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Tales of Delicious Revenge from a Recovering Retail Worker

I discovered this sub a while ago and it has breathed new life into my withered soul. Today, it’s time that I return the favor.

These tales of petty revenge all took place over the three long years that I had the misfortune of working retail at a big-box store best known for its red bullseye logo and bitchy middle-class clientele. Enjoy.

I was working in the fitting room one night when this lady bustles in with 3000 different items of clothing that she wanted to try on. Unfortunately my store had just lifted the item limit for the fitting room, so I begrudgingly had to let her take everything back.

She proceeds to make a HUGE mess in the fitting room (leaving clothes inside-out all over the floor, tags ripped off of items, size stickers peeled off and slapped onto the wall… the whole nine yards).

After she leaves, I report the ripped off tags to Assets Protection (per fitting room policy) and, figuring that would be the extent of my revenge, I resigned to cleaning up the mess she left me.

Then I get a call from the manager. He wants me up at the registers to do back up. I had worked the registers before, but it was exceptionally rare for me to get pulled away from the fitting room to do backup. Still, I don’t protest and I head up to the register.

Guess who my first customer is? Yep, the mess-making bitch from the fitting room. The manager has directed her straight to me, and I can tell from the wide-eyed look of horror on her face that she realizes she has just been lead into a trap.

She slowly begins to plop her items onto the conveyerbelt and tries to make nervous small-talk. At first I assume she’s just feeling awkward about the mess that she left… but when I get a better look at her items, I immediately realize there’s something much fishier going on.

Her purchase consists entirely of women’s clothing, and I recognize most of the items as brand new stuff that has recently come in. Stuff that should cost full price. So when I see nearly every single item’s price tag covered with a bright red 70% off clearance sticker, I realize that something’s up. When I look down at the first item from her pile, my suspicions are confirmed: the item I’m holding in my hands is a woman’s Mossimo Black clothing item, but it has a bright blue Circo tag that belongs on infant boy clothes.

Busted! This bitch was switching tags on clothes to get a lower price! Not only that, but she was so brazen (or stupid) that she used tags from the wrong department!

I don’t make it immediately obvious that I’ve figured out her scheme. Instead, I think fast. From my experience in the fitting room, I know every item of clothing has a little white tag on the inside that has a nine-digit item code. So instead of scanning the items, I proceed to type in each and every item manually, using the ACTUAL numbers inside each garment.

The woman watches this all unfold with a nauseous look on her face, as item after item rings up at full price ($19 - $29, compared to the $2 or $4 price tags she had stuck on each item). As her total grows, so does the look of combined hatred and fear on her face.

Finally she stammers something about “coming back later” and runs off towards the exit. The Assets Protection guy watches her walk out, then comes over to me. He reveals that he had been watching this chick before she even went into the fitting room, but he didn’t have enough on camera to approach her. Since I was the only team member working that night who was familiar with the clothing / tags, the manager put me on the register to check her out.. literally!

It’s the week before Christmas and the store is frantic. I’m manning the phones (which are ringing off the hook), and one night I get a call from Bitch Princess, who wants to know if we have any [insert name of whatever animatronic hatching robot dog toy every kid had to have that year].

Now the store’s holiday policy said we could confirm availability over the phone, but we weren’t supposed to put high-demand items (like the barking bird robot thing) on hold for a customer. Regardless, I was still un-jaded enough to like hooking people up (I’m still waiting on that lifetime of good retail karma to kick in…)

I let BP know that this highly-coveted toy has been flying off the shelves for weeks and I’m doubtful that we have any in stock, but I can happily check for her if she’s willing to go on a brief hold. She impatiently agrees to the hold, and I set the phone down.

After being slightly delayed by a customer that ambushed me on the sales floor, I miraculously find ONE of these stupid toys on the shelf. I grab it and head back to my post, excited to tell BP I just saved Christmas, but when I get back I find the phone ringing again. Recognizing the number on the caller ID display, I quickly deduce that Bitch Princess has hung up and is now calling back.

I barely get a chance to recite my scripted greeting before BP cuts me off, yelling that I put her on hold for “30 minutes” (more like 7), that she’s a customer and it’s my job to assist her, some nonsense about her having priority over the customers in the store, blah blah blah. I want to point out that literally NONE of what she’s saying is true, but I keep my lips sealed.

Instead, in a ridiculously pleasant voice, I say: “ma’am, thank you SO MUCH for your patience. I checked the sales floor and couldn’t find [stupid toy], but the computer is telling me that we might have one in the backroom. If you bear with me for another minute here, I can—”

She grumbled that yes, I could check the backroom, but I “better hurry” because she doesn’t have time for this. Smiling gleefully, I put the phone back on hold and proceed to return [stupid toy] to the spot where I found it on the sales floor. I then spend a nice chunk of time helping out ACTUAL customers in the store.

Eventually I remember that BP is still waiting on hold and I return to the phone. “Ma’am, good news… we do have ONE in stock,” I say. BP immediately barks at me to put it on hold, and a devious Grinch-like smile spreads across my face. “I’m so sorry ma’am, but we’re actually unable to put high-demand items on hold at this time. All I can do is confirm that it’s currently available on the sales floor…”

BP unleashes the wrath of a thousand fiery infernos and demands to speak to a manager. I oblige, transferring her to the closing manager (who confirmed the store policy, before promptly being hung up on).

I was pretty pleased with the turn of events, but the cherry on top came a short time later when BP actually shows up at the store, only to discover that the toy had already been purchased by another guest.

It was nearly closing time, and I was tasked with “zoning” (or straightening up) the shoe department for the night. It was nearly impossible for me to get anything done, though, because this obnoxious woman kept making me drop everything to help her shop for shoes for her toddler.

The worst part was that the woman didn’t put anything back where she found it. Instead, she just leaves the shoe boxes strewn throughout the aisle (wtf). She finally leaves, and I drag myself over to the massive mess that she’s left behind.

As I’m returning all of the discarded shoe boxes to their rightful locations, I’m popping them open to make sure the correct shoes are inside. When I open one of the boxes, I discover a very sweet sight indeed: a dirty pair of toddler sneakers.

It’s a scam I’ve seen far too many times: someone swaps out a pair of new shoes with their old dirty shoes. Only this time, instead of getting away, I had caught the crook red-handed (or red-footed?)

I tucked the shoebox under my arm and quickly retraced the woman’s steps. Sure enough, I was able to find her in the grocery section. And sure enough, her toddler was sitting in the cart wearing a pair of brand new cartoon character sneakers.

I approached the mom with a giant shit-eating grin on my face and said: “I’m so glad I caught you! You almost left without these!” I held open the box with the dirty sneakers.

The woman had the nerve to pin the blame on her child, playing it off as if her kid had swapped the sneakers. Smh.  


Holiday shit always gets marked down to clearance the day after a holiday and people tend to get a little worked up about it. One time, this guy calls the store the day after Easter and asks how much the white chocolate Cadbury mini eggs had been discounted. I told him they were marked down 30% (the standard first mark down) and he’s not satisfied with that and hangs up. He proceeds to call back EVERY DAMN DAY to ask for the price, and every time he’s rude and weird about it. When they finally get marked down to 50%, I think he’ll bite… but nope. Still not cheap enough.

Finally at 90% he’s interested and asks me, over the phone, to take every single bag off the sales floor and put them on hold for him. I tell him no (goes against store policy to hold clearance), but since the candy is about to be defected (taken out of inventory), the manager tells me to just do it. So I wheel a cart over to the clearance aisle, and that’s when I hatch a plan.

There are two kinds of candy leftover in clearance: white chocolate Cadbury mini eggs, and white chocolate m&ms. For whatever reason, we have about 50 bags of each. Feeling a spirit of pettiness overtake me, I fill the cart with the m&ms and push it to the front with a 24 hour hold ticket. I wasn’t there when the guy showed up the next morning, but I’d imagine he was pretty livid to discover the wrong candy on hold, and then to realize that the actual candy he wanted had been defected out.

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Do you know that post about an uber driver surprising passengers with puppies inside their cab? Because I dreamed about it last night but with victuuri. Like, driver!victor with makkachin and his pups at the backseat, then passenger!yuuri enters and victor just stares at him bc wow what an angel??? 'pls marry me we'll travel the world and raise these puppies together???' Lmao it's just so cute too bad i woke up right after that it's such a nice dream ;//

On Victor Nikiforov’s Uber profile it says: prefers passengers with pets.

Yuuri doesn’t have a pet with him, but he does need a ride, so he figures ‘prefer’ is going to have to be the operative word in this situation. Phichit hadn’t been able to give him a ride, something had come up, so he’s leaning against the brick wall outside of a diner. There are waves of rain beating down on the sidewalk in front of him and a tiny, maroon awning is his only savior.

When he sees a white convertible pull up, he squints, wondering if this could possibly be his driver. Deciding to take the risk, he hurries into the rain and peers into the window. There’s a man inside, too blurry to make out, but he’s waving to him, so Yuuri opens the back door.


(No, this can’t be the right car.)

“Come in, you’re going to get soaked!” the man calls, and there’s a playfulness to his voice, an invitation.

“You have dogs,” Yuuri blurts, as though the man doesn’t know that there are currently five brown poodles habituating the back of his fancy convertible.

The man–Victor, Yuuri reminds himself–nods. “That one is Makkachin, he’s the oldest. And that one is Spot–do you see the spot on his back?–and that one is Bella, she’s the troublemaker, and then that’s Charlie…”

“Right, okay,” Yuuri blurts, and he gets into the car, shutting the door behind him. A dog lays down on his lap. He can’t buckle his seatbelt.

“Where are you heading?”

Yuuri swallows. “Um, doesn’t it say in your, uh, thing?”

Victor looks at his GPS. He’s definitely attractive, Yuuri notes. “Yes, I suppose it does. Just trying to make conversation.”

“Oh, right, sorry. Um, I can’t get my seatbelt on.”

“Oh, Makka!” Victor scolds, looking over his shoulder. “You can just push him off, it’s fine. Just be gentle, please.”

Yuuri tries to push the dog off, but he whines and keeps his head on Yuuri’s thigh. He doesn’t have the heart to try again, so he just prays that Victor is a good driver. “So why, um, why the dogs?”

“Why not?”

(Fair enough.)

Victor turns a corner and Yuuri holds onto Makkachin, trying to keep him from slipping. “Aren’t they cute?” Victor asks, sounding hopeful.

“Yeah, they are,” he admits, patting Makkachin’s head. “Are they all poodles?”


“I used to have a poodle.”

Victor frowns, looking at him through the rearview mirror. “They’re very loyal dogs. They like riding around, meeting passengers. I’ve never seen Makkachin take as much of a liking to one as he has to you, though.”

He blushes and ducks his head. “Really?”

“Really. In fact, it’d be a shame if he were to never see you again after this ride, so maybe you should give me your phone number. So that you can visit. For the dog’s happiness.”

(Well, that escalated quickly.)

He tries to figure out whether or not Victor is asking him out.

But, it’s for the dog’s happiness, after all.

“S-Sure. I mean, I do need rides sometimes….”

“You’ll be my priority customer,” Victor promises. “Now hold on.”

“Haha oka–what?”

They swing around a tight corner, Yuuri is thrown against the door. The dogs don’t look at all disturbed, they maintain their places and pant happily at the man in the front seat. “Sorry about that!”

He clutches his heart. “Yeah… Yeah, no problem.”

“Wow, you’re even cuter when you’re flustered,” Victor muses, watching the rearview mirror again.

Yuuri, on the other hand, watches the road. “Look out!”

He glances down at the road, swings their car to the right. “Don’t worry, it’s fine.”

“D-Definitely fine,” Yuuri repeats, unsure.

Then, they’re at his stop. “See you soon?”

(For the dog, Yuuri thinks.)

(For the dog, and for that man’s stunningly gorgeous eyes.)

“Sure. See you soon.”


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Pairing: Jungkook x reader [feat: Taehyung]
Genre: angst. smut. trouble makers au. 
Word Count: 4.2k

Jungkook, Taehyung, and yourself, live in a poor area of Seoul. The three of you grew up together in another small poor town, so once you moved into Seoul with Jungkook and Taehyung, living in another small poor area didn’t bother you, even though you WANTED to live in the city, but that couldn’t happen due to the fact that you do not get paid enough at your job, while Jungkook and Taehyung have a harder time keeping jobs due getting into fights or even stealing from their jobs in order to help provide for each other, but also causing trouble around the neighborhood. 

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Cups of coffee

 *Lafayette x reader
*Word count: 1051

Summary: You work at a coffee shop in New York and Lafayette comes in twenty minutes early. Fluff ensues.

A/N: I’m basically going through all of my writing and fixing it up, because it’s all horrible lmao. Anyways, enjoy and sorry if I missed any mistakes!

Warnings: none

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It was an average day in New York. The weather was cold and windy, there was loud honking from cabs who were stuck in traffic, and everyone was pushing past each other harshly. No one ever seemed to be in the mood to be a somewhat decent person in the early morning rush of New York City.

Y/n finally made her way to the small coffee shop her family owned, unlocking the cafe and walking inside. Y/n let out a sigh of relief as she took of her coat and walked behind the counter to prepare her own coffee before the shop opened for the day.

There was a ding, signaling the doors had opened. Y/n walked to the front, frowning to see a very cute man, wide eyed with hair pulled up into a bun. “Sir, we’re not open for another 20 minutes-” He cut her off, panting. “I know, I know, but I have to get to work in the next,” he paused and checked his phone, eyes widening. “Ten minutes, please just make me one cup, I’ll pay double and everything.”

Y/n sighed, before nodding her head, taking his order and going to turn on the coffee machine. She then turned back to face him to study him more, smiling when she saw him walking around nervously. “Hey, you okay?” He looked at her and shrugged.

She laughed a bit and nodded, turning back to continue working on his black coffee. Y/n wrinkled her nose in disgust at the thought of someone drinking something so plain. Especially someone who didn’t seem plain at all. She finally finished the drink and turned back to give the man his coffee, smiling softly at him despite how tired she was.

“The total is $5.50.” The man smiled as he took the coffee from her hands and set it down on the counter, reaching into his pocket to pull out a $20 bill. He handed the money to you, taking his coffee and stepping away from the counter. He turned around and made his way towards the door.

“Isn’t this a bit much?”

He didn’t turn around, he only stopped and talked over his shoulder. “I told you I’d pay double.”

It had been a week since Y/n served coffee to the man with the really great hair– She had to admit, she was a bit jealous that he managed to make a bun look so good.

Y/n unlocked the door to the cafe, walking back behind the counter to repeat her daily routine. Put her purse away in the back room, hang up her coat, and turn on the coffee machine to prepare her own coffee for the day. She didn’t want to be a total bitch when she was serving people their coffee.

But for some reason, she kept hoping that the man would show up again today, begging her to make him his coffee twenty-minutes early.

The door suddenly chimed, making Y/n look up from her phone and give the customer her signature ‘hi-what-can-I-get-you-please-don’t-order-anything-crazy’ smile. The man smiled, running a hand through his shoulder-length hair and walked towards the counter. “Hi, uh, are you Y/n?”

Y/n chuckled and looked down at her shirt that showed off her nametag before looking up at the man. “Yeah, I’m pretty sure my name is Y/n.” The man chuckled nervously, looking down at his shoes before looking back up at her. “Can I get your number?” Her once relaxed posture stiffened. Y/n furrowed her eyebrows and frowned, trying to find a way to decline his request.

His eyes widened when he noticed how uncomfortable she felt. “Uh, not for me. I-It’s for my friend, he came in like a week ago. He was tall, he had curly hair pulled up into a bun, uh, he was also dark skinned? He also had a French accent! His name is Lafayette.” Y/n smiled when he mentioned his name, “why couldn’t Lafayette himself come get my number himself?” She laughed, pulling out a piece of paper to write her name and number down.

“He’s been sick all week and asked me to come get it,” he laughed, shrugging as he took the small piece of paper from her. She nodded her head. “Well, thank you mr..?” He smiled, shaking her hand, “Alexander Hamilton. Call me Alex.” Y/n nodded, waving goodbye as he walked out the door hurriedly.

After another long day, Y/n locked the door of the cafe and began her long trek home, singing quietly under her breath to a Halsey song she had been playing in the cafe earlier.

When she finally reached home, she collapsed onto her couch and let out a soft groan, a buzz from her phone pulling her out of her thoughts.

Uh hey! It’s Lafayette, I had my friend come and get your number earlier. Sorry I couldn’t come myself but I’ve been pretty damn sick and well.. uh, ya know. Anyways, I should be getting better soon so I was wondering if you wanted to.. maybe go on a date?? It’s fine if you don’t, you probably have a boyfriend considering how beautiful you are.
Sent at 10:55pm

She laughed at the text, beginning to answer when her phone went off again.

Fuck! Why did I send that? Um anyways, sorry about that. You’re probably weirded out right now. Uh anyways, I’ll stop bugging you.
Sent at 10:55pm

You’re so sweet! No, I don’t have a boyfriend and yes, I would love to go out with you :)
Sent at 10:56pm

Sweet, how about this Saturday at 7pm?
Sent at 10:58pm

They both proceeded to text back and forth, smiling when she shut off her phone and let out a dreamy sigh.

Thank god for making a stranger coffee twenty-minutes early.

One of the most boggling things i’ve found about working in retail is how much power and influence customers seem to think i have…… a lady came up to me yesterday and said “i’d like to show you this.” She pulled up a picture on her phone of a wilted salad that she’d bought so of course I was like “Gosh, I’m so sorry! If you just go right over there to Customer Service they can refund y-” and she interrupts me like “No, no, I don’t want a refund, I just wanted to show you.”

((Like??/. ?? What? are you trying to accomplish, ma’am? Are you trying to make me feel guilty? in which case i would like to inform you my self worth is in no way connected to the quality of my workplace’s lettuce))

Then she continues “So you can do something about it.”

Madam. Dear, dear customer. I am a cashier. Do u think this phone next to my register has a direct line to the Whole Foods CEO? Am i in personal correspondence with the state Salad Quality coordinator ? Would you like me to inform the grocery staff that the natural decay process of lettuce is unacceptable? Should I reverse time so that your salad is fresh once again? Who does this lady think i am. What power does she think i wield. who am i

Seventeen as your co-workers (fast food)

This will be bases off of my personal experiences with working at a fast food chain.

•The manager
• Knows how to keep his employees in line without them hating him
• Overall laid back
• Lets you pick when you want break (within reason)
• Lets you sneak food sometimes
• Knows how to deal with difficult customers

• Doesn’t want to be there
• Only wants money
• “Can I take me break now?”
• “Jeonghan, you got here 15 minutes ago…”
• Tells customers a certain matchine is broken so he doesn’t have to make it
•Never wears his uniform hat
•He’d ask you if you want to come in for him a lot

• All the customers love him
• Everyone wants him to take their order
• Will work for you of he doesn’t have something already planned for that day
• Super clean uniform all the time
•Like he never gets stained with food???
• Ask about how your life is going and genuinely cares
•Blushes when old ladies call him handsome

• Doesn’t like to stay after his shift ends
• Helps new workers get adjusted
•Gives extra fries to customers who were super nice to him
• One time you forgot your money to get food for break so he paid for you
• “Thank you so much, Jun! I promise to pay you back!”
•"It’s fine. Don’t worry about it, (Y/N)“

• Doesn’t care if customers use a water cup for soda
• Orders a lot of food on his breaks and is able to eat it all
• Works in the kitchen
• Got burned on the grill
• You rushed to help him but he insisted he was okay
•You helped him by putting burn cream on and bandage the burn
•He’d call you Dr. (Y/N) from that day on

• Nice to all the customers
• Always looks friendly
• Doesn’t like to work in the kitchen because it’s too hot for him
• Remembers his co-workers birthdays
• Switches name tags with you because he thinks it’s funny
•*while wearing your name tag* “I’m finally the prettiest girl here!”

• Crew trainer
• Was offered a manager position several times
• Turned it down everytime because he doesn’t want the extra responsibility and hours
• Works in kitchen so he doesn’t have to deal with annoying customers
• All the employees respect him
• Knows your order by heart and can make it just the way you like it

• Maintenance crew
• Fixes the machines, takes out the trash, help with stocking the front and kitchen…
• Hates closing
•Ask to use the restroom just so he can be on his phone
•Pretends to be doing something when a co-worker he doesn’t like ask for help
• Doesn’t hesitate to help you

• Brings healthy food from home
• Likes to be assigned fry station when it’s busy
• “Mingyu, are you okay?!”
•"Yeah I’m fine. I just got salt in my eye again.“
•Volunteers to take food out to the parked cars
•Lowkey likes to flirt

• Super happy all the time
• People have called a manager over to compliment his customer service
• Makes conversation with customers
• Sometimes late to work
• Seungcheol doesn’t write him up for it
• The first one to say hello when you show up for work

• Gets annoyed easily
• Hates when customers take forever to order
• Gets excited when he sees a dog in the drive through
• Makes funny faces at kids to make them laugh
• You two sing to the songs playing on the speakers
• You and the rest of the gag trio hang out after work

• Drops money and food all the time
• Doesn’t like to tuck in his work shirt
• Wears expensive shoes to work and complains when they get dirty
• Comes to work with food from a different resturant
• You guys like to take breaks together and listen to music
• If you’re working on his day off he’ll bring you a drink or snack from your favorite place sometimes

• Hard worker
• Always on time
• Gets nervous when working the front counter but does well
• Works a lot of hours
• Does little dances to make you smile/laugh
• Doesn’t like to eat there on his days off because he’s there so much already

Midnight (Nalu ff, 1/1)

summary: Lucy and Natsu are co-workers and best friends at the coffee shop Fairy Tail.

rated f for fluff! 
words: 1400
no ff link included due to tumblr being rude, but it is posted on there!

a/n: Based off this fanart by @totobeary. Their art is beautiful and I 100% recommend checking it out! 

Her boss must have been insane to leave him with Lucy for final hours of the day, but one look from manager Mirajane had killed any complaints before she could voice them. So, here she was, trying to pretend she wasn’t bored out of her mind, knowing that the slightest sign of weakness would lead Natsu Dragneel into suggesting something crazy and she, gullible and irrevocably in love with him, would most likely agree to it.

She toyed with one of the empty cups, spinning it between her fingers aand her eyes darted to the clock. 11:50. Fairy Tail - the prided coffee shop of Magnolia - closed at midnight except for on special occasions.

Most days were a special occasion, even if the reason was for something trivial; basically, Fairy Tail was always ready party, but thankfully not tonight. She groaned, knowing that she had the closing shift again tomorrow and it was one of their late days.


Lucy froze.


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Fun Phone News:

So, I got on customer support online chat with the lovely people at Google today (I have a Nexus 5X for all y’all phone/tech nerds out there), and I was like, “Hey bro, listen, my phone just turned off and refuses to turn back on. I’ve tried to load it in recovery mode, I’ve let it stay in the bootloader menu and it didn’t restart, etc. and nothing’s working.”

And there was a long pause in the chat, then the dude answers back, “Wow…you already did a lot of my work for me.”

“Yeah, I work in tech, so I didn’t wanna bother y’all until I was sure I couldn’t fix it.”

“Well, thank you. Let’s see what we can do!”

Twenty fucking minutes later, I’m getting a brand new phone even though my warranty is expired.

Guys, you can say some shit about Google, but their Project Fi customer service is the best. I’ll have a new phone by Tuesday/Wednesday with free FedEx shipping.

In the words of Allie Brosh, maybe everything isn’t hopeless bullshit :D

Side note, that means I’ll need to get all my lovely bitches’ phone numbers again…

(@saxxxology@leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @kayteonline I’m referring to you)

You should be paying ME to talk to YOU!

Many many many years ago, in the early days of cell phones, I worked customer service for a cell phone company, who’s name is just a bunch of letters. This man called in, and I was lucky enough to get him on my headset.
“Thank you for calling <redacted>. How can I help you?”
Him (screaming) “This fucking phone isn’t working! I can’t make calls and people call me and just get my voice mail! Fix it god damnit!”

Usually, the first thing we do is have to customer power the phone off and then on again. Nine times out of ten, this re-registered the phone on the cell site and made it work again. So I suggest this to him. He just continues to scream.
“Fuck you I’m not doing that! I’m a fucking lawyer. My time is very valuable! People pay me hundreds of dollars an hour. You should be paying ME to talk to YOU!”

As he’s ranting, I’m checking out the computer. We had two programs; one that was Windows based, contained all the normal account stuff and a DOS based program that would show you what cell sites they were pinging off of, as well as allow you to deauthorize their phone, basically knocking it off the cell site until they powered the phone off and on (sometimes the phones got hung up between sites). The Windows program could be seen by the bosses, but the DOS one could not.

I check his account in Windows. He’s all paid up and everything’s fine from that angle. I pull up the DOS program and sure enough, the cell sites aren’t picking up his phone. So I tell him again to just turn the phone off and on again, and that should fix the problem.

“FUCK YOU! I shouldn’t have to do that! I shouldn’t have to do anything you dumb bitch! You need to fix this right now. And I want my account credited for every second I can’t use my phone!” I explain that we can’t do that, his service is fine, all he has to do is pick up the cell site again. He continues to scream, yell and threaten to get me fired if I don’t fix his phone and give him credit. I keep telling him he has the ability to fix the problem himself if he just presses that one little power button. After some more cursing and sputtering, he finally hangs up on me.

After he hangs up and my ears stop bleeding, I go to add my notes about the call into the Windows program. I look back at the previous notes and see this guy has been a douche-nozzle to every single operator he’s ever spoken to. So I write his phone number down on a little post-it and stick it to my computer. For the rest of the time I worked there, whenever I had a spare minute, I’d pull his phone up in the DOS program and knock it off the cell site. And I did it completely randomly. Sometimes once a day, sometimes as many as twenty.
Petty? Absolutely. But it gave me a certain perverse joy.

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Why I Hate Delta Airlines

Gather round kids, because today I am going to tell you a very interesting story about systemic racism.

At around Christmas last year, I was in Detroit, getting ready to head back to the Middle East for my winter break.  I had everything I needed with me; my passport, my travel documents, my luggage etc. My aunt dropped me off at the airport exactly 2 hours before my flight was support to depart- which would’ve given me enough time to go through customs and board the plane.

I forgot to print out my boarding pass, so we decided to split up to save time; my sister would go print it out while my aunt and I would line up at the Delta Airlines check-in counter. The line moved fasted than we all assumed, though, and by the time it was our turn, my sister returned empty handed. No biggie, I had travelled to and from a ton of different airports before and I knew the lady at the counter would print one out for me.

I headed up to the counter, smiled politely at the lady, handed her my passport & documents and calmly explained my situation to her. She stared back at me with a bewildered look on her face and continued typing my information up in her system.

“Are you [xxx]?” She asked.

“Yes,” I responded, taking my glasses off & fixing my headscarf so she could know that the girl in the picture was indeed me.

“You cannot board this flight.”


“You can’t go on this plane.”


“You came too late. You should’ve arrived here earlier.” She responded, handing me back my documents.

My aunt checked the time on her iPhone. Only 30 minutes had passed since we arrived.

“The boarding pass says very clearly that I should arrive 2 hours before my flight and I came here at 8 PM.”

“I am sorry, I can’t help you out." 

At this point, I was really frustrated. I was hungry, tired and very eager to go home. I was about to go off at her, when my sister pulled me aside & said, "don’t do it. It’s pointless. It won’t change a thing.”

My aunt, being more stubborn than the rest of us continued to try to reason with her, but it was no use. Talking to her just resulted in her screaming at us & degrading us in front of the other passengers.

It’s funny, because I stood back & watched this happen. A passive participant in my own story. I also stood back and watched her drastic change of attitude as she assisted the blonde family standing behind me board with ease, even giving them time to fix their overweight luggage. Funny how tardiness was inherently only a problem for us.

By the time we finally gave up, an hour had passed. My uncle came to pick us up. As soon as we set foot inside the car, my aunt handed my sister her phone and insisted she call Delta Airlines’ customer service. So she did…I assume she spoke to the manager (?), who was apparently very shocked by the fact that this happened to us, especially since we still had at least 45 minutes left till the flight would depart when we called. We were given no explanation for why this happened to us.

Unsatisfied by this, I called the customer service again as soon as we got home. This time, I was redirected to a call center in India. “I am sorry, there is not much I can do for you.” The lady said, “except give you a $200 voucher.” To put things in perspective, a ticket back home usually costs more than $1,000. This “voucher”, by the way, was incredibly pointless since no one gave me instructions on how to redeem it & I ultimately ended up not even using it.

This was my story.

No explanation. No apology. No reimbursement. Degraded in front of all the other passengers. Directed to a call center where I spoke to a lady with absolutely no power to actually do anything for me. Arrived home 2 weeks later than I was supposed to. Still waiting for someone to give me a valid reason for why all of this happened to me.

For all these reasons, I will never recommend Delta Airlines to a friend or travel with them ever again.

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My store has a loyalty program that customers can 'check in' with to earn discounts by giving their phone number when they order. I sure do LOVE it when somebody walks up and I warmly greet them and ask them how they're doing, and they completely ignore me and just rattle off their phone number without even giving me time to pull up the number pad on my screen.

I calmly go to the correct screen and ask “please say that again” sometimes they will complain about me not being ready. I just look at them and say “your total is $75 how would you like to pay?” They will point out the fact I didn’t scan anything and I tell them that’s how I feel when they tell me their phone number before they even mention I need to be on that screen. I get an apology about half the time. I get snarky comment the other half.


I feel like my dash has been bogged down with a lot of negativity-centered posts lately and I feel sad about that; it’s not the kind of atmosphere I want to create with this blog. Here’s a life update.

  • My phone is in Boyfriend’s car… and he lives in another city. Whoops. So I’ll be living without a phone for a little while until I can meet with him again! I’m not devastated, though. It gives me a chance to unplug.
  • I love love love wood burning! I think I’ll be going to the store to get some slabs today and start working on some bigger projects.
  • I’m thinking my own custom runes. Not Futhark, but my own unique symbols that have meaning to me.

So yeah, what’s up? Tell me something good that’s been happening lately!


Looking down at the ticket in my hand, I check the number again before looking at the numbers listed above the seats. When I finally arrive at the correct one, I see my seat neighbour already there.

“Excuse me.” I said, and when he turns my breath catches. His blue eyes are what draws me in first, then the kind smile on his face, and his messy brown hair falling into his eyes.

“Let me guess, window seat?” He asks, his voice rumbling through my body. All I can do is nod, unable to form any words. He stands quickly, allowing me to slip past him, our bodies making brief contact.

I fiddle with placing my bag under my seat, using the time to gather my thoughts and control the redness blossoming on my face. Sitting back upright, I turn to look at him, just as he turns to look at me.

“Hi.” He says, smiling still. The stranger holds out a hand for me to shake. “I’m Joe.”

I lift my hand to place in his, and shake it, giggling slightly. “Y/N.”

“Figured since we’ll be sat together for the next eight hours or so, we should know each other’s names.” Joe slowly releases my hand, and for a moment I miss the warmth, before remembering he’s still a total stranger.

“Well, nice to meet you, Joe.” We settle back into our seats for a moment, letting the noise of everyone finding and settling into their seat wash over us, occasionally my eyes flicker over to his to study his profile.

Finally, it seems like everyone is settled, and the flight attendants do their final checks.

“Looks like we lucked out,” Joe leans in close to speak softly in my ear. “It’ll just be us two for the entire trip.”

“How’d we manage that?”

“I bribed the lady at the counter.” For a moment, I believe him, before realizing he’s joking, and we both start to laugh, quieting when the flight attendant walks by to check our seat belts.

It seems like only moments later, our plane begins to move, and a knot forms in my stomach. I had briefly forgotten we were actually on a plane, but the nerves that had disappeared suddenly hit me, twice as hard. My grip tightens on the armrest, as I watch the ground slowly move below us.

“Not a fan of flying, I assume.” I hear from beside me, and I nod, unable to drag my eyes away from the moving tarmac. “Here, maybe this will help.”

I feel my hand removed from the armrest, and a warmth replaces it. That does make me shift my gaze, to see Joe’s hand in mine. I give him a questioning look, which he shrugs at.

“Some times, its easier if you have a hand to hold.” As soon as the words leave his lips, our plane bumps slightly, and my grip tightens in his.

“Sorry.” I say, but he shakes his head and squeezes my hand. “It’s mostly just the taking off and landing that bother me.” I explain, closing my eyes as I feel the plane turn.

“It’ll be over soon.” Joe’s voice washes over me, and it soothes me.

Somehow, the plane takes off and I manage to not have a full blown panic attack. I don’t release his hand until the light blinks off for seat belts and people start to shift in the cabin.

“Thanks.” I tell him, looking down at his hand, seeing the red marks fading. “And again, sorry.”

“No worries.” Joe moves his hand to his lap, as if nothing happened. “So, you don’t like flying, but here you are, flying from LA to London.”

I laugh before responding, “I know, seems crazy. But my family wanted me to visit for a while. They offered to pay for the flight, so I figured I could manage it for them.”

“That was sweet of you.” I lower my head as I blush, feeling his shoulders shake as he chuckles.

“Well, you know why I’m flying. What’s your story?” I ask him, lifting my head again.

I see something flicker in his eyes, and he studies my face for a moment, before answering. “Work.” When I raise an eyebrow, he raises both hands in defense. “Honestly, flew over here for a work related thing.” Joe offers me an honest smile, and I nod slowly.

“What type of work do you do that flies you to LA?”

Again, something flashes in his eyes, and he seems to hesitate before answering. “An online media business.” He finally says, licking his lips. “But I used to be a thatcher.” Joe’s voice turns proud at that.

“Wait, the people that put straw on roofs?” I ask, and he nods in response. “How’d you get into that?”

And from there, our conversation doesn’t seem to stop. Joe goes on to tell me about how his interest came from his uncle, and how he got into it. From there we talked about family, then interests, and school. The words just flowed easily between us, it felt natural. I talked to him about the stupidest things to the most private things. I loved talking with him.

At some point, my eyes grew tired, and Joe must have realized exhaustion was kicking in. The lights were dim in the cabin, and most people had fallen asleep long ago. Now he draped a blanket over us, and told me to lean against him.

“I’ll protect you from any turbulence, don’t worry.” Joe’s words were spoken softly, so he didn’t disturb anyone else sleeping. I smiled before leaning my head on his shoulder, falling asleep to his hand once again taking mine.

Next time I woke up, the flight attendants were preparing for landing. I rubbed my eyes as I sat up, looking over to see Joe watching me, that adorable smile on his face.

“Good morning, beautiful.” His voice was rough, he must have fallen asleep at some point as well. “Sleep well?”

“For a plane? Yeah. Thanks.” I stretched as much as I could in my seat before looking out the window, seeing England down below.

“Nearly there. Do you need my hand again for the landing?” I looked over to see Joe offering me a teasing look, but his eyes told me he was serious. I nodded shyly as we settled in for the landing.

After waiting until the crowd cleared off, Joe and I finally made it off the plane and into the terminal, both of us walking slower than needed, not quite wanting to separate after having spent the past eight hours together. There also seemed to be a nervousness surrounding Joe, and his eyes began to dart around as we headed for customs and baggage.

“So,” I start, and his eyes focus on me for a moment before they dart to the doors that lead to the rest of the terminal. “Are we ever going to see each other again?” I ask, deciding to be bold, not wanting to lose this person from my life.

The question draws Joe back in, and he smiles down at me. “I would love to see you again. Can I grab your number?” He asks, pulling me to the side before we pass through the doors. I nod and pull out my phone, and we exchange our information.

“Y/N, before we pass through those doors, I just want to say something.” I look up at him concerned, his nervousness rubbing off on me. “You made my flight the most enjoyable time, and it was so nice to just sit and talk with someone, to be myself. I loved meeting you, and genuinely hope we continue to see each other, because there is so much more I want to discover about you. So thank you.” Joe finished with a kiss on my cheek. “I’m going to leave you here though, I have to pop into the toilets.” I laugh at him, and shake my head as he pulls me into a hug. I watch him head for the bathroom before making my way through the sliding doors that lead to baggage.

Joe’s words stayed in my mind, but I never shrugged off the weird feeling and just focused on the good feeling that came with it while I watched many bags pour out onto the turning machine. Just as I grab my bag, I hear a large group of girls start screaming. Turning my head, I look over to see which famous person has decided to grace this airport with their presence.

In the middle of the crowd? Joe.

Part 2

Hello friends. Please help me

Today my mom got home from her doctor and we confirmed something we hoped wasn’t the reason for her pain.She has cancer. she was diagnosed with a pretty severe case of lymphoma, a aparently rare cancer that’s causing her extreme pain, and she’s apparently had it for a while so it’s quite far along.
Now I’m not asking for straight up hand outs, but she can’t work at all and we’re slowly losing any and all money we had trying to keep afloat.
I’m offering commissions and I’m sorry of they’re not the best but at least they’re cheap,

5-10 dollar commissions, of pretty much anything, the 5-10 is just for how long it takes me to make.

I’m also going to start selling horns again, custom horns that range in size,
Small- 5 (katkat, sollux, alpha/ beta size)
Medium - 10 (most ancestors size)
Large- 15 (condy, summoner, handmaid size)
They’re lightweight, and nearly unbreakable So I think they’re worth the buy but I can bargain for group rates

I also make pins and I can make you custom pins of logos or art.

1-5 dollars

Sorry I have no pictures I always forget to take pictures on my phone but I can send you examples if you are interested, please message me and I will be glad to start on your commission
Thank you for your help.

Just a little shy

(A/N): Steve is just so pure and wonderful and I cannot

Request: Can you write something with Steve where he’s out with the Avengers but gets lost and doesn’t know how to get back and the reader notices him and tries to help and in the end Natasha kinda asks her out on a date for Steve who wasn’t brave enough?

Warnings: none

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  You watched the tall blonde haired man curiously and fondly as he slumped down into one of the many booths of the cafe you were presently working in. He’d come in, said nothing to no one and then just slumped down into the booth like no big deal. 

    “You want to go get his order or something?” Your coworker asks you in a quiet tone, a small smirk on their lips as they survey the man as well. 

   “Looking like this, I don’t think so,” You murmur, smiling as the man pulls out a phone and stares down at it with furrowed brows. You couldn’t help but think he was absolutely adorable with that cute little look of confusion, those hauntingly blue eyes, that slightly ruffled hair. 

   “Go on,” Your coworker presses further, their smirk only growing more. “I know you want to,” You sigh, realizing they were right, you really did want to go interact with this mysterious cutie. 

   “Do I at least look presentable?” You ask softly, finally tearing your gaze from the attractive man to look at your coworker. 

   “You look adorable,” They give you a smile and a quick thumbs up before pushing you to go take the man’s order once again. “Now get out there and get his number,” With that they shove you out from behind the ordering counter and out into the mess of tables and booths. The cafe was relatively bare for now, it was a slow time of the day and for the time being you only had 3 customers, Mr. Mysterious man included. With a shaky sigh you reach into your pocket, pulling out a small notepad as you approach the man. 

   “Hello, my name’s (Y/N), can I help you with anything today?” The man doesn’t even look up from his phone as he begins to answer you, obviously to glued on whatever he was doing to give you the time of day. 

   “No thanks, I’m just waiting for-” The man stops short as he looks up from his phone, his gaze automatically connecting with your own. That icy blue stare looked so familiar it almost hurt. You smile politely nonetheless, after all you were doing your job. “Actually, can I get some coffee?” You quickly jot down his order, flashing him a smile as you do so. 

   “No creamer, sugar, anything?” You ask. 

   “Nope,” The man suddenly flashes you a warm smile and you’re sure your insides melt just a little bit. 

   “Well then,” You smile, placing the notepad back into your pocket. “One black coffee coming right up,” With that and a warm smile you leave his table, walking to the back of the shop to prepare his coffee. You weren’t, however, able to escape the clutches of your coworker who was standing at the counter excitedly, an excited twinkle in their eye. 

   “What happened? What-” 

   “He ordered a plain black coffee and I think I may be in love with his smile,”

   “One black coffee,” You state as you place his cup before him, all the while smiling like an idiot as you do so. “Anything else I can help you with Sir?” 

   “Please, call me Steve,” You nod your head, First name basis was always good, right? “And- um…I’m gonna sound really stupid but I do need one more thing,” Your smile burns ever brighter as you stuff your notepad back into your apron. 

   “Okay, what do you need Sir-Steve?” 

  “I uh- I kinda camped out here because I got lost and I don’t know how to contact any of my friends and so I kind of need help getting back to Stark tower,” Your eyes widen at this and suddenly everything clicks into place, the familiarity of the man, his need for black coffee, and now this whole situation. This was Steve Rogers you were dealing with, Captain Fucking America was sitting in a booth as you had so blindly taken his order, not even knowing who he was at the time. 

  “Oh my god,” You breathe out, “I’m so sorry Sir- Steve, uh Captain Sir,” You mentally curse yourself for your poor choice of words and your highly awkward state. “I didn’t realize who-” Steve raises a hand to silence you, smiling as he does so. 

   “It’s okay, most people don’t recognize me without the mask anyways,” Steve shrugs a bit as he casually takes a sip from his drink. “But I really do need a ride to Stark tower, if it’s not too much to ask,” 

   “Oh! No, it’s totally okay!” You give him a nervous smile as you reach behind you to unclasp your apron. “I was just about to get off anyways,” 

   “Perfect timing then,” Steve smiles as he takes another sip of his drink. 

   “Guess so,” You chuckle a bit, nearly wincing at how awful and nervous it sounded. “let me just go get my bag and I’ll be back,” Steve nods, smiling at you more as you turn on your heel to walk back behind the counter and grab your belongings before returning once again. 

   “Ready to go?” You ask as you dig around in your bag for your keys, purposely avoiding Steve’s intense gaze. 

  “Yeah,” He sighs a bit, staring at you fondly (not that you could see given you were avoiding eye contact at all costs). 

   “Well then,” You jingle your keys a bit, having victoriously found them. “Let’s get you home,” 

    “There it is,” You point to the gleaming building across the street. “Stark Tower,” Steve gives you a smile as he goes to get out of the car, stopping however to turn and look back at you. 

   “Thank you (Y/N),” You smile back, feeling your cheeks heat up at his gaze upon you. 

   “It was no big deal, my pleasure really-” You’re little statement was cut off when suddenly a plethora of voices fill the air, all surrounding your car. 

   “Oh my god Steve!” You can hear someone yell, “Where the hell have you been? We’ve been searching all evening and-”

   “I guess you should go deal with them,” Steve gives you another smile, albeit a bit of a reluctant one. 

   “Yeah, god knows I’m in for an ass kicking later,” You laugh softly, shaking your head gently as Steve’s humor. Who knew the american icon could be so funny?

   “Good luck with that,” You reply as Steve begins to open his door, stopping when you open your mouth. 

   “Thanks, I’ll need it,” And just like that everyone’s favorite american icon is gone, leaving a lingering scent about your car. It no longer smelled like the pastries and goodies from the cafe but rather a soft smell of peppermint and warmth, damn near comforting as you sat basking in it. You unfortunately couldn’t bask in it for long, given you had to go home and sleep since you had an early shift in a few hours. With a discontented sigh you pull away from the street, pulling out into some lane and driving home, trying hard not to focus too hard on the lingering scent of Steve Rogers that hung about your car. 

   “Hi,” You looked up from the money you’d been counting in the register, not quite expecting someone to be here so early in the morning. There before you was none other than Natalia Romanova herself, the black widow in the flesh.  “I’m sorry to bother you but are you (Y/N)?” Your mouth runs a bit dry as you nod, a little more than dumbfounded by what was going on. “Hi, yesterday a man came in here, Steve Rogers, tall, blonde-” You nod your head, knowing exactly who she was talking about. “Well, he’s a bit too chicken to do it for himself but he most definitely wants to take you out on a date, this thursday at 7, that work?” 

   “Uh…sure,” You were genuinely confused. Steve Rogers, the sexiest and most amazing man you knew wanted to go on a date with you, A lame barista with no life other than your books and T.V shows? 

   “That’s great!” Nat claps her hands together, shocking you half to death. “He’ll be there at 6:45 so be prepared,” And with that Nat walks out the door, no other explanation other than what she had told you. But at the moment you couldn’t seem to care for much other than one thing. Steve Rogers, Captain America, was going to take you on a date. 

Work related shit

A week ago I was promoted, not really promoted as a team captain or a manager but a higher position than usual. I’ll be taking in calls for the retention team, this means I need to work on my convincing powers to prevent customers from canceling their services. Sure we have the power to give as many discounts as we can, or even free services for a couple of months but I’m impatient for things like this. When I was a basic front line agent I will immediately transfer customer to the cancelation department if they threaten to cancel (I really don’t like arguments). Tonight after a week of training I will take in calls again, I’m not nervous but thinking about me talking on the phone for 8 hours makes me feel demotivated. Luckily I have someone who continuesly say I need to be up my bed and work for our travels. Yes this motivates me a lot! If he does not do this I might be turning off my alarm clock go back to sleep and be late as always. Thank you!

That’s it I just want to write something about work.

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***please don't read if triggered by sexual things(Not sure what to call it Tbh) Answer phone in photo. Customer asks what prices are. I hear something in the bg but can't tell wtf it is. I read off all prices on photos and include the fact that they get discounted at x prints and again at x more prints. The guy suddenly moans super loud then says oh sorry I just came. I was jacking off to your voice. I hung up and almost quit my job on the spot.That is not fucking okay. Fuck Walmart customers.

I’m sorry you had to go through that. People can be so discussing.

I haven’t ever had that happen to me but I did have the honor to call our store manager and then the DM because our 32yo asst manager took a 16yo bagger in the back and had sex in front of the only camera in the back room. And got to witness the DM walk her out and and call her husband to explain why he had to pick her up from the police station. But that was over 15 years ago



As i mentioned, i had to do that factory reset on my phone, and i messaged one of the App providers with private info in order to get the log in key i needed so i wouldnt lose anything.

They sent me the log in key. 

I can play the app again. 

I am crying and laughing and all my customers think i’m insane, but you guys have NO IDEA what this app has gotten me through. Its corny, and silly, and makes me seem like a weirdo considering what this app is, but its soothing, relaxing, and helps me so much with my anxiety. 

Thank you Ambition co!! BEST customer service ever!!!

Nothing else matters today, i got my boys back. <3