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uhmmm so this is kinda embarrassing but im working on my bsc rn & its so expensive in california, idk what to do anymore. im legit considering a sugar daddy cos i dont want to take out loans, the banks will literally run u down here :((

Oh my god I’m not good with this but I don’t think you should be selling your body for tuition money! I would look for a part-time job and apply for any scholarships, bursaries, or even loans if you really have to. 

I don’t know how much you need, but perhaps these things can help you? I use them sometimes in my free time to earn some money online. I know it’s not a lot, but it’s pretty minimal effort and could save you some shopping/food money :)

  1. Harris Polls - This is probably my favourite online website because I get around $100-150 per week :) It’s a lot like Earning Station if you know what that is, except the payout rate is better. You just have to complete surveys about the things you enjoy (food, shopping, lifestyle, etc.) and accumulate earnings through tasks. I spend my credits on gift cards so I cut down a lot on food and clothes, but you can redeem cash/other things if you want!
  2. Feature Points - Basically, you have to download apps for iOS or Android, earn points, and redeem the points for rewards: Paypal credit, Amazon/Starbucks gift cards, etc. Plus, I used the code 8HR5KC to get 50 bonus points! I get around $20-30 a week from this; it’s not a lot, but it definitely helps to pay for my monthly tram pass.

Either way, let me know how it goes babe, I’ll be here if you ever need to talk about it xx

Castle Fics published in August 2014

As I forgot to do this for July, here is a list of wonderful fics that were published in the month of August. Separated into One/Two Shots and Multichapters, and I’ll mark if it’s M or In progress. 

One/Two Shots

Tied by morgangirl11 (M)

ex nihilo omnia by Cora Clavia

waiting game (M), shades of doubt and between two lungs by bravevulnerability

Enough for now by Ky03elk

Hooked on a Feeling by lms2457

Under Pressure by ColieMacKenzie

A Brief Madness by Polly Lynn

Contact (M) and Practice by Kato Molotov

Curiosity by Garrae (M)

The Strong One by CalPal052699

ever so on the road and out of the ashes by AlyssaLucyAnne

The Walls Come Tumbling Down by ilovetoread09

Inferno by flawedperfectionx

Puppy Love by stanaticfanatic

Witchcraft (M) and Falling Into You by kimmiesjoy

What is WooHoo? and Back to Square One by The-KLF

I Hope This Gets To You by jstar1382

Again and When stuck in an elevator by nighttimerunner

Run To You by glowfrominside

In Need of Some Action by Lord of Kavaka

A Proposal and a Ring by KroganVanguard

Denouement by alwayswritewithcoffee

In My Dreams by CuffedBunnies

hold my hand when lights go down by speedofloveSK

an offer he can’t refuse by sugar free vanilla

One but the Other by ShutUpAndPull

in the rain by nevergoback


Handle With Care by bravevulnerability (extra special shout out to this because it was semi inspired by me and I’m super excited) 

No Place I’d Rather Be by skygirl55

All I Want Is Now by blue252

It Was Always You by TR-Fanfic (complete)

Lust by Oliviet (M)

Uvivi by seilleanmor 

Night People by Father Vengeance (Technically a repost of an old fic, but so happy it’s back you should read it) 

Enjoy the Silence by leuska 

Here’s your lifeline by CaskettFeels

Nikki Heat by Neuship (complete)

Young Hearts by stanaticfanatic 

Meet by Anonymous033 

You Leave Me Breathless by CeroMero

Is This How It Ends? by spaceman-earthgirl (complete)

Sleepless in Manhattan by Docnerd89

Payback by Garrae (complete) (M)

Time and Tide by KB-RC23

So obviously this isn’t all fics, but if you know of a fic that should definitely be on this list let me know and I can add! :)


James Asmus/Tom Fowler/Ming Doyle/Kano
Valiant Comics

This is my official plug of Valiant Entertainment’s Quantum and Woody series! This has quickly become one of my favorite series. I just finished the second volume and I need everyone to know how excellent this comic is!

The story is about two estranged foster brothers who could not be more different, reunited by their father’s murder and ending up with superpowers that make them inseparable and tangled in a big scientific conspiracy. Their begrudging reunion turns into a superhero partnership full of crazy adventures and genuine humor.

This comic is 100% fun! It is totally “superhero” while still being a genre-twisting, bonkers adventures that is laugh out loud funny! That’s not even hyperbole. I actually laughed out loud a lot while reading this! And even beyond it being a genuinely hilarious comic, the story is really interesting and the characters are really engaging. Issue 5 is probably one of my favorite single issue stories I’ve ever read.

Plus there’s a goat with heat vision.

And I can’t say enough about the art. The series has great covers but also gets a ton of really beautiful variant covers, which are collected in the back of the volumes which is a really nice feature! The interiors are also truly fantastic. Tom Fowler brings so much energy to the characters and the action and gives the book the exact kind of feel you’d want out of a comic this bonkers. He’s definitely missed but well replaced in volume two, issues 5-8 by Ming Doyle, whose work I also really enjoy! She does such a  great job with the characters! And I can’t wait to see what Kano does in Volume 3.

Seriously check this comic out! I personally can’t wait to pick up volume three so I can be all caught up and start collecting monthly! Catch up with volume one, two, and three. Or check out the whole series on Comixology.

BONUS: If When you fall in love with this book go check out the Delinquents, a crossover story with Valiant’s Archer and Armstrong series. I’ve only read the first issue but it was fucking delightful.