i can die in peace

anonymous asked:

Apparently jb has a neck-shoulder tattoo, youngjae has an arm tattoo? Did you hear about this? I'm crying 😭 2jae tatted!!

🗣I DID HEAR ABOUT IT AND I HAVE LACED UP MY DETECTIVE SHOES BECAUSE I NEED ANSWERS!!! I WILL NOT SIT QUIETLY WHILE IM JAEBUM AND CHOI YOUNGJAE MAY HAVE GOTTEN TATTOOS I MUST KNOW THE TRUTH CAUSE AS LONG AS IT IS JUST A RUMOR IM ONLY ALLOWED TO DIE HALF WAY AND LIVE IN MISERY IT I FIND IT IS TRUE I CAN DIE IN PEACE AND IF IT IS NOT TRUE I CAN HAVE MY LIFE BACK!! man I hope it’s true tho Jaebums is looking like it’s not though cause it’s only been seen once and it’s not there now 😪but cha neva know he could be coving it with make up👀😂👀 But this Youngjae tattoo is a new occurrence and has my full attention👀👀 my heart will surely fall out of muh ass if my sunshine or my Zaddy got a tattoo😭😭😭😩👌