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Sometimes even Dick will wake up on his old bedroom on the Manor. Yes of course B can still carry Dick, he's BATMAN.

“Why am I here?”

“You fell asleep on the floor mats, I put you in bed.”

“I’m 26 B, I have a job, I was Batman, you can’t do this to me. There are glow in the dark dinosaurs on my ceiling, my legs are hanging off the end of the bed.”

“You can always move to one of the guest bedrooms…”

“Hell no, I love those freaking dinosaurs.”

BTS Reactions — Kissing Them


Seokjin would be the one to scold you for instigating a make out session while he was in front of the others. He wasn’t a fan of the idea of others watch you share a sweet moment knowing full well that his members might tease and annoy him about it later on.

“Later jagi, I don’t want the others to tease.”

“Fine. Have it your way. No kisses for a week.”


Namjoon  —

Namjoon always liked to tease and make things heated while making out with him, he knew that you hated PDA and he knew that you knew he would purposely do it to annoy you. So while around people he would pull you into him only to have you push him away knowing his intentions.

“C’mon baby, please. Just a peck?”

“Nope. I know who my boyfriend is Kim Namjoon.”

Yoongi  —

Yoongi was not into PDA, he didn’t like the idea of being affectionate in front of other people. He knew that you got upset whenever you saw couples holding hands as they walked down the street or sharing a milkshake together but he would always make it up to you when you two were alone.

“I know I’m not the exact type of guy you wanted, but I’m trying my best baby.”

“I know Yoongs, I just want people to know you’re mine.”

Hoseok  —

Hoseok loved PDA and just kissing you, he has dealed with critisms about his looks for a long time now and he wants to show you off to everyone he can. You found it hard to keep him under control especially when he got carried away while kissing you sometimes.

“I’m sorry jagi, you’re just so amazing I want to kiss you forever.”

“Calm down Hobi, I’m not going anywhere.”

Jimin  — 

He’s a blusher, he would go from a light rosy pink as you hugged him to a deep red when you two ever kissed or made out in front of the others. Jimin was always teased already for his height by the other members, and so you always stood up for him when they teased him about kissing.

“They’re just jealous they don’t have someone like me to cuddle them at night.”

“Ah, jagi what would I do without you?”

Taehyung  —  

Taehyung was usually the instigator, always pulling you into surprise kisses and not letting go. He was wild and hard to control especially now that he had a girlfriend. He loved to show you off to everyone and be open about everything that went on in your relationship. It annoyed you but that’s only because Taehyung seemed to think it is a good idea to talk about your sex life to the others.

“And she loves it when I—“

“Ahem! I love it when you what Taehyung?”

Jungkook  —

Jungkook was very shy around girls, and even though you two were together now and he had even seen you naked he would see get all flustered and shy whenever you would kiss him, especially in front of his hyungs. He didn’t mind it though, he secretly loved it when you did it because it was showing your affection for him.

“The members are here, maybe we shouldn’t.”


“Wait! Babe! No, I want you to keep giving me kisses.”

- Admin Nim 🍑

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Eliza! :D Do a mini story of Kara meeting Lena in the train to London! If you would like? Or like, something with Kara and Lena in the UK, in a place you like? If you're not inspired then no worries, I wish you a good day <3

there’s a distractingly athletic girl walking down the train, counting seats. lena lets herself watch until the girl is five rows away and then she returns her eyes to her computer screen.

“thirty six, thirty five, thirty four, thirty three, god this train goes on forever,” she mutters and lena smiles down at an email in which she’s referred to as incompetent twice. the girl has a nice voice, american accent obvious but it’s light like it’s learned and the way she speaks the numbers is odd. lena can’t quite pinpoint what it is, exactly, and when the girl speaks again, right at lena’s side, she looks up and into unexpectedly blue eyes. “twenty seven! and a friend, hello!”

“hello,” lena returns, and the girl pulls off her hiking pack and lifts it effortlessly up into the roof racks. her shirt lifts slightly and lena looks out the window, face hot.

“would you like me to lift your bag up?”

lena knows she hadn’t brought a bag with her so the girl isn’t speaking to her - she turns, curious, and there’s the tiniest old lady lena has ever seen chatting away with lena’s “friend” in what she’s pretty sure is welsh. the suitcase is as big as the lady and the girl lifts it like it weighs nothing, tucking it neatly into place. she speaks with her for a little longer, checks the ticket and walks her to seat “thirty four!” as the girl happily announces.

finally, only a few minutes before the train is set to depart, the girl takes her own seat. she looks around for a minute for a seatbelt, grins sheepishly to lena when there isn’t one.

“hi again. i’m kara.”

she doesn’t hold her hand out or anything like that, not at first. when lena nods and says, “lena,” back, kara jumps like she’d forgotten and she holds out her hand, which lena takes. she wouldn’t normally, perhaps, but she’s nineteen and terribly gay and kara has really nice hands. they’re warm and dry and soft and wrap gently around her hand, a bit larger than lena’s own. her nails are short and broad and very clean without a hint of paint and lena looks a little abashedly at the faintly chipping purple on her own nails.

“i like the purple,” kara says, hesitating over the word purple, and lena is entranced and allows herself to be swayed away from her momentary shame. “i don’t really paint my nails, i never seem to have time for it. sometimes i paint my toes with my sister but not very often.” there’s something wistful in that and lena looks to her email and closes the top of her computer. “oh, you don’t have to do that!”

“it’s work,” lena tells her, which is as much again as she’s already said to this stranger. “i appreciate the distraction, if i’m honest.”

“in that case,” kara grins - so happily and prettily lena suspects she doesn’t realise how absolutely right she is when she says, “i am an Excellent distraction.”

kara is eighteen and taking some time off university, she tells lena exactly two minutes into their journey. she loves learning and the whole university experience, but there were so many people and sometimes, she confesses, it’s very nice to be around people you won’t see ever again.

lena nods. she can understand that.

kara doesn’t seem to mind that for every seven things she tells lena about herself, lena says one. maybe one. she just carries on, big gestures and big smiles and big stories.

“okay, okay,” kara laughs, hands up. “that’s enough from me,” she insists. lena’s sides hurt from laughing - at kara, technically, but since she was laughing too it didn’t feel mean, and really what other response to kara being dragged on stage with an improvisation crew was there? “i need to recover,”

“no please, go on,” lena teases, and she’s certain this time that kara’s eyes dip down to her lips. she’s been almost certain five times now but this time, this time she’s truly certain. her smile grows and kara flushes a light pink.

“no,” kara tells her, a little weakly. she clears her throat. “i’m, um, mortified.”

“with good reason,” lena tells her, and then dread freezes her gut because that was too mean, kara has been nothing but nice, that was nasty - but kara is laughing and nodding and lena sips at her terrible coffee, trying to unthaw. “i’m sorry,”

“no, honestly, i don’t know how i managed to get in so much trouble,” kara laughs. she drinks her coffee and makes a face.

“we can order you something else, you know,” lena offers, and relief wrecks kara’s displeased expression.


“of course,” lena says smoothly, though this is one more in a now significantly long list of Slightly Odd Things kara has done. she can’t quite figure out how they’re connected but she can’t help noting them.

“great. it’s just, they came past with the tray and i didn’t know what they said so when you said coffee and i just copied you.” kara flushes again but it’s a miserable kind of embarrassment and lena finds herself reaching across the little table and taking kara’s hand. she rubs her thumb over the sharp knobs of her knuckles and smiles.

“i had a dreadfully boring trip,” she tells kara, ignoring her embarrassment. “i was working the entire time and the only good part so far has been you.” the words come out without planning and lena wants to snatch them back out of the air where they hang for a frozen moment but it’s too late.

kara is smiling again, a little shyly but so pleased, and lena decides she’ll just have to leave it if it makes kara smile like that.

“what are you working on?”

“wind turbines, for my brothers company. we’re looking at prototypes we can use here since they already use them.”

“that’s very cool,” kara compliments, which lena shrugs away. “smart is sexy,” she tells lena like she’s repeating it from someone, and then she flushes absolutely red and pulls her hand gently away. “i mean, that’s what i’ve heard!”

“right.” lena tries not to laugh at her, she really does, but kara lifts both hands up to hide her face and it’s so endearing lena laughs - once, loudly, and surprised by the volume she stops but can’t entirely halt the quiet laughs. she lifts one hand to cover her mouth and kara peeks over at her, the corner of her mouth tilted up in, lena examines her for a moment, perhaps the softest smile lena has ever been treated to. “kara,” lena begins, making sure that there are plenty of free seats to move to if necessary, “do you want to make out with me?”

kara stares at her for a moment, hands dropping to her lap. she licks her lips. “uh,”

lena tilts her head invitingly to the seats near them, side by side, and kara stands so quickly her head hits the roof racks above.

lena hisses sympathetically and kara is a touch slow to lift a hand, to grimace at the pain. there’s a strange creaking sound when lena stands, but she can’t be certain where it’s coming from, so she ignores it. very easily indeed when kara slides into the seat next to her and she’s warm and lena can put her hand on her thigh and the other around her neck and tug her in for a surprisingly gentle kiss. and quick.


“sorry i’m just,” kara grins, waves a hand very vaguely. “this is really nice and you’re so soft and you smell really good and i’m really enjoying this, it’s just really new.”

“oh.” lena pauses. “do you want to stop?”

“no! i have a great learning curve, don’t even worry!” kara reassures her about something lena hadn’t been worried about, and it has the incredible benefit of making lena think about other things kara might pick up very quickly.

“right,” she says, mostly to herself but a little to kara who is examining her like she’s something precious to memorise, and she returns the favour for a moment before leaning in slowly and pressing her lips to kara’s again, shivering when she feels kara respond, press closer, slip her hand into her thick hair and cradle the back of her head - like she’s precious, lena thinks again, and she introduces a little teeth.

it’s ridiculous how much kara likes that, and how hot she sounds when she sighs happily or moans when lena first kisses her neck, and lena finds herself abruptly furious at the thought that this might end as soon as the train pulls into london.

“what are you doing tonight?” she asks kara, who doesn’t mind that they’ve stopped, just leans back against the armrest with her mussed hair and a happy smile.

“um, going to my hostel. but nothing else. why?”

“stay with me,” lena suggests.

kara blinks. then, before lena can explain or reassure her that she’s not a serial killer, she nods. “sure. i would love that.”

lena stares at her. then, not wanting to point out all the reasons why that probably shouldn’t have been her answer, she pulls kara into another kiss.

she’s the strangest girl lena has ever met, and for maybe the first time this is someone lena wants to…to be around. not just someone to annoy her mother or to get away from home for a night or because she hasn’t spoken to someone for a week and she’s recognising the signs of loneliness, but genuine connection. and lena knows her own faults: she knows her voracity, and her wants, and her rather embarrassing desperation for someone’s entire attention, and her tendency to build relationships with the least amount of interaction as possible so she cut people very sharply out of her life with very little difficulty. but this time, she thinks, it feels different.

You asked me what I saw in her, and I wondered what you didn’t see in her. I saw the way her lips bloomed into this life altering smile. How she never let anyone close to her, like she was protecting her heart even though it had already been torn apart. She looked me in the eyes and I swear I saw an entire universe through her glimmering pupils. I felt earthquakes inside myself when she said my name. I can’t live without her the way anyone can’t live without a liver. She’s pretty when she’s tired and even when she looks like she can no longer carry the bags under her eyes. I miss her when I’m with her and I miss her when I’m not. She’s so fierce and she never hides behind anyone. She has so much love inside her, I can tell because when she talks about her father, she starts to give off light. She touched me one time and my bruises weren’t tender anymore, and all my wounds closed up. Sometimes she smiles this genuine smile, and it disappears as soon as I blink. Her laugh helps me breathe when my lungs are giving up. I look at her, stars on her skin, the milky way in her eyes, and I swear she’s part of the sky. She tucks all her feelings behind her ear and I love her for it. When someone asked me for my address I almost said her name. When she’s sad she still smiles with teeth. When she’s happy birds start to sing. I go home and cry about her in the shower. You asked me why I loved her and I asked you why you didn’t.
—  M.O.W, You asked me why I loved her and I asked you why you didn’t

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I DON'T KNOW IF YOU'VE ALREADY DONE THIS, IF SO, I APOLOGIZE! But like, the RFA+ V & Saeran with a female MC that likes to be the dominant one? (Like, not just sexually, but generally doesn't really like to be looked down upon/seen as inferior/weak. Like, how Jumin loves to want to "protect" MC and sees her as fragile but she's having none of his shit)

A/N: I! FUCKING! LIVE! FOR! THIS! I am such a dominant women in most aspects and as MUCH as I absolutely LOVE Jumin, I cannot stand the whole “must protect lil baby MC” liKE BITCH I CAN THROW YOU. LEAVE ME ALONE ~Admin 404

Anyway, I hope this is okay for you! I tried to think of what would make someone dominant;;


               -He went with Saeyoung to confront the hacker because he wanted to prove to you he could be a man

               -A man protects his beloved!!!!!

               -And it was adorable. You appreciated that he wanted to protect you and when you officially met, you let it go

               -But as your relationship advanced, he quickly realized that you were way more dominant that he has assumed and he /liked/ it

               -Hearing and seeing you take charge for even simple things like deciding where to have lunch got him excited

               -There was no wondering what you were thinking because you were so blunt and you were so independent, he loved it so much

               -Would he protect you? Yes, over and over again if it comes down to it.

               -But his personality is naturally more relaxed and playful so he’s a lot happier with you being more in charge of the relationship instead of him!

               -And he is always so proud of you? You’re strong willed and will fight to get your way no matter who you’re talking to and never let people look down on you for any reason

               -He’s just like your puppy? He follows you around, always excited! You can get a certain tone to your voice and he’s calmed down and waiting for whatever you have to say. he especially loves it in the bedroom


               -You loved him but you HATED that he was always:

               -“Princess! Just leave it to me, I am your prince, after all~”

               -Not to mention he loved to just pick you up and spin you around, putting you down only after you demand it

               -“Haha, MC, you’re so cute!”

               -Yeah buddy you’re gonna think I’m real fucking cute when I thrOW YOU

               -Ladies shouldn’t do this and ladies need to do that but you??? Were just yourself???

               -You knew you were sexy just like he knew he was, you weren’t about to pretend you were some cute little girl and just hide what you got

               -Constantly wearing whatever you want. Whether it contours to your body and shows your curves or it’s something low-cut and shows what you’ve got. You’re comfortable and you know you’ve got it going on

               -He loved that about you, but he also constantly tried to cover you up because??? Now everyone can see how beautiful and sexy you are?? And he just wants you all to himself instead???

               -So even if he begs you to change your outfit, you tell him if he doesn’t have to hide what he’s got, then neither do you. The two of you become the Sexy Duo™ and as much as he /loves it/ he also /hates it/ because nO ONE LOOK AT HIS MC. DON’T DO IT. NO


               -You’re both very strong independent women but the both of you accidently… try to out dominate each other

               -You both co-own the coffee shop but no one can tell who the boss is because you’re both… in that position

               -Both call the shots and both thrive in the position of power

               -But god she has so much respect for you??? You take no one’s shit and you are so calm when met with criticism

               -Her favourite part is that you take absolutely no excuses.

               -If there’s a reason you didn’t succeed, you never turned to excuses

               -“Oh it was the other persons fault” “The machine messed up” Nothing like that

               -If someone’s order is messed up you take full responsibility because it was simple human error, you know that! It was your fault and you will stand there even as people scream at you

               -And she thinks that is amazing? You’re such a strong, powerful soul to just stand there and deal with people yelling and screaming and even when you go home, she expects you to let your emotions loose and cry but… you don’t?

               -She knows the two of you fight for that sort of dominance aura but in all honesty it’s things like this that make her just bow down to you because you definitely deserve it


               -He always wants to protect you and he thinks you’re so tiny and fragile

               -If he wasn’t personally protecting you, he has about 50 body guards all around you at all times

               -Which really pissed you off because you were fully capable of taking care of yourself.

               -After all, you handled the whole situation with the hacker and the whole Fiancé Fiasco™, you were strong

               -But as stubborn as he was, you were too.

               -He’s always asking if you’re okay and if you need anything but what he doesn’t seem to realize is that you aren’t afraid to ask for things you want. Even sexually

               -So it really threw him off when, at a dinner party, you pulled him aside and looked him in the eyes, straight up telling him you wanted him then and there

               -He choked on his wine he was not expecting that

               -You noticed how he reacted and decided that maybe this is what it would take to get him to /listen/ to you about not being some quiet, pretty little princess

               -From then on, you’d have to tell him exactly what you wanted at any given moment, catching him off guard. But it was fun watching him scramble to regain dominance and provide you with what you wanted


               -He knew you were the dominant one personality wise and he was Living™ for it

               -He could be in bed all he wanted, you were fine with that, but most of the time you’re calling the shots

               -Which is a good thing because you really help with his impulse control!

               -“MC CAN I-” “No Saeyoung you can’t jump off of the roof I’ve already told you this”

               -“I’M GONNA BUY ANOTHER BABY” “No Saeyoung you gotta pay the electricity bill first”

               -“MC I bought a goat” “Take it back”

               -He even loves that you’re dominant physically too like, all he has to do is climb on top of you and that was it

               -You wouldn’t let him being on you stop you from getting up and doing whatever you have to

               -Sometimes you’re just carrying him bridal style around the house while he’s dressed up like a princess and Saeran literally hates the both of you

               -But all messing around aside, he really admires that you’re so strong, and you’re always there for him when he can’t be and he couldn’t love anyone else more than he loves you


               -He’s really laid back and such a push over

               -It doesn’t take much to be a dominant woman around him;;;

               -But his favourite part about you being the more dominant one, was that you were able to tell people no

               -Getting invited to a lot of events he just doesn’t want to go to… he can always count on you to stand your ground and tell them no thank you, without feeling guilted into going

               -Another aspect of your personality that he loves is that you’re never one to complain or whine about anything?

               -Every now and then you open up to him and will complain about things that are /truly/ bothering you

               -But otherwise, you’re all smiles and the strong one that everyone can depend on

               -And he loves it!! You’re always there to lend a hand to your friends and listen to their problems, suggesting some ways to fix any of their problems

               -You’re always walking with your chin up, no matter how you feel, and he is In Love™

               -Never once thought of you as “weak” because someone who could just show up at some strangers apartment solely to return a phone is?? Amazing???? And brave?? And just- who would think that is weak?


               -He would never let someone overtake his dominance, he worked so hard to acquire it and it just wasn’t happening

               -So quite often, the two of you would butt heads. The love is still there of course, it’s usually just stupid things like “I’m picking the movie” “the fuck you are”

               -But he liked to think you were physically weak??

               -You’re this cute, little thing there’s no way you’re capable of protecting yourself

               -So he’s always really close to you so he’s able to protect you

               -There have been multiple times where he had pushed you behind him just to tell some guy off and you /hated/ it

               -At one point, he put his hand on your shoulder, getting ready to put you behind him but you had enough

               -Grabbing his hand and forearm, you flipped him over your shoulder and onto the ground, both him and the other guy completely in shock

               -Looking between the both of them, you flip them the bird and just walk away

               -He’s embarrassed but holy /hell/ he is attracted to you 10 times more because he had no idea you were capable of that?? You just flipped him over your shoulder like he was nothing??? Beautiful??




I LOVED this episode so much. It was perfect. So I made some screens from some fave moments. Though to be honest, If I could, I’d just cap the whole damn episode, that’s how perfect it was.

Lets get into it!


Okay with that out of the way, another cute detail, FAMILY PICS! ♥

So, Goku and Gohan are at the Chestnuts to recruit them. They asK Krillin first, who is debating it. Then Eighteen chimes in that he should…

CUZ WHY ELSE WOULD YOU TRAIN IN YOUR OWN DANG GYM IF YOU CAN’T REAP THE BENEFITS OF IT?! I am with Eighteen on this one. That looks like a VERY nice Gym too….

HEY, no whispering in Eighteen’s vicinity! I legit laughed at this.

Also, Eighteen’s is looking right through you Goku, sh*t ain’t never subtle with you.

So, the spar between Gohan and Krillin was actually VERY enjoyable to watch. I can understand Gohan’s POV but I do like how Krillin kind of set him straight, and with such an awesome new attack too! That Taiyoken times 100 is AMAZING and so bright too. LOVED how Eighteen has sunglasses and extra’s so Goku could get some. Gohan realizing he still has things to learn was a nice touch plus him kind of apologizing, though Krillin didn’t really make a big deal of it. It was so nice to see them interact like old times again!

This was a very nice K18 scene, IMO. I like how Krillin caught Eighteen kind of off guard when he interrupted her. He reassures her just slightly though and she tries to get it through his head that he should rest instead of going into another Spar with Goku of all people.

And after Krillin once again assured he wants to go through with it, Gohan chimes in, saying that she should understand Krillin’s viewpoint since she herself is a fighter too.

But she quickly rebuffs that and right here,  Eighteen actually lets her emotion slip through while telling him it’s not the same. Her voice is different in the scene above, you can practically HEAR the worry she has for her husband, because she knows his limit, and she knows he knows but he can be stubborn get carried away sometimes. 

I just LOVED Marron throughout this episode. We can deduce her home is so safe and loving. This kid is one bubble of support for her papa and mama, it’s ADORABLE. I also LOVE how Eighteen is adamant in making sure to reassure her daughter time and time again that her daddy is going to be fine, that he won’t lose.  *_*

EIGHTEEN TO THE RESCUE!!!! I LOVED how she intercepted in the KameHameHa stand off when it shows that Krillin is almost at his limit to hold on. It shows us that she DEFINITELY has her husband’s back.

I mean look at how she just kicks Super Saiyan Blue Goku so fiercily! *________*

…get ready for it…


AND LOOK AT THEM ALL READY TO TAKE ON GOKU TOGETHER. They are instantly so in tune with each other,  that even their talking is in perfect sync. .This is very peculiar to me and definitely holds a promise of us seeing some ass-kicking teamwork from these two. Especially now that Eighteen will be training with Krillin, I’m thinking they are gonna come up with some awesome attacks!

This high five was SO CUTE!!!!


All in all, this was a GREAT episode, and it gave us some serious insight into the dynamic between Krillin and Eighteen. We already knew it was there but it’s very nice to see it become even more solidified on the screen. I am so HYPED for whatever strategy and combo attack they may come up with. 

Please Don’t - Haechan

*The repetitive notion of you unowrthiness was clawing up inside you, you weren’t good enough for him- you never will be.

anon request

Characters: Haechan, Reader

Pairing: Haechan/Reader

Genre: Angst // Hurt/Comfort

Word Count : 2K

It didn’t take long for you to start throwing yourself into the familiarity of self doubt once you and Donghyuck started dating. You could rack it up to about a solid month of conscience-free bliss before you started looking in the mirror a little too long in the mornings and staring at the girls on the street a little too hard as you walked by. It had been easy enough to block out at first, chalking it up to your dating inexperience and the fact you just wanted to be the best you could be for him. But then, as weeks and months dragged you through a mental mud puddle, you couldn’t ignore the nagging insistence that you were never going to be enough for him.

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Reid x Reader

“Large cappuccio and large mocha to go" the coffee barista called your order out and you collected it from the counter, walking to the exit and stopping to hold it open for the next customer, someone who was clearly going to struggle with the door.

Catching sight of the person’s face as they passed you, you stepped back into the coffee shop.


Your colleague turned, lowering the huge box he was carrying to the floor. “Y/N, hi!”

You eye his parcel curiously, “A keyboard?”

He nodded and you smiled softly at him. You knew what had prompted him to purchase it, the latest case the team had just returned from had involved a young autistic boy who was a whiz on the piano. Spencer had connected with the child and it had obviously piqued a new interest.

“Are you signing up for lessons anywhere?”

“Nope. I bought some manuals which I’ll read tonight. It’s all mathematics really when you think about it.”

“Sure sure, Spencer,” you grinned at him, shifting your coffee from one hand to another. “Well if you ever want a teacher, give me a shout.”

“You can play?” he looked surprised.

“I started taking lessons when I was five years old. To say I can play is an understatement. So drop round at the weekend if you like. I have an actual baby grand piano in my living room, it’s much move pleasant to play than a keyboard, not that there’s anything wrong with Yamaha’s.”

“I might just take you up on that.”

You said your goodbyes to him, not even thinking about the meeting again until three weeks later when you were sat at home one Saturday afternoon with your legs curled up underneath you and a book in your hands. You’d not mentioned your run in with Spencer in the coffee shop to anyone at work, never asked him how his self teaching was going on. You figured if he needed your help, he’d ask. But being the genius he was, he’d probably figured it all out himself.


Sliding your bookmark into place you shuffled over to your front door. You weren’t expecting any company so you were suprised to see Spencer standing in your doorway, a look of frustration on his face.

“I need you help. I can’t do it…. Well, I know that in theory I can, and I’ve taught myself to read music and I know where all the keys are but it’s the timing. I can’t do it.”

“Hi Spencer. I’m very well thanks. Nah, you’re not at all intruding, come right on in.”

His eyes widened and he coughed sheepishly. “All of that too? Hi Y/N. Sorry to bother you……”

“It’s fine. Come in,” you led him through to the kitchen. “Drink?”

You reached for two mugs when you saw him nod, setting about making two coffees and handing one to him.

“So…. The great genius Spencer Reid has found something he can’t do?”

“There’s plenty of things I can’t actually do in practice. This just, well I wasn’t expecting not to be able to do it. I know what I’m doing but when I go to play, it sounds wrong, like my timing is off.”

“It probably is. Have you tried using a metronome?”

“Nope. I’ve never ever had problems with timing or anything before.”

“Well that’s probably where you’re going wrong then. Come on through.”

You took Spencer through to your large living room where your piano stood. It was your pride and joy and had been bought for you as a sweet sixteen birthday present by your grandparents who had always encouraged your playing.

“Wow,” Spencer was impressed. You sat on the bench in front of the instrument, patting the space beside you.

“Okay. I’ve never taught anyone to play before so I think even though you’ve read the manuals and stuff, it’s best if we start at the beginning and go back to basics.”

And so you did, spending the next few hours patiently going through the basics of piano playing with Reid and explaining the importance and helpfulness of a metronome, especially to someone who struggled to keep timing. Of course he spent the afternoon spouting off impressive facts about the instrument and it’s many many famous players, but you were the expert here. This was your forte and you let him know that. He was a quick learner once you’d taught him a few basic timing exercises an by the end of the afternoon you had him playing Heart and Soul with you, the first piano duet you ever leant, and he managed to keep in time.

“See you can do it.”

He beamed, pleased with your praise. “Thank you! I was just getting so frustrated. Although when you said we were going back to basics I figured you’d have me playing chopsticks or something.”

“I can teach you that. I actually found chopsticks harder when I was learning because it’s faster. But I can teach you that next week maybe?”

“Erm… Yeah. I think I’d like that,” he shifted in his seat, wanting to ask you a question. “Y/N. Can you play something for me? Properly.”

It had been ages since you’d played for someone other than yourself but you nodded, shooing him off the bench and centering yourself as he settled in the arm chair.

“Is there anything in particular you want to hear? I have a fair amount of sheet music but there’s only a few that I know off by heart.”

“Play something you know off by heart if you don’t mind. Maybe something that you love?”

“Okay….erm…. Okay.”

After a brief moment of silence you allowed your fingers to find the keys and slowly lost yourself in your Grandfather’s favourite piece, “Clair De Lune”. You’d played it to pass one of your grades and had remembered seeing him with tears in his eyes at your recital. The music was beautiful, breathtaking and it uncovered a thousand memories of long afternoons spent slaving over your old piano making sure you could play it exactly right. You’d played it so many times now that you could do it with your eyes closed, your fingers instinctively knowing what to do. When you came to the end you looked up from the ivory keys and glanced over at Reid who was sat with his mouth slightly agape and a look of admiration on his face.

“That was…. that was beautiful. You’re so talented, I can’t believe no one on the team knows about this.”

You shrugged,“It’s not as if playing the piano can help take unsubs down.”

“True. Will you… Will you play for me again sometime? I really enjoyed that, it was like you went off into a different place and became someone else entirely when you were playing. I’d really love to hear you play something else.”

You grinned widely, pleased that he had enjoyed it so much. “Of course I will. If you want to carry on learning, then I can play something after each lesson? Think of something you want to hear for next time and if I don’t know it, I’ll find the sheet music.”

“Okay. Thank you, Y/N.”

“You’re welcome,” you heard a low rumble coming from your stomach. “Seeing as you’re here and I always buy enough take out for two anyone, do you want to stay for dinner?”

“Erm…. Okay sure. My treat though seeing as I intruded on your afternoon.”

You didn’t argue with him, instead pulling some menu’s from the pile by your phone.

“I’m thinking… Chinese maybe? All the talk about chopsticks from early has made me fancy some.”

“We can order Chinese food but I can’t act use Chopsticks, ” Spencer told you.

“WHAT!? Another thing the genius can’t do? Well… We’re definitely ordering Chinese, with chopsticks. If I can teach you to play piano, I can teach you to use utensils.”

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how each of the rfa members would react to mc being pouty and asking them for a piggy back ride? like maybe they're walking somewhere and she gets tired? xD

A/N: I don’t give people piggy back rides I usually just pick the person up when they least expect it and keep walking like i doNT HAVE TIME TO STOP WE GONNA GET GOING ILL JUST CARRY YOU THE REST OF THE WAY ~Admin 404


           -The two of you ask each other at the same time

           -He wants a piggy back ride too, MC!! ;A;



           -You don’t even have to pout for long, he’ll do it for you because??? He’s gotta prove to you he’s not a cute little kid

           -Though he complains like a little kid

           -10 minutes into the ride, he’s slowing down, dragging his feet, and complaining

           -“MC, you aren’t heavy, I’m just…tired, I promise”

           - where’s your arm strength Shooting Star?? i thought you were a big strong warrior

           -Seriously, you have to carry him further than he carried you, but he absolutely loves every minute of it


           -You don’t have to ask him twice

           -So happy to give you a piggyback ride!!

           -He thinks you’re so cute

           -He would have let you pout a little just to see your cute little face, but!! Couldn’t bring himself to do it

           -Plus, this gives him a chance to show you how easily he can hold you

           - totally not trying to show off his strength

           - feel my muscles mc

           -He’ll put you down whenever you want, but would rather not

           -It doesn’t matter where you are, if you ask, he is carrying you in a heartbeat



           - She will suPLEX YOU IF YOU ASK HER TO

           -It actually takes a lot of pouting and begging to get her to pick you up

           -“MC, you’re an adult, can’t you walk?”

           - but i dont wwwaaaaannnnnaaaaaa

           -Sometimes she’ll give you a piggy back ride just because she’s tired of hearing you ask

           -But only around the house, MC, we’re adults

           -Once you tried to surprise her and jump on her back but it didn’t go well AT ALL

           -Meaning the both of you fell flat on your faces

           -From then on, you try not to jump onto her

           -Because of that though, she’ll be more lenient about carrying you, just, don’t knOCK HER DOWN AGAIN PLEASE


           -In public, don’t even think about it

           -But at home? y e s

           -He’ll give you a piggy back ride all around the penthouse

           -Scratch that, all around the building

           -It’s childish but the look on your face is so cute!!!

           -He can’t help himself! The smile on your face makes him so happy

           -The first time you brought it up, however, was a no-go

           -You had to pout for h o u r s until he finally agreed

           - lowkey only made you pout that long because it was cute

           -Sometimes he refuses to put you down. He’ll talk to anyone who walks up to him completely calm and collected, as if you aren’t hanging off of his back


           - tackles you for a piggy back ride first

           -He usually picks you up and carries you around anyway

           -So you wanting a piggy back ride is no problem for him!!!


           -Although sometimes you aren’t sure why you bother

           -Because he likes to hold you hostage

           -You want down? Too bad, he’s got a tight grip on your thighs

           -The door frame has been broken a few times from you holding onto it when he walks through


           -Once tried to Naruto run with you on his back and both of you hit the wall, Saeran filmed the whole thing


           -If MC wants a piggy back ride, MC gets a piggy back ride

           - has tried to take pictures of the two of you and has failed

           -It happens a lot, especially when the two of you go on hikes

           -He get to hold the camera and take whatever pictures you want while he carries you

           -You never have to pout to get him to carry you

           -He can’t handle the pout!!! He feels so bad!!

           -Sometimes, he’ll ask you to get onto his back so you can get a picture for him

           -Always so gentle with you! He’ll kneel so you can get down softly instead of just jumping off

           -He avoids any place with low ceilings or door frames, so you don’t hit your head

           -Please just ask him for a piggy back ride, MC, you literally have nothing to lose


           -What, are your legs broken?

           -No MC I’m not gonna give you a piggy back ride

           -A lot of pouting is needed to make him change his mind

           -Go ahead MC, pout for days, he loves it

           -Seriously, the only way you can get a piggy bag ride from him is to jump onto him

           -At first it was a bad idea to jump on him, because you scared him and he dropped you on your butt

           -But after a few times, he’s gotten used to it

           -He just walks around as if you aren’t hanging off of him

           -To get you off of him, he’ll tickle your thighs

           - secretly loves when you hang off of him though, but he’ll never tell you 

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Can I have some jack x reader ?(after the Fall ) :3 (fic or hc :3 )

Sure thing, dear anon! We’ll be going with headcanons for this one because we are still working on the last part of the Ineffable series and therefore are a little busy. We hope you enjoy! 

  • This poor, old man has such a hard shell; he always seems so grumpy and unapproachable. His intimidating looks and attitude have scared many people away but you know how he truly is inside: the most caring and affectionate person in the world.
  • Just don’t expect him to show this side of him in public. He barely displays his affection except for some subtle hints: he’ll hold open doors for you, give you his jacket if you’re cold, or give you a reassuring pat on the shoulder. On a good day, he might even hold your hand for a short time. It gets really interesting once you’re alone with him.
  • Jack needs a lot of affection in private. And I really mean a lot. After everything he’s lived for blew up (quite literally), you are the only ray of hope left in his life. Your embrace really helps him release all the stress and anxiousness inside. 
  • At night he will always be by your side, holding you close to his chest and resting his chin on the top of your head. Be aware that this man suffers from nightmares from time to time. When these occur, just be sure to be there for him and give him a hug, no talking necessary.
  • Two words: trust issues. Don’t worry, you are definitely not the reason for this; blame the people who brought down Overwatch. These events took quite a toll on him so it will take a long time for him to trust you. Once he does, though, it will definitely have been worth the wait because that’s when he’ll take off his mask/visor. Jack is very self-conscious when it comes to his face (and age), so make sure to give him reassurance that you truly love him for who he is.
  • I mentioned that this guy was caring, right? Well, I forgot to say that I meant OVERLY caring, in a way that can be kind of scary sometimes. Someone bumped into you and accidently hurt your shoulder? He’ll teach that punk a lesson. You stubbed your little toe on the kitchen table? He’ll carry you to the sofa, give you painkillers, and get some ice. You got a small cold? Prepare for a drive to the emergency room.
  • He gives a lot of compliments, especially if you lack self-confidence. He wants you to know that you are the most beautiful and perfect person he could have ever wished for to enter his life. However, he dislikes receiving compliments. It’s not that he doesn’t believe you, he just absolutely hates the way he can’t stop himself from getting flustered and blushing intensely.
  • Kisses from Jack are rare since he barely takes off his visor. But they are always very sweet and full of emotions. Because he sometimes has trouble expressing his love for you with words, hugs and kisses are his way of showing you how important you are. 
  • Meanie on the streets, softie in the sheets. ‘Nuff said. 

June 18th, 2017.

Happy Birthday Spooky Jim. 

29 years ago you fell from the universe and graced us with your love, humor, joy, life experiences and so much more. You became a son, a brother, a best friend, a cat enthusiast, a drummer, a dreamer, and a growing legend in the eyes of many. Joshua William Dun, you are so much more than the hot drummer from that one band. You are more than just the guy who sticks his tongue out and gives the clique too many emotions. You are a passionate human who has brought so much to this world.

You have completed a lot of pieces that have gone missing for me. You have shown me that it is okay to have issues and have off days, but to keep fighting. To love my body, live the best life I can and most of all, smile. I am not who I was before I found you and I hope that you will always be apart of my life. You make my days brighter, as bright as your beautiful hair. This day is just an extra day to share how much I, the clique, and all your loved ones truly value you.

Happy birthday, may today be a truly special day for you. May you feel the love from everyone around you, and go celebrate yourself. You have come so far and have shown a lot of us that life can and will get better. 29 is going to be a magical year filled with joy, new adventures, new music I am sure, more moments with your best friends, more backflips off pianos, laughs with Ty and so on.

I am so proud you exist and thank you for sharing your life with us. Sometimes I am sure it is not easy to be seen by so many, but you carry yourself so well. I am beyond lucky to have you and Ty, the clique couldn’t be happier. So with that being all said, go out and celebrate yourself and have some fun. Happy birthday Jishwa!


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Yes. I mean Why is so special for u?

I love his personality. His wit. His sense of humor, because he is really sarcastic and stupidly clever. I love his silly/lame jokes and subtle comments that are so ON POINT. I love his charm. His charisma and cheekiness. I love his magnetism. I love his coolness. I love that I can’t take my eyes off of him regardless of how many people are around him. I love how he carries himself. How he lights up a room. He’s so aware and confident., but never cocky. I love that he can also be a little unsure and awkward. I love his vulnerability. His compassion. I love how he wears his heart on his sleeve and that he isn’t afraid to show emotions. I love how inherently silly he is sometimes and how he doesn’t take things too seriously. I love how he treats the people around him. I love how he tries to see the good in everybody, even if they haven’t deserved it. I love how protective he is. How much he genuinely cares. I love how good he his with kids. I love how he appreciates his fans. His patience and how he tries to make them all happy; by way of hugs, pictures and autographs, in all situations where it’s doable. He’s always the last one to leave the fans. I love how he’s never rude to paps even when they try to get a reaction from him or some sort of controversy. I love how he never falls for their cheap tricks. I love that even though he’s one of the most sought-after young men in the world and “everybody” wants a piece of him, he never complains about the extra pressure and the extra attention that he undoubtedly copes with. And you know it can’t always be as easy to deal with as he makes it to be… I love that he’s always humble and thankful. I love that he never shows off in an off-putting way. He’s ridiculously wealthy, hangs out with a lot of amazing people and does a lot of incredible things but he Instagrams pictures of his knees and doors and tweets completely unrelevant, odd things. I love that he uses proper spelling and grammar. I love his taste in music and movies because it’s so ridiculously similar to mine. I love his speaking voice, it’s the sexiest sounding voice I know of. I love his singing voice. It’s the epitome of what I like to listen to; deep, raspy, comforting, edgy, cashmere-like, full of texture and it continually gets better and better. I love how he changes up the notes during live performances. I love how he performs, how passionate he is about it and how he tries to do his best every single night. I love how you can tell how much it means to him. I love how much he’s smiling when he’s up there. His moves. EVERYTHING about the way he is on stage. He’s a total rockstar, born for this life, and I honestly can’t think of another 21-year old with as much stage-presence as he has. I love how much he interacts with the crowd. How he’ll even stop his verse to blow a kiss to somebody. How sometimes one kiss isn’t enough, and he’ll blow nine kisses just to make sure. I love it when he imitates the fans, and treats them like they’re his friends. I love how he tries to make them all feel seen.

I love his face, he’s gorgeous and he gets better looking by the day. I love how effortlessly sexy he is. His dimples, green eyes and pink lips. Jaw. Smile. Hands. Collarbones. Arms. Thighs. Legs. It’s all too good. I love that he keeps gaining muscle and getting bigger and broader. I love that he’s tall. I love his hair, whether it’s in a bandana, ponytail, slick, bun, casual or disheveled, curly or straight. He pulls it all off. I love his walk. I love that he genuinely loves fashion. For my taste and liking, he’s one the best dressed guys out there because he dresses exactly how I like guys to dress. I love how good he looks in black jeans and a simple white tee but also how he pulls off a suit. I love that he stays true to his style, but that he isn’t afraid of more quirky pieces. If he likes it he likes it, be that glitter boots or obscenely large hats. He always does his own thing and rides with that, and I have so much respect for that. I love his tattoos. I love that some of his tattoos mean seemingly nothing, but that he also has tattoos that holds connotations to his friends and family. I love his mannerisms. The way he talks, his intonation, accent, subtle little quirky things he does. I love that he’s a total sweetheart but also a dirty fuck. I love his mass-appeal. I love that even though somebody says they don’t listen to One Direction, they’ll admit to liking Harry. They all know who Harry Styles is. I love the impact he has on people. I love the way he looks at people, unwavering, and how they’re all that matters in that moment. I love that he’s an old soul and a true gentleman. I love how he shakes hands and greets everybody and treats everybody equally and with respect. I love how competitive he gets when they’re playing games or getting quizzed. I love his maturity and how he always takes the high road when people try to put him down or have some fun at his expense. I love how ridiculously cool and smart he is when it comes to handling the media and the fans. I love that he’s himself 100% through and through. I love that he drives motorcycles. I love that he can’t be mean even if he tries to. I love how much love there is in his heart. Yeah, that’s some of the things I love about Harry Styles ;)

Magnus Takes Care of His Shadowhunter

Alec came in from patrol limping slightly. Magnus stood from the couch in a single fluid move and hurried over, his fingertips already sparking as he conjured a spell.

Alec held up a hand. “Hold it there, Magic Man, it’s just a scratch.”

Magnus dropped his hand. “But you’re limping.”

“My ankle got kicked pretty hard, but nothing a little ice won’t sooth.” Alec dropped his gear by the door and rolled his shoulders “And probably a hot bath.”

“Say no more.” Magnus took the ice pack out of the freezer and then made his way to the bathroom.

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Realistic Advice for Incoming High School Freshmen!
  • Don’t take this the wrong way, but the world doesn’t revolve around you.
  • Make sure you know the room number you’re going to! (I’ve walked into different classrooms too many times.)
  • Be careful around boys! High school boys are a whole new ballpark, and I was almost guilt-tripped into a relationship my freshman year since I was naive.
  • Don’t date upperclassmen either! If a senior’s interested in a you, then why didn’t people their age like him/her? Think of the big picture!!
  • Listen to what your teachers are actually saying, not the big picture. They’re just trying to help you pass their class.
  • Also speaking of teachers, try to befriend your teachers so you can have that small relationship with them as leverage–sophomore year my math teacher made me cry and she “knew” me so I got 5 extra credit points on a difficult test.
  • If you like a fandom, that’s great! Rep them all you want in the halls, in your school supplies, on your binders/notebooks, etc. Just DON’T try to shove your interests into other people’s faces.
  • Kids that carry speakers around are cool. Don’t tell them to turn off their music, or request other songs since you might be looked at funny.
  • Homecoming!! Go to Homecoming!! Get involved in your school’s events, since it’s your school now too!! Just don’t treat it like prom, since I can tell you my Junior prom was far shittier than my Homecoming.
  • Cafeteria food is sometimes gross, but do not forget or skip lunch!! I highly recommend bringing trail mix or something if you get hungry, but DO NOT SKIP LUNCH!!
  • Don’t treat gym as the Olympics, please for the love of God. If I see another freshman screaming at their volleyball team over not playing well then I might scream myself.
  • Also, the halls aren’t the Olympics either, nor are they track practice. DO NOT RUN IN THE HALLS. Please do not be that kid.
  • Take mental health days when you need to, but don’t make them a habit. I understand things get stressful, but if my supervisor can come to work with pneumonia for 2 days before going home then I think you can study for a test a week in advance instead of a day before.
What I think about all MBTI types from what I have observed so far part 1- NJs

What the title says. I had some close relations with almost every type so far I think, or had enough observation to make a post on them. Tell me if you see anything inaccurate.

INTJ: They are actually fairly sensitive when you get under their Te resting bitch face. They tend to be rather soft hearted, despite giving a reverse aura. One of my classmates is an INTJ in Ni-Fi loop with Se grip showing now and then- And even if this causes her to feel not at ease with most of the class, getting mocked, I remember her defending a girl despite acting rather asshole-ish to her before (Though, from what I have gathered, she often times tries to make a joke at those times yet her PoLR Fe is seriously horrible. She isn’t aware of it when she does something really socially inappropriate. Even my Inferior Fe facepalms, it can be that bad. I try to translate things for her though, so we tend to get along well despite tension between her and rest of the class.) Not all INTJs are as obvious though. There is also this small thing I realized while I was checking forums- Most INTJs tend to have a different view on functions and their relations than INTPs. Check any forum and if there is an INTP and an INTJ arguing, chances are they actually define and interpret whole system in on entirely different way. More often than not good willed, with their Ni often hid behind Te, they can be and tend to fairly good at sciences though I see that most tends to prefer art (from painting to playing an instrument or writing) more than cold hard sciences. It feels like they often show their Ni-Fi in such areas, perhaps? Their Se often seems to draw them towards ESFPs, or at least makes them have shadow moments under Se grip. Unlike stereotypes, they are often simply off to doing their own thing- They don’t really care about taking over the world more than their current project- Be it a story they are writing or scientific research they are doing or perhaps trying to figure out their current crush, who knows?

ENTJ: Okay, so we all know that they are dictators of the MBTI, right? Wrong. Actually, more often than not, their Inferior Fi kinda makes them “protector of underdog”. While they are striving to achieve their goals, I find that they actually rather like it when people asks for help and they can help. (Given that situation actually is challenging and the person asking wasn’t too lazy to do a ten seconds google search or something. This would just annoy them, I suppose?) It might or might not be true but I saw a few healthier ENTJs whom kept saying that as they get older, they spend more time with young people becase they learnt most they can from people at their age- Their Auxilary Ni and Dominant Te drives them to understand and use new things and technologies- Which can be done easier if you interact with people who grow up with those new things. Their tertiary Se seems to give them a love for aesthetics as well? They also can seem scary at times to other types, but as long as they are not choking down their Fi too hard, most of them are fairly nice people, despite stereotypes. They can be rather harsh on themselves. It is okay to feel and it doesn’t mean you are weak if you feel things, guys/girls/whatever you identify as. I like how you are actually quite open to new ideas as long as one can prove or give a good reasoning for it. Can be quite ruthless and machiavellian if unhealthy, but when healthier they truly can bring change to a society- or make their own dream company.

ENFJ: This might be simply me thing, but I often get a manipulative wave from them. They are one of the easiest types for me to recognize- Their Dominant Fe and Auxilary Ni softens their voice in a certain way that I can’t explain through text. They often have smiley faces and I sincerely believe that they mean well, but when combined with Ni, they can come off as a bit… fake. Their Fe-Se can sometimes seem narcisstic too, despite all the stereotypes showing them as angels from the heavens. Their love for Se often shows as much as it does with ENTJs, yet Fe seems to add a different “feeling” to their Ni-flavoured aesthetics/taste. A bit more on the morbid side, perhaps? While healthy, they can keep many groups together and be an incredibly inspiring leader, while when unhealthier they simply manipulate others to survive/get what they need. With males, I see that they get often underestimated due to softness they carry outside, but they can read people fairly well, so I would not suggest thinking little of them, really. Their Inferior Ti actually pokes its’ head at times, but perhaps due to Ni, they often tend to see “only good solution” to things than multiple ones. They actually need affirmation and trust in them so much that it can be crazy, which is likely the reason if they ever end up coming manipulative. Not exactly out of bad intention, more of security thing from what I understood? They also seem to hold rules in a high regard- the system they are in. 

INFJ: While, if they desire, they could be as manipulative as ENFJs, they tend to prefer not doing that unless it is too necessary. (ENFJs may use Ni to get their Fe quota met, but INFJs have their Ni as their main process. They can use Ni-Fe for manipulation but this would be more of long term thing for a specific goal than simply be loved and other Fe goals.) They often pick an interest in reading and writing just like INTJs, they are also rather interested in politics/power structures to some point from what I see? Though, again, nature is prefered over such structures if possible. In their writing, you can see their readers shine through- A close INFJ friend of mine often addresses struggles of her readers as well as throwing in some certain inner jokes- Ni also tends to make her give answers earlier but not the question- She likes BAM! The truth revealed! A bit too much. Like INTJs, they tend to have strong guts feelings. Also rather mother bear-ish. Not just because theya re FJs and stereotypes says so- But because they can see what people feel due to Aux Fe and dominant Ni helps quite a bit for seeing things from other’s angle. Tertiary Ti makes them quite the perfectionist- though it is often hidden due to them mostly applying it to themselves. Inferior Se comes and goes in a similiar fashion to INTJs. They may be aware of really subtle details like how many steps a stairs have, or how many minutes does it take for their schoolbus to reach from X to Y and knowing the time down to the minute without checking their watch to simply wanting to burn everything they worked so far on- With INFJs it is often connections they made, with INTJs it takes more of self destructive stance due to tertiary Fi. Fairly afraid of being corrupted. Their Fe seems like a headache at times- It makes them sensitive and aware of other people’s feelings and Ni-Ti perfectionism might end up making them try hard to fit into their self image of how they think they should be/desire to be. They actually have strong moral convictions- Even if they tend to keep it to themselves, they often can’t help but spill it out if they see someone going againist it painfully hard? Overall, nice people though they can be one of the most paranoid at times due to Dominant Ni.

I think that’s all I have for NJs? Again, tell me if I got something wrong.

delllonggone  asked:

Hello! Could you please write a scenario or head cannons on Fatgum who has a fem!s/o who loves to cook and bake for him? How he feels and what he likes them to make the most? Thank you!

OF COURSE fatgum is my favorite dad I just want to take this moment to formally thank him for loving amajiki and kirishima. I hope you don’t mind but I’m gonna do headcanons because it’ll help me be more specific!

Toyomitsu Taishirou aka Fatgum:

-He is quite convinced he is the luckiest man alive, and honestly? He probably is. He’s not quite sure how he wound up with someone like you who takes such good care of him, especially when he’s so busy all of the time and admittedly, a bit of a workaholic (most heroes are though, right?). Nonetheless he does really try his best to keep the relationship 50/50 and reciprocate all your love as best he can. He’s not too great at cooking himself, so that’s out of the question, but he does other little things like making sure he calls you at least once a day, remembering your favorite kind of flowers, and picking up a book or a movie he knows you like.

-He wants to help you in the kitchen, he really does, but again he’s not too good at cooking and he just eats all your ingredients before you can get anything done! Especially when you’re baking, the man has no self control. It gets to the point that if you really want to get anything done you’re either going to have to do it when he’s not around, or make sure you double all the things you need him to pick up to make the sweets. Having the backup chocolate chips proves a good idea when you catch him sneaking a couple every time you turn your back. He’s got a pretty innocent smile even when he’s guilty.

-In his eyes you’re basically an angel. His reason to get up and do his job as best he can every day, and an absolute treat to come home to every night. The fact that you enjoy cooking for him is just icing on top of the cake. He makes a point to remind you that you don’t have to, that he loves you for a million reasons beyond your talents with food, but you just laugh it off and tell him he really doesn’t have to worry about it. It’s more of a hobby than anything else, because he’ll eat anything you want to try making. Doesn’t matter if it doesn’t come out quite right, he loves it, and you, anyways.

-His favorite things that you make are the ones he can easily take to work with him. He’s always hungry and constantly eating to maintain his quirk’s defense, so easy to carry things like small snacks and sweets are his favorite for their convenience. He also likes to show off your baking prowess to his coworkers whenever he can, so he’ll share your treats sometimes if he’s feeling generous. Turns out Kirishima loves your cookies and sometimes Taishirou will even come home asking you to make something oddly specific for Amajiki to try out during training. You’re happy to help, and he’s always really cute when he gets talking about his interns.

Couch- Tyler Joseph

“Tyler stop. I don’t want to fight right now. Just leave me alone, I’m going to bed.” you said standing from the couch where Tyler sat.

“Y/N I don’t want to fight either. Wait don’t go yet. Let’s talk.”

“No. Goodnight, and don’t bother sleeping in our bed tonight. The couch is yours.” you shut the bedroom door with a slam. You don’t even remember what started this fight, all you know is Tyler said one thing that pissed you off and you snapped.

You got into bed and fell asleep fast but you woke back up around 12:30 in the morning missing the feeling of Tyler’s warm body in bed. You weren’t mad at him now and you really weren’t in the first place either. He knew that but was still respectful of your request of him sleeping in the living room. After a year of marriage he knew what set you off more and knew when to not push your buttons.

You walked out of the bedroom to see your home dark. You made your way to the living room where you found Tyler scrunched up in a ball sleeping. You admired him for a minute at how peaceful he looked. Then you walked over and placed a kiss to his head before laying down next to him. He moved over to let you cuddle into him.

“Hey baby. Are you still mad?” he asked with his eyes still closed.

“No I was never really mad at you. I love you too much. I missed you in bed and wanted to see if you wanted to come back to bed with me.” you said with your head on his chest listening to him breathe.

After a few moments of enjoying eachothers company Tyler had you in his arms carrying you to the bedroom. Placing you down on the bed gently.

He scooted in next to you. Even though you had a king size bed you slept like it was a twin. In his arms that gave you so much happiness.

“Y/N?” Tyler whispered unsure if you fell asleep yet.


“I love you. I’m sorry I pissed you off earlier.”

“Don’t be sorry I was just being over sensitive. You know how I get sometimes. I love you Ty.”

“I have a question?”


“Can we go looking for a new couch. That one isn’t comfortable, and I have a feeling that I’ll be put on the couch again.” Tyler said.

You chuckled and kissed him. “Sure or you can just not piss me off and you can be in this big bed with me every night.”

“Deal.” he smiled as you two kissed and you fell asleep in his arms.

marcuskaen  asked:

So I want to prompt either #23 or #24 for Jean x Lucien. I'll let you choose. :)

#23 last kiss; this is…not happy. 

“Sometimes you need to bend to the church. And sometimes you want it to bend to you. But it doesn’t necessarily work out that way.”

He watched as she nervously twisted the ring around her finger. Not for the first time, his heart fell as he watched her struggle choose between him and the Church. 

With a heavy heart, he covered her hand with his. The emerald of her ring cut into his hand uncomfortably. “Jean, I don’t know how much longer I can ask you to do this; to carry this burden.”

She looked at him warily. “What are you talking about?”

He smiled sadly at her, nodding towards her left hand. “I see you pull it off and put it on and twist it around. Love, engagement rings aren’t meant to be so heavy.” 

Jean opened her mouth to speak but couldn’t find the words she wanted to say, opting instead to close it and bite her lip, unshed tears in her eyes. “Lucien, I want to marry you. It’s just–”

He cut her off. “It’s just that sometimes love isn’t enough, is it?” Reaching out with a trembling hand, he brushed the back of his hand over her cheek in a gentle caress. “I’d never ask you to foresake your immortal soul–not for anyone and certainly not for me.” He laughed, humorlessly. “I’m not worth it.”

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“Oh my god I’m so sorry!” You gasp, treading on Rick’s shoe as you walk past him, helping pack up supplies for the next run.
“Don’t worry about it,” he chuckles, shaking his head, “you still good with going out on this run?”
“Yeah of course!”
“Good to hear. You and Daryl make a good team y'know.”
“Do we? That’s nice to know,” you blush.
“He really cares about you.”
“Does he?”
“Of course he does! You two need to talk more!” Rick laughs. You carry on packing supplies, then say your goodbyes as you head back to your cell. It was right next to Daryl’s, out of the way of the others. He’d asked you to stay next to him the night when he’d opened up about his past a little, confiding in you about some of the abuse. You’d agreed straight away, wanting to make sure he had someone he could talk to when he wanted. You both cared for each other deeply, neither of you admitting it for fear it would scare the other off. In your cell you sit there preparing yourself for the run. Daryl knew how clumsy you could be and worried a lot whenever you went outside of the prison walls. If there was something to fall over or bump into, you would always be the one to do it.
“Hey,” Daryl says from your door, watching you twiddle with your fingers as you get nervous about going out.
“Hey, ready for the run?” You ask, trying to cover your nerves.
“Yeah, you?”
“Ya can tell me if yer not,” he nods.
“Nope, I’m fine.”
“Yer not.”
“Daryl, I am, lets just go and get this over with,” you force a smile as you walk past him, but he grabs onto your wrist and pulls you back a little too hard, making you fall into his chest.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to do that,” he apologises, catching you quickly.
“That’s ok,” you breathe.
“Jus’ wanna say, I’m there for ya. I won’t let anything happen to ya,” he comforts, wrapping his arms hesitantly around you, squeezing you tightly against his body.
“I know,” you whisper into his chest. You make your way outside together and Rick gives you both a nod as you climb onto Daryl’s bike. Every time you passed the gates to come outside of the prison your heart sank a little, seeing the walkers stumbling aimlessly around then following your noise, you never wanted to become one of those. Your hands gripped onto Daryl’s jacket over his stomach as he drove and your head rested against his back. He could feel you move against him with every bump in the road, your thighs against his hips. After about an hour you arrive at your destination and he sets the bike in some bushes.
“Yer stayin’ with me,” he mumbles as you walk towards the small scattering of houses.
“But it’d be quicker if we split up.”
“That’s not happening,” he says defiantly.
“Daryl, just trust me, lets split up for the first two houses and see what happens okay?” You compromise, looking at Daryl’s frown.
“Fine. Jus’ these two. And if anything goes wrong yer with me for life,” he growls. You nod and walk off to the house opposite, then enter carefully, knife raised in case of any walkers. You knock on the door and wait to see if any noises become audible, but after a minute you decide to go in after hearing nothing. Heading to the kitchen, you check around every door to make sure nothing’s there, then open up the cupboards to see if any food had been left. There were a few cans of beans, corn and soup, so you quickly threw them into your rucksack and turned towards the stairs. In the bathroom there were a couple of packets of painkillers and a first aid kit, so you took those as well, then went into the master bedroom. Looking round at the family photos, you felt sad at all they had lost and wondered what had happened to them. As you stand there, you hear a noise from out in the garden and look down to see a cat meowing. You immediately run downstairs and out to where it’s sat, but it walks away, unsure about whether to trust you or not.
“Hey, it’s okay kitty, want some water?” You ask, getting out a water bottle. It moves into the next garden along and you follow it through a gap in the fence, then it stays still as you pour a little water into a shallow plant dish. It comes over to you and licks the water, then rubs its face up against your hand. While out in the garden, Daryl enters the house you were in and whispers your name.
“(Y/N)? (Y/N), where are ya?” He asks, going upstairs and checking all the rooms.
“Fucks sake (Y/N)!”
You sit with the cat for a while and scruff its fur up as it purrs at you.
“Well aren’t you a sweetie?” You coo, picking him up onto your lap. It sits there happily, rubbing his head into the palm on your hand when you hear Daryl next door.
“(Y/N), where are ya?”
“I’m here!” You call out from next door. He kicks the fence down and looks at you with angry eyes.
“The fuck ya think yer doin’?” He bellows as you stand up with the cat.
“I… I saw him from the window and wanted to see if he-”
“Ya risk yer life for a fuckin’ cat? Jesus (Y/N), the hell ya thinkin’?!”
“I just, I haven’t seen a cat in so long, I-”
“Some dead man coulda fuckin’ bit ya while ya sat there with that thing. Do ya not care about that?”
“Of course I do, I would have heard if-”
“Would ya? Really? Fuck!” He shouts, exasperated. You put the cat down and walk into the house you were now near in silence. The cat follows you as you leave Daryl looking ashamed after his rant in the garden. A walker comes at you from the kitchen and as you go to stab it, it moves so you miss.
“Fuck!” You shout, having to step backwards, falling onto the sofa. Daryl sees this and immediately comes in, shooting it with an arrow through the head with ease. You throw the now limp body off of yours and onto the floor, then get up and carry on walking away.
“Thanks,” you mutter as you turn away from him. The cat meows at your feet and carries on following you to the front door when Daryl suddenly comes up behind you and spins you around.
“I’m sorry for what I said.”
“I jus’ worry ‘bout ya so fuckin’ much. Ya have no idea.”
“You don’t need to. I know I’m clumsy sometimes, but I can hear a walker coming, even if I am busy with a cat.”
“Ya can’t help it when ya love someone y'know,” Daryl mumbles, his cheeks turning a bright shade of red. You look up into his eyes and smile, then the cat starts meowing between you both.
“Can we keep him? Or her…”
“If it can fit on the bike, I don’t see why not,” he chuckles.


Pompeii 35

Nothing was ever perfect and nothing would ever be truly perfect, but sometimes Sakura started to believe things were as perfect as they could get. She didn’t need anything else but friends like family and quiet nights surrounded by a feeling of security. Stuff was growing more and more hectic with the allergy season ramping up and more people coming into the clinic to act like children about a runny nose, but Sakura still had the evenings to rest and unwind with friends closer than friends.

Behind her, Sai combs through her hair with his fingers, pulling apart strands into sections he would weave together later. He always took his time when she allowed him to play with her hair. Sakura readjusts her position on the floor, bumping one of Sai’s knees with her own before reaching to throw down a card atop one of Yamato’s.

“Go fish.”

Sakura groaned. “Are you going to say that every time? I messed up once, just once, and you need to remind me every chance you get. This is rummy, I got it, I know.”

Yamato’s smile was teasing.

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