence left a hole in him, a hole he felt it was too big to fill - a hole that left him feeling worthless and rejected, it left him feeling angry and defeated, and it left him thinking he wasn’t good enough. It left him with a strong, deep-seated fear of abandonment, and more than that, it left him searching - searching and searching and never quite finding the missing piece he so desperately needed. 

Jim felt he had no future; Jim felt he wasn’t worth a future; Jim didn’t really know where he was going, and that’s the kind of relatability I’ve come to expect from Dreamworks. I don’t go into a Disney film expecting to find real characters, so this came as a pleasant surprise.

And something else I’ll probably never get over

  • Jim is sensitive 

So, this one actually sounds funny. I mean, I just said earlier how selfish Jim is, right? How he’s always putting himself before Sarah? Yeah. That whole argument still stands. It’s just that Jim isn’t all selfish, all the time. Can he be selfish? Yes. Extremely. Is he selfish? Sometimes. But he’s also, as mentioned before, a genuinely nice person. A person with honest empathy. His instances of self-absorption don’t cancel that out.

Now, while most define a sensitive person as “one who understands and feels for others” - and while Jim certainly does that, too - we’ve already tackled that. We’ve talked about Jim as a compassionate and thoughtful individual, and I’m not here to talk about it again, though I could.

No, there are drawbacks to feeling for others, and I’m here to talk about them.

I mean, Jim cares about other people - Jim feels deeply for people, deeply enough to welcome complete strangers into his house and offer lonely individuals a place at his side, Jim just feels for people even if he’s never experienced their hardships for himself. And if he can feel so strongly for strangers, if he can look upon a person he hardly knows and want to help ease their pain, if his heart squeezes upon seeing others’ suffering, how much do you think it hurts when he experiences his own? 

His father, for example. An indifferent, neglectful parent, the heartache they cause, it would sting even the most impervious - but for somebody as thin-skinned and tender-hearted as Jim, it absolutely devastates him. And when the man finally gives up on his family, leaving behind his wife and their eight-year-old, it just tears the kid apart.

As a matter of fact, it hurts Jim so deeply that it takes him seven years just to realize that it wasn’t his fault, or anyone’s; his father’s rejection caused him so much pain that he is well into his adolescence before he can even begin to accept that he’s gone.

But this isn’t just one instance; it’s not merely a festering childhood wound, no. Jim takes the slightest slip-up straight to heart - and upon believing he caused Mr. Arrow’s death, he spends what appears to be hours beating himself up for this perceived failure. 

And ultimately, he might have continued indefinitely had Silver not intervened and comforted him.

And of course, less than twenty-four hours later, Silver tells his bloodthirsty crew - and, unwittingly, an eavesdropping Jim - that his attentions were all for show, that he had to be nice to the kid to keep him from suspecting the crew of anything shady, he had to win the lad’s trust or risk his suspicion…and Jim really believes it, and, in fact, is so hurt, that he appears to take a moment to swallow back tears. 

Jim is just so easy to hurt. 

And to be honest, it’s great; it makes his empathy for others more believable - after all, if his own wounds have left such obvious marks, who’s to say another’s tribulations won’t win over his sensitive heart? 

And, hey, hey, don’t forget

  • He’s just a kid

I mean, he’s doing all this awesome shit, he’s building solar surfers

 and saving lives

and working his ass off and being super kind and impulsive and defiant and selfish and everything, he’s doing all this, and he’s only fifteen years old. Like. He’s fifteen. He’s not even an adult yet. He’s not even of legal age. He’s just casually amazing at fifteen, but what do you think he’ll be like in five years, ten years, twenty?

As Silver says, he really is going to rattle the stars.

Now let’s review before we go: 

  • Jim is kind.
  • Jim is smart.
  • Jim is brave.
  • Jim is impulsive
  • Jim is selfish
  • Jim is touchy and defiant as all hell.
  • Jim is stubborn
  • Jim is hardworking.
  • Jim was lost.
  • Jim is sensitive
  • Jim is just a kid

Just please, for the love of all that is good and holy, don’t ever forget Jim Hawkins.


i just wanted to write normal pop songs and when the time comes to use a pronoun, i’ll use the word ‘he’. one of the most powerful things I think that any lgbtq person can do is just live. once i came out, i was like, yep, cool, i’m gay, and I’m going to continue on my path as if i never said anything. it improved my quality of life, made me happier, but it didn’t stop me from doing a single thing i would’ve done otherwise. you look at people like sam smith and olly from years and years and there’s a couple of openly gay artists who are singing songs about boys. a 14-year-old troye would’ve definitely appreciated this. like, i can still be gay and be a pop star.

dave ubercharge’s really good meme baking tutorial

i serve the people.

i usually use paint, photoshop cs6, and paint tool sai, but you can do this on just ps. the reason i also use sai is to speed up the ‘saving as jpeg multiple times’ thing, and i think sai’s low quality jpeg is lower quality than ps’. without further ado:

1. pick the text. this is the most important step, of course. for this tutorial, i will be using the text ‘my nipples are fucking frozen’. i said this in a competitive match once when i was very cold. we still won.

2. pick a relevant image to use as the background. you can also use a solid colour or whatever else you want, but i think images are funnier. i’m gonna use a picture of a blizzard from google images (filtered ‘labelled for reuse with modification’).

3. apply the text to the image. i do this on paint because i’m fucking lazy and the kinda but kinda not anti-aliased text edges are funny to me. you can do this on photoshop. i use large size (large being relative to the image) bolded and italicized arial.

i gave myself a bit more canvas space for the next step.

4. apply the same text on top in a darker/lighter colour. i like putting it to the upper left of the original text. with ps, you can just fiddle around with the 2nd text layer to get it in the right position. with paint, you might have to try wiggling the text box a few times. it’s a waste of time compared to ps but for me, it’s just a part of the process making the end product funnier.

make sure your text is visible on top of the image! if it’s not, no biggie, use the fill bucket or just try different colours.

5. apply an overlay on top if desired. red is funny, but it doesn’t really work with what i want on this specific image, so i’m gonna use blue. it doesn’t really matter because the following steps are gonna ruin the colours anyway.

i used a light blue with linear burn. i saved it as a .jpeg after this.

remember to have lowest quality. even on this small version, you can see the start to the terrible things this image is going to endure!

6. here’s the fun part! you can mix these steps up, but i’ll just show how i more or less usually do it. go to filter > sharpen > smart sharpen. you can fiddle with the sliders and whatever.

save the image as a .jpeg again.

7. go to filter > blur > motion blur OR filter > blur > radial blur. motion blur is the diagonal (or up/down, or left/right) blur, radial blur has both the spinny and zoom blur. you can use more than one, if you want. since my abomination is already kind of annoying to read, i’m going to be light-handed with a spinny radial blur.

wow! that already looks pretty fucking bad, but we can go further:

8. go back to filter > sharpen > smart sharpen and apply that again. you can also do more overlays and blurring.

i decided to do all of that. here it is with another blue overlay, motion blur, and radial (zoom) blur.

i changed the sharpen settings before sharpening it again. do whatever you think looks good (or bad).

here’s the final image:

you can keep going, but i have stuff to do. some better baked images of mine:

i have a thing for 1. cropping the text weirdly and 2. red

other stuff you can do includes:

  1. doing both (or 3+) text layers on paint with a white bg, then stretching it weirdly before pasting it on the image bg (transparent selection, 2ndary colour should be white)
  2. using the fucking impact font for bad memes
  3. using lens flare (funnier if you have eyes in the image)
  4. stretching/distorting the image at any point
  5. using other filters, ps has plenty. experiment!
  6.  repenting

the beauty of this is that if you make mistakes, you can just re-bake the image, apply more effects, and it probably makes the image funnier.

The Adventure of Cengiz getting his • Strong Women • squad

It started a month ago, I was bored and spontaneously decided that sending Cengiz a package to Norway would be nice. 

Yes, to Cengiz Al. Yes, to Cengiz Al, the Yousef Acar. Yes, that’s him.

The thing was, I didn’t want to send a letter. Or a drawing. Or a bandana. I wanted to be EXTRA. So that day I decided to go for it, Cengiz gave us the shocking news about his new hairstyle, so I did what every sane normal person would do when their idol changes their hair colour - went to the closest grocery shop and bought a hairdye so he can redye his hair back to black.

The next step was easy, take desperate to another level. I went to Ikea, bought a frame, printed memes and put it together. Easy, right? 

Shitty quality of a shitty DIY, what can I say.

The other thing was not intentional, it wasn’t about Cengiz reading notes from his fans, it was my way to contact people and to make some friends. But, I’m a socially awkward person so what should we do? YES! Tell these people that they can send a note to the one and only Cengiz Al and befriend them meanwhile in the process.

Sidenote: Worked, would recommend 10/10

And then I put it together and created a DIY book called “Kjære Cengiz” and did a profile on each fan and added their note while including some random posts about Cengiz I found on Tumblr.

So once I was done, I also decided to step up game of promoting my videos and what’s the closest thing to forcing him to watch this by breaking into his house? Exactly! Send him a USB with all of them with “Watch this” written on top of it (to make sure, you know). 

So I bought a USB, I called it “Strong Man” to give it the Cengiz vibe and uploaded here my videos with Cengiz (Yousana/Yousef/SKAM crack) And included our memes with Cengiz in HQ & explanation to the hairdye so he wouldn’t take it as a cyberbullying. 

And then, I wrapped it all in Christmas wrapping paper because I didn’t have anything else and had to came up with a lame “Merry Cengzmas” inside joke to somehow explain this.

And then I sent it and waited 14 days. After 14 days I decided that it’s the right time to panic and have a mental breakdown. And while I freaked out, I wrote Cengiz a mail, he never replied so I guessed that me and Cengiz would stick to our ignoring relationship and expected no outcome.

It was 9pm, I was in my bed, decided to look at my mail to avoid another existentional crisis to see how no one commented on my new video I uploaded on my Youtube channel, to see that there’s a mail written by the one and only Cengiz Al.

A three sentences long email saying he didn’t get the package, asking for a code of it, ending with a norwegian sentence “ Sendt fra min iPhone”. He had this in every email he sent to me, so many times that I even thought: Maybe “ Sendt fra min iPhone” will be our always. 

But this wasn’t a John Green book where someone dies after an epic love story - This was a desperate act of a desperate woman who was desperate for a notice by one norwegian guy who works in an electronics store. And it wasn’t some epic love story, I just wanted to get out of this “ignored for half a year” zone to be honoured to be friendzoned by this man. And no one died. He just broke a wall with his leg.

And then things got interesting, we mailed. We exchanged addresses. We made clear we’re not stalkers. And the morning after I told him the code of our package, he got it. And posted it on his InstaStory. 

But in that moment I was in the middle of Prague, in subway and when I turned on my LTE data in middle of ZARA, I had 240 messages on different social platforms and no matter how much my high expectations™ self imagined the situation of how he would get it, this was like 10 times worse. And I thought my expectations were unrealistic. 

I thanked him, he thanked me back, turning this into a neverending compliment battle between us. I enjoyed the adrenaline. I enjoyed the moment of glory I had. I enjoyed the attention Cengiz was giving me after giving me none for 6 freaking months. 

And then, this happened. 

Cengiz Al, the man, the icon, the legend itself created a groupchat. Bitch, I was SHOOK. I was completely, absolutely, uterly SHOOK. He did THAT. He thanked us all and TALKED to us. Like I will never forget this. 

He promised me to act in my debut movie and so many other things. From the man I had named on Snapchat “ignorant imposer” he turned into the nicest, most genuine guy I’ve ever met. He was honestly grateful and I was honestly screaming and as bizzare as this story is, I hope that he honestly considers me as a friend or AT LEAST remembers my name because as much as he added “Sendt fra min iPhone” to the end fo his mails I kept repeating “Love, Simone” everytime just so he would remember my name. 

And I hope he does. 

And he also sent us 3 videos I didn’t see because I had turned off sound so I’m dumb and the only thing thing I remember is Cengiz holding a black hairdye, talking. 

From what I heard, he promised to go back to black, as one wise woman once said in a song.

And this, lads, is how I got noticed by the one and only Cengiz Al. 

Thanks to these amazing people that became my friends in progress of this weird twisted somehow beautiful experiment. I own you a lot.

@stressedoutteenager, @nothesc, @smoothyousef, @sana-bakkoush, @sanaflowers, @mrspaaadfoots, @slytherino, @cheekyeven, @iamacolor @thickskinandelasticheart, @yossiacar and @savedbythespell @rumaan

This wouldn’t be possible without you and your support. (And drag.) 



Not Sendt fra min iPhone

Take pride in your work, don't sell yourself short

Remember kids, especially if you draw a lot and want to make a living with art, or even just a bit of pocket change:

If a stranger approaches you and promises you fame and USD 100.- in exchange for exclusive copyrights, you just say NO.

Two reasons:

Reason 1

Exclusive copyrights mean that you don’t get to use your own work anymore without the ok of the one owning the copyrights now. In all the contracts I signed so far, the company allows me to still use my works for blogs, portfolio, poster shops, merchandise and other things. And I can sell the original drawing too, if I want to.

Reason 2

USD 100.- for exclusive copyrights is a rather offending joke. Exclusive copyrights for small scribbles easily get over USD 1000.-. A caricature can go for USD 800.-. And those are rarely known for the high quality art, but rather for the sarcasm in them.

What most people want is the confirmation that their image won’t be sold to other publishers. And that can be done easily without handing over exclusive copyrights.

Now, I’m not saying that you can’t work for free. Work for free when you feel like you WANT to do that. When you WANT to see the project take shape and come into existence. There are MANY examples, where I did not mind just sharing my works, because I felt like it was a good thing to do. And not one of them expected me to say yes in exchange for nothing. I offered it.

But don’t let anybody bully you into working for nothing. Or worse, the promise of exposure.

You’re not unprofessional for saying no. You’re not a bad person for wanting something in return for your work. It does not make it “not work” and with that unworthy of payment, just because it was fun to do. And if someone tries to hound you into working for free, they are cheap assholes.

If what you do is so easy and not worth paying, they can do that by themselves, right? No need for you to waste your time on it.

Blankets are here! These things are goddamn massive (60 by 80 inches), incredibly soft, and it’s around 90 belles thick. Would have been 94 but a few sweeties got cut off in the bleed around the outside. Anyways these things are crazy nice, and they’d better be for how much they were to print haha, this picture really does not do them justice.

I’ll be carrying 5 of them at EFNW and they’ll be $110 each. I’m confident that I’ll be carrying the largest, softest, and highest quality built blankets in the hall so trust me when I say you’ll be getting what you pay for. (If you don’t want to take my word for it, I’ll have a display one that you can feel for yourself). This is also the only time I will ever print this design, next time I’ll be trying out the bordered version so there’s only ever going to be 5 of these.

Anyways if you’re at EFNW, hmu fam cause damn do I got the sweeties. Oh and shout outs to my roommate for holding this thing up for me haha

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how do you make the icons I have been wanting to make some for a bit but I don't exactly know how to make them

I’ve never done a tutorial before, so I hope this all makes sense to you, there’s a very long tutorial under the cut, mostly because I wasn’t sure about your pre-existing photoshop knowledge. 

Anyway, I’m going to be showing you how to make this icon, from the ‘The Defenders’ set that I’m working on: 

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so i put this video of jaxcon 2016 with the sound from this video because when jensen says:

we can’t really hear the “i did” on the first video but we can hear it better on the second one and since the image quality isn’t good on the second one I had to mix them wtv 

and i just really like this moment because Jensen purposely lowers his voice when he says “i did” in answer to jared’s “taste the rainbow” because jensen wanted to follow jared’s teasing but he had to be subtle about it but like the safest thing to do would have been to put down his mic but no he admitted he “tastes the rainbow” in the mic so people could hear him, and again it’s either he doesn’t give a fuck or he gets off on sneakily telling the truth but it’s just an “i get to sleep with one” 2.0 you know? and then the “should we tell them?” like are you fucking kidding me? are they even trying? this con was just wild from start to finish 

it’s just the way jensen says the “i did” that does things to me lmao like he knows he’s not supposed to say that but he does anyway like, when he whispers that (”i did”) he’s serious and then he keeps on with the joke “should we tell them?” and there it’s a joke because he says it loud and clear

also this was just after the moment where jared talks about akf and gets emotional and he has to touch jensen to tell him he’s ok because jensen was worried T-T

and let’s not forget the origin of taste the rainbow

The Other Allen - Winn Schott Drabble

Originally posted by supercanaries

Request: (By @smurryheartbeatz) Could you write a Drabble where reader is Barry allens sister but she fell in love with Winn and moved to the other earth to be with him, and she’s homesick?

Words: 935

A/N: Ok, so this got a wee bit angsty, but not too bad. 

“Hey, are you okay?” Your boyfriend came and sat next to you on the couch.

You had been staring out of your apartment window all morning as you let the mug of coffee in your hands grow cold.

“What? Oh, yeah, I’m sorry.” You sighed. “I guess my mind’s somewhere else today.”

“You wanna talk about it?” Winn draped his arm around your shoulders.

You put your mug on the coffee table and leaned back into his embrace. His arms tighten around you as you tucked your feet up under yourself and rested your head on his shoulder. The sound of the rain against the window lulled you into a nostalgic state.

“I was just thinking about this one time after Joe took us in, we were playing in the park and it just opened up and started pouring down rain. So, he yells for us to come back to the car before we get soaked, but he went from having one kid to three pretty much overnight and he just doesn’t have a handle on it yet.” You chuckled, “Now Iris and Barry are good kids, so they come when they’re told, but me, being a rambunctious six-year-old, I’m not done playing yet. So, cut to a Benny Hill style montage of Joe chasing me around the park, slipping in the mud, while Barry and Iris are watching from the car and making bets on who will outlast the other. It must’ve looked ridiculous, because when he finally dragged me back to the car, Barry was the happiest I’d seen him since what happened with our parents.”

“So, what you’re telling me is that you were always this much of a handful, huh?” He gave your arm a squeeze as he laughed.

“Yeah, I guess so.” You smiled up at him.

You sighed heavily, causing him to instinctively begin playing with your hair, which began to soothe you.

“It all seems like so long ago. When did our lives become so chaotic?” You pondered.

“I would say probably when we started hanging out with superheroes.” He chuckled to himself.

“Yeah, probably.” You laughed similarly. 

Despite his calming touch, you couldn’t help but feel a wave of sadness washing over you. Perhaps it was the cold and the gloomy sky the rain brought with it.

“I honestly don’t know how Barry does it all.” You shook your head. “He went years with people not believing him about Thawne, and then he gets these powers and has to save the city constantly, and then Zoom…”

You felt a lump in your throat that you tried to swallow. “God, he had to watch as that monster shoved his hand through our father’s heart. He had to watch both our parents die…”

“I couldn’t possibly begin to imagine what that must have been like.” Winn was apologetic and somber. “But he’s strong and I think a majority of that strength comes from others. I think most of it comes from you.”

“Yeah? Some pillar of strength I turned out to be?” You muttered.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It’s just… sometimes I feel like I abandoned him.” You could sense Winn wanting to protest, but he waited for you to finish. “He’s always facing off against some bad guy and the moment he’s finally happy and things are quiet, when we can finally spend some quality family time together, I leave. I just up and leave for some parallel universe. Don’t get me wrong, I love you and I love being here, but I feel like I turned my back on my family to do so.”

“That’s bull and you know it. Nobody forced you to come here and more importantly, nobody forced you to stay there. Your family knew the risks and the rewards. They knew what would make you happy and they let you go. They love you and would do anything for you,” his slightly agitated tone softened to a more loving one, “including letting you run off to a parallel dimension with some nerdy computer programmer.”

You couldn’t help but laugh, “Well, who could blame them? He is pretty hot.”

“He thinks you’re pretty hot, too.” He playfully rolled his eyes.

You gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“So then, why don’t you call Barry using that, uh, inter-dimensional extrapolator that Cisco made you?”

“The communication function is busted.”

“Oh, well let me take a look at it and see what I can do.” He offered. “In the meantime, you can still use it to make a breach and go visit him.”

“I don’t know. He’s probably really busy fighting some new big bad. I swear, there’s always someone.” You rolled your eyes. “Besides, I’ll probably just get in the way. Or get myself captured because I don’t know what I’m walking into.”

Or, hear me out here, you could spend a nice weekend with your brother.” He waved a hand. “If I’ve learned anything from working with Kara, it’s that there is never going to truly be a quiet time. There is always going to be some bad guy to fight or some kitten to save. There’s never going to be some ideal time to live your life. You have to live it in the here and now. You have to make your own happy moments, not wait for them to magically appear. So go, visit your brother. And if it’s a bad time, make the best of it.”

“Did I ever tell you that you’re the smartest man I know?” You smirked. “And I know a lot of smart men.”


I started this blog barely a month ago and I can’t believe that I’m already at 500 followers????? Like, wow you guys thank you so much!! Thanks for reading my fics and sticking around even when I’m posting dumb shit about my life that no one probably cares about lmao. I wanted to try to do a little thing so I’m gonna do name playlists and/or headcanons!!

(also sorry for the low quality banner lmao i am a disaster who never learned how to use photoshop)


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Sidenote: last time I tried to do one of these it totally flopped so if that happens again we’ll pretend this never happened lmao 

Also gonna do a Follow Forever!! Mutuals are bolded (this is by no means a comprehensive list, and I’m so sorry if I forgot anyone - I love you all!)

FIRST OFF, I GOTTA MENTION #TEAMWORM (@delicatequeertoaster):

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+ A SPECIAL MENTION for @losvcr

Dee is a literal angel who has the kindest soul and also betas Breathe and makes it so much better! You probably already follow them but if you don’t, do it now!!!



i love you guys and i’m so glad that y’all listen to my annoying ass 💞


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anyway, THANK YOU GUYS FOR REAL <3 You are all the best!

Follow My Lead

Anon: Maybe like a continuation? Like Lance is still really embarrassed about his talent, but the others are still in awe and want to learn or something? :D

A/N: A sequel to Dancing For Voltron, written mostly in the early hours of the morning. It got gay.

It started with dancing becoming an alternative to specific workouts. Lance was allotted two training sessions a week to lead the other paladins in somewhat of a dancer-size class.

The first class was what Lance would call a barely-success. It was successful, the job was done and it served its purpose. But getting there was very hard.

“Keith, what are you wearing?”

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EXO as things my friends say #3
  • Minseok: i'm the oldest, so by default i rule all of you bitches
  • Junmyeon: but i'm the funniest in this room don't even fight me
  • Yixing: dude i saw a bunny today... those shits are cute af
  • Baekhyun: i'm prepared to sell myself just so i can buy overwatch u don't understand
  • Chanyeol: i'm not saying my instrument is the best but it is top quality
  • Kyungsoo: i love my friends i do, i also like them when they're quiet, either way works for me
  • Jongin: why do i always come out sexy in all my pictures?? i want to look cute damnit!!
  • Sehun: stop moving i need to fill my Instagram aesthetic geez

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This might sound controversial, but are remastered & remakes lazy marketing tactics or a homage to a classic?

I like to think of remasters and remakes primarily as a way to bring old classic games to players who didn’t really have a chance to experience the originals the first time around. It’s easy to forget that video gaming has come a very long way and has a lot more people playing than before. Just consider - Grand Theft Auto 5 outsold GTA4′s lifetime sales figures after six weeks. That means that, even if every single person who bought GTA4 also bought GTA5, there are still millions of people who played GTA5 that never got to enjoy GTA4. If you go further back, even fewer played GTA3, GTA Vice City, etc.

There are many millions more gamers out there today than there were a decade ago, and a huge percentage of them have never played classic games like Link to the Past (1991), Super Metroid (1994), Beyond Good and Evil (2003), Katamari Damacy (2004), or Shadow of the Colossus (2005). Many of these fantastic older games weren’t available outside of the secondary market, often requiring old consoles that need old television sets in order to play properly, until they were remastered. Remakes and remasters allow us to bring back the old classics, but update them with modern design sensibilities and improved visuals, UI, and controls so that a whole new generation of players can experience some of the magic of games that are no longer easily available.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing when companies profit from delivering a quality product to customers who enjoy them. I think it’s fantastic when more people get to play great games, especially when they’re the games that inspired today’s generation of game developers. I don’t think it’s a bad thing that publishers can make some money by doing this - it still costs time, money, and resources to develop these things. It all comes down to a value proposition - it’s totally fine if you don’t want to buy the remaster of Chronicles of Mystara, but I bought steam keys for my entire pen and paper D&D group because I loved those games so much and the updated version allowed us to play together online. I would likewise preorder a similar remaster for Guardian Heroes or the Alien vs Predator arcade beat-em-up.

Got a burning question you want answered?

Hey Violet Sunflower, thank you for your question. I wanted to answer it publicly, if that’s okay.

So, I can only give you my answer, from my perspective. I don’t speak for anyone else. Here it goes:

There’s a big difference between dressing up as a character and donning brownface. When we dress up as a character, we are embodying that character’s essence. We are embracing the universality of their appeal and “being” them for a moment. But we do this with a great deal of respect. In a lot of ways I see cosplaying as an act of love; we love a character so much that we want to embody them. Brownface has a very different intention: to mock. There is no love in mockery. It generalizes and it draws not from knowledge but from stereotype. Tribute and Mockery lay at opposite ends of the spectrum. (There’s a fine line between Satire and Mockery but that’s for another time…)

Carlos is universal. Carlos is earnest. Carlos is a dork. Carlos is kind. Carlos is clueless. Carlos is (for the moment) in a long distance relationship. Carlos is a Scientist. These are things that many of us can relate to. These qualities transcend race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, religion, class, and age. 

So, I encourage you to cosplay Carlos. Sure, don’t do brownface, but do find out what it is that you love about Carlos and embody that. And, when you do, post the pictures so that I can see it and smile feeling lucky to be part of this awesome community of people that love stories so much that they want to exist in them. 

How To Run A Fandom Book Blog
How To Run A Fandom Book Blog

Podcast #1: Fandom Book Blogging

Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert, but I figured I would share my personal tips and hints as to how I started and continue to manage my blog!

I’ve listed the 10 tips below (which are split with the first 5 being what to do when you start your blog, and the rest being things you can do when you are well on your way) so if you didn’t want to listen, then it’s totally fine 😜

  1. Blog for yourself and not for others!!
  2. Have a memorable URL
  3. In the beginning, follow EVERYONE. 
  4. Find like minded people like yourself, and use original posts to do it! 
  5. Put as much quality content on your blog (desktop mode) BEFORE you begin blogging!
  6. Tag, tag, tag.
  7. Don’t be afraid to message people when you can!
  8. Learn to distance yourself from your viral posts.
  10. This is a personal one, but keep Anon off to drive off negativity and to celebrate friendships with real blogs.

Now, this isn’t the recipe for success, but I reckon it’s still a pretty good list to go by! Thanks for listening you guys and hopefully I can make more of these podcasts because they are so much fun!! 💕💕💕

I’m not a fan of character questionnaires because they often don’t actually help you develop your character. You might know a lot about them, but do you understand them? Do you really know who they are?

I’ve put together a list of 30 questions you should ask your characters – and I mean actually ask – to help you understand them, rather than just knowing things about them that won’t help you write their story. I want you to interview your character so that you can write their responses in their voice

30 Questions You Should Ask Your Characters

  1. What would need to happen for you to consider yourself at rock bottom?
  2. What would need to happen for you to consider yourself perfectly happy?
  3. What five things do you value the most?
  4. How do you react when your friends and loved ones flout these values?
  5. What is the personal quality you are most ashamed of? 
  6. What is the one thing you would never do no matter what? 
  7. What is the one thing that you would do even if you knew it wasn’t a good idea? 
  8. What are you good at?
  9. What are you bad at?
  10. Do you like who you are?
  11. What do you like about yourself?
  12. What do you wish you could change about yourself?
  13. What’s the worst physical pain you have ever felt?
  14. What’s the worst emotional pain you’ve ever felt?
  15. Who do you think is above you?
  16. Who do you think is beneath you?
  17. What have been the biggest struggles in your life?
  18. What have been your greatest achievements? 
  19. What do you think makes a person evil?
  20. What do you think makes a person good? 
  21. Are you open-minded or narrow-minded? 
  22. How is your bedroom decorated? Did you decorate it that way? If you could decorate it differently, how would it look?
  23. Describe your ideal Saturday. 
  24. Are you biased or prejudiced against anything or anyone? Even secretly or shamefully?
  25. Are you a leader or a follower?
  26. How do you deal with conflict? In what situations would you deal with conflict differently?
  27. To what extent do you care what others think of you? 
  28. If you had the opportunity to bring in one change in political policy, what would it be?
  29. Do you have any memories that make you wince?
  30. What would you make a scene in public about?

anonymous asked:

hi, I'm new to the studyblr community and I was wondering how I could take nice pictures for my blog/studygram, do you have any tips? 😊

hello there! i do have some tips! 

so you want that aesthetic you love seeing on your dash? here are some things you can do that aren’t difficult at all! 

  • lighting makes a huge difference
    • natural light makes photos clear and adds to the aesthetic
    • lamp light is okay if there is a lot of it!
    • usually, if it’s too dark outside already, i wait until the next day to take a picture. it’s just higher quality when taken in the daytime. 
  • use photo editing apps for nice filters or other editing options
    • vsco is awesome (that’s what i use!) 
    • instagram has some good ones, too
    • if photos look dark, increase the exposure or brightness 
  • positioning and angles make a difference, too!
    • try to take pictures directly above what you want to photograph
    • position the things you want in the picture the way you want them to show up
    • changing up the angles by focusing on one part of your notes or another creative angle helps when you want to upload more than one photo at once. your photoset will have different perspectives! 
  • you don’t have to take a picture of your whole page
    • bringing the camera closer to the page to get certain details works well, too
    • press and hold the phone or camera button to bring the foreground into focus. this will blur the background and add depth to your photos! 
  • experiment!
    • find out which filters you like/match the lighting you have 
    • tweak the exposure/brightness/contrast to see what makes your picture better
    • try black and white to see if that looks cool!

i know this sounds like a lot, but it’s pretty simple once you figure out what works for you :D have fun!


“Ship war” 
Obi: Okay, they sailed.
Zen: …I didn’t know I wouldn’t do this alone.

Izana: Can I join you? I have a small ship too.
Zen: Yeah, sure, WHY NOT.

Yes, this is a joke. :) and more like a doodle, not a serious drawing. But even my doodles have double meanings. As a bonus I wanted to draw Raj too with a huge eletric ship and the others saying he can’t partecipate like this. That would be cheating. One day I’ll do it :D
(if you click on the images they’re much clearer, tumblr likes to play with photo quality)

Inktober 2017 - Day 25 - Ship

My Four qualities to look for when looking for a good ts escort provider

#1 looks) because there is nothing better than kissing sucking n fucking a girl that u don’t have to put a bag over her head.

#2 personality) because u shouldn’t wanna fuck or pay any girl that u cannot have a decent conversation with or don’t let u get comfortable before service or who has a bad attitude because there are plenty of good looking bitchies with attitudes out here u can fuck for free if that’s all u want.

#3 price range) u wanna find the right price for a good ts escort because a chick with the body and looks of Beyonce don’t mean good service neither does paying a chick $300 or $400 for a blowjob or half hour or hour service because that chick who looks like Beyonce could only want your money and don’t give a fuck about making u happy so u end up being a sucker who not only payed $300 or $400 for a type of service u end up being a sucker who payed $300 or $400 for bad service leaving u double fucked I can say this because I’m embarrass to admit years ago when i first took a interest in ts escorts i was that sucker.

#4 the service your getting) this is one of the most important qualities because u will hear lots of girls tell u they do everything or u will read it on there ad but it’s a lie every girl has there limit of things they are willing to do even for money some are honest and then there’s the ones who only want your money in there hand so they will lie to get it that’s why i find it best to talk get comfortable and let her know what all u like to do because some girls just like to fuck guys some girls like to get fucked by guys and some girls like to do both some girls give u a real girlfriend experience which is my favorite especially if u want $300 or $400 from me and some girls don’t give the girlfriend experience and always use protection atleast until u been seeing her long enough to know she’s safe n clean there are plenty of ways to find this out her having a clean place or room is one way and her smelling good like she just stepped out the shower before or after u get there her place smelling good is another way not many people would follow my rules for finding a good ts escort but hey to each its own but this has saved me alot of money and headache and kept me from going home horny broke n unsatisfied lol.