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In a surprising plot twist Syaoran has located Kingdom Hearts. 

It was in a library all along. 


Meet Osarali ‘Sara’ Ryder and her twin brother Elias ‘Scott’ Ryder!

I wanted to keep the base names so I can hear people actually call them by name instead of a family name, for a change. ‘Sara’ and ‘Scott’ are just what people usually call them. ‘Sara’ is pretty explanatory, but why ‘Scott’? Well because Elias is a fan of Star Trek and has a soft spot for Scotty.

They both like bright neon colours, can you tell?

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I've been thinking about Hopeless for a while now. And I'm actually half convinced that his name is "Hopeless" because he couldn't figure out what to call himself. And one day, someone (another one of the Dead Men, probably?) asked how his search for a name was going. And he aswered "It's hopeless", and that just kind of stuck with him. Like, I can really imagine them calling him "Hopeless" jokingly and before they know, it's his actual name.

That’s awesome! Like when a nickname becomes more commonly used that a person’s real name, but literally. Headcanon accepted 👈👈

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What's the rationale behind people not wanting their dogs names on their tags? I've heard it's because people can call them away by their names and steal them, but if you're already close enough to be able to read the tag, what's the point lmao

Someone’s always heard of someone who tried to get their dog back and the person who stole them was able to give the correct name of the dog read off the tag, and so the process of getting the dog back was harder. I don’t know if that actually is a thing that happens or if it’s an urban legend, but there you have it. All of my animals have their name on the tag and some variation of ‘plz return to Jaz or he’ll cry’.


“You were directly involved in bringing down the Empire. You and Artoo. So I don’t know why you’re calling me Master. Why you call anyone Master. Seems like people should call you that.”

“Why…I…I don’t know, sir. Programming, I suppose. All droids must do as they are programmed.”

OF COURSE Poe Dameron cares about the civil rights of droids and respects them as individuals. He’s not going to perpetuate a weird slavery hangover where even heroes of the Galactic Civil War are programmed to scrape and bow to humans and call them ‘master’. 


…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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Things to do instead of thinking about that gross boy:

-Take a bath. With candles and a book and a face mask

-Look for a new show on Netflix

-Watch videos of happy babies (or happy puppies. or kittens)

-Paint your nails

-Do that thing you’ve been procrastinating for hours

-Reorganize your room

-Find new music, make a new playlist

-Pet your cat or dog. Or your friend’s cat or dog. Or your neighbor’s cat or dog

-DIY a hair mask or a sugar scrub (I can write up some recipes if anybody wants them!!)

-Call your mom

-Sing and dance around your room to some Rihanna (or another singer that makes you feel like a boss ass bitch)

-Do some yoga

i cant wait for dnp to get married and make a golden future for themselves just… lying in bed wrapped in soft blankets and love warmer than anything listening to quiet music and watching the clouds move by their window bc they have to be floating at this point..


i’m shippy trash and find cute pairings everywhere :’D

Can I just remind people that many bisexual and pansexual people, myself included, use gay as an umbrella term for all people attracted to the same sex and we use it as a descriptor for our and everyone’s same sex attraction because it’s specific to that part of our identity. So please stop policing me for using gay to describe my and characters’ same sex attraction. Using gay as an umbrella term is not the same as invalidating and erasing a bi/pansexual person’s identity.

Don’t be a drag, just be a queen

Fabulous characters always have my attention, and I love Kiji and Ruka’s dynamics. I need them to either remain the worst of enemies or to become best friends. No in-between.

That second option is not likely, but rivals turned frenemies turned bffs is one of those things that give me life. A girl can dream.

Now please don’t tell me the manga kills Ruka off or something like that