i can cross my eyes

sorry i haven’t been drawing as much, its probably because i foolishly bought another copy of animal crossing to make a faerie-themed town

Blind By Your Side/ Part 2

Cross blushed a dark shade of purple. His head was filled with happiness and confusion. Through all the time he’s spent with the bad sanses, he never thought Nightmare of all people, would be the one to offer to take care of him.

When Ink told him of his condition, he was so sure Nightmare would just throw him out like a piece of garbage, but now… He was really surprised.

“R-really?” Cross stuttered

“…Yeah… Why? Is there a problem with me taking care of you?” Nightmare asked.

“N-no! Not at all! I’m just surprised. I thought you would be the first one to state that you wouldn’t help me with anything.” Nightmare was a little hurt, but just pushed the feeling away.

“Well, as the leader of the Evil Sans Club, you guys are all my responsability. And well, you hurt yourself during a mission, so it is obvious that I should be responsible for taking care of you.”

“O-oh. Right…” Cross said, his voice dying slowly. He shook his head, pushing some thoughts away. He was having a bad day already, and he didn’t want his boss to end up the same as him for feeling negativity on his aura. “Well I should go see the others… And tell them about my condition.”

“Right…” Nightmare let go of his hand and got up from the bed, walking in front of Cross so he could help him get up.

“Come on, I’ll take you there.” he said, taking his hand again and pulling him off the bed.


“So… You’re blind.” stated Killer.

“Yeah. I can’t see anything but darkness.” Cross said trying to keep his voice as normal as he could, even though the subject of ‘being blind’ was still making him uncomfortable.

“So… What do we do?” Horror asked.

“You keep living your pathetic lives and let me take care of this situation.” Nightmare stated. His voice was brute as always, but it kinda sounded like he was being a little protective. “But enough of this conversation. We should start planning where to trap my brother and his stupid friends. And let’s try not to choose any random and dangerous AUs from now on. If I catch you guys doing this again, you’ll all be punished.” Nightmare took a deep breath. “We’ll go to a pacifist Dancetale.” he said glaring at the others over his shoulder. “I don’t think I need to explain why.” the others avoided looking at Nightmare’s or Cross’ direction. “We’ll be going tomorrow. Right now, I want you all to go to your rooms and stay there for the rest of the night.” he commanded. Killer, Horror and Dust got up from their seats and dashed of through the hallways, leaving Cross and Nightmare alone.

“You didn’t need to be so rude with them you know.” Cross said.

“You do know that it’s their fault you are like this now, right? It’s not like they can undo this mess and redeem themselves now.” he replied. Cross remained silent. “Anyway, you too should head to your room. It’s late already.”


Cross walked slowly through the hallways, trying to be as silent as he could, since everyone was asleep.

“Remind me again why are you trying to walk through the castle, in the middle of the night, alone, and without any kind of help.” Said Chara, popping beside Cross.

“I just want to get a glass of water.”

“I thought Nightmare was supposed to take care of you.” Cross blushed a little.

“Well… He said that, but I don’t wants to bother him right now. I don’t know what time is it, but I think it would be 3 in the morning.”

“How do you know that if you can’t see the clock, you idiot?”

“It gets really cold here at 3 A.M.” He replied

“I don’t care. Just go get your stupid water so I can get back to my beauty sleep.”

Cross rolled his eyes under the blindfold and kept walking. After some time, he found the kitchen and began searching for a glass. He was almost reaching for the cupboard.

“Cross.” He froze. “What are you doing here?” Nightmare stood there with his arms crossed, waiting for a response. Cross slowly lowered his arm and turned at Nightmare’s direction.

“Sorry… I didn’t want to bother you just for a glass of water…” He said, looking a little down. Nightmare sighed and started walking closer to Cross.

“I’ll let this one slide because it’s only the first day. But don’t do this again ok? You could really hurt yourself.”

“Ok…” Cross replied. He suddenly gasped when he felt Nightmare picking him up bridal style.

“N-Nightmare?” He called, his cheeks burning purple again.

“It’ll take forever if you go walking to your room. It’s already 3:40 A.M.”

“Oh! Ok…” He muttered.


Soon, they reached Cross’ room. Nightmare laid Cross down on his bed gently and slowly pushed him a little to the side. Cross was trying to get to a comfortable position when he felt someone lay down by his side.


“What? I just don’t want to wake up and find you dead on the hallway.” Cross sighed closing his eyes with a sad look on his face. “… You can wake me up if you need anything.”

“Ok.” Cross said, soon falling asleep.

Nightmare sighed and looked at the window. Something felt odd, and it wasn’t because he haven’t been able to sleep worrying about Cross. He was feeling weird, like his chest was getting warm or something. It was… Weird.

He shook his head and forced his eye shut, trying to force himself asleep and stop thinking about that feeling.

He was the lord of negative feelings after all.

It’s not like that strange feeling could actually be anything positive.

… Right?


Nightmare/ @jokublog

Cross/ @jakei95

Killer/ @rahafwabas

Horror/ @sour-apple-studios

Dust/ @ask-dusttale



Finally managed to continue this story

It makes me so happy that you guys enjoyed the first part

It means a lot, really. <3

See Ya~


“…with this Armed Detective Agency dress, you can now look like a suicidal bandage wasting device!”

I procrastinated over my work to make Bungou Stray Dogs Dazai Osamu’s outfit in ACNL~ o((>ω< ))o

Feel free to share and/or use it~ Cheers!

[ Dazai // Kunikida ]

“Women have the special gift of being able to bring a new life into this world. Abortion tells them that killing their own children makes them strong and empowered!”

OK first of all not all women can get pregnant, and not all people who can get pregnant are women.

Second: so what? Just because I have a gift or talent, does that mean that I am obligated to perform whenever someone requests it of me?

I can cross my eyes, but I hate doing it. But since I have that “gift”, does that mean that whenever somebody tells me to cross my eyes I have to do it, or I am wasting my gift? Am I obligated to cross my eyes whenever someone wants me to, because I am one of the “lucky few” who can?

That argument makes no sense.

The only one I can relate right now is Chloe flirting with the fucking turkey

“You’re back.” Theo Raeken

Ever since Theo has come back from hell things have been different. He’s been different. Yes, everyone still hates him and wants him gone again, but not me. We’ve never admitted our feelings for each other and now that he’s back things have been awkward. It was obvious we loved each other before, we both know that, but now I don’t know what will happen. Before, we were basically inseparable. I could tell him things I’ve never told anyone before and the same with him. He let me in on his sister’s death, how he really felt inside, and when he first met the dread doctors when he was young. I would sit and listen because… Nobody’s perfect. Everybody does bad things and has a past. And I love Theo enough to see past that. The others have yet to come around, but I’ll convince them sooner or later to trust Theo.

“Y/N, want some?” Theo offers. He ordered a pizza to my house for movie night, something he and I did whenever things got too hectic in the supernatural world and we needed a break from reality. I shake my head. “No thanks.” I would probably barf if I ate something now. My stomach is already full with my feelings for Theo. I thought I could just return to things being how they used to be with him, but I don’t think I can. My real feelings are going to come out like word vomit any moment now. “Okay.” He gives me a strange look, he knows pizza is my favorite and I would never turn down an opportunity to have a slice. He puts away the pizza and turns on Netflix while I grab the comfiest blankets. He turns on a classic, Clueless, one of my favorites. “Why this one? Let’s watch something you like.” I bet he didn’t get much tv time down in hell. “No, I do like this one. Besides, I know it’s your favorite.” He turns it on and snuggles underneath the blankets with me. We get into a comfy cuddling position and watch in silence. I lay my head against his chest an d listen to the steady beat of his heart. It comforts me, always has. The first 30 minutes of the movie go by undisturbed. I can tell he’s looking at me from the corner of his eye, usually I would be quoting along the entire movie, but not tonight. He suddenly grabs the remote and pauses it, unwrapping himself from me and looking me straight in the eye. “Ok, Y/N. Something’s on your mind. I can tell. I know you.” He waits for me to spill, but I don’t. “You gonna talk?” “I just don’t get you!” I abruptly stand up from the couch and flail my hands, surprising Theo and myself. “You were gone, you were in freaking hell, Theo! Hell! And you come back and… Maybe you’re fine maybe you’re not, but I just need you to talk to me!” My words start as a yell, quieting down to a soft spoken plea. “Maybe I’m the one who needs to talk to you.” I sit back down and criss cross my legs. I can feel his eyes on me but I resist to look back. “I need to talk to you too.” He admits, making me look up from my lap. So we talk. For hours and hours we talk and just pour our hearts out to each other. We both get everything we possibly can off our chests and into the air between us. I listen as he describes the agony he went through everyday down there. How every second felt like hours, how his sister would never let him rest and tortured him with memories from the past. We both cry to each other, letting our most venerable parts be exposed. I never thought I would feel as close to another person like I do to Theo. It’s like he is my other half. We both know everything about each other now. Absolutely everything. Emotionally, I don’t know where I end and he begins.

After our talk, we’re both brushing away tears and choking back soft cries. A part of me cries for Theo; what he went through down in hell with his sister and everything before that. Another part of me cries in relief; I have never felt so emotionally free. “Theo, there’s one more thing I’ve been keeping from you.” He looks curious. We’ve been talking for four hours and I still have something to say? It sort of makes me giggle. He looks even more confused now that I’m laughing. “What?” He starts to chuckle along with me. “I just…” My gut tells me to just come out and say it. “I love you, Theo Raeken.” I look straight into his eyes as I speak those words. He blinks a few times, his brain processing the information I just gave him. My smile fades away, taking in the realization that he might not respond like I thought he would. “Y/N,” he sighs. “Please, just don’t say anything-“ “I love you too.” My eyebrows raise and I find myself tearing up again. “Y/N, I never thought I could love someone as much as I love you.” My throat closes up with tears and all I can do is nod and smile. “You are the only person to ever give me a chance. To listen to me, feel for me, and love me with all of my flaws anyway.” My face breaks out into a grin so big I can feel my jaw start to tremble. “God,” I choke out. “I’ve waited for that for too long.” I lunge from my position across from him into his lap and grab his face to attach our lips for an impeccably long kiss. He reciprocates, arms wrapping themselves around my waist and lips kissing me feverishly. His lips are like the inside of a rose petal, rough stubble prickling my skin in the most pleasurable way possible. We gasp for air between kisses, refusing to let go of each other. “I love you.” We murmur back and forth, not being able to fathom we can openly say that to each other now.


Man-child David Tennant making funny faces at the camera (Doctor Who behind-the-scenes). 

Yup, he’s a real grown man and a very well respected professional actor.

Note: In all fairness, it’s usually the Doctor Who Confidential cameras or video diary cameras that he’s goofing around with - not typically the real camera that is filming the episode.

Professional yet fun at the same time - that’s DT.

Never Be Ashamed

Title: Never Be Ashamed

Characters: Sam and Reader

Word Count: 1,062

Warning: Absolutely none

Request: @jared-padaloveme said: Hey! I’m sorry for requesting so much but I love your writing! I just read a story where the boys try to make xmas special only to find out the reader is Jewish. Can you do the something similar but with a Muslim reader?

A/N: Guys, this was a seriously amazing piece to write. I cannot even begin to tell you how much it meant to me that I was trusted to write this. Jude, thank you so much for giving me the amazing information for this piece and sharing part of yourself with me. I hope you like it. Enjoy!!!

“Sam, I can’t do this anymore. My eyes are starting to cross. Can we please be done?” Leaning back in your chair you ran your hands over your face as Sam laughed.

“We’ve only been at in an hour Y/N, just take a deep breath and keep reading.”

Groaning you rocked back to the table and found where you left off. It was just so boring! Plus you weren’t even sure if you guys were on the right track. But, you would be a trooper and help Sam figure it out, even if it might mean you die of boredom.

Ten minutes later and you were still stir crazy. “I’m grabbing a snack from the kitchen, you want anything?”

“Do we still have those super good apples?”

“Yeah, I’ll grab them.”

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Satisfy Me

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 |  Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11 | Chapter 12 | Chapter 13 | Chapter 14 | Chapter 15

Saeran POV. MM Fantasy AU. Fic Rating: Explicit

Tags thus far: Alternate Universe - Fantasy, Rough Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Explicit Language, Derogatory Language, Masturbation

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Astrys/Fenrin/ Whatever the Hell Asterin x Fenrys is: Part One

Sitting with  a leg over her throne, and a book in her hand, Aelin had to say that this was a good day. Manon and Dorian were visiting, her 10-year-old twins were playing with Ciel and Marion. The war was over it was a good day to be queen. On top of that, Asterin, who had been scouting the past few months was back. Perhaps Fenrys can now stop chewing her furniture.

Entering the throne room, still in her black fighting leathers, Asterin swaggered in, “That’s one unit of rogue witches dealt with.”

Running up to her, Sam gave Asterin a hug, “Missed you, Asterin.”

Hugging him back, “Missed you too, Sam.”

Sam scented her, scrunching his nose, “Asterin. Why do you smell weird?”

Raising a brow, “Excuse me?”

Oh shit. She needed to defuse this. Coming up to Asterin, “I’m sorry about that, he-” she scented her, feeling her pupils dilate, “Uh, Sam go get Manon and Fenrys..”

When Sam had left the throne room, Aelin said, “Asterin, when was your last cycle?”

“What? You think I’m…”

Softly, Aelin said, “I don’t think, I know.”

Asterin went still, and sunk to her knees, and placed a palm to her scarred stomach.

Barging into the room, in a robe, Manon said, “What was so important that you had to interupt me and dorian-” looking at the kneeling Asterin, “What’s wrong?” She snapped her head up at Aelin, “Why does my second look like that?”

“Don’t get so snippy with me, Manon. I figured you would want to know Asterin’s latest news. But if you don’t please, go back to having sex with dorian so I can bleach my eyes.” Aelin said, crossing her arms.

Manon shot daggers at her, Aelin rolled her eyes. Turning to Asterin, Manon said, “What’s wrong?”


Fenrys winnowed in, still in fighting leathers, he was no doubt sparring with Rowan at this hour. Seeing Asterin, he knelt down to her, “What’s wrong?” Widening his eyes, he scented her, “You’re pregnant?”

all of a sudden once i’m done with my uni work for the semester i can’t think of……..anything to do…………………..i’m going cross eyed so i can make eye contact with my brain and ask her why she’s misbehaving like this 

Writing Outtakes

So sometimes when I get stumped for a minute or two on something, I write something - anything that comes to mind. A lot of it is angry gibberish, but occasionally I write shit mildly amusing and save it.

So here you go.


“May I see?” you asked, motioning to the laptop. He nodded, and you took it from him, placing it into your lap. “Who’s the person you’re trying to add?”


“Oh, just spit it out Papyrus.” You said, rolling your eyes.





“Oh! Hey! Sans!” you exclaimed, throwing your jacket on with haste. Peter was staring at Sans with an impassive face, and Sans was throwing his usual lazy grin at him. “What’re you doing here?”

“you didn’t get my texts?” he asked, looking at you. You frowned, and pulled your phone out of your pocket. Ah shit, five missed messages. All of them were of his dick with various smiley faces painted on them, and one snapchat of him performing an entire laser show of the “Octopus’s Garden” with his glow dick. You were gonna marry this son of a bitch.


After about a minute, you came to a stop. You felt his hand fall away, and you crossed your arms in front of yourself.

“Can I open my eyes yet?”

“yeah, go ahead.” He said. As you opened your eyes, you let out an audible gasp.

“This place fucking sucks.” You said. Seriously, he took you to a damp fucking cave with radiated water. What did he think was so romantic about this shit?

“just kidding, into the murderhole you go.” he said, pushing you off the cliff you didn’t notice.



“oh yeah?” Sans said, his tone jovial. “prolly should turn them off.” You grumbled and crossed over, pushing the blinds back to get to the porch to flip the switch off and then slapped a hand over your mouth.

There were naked, gyrating strippers on your porch, slathered up in canola oil and ready for action. One of them had an elephant thong on, and was suggestively hip thrusting towards you.

“i got some advice from the women at work. they said they loved this shit.” Sans said, proud of himself. 80’s dance music was blasting from behind them.


“Wait. Wait. So you’re saying you’re literally shooting me up with magic?” you said, your face in a state of disbelief.

“IT’S HIGH NOON” Sans said casually, a tumbleweed blowing by, and suddenly everyone within range was dead.



“Ahah! Here’s your tablet.” You said, picking it up off his desk. Next to it was a red, leather bound book. No, not quite a book – there was no title. A journal maybe? The wear and tear on it was extremely noticeable. “What’s this? Oooh, is this your diary?” you said, motioning to pick it up as he entered the room.

You opened the book and let out an audible gasp. It was hundreds of pages of Harry Potter erotica.

“…Sans.” you said. “You know Snape can’t actually get pregnant, right?”

“i can dream.” he said, donning his wizard’s hat and robes.


“you humans sure do produce a lot of various…” he paused, thinking for the right word, “secretions.” You let out a laugh, and smacked his shoulder.

“Yeah we do” you rasped, and projectile vomited all over him.


“you like me playing the monster.” He said, cutting you off. You looked at him, biting your lip. Did you just insult him?

“Kinda.” You offered, shrugging and making yourself as small as you could. Sans laughed.

“hey, it’s fine. i’ll let you in on a secret.” He said, and leaned in towards you, his voice low. “I’m borderline abusive in like 200 AUs so let’s just get this over with.” He popped off the cap that was on his teeth, revealing a gold tooth. Oh fuck. This was Underfell. The author tagged this whole thing wrong. Papyrus suddenly stormed in, wielding a wicked looking sword.

“SANS, KILL ALL HUMANS!” he screeched, and jumped out the window into the street, decimating the city.

Silent and Deadly {Nicolas}

It’s a well-known fact that Nicolas Brown is a terrifying man. He is ferocious and cutthroat in the heat of battle. Those unlucky enough to cross his path are the most intimidated by his silence and the weight of his hawk-like gaze. To them, there’s nothing more horrifying. However, you know that’s a lie because there is such a thing. There is only one thing more silent, more deadly than the katana-wielding handyman himself:

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Ted the Animator: “Hey, Carl, look! My 7-year-old niece drew a picture of Daphne! Pretty cool, huh?”

Carl the Animator: “That’s uh… that’s really great, Ted. It looks… fabulous.”

Ted the Animator: “…I also kinda might have told her that we would put it in an episode….”

Carl the Animator: “…”

Ted the Animator: “C’mon, who’s gonna notice?”

Carl the Animator: “…alright, fine, whatever. Just get that abomination away from me… I can feel her crossed eyes staring into my soul.”