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A Sunset w/ Izaya Ch.3 B: Use Izaya Orihara, Pt. 3

The Royal Suite of the Bunokura Grand Palace Hotel

This man may be more stupid than I originally imagined.

The reason why Kazuhisa thought this is because of the moment he saw the figure of the man in the high quality suite hotel room. The man took an elegant poise as he slightly swayed the wine glass he was holding with one hand and with his legs crossed as he sat in his wheelchair.

“Hey, you’re Adamura-kun, right? I’m Izaya Orihara. Nice to meet you.”

If he only started off the conversation like that it would have brought forth the image of a puzzling man shrouded in mystery, but the problem with that was the elementary school child who started to push the wheelchair around the spacious room at full speed.

“Vroom. Vroom, vroom! Woohoo! It’s started to get fun Izaya-san!”

The child wiped his brow from sweat and continued to push the wheelchair around happily. Whether the child had excellent leg muscles or arm muscles, he is running around the high class furniture at quite a fair speed. At that oscillation a bit of the liquid from the wine glass managed to spill out, but it seems like the contents were the barley tea that was left on the table.

“What do you think? What are your thoughts of the man who deceived your cute lover?”

“Well, I…”

Kazuhisa had no idea on how he should respond, and unintentionally averted his eyes from the man.

In the previous glance, Nana was there. Giggling slightly, she watched the man’s state.

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nightfurylover31  asked:

I read your Tiny and Terrifying Cute posts for the Doma arc (great drawing by the way), and I love them! I wanted to ask you why Yugi played the Seal? How did they get in that scenario in your AU?

“I discard one card to destroy your monster!” Yuugi declares. Timaeus opens his maw, immense energy pooling in it. Dark Magician Girl braces herself. “Dark Dragon Burst!”

The pair shoot a beam of light towards Guardian Grarl, the attack so powerful that the plateau trembles.

“Reverse card, Self Tribute!” Raphael declares, revealing his face-down card. “By paying 1000 life points, I can bring back my monster that was destroyed!“ 

He cries out in pain as the effect slowly takes away his points. He’s sweating once Guardian Grarl is back on his field.

Raphael’s LP: 4000 → 3000

“You really will do anything to protect your cards,” Yuugi murmurs, amazed at the man’s determination to keep his monsters on the field. Even he never went through such lengths.

“Yuugi Mutou, wielder of the Puzzle and caretaker of the Nameless Pharaoh, do you know why we will not lose?” Raphael asks, wiping away his sweat. “Because DOMA has a strength that you don’t have.”

“If it’s kidnapping, I’m afraid to say that I’ve beaten people who’ve done that.”

“It’s the strength to accept the darkness in our hearts.”

“The darkness in your hearts,” Yuugi repeats flatly. “I guess that explains the kidnapping, very dark thing to do–taking people against their will.”

“Joke all you want, but you of all people should know how dark the world can be,” Raphael says. “A teenage boy who has been beaten and bullied several times, who has been betrayed and tricked, who has been used and taken advantage of.” He shakes his head. “You link yourself to the light of people’s hearts, and I wonder why? Why believe in kindness when teachers like Chouno and Tsuruoka exist? Why trust in the good when people hurt you for no reason? Imamori, Nezumi, even your dear Jounouchi at one point. Didn’t he used to take away your things? Your precious Puzzle?”

Yuugi stiffens. “How do you know all that?” He hisses.

“Why believe in the light when people like Kaiba put you in a death game?”

“That was in the-”

“Why believe in the light when people like Pegasus kidnapped your family? Took the soul of the only guardian who has stuck in your life?”

“How do you-”

“Why believe in the light when parents like Gozaburo Kaiba and Marik Ishtar’s father exists? When your own father isn’t there? When your own mother does little to help in your problems?”

“… Stop.”

“Why believe in the light when people like Ryuuji Otogi framed you for a crime?”

“Stop it.”

“When he took you and trapped you in a game?”

“I said stop.”

“When he’s the reason your brother was shattered in pieces? Why give people like Kaiba a second chance when he hurt your brother so badly that to this day, he’s still scared of the man?”

“I said stop!” Yuugi shouts, clenching his fists. 

“Why believe in the light when everyone around you is so willing to hurt a child?”

“You have no right to talk!” Yuugi snarls. “From day one, you and your group have been trying to take Yami!”

Said child sniffles, hugging his Marshmallon pillow tightly. The spirits of Mystical Elf and Celtic Guardian are at his sides, the cards left by Yuugi so he could watch over him. He wishes his brother could stay put for once, wishes he’d stay with Jounouchi and the others. But when a baby has the power to teleport at will, it’s a bit difficult to achieve.

Yuugi takes a deep breathe and calms himself, making sure none of his anger bleeds into the link.

“You’re the epitome of controlling the two sides of your heart,” Raphael observes. “Just like the world, both dark and light exists – striving for balance. And just like the world, darkness is prevailing.” He holds the stone he’s wearing, one similar to Yuugi’s. “Our despair and sorrow is greater than anything that exists in this world, darkness always surpasses light.”

“That’s a bleak way of seeing things.”

“People like you who pretend to be righteous can’t fathom the depth of such logic.”

“Logic?” Yuugi says in disbelief. “You call that logic? Kaiba-kun is more optimistic than you!” He snorts. “Revenge and destruction… then what? What exactly are you trying to accomplish by doing that? All you’ll have left is emptiness!”

Raphael chuckles, then laughs loudly. “That’s true, if you do things half-heartedly then you’ll find only emptiness.”

“That’s taking the saying ‘Go big or go home’ a little too seriously.”

“But what if even emptiness is not remaining?”

Yuugi blinks.

“What if we can restart humanity? Set it back to zero?” Raphael spreads his arms. “That’s the purpose of DOMA, it’s goal is the ultimate nothing! To set human history back to zero!”


“… You’re insane,” Yuugi concludes. “I’m not going to listen to you anymore, anything after that is just insanity.”

“Is it?”

“You’re suggesting the eradication of the human race,” Yuugi nods. “I’m pretty sure it is.”

“This is the only way after DOMA has tried its hardest to guide humanity,” Raphael shakes his head. “The organization has existed since history began, always pushing civilization, even through unjust means. All for the sake of the world.”

“Wow, thanks.”

“People who don’t follow DOMA’s will don’t understand, they always repeat history,” Raphael says. “Wisdom exists so people could accomplish their task of protecting this world. But what has happened? Look around you, look at your own life. What has happened? Human beings filled with selfish desires, filled with hate, filled with violence.”

Raphael looks directly into his eyes and he feels a sense of foreboding. “You’re not exempt from this, Yuugi. Your heart is filling with darkness as well.”

“You’re wrong.”

“Am I?” Raphael asks. “Tell me, would the old Yuugi Mutou threaten people so directly? Would the old Yuugi Mutou be so distrusting? Would the old Yuugi Mutou hurt people the way you have? Break bones and tear skin? Use words to sting and hurt?”

“Since I’m assuming you’ve stalked every inch of my life, you must know that those people would have hurt my brother. My very young, and very infant brother,” Yuugi’s eyes narrow. “I don’t see how defending someone can be considered dark.”

“Him?” Raphael points at Yami. “Surely you must see that he’s far from a normal innocent child. He’s a powerful king, one with a soul worthy enough for Lord Dartz’s goal.”

Yuugi takes a step, blocking Yami from Raphael’s sight. “How about no.”

“The Nameless Pharaoh was known for his power, but everything else is a mystery. How do you know that he’s good? There could have been darkness in his heart, there must be, if he invokes that much darkness in yours.”

Yami whimpers, Mystical Elf hugs him. 

Yuugi glares at Raphael. “You shut up, right now,” he says. “Yami has never invoked any darkness in me, there is nothing dark in my heart.”

Raphael draws two cards, he looks at them and smiles. “Then prove it to me,” he challenges, setting one card. “I activate Exchange!” He says, one of his set cards flip up. “This allows us to trade a card in each of our hands.”

Both of them only had one card.

They both walk to the center. Yuugi takes one last look at his card and gives it to Raphael.

“Necromancy,” Raphael reads. “A card that allows a player to get monsters from their opponent’s graveyard,” he chuckles. “It would have been useless for you, as I have no monsters in my graveyard.”

“Quit talking and give me your card.”

Raphael laughs and gives him the card. “Yuugi, this is the card of your fate,” he walks away. “Let’s see if your light is strong enough to resist it.”

Yuugi frowns and walks away. “Card of my fate?” He asks, bringing up the card. “What does he mean?”

His whole body freezes, in his hand is the Seal of Orichalcos.

The stone around his neck glows brighter.

[Tiny And Terrifyingly Cute AU]

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Izaya Talks about His Injuries

“…Your legs, there’s something wrong with them, right?”

Izaya gave a composed smile as he answered Kazuhisa’s question.

“It’s just difficult to stand or to walk around. Relatively speaking, the symptoms are rather stubborn. If I can handle the intense pain it brings like crossing my legs like this I can manage.”

“Was it from an accident?”

He thought it was a bit rude to ask such a thing without restraint, but this was the man who suddenly summoned him to this place. It seems the man thought a little bit of rudeness was alright [in this case].

“Something like that. An accident…Well if you can call picking a fight with and getting attacked by an enormous monster an accident, then I guess it’s an accident.”

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the signs as some of my music faves
  • Aries: The Neighbourhood // you make me wanna scream, at the top of my lungs
  • Taurus: Twenty One Pilots // sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind
  • Gemini: Mariana and the Diamonds // feelings are just like the weather
  • Cancer: Melanie Martinez // your hearts too big for your body
  • Leo: Troye Sivan // 'cus when you look like that I've never wanted to be so bad
  • Virgo: Halsey // I promised myself I wouldn't let you complete me
  • Libra: The Weekend// being the drugs baby I can bring my pain
  • Scorpio: Artic Monkeys // maybe I'm too busy being yours to fall for somebody new
  • Sagittarius: Lana Del Rey // they judge me like a picture book
  • Capricorn: 5sos // we are the leaders of the not coming backs
  • Aquarius: Bastille // are you going to age with grace? are you going to age without mistakes?
  • Pisces: Hoizer // no grave can hold my body down, I'll crawl home to her
[Mark] Teacher’s Pet (Chapter Fourteen)

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My life has been passing in slow motion. It’s been three days since Mark and I fought, but I look like I haven’t seen light in three years. My body doesn’t handle my mental state, I’m never hungry, I feel dehydrated. I constantly have to act, I do my best not to cry in front of people, even though they know there is something wrong going on with me. Since I can cry during the day, I cry at night, as silently as I can, and controlling my emotions like this is not only a mental work, it’s physical. That’s why I don’t sleep and that’s why I’m so tired. I am fully aware I was wrong for snapping at Mark like this, and it’s been haunting me ever since he left me under the rain. I’m constantly sending him tons of texts telling him I’m sorry but he never replies, and he doesn’t take my calls. I don’t know how long he’s going to be mad or if he’s going to calm down. I feel like I’ve lost him, I feel like everything is over, and it hurts. I shouldn’t have let him become so important to me.

Bea knows I’m not feeling well, no matter how hard I try to hide it. But I want to avoid as much questions as I can; because the less questions she asks, the less I lie. That’s why I agreed to go shopping with her today. Prom is in a little bit more than a month, and we are at Prom Girl Store to buy our dresses. I don’t know what I’m doing here, I don’t want to go to prom, I’m not in the mood for even thinking about prom. Bea is trying another dress on, and here I am, lost in my thoughts. I send Mark another message, and it makes me angry that I still hope a reply from him.

Bea comes out of the cabin in a sleeveless princess grown with a pale pink bustier and a white skirt. I’m in awe of her, she looks like a small marshmallow with curly hair.

“What do you think?” She asks me, turning around for me to see well. She does look amazing, but the dark blue lace dress she tried earlier was better.

“I like the blue one better.” I reply, and she tilts her head to the side, showing me a cute grimace.

“I don’t knoooooow.” She whines. She smacks her tongue and sighs. I think she really likes both. She stalks over to me and sits down on the small sofa.

“Are you sure you’re not trying anything?” She asks, sticking her bottom lip out in a cute pout. I shake my head. I’m just not in the mood for shopping, and I don’t even know if I’m going to prom.  She sighs for a long time, and I can see the features of her face hardening.

“What’s going on?” Tell me.“ She asks. I dreaded this question. I tried really hard not to show my chagrin, looks like it’s so big that I miserably failed.

“Nothing.” I lie, and she rolls her eyes at me.

“Oh, please, please, Abigail. Don’t play that game, please.” She says, obviously trying to hide her frustration. I look down at my knotted fingers. She’s already mad, how am I supposed to tell her about me and Mark?

“You barely talk to me anymore, Abigail.” She says, and I’m forced to look up at her big and deep green eyes that are pained with sadness.

“That’s not true, Bea.” I shake my head. “We never hang out together anymore. You’re always out on weekends, with friends I don’t even know. And you don’t even want to introduce me to them.” She argues. How am I supposed to tell her it was all lies? I’ve gone too far into my own lies, I don’t know how to get out of it.

“Did I do something?” She asks. The idea that I could make her feel that bad saddens me in the most painful way. First Mark, and then her, I feel like I’m hurting everyone I love.

“No, no, Bea.” I shake my head vigorously. I feel so bad, it hurts to realize how much pain I can bring to people. That was not my intention, I don’t want to hurt anyone, it hurts me more than anything else.

“Look, I’m sorry if you felt neglected, I promise I don’t love you less.” I say sincerely. I can’t hold back the excess of emotion that rushes inside of me, and tears pool at the corners of my eyes. Her brow cease as she sees it.

“Why are you crying?” She asks, taking my face in her hands. I burst into tears, and she wraps me in her arms. Oh, Bea, I’m so sorry.

“What is going on, Abigail?” She asks, stroking my hair. I just can’t stop crying, even if I try to.

“I don’t know, I’ve just felt so down lately.” I lie through my tears. She pulls away from me and plunges her eyes into mine.

“Why?” She asks, and I shrug. “I hate seeing you like this.” She says, her thumbs caressing my cheeks as I start to calm myself down.

“Come on, dry those tears. I’m gonna get this dress I saw in the store, you’re going to try it, okay?” She says, and her warm smiles prevents me from saying no.

Bea gets me a white princess grown with a sweet heart neckline and spaghetti straps and an open back. Prosaic and pure, and I love. This dress is absolutely magnificent. I walk out of the fitting room, and Bea sees me. Her eyes widen a little bit as she leans in. I bite my lip. Ah, the feels!

“Wow.” She articulates. She likes it too! “That dress is perfect for you.” She smiles as I turn around.

“I like it too.” I reply.

“You have to buy it.” She says. Buy it? For what?  

"I don’t even have a date.“ I sigh.

"Neither do I.” She says, getting up from her seat.

“We’ll be each other’s date. We’ll have fun by ourselves.” She proposes, radiating with happiness. I smile at her. “Come on, take it.” She encourages me. “Fine.” I give in.

“What about you? Which one did you take?” I ask her. I hope she chose the blue one.

“I’ll come back another day, I need to show my mom first.” She says. Damn, she must be hesitating a lot. I don’t see what she’s hesitating about, blue definitely is her color.

“I’m telling you, the blue one is prettier.” I say, and she crinkles her nose.

"I don’t know. “ She whines, and I sigh, going back into the fitting room to take the dress off. After the prom dress shop, I decide to take Bea to a cute cafe, one because she’s the best friend ever and I’ve been neglecting her and she deserves a treat, and two because for the first time in three days, I AM HUNGRY. Guess she managed to light up my mood a little bit. She sits and I tell her I’ll go order her favorite smoothie. As I wait inside the queue, a man walks past me, V neck navy blue T-shirt, a light black jacket and jeans, a black straw lazily hanging from his mouth as he checks his phone. His familiar quaff and his adolescent features rings a bell in my mind and I immediately recognize Mark. Running into him, what a chance! He won’t be able to ignore me like this.

"Mark.” I call out before I can stop myself, and he lifts his eyes to me. He sees me, recognizes me, and pulls his straw out of his mouth.

"Abby.“ He sighs, and I can see every feature of his face hardening as he pronounces my nickname. "What are you doing here?” Is the first thing I say to him.

“I’m not sure that’s any of your business.” He replies dryly, so distant and cold, and it’s almost enough to make me run away. He makes a move to leave but I hold him back.

“Mark, wait.” Taking him by the wrist, I drag him behind the center panel that hides the center row of tables from the checkouts. Peeking from behind it, I make sure Bea can’t see us.

“We have to talk.” I say to him. “I’m with a friend.” He waves somewhere behind him. I know we can’t talk right now, but I need to know if I have a chance to get him back. I understand him being mad at me, and not wanting to talk to me, but he can’t stay mad at me forever, can he? I have to force him to confront me. “If you want to break up with me, then say it.” I say, stepping closer to him, invading his personal space, deliberately, to make him uncomfortable.

“Say it.” I breathe, pressing him a little bit more. He makes a move to back away but I grab him by the material of his vest and hold him close to me, our lips almost touching each other. I want to kiss him so bad, I want to feel him again. I need to win him back. I frustrate him, he’s almost fuming; his eyes nervously search into mine. There are so many things I want to tell him, but I can’t, Bea is here.

“If I come to your place later, will you listen to me?” I ask him. He sighs, not wanting to reply, but I insist with my eyes. Suddenly, my eyes land on a small silhouette behind Mark, peeking from behind the center panel.

“Bea!” I gasp in horror, and panic grips at my heart. She shakes her head, totally miffed, and disappears away. Shit, no!

“Bea, wait!” I call out, ditching Mark and running after her. She storms out of the cafe, I call her name again, and she turns around, her big green eyes moistened with tears.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” She asks, her voice trembling.

“I tried, I swear. But you told me you thought you liked him and I…” I reply, struggling to find my words.

“You decided that stabbing me in the back was better.” She finishes it for me.

“I didn’t know what to do. But I wanted to tell you since the start, I swear.” I reply.

“No, it’s my fault. I was so stupid for thinking you were my best friend!” She exclaims, laughing sarcastically.

“Bea, I’m sorry. Please don’t hate me, I need you.” Tears pool at my eyes. I’ve never seen her so mad in my entire life. What kind of friend am I?

“You need me?” She snorts through her tears. “Abigail, are you fucking serious? You need me?” She asks, taking a step closer to me. I don’t know what to say.

“Then it’s me or him, Abigail.” She says. Is she serious? My heart sinks a little.

“Wait, you can’t do this to me. We promised each other we wouldn’t do this.” I try to reason her.

“I’m not the only one breaking promises.” She says.

“I didn’t promise anything, Bea.” I reply.

“I liked him first!” She yells.

“We were already together when you told me.” I reply. She runs both of her hands in her hair, fuming with anger.

“You have no fucking idea of what I do for you?” She asks, and I want to reply that I do, but she cuts me off.
“Why do you think everyone accept to call you Abigail?” Her question makes me frown.

“Every fucking time you told someone not to call you Abby, they would look at you funny and talk shit behind your back, and I would tell them seriously to be understanding. I am the reason why you do have friends, for fuck’s sake! And you, you…” She struggles to put words on what I did to her, her face painted with disgust.

“Bea, I’m really really in love with him. Please, don’t ask me to choose. I wouldn’t be happy with any choice I make.” I plead quietly.

“Then go fuck yourself.” She spits and turns on her heels.

“Bea!” I call after her, but I don’t have the strength to follow her. Suddenly it starts to rain heavily, the drops getting mixed up with my tears. We’re in fucking LA, how come it’s raining so much lately?!

I knock on the front door of  Bea’s house and her mother opens the door, brown hair green eyes and tight dress.

“Abigail?” Her eyes widen as she sees me, and she brings her hand to her mouth.

“Liz, I have to talk to Bea.” I say weakly, my throat feeling sore after crying so much. She moves to let me in and I oblige, letting her close the door behind me.

“You are drenched, what is going on?” She takes my face between her hands, a motherly look of worry on her face.

“Where is Bea?” I ask. She eyes me for a moment, but eventually lets me go.

“In her room.” She says. I go up to her room and knock on her door without telling her it’s me. She opens the door, sees me, and immediately tries to close it.

“Bea, wait.” I try to hold the door open but she slams it closed, almost breaking my nose.

“Bea, please.” I knock on her door desperately.

“Get out of here!” She yells from behind the door, and I understand it’s not today that she’ll forgive me, if she ever does.

I’m my own shadow as I step inside my house, worn out by the rain and the wind. I’ve hit the rock bottom. First Mark, then he, I lost everything.

“Abigail?” My mom says as she taking shaky steps inside. Her face is painted with worry as she walks to me. My bod gives up one in front of her.

“Mom…” I sob before bursting into tears, sinking onto my knees.

“Abigail, what’s wrong?” My mom asks in panic, dropping onto the floor next to me and wrapping her arms around me. I don’t reply and let myself go to my inner pain inside the warmth of the only pair of comforting arms I have left.

lbpqs followers wlw music recs

girls - beatrice eli. rec’d by mod naja. nsfw. 

there she goes - sixpence none the richer. rec’d by anon. “there she goes again, racing through my brain, and I just can’t contain, the feelings that she makes.”

two little girls - ani difranco. rec’d by anon. “it’s very explicitly about a dysfunctional relationship between two women who were lovers and still living together/ she still loves her”

one more hour and buy her candy - sleater kinney. rec’d by anon. 

sister - kate nash. rec’d by anon.

she’s so lovely - the butchies. rec’d by anon. 

viz - le tigre. rec’d by anon. 

chloe in the afternoon and your lips are red - st vincent. rec’d by anon.

caravan girl and thea - goldfrapp. rec’d by @cinemvs

shine - sarah bettens. rec’d by @cinemvs.

then if i’m weird i want to share - tender forever. rec’d by @cinemvs.

josephine and caroline - brandi carlile. rec’d by @cinemvs.

marsh king’s daughter - eisley. rec’d by anon. “has a rly nice quirky fantasy feel bc its about a girl trying to run away with the marsh princess”

summer in the city - regina spektor. rec’d by @keats-and-yeats. a little nsfw. “my favourite line is “and i tap on their shoulders, and they turn around smiling but there’s no recognition in there eyes”, i loved this song when i was 12 but somehow didn’t realise it was gay, then while i was discovering that I like girls i also realised my old favourite song is about loving a woman and so it means a lot to me.”

is there somewhere - halsey. rec’d by @keats-and-yeats“and I promised myself I wouldn’t let you complete me”

senorita - chloe howl. rec’d by anon. "Señorita, I feel for you/You deal with things that you don’t have to"

wicked games (the weeknd cover) - coeur de pirate. rec’d by anon. “Baby bring your love I can bring my shame/Bring the drugs baby I can bring my pain”

ain’t no sunshine (bill withers cover) - coeur de pirate. rec’d by anon. “And this house just ain’t no home/Anytime she goes away”

jenny - lily sevin. rec’d by anon. “Jenny take my hand/‘Cause we are more than friends/I will follow you until the end”

electric lady - janelle monae. rec’d by anon. “sounds pretty gay and is really great to dance to”

strange love - halsey. rec’d by @mmyths.

girls like girls and cliff’s edge - hayley kiyoko. rec’d by @mmyths

riptide (vance joy cover) - taylor swift. rec’d by @mmyths.

dorothy dandridge eyes and mushrooms & roses - janelle monae. rec’d by @euchroma. 

fool’s gold (troye sivan cover) - tara nome doyle. rec’d by @akasharani. “literally like. divine”

4 walls - f(x). rec’d by @akasharani. “impossibly mystical and gorgeous.”

parentheses - the blow. rec’d by @lucyinthesoupwithcroutons. 

best song ever (one direction cover) - gabrielle aplin. rec’d by @lucyinthesoupwithcroutons.

i don’t know - lisa hannigan. rec’d by @lucyinthesoupwithcroutons.

harbor - vienna teng. rec’d by @lucyinthesoupwithcroutons

feel free to add on! all links go to youtube and songs i couldnt find on youtube not included.

Tesfaye seemed a bit nervous - not surprising for an artist who initially kept his name a secret, and even now banned cameras from the show. Though finally front and centre, he wore a camouflage jacket and remained strikingly still as if to be as unobtrusive as possible. Still, he confidently opened with High for This, causing the lit-fuse crowd to go off. At times he seemed taken aback by the reception, standing there, mike in both hands, staring out as the crowd sang his words back to him. It was an emotional night, and that came through in his voice, whether weaving through slow jams like The Party and the After Party or (relatively) upbeat romps like House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls.

During Wicked Games, the show’s epic peak, arms raising unironic lighters filled the air as his emotion-ravaged voice crooned “Bring your love baby/I can bring my shame/Bring the drugs baby/I can bring my pain” amidst a roiling rhythm and grinding guitar. The sing-alongs turned his abject loneliness into a communal catharsis. But the edge remained, be it the unrelenting dirtiness of Loft Music or the encore cut The Birds (Part 1) which used martial drums and strobe lights to amplify the implied threat: “Don’t make me make you fall in love.”

On new song Rolling Stone, Tesfaye sings “Baby I got you/Until you’re used to my face/And my mystery fades” which could’ve been his career epitaph if he’d faltered here. Until now, the Weeknd has existed as almost a figment of our collective imaginations, his ascent fuelled by anonymity, his communications coming via Twitter and Tumblr, his music existing only as web-distributed ones and zeroes. He could’ve dissipated like a dotcom bubble. But by bringing his aching digi-laments out of the Internet’s shadows and onto the stage, Tesfaye triumphantly proved that the Weeknd has no end in sight.

—  The Globe and Mail about Abel back in 2011