i can bring my pain

“First, the building isn’t going anywhere. After all the hard work to get the park up to snuff for its 60th anniversary, Disney has no interest in breaking out the bulldozers and the jackhammers once the party actually starts. Sources say the building will not be torn down—at least for the foreseeable future. And no ride will be built inside it.“

— David Koenig, MousePlanet, on the future of Innoventions

I vote we bring this sign back, so today’s generation can know my pain:

(photo source)

Eight years I looked at that sign after the closure of America Sings, wondering if any Imagineering was actually even happening (spoiler alert: for most of the time, there was none; sadly, leaving the empty husks of attractions out in Tomorrowland didn’t start with the PeopleMover/Rocket Rods or the old Rocket Jets platform, where the Observatron used to spin, but which, at least on my last visit in 2013, was sitting dormant). Instead, the theaters were being used mostly as storage rooms and meeting locations (with signage telling people to stay off the stages, as the animatronics had been removed and there were open pits where some of them once stood).

As always, the plans in the article should be considered rumor until an official announcement is made — but given the way Disney drags their feet on announcements, rumor is all we’ve got for a while.

inconsequential rant

busy day at temporary workplace. caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. aka my parents. why did they ever marry. loneliness? possible. subsequently I get to stand between them as they turn to me to rant about each other and their own feelings. this is how I become their psychologist. despite my protests against. and suggestions against. but hey, got to comfort my crying mother while at job, fully displaying my stunted emotions, refusal to be involved, and illusion of choice. fun times. I squeezed her shoulder. stuck to be their mediator in my mid twenties. this is how I will lose my mind.

anonymous asked:

kai and sehun are prostitutes and Luhan is some rich man who pays them to have sex together while he watches via webcam. There’s bondage involved. For this ask what fic is it, was it found?

Hello dear! Yes, this was found, but as the asker requested a private response it was sent to them directly. @seouldown helped us to find bring your love, baby, i can bring my pain by lunathunderhead.

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