i can carry off lovely sometimes

It always amazes me how much I can care about a person. I can take a lot of shit and always see the good inside of them. I will stick with that person until the end, I will go out of my way to improve their mindset, thoughts and lifestyle. I’m loyal beyond measure and I love until my hearts content, but as soon as my intuition speaks and I get an epiphany and finally realise that it’s not mutual or reciprocated, I immediately switch off. I carry on with life as if they never existed, and it rarely hurts because I love myself enough to know when to stop. People prey on those with low self esteem and sometimes your kindness can be mistaken for that, but let me tell you.. that is certainly not me. I always think to myself, there are so many ways people can hurt you, but they should morally draw the line at love, because it’s not a game. Once I realised that this person I’ve gone out of my way to care about, can continually disrespect me with no hesitation, they are no longer alive to me and I refuse to entertain anything that has no life in it.
—  Meggan Roxanne

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can i pleas have a riverdale ship? i'm 5'2, i have long curly hair, (like the one in my dp) i'm from england, my favourite colour is grey. i love to read and watch theatre plays and i love to write my own mini scripts. i'm a huge introvert and carry a book with me everywhere. i normally go to my local cafe and read if i can, or sometimes go there to think. i daydream a lot and hate hate hate and class participation or public speaking x

(Hello, love! Thank you for requesting! Also, for not anoning, though i love all requests, and appreciate them all, I also love to know who i’m writing for!)


I would ship you with… Jughead Jones!

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  • You would drag him off to theatre plays all the time, secretly hoping it would give him courage for his book and plus you just loved them. He wouldn’t complain, rather would be completely focused on the play once it started and gush to you about how amazing it was.
  • Since you hate class participation and public speaking, Jughead would help you in any classes he’s in with you. Always being your partner and such to make sure you felt like you are supported.
  • You would always get him to look at your mini-scripts so he could critique them and tell you how he thought they were. He was the only one allowed to see them as well.
  • You would read while he wrote at Pop’s.
  • You two wouldn’t be big on PDA, but you’d force him to hold your hands if you two were alone and just walking through the hallways or down a street. He would mind. Too much.

Hope you enjoyed!

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Atomic Tangerine & Candy Apple.

Atomic Tangerine and Candy Apple

Atomic Tangerine… What motivates me to do an unpleasant task? Well today we have blizzard like conditions with snow, sleet, and freezing rain along with 60 mph winds. So my most unpleasant task is getting out of bed after a couple hours sleep, getting dressed, and going outside to fill the *@$#& furnace. My motivation… Not freezing my a$$ off because the furnace went out. Did I mention how much I LOVE that stupid furnace?

Candy Apple… How do I think other people view me? For the most part I think others like me, but I think I can come across as loud and obnoxious, talkative, I unfortunately can be blunt (I work really hard to not be, sometimes things slip past my filter), ditzy, and I have a laugh that carries that people either love or hate.

Thanks for asking!

the signs based on people I know in real life

i saw a lot of people doing this &  i wanted to participate (through the view point of a scorpio)

  • Aries: really quick to just shut you out of their life and the later carry on like nothing happened, usually very chill but sometimes the littlest thing sets them off, I’ve always been drawn to them
  • Taurus: very diplomatic, will tell you how they feel not really caring how it makes you feel because you know they love you, sometimes can be selfish, stubborn, but can also be kind and will always look out for the ones they love

  • Gemini: very approachable, however can be judgmental, they adore their loved ones and are pretty down to earth, love being the life of the party and are usually pretty good at it

  • Cancer: can come across as very fun loving and nice but deep down can be assholes, they love their friends even though they are selective but they love the ones they choose, give off a really good energy

  • Leo: probably one of if not my favorite types of people, very much their own person and whatever path they choose for themselves they go all out, seem intimidating at first but are actually really goofy and chill, but they wont take your shit

  • Virgo: dont usually get to excited about things, seem serious but are actually really funny, not afraid to tell you how they feel about you, really good at school, loves their pets a lot, sometimes the things they say hurt but they don’t realize, always have kept me in balance

  • Libra: they dont care what people think, they do their own thing, very fun even when you are just sitting and talking to them, probably the least judgmental, dont dislike many people but if they do dislike someone its not obvious

  • Scorpio: act like things dont bother them even when they do, have very go with the flow attitudes are up for anything, can go from being emotionless to having the widest range, most likely a hoe tho

  • Sagittarius: try really hard to be funny, laugh at their own jokes a lot, are very likable, put up with more than they should, say they dont give a fuck about what you think but they do, have weird habits

  • Capricorn: show ambition in whatever they are passionate about, are hard to read, dont get excited about many things, are quit witted, may seem like they dont like you at first but they probably do, nice and playful when you get to know them, can be full of themselves though, very well liked

  • Aquarius: get good grades in school but has to work hard to get them, may be a bit over dramatic at times, love for their friends/partners is unconditional and they will want to talk to/be with them all the time, will do anything for the people they love

  • Pisces: very understanding and great people, is very passionate about things like sports teams, relationships, and grades, are really nice but not afriad to tell you how they feel and if it hurts they expect you to just brush it off, will complement you out of the blue, annoying at first but they are so lovable who cares

Perfection isn’t real. Perfection isn’t human. And Carlos is not perfect, no. Even better — he is imperfect.

Everything about him, and us, and all of this, is…it’s imperfect! And those imperfections in our reality are the seams and the cracks into which our out-sized love can seep and pool. And sometimes we are annoyed, and disappointed, and that too is a part of how love works. It is not a perfect system, but…

Oh, well.

And so I resisted.

I fought off the vision of the shrouded figures and the dark planet and all that was perfect and I held close to imperfection.

To my imperfection.

And to my imperfect Carlos.

And I took him, and I carried him out of the cube. And we came up, heaving, into this world that will disappoint us.

Finally, free.

—  “Condos” Welcome to Night Vale Live Show #1

Christians should really learn to celebrate the lessons we learn when we fall off the Jesus wagon instead of hating ourselves when we sin. Whenever I break up with a significant other or end a friendship, I usually feel really guilty about all the bad things I did before I terminated the relationship, but one of my adult friends will always say, “yes, but did you learn something?” I always say yes and she always says, “There you go. Now you can grow.”

The relationship of humans to our sins is not unlike a bad love affair; it feels good at first, then quickly decays, is hard to end, and sometimes we relapse back into them despite knowing that we are ultimately much better off without them. But God always forgives us and He is proud of us for trying to hard to follow him, so why shouldn’t we extend the same grace to ourselves? We shouldn’t shrink from our past and carry it with us like an albatross around our necks, we should be grateful that God delivered us from our harmful behavior and that he used our sin to make us into more mature, resilient Christians. 

A Nullo Amato - corpidicarta - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

A canon-compliant fanfic set between 2014 and 2015 where he reads off Louis’s absence; mostly, timestamps roped together by a common theme: literature. He takes the habit of reading when the flights where he’s alone become more and more frequent, and he starts leaving around the most meaningful words there where Louis can find them.

“Amor, ch'a nullo amato amar perdona.” It means that someone who is loved so deeply cannot help but love in return. Even if they’re literally going through hell. 
- and sometimes they were books that meant something, that had a purpose, something to teach, sometimes they were books meant nothing, that left nothing behind but two hours killed with a story that wasn’t his, but every time, there was one thing every book he read always meant to him, and that was: Louis is not here with me.

I DID IT. So, here it is, my little experiment. Check the tags!!

The way Bowie looked had as much impact. No one ever looked better. What I love is that it’s all self-realised, it’s never off the shelf, and you get the impression it always has his input. On the Berlin stuff, sometimes he’s really shittily dressed in a red jacket and a shit tshirt but he carried it all off with spectacular ease and grace.
He’s one of the few artists that makes you realise you’re not as good as you think you are. Being in a band, there are a few records where you know you can never reach that level. It crushes you at times then also just fills you with utter joy.

In the future films I would love to see some parallels to their interactions in this film

- Kylo carrying Rey after she has been hurt (and not by his doing, hopefully), maybe more tender, his mask off, him taking her to safety

- Rey reading Kylo’s mind while he is captured, maybe that he is lonely too, has trouble sleeping etc

- Her offering to teach him so he could come back to the good side

- Maybe her releasing some anger sometime

- Her locking his body still (maybe if he’s being a pissbaby haha)

- Another saber fight once they have both trained some more

Basically just interaction with some callback (but still some development)